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Diary Blog, 9 January 2020


[meant to be Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn, but if the cap fits…]

Harry and the Royal Mulatta: A Continuing Bad Joke

On Twitter, there are many idiots who blame “racists” and “misogynists” for “hounding” out the Royal Mulatta and her henpecked little boy. Their huge privilege goes with certain approved and customary behaviours. They want the lifestyle (minus the duties) but can’t seem to behave. This was always going to be a disaster. Some of us predicted it. Cultural differences…

Let’s just leave it at that.

I have an idea for a sitcom or comedy drama: A British royal prince marries a black woman (darker than MM, in my screenplay) and gives up his position to live with her in Hollywood, Beverly Hills or maybe Bel-Air. The marriage goes sour, she chucks him out, he is unable to return to his old life so he becomes a mixture of “bum” and private eye (a la Rockford Files)…Working title? What about “The Private Eye Prince“? Only joking…though I suppose that the Queen or Charles will have to chuck the “prince” some money to prevent him selling used Cadillacs or making money opening stores on Rodeo Drive…


To be fair to MM, at least she has some idea of what it is like to live without everyone fawning simply because you are the holder of an inherited title (come to think of it, Harry never did have that DNA test done…).

One has to ask, where would Harry be without his princely title? A junior Army officer unlikely to be promoted beyond the rank of major? An estate agent? A car salesman?

That thought (where would Harry be were he not a prince?) brings me to another thought. Were he an average Joe in title as well as every other way, would MM ever have agreed to meet him, as we are told she did, on a blind date?

Meanwhile, the tweets just keep coming!

I like the one below! Ha ha!

Now of what does that remind me?


[for the historically illiterate, the above photos show Stalin with Molotov, Voroshilov and —brushed out of the second photo, having become an unperson— Yezhov, on the Moscow River embankment c.1937].

I am not a royalist, though not exactly an anti-royalist either. It all depends on circumstances and on the type of society.

“The welfare of the people is the highest law” [Cicero]. Harry has probably never heard that one.

For those who are dyed-in-the-wool royalists, and for those concerned about the —literally— millions of pounds of public funds spent only recently on renovating the “cottage” occupied by Harry and MM, I offer this consolation: Harry and the Royal Mulatta are still going to spend some time in the UK, their very presence providing balm and comfort to the repressed and suffering British people. Yes, indeed, they will fly in on private jets and helicopters to lecture the grateful British masses on “climate change” and, of course, “how to be multicultural”…So the £3M those taxed masses have had taken off them for the refurbishment etc (oh, and of course the £1M p.a. security costs, and the costs of world travel etc) have not been wasted. Oh, no, wait…

What is really funny is that all the “left wing” Twitterati, those who (you would imagine) oppose royal privilege, are actually on the side of Harry and MM. Ha ha! Those idiots.

“Ali G” said it!

Dominic Cummings

Not much in recent days from No. 10’s lunatic-in-residence. I blogged (again) about him last week:


“Welcome to the house of fun!”


A few comments:



I do not think very highly of loudmouth msm talking head James O’Brien, but I agree with this!

Peter Oborne lays it on the line: “…the gang of feral, deceitful, smear merchants around Dominic Cummings.”

Trump and Iran

Trump has appeared at a White House press conference slurring his words and even odder than usual. I have previously wondered whether Trump has suffered some physical brain abnormality, something causing organic change. So far no proof of that beyond his behaviour and his peculiar and puerile-looking tweets etc. Now he has had killed an Iranian general, has threatened to obliterate Iran (Hillary Clinton did that too; they’re both in the Jew-Zionist/Israeli pocket) but has not retaliated after Iran sent missiles into Iraq.

What’s going on? Has Trump been drugged to stop him launching a world war? Are we in “Seven Days in May“?

In the next 5 years, almost anything could happen.

Alison Chabloz

Alison Chabloz is in court tomorrow, at Derby. She appeals her conviction and sentence (8 weeks’ imprisonment, notionally) for breach of a condition of her original 2018 sentence. Good luck to her! May justice and mercy prevail!


Dominic Cummings, A Government of Dystopia, and Lunacy Posing As Genius


Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings is in the news again.




I blogged about him 5 months ago:


Someone is at least on the right track…

Some tweets seen…

Good grief! If this [see below] really is a snapshot of the mind of Dominic Cummings, then the government really is in the hands not only of idiots (eg Boris-idiot, Priti Patel etc) but of lunatics.

It also reminds us that lunacy is not really so hard to distinguish from genius, in most cases.

[Update, 23 January 2020: the full lunacy of Cummings’ blog post, some of which was in the deleted tweet above, seems to have been expunged from the Internet, though maybe one of his “weirdos and misfits” would be able to find it]

The above (apparently from a blog penned by Cummings) is an inward-gazing stream of consciousness (though purporting to be to the point) worthy of someone whose residential address ends with the word “Hospital”, or similar.

What makes it alarming is that Cummings is not just a stray “Conservative” (and the word seems ever-less useful as a descriptor) who is on the periphery of power (in the way that the Monday Club or the Bow Group used to be), but someone right at the centre of what could be (perhaps inaccurately) called the Johnson Project. Indeed, “Cummings Project” might be more accurate. Boris Johnson himself has few ideas beyond schoolboy fantasies such as building bridges from Scotland to Ireland, creating artificial islands with Metropolis airports on them etc.

There was talk before the recent General Election that in Cabinet (effectively in Cabinet; I suppose technically, Cabinet committee), Cummings actually overruled the Prime Minister several times. Not just spoke over him, but overruled him on decisions! Now, OK, the person posing as Prime Minister is Boris-idiot, a bad joke PM who is a proven serial —indeed constant— liar, incompetent and fantasist, but there is still such a thing as respect for the office itself…

Dominic Cummings seems to me (admittedly only from what I have read…I have never met him or anyone who has met him) to be like a person who is somewhere between a guest and a gatecrasher at a dinner party, someone who has no idea how to behave and who has no respect for the hosts, the guests, the staff or the event.

Is there anything correct about his views re. government and civil service? Yes, the gene pool is shallow or narrow; in politics now even more so than in the administration proper (Civil Service), but the answer to that is to carefully reform recruitment and training, as well as overall structure, not to let off hand grenades all over Westminster.

I think that we have to remind ourselves that governing the UK is not some kind of pathetic country house weekend game in the drawing room or Hall. This impacts on real people, in their millions, all over this country. It is not a matter of scribbling some clever little half-baked idea that can be run up the flagpole at the Oxford Union or (taking on board the Cummings dislike of Oxbridge) a Spectator drinks party.

This made me laugh, though!

I have to say that I agree with the tweeter below:

It may seem lazy to say “it is easier to destroy than create”, but the thing about truisms is that they contain truth. The machinery of administration and government in the UK was created over centuries, and particularly in the century or so since the mid-Victorian era. Once you tear it to pieces, you may find that groups of supposedly terribly clever little people, weirdos and misfits, sitting in groups around Whitehall, cannot in fact replace what presently exists.

Britain today has already suffered a number of shocks to its postwar (post-1945) stability: Thatcherism, mass immigration (accelerated since 1997), Blair-Brown “reforms”, the financial crisis of 2008, the fake “austerity” of the evil 2010-2019 “Conservative” governments (particularly the half-baked idiocies of Dunce Duncan Smith and his underlings). Now this.

Dominic Cummings is a History graduate, for what that is now worth. He will know, I presume, what happens to societies when everything that underpins their stability is knocked away. I presume that he also knows that revolutions usually consume their own children…

Update, 6 January 2020

Update, 23 March 2020

A floundering idiot working for a floundering idiot, and both pretending to be great brains…you couldn’t make it up.


Update, 30 August 2020