Jew-Zionists Attack My Blog

Today, I found, on my WordPress blog Comments page, a comment which actually purported to come from me! It was sent from an email address named “” (which I have never had).

The comment was abusive and, more interestingly, purported to be from a Jew (anonymous/pseudonymous of course) who (he/it wrote) was “instrumental” in getting many of my reviews on Amazon UK ( removed (and me barred from posting further reviews) “nearly ten years ago”. He/it claimed also to have had my Amazon USA ( reviews removed and my American Amazon account closed. Those events did occur, about 8 years ago. The London-based Jewish Chronicle contacted Amazon in the UK and had me barred from reviewing or commenting. As to what happened in the USA to get me barred on Amazon there, I have no idea. So much for “free speech” and expression in the USA, though! Where there are Jew Zionists in any number, there can be no freedom for non-Jews.

The comments section of my blog is monitored; only comments which are approved (in the sense of allowed to proceed) are posted publicly. Naturally, I am not going to approve the abusive comment of the Jew in question.

The Comments section captures all ISP user numbers from those posting comments. The comment in question was shown as It was a simple matter to track down the origin of the abuse: Tel Aviv, Israel! Quelle surprise…

Turns out that the abuse seems to have come from a company called Bezeq International, also known as Bezeq Israeli Telecommunications Corporation Ltd. I had never heard of it, but soon found it via Google. That enterprise is, apparently, the Israeli equivalent of BT. It is a very large enterprise, which employs over 15,000 employees.

The unsophisticated nature of the abuse etc leads me to the provisional view that the abuser is a lone rat, rather than connected with the notorious Israeli “hasbara” propaganda effort, or (far less likely even than that) MOSSAD.

The Zionist free-speech destroyers have become very active in the UK and elsewhere over the past 20-30 years. Time for pushback.


Update, 10 January 2020

Today I received another abusive message from (pretty obviously, though I cannot as yet prove it beyond a reasonable doubt) another Jew, this time one who, looking at its message, hates my support for persecuted singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz. Another one who used my name on a one-time-use email account, this time Hotmail. Blocked now, obviously.

The WordPress system took its ISP number: Useful for later reference.

When I started my blog, I was braced for a daily dose of insolent and/or abusive messages. In fact, I think that I have only had about three or four such messages in three years. Worse things happen at sea.



25 thoughts on “Jew-Zionists Attack My Blog”

  1. Before I read the complete article, I almost expected it to have come from Mark Lewis, especially now as he has plenty of time on his hands lol!


    1. It did cross my mind, but I think not. I think that it probably was from that same Jew as was involved in taking away my free speech on Amazon. Whether he/it ever was in the UK, I don’t know, or whether he/it emigrated to “Israel” in the past decade, or indeed whether the Tel Aviv connection is a false trail. No matter, but he/it is a typical Jew stalker.

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  2. Off topic, I see that Amber Dudd has managed to get into contact with her constituents which must be some sort of record for a notoriously bad constituency mp and written to them warning of the perils of Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM! Perhaps if she and other members of this mother of all cock-ups called a government were not so horrifically incompetent morons and were not tenth rate globalist liberal left maniacs the warnings about Jeremy would have more persuasive force to them. At any rate, this globalist loony doesn’t give a damm about the electorate of Hastings and Rye but rather Tel Aviv Central being the Zionist doormat she is.


    1. Well said. Her political friend, Theresa May, just had to mention “antisemitism” in Labour at PMQs today. I think that either such a charge makes no impact on voters or encourages them to support Labour!

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      1. I think so too. Whilst it is true that most Britons are not ‘anti-semitic’ and never have been we aren’t a nation that is in love with Israel or with Jews either unlike those nutty American Evangelists. Basically, any party or person/politician who goes too overboard with their devotion towards Israel or their fondness for Jews is thought to be suspect in some way or a bit weird. Ann Marie Walters and For Britain need to take note of this fact. By expressing these sort of views Teresa Mayhem and Amber Dudd are only reminding the voters of how downright strange their party is nowdays and haw far it has fallen from the days of halfway decent Tory PMs like Neville Chamberlain or Stanley Baldwin.


  3. Yes, another party which is essentially a single issue one like UKIP and what, exactly, has UKIP achieved so far? They got a referendum on EU membership and helped a bit to win it but under our system it is MPS in parliament who are more important and the fact UKIP have none has enabled the majority of Remainiacs to ignore the result and refuse to implement it. We will get a very diluted ‘Brexit’/BrexitInNameOnly at best once this drama has played out


    1. Yes. As you will be aware, UK membership of, or compliance with, the EU matrix is a basic building block of the New World Order plan. The world conspiracy will not allow a simple referendum result to derail its evil strategy.


  4. I’ve never met anyone who was averse to Jews on the grounds purely of their ethnic identity but rather in reaction to the behaviour of certain members of the Tribe which the others are unable or unwilling to curb. Let’s not overlook the fact that the English King Edward I (Longshanks) expelled the Jews in 1290 under a ‘social bargain’ with the commons and this has stuck in their craw. It is this which I believe has marked out the English for ‘special’ treatment. (And their perfect hatred of the Germans results from the insult to amour propre caused by their being ‘enslaved’ in the labour camps of WW2 (in relative safety till the last days from the bombing of cities). Certain Jews over the generations have been prominent in the enslavement of members specifically of other peoples and the reversal of roles left a wound of stinging resentment).

    Incidentally, in the interesting “Jews and the English Law” (1908) by H.S.Q. Henriques there is material cited indicating the Jews were in England centuries before 1066 and some accused of enslaving Christians. If I have the right copy, this one is unredacted:

    In recent times it is noteworthy that former High Court judge Sir Richard Henriques was appointed to review the Metropolitan Police’s handling of cases involving claims of “historical” child abuse by public figures.

    The name is presumably Sephardic though I’ve not checked and not so common as to preclude the likelihood he is a relative of the author. My own copy of Picciotto’s “Sketches of Anglo-Jewish History” itself bears the owner signature of one Henriques, possibly the above author.


  5. Off topic, I notice Ofsted’s head (((Amanda Spielman/Spellman))) has some new proposals regarding school testing – talk about the further dumbing down of education for young people!


    1. The UK educational system feeds in vast amounts of money at one end, and harvests **** at the other. Education should be basically freeform in nature. The authorities have regulated it out of existence.


      1. Indeed and this tendency on their part can prove to be dangerous for we gentiles. Sir Oswald Mosley was right to warn us about how some Jews act like a ‘nation within a nation’. As Wigger says, few Britons are averse to Jews because of how they look or their ethnic identity as the ones who are immediately obvious as Jews ie the ultra-orthodox ones with their funny hats etc are very religious and hence whilst their religion has some unpleasant sayings about we gentiles they normally keep themselves to themselves and ignore us. It is the secular ones who are often very Zionist and oppose our interests.


    1. Incredible that the existence of crematoria should be “evidence” of anything except disposal of organic remains in the usual way. Every town of any size in the UK has crematoria. Many have several.


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