Diary Blog, 7 May 2023

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I saw You Only Live Twice in the cinema when it came out in 1967. I was not quite 11. I saw it at a large cinema in Manly (Sydney), and found the music very striking.

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Quite. A wilful amnesia which, if anything, afflicts the UK even more than the USA.

Looks as though not all Ukrainians want to fight for the regime in Kiev.

As previously blogged, Ukraine is now no more than a facade of a state. It is entirely propped up by the NWO— arms, ammunition, money, medical supplies, you name it. Basic non-military functions of the state, such as pensions, salary payments etc, are being bankrolled by, ultimately, the taxpayers of Western and Central Europe, and those of North America.

“Free country”? Free speech?


Loose Women ITV star Carol McGiffin was forced to quit after a bizarre radio rant, including claiming the Covid pandemic was a World Health Organisation plot to take over every government.

...original Loose Women panelist Ms McGiffin also accused…mainstream news organisations of conspiring to brainwash the public, causing a mass mental health breakdown, after being ‘bought off by the Government’.

She had been a Loose Women regular from 2000 to 2013, then again from 2018.

But in her radio interview she slated the show, one of ITV’s most popular daytime programmes, hinting that she had been censored by its bosses.

She said: ‘I always look back at when I started working in television and radio as the good old days because they were much less policed, I suppose. Much less restricted and it was a freer place to be.

When I look back at the old Loose Womens I used to do from 2000 all the until I left in 2013, they’re completely different. There is so much offence. People take so much offence at so much and they never used to.'”

[Daily Mail]

I had not previously heard of Carol McGiffin, but that is of no matter.

Note how the Daily Mail scribbler slants the report, so that that woman is presented as rather loony: “bizarre radio rant” etc, while the report describes the often untruthful msm organizations as “reputable“.

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Ha. Wes Streeting is a complete puppet of the sinister Jewish-Zionist lobby, which is the main enemy of free speech and freedom of expression in this country. The very malicious “Campaign Against Antisemitism”, and the snoop and strongarm squad “Community Security Trust”, mainly.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/; and https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/01/15/diary-blog-15-january-2022-including-an-outline-of-the-failure-of-the-latest-jew-zionist-attempt-to-prosecute-me/.

The msm in the UK is now packed with those who are enemies of the British people and of white Northern Europe generally. They hate us, they hate our history, they hate our capabilities. It’s us or them. Think about it.

Ship them back. Ship them out.

Exactly. Just like the Last Night of the Proms. Now the enemies of the British people even want to trash that island of convivial sanity.

Would have to be a very Draconian law to force most people to “mix” with her!

…and those cretins have a vote, just like you and me. Ridiculous.

Actually, I have to say, having seen pictures and bits of film of yesterday’s proceedings, what struck me was, in part, a feeling that quite a lot of it was rather unaesthetic. The word “vulgarity” came to mind, in fact.

I have seen, of course, parts of the 1953 Coronation of the late Queen Elizabeth II, and that (maybe because it was on black and white film, and/or filmed from a slight distance) gave the impression of a kind of sacred grandeur. That, to my mind, and from what I have seen, was entirely absent yesterday.

Sacred blood“? How far back does that person think the present monarchy goes? Ridiculous.

I have been meaning to do a “Deadhead MPs” piece about Lammy for about 4 years.

Can you imagine that that creature is a Bencher of Lincoln’s Inn (whereas I was expelled in 2016 after my wrongful and unlawful disbarment), is an MP and Shadow Cabinet minister (whereas I live in obscurity and without position or money) and, despite his huge ignorance, is welcome on TV opinion shows, earning about £200,000 on top of the MP salary and expenses.

Nothing, arguably, shows more clearly the sheer absurdity of where we now are as a country.

If the present Government were not utterly incompetent and completely lacking in credibility, it would have little difficulty batting away the present Labour Party but, as it is, the sheer ineptitude shown for 13 years is a gift to Labour.

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8 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 7 May 2023”

  1. That Tweeter describes boring, totally unimaginative, NO real fresh ideas, Starmer Labour as Tory Lite. The present Tories could be described as a paler version of globalist, anti British New Labour Mark One or a posher and more undemocratic version of the Liberal Democrats.

    You could call them the overseas branch of the Indian Congress Party as well so it isn’t surprising they crashed and burned on Thursday.

    The short arsed Indian on a stick is NOT popular. Time for the Congress Party to sharpen those knives ONCE AGAIN and get a new leader.

    Jeremy Hunt or Penny Mordaunt is is then!


    1. John:
      If Jeremy Hunt and Penny Mordaunt are the great white hopes, I think that the Conservative Party is doomed. Hunt is far from popular, arguably with reason and, though Penny Mordaunt looked good in a swimsuit some years ago (and at least has some idea of what real life is like for many people in this country), I cannot see her as any kind of leader, even of a rabble such as the Conservative Party.

      BTW, I thought that her costume at the Coronation was very striking, and it suited her, but still looked (with that ceremonial sword) like something out of Tolkien or, perhaps, Game of Thrones.


      1. Who is your suggestion then for the next Tory leader? Come fair means or foul, the essentially foreign Indian will have to be kicked out by the end of this year at the latest. He is clearly unable to raise their share of the vote consistently above 30% let alone the 35% level which would mean they are within a reasonable striking distance of the foul, anti British scumbags of globalist New Labour mark 2.

        If you can’t inspire people to vote for you against the globalist, terminally boring, totally uninspiring, lefty metropolitan liberal with no real fresh ideas Keir Starmer you should not be involved in politics at all.


      2. At least Jeremy Hunt is a native Englishman and Penny is a indigenous Briton too.

        Mr Sunak, on the other hand, as well as being obscenely rich ( Jeremy isn’t poor but his wealth is of a degree that means he can at least make a passable stab at understanding ordinary people) isn’t even genuinely British so he has NOTHING in common with Britons.


  2. So we have yet another Indian in that tweet above whinging AGAIN about Britain!

    The British Conservative Party dissolves itself voluntarily and turns itself into the overseas branch of Modi’s Indian Congress Party complete with an Indian PM and Indian bigmouth as Home Secretary (2 in a row now) and they STILL moan without end.

    Winston ‘ I hate Indians’ Churchill as former Tory leader is positively spinning in his grave and Enoch Powell is doing cartwheels and they STILL find reasons to complain incessantly.


  3. Narinder Kaur, the point is NONE of you ethnic minorities should even be here let alone in the numbers that you are whereby you are turning our society completely upside down and inside out and getting it to change to accommodate all of your whims.

    Mass immigration has NEVER received any real form of public consent. WHEN did we Britons ever have a referendum to decide upon globalist open door immigration policies?

    Mass immigration was foisted upon us by a self serving and self appointed liberal elite just as the abolition of the death penalty never received real public backing.


  4. Ha ha, Wes Streeting! Not only is he a blatant puppet of the Jew Zionist Pro Israel Lobby as might be expected since he is the MP for Ilford North which has one of the highest proportions of Jewish voters in it of any constituency but he is also a New Labour Mark 2 hypocrite. Up until this week he said he was in favour of a far more democratic voting system ie Proportional Representation but has now turned against the idea.

    Just like Starmer he is distinctly unrustworthy. Starmer has systematically dumped overboard EVERY one of the promises he made to his party just three years ago to secure his leadership of the party.

    New Labour Mark Two is even less deserving of trust than the original!


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