Diary Blog, 2 December 2022, with comments re. the City of Chester by-election result

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On this day last year

City of Chester by-election

As expected, Labour won the by-election; as I blogged a while ago, the interest lies mainly in the percentages: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/11/23/diary-blog-23-november-2022-including-a-brief-overview-of-the-upcoming-city-of-chester-by-election/.

The result: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_of_Chester_(UK_Parliament_constituency)#Elections_in_the_2020s.

The Labour candidate, a woman who seems to have been a housewife/homemaker previously, as well as (from 2011) a councillor and (from 2015) leader of Cheshire West and Chester Council, scored 61.2%, Labour’s best-ever result in the constituency. The fact that she was brought up in, and has lived in, the area since the age of 4 cannot have hurt her campaign.

Conversely, the Conservative candidate did very badly, scoring 22.4%; the previous worst Con result was in 2001 (33.1%).

The LibDem, on 8.4%, was the only other candidate to retain his deposit. Their best result in a decade, but underwhelming when compared to where the LibDems were prior to the 2010-2015 “Con Coalition”.

Of the others, the only ones worth noting are the Greens (2.8%) and the new Farage vehicle, Reform UK (2.7%). The other four candidates scored 1% or below.

Thoughts? A very good result for Labour, despite it having been in a by-election. Labour’s previous best was 56.8% in 2017, which had been ahead of all other results, even that of 1997.

The voters are getting very tired of the Conservative Party, and even if they may not consider that Labour will do much if at all better on a number of issues, that alone cannot save Sunak and the Con Party.

Not much else to be said, except that Farage is proven once again a busted flush; his Reform UK party is not likely to get anywhere. Britain needs a real social-national party.

Finally, what did strike me was the low turnout— 41.2%, by far the lowest ever, though of course this was only a by-election. The previous-lowest turnout was in the General Election of 2001 (63.8%).

The low turnout might well indicate apathy, or apathy vis a vis the present political and voting system; it may also indicate anger and frustration, and a view that the present system cannot solve Britain’s problems.

Whatever the truth of that, the fact remains that 58.8% of eligible voters did not vote. How many were disaffected former Con voters unwilling to vote Labour or even LibDem? We do not know, but the fact is that 6,335 people voted Con at this by-election, compared with 20,918 in 2019 (when the turnout was 71.7%).

Britain has a basically binary political system. That only about 10% of eligible voters here cast a vote for the governing party must ring alarm bells at CCHQ.

[Note: incidentally, since writing the above, a few hours ago, I see that journalists and others are tweeting that the result was “the worst result for the Conservatives since 1832“. Not right.

The Conservative Party did not really exist back then, and the party referred to were the Whigs, some of whom morphed into what —much later— became the Liberal Unionist Party and then part of the Conservative and Unionist Party. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whigs_(British_political_party).

The 1832 General Election now being referred to by journalists was one where there were three candidates in City of Chester, but two of those candidates were both Whigs —but with differing views— and the losing one, who came third, was the one now being called a “Conservative”.

In any case, that was a different world].

World Cup

I take no interest in the World Cup and similar circuses for the deluded masses, but have just now noticed that the “German” team is composed only half of Europeans (i.e. white players) let alone “Germans” (even if they may have a few bits of paper describing them as “German”).

I do not really want the photo on the blog, but I suppose that I have to make the point:

I suppose that the “England” team is now similar. What a farce.

Jewish Chronicle


Well, it is not every day that I can agree with a view expressed by the Jewish Chronicle!

The more information, the better.

Tweets seen

…because he did, and still does, what his masters (NWO/ZOG) hired him to do…

More tweets

A couple of kicks each would underline the message.

I notice that that incident was not in the UK, but am not sure where it happened; I think in France.

I never cease to be amazed at the ignorant comments made about the 1970s in the UK. The “Winter of Discontent” lasted for a couple of months in 1978-79, only really badly affected a few geographic areas, and even fewer urban areas had “bodies stacked up” etc, and not for long.

You also see people insistent that there were long periods of the 1970s with electrical blackouts etc. In fact, most areas did not have blackouts at all, even in the “three day week” period of late 1973.

The whole thing has been blown up into this fable in which a whole decade consisted of blackouts, nothing working, rubbish and corpses unburied or unburned, and a “three day week” which (according to the fable) lasted for years, rather than the few weeks it actually lasted.

What is actually alarming about some of those assertions is that they are made even by some people who were actually there at the time (as I was, incidentally: aged 17 in late 1973, and 22 in the winter of 1978-79). The fallibility of human memory is astounding at times; I notice it because I have always had an exceptional memory.

More System political news


Good news: that ridiculous little monkey, Sajid Javid, the Israel-loving Muslim apostate and Ayn Rand devotee, is leaving political life.

Also, Rees-Mogg has said, of Chloe Smith, another rat leaving the sinking Con “Titanic“, that “Chloe Smith got in in a by-election, has served in the highest office, has been a distinguished minister.

In what world was Chloe Smith ever “distinguished“?!

The (((usual suspects)))

Exactly what Zionist Jews do all the time. They have been making malicious complaints about me for years: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/; and https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/01/15/diary-blog-15-january-2022-including-an-outline-of-the-failure-of-the-latest-jew-zionist-attempt-to-prosecute-me/.

Just two of many examples.

Late tweets

Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged…”

Action directe“…

Late music

15 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 2 December 2022, with comments re. the City of Chester by-election result”

    1. NativeWarrior14:
      The minimum of 4 years does seem lenient. I suppose that it means that release will be dependent on some assessment of his mental state. All the same, his record would indicate that he is dangerous no matter what therapy is applied.


      1. The use of the ‘ultimate penalty’ of the law should be severely restricted as it is an extremely serious punishment. This means only a few very harmful and serious offences should possibly attract its use such as most types of murders, treason, conspiracy with foreign countries (as in very well-governed South Korea), hijacking of aircraft, deliberate lying that causes an innocent person to be executed and drug dealing.

        Gang rapes are very serious offences as well but the harm they cause is usually only confined to a few, unfortunate victims rather than entire communities and whilst there is a need for that crime to be deterred it can be deterred effectively with very long prison sentences of twenty, thirty plus years and judicial caning. Importantly, and in contrast to drug dealers, this awful sexual crime isn’t normally done with the very human, natural and greedy impulse of self-enrichment.

        So, the use of the death penalty can’t be justified on very strong deterrent grounds.


    1. It sure is and, to be frank, there is only one way to REALLY deal with it and that is giving widespread education to young people about the dangers of taking drugs combined with relentless, remorseless, TOUGH, consistent sentencing of those who deal in this evil trade up to and including REAL LIFE sentences, caning and yes even the handing out of DEATH sentences as in wonderful Singapore.

      Some might say the use of capital punishment for drug dealers is too harsh as it is a non violent crime but drug dealers need to have very strong deterrent sentences attached to their crime because this offence can create widespread social misery and serious harm to individuals, their families and communities as a whole, it is conceivably possible for an entire society to be hooked on drugs, and drug dealers have a powerful incentive to become involved in this evil trade ie that of self-enrichment. Some have become seriously wealthy.





    2. Singapore uses the death penalty to sentence drug dealers as it provides for a very strong deterrent for these scumbags. It WORKS too in that regard though, obviously, it isn’t a perfect deterrent.

      Some drug dealers WILL risk being imprisoned for their crimes even for very long periods because of the possiblity of being rich but relatively few will risk being executed by a long drop hanging.

      The good thing is that as this is the case the threat of being executed for drug dealing is more apparent than real as the vast majority of potential drug dealers ARE deterred by this possible sentence so its actual USE is pretty rare.
      If we had executions for drug dealers we wouldn’t actually have to use it much and certainly not after a few years of a stern message of very serious consequences being sent out by the courts towards these people.

      Drug dealing can be effectively deterred by the death penalty because it is a crime that people make a considered decision to engage in rather than acting impulsively or in a rage as with some murders.


  1. Hello Ian! If the German and British teams are a bad joke, what can we say about the “French” team? Eight out of eleven players are black!!! That is why I have given up watching sports (with the exception of tennis). Rugby Union has followed the same pattern, with the Australian and New Zealander teams with 1/3 (at least) of Untermenschen (Maories or Australian Aboriginals)

    Around the year 2000 the “Wallabies” had two coloured players, and the “All Blacks” had two or three full blooded Maories but that was all. Nobody would EVER convince me that those coloured players are there because of their extraordinary skill. It is just another example of the disgusting cowardice of the White Establishment in the Anglo-Saxon countries which are the most woke countries in the world.


  2. The likes of that utterly repulsive libertarian extremist Michelle Newbury who clearly didn’t give a CastleMain XXXX about people DYING of COVID 19 during the pandemic because of her SELFISH desire for ‘freedumb’ at all costs should be given more than just a violent kick.

    Her repulsive libertarian extremist type which has done so much damage to our society since 1979 should be EXECUTED then they might have something to REALLY whinge about.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Evil, useless bitch.


    1. NativeWarrior14:
      yet the black “music”, “rap” etc promoting hatred against English people continues unabated; also promoting weapons etc.

      As you say, a continuing System attack on liberty.


      1. Indeed, that “British” violent rap – drill music is freely available and promoted by aspects of the MSM and as “History debunked” mentioned recently there are plenty of music videos promoting violence available on YouTube! 🤨😡


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