Diary Blog, 13 January 2023

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[Dnieper dam after reconstruction, 1947]

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“Jack Monroe”

In any case, “her lawyer” (if any) has not sent a letter (whether “strong“, not so strong, or apocalyptic and written in Hebrew on stone tablets) to Con Party MP Lee Anderson.

Another day, another “Jack Monroe” lie…

“Jack Monroe” is, or has become, a fraudster, basically (and far worse than I thought when I assessed her on the blog at the end of September 2022). Having said that, the non-practising doctor tweeting in support of her, Julia Grace Patterson, is not much better.

The 631 utter mugs still sending her between £3.50 and £44 a month via Patreon will no doubt continue to collude in their own mugging, though…

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The flow of migration-invasion would be curbed if either a. the boats were destroyed in the Channel, along with the invaders; or b. the invaders simply disappeared after reaching the UK, never to be heard of again. Either of those measures would deter others from trying to invade.

A general feeling of “end of an era”, as in 1939 and 1914…

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Can you imagine what the remains of our culture and civilization would look like (and will, unless we take charge soon) if only blacks and mixed-race half-castes were to exist? Think Mogadishu, Haiti, most of Africa, but on a larger urban scale. Just the remains of civilization and greatness, half-reduced to rubble, and the untermenschen crawling over the ruins.

That “Dr Freya Vass” (a teacher of dance, apparently) sounds like a complete loony, like most of the “Jack Monroe” partisans.

The whole long thread about Serebriakova is rather interesting. A feeling of Doctor Zhivago about it.

That’s Napoleon III, of course: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georges-Eug%C3%A8ne_Haussmann


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archetype; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jungian_archetypes.

More seen about “Jack Monroe”

The tweet went the same way as that “Bootstrap Cook” blog post which claimed that she had been “waved through” the police cordon at Grenfell Tower in West London, and (armed with the “building plans“, no less!) more or less took over the rescue etc.

Remarkable for someone who was not, at the time employed by any fire service, or any other emergency service, and who lived about 60 miles from the fire— in Essex, where (for a year or so) she had answered the telephone at a call centre for the Essex fire brigade.

How could she have had the “building plans” for Grenfell Tower? Simply impossible.

That blog post was a remarkable exercise both in fantasy writing, and in trying to create an entirely false story. Some of her fans actually believed it, incredibly.

It emphasizes the psychological (narcissistic) need “Jack Monroe” has for placing herself centre stage. The big story of the time was the Grenfell Tower fire, but that happened 60 miles from Southend, and there was no nexus at all between it and “Jack Monroe”, so she simply invented a scenario in which she was right at the centre of events— striding purposefully through the police cordon to take charge of the emergency. Ludicrous, but some people believed it.

I agree. While one does not expect the editor of The Grocer, Best magazine, or even the Metro, to be particularly aware or intelligent, what can be the excuse of the editors of the Guardian and the Observer?

As blogged before, though, I would be surprised if the msm kept on, for very much longer, promoting the nonsense of the “Bootstrap Cook”, despite her numerous “personal connections” etc.

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4 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 13 January 2023”

  1. I always loved Paris; it is amazing and a miracle that none of the useless puppets who occupied the Elysee Palace after de Gaulle tried to “modernize” Paris. On the other hand, your countrymen proved Napoleon right when he, supposedly, said “L’ Angleterre est une nation de boutiquiers” (England is a nation of shopkeepers)

    Hundreds of beautiful buildings were destroyed to be replaced by crap because the greedy, obnoxious developers managed to bribe, I am sure, lots of civil servants or politicians who didn’t care. Since 1945 the ruling principle in the Judaized British society has been “Profit”.


    1. Claudius:
      I have to agree with your socio-political remarks.

      London has been, largely at least, spoiled during my lifetime, though it had some ugly sides long before. It has had some improvements too in the past 60-70 years. A mixed picture. Some people in the former Soviet Union asked me, “is London a beautiful city?”, and my reply was “not really, but it is a very interesting city with a very interesting history.”

      As to Paris, after a few excrescences in the 1960s and 1970s (the Pompidou Centre and the Montparnasse Tower mainly), the decision was of course made to —more or less— halt high-rise development in the central areas of Paris, and to concentrate it in the new business district, La Defense, though in fact the development there was started in the late 1950s.

      In London, not enough was done, in my view, in the 1960s and 1970s, to control high-building construction, though much of the new construction of that type is of course in the City of London financial district. The new high building, The Shard, by London Bridge Station is also one of the most ugly, though I have only seen photos, not having been to that part of London for about 16 years.

      There is always the balance Development/Preservation. Sometimes, old (especially old and useless or ugly) buildings have to go, to create a new building or area and/or to create new life. For example, I would have chosen not to preserve and remodel the Battersea Power Station in London, but to remove it and redevelop the whole area differently.




      1. Thank you for the interesting article about the Battersea Power Station. I agree with you, some old buildings were ugly and had to go, my opinion is based on the fact that all the buildings I that were demolished were very nice; I am sure the reason behind their demolition was profit based on rising the price of the land in London.


      2. Claudius:
        Yes, of course. Apart from anything else, when a building with 10 storeys is replaced by one with 100, one can easily see the increase in potential value.


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