Diary Blog, 2 February 2023

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“Excess deaths”

Well worth watching.

A combination of the crazy “lockdown” “strategy”, and the dangerous and untested “vaccine”(s); the facemask nonsense too.

New book

Happened to see, on Sky News, the Chief Economics Correspondent of the Financial Times, a Jew called Wolf (I missed the first name), who has a book out about capitalism and democracy. It sounded interesting, from what he was saying.

The presenter somehow managed to bring in “holocaust” “denial” (historical revision), though the author did not seem to want to dwell on that. I wonder how many people were thinking “how is the present state of the world and Europe the fault of so-called holocaust deniers?“; I certainly was. A side-issue at best.

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Load up“…

The System would rather people freeze to death, or from the side-effects of slow hypothermia, than burn the “wrong” sort of fuel.

The present world culture, based on Europe and on European implants elsewhere (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, much of South America etc), is dying, not with a bang but with a prolonged whimper. Indeed, it may be that only a bang, or a series of bangs, will save us from annihilation as a culture, and as white European people(s).

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[the Cam at Cambridge]
[the Great Wall of China]

More tweets seen

The “Jack Monroe” situation becomes ever more ridiculous! The latest apparent supporter dines (or has done at least once or twice) at the Ivy!

BTW, the apparently “excellent” lobster linguine costs £29…see https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186338-d12527182-r725887796-The_Ivy_City_Garden-London_England.html.

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ivy_(UK).

Who is that “Jack Monroe” supporter? Her Twitter profile: “Strategic Leader/Transformation Director. Ambassador @FiMTrust, Board Member 15yrs @actnforchildren #boycottyourbed Opinions my own and I’m on the left!“…


Another one who is far from “poor” or “struggling“, of course.

Seems that today’s “Jack Monroe” distraction tactic is “what is your favourite pasta dish?“. In the language of the 1950s, “don’t the mugs ever twig?“— seems not, though her Patreon “grift” is ebbing away: months ago, 800+ mugs were sending her money monthly, after Jewish TV cook Nigella Lawson promoted her; that number reduced to 636 after her dishonesty etc was exposed to the light more, then 522 (yesterday). Today— 495.

Her lying is truly pathological, it seems.

I repeat, do the mugs really believe her nonsense?

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True, in a sense, but we have a moral duty to protect the vulnerable, including those unable to see that they are being ripped off. We may not be able to protect them, but we must try.

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I “predict” that, in the end, “Jack Monroe” will be “supported” and/or funded (via Patreon etc) only by a small minority consisting of the mentally-unwell and/or obsessives and/or well-meaning “mugs” aged over 60.

(ps. not that I dislike people over 60 years of age…after all, I myself am 66 —not “666“, though, despite my full name adding up to that number under one system of numerology!).

Late tweets

It will be on something like The X Factor next year…


As for me, “I’m lovin’ it!“…

Very true. If the UK were to re-establish trading relationships with Russia, and withdraw from NATO, Russia would supply us with gas at knockdown prices. Result? An end to cold homes in the UK, and a boost for British industry.

Late music

[Elstead Bridge, Surrey]

9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 2 February 2023”

  1. Hello: A couple of things worth pointing out:

    1) Excellent tweet by “Fisher King”
    2) Idem about “Guy Fawkes did nothing wrong”

    Talking about Guy Fawkes and “extreme measures” I remember a phrase attributed to Joseph Goebbels: “The most extreme nationalist today is only just extreme enough”.


      1. Ross:
        Thank you. I had heard the theory, which may well be correct. Hard to say at such a distance of time, of course.

        The ideological divide in Europe at that time mirrors the later divide across the Iron Curtain. Nationality counted for less than religious adherence. In our own present time, since about 1989, Europe, and the world generally, has slipped back into a mode in which nationality is weak, but ideology even weaker.


  2. I have just read about that overpriced, overrated and, obviously, ultra-expensive restaurant “The Ivy”. I hate those places and the pretentious morons who go there. I am sure they cannot appreciate real fine cuisine but they go there to be seen by the equally stupid “celebrities” that frequent them.

    PS: £29.00 for a plate of pasta??? (LOL)


    1. Claudius:
      I have never been to The Ivy (it has a whole range of places or branches now, but I mean the main/original one). It is the restaurant for thespians and TV types. Piers Morgan is an habitue.


      1. Thank you for that information; the fact that Piers Morgan is a patron is already a good excuse to avoid the place (LOL).

        All these restaurants frequented by the “celebrities” are bound to be awfully expensive and rarely as excellent as they claim; and this happens all over the world. They are the equivalent to some famous brands of clothes, fashion accesories, perfume, etc. Is all a marketing ploy.

        Five years ago, I had the pleasure to act as a guide to two English couples visiting Buenos Aires, one of them dear old friends. I avoided all the “fashionable” places and took them to two nice cafes and two excellent restaurants that were highly recommended by the locals. We enjoyed excellent food and service at a fairly decent price.


      2. Claudius:
        I agree completely. When some American lawyers came to London nearly 30 years ago, I took them to Luba’s Bistro (now closed), an institution in London at one time: an eclectic menu (White Russian, Red Russian, Polish, Georgian), a clientele equally mixed, not expensive by London standards, and wine (or vodka) you brought with you. They loved its real character, and said they liked it better than where they had been staying (The Savoy).


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