Diary Blog, 14 November 2022

Morning music

[VDNKh after overnight rain, Moscow]

On this day a year ago

“Jack Monroe”, “Bootstrap Cook”

Saw many tweets lambasting Waterstones for promoting the latest Jack Monroe book, Thrifty Kitchen, to be published in January 2023 at a cover price of nearly £20, but already discounted to £9.99. I wonder whether the “Bootstrap Cook” brand is now damaged beyond repair. Still, 665 mugs are still paying Jack Monroe between £3.50 and £10 a month each as an absurd act of virtue-signalling, so I imagine that she is pretty sanguine (so long as the thousands of pounds continue to roll in monthly).

I also saw this:

“Mark Lewis Lawyer” is not much of a threat to people who, even if they have libelled someone (not always as clear-cut as many imagine) have defences such as “truth”, “honest opinion”, “publication on a matter of public interest”, and/or either absolute or qualified “privilege”.

I have assessed and written about Mark Lewis several times over the years, though not recently (in fact not since 2018 or 2019). I would dispute that any of what I have written about him is actionable, but in fact he has never even threatened me with a defamation action, no doubt because he knows that he would lose, but also because he knows that my financial circumstances (both capital and income) are now such that even any victory in court would be of little use when any damages and costs awarded could never be collected. See below for more about Lewis.

As for the “Bootstrap Cook”, her libel victory over Katie Hopkins was inevitable. It took no legal skill at all, or very little, in my view, bearing in mind that, as far as the libel itself was concerned, it had occurred because Katie Hopkins had demonstrably said something untrue about Jack Monroe (apparently mistaking her for the obscure socio-political scribbler Laurie Penny) that had caused Jack Monroe serious harm. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monroe_v_Hopkins.

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurie_Penny.

It occurs to me that the “Bootstrap Cook” may have become a little gung-ho about libel actions after her easy victory over Katie Hopkins, who not only had to pay Jack Monroe £24,000 but also to sell her house to pay the £300,000 legal costs of Jack Monroe, a goodly chunk of which went, no doubt, to “Mark Lewis Lawyer”. Probably a third or so.

Not all defamation actions are so simple, or the awards and costs so easily collected.

More seen:

I continue to watch the situation. See also https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/09/30/diary-blog-30-september-2022-including-an-assessment-of-jack-monroe-aka-the-bootstrap-cook/.

Tweets seen

Well, there it is: Indian “clever boy” and money-juggler, Sunak, has no arrows in his quiver, except to make everyone in Britain poorer. The real economy will dive next year.

After that, read the books of David Irving and Correlli Barnett.

(talking about the pathetic yet sub-terroristic “Just Stop Oil” idiots).

When will the Matt Hancocks of the Westminster monkeyhouse be punished according to the full measure of their deeds?

Why would anyone take Arnold Schwarzenegger seriously? Just an Austrian bodybuilder who struck lucky in the USA and married into its political Establishment. A puppet on a stick.

Ignore” them, or get them?

Finance-capitalist dystopia

God…how sad. “MAID” refers to this: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/medical-assistance-dying.html.

More tweets seen

The (whites-only) referendum of 1992 which ended apartheid resulted with nearly 70% in favour of ending that applied concept and, in effect, in favour of handing over power to the ANC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1992_South_African_apartheid_referendum.

Tragic. Those idiots thought that their way of life would be mainly upheld if they appeased the ANC. How wrong they were. Gave up their historically-conferred right, and what for? A comfortable life, a swimming pool, rugby, an SUV in the drive, a beer in a sports bar, golf, and no outright war.

Had they only held on for a short while, South Africa as a white European-origin country would have survived. The collapse of the Soviet Union and its satellites meant that funds and arms to the black rebels would have been cut off. Cuba, so prominent in so-called “liberation” struggles in Africa (Angola, Mozambique, South-West Africa/Namibia etc) was also cut off from Soviet funding after 1991, and had to withdraw from Africa.

The white population could have accelerated real apartheid, laagering the white populations mainly in specific parts of the country, as already planned for, and creating autonomous black zones and regions.

South Africa could have defended itself easily, with its powerful armed forces (including a navy, an airforce, as well as army); it even had atom bombs (six, which were dismantled in the mid-1990s). Other very advanced weapons too.

Water under the bridge now? Yes, but the white and the black populations continue to suffer the effects, not of white rule but of black rule.

More tweets seen

British society has not been so rigged, fixed (in both senses) and socially-immobile for a century or more.

Behind such decisions, the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. The UK (and all of Europe) to be favourable to non-white invaders.

A black woman accused of doing a very similar thing is due in criminal court in Bristol in January 2023.

Afternoon music

I was partly brought up on, and still love, the lush music of John Barry, the popular easy-listening music of a post-1945 Western civilization now in crisis.

I like this, too:

[painting by Joyce Norwood]

Income inequality can be social inequity

Ten years ago, in the epilogue of my book Bread: The Story of Greggs, I stressed the need for the astonishing increase in top earnings in Britain to be curbed. At that time this was considered a serious problem. Yet despite the best efforts of many influential public voices, this position never translated into policy.

Sadly, since then, the growing divide has become even more extreme.. The richest 10% of households now hold 43% of all the country’s wealth, according to the Office for National Statistics. The bottom 50% hold only 9%. We now have 177 billionaires in this country, up from just 29 in 2010, with a combined wealth of £653bn. The difference between very wealthy and less well-off people has become obscene.”

[Ian Gregg, in the Guardian]

More tweets

…and that thick creature is now a Bencher of my old Inn of Court, Lincoln’s Inn. He is welcome at the Inn, whereas (by reason of Jewish plotting) I was wrongfully and unlawfully disbarred in 2016 and so automatically expelled from Lincoln’s.

In what kind of England is a thick non-white such as Lammy more welcome than me? It’s just mad. A system like that does not deserve to survive.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

Late music

[painting by Volegov]

46 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 14 November 2022”

  1. In a single picture, a good reason for any thinking Briton to NOT vote Labour unless you have a weird fetish for beating yourself up.

    Mind you, how can such a person vote Tory either now they have wholly undemocratically imposed an ethnic Indian upon us as PM , have a cabinet that wouldn’t look out of place in the ‘black hole’ of Calcutta and keep-on and on foistering ever increasing numbers of ethnic candidates on safe Conservative seats?

    My ultra-safe constituency of Brentwood and Ongar nearly got an Indian chap foisted upon us called Gaghan Mohindra in 2017 and he would have been our MP but for the fact our previous MP, Eric Pickles, stood down so near to the election of that year so our MP now, Alex Burghart, was selected using by-election rules.


  2. Yes, Enoch Powell was a very wise person. He said that we should prevent continual mass immigration as if we didn’t we would have racial problems like the USA has and they HAVE come to pass in many ways in that we have constant moaning from ethnics about colonialism, demands for reparations for it, constant agitating for special favours for them, our police forces have been systematically ruined and been made to be in thrall to the cult of PC because of their presence etc.

    And yet, in contrast to the USA, these problems were deliberately and knowingly imported to this country by the masses of virulently anti-British and globalist politicians of Labour and ‘Conservative’ alike.

    For the damage they have imposed upon this country these traitors deserve the death penalty or a minimum sentence of sixty plus years in jail.

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  3. How about we ask that ever whinging ethnic Labour MP if she would be ok with the notion that WE Britons should receive reparations from the likes of Jamaica for our increased crime rates caused by Jamaicans here?

    Before they arrived, muggings were virtually unheard of, we had few riots like those at Brixton in 1981 and Broadwater Farm in 1985 and drug dealing was rare as well.🙄🙄🙄


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. I have not seen that film for some time.

      As the film implies. merely taking a few intelligent Africans, educating them at places such as Balliol College, Oxford (University) and putting them in silk suits, does not thereby make them ideal “black semi-Britons”, or their systems “Westminster in the sun”. The well-meaning UK civil service and Westminster idiots keep making that same mistake: Gowon, Obote, Mugabe and the rest…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In the manner of that Tory election poster from 2005 ‘Are you thinking what I am thinking?’ You are surely not implying that old ‘wooly head’ ie Kwasi Kwarteng in the formerly prestigious role of Chancellor of the Exchequer had no clothes on metaphorically speaking?🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂😂


      2. Mugabe was just your normal common African thug. Putting him in a suit made no difference to his essential character. The great Ian Smith got him right from day one.


      3. John:
        In the unlikely event that I got “Mugger-bugger” in my sights (when visiting the country in 1977), I would perhaps have been awarded some great honour or decoration, such as the Grand Cross of Rhodesia, rather than being —at best— a mere visitor. In reality, Mugabe was in relative safety in Lourenco Marques (Maputo) until 1979 or 1980.


      1. And he can’t be President even though some Republicans think he might be a good one for them since he was born in Austria. The USA has laws requiring prospective presidents to be born in America and having real ties to it.

        It is time we had such laws then we can get rid of people like Boris Johnson and the latest Tory imposter who, unlike Liz Truss, wasn’t even voted for by his party’s members.

        William Hague quite rightfully introduced the right of Conservative Party members to vote for the party leader when the party was at a low ebb post the cataclysmic defeat of 1997 yet that has been summarily despatched with.

        Tory Party members should have the right to select their leader. After all, quite a few of them are party activists and go out in all weathers knocking on doors attempting to drum-up support and, in the worst instances, having doors slammed in their faces.

        Party members are the lifeblood of any political party.

        Liz Truss for all of her faults did have a slight democratic mandate. The extra from It Ain’t Half Hot Mum has ZILCH.


      2. John:
        Indeed. Had the UK the same law re. birthplace of a PM, and also applicable (unlike the US one) to *both* parents of the candidate PM, both “Boris” and Churchill would have been disqualified, as would have been Sunak.

        Maybe better to have strict ethnic criteria for *all* MPs but not just based on where they were born. Too many non-whites are now born here


      3. You should be required to be born in the UK and be of British descent of both sides of your family for at least five generations or you can’t be an MP and certainly not a minister or PM.

        I resent being governed by people not only I didn’t vote for but by people who aren’t even of my ethnic group.😠😠😠

        Having a clean criminal record should also be a requirement for MPs so that should rule out the wholly undemocratically imposed extra from It Ain’t Half Hot Mum Mum from misgoverning us.


  4. Hello again! I have just found this beautiful video of Peter O’Toole reminiscing about the filming of “Lawrence of Arabia”, Davis Lean and T.E.Lawrence; I think you will like it.

    BTW, have you read “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom”? I haven’t. Peter O’Toole made it sound so interesting and beautiful that I will try to find a copy


    1. Claudius:
      I did have a copy (in three volumes) once, and did (but long ago, maybe 40 years ago) read the book. Also, an old friend did leave me a rather valuable edition, a large-format one-volume edition, but sadly that was lost and abandoned along with thousands of other books (as I mentioned to you once) when I had to return to the UK in 2009.

      I think that this was a similar edition:


  5. Why do we not introduce state executions for drug dealers as in the lovely, very well-governed, law and order state of Singapore?😀

    That way, we can deter the utterly vile, fundamentally immoral crime of drug dealing which is, undoubtedly, one of the most serious crimes of all that causes so much harm to individuals, communities, society as a whole and is so often at the root of other forms of criminal behaviour and we can reduce our ethnic population at the same time!

    What is not to like?😂😂😂



    Just take a look on Google’s search page and enter the words London and drug dealers and a huge number of ‘cultural enrichers’ come up when you use the picture search as well.🙄🙄🙄🙄😠😠😠

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  6. Neil Oliver, when have our leaders ever been loyal to the British people? We have had a succession of traitors since May 1940.

    The last PM who attempted to be genuinely pro-British was Neville Chamberlain. This globalist rot goes back many decades.

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  7. Oh look what it says on that front page from the second website (Singaporean Ministry of Home Affairs)!

    It says ‘Securing our Borders’.

    How quaint!🙄 I wonder if the British Home Office will EVER manage to achieve that objective?🙄🙄🙄🙄😠😠😠😠😥😥😥😥😢😢😢


  8. Leave Matt Hancock alone! Yes, he is oily and a bit smarmy as a typical ex public schoolboy can be but he did try quite hard to save people’s lives during a deadly worldwide viral pandemic.

    Sadly though his efforts in that regard were undermined by Boris Idiot and his Chancellor with his utterly idiotic ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme which no doubt sent many to an early grave or made them very ill.

    The common criminal Sunak should be imprisoned for decades for that or suffer a long drop hanging by a skilled, latter day Albert Pierrepoint.

    JUSTICE for those victims of his total idiocy/intentional evil MUST be done and MUST be seen to be done!


    1. John:
      As you know, we disagree about the “panicdemic” anyway, but Hancock was inept as well, and saw himself as some kind of health dictator. I sincerely hope that a snake or something gets him.


      1. I believe he tried to do his best but was undermined by Boris Moron Idiot and his cretinous Indian Chancellor.

        If Jeremy Hunt had been PM as he should have been I think he would have acted more toughly and sooner. It is precisely because Boris Idiot didn’t take his responsibilities as PM seriously (he even appeared on This Morning acting his usual idiot self during the crucial first few weeks) that he took too long to impose a belated first lockdown.

        We should have had a tougher, properly ENFORCED lockdown sooner and then we could have cut the total time spent in lockdowns, spent less money on the pandemic and with less damage to the economy that Jeremy Hunt is charged with trying to repair as best he can.

        If Singapore could cope with the pandemic very well with relatively few deaths and with only a bit of damage to its economy then we should have been able to do it as well but we had an idiot in No.10 at a crucial time in world history unlike Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and a whole host of other countries.


      2. Unfortunately, Matt Hancock was no ‘health dictator’ as the Minister of Law and Home Affairs and Minister of Health were in Singapore.

        Unlike here, their strict COVID 19 regulations didn’t just exist on paper, they were, shock horror, actually ENFORCED with people who willingly acted selfishly by contemptuously breaking them being heavily fined or imprisoned for six months to a year (for repeat offences).

        What a great country Singapore is! The Ministry of Home Affairs’ motto is ‘incarcerate them (for long periods or by throwing away the key), cane ’em, and hang ’em.🤣😂😂😂😂

        One day, I shall have to take a holiday there and hopefully get to meet one of the world’s best Home Secretaries, Mr K. Shanmugam, and with a bit of luck get to pose for a selfie with him!😂🤣😂😅😃😃😃

        REAL Law and order Singapore-style: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime


  9. The sad demise of a once great country ie Apartheid South Africa which had (it still partially has a dual anthem containing the words and tune) one of the world’s most stirring national anthems called ‘Die Stem Van Suid Afrika’ (The Call of South Africa).

    In the 1980’s, some Tory MPs stuck-up for white run South Africa. Indeed, one or two were christened by Labour MPs as ‘the member for Pretoria Central’😂😀😀🤣🤣

    That was in the good old days when Young Tories wore T shirts emblazoned with the words ‘ Hang Nelson Mandela’ to party conferences and even David Cameron went on a ‘sanctions busting jolly’ to South Africa.😂😂😂


    1. John:
      An idiotic Bar student was with me on a crowded bus in 1987, in Brompton Road, and suddenly said “Ian, I know you are a member of BOSS (South African Bureau of State Security]— can you get me into BOSS? I want to join BOSS”.

      Needless to say, I was *not* connected to BOSS! God knows why that silly student (now barrister) said it. Just to shock (not me, the passengers), I expect. No-one on the bus said anything, though a few people did look up…


  10. Re that tweet above by Tottenham Tories: You have to admire the persistence and optimism of the Tottenham Conservative Association and its probably small number of dedicated party activists!

    Presumably they have seen the last general election result for that seat?

    Even with Zionist Jew/Pro Israel fanatic demonized Jeremy Corbyn as party leader, David ‘Mastermind’ Lammy got a whopping 76% of the vote there in December 2019 and the Tory candidate a meagre 11.6%!

    Still, at least that was good enough for second place and a saved deposit. The Electoral Calculus website using current opinion polls forecasts he is due to increase his percentage to 80% plus and the Tory candidate will be on a deposit losing 4.6%.

    It is hard to believe now that the Tories came within 4,500 votes or so of taking Tottenham at the general election of 1987.



  11. I know miracles can sometimes happen in politics but seriously what is the point of there being a Tottenham Conservative Association?

    With the ethnic make-up of that seat being what it is hell will freeze over before it elects a Tory MP! If that didn’t happen even with Maggie Thatcher being in power in 1987 it surely won’t happen now!


    1. John:
      I once knew an old couple, in the late 1970s, who had relocated from Peckham to Surrey (Reigate Hill) many years before. They said that they saw what was happening (I think they used the term “coloureds”), sold up, and took to their heels.


      1. That is the story of many people both old and young alike who have seen their traditional areas changed by continual mass immigration. In the absence of a genuinely democratic electoral system and therefore viable anti-immigration parties we should have a national referendum on immigration policy. We the British people have a fundamental human right to be able to determine the form of our society and the social composition of our living areas.

        I was born in Romford but my mum and dad could see that immigration was a problem then so they moved to Brentwood in Essex.

        ‘White flight’ is quite common. Who wants to feel like a foreigner in your own hometown and country or put up with a deteriorating crime situation that too many ethnics help to create?


      2. Sensible people though disgraceful that they felt the need to move away. I wonder how many muggings are committed in the ‘gloriously diverse’ Peckham nowdays or stabbings – yet another crime our ‘vibrant enrichers’ like committing!🙄😠😠🙄


  12. Yes, Ian Gregg, why not have a wealth tax on the ultra-rich? Historically, there has been too much concentration in this country on taxing income. A wealth tax need not be permanent either. Indeed, it is probably better if were imposed only for a few years eg up to three or so.

    Apparently, even multi-billionaire Donald Trump proposed it for the USA back in 1999.


  13. How would it look politically if the Tories imposed Britain’s first ever (to my knowledge) wealth tax?

    How would Keir Starmer react? Still aimlessly rant about how grotesquely unfair the Tories are?

    At any rate, with the opinion polls being as they are, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has to come-up with the most imaginative, economically competent and fair budget any British Chancellor of the Exchequer has ever put forward if they are going to restore their ratings.


  14. There needs to be a little more equality between the very richest and the very poorest in society. Capitalism has a tendency to eat away at itself and to fail if there is too much inequality in society as even Henry Ford once remarked upon.


  15. Hello: Could you tell me which was the bloody B&W film that you posted some days ago? I am going mad trying to find it! As you may have noticed I DO NOT know the meaning of the word “patience” (LOL) Thank you!


    1. Claudius:
      …and all the old muppets around them still marching on obliviously. “I see no ships”, as Nelson said.

      These parades have gradually become the haunt of poseurs, quite often.

      There are now no old soldiers left from WW1, WW2 or even the Korean War. That leaves only the Falklands (or as your countrymen might say, Malvinas) campaign, Northern Ireland, and the more recent Middle East/Afghanistan conflicts.

      There have been scandals before about ppl who never were soldiers at all marching.

      Like much of the UK, these ceremonies have really had their day. The form is there, but largely devoid of content.


      1. Yes, you are right, is really awful and shameful. Regarding Malvinas/Falklands is terrible how quickly time passes by. I saw photos of some veterans and I was shocked until I realized that they were 20 at that time and the war took place 40 years ago! Therefore, they are all old blokes like me now!


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