Diary Blog, 8 May 2023, including a few memories of the Bond Bug car

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One has to look at the big picture— over the past 34 years since 1989, the major enemies of Israel have one-by-one been neutralized, one way or another: Iraq, Egypt, Syria, and also Libya and Lebanon. The only state of importance left standing now is Iran, which under the Shah was not hostile to Israel but became so after the Islamic Republic came into being in 1979. As for the Gulf Arabs, they are venal creatures, and have been well and truly suborned.

The difference lies in the (probable) fact that Peter Tatchell actually still believes in the idea that the UK is “a society under law”, whereas Bilderberg-attendee and Jew-Zionist-lobby puppet, expenses cheat, and fraud, Ed Balls, a globalist System politician turned businessman and talking head, knows from his own experience in government that that is now largely not the case. Yes, the UK has laws (so do North Korea, China etc), but we are less and less the kind of society we used to be, a real “society under law”.

There are several reasons for that, including the malicious Jew-Zionist lobby, which abuses law for its own purposes, and the fact that the UK is less and less a nation, as against being a place where a collection of heterogeneous peoples and types live.

That remark of Balls shows the attitude clearly: “there must have been intelligence“, akin to “we do not make mistakes” (the old 1930s NKVD slogan). In other words, the intelligence trumps any civil or legal right.

I recall in the early/mid 1980s, when a Soviet ensemble came to London (and toured the provinces as well), that there was apparently going to be a demonstration by Jews protesting against the imprisonment of Shcharansky [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natan_Sharansky].

The British impressario, and the Russians in charge of the dance group, were told by a sergeant from the Special Branch that the UK authorities were aware that, on the opening night in London, there would be a demonstration by Zionist Jews, but that it would be non-violent and would consist of several Jews rising from their seats (mostly prominent seats in the stalls, i.e. near the stage) and shouting “free Shcharansky!“.

That intelligence turned out to be entirely accurate. Whether Special Branch or the Security Service, MI5, had an agent inside the planning group of the demonstrators, or whether Zionist leaders had met with the UK authorities and then been (in effect) given permission to make the demonstration, on the basis that it would happen at the start of the performance, not be repeated, and not be violent, I do not know.

I cannot now recall the name of the ensemble. I think not the Bolshoi. It was, I think, an ad hoc collection of stars from several Soviet companies. Maybe the “Moscow Classical Ballet”.

I think that the Special Branch even knew in what row of seats almost all the demonstrators would stand up.

Shcharansky was in fact freed not very long after (though it must have seemed a long time from the perspective of a prisoner in a special-regime camp in the Urals), in 1986, in a swap involving several spies. He later became a minister of the Israeli state.

To my surprise, I see that the British impressario [https://ae.linkedin.com/in/peter-b-46459b151] is still rolling; he must be at least in his late seventies now. I believe that he almost went out of business at one time (in the 1980s), but seems to have bounced back irrepressibly. There are people like that.

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As seen previously, young Ukrainians are increasingly unwilling to die for the Kiev regime and its amateur strategists.

Dancing on the deck of the Titanic

The Kiev regime will either lose this war in the field, or by having its main cities razed to the ground.

Strange fate

What can one say?

Stray memories

Happened to read this, about the Bond Bug car: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bond_Bug.

I actually rode in one of them once, from Salisbury Plain to Central London. I think that it was the early Autumn of 1978. The driver was a friend of a friend, and we had all, with others, been on a 2-day parachute course.

I seem to recall that our journey to London was on a wet and windy Sunday, which might explain in part why the M4 was almost empty (actually, the motorways were not at all as crowded then, compared to today). Not the most direct route to London, but why that route was chosen, I have no idea (after about 45 years).

I remember the car rocking from side to side in the wind on the M4 (the Bug was a three-wheel car, inherently unstable at speed), and also recall the draught from the insecurely sealed plastic/rubber canopy. God knows what would have happened had we been hit by a real car, let alone a commercial truck. I have no doubt that the feeling of insecurity was well-founded. I do not think that either the driver or I myself wore seatbelts (mandatory seatbelt-wearing only came in in 1983), but I doubt that they would have made any difference. The Bond Bug would have been crushed like a beer can in any accident.

I see now from Wikipedia that the Bond Bug had a top speed of 76 mph (I think that we were travelling at about 60), and that only 2,270 were ever made. They are now collectors’ items, with some fetching around £6,000.

Travelling in the Bond Bug was almost as alarming as having to exit a plane at 2,500 ft.

Happy times? A mixed picture. Less constrained times, perhaps.

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Ha ha! I have blogged before about Novara Media’s ahistorical ignorance about the Russian Revolution, the 70+ years of “socialism” in the Soviet Union, and the several decades of socialism in Eastern and Central Europe.

I have also blogged about my own brief visit to the DDR (East Germany) in 1988; brief but eye-opening, as I was driven through the southern part of the country from Poland to West Germany over a couple of days.

I do not propose to repeat today what I have already written about my 1988 impressions, but in those days East and West Germany were very very different, like an apple next to an orange. Take the autobahn I travelled from Gorlitz on the post-1945 border with what is now Poland to the West German border. That autobahn was either the same as when created in the 1930s by the then National Socialist government, or a poor copy of such autobahnen. In West Germany, though, beautiful autobahnen, with smooth surfacing, proper signage etc (and an absence of the cobbles to which sections of the East German one had been reduced).

It is true that the East Germans tried to make socialism work, whereas the Poles more or less said “yes repeat no“, and carried on a parallel society underneath the official one.

Not that East Germany was completely rotten, but much of it was.

Having said that, West Germany had its own problems. Decadence. Complacency.

As for the reunified Germany, I could see when I was last there (about 20 years ago) that there had been a fall in many ways compared to when it was West Germany— rather untidy cities and towns, crowded autobahnen, and a very obvious non-European infestation in Munich and elsewhere. God knows what it must be like today.

While on the subject of socialist repression etc, just saw this:

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[1934 Mercedes-Benz]

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Sudan on the TV news

Saw report about Sudan on TV news. Refugees from Sudan crossing into South Sudan (now an independent state). Except that those refugees were originally from South Sudan, and had fled war in South Sudan to go into Sudan. The war in Sudan is worse now than the one in South Sudan.

Who is trying to pick up the humanitarian pieces via aid agencies etc? The white man (from Europe or elsewhere).

How much better it would be if both Sudan and South Sudan were both ruled by Europeans (British ones, in the past)…

The same goes for the rest of Africa (including North Africa).

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9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 8 May 2023, including a few memories of the Bond Bug car”

    1. Yes, but the US government wouldn’t be able to bully the rest of the world then including us. The Yankee government under repulsive Joe Biden has virtually told us to get rid of NI in so many words. Instead of having a backbone and telling him and his repellent Democratic Party to get lost we invite his wife to a Coronation party.

      We, sadly, have no respect for ourselves which is why we have an unelected Indian as PM and allow the Yanks to interfere in a part of our own country. I wonder how the average Yank would feel if a British PM told them they had to put in an internal trade barrier in the Pacific between Hawaii and California which would fetter internal trade between two integral parts of the US and put a ticking time bomb under the constititual unity of the United States of America?

      I suspect they would tell we us to take a hike and wouldn’t allow a British PM or his or her partner to attend a US independence day celebration at the White House.


  1. That picture of incredibly dirty and miserable-looking Ukranian prisoners seems to be true. On the hand, how can be sure they are not civilians put together by the Russians and photographed as captured soldiers? In war Truth is the first casualty.


  2. Yes, Africa would be better off if it were ruled by us and the French again. You only have to look at the disaster that is modern day Zimbabwe compared to British ruled Southern Rhodesia to realise that or look at the rather disturbing case of Uganda where the government has legislated for a possible death sentence to be imposed on members of the LBGT community in some circumstances.

    I know we introduced anti LGBT laws in our colonies including Uganda but no British governor either there or elsewhere ever went as far as thinking capital punishment was in any way a suitable sentence for LGBT people.

    That they have only goes to show how backward Africans can be and why giving them complete self government was not all it was cracked up to be.


  3. Uganda is so backwards with this ludicrous stance. Hell, even a country that could be rightly described as a world capital of capital punishment namely Singapore has never had a law which provided for LGBT people to be executed.

    Singapore recently got rid of British colonial law Section 377A of the Penal Code they inherited from us which made sexual intercourse between men illegal.

    Singapore uses the death penalty where it can be justified ie intentional murders, terrorism, firearms offences and on drug dealers not LGBT people.

    Perhaps instead of ranting at Singapore for executing drug dealers whose activities cause numerous people to lose their lives and could potentially wreck Singaporean society globalist liberal billionaire Richard Branson should direct his anti death penalty activicism towards a far more needed target ie Uganda.

    I wonder why Branson doesn’t rant about the USA and their death penalty? Is it because the USA is a far more powerful country than Singapore is and America ceased to be a British colony far further back in time than Singapore was?


  4. If the US abolished capital punishment it would be more likely Singapore might do so as well. Having a very powerful country with a seat on the UN Security Council like America is doing away with state executions would send a strong message to the world”s remaining retentionist states such as Singapore and Japan.


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