Diary Blog, 26 April 2022

On this day a year ago

Deadly outbreak of children’s hepatitis may have been brought on by Covid lockdown weakening immunity, health chiefs say as two more children need liver transplants in UK and dozens are sick” [Daily Mail]


Exactly the sort of problem those of us who opposed the police-state “lockdown” shutdown warned against…

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Actress Tracy-Ann Oberman has paid substantial damages and published an apology to an academic after falsely accusing him of antisemitism.” [BBC]


I wonder who were her lawyers. I trust not “Mark Lewis Lawyer”, of whom I have blogged extensively in past years (see, e.g. https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/11/update-re-mark-lewis-lawyer-questions-are-raised/).

Readers of my blog will not be surprised that I believe that to be about right.

Late tweets seen

So much for “democracy”…

Is he any good at his actual work?

On the wider question, compare the above with the Zionist infestation in the fields of TV, radio, publishing etc. The Jews have no need of “cultural ambassadors”…they already have them, in effect, everywhere in those areas of activity, and many others.

The swine hate any faint possibility that freedom of expression might be protected online.

For myself, my Twitter account (with thousands of “followers”), was shut down in 2018, after a concerted plan by Jew-Zionists, running for years, was fully implemented. I doubt that I shall ask to be “allowed” back. For one thing, the very idea of having to ask a favour of some little Twitter office-bod makes me livid; secondly, Twitter’s influence is vastly over-rated anyway. I see no real point in returning.

Hang them high.

Legal reckoning“? Just “reckoning” will do…

Late music

[Space Monument, Moscow]
[Orlov, In the Native Region; https://art-7.com/category/artists/orlov_vasily/]

14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 26 April 2022”

  1. So not only do the sick and patently evil Tory scum deliberately run down our NHS so that it could barely cope with a worldwide pandemic they now top this off with giving away its limited resources to Ukraine and all this before the constantly lying, scruffy, warmongering tosser in No 10 gets us involved in a nuclear war with Russia that he is constantly provoking.when we shall need the NHS as never before.

    Go fuck yourselves Tory scum and don’t you dare come pleading to we genuine Right wingers for a vote at the next rigged election in order to save yourselves because we won’t be there for you. Instead, you can go and try and get yourselves some votes from your new mates nowadays ie your fellow Guardian readers though I suspect they won’t vote for you either!


  2. If I were you I would get rid of the fucking useless lying tosser in No.10 sharpish and get yourselves a decent or half way decent leader who IS genuinely conservative minded because the globalist Britain LAST leftwing moron you have at the helm now is making RAPID progress at retoxifying the Tory brand.


  3. JUST GET RID of the anti- British warmongering bastard NOW before he kills millions of Britons in a nuclear first strike by Russia. Isn’t 100,000 plus deaths caused by the cretinous, scruffy wankstain enough without adding millions to the figure?


  4. GO TOP YOURSELF, Boris Johnson, you constantly lying, evil warmongering , viruently anti British , anti Russian, anti German, anti French, anti European ,anti world peace piece of excrement.

    JUST FUCK OFF and GO! No one in Britain who is in anyway a genuine British patriot, a lover of world peace, or has an IQ level likes you!

    It is time your criminal adventure in No 10 came to an end


  5. These supremely arrogant anti British Tory wankers have obviously learnt ZILCH from that massive Tory defeat at the Shropshire North by election in December of last year.

    That huge 34% swing to the Lib Dems was caused by many factors but one of the main ones was ambulance services or the perceived lack of them in that constituency.


    1. John:
      Of course, UK elections are semi-rigged at best, with few worthwhile parties or candidates. All the same, I shall be interested to see the result of the upcoming local elections.


      1. Tories will do quite badly in them particularly in Scotland where Boris is about as popular as Hitler at a Bar Mitzvah and where they are not helped by the fact Scotland uses the decidedly weird and only SEMI proportional representation system of PR called the Single Transferable Vote Labour and Lib Dem lumbered Scotland with ( the Tories can’t get many transfers as people only put them as first preferences rather than second, third ECT)

        However, their losses could well be limited elsewhere because this round of elections are mainly taking place in Labour inclined areas. I suspect the overall results will be a bit of a mixed bag.


  6. If I were them I would try and learn something from the result because as far as I can see from looking at by election history no sitting government has suffered a plus 30% swing against it and then gone on to win the next election.

    The Liberal Democrats or the Liberal Party as it then was got a 32% swing to them at the Sutton and Cheam by election in 1972 and just two years later Ted Heath lost the following election. The Tory Party should know by now that if it goes too far towards the centre ground and becomes too liberal and globalist it loses elections as Ted Heath ably demonstrated. This is caused by Tory voters just sitting on their backsides on general election day and abstaining. The massive Tory landslide defeat in 1997 was made worse than it would have been otherwise by mass Tory abstention.


      1. Tories normally would win a game of mass abstention as Tory supporters are more avid voters generally speaking but if they go too far towards the so-called ‘centre ground’ by adopting classically leftist and globalist values as they are doing under the disaster that is Boris and Priti Useless this will unravel to Labour and Lib Dem advantage.

        Naturally conservative minded voters will not always tolerate Boris and Priti Awful’s provocations all the time! We shall see.


      2. Labour seems to be worse affected so far as that recent by election Birmingham showed though there may have been some local factors around that controversial Labour candidate there to blame for that very low turnout.

        Tony Blair used to say traditional Labour voters had nowhere else to go but he was wrong. The total number of absolute Labour votes fell during his time in office due to abstention amongst these people. Tories would be wise to not bank on eternal allegiance to them amongst their natural supporters either.


      3. John:
        The only hope is that mass disgust with System parties leads to mass abstention until finally a new force arises which can stimulate the parts of the population worth bothering about. “The great despisers are also the great reverers” [Nietzsche].


  7. The Traditional Britain Group is quite good as far as I can see. I think they are some people that used to be associated with the old Tory Monday Club (a Tory grouping which was once dubbed ‘the conscience of the Tory Party’) before Iain Duncan Smith banned them in 2001 which just goes to show how long this Tory slide to outright leftist globalist values has been going on for!

    The TBG is the only Tory group in Britain worth anything!


    1. John:
      I attended the Monday Club office once only, after hours, in the mid-1970s. It was in Victoria Street, not too far from the Palace of Westminster.

      I was a possibly/probably undiplomatic young person in a hurry, and went there to plot this and that with a Conservative ex-MP, and a former SOE officer. I think that my ideas were “a bridge too far” for both…


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