Diary Blog, 3 December 2022

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Saturday quiz

7/10 this week, thus again beating political journalist John Rentoul, who scored 5/10. I did not know, or could not bring to mind, the answers to questions 3, 5, and 7 (and I admit that my correct answer to question 1 was a pure guess).

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There are a lot of mugs around.

“Jack Monroe”, even after the latest fall in “patrons” (donors) still presently has a gross monthly income from Patreon of between £2,222 and £27,940; probably around £6,000, at a guess. That’s every month, and possibly taxfree. For nothing.

A few months ago, “Jack Monroe” had 800 mug donors sending her money, so it seems that the Twitterstorm around her this year has had an effect.

If what I read is accurate, she had only, or about, 200 “patrons” until part-Jewish TV cook Nigella Lawson promoted her by mentioning her somewhere, after which the total soared to 800+.

The public is fickle, easily manipulated.

I blogged about the Chester by-election result yesterday.

The House of Lords is a Gordian Knot. Cut it.

In any case, Meghan Markle, aka the “royal” Mulatta, is not “black” but a “half-caste” (“mixed-race”), just like Obama, and in her case with more than half of her racial background white European, originally.

A war, not a race war as such but a race-culture-ideology war, is coming; in the UK, across Europe, in North America.

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It is some kind of semi-occult signal. I expect that, were they to be suspended upside-down and questioned about it, they would reveal what they know.

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In our hearts, we know that this can only end one way, that there will only be one way out, in the end.

Weak parts of the body politic, weak parts that must be excised.

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8 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 3 December 2022”

    1. NativeWarrior14:
      Now that we have seen even Anne Boleyn etc played by black actresses, it can only be a matter of time before William the Conqueror, Harold II, Richard the Lionheart etc are also negrified.

      As I have blogged, these ahistorical misportrayals are not aimed at people of my age, and not aimed at people of what I presume might be your age; they are aimed at the young and very young, teenagers and children, and with the obvious aim or normalizing the (in fact doomed) “multicultural” society, a society in which white European people will become a tiny and hated minority (unless action is taken soon).


      1. And there are STILL Britons willing to go out of their way and cast a vote for the undemocratic Labour Party – a party that absolutely hates and despises us as its globalist extremist open door immigration policy it implemented in its last disastrous reign in government proved beyond all doubt.🙄🙄🙄 Some of us have NEVER forgotten or FORGIVEN them for that extremist policy agenda and NEVER will.

        Still, at least Mr Inspirational as PM will get us through the cost of living crisis -NOT because there is little any sensible government can do about it as many of the factors causing it are NOT national ones but global ones!🙄🙄🙄 Global factors such as the Ukraine-Russia conflict Mr Starmer wants to inflame further with no possible benefit to US. Still, Labour always was a BRITAIN AND THE BRITISH LAST party.

        When are habitual Labour voters going to learn basic GCSE level economics?


      2. Yes, an undoubted EVIL PC Globalist agenda is at work here which has at its heart and aim to ensure our young people have no consciousness of our nation’s history. One of Churchill’s more lucid and thoughtful comments was that a nation that forgets its past can have no future and that is precisely what the people behind these ridiculous antics hope to achieve as do those who have very nearly banned Britons from appearing in the now perpetually racist adverts.


  1. Apparently, NOBODY has pointed out how the despicable WEF lackey known as Charles III and his equally despicable son William (another wimp like his pathetic father) threw lady Hussey under the bus siding with that POS who calls herself Ngozi Fulani.


    1. Claudius:
      I have no great animus against Charles; I can agree with *some* of his views (and he was pleasant enough when we met briefly, 26 years ago), but he is weak in several ways. I think that William may be the same.


  2. Good to see Richard Lucas (of The Scottish Family Party) exposing the child molesting scum in the SNP and ‘education’ establishment in the frozen north. It’s a shame that The Scottish Family Party isn’t also ethno-nationalist. It is only national socialism which can stop these demons.


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