Diary Blog, 23 April 2023

Morning music

[fan-vault roof, Chapel of King’s College, Cambridge]

From the newspapers



Britain’s £3.2 billion aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales has been reduced to acting as a scrap-yard. Essential pieces of equipment are being ripped out of the stricken warship, a move that raises questions over its long-term future.

The UK’s second carrier has been in dry dock since breaking down off Portsmouth in August 2022.

Now Navy top brass have begun stripping the carrier – a process known as ‘cannibalisation’ – which will render HMS Prince of Wales inoperable for much longer. Lift chains, which allow fighter jets to be raised from below deck, electrical systems and sections of the ship’s gas turbines have been taken out.

[Daily Mail]

So will the few functioning ships of the Royal Navy now be tasked to fight Russia? Or China? Both? Or neither?

The UK armed forces have become a bad joke. They cannot even protect our own borders from migration-invasion by untermenschen.

Better not rename HMS Prince of Wales as the HMS Charles III. If it were to break down again, people might start to see parallels with the Monarchy…

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Are the Scottish people finally waking up to the ludicrous faux-“nationalism” of the SNP?

He is right.

Jesus H. Christ…

Another African post-colonial success story. Oh, no, wait…

A shambolic failed state. Without foreign money, arms, ammunition and direct intelligence flow, Kiev-regime “Ukraine” would now be merely territory to be occupied.

Free speech. Freedom of expression.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, in this case facilitated by three corrupt System MPs.

“…the welfare of the people is the highest law”: salus populi suprema lex esto [Cicero].

Late tweets seen


How long before a ground-to-air missile supplied to the Kiev regime, then sold on the black market, brings down an airliner at Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle, or Brandenburg?

Pretty miserable. Morale must be rock-bottom…

Sudan was once just one minor part of our huge and generally well-run Empire. Pity that that has passed into history. Now the blacks and browns fight for the right to cream off the bribes that accompany power in black Africa and elsewhere.

Yes, but so is the fake “Opposition”. Get rid of both.

“Euthanasia” or State-sanctioned killing of the “inconvenient”, not in National Socialist Germany, not even in Stalin’s Soviet Union, but in our supposedly “caring sharing” UK, in the 21st Century.

Late music

[Volegov, Quiet Evening]

7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 April 2023”

  1. Is America still Exceptional? (Ukraine War)
    Judge Napolitano interviews Phil Giraldi – Former CIA Operations officer in Europe and the Middle East, veteran, and PhD in European History.


  2. Good morning, Ian! Wonderful news about the aircraft-carrier “Prince of Wales”! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 What a sick joke! That pile of junk that costed so much money is going to be scrapped after barely 5 years since it was launched (December 2017)

    The builders must be rubbing their hands, what a nice profit they made! According to Wikipedia the government ordered the ship in 2008 and TWO YEARS LATER produced a report called “The Strategic Defence and Security Review” that stated:

    “That the UK only required one aircraft carrier; however, penalty clauses in the contract meant that cancelling Prince of Wales would be more expensive than building her. Instead, the government planned to construct Prince of Wales and then either place her into extended readiness or have her sold to an ally. ” (Wikipedia)

    That means they knew the whole thing was a fiasco from the very beginning!


    1. Claudius:

      Yes. I wonder what the Royal Navy is even for these days. 50,000+ migrant-invaders cross the English Channel unopposed every year (adding to the hundreds of thousands of others coming in by air or “legal” shipping).

      It’s parallel to the lack of utility of such bodies as MI5. They think that it is terribly important to catch a minor spy, or foil some terror plot (assuming that they even do those things), yet all around them the whole society is sinking into decadence and disorganization in every way, and there is nothing that they will or can do to prevent that.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Claudius:

        I do not know much about the Wagner PMC (or Group), but it is unarguable that it is a semi-detached tool for Russian, or Putin, policy. It could not exist for a single day without governmental support or indulgence.

        As far as I know, Prigozhin has no military training or education:

        While some people in history have become military commanders “on the job”, the sort of intense modern warfare we see in Ukraine arguably demands professional officers (leaving aside the levels of competence), not “talented amateurs”. Having said that, Prigozhin runs businesses, such as catering companies, so must be able to organize the logistical side of warfare. After all, “an army marches on its stomach”, as Napoleon said.

        ps. if Wikipedia is accurate, Prigozhin is not full-Jew but half-Jew.


  3. By a strange coincidence I found this video on YT. It is a perfect example that money cannot buy good taste. Although I recognize and admired much of the craftmanship in creating beautiful pieces of furniture or chandeliers; the overall impression is of a disgusting vulgarity. Guess the ethnicity of the owner? (LOL)

    His name is Valery Kogan, a “Russian” billionaire who has properties in London, USA and Israel. His fortune is estimated in 2.5 billion dollars. Another crook who deserves to be digging holes in Siberia. I am sure you noticed that most Semites have a disgusting obsession with gold and flaunting their wealth. Almost all Arab and Jewish billionaires’ mansions are covered in gold leaf and marble. Of course, there are also degenerate and vulgar Aryan billionaires who have the same “taste”, Donald Trump is a very good example of that.


    1. Claudius:
      As you say, hugely vulgar interiors; most of the exterior seems not so bad, in the context. At first I thought it must be in southern California, or possibly South Florida. I was surprised when I saw that it is in Israel.

      I see that the owner owns Domodedovo Airport near Moscow. I have been there. Quite plush, and with a separate terminal for private jets.

      I recall reading about a now-deceased billionaire, whose house in Hawaii cost him USD $40M-$80M to build (in the early/mid 1980s, so maybe ? about USD $200M in the money of 2023). Even his front door cost USD $1M.

      He was neither Jew nor Arab, though, as far as I know. Whether his former front door or his whole house could be called “vulgar”, I do not know. No pictures seem to be available.

      Actually, he died at the age of 63/64. There is a limit, over time, to the satisfaction even great riches can bestow on someone.

      ps. just saw this about that house in Israel:

      Only 2.7 acres, though.


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