Diary Blog, 4 May 2023, with more thoughts about freedom of expression, and about the new Public Order Act 2023

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A pub in Essex that had its collection of golliwog dolls defended by Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has shut down after suppliers cut off their beer supply.

[from the i newspaper]

Very typical of our times: the System repressing freedom of expression not only by opposing individuals politically but also by attacking their personal, family, and business life. It happened to Laura Towler, Sam Melia, and Mark Collett of Patriotic Alternative. Their personal bank accounts were shut down, not by the State directly, not by the courts, but by the unilateral decision of each individual’s bank. Meaning by malicious individuals in those banks, sitting in positions where they had the executive power to do what they did.

In the same way, one sees on Twitter the Jew-Zionist element very keen to contact the employers, or professional regulators, of anyone tweeting supposedly “antisemitic” tweets. See, for example, my own experience of 2014-2016, and up to the present day: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

Reverting to the pub golliwogs story, obviously Heineken and Carlsberg should both be boycotted, but that is mere gesture-politics, really.

This is no trivial story, but goes to the root of what was once, but is no more, a “free society”.

One has to ask, at what point does the repression contra freedom of expression in this society invite direct action against those repressing free speech?


The most draconian assault on free speech in living memory is now law.

The Public Order Act was given royal assent and became law yesterday. Today, the Government will activate powers which prevent demonstrators from engaging in all kinds of activities.

[the Act] introduces Serious Disruption Prevention Orders (SDPOs), a kind of protester Asbo, which, if they’re imposed, can demand the individual report to authorities, or be banned from meeting certain associates, or be blocked from campaigning online.

The House of Lords did what it could to kick back. The original text of the bill allowed the courts to impose an SDPO even if the person had never been convicted of a crime, a truly unthinkable Orwellian proposition. The Lords killed it. They also killed a power to impose a 24/7 GPS monitoring tag on those who received a SDPO.”

[from the i newspaper]

Still, it is easy enough in these times for the political police, or malicious special-interest groups, such as the so-called “Campaign Against Antisemitism”, to conspire to get someone convicted on some trumped-up minor charge (the Jew-Zionist fanatics have been doing that for years, as with the Alison Chabloz prosecutions), after which that individual will now perhaps be made subject to one of these “Serious Disruption Prevention Orders”, which in their effect are not really any different to the way in which the Second Chief Directorate of the KGB, prior to about 1989, controlled and regulated minor dissidents in the Soviet Union.

Of course, the i newspaper people will have been all in favour of the repression exercised against the golliwog pub owners, while paying lip service to freedom of expression re. the new Public Order Act.

It is that hypocrisy that prevents so many “free speech” campaigns being effective, as with Toby Young and his “Free Speech Union”, which seems to take the view that free speech is all-important except when Jews complain about the free speech of those opposing Israeli or Jewish interests. The “FSU” never said a word in defence of Alison Chabloz or others; neither has it ever said one word in defence of my rights.

Come to think of it, I do not recall the writer of that opinion piece, Ian Dunt, supporting my free speech rights. In fact, rather the reverse, if I recall aright. One can guess why, of course…

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Good grief. Pity I do not have any…

As I blogged at the time, that should have been done well over a year ago, a day or two before the incursion.

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So it begins…

See also: https://www.gov.uk/home-education.

Presumably, because it is much easier to live off the thousands of pounds per month sent to her via Patreon by hundreds of utter mugs (429 as of today, each sending between £3.50 and £44). Not to mention paid bits and pieces in the Guardian etc, or fees for appearing at small “festivals” of various kinds. Maybe still some royalties from the “back list” of books as well.

All that and minor “celebrity” too…

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Straight theft.

When will “they” start jumping out of Wall Street windows?

Konya is in fact not in Europe, but in Anatolia, central Asiatic Turkey: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konya_Province.

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23 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 4 May 2023, with more thoughts about freedom of expression, and about the new Public Order Act 2023”

  1. “Know your ally” – U.S. National archives.

    According to this film, we Brits live on an Island smaller than the State of Idaho, but with many more inhabitants. We are living like sardines, in box houses where we grow high hedges to barricade ourselves from our neighbours, with whom we have no desire to communicate. Our only escape is the sea.


    1. Thank you interesting and, sometimes, funny. I could sympathise with the American soldier listening to the radio and not understanding a word, although they exaggerated it. Having said that, the same thing could/would happen to a Brit in the US.

      The funniest part of it was the one that shows the American soldier falling asleep watching a cricket match. Once I asked an English friend to explained to me the idea of the game and after a couple of minutes I said “OK, forget it” (LOL)

      PS: I like football and rugby but I hate cricket!


  2. Talking about the British, here are some funny takes on the different accents spoken in the UK. I found them fascinating as my wife do (she is from Kent and sometimes she complains about not being able to understand some of their countrymen!) Which would you say is the hardest regional accent for you to understand?


    1. Claudius:
      I was once at Kennedy Airport in New York with my first wife (an American). We were having a drink in a bar in one of the terminals. There was a small group of people there, speaking some odd language. My then wife asked me what country I thought they might be from. I hazarded maybe a Scandinavian dialect uncertain, until I listened more, unable to understand all of it, but realized that the people were speaking a kind of English. I am still unaware of the origin; possibly somewhere in Northern Ireland, or one of the Scottish islands.


      1. Hello! Thank you for the anecdote. I remember watching a British TV programme where one of the guests was a young Scottish comedian from Glasgow; most of the (English) audience (as well as my wife and I) were laughing because we could not understand what was he talking about, in the end he realised it and said “There is nothing funnier than two Scots trying to speak English”


    2. Claudius, for the last few decades there has been a nationwide attempt to ‘dumb-down’ spoken and written English.
      It was the case that newsreaders, for example, would speak English very well, without any accent, but lefties felt this was exclusionary and that regional accents should be heard.
      Then the left decided that teaching English grammar or expecting children to speak grammatically correct English, is ‘Colonialist’.
      The youth I hear on the streets today speak using a type of Jamaican patois, with a very limited vocabulary. They sound as thick as two short planks. Additionally, non white youths will speak very loudly at all times, I fail to understand why, possibly something to do with having found their place in British society and demanding to be heard, although they have nothing intelligent to say.
      If you were to listen to Queen Elizabeth II speaking in the sixties, you will notice that since then she tried hard to lose her cut glass upper class British accent and to sound more bland.
      I feel that all of this has been done to make the non whites feel included and to help them pass exams with the minimum of ability.
      Regarding which is the most incomprehensible accent to me, well I probably wouldn’t want to have a conversation with anyone from Liverpool or Birmingham if possible. If I have to choose the accent that defeats me most often, it is the Indian call centre accent. Nothing worse than calling my bank, or my gas supplier and having my call answered by ‘Keith’ (hahaha) from Mumbai. (They give them English names).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you very much for your interesting views on the matter. I have always been very hard on myself when learning (or trying to learn) anything and I always find room for improvement, that is why I watch these videos. Apart from that I am also fascinated by the differences not only in pronunciation but in vocabulary.

        I am very intolerant with lazy or vulgar people who do not care or bother to speak properly (in all languages) and I believe this trend is international. When I was in Italy in 2002 a man in an antique shop told me that the government was scrapping Latin from the school’s curriculum. Here in Argentina the situation is awful, nearly 50% of students aged 10 cannot write or speak properly.

        Regarding the Liverpudlian accent I agree with you, however there are always degrees of incompetence. I remember hearing some awful Northern Irish accents. Talking about people with names which do not match their racial identity I have a funny one for you. About 20 years ago some lowlifes here started a trend putting English names to their children; the most popular were Kevin and Brian. Fancy calling yourself “Kevin Garcia” or “Brian Martinez” (LOL).

        Have a nice weekend!


  3. An absolute effing disgrace what has happened to that pub. Some people will lose their jobs over this utterly ridiculous and disturbing situation and those thrown on the unemployment scrapheap may well be young people who have had trouble finding work previously (Grays is certainly NOT the Beverly Hills of Essex ie it isn’t renowned for prosperity) and now they will be forced to go back to the job centre where it is entirely possible they will get harassed by some jumped up, evil jobsworth bigot that may drive a vulnerable poor youngster to commit suicide. That has happened countless times in the last 13 years.

    Those companies along with the vicious PC Stazi thugs in uniform at Grays Police Station should hang their heads in shame.

    Then people wonder why even law abiding people have come to not just disrespect the police but actively hate them.

    Drug dealing to name just one crime is prevalent in Grays. WHEN are the PC bigots of the PC Stazi going to do something about that REAL crime along with rapes, vicious assaults etc?

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  4. So what is the Home Secretary going to DO about the utterly deplorable situation? Mouthing off which she is good at just WILL NOT DO. At the very least, she should sack whatever PC extremist maniac officer is in charge at Grays Stazi headquarters.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, she will do the square root of Foxtrot All. Just like her disastrous predecessor she is very good at mouthing off but ACTION to get a REAL grip on border control or restoring sane, non PC extremist, effective at fighting REAL crimes police forces is beneath her.


      2. As well as being bad for the sane, law abiding, normal people of Grays, this situation is quite scary for those of us who live just North of them in Brentwood as thanks to the so- called party of law and order we now are no longer under the authority of our own police station here which was shut but come under the PC maniacs of Grays instead.


      3. John:
        Perhaps you and your local community should start your own law-enforcement militia. After all, the Jews of North London have done that (called “Shomrim”, I believe). Why not real British people as well?

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  5. The pub owners should have sold quality lagers such as Kronnenbourg 1664 or Stella Artois not utterly tasteless Dutch pisswater like Heineken. It always was and still is utter crap from one of the worlds most degenerate countries. A country so degenerate the country’s largest police union has called it an effective narco state such is the rampant level of drug dealing in it.

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  6. This disgraceful situation in Grays is a good illustration of why no one with a brain should vote Tory today. Since we no longer have sensible, REAL crime fighting, effective police forces either here in Essex or anywhere else as Singapore or Japan does and we USED to have and the present government shows no sign it wants to reform them in the right direction abstaining from voting for the so-called ‘party of law and order’ is clearly the right thing to do.

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  7. What the hell is wrong with golliwogs anyway? Apparently, the lady who ran the pub is of the generation where they were a common toy in their youth. They are just harmless dolls that remind them of good times in childhood.

    I’m a bit overweight. Should I take offence at toys etc that show fat people? People take offence at the slightest things nowadays and expect, nay demand, moronic PC politicians such as those cretins in the so called Conservative Party who condemned the pub owners to pile in and get their pet PC Stazi forces to repress and humiliate the people who are the subject of their ire.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. John:
      There is nothing wrong with golliwogs or, as the “woke” (and msm scribblers) now apparently refer to them, “golly dolls”.

      There is a madness abroad, that thinks that golliwogs are evil, that the old Black and White Minstrels are but a step removed from the KKK, burning crosses etc, and that to call an actress an, er, actress, and not (ridiculously) an “actor”, is akin to the Third Reich (itself perceived absurdly wrongly as the fount of Evil).

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  8. As I am not a Brit, I will ask you and your readers: Isn’t it possible for the owners of the pub in Essex to get beer from other suppliers, I am sure there must be lots of English independent brewers. I hope some decent brewer steps in and says: “I will supply you!”

    PS: Death to Heineken and Carlsberg!


    1. Claudius:
      There are two main types of pub in the UK, the “tied house”, which gets most of its *draught* (tap) beer (and quite possibly most of its bottled beers) from one brewery, which brewery company usually owns the pub and leases it to the actual publican, the other type of pub being the “free house” which buys from wherever it likes.

      I am assuming that, in the “golliwog” case, the pub was/is a “free house”, in that the two separate brewery companies simply refused to sell beer to that pub. If one brewery owned the pub, it could simply close it down, or replace the leaseholder (possibly).

      I think that you are right: the publican and his wife should get their beer from elsewhere, and make that pub a bastion of free speech and anti-System-ism. It may be, that at their age, they prefer to retire to Spain.

      BTW, I see that the company that services the pub’s equipment also cold-shouldered the couple.

      Many people and companies in Europe now have a death wish. The kow-towing to the “anti-racist” element is just one symptom of that.

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      1. But the anti racist element are very often PRO racism when it comes to their beloved Israel which as even staunch anti racist lefties sometimes concede has a policy of effective Apartheid for the Palestinian population. Jeremy Corbyn fans got into trouble for exposing the reality of Israel.

        Still, Gentile Britons, Gentile Germans and others are not to be regarded as equal to Israeli Zionist Jews. They are superior to we lowly European Gentiles. Apartheid was evil for white South Africans but it is fine for Israel.

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      2. Thank you very much for the explanation. If I was in their place, I would get another supplier and stay put. I would do everything possible to spite the cowardly bastards!


  9. I found some interesting quotes from William Makepeace Thackeray:

    A good laugh is sunshine in the house.

    Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society.

    Next to excellence is the appreciation of it.

    I would rather make my name than inherit it.

    Bravery never goes out of fashion.


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