Diary Blog, 19 November 2022

Morning music

[painting by Aldo Balding]

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Saturday quiz

Not so good this week: 4/10, the same as political journalist John Rentoul. I did not know the answers to questions 1, 5, 7, 8. 9, and 10 (though in the back of my mind I sort-of “knew” 9 and 10).

Tweets seen

I think that there are fairly empty areas even within that eastern sector.

Interesting. Is the actually quite laughable Sunak/Con propaganda, blaming Russia and Putin for Britain’s past ~15 years of economic mismanagement, working? Or is it that only 6% blame Sunak’s government because it is a. new, and b. seen as irrelevant?

Either way, it does not translate into Con votes, not on its own. I see that 29% either blamed others than the ones shown, or did not know who to blame, and that fewer than 6% anyway blame any sort of “Labour”. Unsurprising, when Labour has not been in government since early 2010.

Also, turns out that Liz Truss is proving a useful scapegoat for Sunak, with 21% of those asked blaming her, and (presumably) Kwasi Kwarteng (aka Woollyhead Trussbanger), for the present difficulties.

What is amazing is how many tweeters are still apparently supportive of the “Bootstrap Cook”. From what I have seen, many appear to be virtue-signalling and/or dim women (not a few with mental health problems), and possibly eccentric older men. Few if any under 30, and most well over 50. Few, if any, “poor” or “struggling”. Most are apparently rather comfortably-off.

As of today, 667 “patrons” are wasting their money (up to £10 a month, every month) on “Jack Monroe” via the Patreon website, so she is receiving up to £6,670 per month in cash (minus any Patreon fees) from that source alone.

Of course, only the “Bootstrap Cook” knows how much her income is. If the 667 Patreon donors are all giving only £3.50 a month, then the monthly total reduces to £2,334.50, minus Patreon fees, if any. At least £2,000 in cash, anyway, every month.

Not a fortune, but “a nice little earner” all the same, as people are said to say. Especially when one considers that added to that are any other income sources, such as book royalties (she has 7 books in print, including a new one coming out in January 2023), any appearance fees or other msm payments, and any other and smaller payments such as Child Benefit (about £95 a month for one child).

I have long ago ceased to expect sense from most people, but the “let’s give money to ‘Jack Monroe’” thing is egregious even so, especially when many of those giving almost certainly have less money than her.

[replace the word “tax” with “Jack Monroe Patreon donation“]

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/09/30/diary-blog-30-september-2022-including-an-assessment-of-jack-monroe-aka-the-bootstrap-cook/.

More tweets seen

Still, Monbiot is correct on several specific point(s).

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” [John F. Kennedy]

“Jack Monroe”/”Bootstrap Cook” latest

I wondered how long it would be before assertions of either physical illness or mental collapse would be wheeled out. Together with allegations that those on Twitter who are asking, inter alia, “where did the money go?“, are “bullying” her, or engaging in abuse and/or “harassment”.

There may be some truth in her above tweets (about her being stressed etc), but what strikes me is how there is still no addressing of the main allegations many have made against her: Patreon donors who were in many or most cases neither supplied with anything promised, nor with refunds requested; misuse of donations for various purposes given to her, including the “libel case” crowdfunder (supposedly to be used for an action against Conservative Party MP Lee Anderson and/or political commentator Martin Daubney).

If (and she does still have, in extremis, 5 months or so left in which to bring a claim) there is no claim brought against Lee Anderson, and if the monies raised for the legal costs are not (as I read was promised) in that event given to charity, the “Bootstrap Cook” might find herself in real trouble. A black woman in Bristol is awaiting possible Crown Court trial on allegations that she, said black woman, crowdfunded for a legal action or actions but then just kept those monies for her own use.

In fact, “Bootstrap Cook” has not mentioned, as far as I have seen, the Daily Mail report (easygoing though it was) about her: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-11403551/Row-anti-poverty-campaigner-Jack-Monroe-detractors-flares-up.html.

I notice that, after only 3 comments from readers, the Daily Mail closed down further comment.

I have to say that, as far as I am concerned, those who donate to the woman thinking that they, the donors, are somehow engaging in activism against the present government and/or “poverty” generally, have a screw or two loose somewhere. All that they are doing is supporting the lifestyle of someone who firstly is really not “poor”, not by any realistic standard, but who also has a father —living in the same town— who apparently owns quite a number of buy-to-let properties. Presumably, the “Bootstrap Cook” has very considerable inheritance expectations somewhere down the line.

Still, as said previously, the behaviour of many people is often almost unfathomable.

Late tweets seen

Following in the footsteps of “Boris”-idiot as faux-“war statesman”. I noticed, at that huge table, the scruffy Jewish woman who is presently the UK Ambassador to Ukraine.

Go back to Spain if you do not like English/British social-nationalism. In fact, go there anyway.

The police are often almost useless these days. Completely signed up to the “anti-racist”, “anti-sexist”, “LGBTQXYZ” agenda, and not infrequently in the pocket of the Jewish lobby.

Late music

[Passy, Bridges of Paris, by Albert Gleizes; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Gleizes]

56 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19 November 2022”

      1. And that is just the leading officials of the sport!🙄 Most of the players with the exceptions of relatively few are even more dim and profoundly ignorant.

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    1. Is anyone actually watching it? 🙄🙄🙄What an utterly stupid time of the time to hold it but explainable due to Qatar’s extreme heat.

      What moron chose Qatar?🙄

      When is FIFA going to launch a ‘Kick homophobia/biphobia out of football campaign?’🙄🙄🙄

      Or are gays, lesbians and bisexuals a lesser life form and less equal than blacks and asians just like the loony-left Tories view them!🙄🙄🙄

      See, that is the problem with playing PC Bingo, being ‘inclusive’ and PC, you REALLY DO need to be FULLY INCLUSIVE of ALL minority groups and can’t be half-hearted about it otherwise some other more neglected minority group such as disabled transvestites in wheelchairs gets offended and feel left out, feel discriminated against etc.

      I am still waiting for the Tories to appoint a gay, lesbian or bisexual or that proverbial disabled transvestite in a wheelchair to the Cabinet. WHERE are they and WHY have they not had a gay, lesbian, bisexual or disabled transvestite in a wheelchair as party leader yet!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

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      1. John:
        This is really not my field of knowledge but what I do know is that FIFA has had corruption scandals in the recent past, and that Qatar has unbelievable amounts of money, and wanted the prestige of hosting the World Cup…

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    2. I bet hardly anyone will watch. For most people in Western countries at least this time of the year is for trying to prepare (stressfully) for the big day of the year on December 25th.

      I may try and watch a tiny amount of the coverage but only to see how that country has transformed itself from being a wholly irrelevant backwater that was poor and survived on pearl fishing to being one of the world’s richest countries with an exceptionally high income level per person which I think I am correct in stating is the world’s highest using the proceeds from oil.

      If only we in Britain had used our oil money more productively.


      1. John:
        I first went to Qatar in late 2000 or early (Jan) 2001, I think the latter. A pleasant, slightly sleepy place, changing rapidly though. I remember it for several reasons, not least my upgrade to First Class on Qatar Airways (recommended, btw…).

        My second visit was in 2008. A complete transformation to a skyscraper city. Now, I see pictures on TV, showing that that transformation has progressed further yet.

        I still prefer the way it was 21 years ago, though.


      2. Yes, as far as I am aware many of the Middle Eastern airlines are given exceptionally good ratings by websites, organisations, forums etc that review them and that Qatar Airways and its First Class is one of the best. Emirates and Etihad are given very high marks as well.


      3. John:
        I recall that they had a very good wine list, and some excellent cognacs etc, but sadly I could only have a few glasses of white wine, having left my car at Heathrow; we were landing in the afternoon rush hour, too. I therefore stayed below the drink-drive limit, probably.


      4. I hope some of our football fans learn to behave themselves pretty damm sharpish and realize that not all countries in the world have lax attitudes to criminal behavior such as here.

        They need to refrain from drug dealing because, as in Singapore, you can be executed for that crime in Qatar.😀

        I believe they use the firing squad rather than a hangman’s noose as in the very well governed, if authoritarian, South East Asian city-state.😂😂😂


      5. Really? Ha, ha, that is even more of an incentive for not taking part in drug dealing then since Saudi Arabia uses the extremely gruesome method of beheading with a sword in public. They have a place referred to as ‘chop chop’ square in the capital city for this.

        Even little, old, humane me wouldn’t endorse the use of beheadings you will be glad to know!😂😂 The traditional British way of long drop hangings is my favourite method.😀

        Liked by 1 person

      6. John:
        As you know, I am generally against capital punishment, but despite the Saudi method seeming brutal (and being public), the actual sword stroke is apparently swift at least. I do not think it more cruel (maybe less so) than the methods used in the USA, notably often-botched medical-drug playacting and the very cruel electric chair; at one time, individual gas chambers, as well.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Yes, at least beheading by a sword is quick if rather bloody and violent. Lethal injection is frequently botched in the USA as you say. Problems arise in setting the IV line by non medical experts and, of course, it takes quite a long time so the condemned person is fully aware they are being executed which imposes a mental torture upon them.
        The Electric Chair has had many problems with its use with burnt skin, flames from the head etc.

        To my mind there are only two acceptable methods of executing criminals and they are British long-drop hangings with the neck being snapped between the second and third vetebra and the entire process taking less than 30 seconds and often more like 20 or so and the firing squad or a shooting at the base of the skull as in Belarus or Taiwan.

        There is a new method in America called nitrogen hypoxia which sounds like it might be relatively humane and an improvement in that regard compared to all other means but it has not been used yet.

        There were problems only this week with a proposed execution via lethal injection in Alabama:




      8. In high tech loving Japan which uses long drop hangings they have applied a measure of technology to the process: once the condemned criminal takes-up his or her position on the trapdoor three prison guards push three buttons on a wall at the same time thereby releasing the trapdoor. Only one of these buttons actually releases the trapdoor none of the prison guards therefore know who actually executed the criminal.


      9. Lethal injection is a popular method of execution in the USA and here according to some opinion polls I have seen. People seem to think, wrongly, that using this way of capital punishment on humans is rather akin to putting down a much loved pet at the vet. However, it really isn’t like that at all and is frequently botched.

        People like it because it helps them to think they are not approving of the killing of a human being. It is a sanitization of capital punishment and making it seem like a common medical procedure and what is wrong with a little injection at the doctors?


    3. Indeed, we don’t. The ‘European’ teams will comprise of few Europeans whilst the Asian teams of Japan or South Korea (if they have qualified which I am not sure of) will be mainly, if not exclusively, comprised of East Asian Japs and South Koreans respectively.


  1. Part Jew, George Osbourne’s austerity agenda, Woolyhead’s wrongheaded libertarian extremist economics has a lot to do with it.

    Not really the legacy of COVID apart from the importation of some of our inflation rate through worldwide supply chains being seriously affected during the pandemic.

    Energy company profiteering. Brexit restricting trade with our nearest neighbors with no real substitutes and certainly no advantageous (for us at least) trade deals being put into place to replace the ones we had.

    Facile to blame Putin and Russia. Even if that were true we don’t have to join in with the sanctions imposed upon them. That is the voluntary choice of our globalist, anti-British politicians who just can’t get their heads around the fact Britain is not a particularly influential country in world affairs now and can’t resist the temptation to poke their unwanted noses into other countries affairs.

    A period of glorious isolationism on this country’s part as was the very successful British foreign policy stance before the Entente Cordiale was signed with France in 1904 would do this country a power of good.

    Time for Britain to try and resolve its own myriad, stark and growing problems rather than be the USA’s utterly demented lost puppy and 51st state.

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  2. And we had better adopt that stance soon and cease being ‘America’s unsinkable aircraft carrier’ or anti-Brit, Irish-American with a huge chip on his shoulder about us, half-senile, Joe Biden, may well get us to be the target of Russian nukes.

    I can’t stand Labour but one thing I do admire Harold Wilson for doing is keeping us out of the Vietnam conflict.


  3. Another factor that won’t translate into Tory votes is that as many as 56% of the electorate according to the latest polls think Brexit was a mistake and the country took the wrong decision.

    Many of those who voted for it think it has not been going well.

    If this government is known for anything it is known for ‘Getting Brexit done’. Mind you, that isn’t correct seeing as NI has effectively been left behind in the EU still via the NI Protocol which this government STILL hasn’t resolved yet.🙄🙄🙄🙄


  4. Yes, this wretched and severely incompetent government has been, quietly, turning us into an police state. That is the action of that stupid, essentially foreign, Indian Patel who, as she is Indian, can’t get into her head the quaint idea that Britain is supposed to be a country with at least some semblance of respect for basic civil liberties.

    Still, what do you expect from India’s Congress Party (formerly known as the BRITISH Conservative AND Unionist Party)?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Mind you, having said that, the Tories have been turning us into a police state for a very long time now. Mrs Thatcher started it with her draconian Public Order Act of 1986 which set in train restrictions as to what we could say about our nation’s flooding with immigrants and most severe beginnings of the cult of PC.

    If only the Tories could be authoritarian about the things that actually matter such as border control! The daily invasions need STOPPING by either non lethal or, when push comes to shove, lethal means.

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  5. Teach that Britain was founded on ‘racism’! So was EVERY country in the world as what is ‘racism’ essentially? It is actually racial AWARENESS and the awareness that racial differences give rise to different peoples.

    What is the difference between Switzerland and Austria at the end of the day? They are both in central Europe, they both have very, very similar landscapes, they both speak German (mostly by around 75% in Switzerland’case) but the peoples are still different.

    Why can’t we just be allowed to take notice of the fact that what makes different countries different is different peoples and that very often means racial differences?

    Israel, by the way, is one of the most ‘racist’ countries in the world if you look at the issue from the PC globalist point of view but no-one says to them they can’t acknowledge the fact they are mostly Jews and that Israel was founded on the Zionist principle of being the ‘NATIONAL HOME of the JEWISH PEOPLE’.

    Enoch Powell when grotesquely insulted by leftwing, PC globalist extremist journalists replied that race was the basis for nationality.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very well said John! BTW, I agree with you in preferring the “long drop” to the “chopping” (LOL). Having said that the fact that the executions are public affairs is very good since they send a clear and strong message to the plebs.


      1. Yes, you could say that if a country is going to have the ultimate criminal penalty then why not try and increase its perceived deterrent value by not hiding its actual use away from the public.

        Therefore, why not do it in public or televise it ext? With expertly conducted and quick long drop hangings you could televise them and put them on in an advert break within the time period of some trashy tv programme like Love Island.

        That programme is probably watched by some people who might commit the sort of offences that justify the use of the death penalty.🙄🙄🙄

        Or you could put them on Sky Pay Per View!😂😂😂

        The USA last had a public execution via hanging as recently as 1936 in Kentucky.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I like your idea of broadcasting executions “live” (LOL) I also found very funny the description of the TV programme “Love Island” as “trashy”; in fact, almost all TV programmes nowadays are trashy.

        I remember reading that public executions attracted lots of people in England during the 18th century, In his memoirs, Boswell mentions going with Dr. Johnson and Sir Joshua Reynolds to watch hangings at Tyburn and Newgate (apparently he was a bit of a sadist as he recorded assisting at 21 multiple executions).

        Public executions would have a salutary effect on the low-lives, making them think twice before committing a serious crime.


  6. Remove racial differences from the notion of nationality and you deny a nationality of its basis for existence.

    Those who argue for this are intentionally wicked and evil and wouldn’t dare do this to non white peoples in East Asia such as the Chinese, Japanese or South Koreans and they certainly wouldn’t do it in regard of Jews in Israel.


  7. Hello Ian! Could you tell me the answers to questions No. 2 and 10? Thank you.

    That little clip about the arrest of that idioti woman who wanted to “talk” to David Attenborough was very funny. What a bloody nutter!


      1. Thank you very much! The fact that poison was used to make hats sound very weird, having said that a tiny fraction of arsenic is used to make bread, or at least it used to be.


      2. Claudius:
        Are you sure about that (arsenic used to make bread)? Never heard that. When I returned from a few months in Rhodesia (1977) to the UK, I had a job for 2 months in a massive bread factory. Night work. Hot as hell, despite hangar doors open and sub-zero temperatures outside. My job was to stack up red hot deep baking trays using very thick mittens that went up to the elbow. For hours and hours (12-hour shifts). There was no arsenic used, though. The fully-automated process only added calcium powder.

        I made bread a few times at home, in the 1980s. I also used no arsenic!

        Have just read this:



  8. I know that you ceased practicing law a long time but according to what you know is “Jack Monroe” likely to suffer a crushing defeat if this ends up in court? I don’t think she is going to sue anyone but I believe their creditors and former supporters will sue her.


    1. Claudius:
      I cannot say. For various reasons.

      It would depend on who sues whom, and on what basis (eg defamation, contract etc). I do not, I am sure, have *all* the relevant facts. I am just an observer and commentator in the matter (unless I myself should be sued in libel, in which case I am confident of having not only having a range of defences at my disposal, but also of having no way of satisfying any judgment made against me; in other words, I am effectively “unsueable” by reason of my own impecuniosity).


      1. Thank you very much. It seems to me that the people suing Jack Monroe are more likely to succeed than the other way around. BTW, I am in the same situation as you, I am “unsuable” because I do not have any assets, but there are some advantages to being poor… (LOL)


      2. Claudius:

        Actually, my guardian angel must have taken pity on me because I bought several UK “Thunderball” lottery tickets, and (yesterday) won on 5 lines— £226 in all (that’s nearly 44,000 Argentine pesos). I have to say that 44,000 pesos sounds a lot more than £226…


      3. Hello Ian: Actually £226 would be worth nearly 66.000 pesos since almost nobody exchanges US dollars or euros at the banks where they pay you a pathetic rate. The official value of 1 US dollar is 162 pesos but in the parallel market is 292.

        BTW 66.000 pesos represent a month of minimum wage.


      4. Claudius:
        Sounds as though people with a modest income not dependent on bring in the UK should relocate from the UK to Argentina, where, say £2,000 a month would (?) probably buy a good lifestyle…


      5. From the strictly financial point of view, it would be a very wise move as £2.000 = $ 600.000 which is 10 minimum wages put together. According to what I could find out the minimum monthly salary in the UK (working full time) is about £1.800 (please, correct me if I am wrong) therefore £2.000 a month in Argentina would be the equivalent of £18.000 a month in the UK. Most importantly THERE ARE NO black/brown Untermenschen around!

        A very nice 3-bedroom house in an upper-class neighbourhood in Buenos Aires will cost you U$S 350.000. I will send you a link to one in a very nice upper-middle-class suburb (Villa del Parque). The house is 20 years old, has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a garage.



    2. Well done for winning some money on the lottery. I must say I can’t remember the last time I saw someone buying a lottery ticket in a shop. Those who play it still must use the internet to buy them mostly now.

      Did you buy your ticket in a shop or online and did you use the lucky dip facility?


      1. John:
        I bought the Thunderball ticket(s) in the local Waitrose, and I always choose Lucky Dip.

        Admittedly, I did have a number of lines, but not a large number. Two lines of 4 numbers each (so 2 prizes of £100 each), one line with 3 numbers (£10), one line with 2 numbers *and* a Thunderball number (£10), and two other lines with just the Thunderball (£3 x 2).

        The biggest prizes I have won on the lottery have been via scratchcards: in the past decade, a couple of prizes over £500, and a few between £200 and £400; apart from that, some on the ordinary Lotto or Thunderball in the £200-£300 zone. The best was a scratchcard (I think one of the now-discontinued £10 ones) where you had, I think, 21 or 22 possibilities of winning anything from £5 to (I forget) one or two or more million pounds; I had 20 wins on one card. I think £580 altogether. That was about 5 years ago, though.

        ps. Did you know that Hitler wanted to introduce a lottery in Germany once the war was over? He discusses it in his “Table Talk” transcripts. He thought that it made people as a whole a little happier, as in his native Austria.


  9. Yeah, sod off back to Espana if you don’t like it here. We have enough PC globalist crazies of our own without Spanish ones being imported.

    What was wrong with Franco by the way? As far as I am aware he seemed to have done quite a lot of good just as Mussolini at least made Italian trains run on time.

    There would be less ‘racists’ if both Labour and ‘Tory’ governments ever gave a damm about the British people and stopped flooding us with more and more immigrants to the point where our entire national existence is under threat. We British have had ENOUGH.


      1. Good observation Ian. I will add, for the benefit of other readers, that Franco, like most military men of his generation, was essentially a monarchist and a staunch catholic.
        Misinformation and traditional Anglo-American ignorance regarding Spanish history and culture created this false image of Franco, the cruel “fascist” dictator.

        Franco facilitated the murder of Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, the founder of “la Falange” (The Phalanx). This is a fact confirmed by several Spanish survivors and historians. The Communists offered to exchange Jose Antonio for other high-ranking Communist leaders in jail at the moment and Franco sabotaged the negotiations.

        Most of the great leaders of “la Falange” were killed in the war and therefore it was very easy for Franco to impose a conservative dictatorship supported by the aristocracy and the Church. The fascist social revolution dreamed of by Jose Antonio and Onesimo Redondo never materialized. That is why in the Spanish-speaking world well-educated people correctly refer to the Franco regime as “franquismo” and not “falangismo” or “facismo”.


  10. Yes, the police in Britain don’t really care about real crimes anymore and too many forces have appalling crime clear-up rates for burglaries and even more serious offences like rape.

    The Tories as the so-called ‘party of law and order’ have had twelve long years in power to reform the blatantly polticised police forces they inherited from Labour and and get them to return to their true purpose but have done nothing to rectify this problem and in some ways made it even worse.

    Neither Labour or Tory can be trusted to be in charge of police forces. Perhaps, it is time we took them completely out of the influence of British govenments and allowed an independent National Policing Commission to run them as, I think, Japan does.


    1. Typical!🙄 I bet this vile, British people hating party wouldn’t do it to a Marxist or to one of the very numerous globalist, open borders supporting libertarian extremist they have within their ranks.

      Patriots and nationalists who want to protect our country, our nation and give it some sort of real future are decidedly NOT welcome. That might be one reason they are around 25% behind Labour in the polls and destined to go down to a devastating defeat whenever they have the courage to call an election.


    2. Well, this councillor was only following the tradition set by the January Club which was a ginger group established to foster links between Sir Oswald Mosley’s BUF and the REAL Conservative Party in the 1930’s.😄👌


  11. They are doing this and other actions as well to pander to PC, open borders supporting globalists. Needless to say, these people would, in the vast majority of cases, rather slit their own throats than vote Tory.

    Pandering to PC globalist supporters of open borders DOESN’T work for that party. You might even these thickos would have worked that out by now.

    How about pandering to ‘Right-wing’, socially conservative, patriots and nationalists for a change?🙄🙄🙄


  12. I found a very nice/beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house plus garage for U$S 250.000. Looking further I found that is perfectly possible to be a very good property in a very nice area for 250-200.000 US dollars.


    If I was British and had that money, plus a monthly income/pension of let’s say £1.000 = U$S 1.360 I would be jumping on the first flight to Argentina.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. Rather an odd layout, and the bars on the windows give a slightly prison-like impression, but certainly liveable.

      I think that I would need to have a *big* lottery win and then buy some larger detached place in or near the countryside.

      More seriously, I expect that my destiny is here, though…


  13. If you win the lottery there would be no need to leave England as you will be able to buy a very nice place near the countryside. As far as I could see there are lots of beautiful villages in England where you can lead a very nice life without coming across “exotic” savages.


    1. Claudius:
      You undervalue yourself!

      You are right, though. Also, I have lived in a number of foreign countries and, as a foreigner in those countries, have always been aware that I am slightly vulnerable to State actions etc (unlike, in at least some cases, a native of that country, or a diplomat with diplomatic immunity).


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