Diary Blog, 14 April 2023

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[Ksiaz Castle, Poland, the former Schloss Furstenstein, German Silesia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ksi%C4%85%C5%BC_Castle]

From the newspapers


A fascinating chart highlights how the world is in the midst of a reproduction crisis — as developed countries fall out of love with having children.

In 2020, the global average fertility rate – the average number of children born to each woman – was 2.3, compared to 4.7 in 1970 — a staggering 51 percent drop over a half-century. Swathes of Europe and North America are recording fewer than a two births per woman average. 

Meanwhile, as fertility rates shrink in much of the world, they continues to grow in Africa. Thirty-one of the top 32 countries with the highest fertility rates are on the continent, with Niger in the first spot with a rate of 6.9 children per woman.

[Daily Mail]

“...some commentators – including Elon Musk – fear declining fertility rates could lead to a stagnant population, destroying many nations’ economies and overwhelming public support systems.”

Their research found little correlation across the world, and in the US, between available childcare subsidies from the government and changes in fertility.

Income has not proven to be a factor either – with the decline noticeable in women across socioeconomic and educational brackets.

[Daily Mail]

Would be interesting to see whether, in the USA (as in the world as a whole), the non-white and especially the “African” or Negroid population of the USA is breeding faster than the white European-origined population. My guess, or educated guess, would be that that is so.

A serious problem. The proportion of white ethnic Europeans (inc. those of European origin outside Europe) is steadily declining; even now it is only a couple of percent of the world’s population, yet only that small proportion can provide the basis for further human evolution.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/.


Trees…offer all sorts of pointers if you know how to read them. Want to find your way out of a dense forest? Then use them as a navigational aid.”

[Daily Mail]

Tweets seen

I wonder what the end result might have been, had Gerry Adams been covertly eliminated c.1972? Maybe the same, though, ultimately…

Having said that, and in the old saying, “if voting changed anything, it would not be available“. Which is usually true, but not always, thinking of the 1932 and 1933 votes in Weimar Germany that brought the NSDAP to power.

The power of Fate can do anything. “With God, all things are possible“.

Britain, where most things no longer work properly, or at all.

…and while you are about it, “believe” —or pretend to believe— that a male person can become a sort-of female person via some enterprising surgery and a change of costume; oh… and —of course— “believe” that the all races and national groups are basically the same, none more intelligent, more compassionate, or more capable than any other.

It is that very willingness to bend the truth, even in matters which are all but unarguable, that convinces me that Jewish-lobby puppet Keir Starmer would make a terrible Prime Minister, even when compared to the other clowns of the past two decades.

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[Borovsk, Kaluzhkaya Oblast, Russia]

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Not for nothing did the German National Socialist government publish a poster with the caption saying “National Socialism, the expression of our biological knowledge“. National Socialism was a movement founded primarily upon historical and scientific truth, which was one reason why the NSDAP government of the 1930s founded and funded SS-Ahnenerbe [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahnenerbe].

More tweets

Ukraine is a shambolic, corrupt mess of a “failed state”, scarcely a state at all, and ruled by what amounts to a Jew-Zionist dictatorship.

I think that that is too optimistic.

The Zelensky cabal in Kiev will rely on their embedded fortification of the capital, and their strategy (such as it is) will be to hunker down there, while calling on NATO to get involved even more directly. I would not rule out the use of “false flag” attacks on Poland, aimed at bringing Poland into the war. If that were to happen and if, then, the Russian side were to respond, both Zelensky and the Polish government would claim that Clause 5 of the NATO Treaty had been thereby triggered, “obliging” all NATO member-states (most importantly the USA, but also UK, Germany, France etc) to enter the war on the Polish (and therefore Kiev-regime) side.

That might trigger a full-scale nuclear war in Europe, and probably beyond.

Musicians” refers to the Wagner Group.

Late tweets

Now that Russia is winning, or at least not losing, the EU calls for peace…(of a sort).

One Ukrainian fox escaped the Kiev-regime press-gang hounds.

Late thought

I saw yesterday a tweet or other comment claiming that, sometime recently, a Russian fighter jet pilot was given clearance to fire a missile at a British plane. He did fire, but his system failed to work. Just as well.

I have heard of a few other not unalike occurrences, incidents that make me wonder whether beings of a higher evolutionary state than humans are intervening to prevent nuclear conflict. Let us hope so.


Late music

22 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 14 April 2023”

  1. If only that evil Irish American war mongering piece of excrement with a personal hatred of this country that he makes little attempt to hide , Joe Biden, just done the decent thing and died in office like that other warmongering Democrat, Roosevelt did.

    Funny you mention the police, yes, here in Essex, they are as useless in fighting REAL crimes as they are everywhere else as recent news events prove.

    It is about time the elected Tory crime commissioner for Essex, Roger Hirst, who has that job and is a councillor in the safest Tory ward here in Brentwood ie Hutton South done his job properly and told the local Stazi in Grays to concentrate on catching the numerous drug dealers in that town instead of oppressing, law abiding pub owners.

    This utter farce in Grays is as good a reason as any why nobody with a brain should vote for the non Conservative and now Non Unionist party at all.

    They have had 13 years in power to reform the police and to abolish the daft ultra left creed of PC in them yet it us as bad as it has been under Labour misrule if not worse.


    1. Mind you, even if the Stazi in Grays Police Station had a brainwave and decided to go after REAL criminals such as drug dealers there would be little point in doing so and putting them before the courts since even when they are convicted they normally receive too often overly lenient sentences such as a pathetic five years or so and this happens in the cases of people who deal in hard drugs such as cocaine and in quantities of even tens of kilograms.

      If Singapore is too tough in giving out death sentences to people who sell 15gms or more of pure heroin ect then we are far too soft in the opposite direction.

      Drug dealers should be incarcerated inside a prison for at least a mandatory minimum of twenty plus years up to possible lifetime imprisonment as in Japan with their sentence for meth dealing.

      Perhaps judicial corporal punishment as in Singapore with their rattan cane should be introduced here too. Drug dealers should be given harsh and lengthy prison sentences if not executions or caning/flogging.


      1. John:
        the drug trade is driven by the consumer, as with all trade. The logic, then, is to eliminate the *users*. Start with that little bastard Gove.


      2. A China Taiwan USA conflict would be a terrible one especially as Taiwan produces many of the world’s semi conductors. However, there might be a longer term benefit for the world and us if it results in the USA losing prestige and being taken down a peg or two. They might not be so arrogant and dismissive towards most of the globe and us then.


  2. The Ukraine conflict is a proxy war against Russia which the USA under the evil Democrats is blatantly using to try and curtail Russian power and influence in Eastern Europe.

    The danger is that there is a stalemate situation currently which could go on for years. Andrew Marr presented an interesting commentary to this effect on YouTube recently.


      1. Oh yes, that is the real danger but I would have thought that an ongoing stalemate makes that risk of a nuclear conflict increase rather than decease.

        It is in everyone’s interest this war ends as soon as possible not least because we may have a conflict over Taiwan soon which no doubt the stupid globalist government here will seek to embroil us in. As ever the USA under Britain hating, senile dementia suffering Joe Biden will get us to play the faithful poodle act once again.


      2. John:
        It would be a great pity, should Taiwan become a battlefield, but the Chinese (especially, I venture to suggest, Han Chinese) have a different way of looking at things. A long view of history. For Peking (as I insist on calling it), what may matter is not the short-term death and hurt caused by an invasion, but the longer term reabsorption of Taiwan into China.


      3. This thick so called Tory government has an increasingly hostile posture towards China for no real reason. Apart from rightly condemning China for its antics in Hong Kong contrary to the treaty that was signed we should be friendly or neutral towards that country.

        The USA has its usual envy and jealousy towards a rising economic power just like they did when Japan rose and therefore they have issues with Peking/Beijing but that doesn’t mean we should.

        Their demented foreign policy is yet another good reason to abstain from voting Tory along with their disgraceful utter failure on law and order and immigration control jn particular.

        Brexshit the gift that just goes on giving. What is the effing point in Brexit if it means no real immigration control and an agressive foreign policy that doesn’t concern itself with OUR national interests and may as well be made in Washington?

        Oh, for a halfway decent Tory Foreign Secretary like Lord Halifax.


      4. Well, the Chinese government in Peking/Beijing do view Taiwan as a rebellious offshore province of China that should be reunified with the mainland.


  3. We as a country performed far worse in the pandemic than we should have done because of the cult of PC in the police.

    I have no doubt some people deliberately flouted the restrictions because they have no respect for the police.

    PC has destroyed our police forces so much that very few people like them or respect them in any way. No police force anywhere in the world can operate properly and effectively fight crime if too many ordinary people resent and despise them.

    Mrs Thatcher very unwisely started to politicise the police during the Miners Strike, her government passed the PC Public Order Act 1986 which begun this PC mania and every government since has added to it so we now have the present utterly deplorable situation.

    It is high time the cult was ended for good. It may be a good idea to follow Japan and take control of police forces totally away from British governments since no British government can be trusted with them and have them run by a totally independent National Policing Commission staffed by independent and politically neutral policing experts.


  4. Lady Colin Campbell is a formidable speaker.
    From 51 mins she speaks about the abolition of slavery, then around 57 mins in, she really gets going when she gives her views on reparations.


  5. I bet the real reason even Thatcher never privatised the NHS was because the NHS provides the perfect excuse for Tories let alone loony Labour to say we can’t possibly survive without a constant flood of immigrants.

    The death penalty is never going to brought back even by the likes of 30 p Lee Anderson because if we did have it court cases where it was a possible sentence would be massively publicised and that would show that blacks in particular very often though not always show a higher propensity to commit murders than white people do.

    The PC globalist political Establishment in this country doesn’t want this demonstrated in public so graphically as it would be if so many blacks and asians though not so much in their case got sent to the gallows.

    The normal argument they use against capital punishment ie the very small risk of innocent people being executed is not the real reason they won’t bring it back just another convenient excuse.


  6. I think there is a case for the NHS to be privatised. The important point is that everyone should be able to access decent health care regardless of how wealthy or poor they are at the point of need and that can be done in a variety of ways.

    We should not be so dismissive of some of the means by which other countries provide decent health services for all.

    Personally , I can’t see how the NHS can do this even with more resources etc when it is a vast organisation. Organising it properly when it supposedly employs more people than any other organisation other than the People’s Liberation Army of China is a huge challenge which is probably impossible to achieve in practice.


  7. Ha, ha, so the British Ministry of Non British Defence is actually having to report the truth for once instead of acting like they usually do as blatant Nato and US puppet propagandists.


  8. I agree. The drug trade needs to be tackled by tougher treatment of the lowlife scumbags who supply these substances and by lessening the demand to use them.

    Contrary to Western perceptions, Singapore does BOTH approches. They do not just simplistically hang the dealers eg there is a comprehensive effort undertaken by the Singaporean government to educate young people and others about the dangers of taking drugs.

    Japan lessens demand by having a decent society that systematically shuns celebrities who use drugs thereby decreasing the so called glamour of taking them.

    A useless, degenerate, drug imbibing scrote like Michael Gove would be shunned there and certainly would not be a major politician.

    No doubt the reason British governments don’t take effective action on this issue is because too many degenerates in the House of Treason use drugs.


  9. Perhaps that pub owner in Grays should fly a Nazi swastika on the pub then the local Stazi or Tory PC Gestapo would have a real reason to whinge and moan.

    What about doing that and have an effigy of [redacted] like in Georgia, Alabama, Texas or Mississippi during the olden days of [redacted]?


      1. You have had dealings with the PC dross plods at Grays Police Station, have you not?

        I wonder what the local Tory MP has to say about this farce? I suspect she backs the PC Stazi and their ridiculous actions. She seems to be a left wing loony that the Tory Party is full of nowadays.

        Thurrock’s previous Con Party MP, Timothy Janman, was of a far different and decidedly better type ie pro hanging and pretty virulent in his opposition to mass immigration.


  10. Yes, she is not a patch on Timothy Janman. Tim was wasted on Thurrock. He should have been the MP for my constituency of Brentwood and Ongar which was in his era and even more so now a very safe Tory seat.

    Tim won the seat off Labour in 1987 by a few hundred votes and got kicked out in 1992 by a mere thousand or so votes despite increasing his own vote share. The small number of Lib Dem voters tactically voted for Labour in the main no doubt emboldened to do that due to Janman’s staunchly pro capital punishment and anti immigration viewpoints.

    He was an earlier version of ’30p Lee’ Anderson.


  11. He would be appalled at the Conservative Party today. Their record on law and order and immigration control over the last thirteen years is an utter national disgrace.

    They have sacked police officers by the thousands, thoroughly demoralised them and totally failed to repair the immense damage the loony left Labour Party done to them with that ridiculous quasi Marxist nonsense of the McPherson Report back in the early days of Bliars misrule.

    That report should gave been put into the nearest bin yet, if anything, the Tories have ADDED to the PC crap infesting the police.


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