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Correct. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_threefolding.

I should like to see both main System parties crushed but, in our binary and semi-rigged electoral set-up, that is impossible under most circumstances. That being so and bearing in mind that “if you chase two hares, you will not catch one” (Russian proverb), I should be only too happy to see the Conservative Party destroyed (first).

Worth seeing. There is only one way to deal with his sort.

Liz Truss assessment


Worth reading.

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Therese Coffey is a disgrace. It is both a scandal and a national humiliation that a creature of that sort could even be an MP, let alone Deputy Prime Minister (even though so far only for “5 minutes”).

See my updated blog post about Therese Coffey: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/16/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-therese-coffey-story/

[Therese Coffey, Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Health]

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Hodges is very tied-in to the Jewish/Zionist lobby, looking at, for example, his attitude to Labour when Corbyn was leader. A former Labour and/or social-democratic type who now scribbles for the Mail on Sunday. Of all newspapers…

Hodges’ political forecasts are often wrong.

Interesting to see how the System scribblers are all desperately pushing Rishi Sunak, the “great brain” who closed down the UK economy for two years, sprayed money around like a drunken sailor at the same time, yet is suddenly “a safe pair of hands“, apparently.

There is something more behind this, a whiff of secret cabals and international money.


God forbid that Britain should have a British and/or indeed English prime minister. Look at not only the non-white presenter, but the attitude of the LBC organization.

System lies.

Of course Sunak is not really British; neither is “Boris”, with his part-Jew roots, including an ancestor who was a rabbi in Lithuania.

What does it matter that Sunak went to Winchester, or any other school? Hordes of foreign persons (whether born here or not) attend Eton etc.

As to that presenter:

Myska was born in Tanzania,[6] and has Indian and African heritage.[7] She graduated from the University of Birmingham with an LLB in Law and Politics.[1]

In September 2009, it was revealed that she was mugged the previous year by Daniel Mykoo and his brother Matthew, dubbed the London ‘strangler-robbers.[8][9]

[Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sangita_Myska].

Listen to the Indian woman (who quite obviously hates England and English people, in my opinion, listening to her tone of voice as she mentions them) pretend to be holding a “conversation” while shouting down the caller for, inter alia, using the word “globalist” (because her “Jewish friends” —as she herself puts it— do not like the word).

It shows what we, the real British people, are up against.

As a matter of fact, look at the replies to that tweet, as the inevitable Twit-mob attacks the caller. Idiots who want Britain to be non-white, or do not care whether it is or not, and probably have no idea of the consequences down the line.

Thank God that Twitter is very unrepresentative, especially now that the more interesting people (including me, if I be a little immodest) have mostly been expelled. A pack of Jews had me expelled from Twitter in 2018.

Later, the presenter posted this:

Just remind me again, how many members of Parliament in either India or Tanzania are white English/British. That’s right— NONE.

What are the chances of an English, or any white European, person becoming Prime Minister of India or Tanzania? That’s right— NO CHANCE.

Saw also this tweet (of much earlier date), by the producer of that LBC show:

From the horse’s mouth. Anyone not signed up to the “multikulti Britain” agenda can only express a view on LBC etc if they can “slip through the net“…

The “British” msm needs a thoroughgoing purge. It’s not just the BBC.

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“Conservative” misgovernment 2010-2022


Nothing startling, but it seems that quite a few people need a reminder of where this shambles started.

Back in 2010 or 2011, certainly by 2012, the UK could borrow money at zero or near-zero interest rates. As some economists (including, to be fair, the then-MP, Ed Balls, someone I rarely commend) said at the time, that was the time to borrow massively for infrastructure purposes (rail, road, education, robotics etc) as well as for modest stimulation of the real economy.

Instead, the part-Jews David Cameron-Levita and George Osborne led a kind of witch-hunt, blaming (of all people) the disabled, unemployed and generally poor for the 2007-2008 banking debacle, and slashing UK government spending. Iain Dunce Duncan Smith was, arguably, the Witchfinder-General.

Libraries, courts, museums, community projects were all closed in huge numbers. The income (in real terms) of the bulk of the British people was slashed.

The result was a partial collapse of the UK economy and, at the end of it all, the Government had borrowed even more money than had “austerity” never happened.

The money was borrowed all right, but not spent on what it should have been.

That is what happens when you put the half-educated and half-baked in charge of things.

Liz Truss may have been the worst example, together with woolly-head Kwarteng, but her smoothed road to office was paved by the twelve years of idiots and self-publicizers that preceded her.

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Looks like Penny Mordaunt is as silly and delusional as Liz Truss. Last time I looked, she had fewer than 30 MPs declared for her candidature. She has no prospect of beating Sunak among MPs voting, though she might then snatch his victory away if the matter were to go to the rank-and-file membership, but to do that she has to get 100 backers, which seems very unlikely.

If she had agreed to withdraw, and if then “Boris” Johnson had managed somehow to get to the 100-level, no doubt she would have been appointed to Cabinet later, assuming a “Boris” victory among the Con Party grassroots. Now, Sunak will probably sail home against a divided anti-Sunak front. Still, he may chuck her a portfolio as a consolation prize (and to keep her “in the tent”).

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Ha ha! That tweet from one “@JonathanDavisUK” is plainly a pack of lies. Very obviously made up.

I rather like that “@nino_rolfe69” tweeter. Another one, that he posted a couple of weeks ago:

Interesting photo.


Conservative Party leadership

I was wondering, a few days ago, about what the plan might be to take the votes of the very many elderly Conservative Party members who are not online. Well, it turns out that, typically for the party that has catastrophically mismanaged this country for 12 years, there…is no plan.

See: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/20-000-face-exclusion-from-tory-leadership-vote-6nhzfk2l8

At least, the “plan” was for Con Party officials to telephone the 20,000 members without email this weekend, either to register their emails or to urge the people to supply email addresses.

I would guess that at least 10,000 are not online anyway. 10,000 votes could easily be the difference between the two candidates; 20,000 would certainly be. I further think that most of those without email addresses will be “Boris” Johnson supporters.

Anyway, let us say that the Conservative officials can reach the 20,000 (which I doubt). How many officials? 10? 2,000 telephone calls each! 100? That would still be 200 calls apiece.

This is rubbish. The Con Party cannot even run its own simple election properly.

I wonder whether, on the above premises, the losing candidate might raise a legal challenge after the result is announced?

Late tweets

I thought that the office of Prime Minister could go no lower after “Boris”-idiot and Liz Truss, but now it looks as though an Indian money-juggler is going to be in 10 Downing Street by tomorrow.

I agree with all that except the merging of the NHS with the police. That would not work. The rest would.

… and see how Sunak praises “Boris”-idiot for shutting the country down for 2 years, and the “vaccine” and similar nonsense etc, as well as getting involved in a war in Ukraine which actually has nothing at all to do with Britain and its people, quite apart from the wastage of billions of pounds needed here.

Sunak is probably going to slash public services spending, State benefits, State Pension etc. He is probably not going to call for, or request, a general election soon. That means that he will rule as a hated, effectively unelected, unmandated “regent”.

As soon as the voters are given a chance, they will bury Sunak and, with him, the Conservative Party.

We should know the way the wind is blowing when the City of Chester by-election occurs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_of_Chester_(UK_Parliament_constituency)

In recent years, the Conservative Party has scored around 40% in the seat (about 38% in 2019), so if that goes down to 30% or 20%, we shall get an idea of the popularity of the Con Party.

Late music

12 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 October 2022”

  1. Hello! Interesting video about the despicable and unbearably arrogant Rees-Mogg; although many things of which he is accused are not bad in themselves (like his opposition to same-sex marriage or supporting Trump), many others are. The video was obviously made by a fanatic Marxist /Guardian reader; however, as I said, many things are true.

    Rees-Mogg is a perfect representative of the decadent British upper class at its worse. Unprincipled, hypocritical, arrogant, selfish, and devoid of any compassion for his working-class countrymen. In short, a POS.

    BTW, I remember a disgusting and groveling little speech he made some years ago praising that awful blob called Diane Abbott and “her fight against racism”. That alone makes him a good candidate for the rope…


    1. Claudius:
      Hello. Seems that my blog attracts readers and interlocutors very ready to perform a certain public service! Well, there are quite a few criminals who are, or might be, suitable to be despatched…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have to say that there is a very positive side to the fact (although I do not believe it will be as bad/good as predicted) that 90% of private schools will shut down. After all, they are nothing but nurseries for future self-hating, guilt-ridden, White traitors of the “Refugees are welcomed here” kind.

    If I was young and British I would NOT send my children to any school. They would be home-schooled and there would be no TV at home. Interestingly, I have just remembered the words of a famous American/Canadian Catholic priest of the 1950s who used to campaign against Communists and Jews on the radio.

    “To have a TV set is like to have a Jew in the living room” (Brilliant! 😁​😁​😁​)


    1. Claudius:
      I agree that homeschooling is better. Having said that, I do believe, up to a point, in freedom (for parents and for children) to exercize choice in education, whether homeschooling or other schooling.


  3. It seems is over and “Fishy Rishi” will be the next PM. Boris the Clown had the cheek to try to present his pathetic surrender as a consequence of a noble, ethical act, The fragment below belongs to the “Jew York Times” and was up-loaded 45 minutes ago:

    In a statement, Mr. Johnson said he believed he had a path to victory in the contest to replace Ms. Truss. But he said, “I have sadly come to the conclusion that this would simply not be the right thing to do.”

    “Not the right thing to do…” HAHAHAHAHA Why not say: “I saw I was going lose in a humiliating fashion and I chickened out (as usual)”


  4. Latest news! I have been told by my wife, who is following this closely, that “lady Penelope” has not pulled out, therefore it could be possible for her to benefit from Boris’ abject withdrawal and win. Assuming that a lot of people dislike Sunak because he is not English/too cocky/too arrogant, etc. there is a chance for Penny. What do you think?


    1. Claudius:
      While anything is possible, I think that Penny Mordaunt might struggle to find 100 Con MPs who either want her as Prime Minister, or who are willing to gamble on her.

      She might have a good chance with the Con Party membership (at least she is English, after all) but she will probably fall at the first fence, failing to get 100 MPs to back her, or even 50. I suppose that I might be wrong, but I think not.


      1. He has poked his nose into Singapore’s affairs over the use of hanging there particularly with regard to drug dealers.

        Whilst he does make a few relevant points his more general criticisms of Singapore’s ultra-tough stance are overblown.

        Singapore’s Home Secretary, Mr K Shanmugam, has challenged him to a live tv debate over this issue and their government has even offered to pay his air fare to the country in order to do this.

        It will be interesting to see if he takes this offer up. I expect he will decline it. Mr Shanmugam is not only one of the world’s best Home Secretaries who takes his grave responsibilities in his post very seriously indeed unlike ‘British’ dodgy Jew Zionist Globalists like Grant Schapps he is also a very able and fearsome debater.

        Indeed, he showed how good he is at debating when he put to rights the BBC’s typically sarky Stephen Sackur on a BBC Hardtalk news programme where they discussed capital punishment in Singapore for drug dealers. This debate might be still viewable on the BBC’s IPlayer.



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