The “Campaign Against AntiSemitism” (CAA) Takes A Serious Hit

The “Claque”

Many readers of this blog will have read of my experiences with the malicious and extreme Jew-Zionist organizations, “UK Lawyers for Israel” (UKLFI) and “Campaign Against AntiSemitism” (CAA), the memberships of which overlap in part. For example, the abusive Jew-Zionist solicitor Mark Lewis, who has now fled to Israel, is a leading member of both.

I dare say that many ordinary people on, for example, Twitter, have no idea that sometimes, when they see a veritable tweetstorm or at least tweetsquall —such as that backing Lewis during his recent Disciplinary Tribunal hearing (he was found guilty anyway)—, they are actually reading tweets which are part of a barrage put out and/or at least loosely coordinated by those two groupings. Below, two blog articles which reported on my experience of these organizations:

The CAA Pressured the DPP/CPS to Prosecute Jez Turner and Alison Chabloz

1. Jez Turner

In 2015, Jez Turner (Jeremy Bedford-Turner) of the London Forum made a speech in the street, in Whitehall, London. One sentence mentioned the Jews, in such manner as that they should be removed from the UK. The CAA, which had agents at the scene, reported Jez Turner to the police there and thereafter. Eventually, the Crown Prosecution Service [CPS] considered whether any offence of incitement might have been both committed and as to whether any prosecution was a. likely to result in conviction, and b. in the public interest. The CPS decided not to prosecute. Note that a prosecution under [the relevant part of the] Public Order Act 1986 requires the assent of the Attorney-General. In other words, Jez Turner could not have been prosecuted privately  by the CAA for the alleged offence.

The CAA made application to the High Court for a judicial review of the no-prosecution decision made by the CPS. The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), as head of the CPS, was the Respondent. On the eve of the relevant hearing in 2017, the DPP/CPS agreed to look again at their decision, thus avoiding a defeat but at the same time giving in to the demand of the CAA. After some time, the CPS announced that Jez Turner would now be prosecuted. He was, in 2018, in the Crown Court, no less than three years after he made his speech. He was, arguably, unlucky in his jury and possibly (I was not personally present) in his judge. He was given a full year in prison, of which half would actually be spent incarcerated (he was recently released). All for making a humorous speech in which one sentence said that the Jews should be (again) expelled from England.

2. Alison Chabloz

In the case of Alison Chabloz, who sang satirical songs, some of which mocked the Jew-Zionists, she was accused of having breached the (“bad law”) Communications Act 2003, s.127, in having, allegedly, posted online the said songs. The CPS refused to prosecute her or, rather, did not; with the time-limit of 6 months looming, the CAA took a private prosecution. Leaving aside the legal and technical argument on the merits, the CPS had the right to take over the case and, if it did, to drop it or to continue it. The CPS decided to take over the prosecution and continue with it (though it in fact substituted other charges for the original ones…). The offence is summary only. Alison Chabloz was convicted at trial in 2018 and given a sentence of (depending on how it is read) a total of 12-20 weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for 2 years, plus community service “serf labour”, a financial penalty of £700, and a 1 year ban on use of “social media”. Note, however, that Alison Chabloz is appealing both conviction and sentence.

3. Nazim Hussain Ali

Mr. Ali led and spoke at an anti-Israel rally in London. The CAA individuals hung around, in their usual fashion, tried to catch Mr. Ali saying something or other, then (as in the other cases mentioned here) reported him to the police. The CPS refused to prosecute and so the CAA took a private prosecution. The CPS took over that prosecution and discontinued it. The CAA then wanted to have that decision judicially reviewed. It was. They lost.

The Judgment in the Nazim Hussain Ali Case

The judgment in full can be found here:

The judgment is worth reading in full, but the most relevant parts are:

The DPP took the view that, in all the circumstances, the words used were not “abusive” within the meaning of that provision, so that a prosecution was more likely than not to fail.”


As the [legal precedent] authorities stress, article 10  [of the European Convention on Human Rights] does not permit the proscription or other restriction of words and behaviour simply because they distress some people, or because they are
provocative, distasteful, insulting or offensive.”


this is a public law challenge, and this court can only intervene if the decision to take over the CAA’s private prosecution and discontinue it made by the Decision-Maker was irrational, i.e. a decision to which no properly directed and informed CPS decision-maker could have come. In my judgment, it cannot be said that it was irrational.”

My Thoughts

This was a big hit against the CAA. The CAA is an organization which for years has been making inflated claims, both in its own name and via sometimes pseudonymous and abusive Twitter (and other) accounts run by its leading members, notably Stephen Silverman (who styles himself “Head of Investigations and Enforcement”!).

Under its own name and under the real names of its leading members, but also under other account names, the CAA has for 4-5 years been threatening not only “anti-Semites” and “holocaust” “deniers” (historical revisionists), but anti-Zionist dissidents in general with unspecified police and other action, also sending, from pseudonymous Twitter accounts (etc) threatening and harassing tweets (etc) to and/or about individuals. Some people were constantly taunted online and even offline with threats about knocks on the doors of houses, arrests, prosecutions, trials, terms of imprisonment. Almost all figments of the sick imaginations of the CAA members in question.

Women in particular were targeted by a number of online social media accounts controlled by various CAA persons, and in particular by Stephen Silverman of Essex and his associate, one-time/sometime “film critic” Stephen Applebaum, of North London. The pair have been somewhat muzzled of late —having been exposed and had their real names etc exposed— and now mainly tweet (slightly less overtly venomously) as @ssilvuk and @rattus2384).

Another leading Jew-Zionist (at least in his own estimation) is one Gideon Falter, who apparently graduated from Warwick University in law, though if so did not carry through to becoming a solicitor or barrister. Falter, Chairman of the CAA, seems to have family money (his parents are said to own a house in a well-known street in St. John’s Wood, London where houses sell for anything up to £40 Million). He seems to spend most of his time on CAA or other Zionist activities. I suppose that that is one way in which, he may imagine, he validates his existence.

Falter has given evidence in several cases, but his evidence has not always been accepted as veracious. In the case of Rowan Laxton, in 2009, which therefore preceded the establishment of the CAA by 5 years, Falter gave evidence which, while accepted by the magistrates, was (at least impliedly) not accepted by the Crown Court judge at the appeal (rehearing), at which hearing Laxton was successful. He was fully reinstated at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and is now H.M. High Commissioner in Cameroon:–2

Laxton’s career success must be bitter for Falter, who has also had his testimony in other “anti-Semitism” cases strongly challenged…

Over the 4+ years since its foundation, the CAA has not been very successful. It has attempted to bring to trial (either by privately prosecuting people, or by making malicious allegations about them to the police and/or professional bodies) quite a large number of potential defendants. Most have either not been prosecuted or have been acquitted, or have been successful on appeal. A few people have been prosecuted for saying or writing rude things (quite likely justified anyway) about individual Jews (I noticed a few cases about landlords and property developers etc…). Most of those cases resulted in fines being handed down, by local magistrates, in the order of £50 or £100. Rather petty.

The larger scalps taken by the CAA are few, even if one includes the handful of successes by the UKLFI group: Jez Turner (now released after having spent 6 months in prison), Alison Chabloz (who is appealing now), a few minor harassment cases. The CAA failed to get the CPS to prosecute me for tweeting truth, and was too frightened to try to prosecute me privately, though UKLFI did get me disbarred in 2016 (8-9 years after I had anyway ceased Bar practice!).

The CAA has been —and I believe still is— under investigation both by the police and by the responsible officers of the Charity Commission. It has been criticized extensively by the more “Establishment” part of the Jewish power structure in England, including the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Chronicle. It recently suffered a considerable blow when one of its most active members, Mark Lewis, the venomous Jew-Zionist solicitor, fled to Israel after the conclusion of the Disciplinary Tribunal case brought against him by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority.

The finances of the CAA “charity” are opaque. I suspect (educated guess) that two particular Jew millionaires, indeed billionaires, have contributed to the CAA, and for them a few tens of thousands of pounds a year is a bagatelle. However, even the ultra-wealthy are probably unwilling to give much to an organization which consistently manifests failure.

I should love to know how many Jews are members of the CAA (are any of its members non-Jews? Maybe there are a few doormats here or there). My guess would be hundreds rather than thousands. It has appealed for donations, run pledge drives etc, and recently tweeted to recruit a half-time-working “communications” person at a salary of £12,500-£15,000 a year. Hardly sumptuous. The CAA Twitter account was inactive from 20 December 2018 until 11 January 2019.

I have no idea what, if any, costs will be payable by the CAA in relation to the latest defeat in court, but I hope that they will be substantial.

The latest defeat by the CAA, and Mark Lewis’s flight to Israel (where he has said, repeatedly, on radio and TV,  that Jews should all leave Europe), must mark the beginning of the end for the abusive and fake CAA “charity”.

Objectively speaking, it may be that the CAA has done much to stimulate “anti-Semitism” in the UK…

Good luck to Alison Chabloz in her upcoming appeal!


Update, 13 January 2019

Below, a very recent tweet thread in which Stephen Applebaum of the CAA, under his most recent pseudonym, @rattus2384, and with other Jews, attacks the father of a 16 year old girl allegedly targeted by yet another Zionist. [click for full thread]

Update, 21 January 2019

The CAA’s sting seems to have been largely drawn. The CAA Twitter account has tweeted only once (on 11 January 2019) since 20 December 2018. Gideon Falter has not tweeted since 5 September 2018 (except for two retweets, on 6 November 2018 and 7 December 2018). Both Silverman and Applebaum/Rattus have been somewhat muzzled of late. Now that they have been fully unmasked and exposed, they have evidently decided that they have to be more circumspect online. The CAA star is fast-waning.

Update, 18 July 2019

Well, like the cockroach, the CAA is still embedded…Having failed to have a Palestinian activist resident in the UK prosecuted [see above], the CAA Jew-Zionists try to get him another way, by having his professional regulator (he is a pharmacist) “investigate” his political life and then perhaps haul him before a disciplinary tribunal. This is what “they”, meaning (((they))) do…(for my own experiences, see below the CAA tweet…)

The UK professions now all have new, or fairly new, “Codes of Conduct” for the members of whatever profession is being “regulated”. These have been drafted by “Zionist” lawyers in almost all cases. Should the individual member of a profession be anti-Zionist, lo and behold, (((they))) make “complaint” about the “hate speech” or whatever that the individual is said to have uttered. A covert Zionist takeover, and an attempt to control the private and political life of the people affected.

Where “they” are, there can be no real freedom.

Update, 5 November 2020

The “Campaign Against Antisemitism” prevailed on the General Pharmaceutical Council to “prosecute” Nazim Ali. “Lawfare” misusing the professional regulations. Nazim Ali might have lost his shop, business, profession, decades of work, all because a pack of Jew extremists pretended to be “offended”.

As it was, the disciplinary case against Nazim Ali was heard mostly in the first week of November 2020. The result, given on 5 November 2020, was that the tribunal held that what Nazim Ali said in 2017 was not “antisemitic” but that it had been “offensive”. He was given an official (quasi-judicial) warning.

Ha ha! The CAA Jews thought that they were going to at least ruin and bankrupt Nazim Ali now that the police and CPS were not going to charge him with anything criminal. Instead, he was just given a warning.

Humanity 1— CAA zero…”Nul points”.

Update, 11 March 2022

The pathetic pack failed once again recently:

14 thoughts on “The “Campaign Against AntiSemitism” (CAA) Takes A Serious Hit”

  1. Another “anti-Semitism” case was reported in the press in October last year, involving one Fred Milani of Wembley. He was to be prosecuted under the Malicious Communications Act for sending an email to Lord Levy in somewhat fruity terms, numerous reports, among which:

    Given that Corbyn apparently has some Jewish heritage
    and is not noted as a self-loathing Jew although he apparently supports the Palestinian cause, I am suspicious that this Labour Anti-Semitism circus may rather be more Kabuki Theatre for the goyim, rather like the Nazi Concentration Camp guard redtops’ fiasco involving “Red Ken” Livingstone, a public and ritualised vilification designed *pour encourager les autres* goyim and to deter disrespect for their masters. In other words Corbyn is being bigged up by his true controllers.

    The “Fred Milani” quoted has apparently been hard to track down and my brief search did not uncover any recent developments in the case. Which leads me to wonder whether this is another engineered public opinion shaping false-news farce. Maybe he doesn’t even exist. Not the commonest of names, one might have expected him to have been picked up by now.

    Origin of the name Milani might as well be “Lombard” which is as preganant of meaning as “Merchant”:

    Now the main reason I raise all this is also to float the following possibility:
    We are regaled in the ongoing Parliamentary Brexit farce with the latest which is the arrest (so far without charge I believe) of pro-Leave (allegedly) supporter James Goddard for his actions in barracking Anna Soubry MP (also allegedly):

    He and his associates are being depicted as right-wingers, nationalists &c., yet their reported taunt was to call the MP a “Nazi” – not the first choice of verbal abuse for a so-called “right-winger” (on or off the field).
    “Goddard” may of course be a foster parent name, an assumed name or whatever, or it may indeed be his parental surname. If the latter, I wonder if he is of the Tribe, since Goddard in my understanding is a name customarily assumed by that ilk: examples at random the late Lord Goddard, Theodore Goddard law firm founder-eponymous, etc. (Unsavoury tales abound still of Goddard, his valet, fresh pairs of trousers and the pronouncing of the death penalty? Or maybe I confuse him with…. another).

    What I smell here is another David Icke-esque problem-reaction-solution scenario in which the operatives (in this case Goddard and chums) (a) bring the Brexit lobby into disrepute by rough-handed tactics and (b) cause a backlash resulting in the gagging to all intents and purposes of robust debate with elected representatives. In other words more crude and dirty political tricks from the scum of the political establishment.

    So far it seems the lower order Kippers are taking this at face, judging by their news blog. I’m less certain, except of one thing: that there’s skulduggery afoot.


    1. I had a quick look on Google but found nothing more about that Milani character, suggesting to me that the arrest warrant has not been used. The fugitive may be overseas.

      I think that you will have read my views of Corbyn. I do not see him as being totally controlled, but those around him may be. He has parrotted “holocaust” nonsense. McDonnell is worse. Corbyn may become a parrot in a gilded No.10 cage. His followers, though often naive, present more hope.

      The absurd circus around Anna Soubry is a typical UKIP/Alt-Right storm in a teacup, accomplishing little, much as I despise the MP for Broxtowe (or, more accurately, the MP for Plymouth and Angostura…)
      When I was on Twitter and called her that, the silly drunken woman threatened me with a libel suit about it, but I never removed it. I am now as good as penniless anyway, and therefore as good as un-sue-able.

      Having said the above about Corbyn, it is easy to over-think matters and that includes the hunt for part-Jews. It can become (like a hunt for “moles”) a “wilderness of mirrors”, leading us astray.

      While I sympathize with the wish for a “purified” nation, and certainly distrust part-Jews such as David Cameron-Levita and George Osborne, even the Reich was willing to grant citizenship (in practice, not take it away from) part-Jews (even half-Jews, in many cases): see the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 (applied post-1936).

      The completely unexpected EU Referendum result has had the System scrabbling over how to keep the UK in practice signed up to the NWO/ZOG agenda, in which the EU is key. All of the “solutions” and “alternatives” EXCEPT real Brexit (aka “No Deal Brexit”) are part of this scrabble. The preferred NWO/ZOG idea will be to “choose” between two or three non-alternatives, probably sanctified by a pseudo-“democratic” plebiscite or “People’s Referendum”, thus presenting the coup as a popular “choice”.


  2. Wigger – the farce over those recent protests against Anna Soubry and Owen Jones were conducted by Tommy “I love Israel” Robinson’s follower’s. Goddard himself apparently used hashtags such as: “#Israel” etc on social media! The fact they labelled the remoaner and establishment tool Soubry a “Nazi” is laughable and no doubt comes from Robinson’s Muppet supporters. Although I have no “hard” evidence, i have suspected Robinson of working for the British State – not just Zionist elements, for some time now. The more I see of that man and his “activities” convinces me so! I also suspect “Anjem Choudary” of the same thing – I mean, the secret state loves it’s “Bogeymen” to propagandize the general public with! As for the CAA – hopefully they will either fold or individuals working for the organization will face prosecution!


    1. I wonder whether that is a hopeful story, though…I do not believe that I have *ever” “searched for an antisemitic term” online! So the real figure for those hostile to “them” might be far higher!


      1. Indeed, makes me wonder too if slogans or web searches such as: “Free Palestine” or “Israeli War Crimes” are classed as antisemitic? Also, may be a coincedence but with Alison Chabloz’s appeal, not to mention other prosecution’s of Patriot’s/Nationalist’s for alleged “hate” crimes and the governments proposals regarding web censorship, it does make me wonder about the timing of this 14 yr study!


      2. According to Zionist Jews and their absurd “IHRA international definition of antisemitism” (adopted in fact by only about 30-35 states out of nearly 200), “antisemitism” is basically whatever Zionist Jews say it is!


  3. Ian, it seems to me that unless you look at a Jew in anything less than a 100% complimentary way or express opinions about them personally or their community in such a way they will accuse you of ‘anti-semitism’. We British gentiles really can’t win!


    1. Very true. Look at that Irish (?) columnist, Kevin Myers, in 2016 or 2017, who was so eager to bend over backwards for Israel and the Jews that he inadvertently offended them! The storm of storms enfolded him. He was sacked by the Irish Times (if memory serves) and is now an unperson. Bitter for him, after decades of “faithful service” to “them”…

      Liked by 1 person

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