Diary Blog, 19 May 2023, including some discussion of success and failure in politics

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Always remember “the men behind the wire”.

From the newspapers


All over the world, we see huge enterprises (or their advertising agencies) hitting one “woke” button after another. In this case, two— “trans” nonsense and the “blacks with everything” campaign of fake “diversity”.

One sees calls to boycott the companies involved, or to “hit them in the wallet“. However, those calls miss the point, because the individuals and cabals behind the brainwashing do not care whether the companies concerned lose money or customers over these outrages.

Think of the finance-capitalist companies involved as merely shells, to be used as convenient for the long-term purposes of the real powers behind the System. “Black Lives Matter”, “refugees welcome” “Covid”, “climate change”, “Ukraine” etc are just some of the “causes” used to further wider objectives connected with the world-history 33-year cycle (in this case, 2022-2055).

New World Order, Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan etc.

Time to defend European culture and civilization.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/12/10/tv-ads-and-soaps-are-the-propaganda-preferred-by-the-system-in-the-uk/.

Tweets seen

The world is not without kind people” (Russian saying).

The “presidents” of the Central Asian joke-states —I myself lived in Kazakhstan 1996-1997— may feel themselves big fish in their small ponds (small in most ways except geographically), but a large shark is about to invite them to lunch, and they will be the lunch.

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Politics overheard

I happened to be in the local Waitrose not long after it opened. Heard a brief conversation between a cashier (about 60 y o) and a customer (about the same, or older— the area is demographically weighted heavily in favour of middleaged and elderly people).

The first topic (that I heard), after agreeing that “nothing works any more“, was the recent local elections. Both agreed that they had received no literature from “any of the three parties” (the area is almost exclusively Conservative in terms of local and central government; Labour usually comes third or, not infrequently, fourth). Both also complained that no-one had knocked on their doors (for me, that is a very good thing—F.O.!), and that, in any case, “all three parties” were saying the same thing, and none could be trusted to carry out whatever they said anyway.

You would think that all of that boded well for any new social-national party, but the “three main parties” scam is deeply deeply entrenched, ingrained like brainwashing in the minds of the people. Despite the crying need for a new movement, the mental leap required of the mass of the people to vote for one, let alone join one, is enormous. There is the additional fact that no credible social-national party or movement exists in the UK.

Political success and failure

Real political leaders have usually “failed” at more than they have “succeeded”, and of course the biggest cliche about that is that “all political careers end in failure“.

Hitler failed at secondary school, failed to get into art school, failed to get into architecture school, failed to become an independent artist, was not promoted in the WW1 German Army beyond corporal, joined a tiny group of “extremists” in 1919, failed to become much more than a political joke for the 10 years 1919-1929, but then burst onto the national and international stage as destined leader of Germany, achieving huge successes for 6 years of that peaceful rebirth of a nation. After a few more years of success in war, the tragic failures of 1943-45, and a tragic death.

Churchill too. Born with a “silver spoon”, yet a failure at school (Harrow, where his application was nearly rejected). Churchill only gained admittance to Sandhurst at the third attempt, then was allocated a place in one of the least cerebral parts of the Army, the cavalry.

Churchill’s 4-5 years as an officer (mostly spent as journalist rather than soldier, though he saw action in the Sudan and South Africa and, much later, in WW1 Belgium) were crowned with a single promotion, to lieutenant in his younger years, though much later to —temporary— Lt. Col. in 1916, reduced to major when he withdrew from active service after only 4 months.

Churchill’s political life was likewise chequered. He defected, re-defected, lost and won seats. Famously, the lost election of 1945, then a muted victory in 1951.

As strategist, Churchill was a disaster in both world wars: Gallipoli, Singapore, Norway, Greece, North Africa (at first), the Italian campaign etc. His “success” in WW2 was of course by reason of the participation of the USA and Soviet Union. That had its price(s): the slow dismantling of the British Empire, the gradual subservience of the UK to the USA both in WW2 and after 1945, the condemnation of much of Central and Eastern Europe to live under Soviet or Soviet-influenced socialism for 40-45 years.

Abraham Lincoln too. A litany of failed attempts to be elected to a number of offices, but crowned ultimately with election to the highest office, President of the United States. His assassination while still in office followed on the heels of his victory in the American Civil War.

Those three examples show the difficulty of assessing political success and failure. In the end, all three have gone “beyond success and failure” by becoming world-historic figures who will be remembered as such for as long as, say, Julius Caesar or others will be remembered.

As for Indian money-juggler Sunak, he is not and never will be in the same league as Hitler, Churchill, or Lincoln. Eminently forgettable. In fact, he will leave scarcely more of a ripple on the surface than Liz Truss or Theresa May.

Beth Rigby is easily impressed. So what if Sunak was Head Boy at his bloody school (Winchester)? As for his having made a gigantic amount of money by having worked for the Goldman Sachs vultures, and then having married into a mega-wealthy Indian family, well, such things happen. “Success”?

Meanwhile, Britain is visibly falling to pieces.

More tweets seen

The cabal ruling Britain behind Indian money-juggler Sunak and his crew have no loyalty to the people of the UK, only to the Money Power and its NWO agenda. The British people are expendable, in their eyes. We slide towards a third world war with people little better than “erudite cretins” (so to speak) pretending to be in charge (Sunak, Ben Wallace, James Cleverly etc). Most are not even particularly erudite, come to that…

…and the same idiots will call 1930s Germany (which never thought of doing anything of that sort) “evil”…

Of course, once Germany had a decent and efficient government under Hitler and the NSDAP, there was no homelessness anyway. New houses for German people. Britain in 2023 could learn a lot from 1933 Germany…

Zelensky, waiting for his money…

There it is— USD $4M of US taxpayers’ money, now worth about 50 cents as scrap metal, lying in a Ukrainian gutter…

The police already had powers to clear nuisances off the roads. Try lying down outside fortified Downing Street, and see. Or wherever.

The System is (as the tweeter says) allowing the connected Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion idiocies for its own purposes. Not necessarily, though, (only) the ones claimed in that tweet.

New York City was a zoo (in part, or parts) when I was there (1989-1993, on and off); God knows what it is like now. As a matter of fact, the first time I ever heard it called a “zoo” was in 1989, by an American. Not, incidentally, a rednecked crazie with a rifle-rack in his pick-up truck, but a well-travelled and late-middleaged nuclear scientist.

Not sure why anyone (even anyone wealthy) would really want to live in New York City.

The map shows the countries with the largest projected growth (green) and decline (red) in population by 2100.

According to UN forecasts, by 2100 the population of African countries will grow the most: Niger will add 761% compared to 2020, Zambia – 455%, Tanzania – 380%.

In total, in 25 countries the population will more than triple, and almost all of them (except Iraq – 16th place, + 291% of the current population) – in Africa.

Eastern Europe will be the leader in population decline: the population of Moldova and Bulgaria will decrease by more than half, Bosnia and Herzegovina – by almost half (by 48.9%).

Outside Eastern Europe, significant population declines are expected in China, Japan and South Korea.”

The original thread is well worth reading.

More from the newspapers


Sinking into the mire.


Also sinking into the mire.

I was unaware until I read that report that about 60 MPs are currently being investigated on a variety of sex charges. Then there are the financial cheats, freeloaders, and outright fraudsters.

Late tweets seen

Religion FOOTBALL (and other televised sport) is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.” [Marx, as amended for the UK in 2023]…

That is less than half the size of Hyde Park in London.

Despite all the intended and executed actions (by a number of European powers, not just Germany, as the simpleminded like to believe) just before the start of both the First and Second world wars, in the end those wars started almost “by accident” at the same time. The states of Europe blundered into them. Will the Third World War be the same?

Late music

14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19 May 2023, including some discussion of success and failure in politics”

  1. Tackling Woke: Reasons to be Cheerful & Optimistic
    (New Culture Forum annual conference)
    I discovered Dr. Philip Kiszely on Twitter today, I find his logical views reassuring.


  2. That rescued of the little monkey made my day; on the other hand, what the hell was that horrendous mesh that was suffocating him? Perhaps a monster put him in there… Anyway, luckily this story had a happy end. People who harm animals deserve to die and tot quickly…


    1. Claudius:
      I do not know for sure. I think maybe a fishing net and, as you see, there seemed to be a large river there. It may have been in Amazonas. Monkeys are not at all aquatic, of course, but the monkey may have got tangled in it on the shore after the net washed up there.

      BTW, did you notice how similar its face was to that on the famous French version of the Tarot deck? On the card of the Major Arcana known as “The Wheel of Fortune”.

      The monkey seemed to love its rescuer. Very uplifting.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. If the holdings of European art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Frick collection could be saved nothing would be lost if NY shitty, was hit by a huge nuclear missile.


  4. Sunak, being the unbearable , unelected, smug, arrogant, murdering, criminal, ethnically alien, bastard that he is represents a real black mark on Winchester School’s record.

    That school used to come up with some fairly decent ENGLISH politicians at one time with the most illustrious amongst them being Sir Oswald Mosley.

    The bastard is so smug and arrogant he has recently boasted that not only will he win the next election but that he will be PM for eight years or more.

    Going by the electoral evidence so far, he will be lucky if he lasts another eight MONTHS.

    Under his leadership, the fake Conservatives have lost substantial vote share in three parliamentary by elections and over 1,000 councillors with one more to that tally occurring this very week in Stroud that they lost to the GREENS!

    If there were a parliamentary by election in pretty much any Tory seat at the moment they would lose and probably by a large margin.

    If even one of the most dull and decidedly non inspirational Labour Party leaders in history is beating you in the best PM stakes you and your party have problems in terms of gaining public support.

    If I were a Tory MP, I would give him to the Autumn to see if the Conservative ratings go CONSISTENTLY over the 30% mark or, preferably, more like a figure of 33-35% before those knives should be sharpened- AGAIN!


    1. John:
      What a choice “our” “democracy” offers! Either Jewish-lobby puppet Starmer and his crew (which increasingly looks harder-line on the poor, old, disabled —and free speech— even than the “Conservatives”), or the collection of idiots and moneygrubbers assembled by Indian money-juggler Sunak.


      1. Yes, what a non choice. Not socially conservative true Tories as they were to some extent under Thatcher or a very non inspirational, tribute act to globalist, pro mass immigration New Labour as represented by Starmer and his posse.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the turnout at the next unfair and rigged general election goes down as parliamentary by elections recently may indicate.

        Yes, Rachel Reeves doesn’t look as if she cares much for the poor and disadvantaged within our society.


      2. John:
        Were there a real and credible social-national party around, it would have come into its own in the past few years, and would be poised to swoop down onto the dying “democracy” of the UK, but there is no such party.


  5. With regard to the degeneracy that is sadly all too prevalent in Canada, Portugal is following in their footsteps as euthanasia looks like it may soon become legal though the President who is opposed to the measure might not allow it to become law. And I thought Portugal was one of the most strongly devout Roman Catholic countries in Europe!

    Lefties say what is wrong with assisted dying? On the surface, many might think not much harm can be caused but legal euthanasia can easily be abused.

    Degenerate libertarian extremist Tories would love such a law as it could enable the more selfish amongst them to kill off an elderly rich old granny relative to bag a windfall when the relative dies.


  6. I bet your average dim Daily Mail and Daily Mirror reader thinks political prisoners are some ghastly occurrence only in countries like Putin’s Russia, China or 1980’s Apartheid South Africa.

    No, allegedly ‘democratic’ Britain has them too and this first started in earnest under Maggie Thatcher with her ridiculously authoritarian Public Order Act 1986.

    With the passing of that unjust act, determined and sincere opponents of mass immigration were locked-up and the PC cult began its assault on democratic freedoms and it became embedded within our society to the point where it has become more and more of a danger to fundamenral democratic liberties and commonsense now.


  7. Yes, those fans of Nottingham Forest really ought to be aware of the fact that the team is sponsored by a globalist UN agency dedicated to making excuses for the flooding of European countries like Britain with often fake refugees from the Third World.

    Still, that team did have the leftwing ,anti-British and anti-NF nutjob, Brian Clough, as its manager once so it should be expected.

    Whatever happened to Chelsea FC? They used to be the premier ‘Right-wing’ club with an infamous ‘racist’ hooligan element called the Chelsea Headhunters.

    The powers that be and various other globalist people have done a good job removing almost entirely a nationalist ethos amongst football fans.

    Mrs Thatcher, apparently, once considered banning football in this country in order to deal with hooliganism. Perhaps if she had done so and encouraged us to have a new national sport like Ice Hockey the disease of PC and globalist values as represented by the awful Gary Lineker wouldn’t be so prevalent as it is today in Britain.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. John:
      Really? I thought that they were the “Chelsea Casuals”, but then my knowledge of both football and football hooligans is very limited.

      Strange. Rugby is a far more violent actual game than soccer football, but rugby supporters are not known for group violence, except for drunken stupidity at times. No doubt there are both sociological and psychological explanations or theories.


      1. Interesting observation about the rugby Ian. In Argentina, where I grew up, rugby was always the sport played by rich kids who went to the expensive private schools (mostly of English origin) in upper North side of Buenos Aires. I obviously did not go to them.

        When I arrived in Australia in the mid 1990s, I discovered rugby (union) and loved it, A Scotsman who befriended me explained to me the difference between rugby union and rugby league. The former was played by amateurs and the second by paid professionals and most of them were of a working-class background.

        Later on, my wife explained to me that, like in Argentina, rugby union was played mostly by boys from expensive, private schools and its followers usually behaved in a correct manner. Therefore, there was/is a definitive correlation between the sport and the social background of its followers.


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