Diary Blog, 7 November 2022

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[Lenin, Krupskaya, and others, in Lenin’s requisitioned or expropriated Rolls-Royce]

I wonder whether there will be an even bigger parade than usual in Moscow today, the 105th anniversary of the October Revolution of 1917 (in reality, the Bolshevik seizure of power from the Provisional Government headed by Kerensky). The Julian calendar was in use at the time.

The war in Ukraine is now going badly. I expect attacks on Kiev-regime infrastructure behind the front lines to continue and to intensify

It may be that the main dam on the Dnieper (a major Stalin-era project of the 1930s, rebuilt in the late 1940s after having been blown up by retreating Soviet forces in 1941) will be destroyed again.

[Dnieper dam and hydro-electric station]
[the roadway atop the Dnieper dam today]

See here below for more, with some 1941 archival film: https://www.rferl.org/a/european-remembrance-day-ukraine-little-known-ww2-tragedy/25083847.html.

If the Russian forces were to try to destroy the dam today, they would probably use a tactical nuclear weapon. The last photograph shows clearly how massive is the structure.

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See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/09/30/diary-blog-30-september-2022-including-an-assessment-of-jack-monroe-aka-the-bootstrap-cook/; and https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/08/25/diary-blog-25-august-2022-with-a-few-thoughts-about-poverty-and-living-through-hard-times/.

The fact that msm “journalist”-scribblers have almost all swallowed the “Jack Monroe” “legend” whole, completely uncritically, and without bothering to dig a bit to see whether some or all of it might be untrue, says a lot about the state of the UK mass media today.

I was very much in favour of the “Bootstrap Cook” at first, years ago, but less so later, and now think that she has many serious questions to answer.

The fact that so many mainstream journalistic and “media folk” idiots seem to be actually emotionally invested in supporting her on Twitter makes me even more suspicious (I think that that the mugs who are actually still donating money to her monthly are probably a different set of mugs, for the most part; some seem to be real poor people, living on small State benefits, judging by those who have been saying on Twitter etc that “Jack Monroe” has not supplied the goods that she said she would supply).

I have no idea whether “Jack Monroe” (her name was changed by deed poll from the original Melissa Hadjicostas, she being half Greek-Cypriot) makes £3,000 a month, £8,000 or —as some on Twitter etc claim— about £16,000 a month, but her Patreon donation page alone (at exact time of writing today) shows 663 “patrons”, down from well over 800 a few months ago but still impressive. The lowest level of support is £3.50 per month.

663 x £3.50 = £2,320.50. Not a bad “little earner”, even at that level, to use the estuarine Essex argot.

The highest shown level of support (it was £44 per month until recently!) is now £10 per month. 663 x £10 = £6,630 per month.

It seems reasonable to conclude, therefore, that “Jack Monroe” is getting between £2,320 and £6,630 in cash, monthly, from Patreon alone (minus whatever fees or commissions are charged by the website).

Taxfree too, unless I am mistaken as to whether such donations are counted by HMRC as gifts or not.

The “Bootstrap Cook” also makes money from personal appearances, speaking engagements, TV appearances and, of course, book royalties from her 7 books, most if not all of which are still in print. From what I have read, at least £90,000 (in toto) in royalties over the past several years, and still rolling in.

One could say, “well, so what? She has the right to make money“, but if there are questions around the veracity of what she has said about her own life-story, if there are questions around her asking for money constantly, if there are questions about where monies have disappeared (if indeed they have) and if some of those monies were given by members of the public to be sent to charities, then the questions demand an answer.

For example, in May 2022, Jack Monroe was supposed to be intending to sue both Lee Anderson MP and the “controlled opposition” politico, Martin Daubney, in defamation. Monies were crowdfunded for that purpose, but so far (six months later) no writ has been issued, as far as I know. In fact, none of the usual pre-trial and pre-issue correspondence has occurred, as Lee Anderson said only last week.

I begin to wonder whether the Fraud Squad or similar should take an interest in all this. At least that might straighten out the facts.

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The lightning-flash…I like it!

Looks as though the pack of pseudonymous Jew trolls on UK Twitter are on the way out, and (so to speak) living on borrowed time…


Cuba before Castro

Cuba looks better in that film than it is today, literally falling to pieces (houses in Havana collapsing after 63 years without maintenance, and the railways scarcely rolling).

There were a few positive aspects to Castro-ite socialism, but not many.

Another factor is that the Cuba of today has relatively fewer white and mestizo people as against blacks. Many went to the wall after 1959, and many others fled to the USA, the Dominican Republic etc.

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Andrew Neil is far better on TV than in print.

As for that Holden cretin, just dump him in mid-Channel.

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Much as I despise the Labour Party, the Conservative Party needs to be cast down and stamped on until it expires.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, aka “The Great Replacement”, in action.

Get them all out of the UK and out of Europe. Get them out.

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Look at this prize idiot (below)! One “Natalie”, defending the “Bootstrap Cook” even though she then admits that she knows nothing at all about the allegations against “Jack Monroe”, or the questions raised:

That was the end of the exchange(s). Thick “Natalie” goes away without a parting word. I wonder whether she is now less ignorant.

Twitter, the home of many proudly ignorant, but absolutely sure of their politically-correct rectitude.

F.E. Smith once replied to a judge, who had said that he had listened to Counsel for an hour and was “none the wiser“, “No, my Lord, but you are much better informed“…

What strikes me about the above is not only how gullible people can be but also how defensive, once their minds have accepted, uncritically, a certain narrative, a narrative about which they know absolutely nothing.

Not only the alleged quasi-fraud by “Bootstrap Cook”, but other narratives— “Covid”, Covid “vaccines”, “Ukraine”, the 2010-2020 “need” for “austerity” (spending cuts) in the UK; above all, the whole “holocaust” farrago, especially not but exclusively the “gas chambers” nonsense.

When I returned from Rhodesia in 1977, I took a number of easy-to-get (in those days) short-term jobs. One was hauling around sacks of mail at the Royal Mail sorting office at Redhill, Surrey. Another worker was an older fellow, doing a few months before Christmas, and who had spent his long naval career in submarines. We were talking one day, amid the sacks of mail, about Atlantis. He said that he was sure that there had never been Atlantis, or an Atlantean civilization, because he had spent months, indeed years, on submarines submerged in the Atlantic Ocean, and had never seen anything!

What could one say to such an unthinking person? Ask how many portholes his submarine had?! Make the point that any remains not destroyed by 10,000+ years of tides, currents, and the pressure of water etc, would probably not be detectable by such as sonar?

Pointless to argue with some people, because you are arguing with facts (using the intellect), whereas the “Natalies” of this world have an emotional response based purely on an embedded belief itself based on what others have sown in the uncritical field of their minds.

If two scribblers for the Irish Daily Mail (someone called Tom Doorley —apparently a restaurant critic— and one Phillips, a reporter or other “journalist”) yesterday reacted quite as unthinkingly in defence of “Bootstrap Cook”, then what can be expected of “Natalie”? In fact, said scribblers were far more rude, and no more intelligent, in their response to a tweeter tweeting about “Jack Monroe”, than “Natalie”.

I suppose that “Jack Monroe” will be fairly sanguine about the Twitter-storm around her behaviour. After all, so far 600+ people are still each shoving £3.50-£10 her way every single month, most of the public will be unaware of the questions raised about her, and the major msm outlets (Observer etc) are still puffing her entirely uncritically.

Late tweets seen

Well, let’s see…non-white UK Prime Minister arranges with other non-white “leaders” (globalist puppets) that the British people should pay for the corruption and incompetence of non-white “states”. What is wrong with that? Oh, no, wait…

It is not often that I agree with Dan Hodges, but strange times [etc]…

Interesting that most British people chose countries with a mainly British ethnic base; even the USA does have that to some extent, and of course a common language as well.

As for myself, it would depend, at least to a major extent, on the position I would be in. Emperor or slave? Poet or peasant? I would not want to live in an area without trees, either.

Both opinion polls show a slight swing back to equilibrium after the recent polls showing Con below 20%. Still, 27% or 29% is still low, and there are said to be spending cuts, and restrictions on pay and benefits, to come, which must impact what little popularity the Con Party has. The continuing cross-Channel migration invasion as well.

According to Electoral Calculus, the present state of play might result in an overall Lab majority of about 154 seats: https://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/userpoll.html; Con Party with about 150 seats, Lab around 400.

Late music

[Akademgorodok, nr. Novosibirsk, Siberia]

9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 7 November 2022”

  1. I would like to know what Ric Holden would define as the government HAVING control over our Southern border could be described as then! From where I and many others are looking from the government has LOST control very comprehensively indeed.🙄😠😠😠

    What an idiot! I wonder who he voted for in the recent leadership election? I bet it wasn’t Penny Mordaunt!


  2. Whilst I am in favour of Britain working with other countries to deal with the issue of climate change I don’t see why we should pay climate reparations to former colonies. I suspect I am not the only Briton sick and tired of being made to feel post colonial guilt.

    Our overall colonial record was a success story, there were few atrocities committed compared to how the likes of Belgium, Germany and France governed so why are made to feel guilty about it?

    Most of our ex colonies are not doing as well as when we governed them eg Zimbabwe, Hong Kong sadly seems to be going down the pan as well.

    About the only ex non white colonies doing as well if not better are Barbados and Singapore in particular.


  3. So they are still polling under 30%! If that actually happened in a general election they would have less support than under John Major in 1997 who, if I recall correctly, scored 30.9% which was the CON Party’s lowest polling figure in a general election since the Great Reform Act of 1832.

    They will only improve if they get a REAL grip on immigration instead of mere rhetoric which any idiot can spout and Jeremy Hunt will have to produce the most economically competent and most fair budget Britain has ever had.


    1. John:
      The present government will not stop the flow because the idea is planted firmly in the minds of blacks and browns, inc Albanians, that the Promised Land is the UK.

      The present govt is not going to do what it takes (shooting invaders, sinking boats in the Channel, seeking out the traffickers etc, using special forces etc, then killing them *wherever* they are, be it Albania, France, London, Manchester…).

      Imagine the bloody BBC and pro-immigrant outcry!

      As for the economy, the mooted spending cuts and increased taxes will depress the real economy.

      I think that the next general election will be lack of enthusiasm for Labour on one side, balancing sheer disgust and contempt for Con on the other. Nice…


      1. Tory and Labour MPs should be forced to live in the kind of crime ridden, essentially foreign Third World excrement holes their policies produce ie places like Tottenham, Brixton and Tower Hamlets.

        Tory MPs can go begging for votes in those areas wearing their blue rosettes and see how few votes they will get even with their incessant pandering to PC globalist values.


  4. Canada, Australia or New Zealand would be my picks. Canada would be good but the weather isn’t too brilliant. On the other hand, it must be nice to live in a country with vast open spaces and one which has low population density so the roads etc are uncrowded. Canadians are very friendly too, especially towards Britons as my parents discovered when they visited the country a few years ago.

    Those latter points pertain to New Zealand as well. I wouldn’t mind living in Oz but the weather can become too hot for comfort.

    I would be reluctant to live in the USA. There is too much crime there and numerous gun nuts on the loose.

    I was nearly a resident of South Africa instead of here. My father nearly emigrated to Cape Town when the Apartheid regime was in full swing.

    If I was mega rich I might seek to relocate to Switzerland and buy a property on the shores of Lake Geneva or nearby like Phil Collins did. Switzerland is boring but it is well run, has a good quality of life and they have a low crime rate.


    1. John:
      Everywhere has drawbacks.

      I, of course, have lived in and/or visited most of those countries: 3 years as child in Sydney (though it is very different now, I hear); intermittent living in and visits to USA (mainly New Jersey, New York, South Carolina and Florida, though I have seen a few other parts briefly); I have seen what is now Zimbabwe, but again in a different time and society (1977 Rhodesia); Switzerland only in two brief visits (one week the longest).

      Switzerland might suit, if one had money (heavy money). Somewhere like Lugano, maybe.


      1. Virtually everywhere will be better than here soon. Both Labour AND so-called Conservatives don’t bother to control immigration so that we are turning into an essentially foreign Third World dump and the alleged ‘party of law and order’ has utterly failed to clamp down properly on crime so lawlessness is growing in general and violent criminality is in particular.

        The quality of life here is getting increasingly worse with each passing year and has markedly declined since the 1990’s let alone the 1980’s.

        This country is going in the WRONG direction under the fake Conservatives and their globalist partners in crime of Labour.

        If only we could get rid of both of them then this country might stand a chance.


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