Diary Blog, 5 May 2023

Morning music

[Warwick Castle]

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I heard that idiot on the car radio this morning, on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme. Dishonest deflecting but which was not even intelligent deflection. A characterless drone. Just looked him up on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Hands. Background suspiciously cosmopolitan.

This happened also in the First World War— Russian generals and others all conspiring against, and fighting, each other. In the Second World War it did not happen, because Stalin kept a very firm control over the Stavka, the armed forces generally, and the intelligence services, and everyone, from high to low, was —with reason— afraid of his wrath.

If that is not tough talk, what would be?

Zelensky may be as much of a figurehead or even puppet than he is a leader as such, but he now is the face of the Kiev regime. If Russia can eliminate him, take him off the board, that is as good, or would be, as destroying a whole army. Zelensky is the lynch-pin of this situation. He is the one arranging for shipments of free armament, ammunition, other supplies and, crucially, actual money from the West, in huge amounts.

Senseless, but what more does one expect from the sort of boneheaded generals usual in the US Army? I have to admit, he looks better on paper: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Milley#Early_life_and_education.

Polemical and a little one-sided, but he has a point…

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More tweets

Interesting thread; worth reading. I seem to remember seeing that photo as a child, in a Life magazine book about Italy, published sometime in the late 1950s.

As so often, the camera does not tell the whole truth.

Late tweets

Late music

The always-stunning Sadie Marquardt. Pity about the noisy American audience, though.

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