Panorama and Labour: The Jewish-Zionist “Claque” Is Out In Force (Again)

I have not seen the Panorama programme which the msm is going mad about today (Thursday 11 July 2019). I see that the same old crowd of “usual suspects” is on Twitter banging on about about how “anti-Semitic” Labour or the Labour leadership is (my response? “If only!”). Those tweeting are 90% Jews, 10% non-Jew doormat types.

The “claque” is doing what it does best, which is to create a storm in the msm and on Twitter, all either co-ordinated or effectively co-ordinated. The aim? Ultimately, to wrest back control of Labour.

The “Zionist” element has for a long time now strongly influenced Britain’s main System parties, meaning the Conservatives, Labour and (to a lesser extent) the LibDems and, formerly, Liberal Party. That influence, seen since the 19th Century, manifest in the 1917 Balfour Declaration etc and in the covert support for Churchill and his war-with-Germany policy of the 1930s and early 1940s, became even more open when the UK and France conspired with Israel to invade and occupy the Suez Canal area in 1956. It moved from influence to control after 1989-90, when Bush snr. proclaimed the New World Order and the major Western governments became openly “ZOG” (Zionist Occupation Government).

John Major (Conservative Friends of Israel member and with a secret mistress, Edwina Currie, a Jewess) took over the Conservative Party as leader and the government as Prime Minister; Tony Blair (possibly part-Jew; very fervent Labour Friends of Israel member) replaced Major in 1997. He was surrounded by Jews both as Labour Party leader and as Prime Minister.



When, against all the odds, Labour’s leadership fell to Jeremy Corbyn, immediately a huge Jewish (Zionist) and/or Zionist-led “claque” protest erupted. Most Labour MPs were and are still “under control” to a greater or lesser extent. A few had even been been (or were later) exposed as actual agents of Israel.

Ruth Smeeth MP, a Jewess from a Jewish part-gangster family background, and formerly head of public affairs for the UK end of the Israel public relations effort called BICOM, was exposed by Wikileaks as a “confidential contact” of the U.S. Embassy in London.

Joan Ryan, not Jewish (though I have not discovered whether or not she has a part-Jewish background) was another one exposed. She was ordered, or agreed, to channel a million pounds from Israeli Government funds in order to buy or “take down” selected MPs:

[above, Joan Ryan MP treacherously plots with Israeli intelligence and political officer Shai Masot, who is also a reserve officer in the Israeli Navy, to receive a one million pound pro-Israel, pro-Jew slush fund to corrupt Westminster politics]

Joan Ryan, facing deselection as Labour candidate after having been found out, joined the doomed pro-Israel “centrist”-label party, “Change UK” or “CHUKUP”. Ruth Smeeth stayed in the Labour Party (either because ordered to or for reasons of personal careerism and money); and both are still MPs.

Corbyn has faced a wall of basically Jewish hatred and opposition since he became leader. Attempts to unseat him, vilify him and his family etc. At the higher levels, this is not about Corbyn’s support for Palestine, and not about “anti-Semitism”, but about the wish of highly-placed Jewish persons and organizations to control both main UK System parties, having lost control of one.

Not that the Jewish-Zionist control and/or influence over Labour has gone. Many pro-Israel and pro-Jew Labour MPs or ex-Labour MPs are still in Parliament: mentally-unstable John Woodcock, not only pro-Israel and pro-China (both “donated” to him, by the way) was one of the worst, but he is now deselected and out of Labour, having been caught out as a sex pest and nuisance, and has no chance of staying in Parliament once there is a general election. Others remain and have been, like the rest of the “claque”, active on Twitter today and yesterday:

All, as far as I know, members of Labour Friends of Israel…

Why are they still Labour MPs?

I should make my own position clear. I could probably best be labelled “social national”. I have never been a Labour Party member, supporter or even voter. To that extent I might be termed objective. I oppose Zionism (as well as Islamism). I look to the emergence of a real social national party and movement, to “safe zones” within the UK, and to the eventual triumph of social nationalism in the UK.

My attitude to Corbyn (blogged about several times previously) is that it was fated that he become Labour leader (e.g. nominated by exactly the minimum number of MPs required, many of whom actually opposed him and later voted against him!). I do not believe that he is a particularly good Labour leader, as such; in fact he is really not a leader at all. He is poorly-educated and has little knowledge of the world, of history (even modern history and the politics of the 20th Century, supposedly his special interest). His ex-wives say that he scarcely if ever reads a book (something that he has in common with Boris-Idiot, “our” new or soon-to-be Prime Minister), and is certainly no intellectual.

I like the fact that Labour is now less under the Jewish-Zionist heel than it was, though I note that Corbyn and (worse) McDonnell feel the need to pay occasional lip-service to the “holocaust” mythus and fakery. Strange pathology: the Zionists are trying to kill them, yet they go along with such nonsense, which is the biggest weapon the Zionists have, bigger even than their nuclear arsenal! Pretty stupid.

Likewise, Corbyn and much of Corbyn-Labour will talk endlessly about economic exploitation by Jews in Israel-Palestine, but say that to mention the similar exploitation by Jews in the UK, France or elsewhere is “anti-Semitic”. How inconsistent. How silly.

This latest “anti-Semitism” noise (for that is all it is) in the msm and in social media will only destroy Corbyn and his advisers if he and they allow that to happen. I blogged before about this: if you give “them” an inch, they take a mile (or should that be “pound”?…).

Labour’s biggest problem is not “anti-Semitism” (in fact, doubling down on what little there is might get the Labour Party more votes), and is not even the plain treachery of many of its own MPs (starting near the top with Tom Watson, a complete doormat for the Jewish-Zionist element), but is structural in terms of constituencies and demographics: the fact that Labour votes are increasingly concentrated in relatively few constituencies; the fact that Labour’s core vote is now not the (vanishing) English “working classes”, which are not now voting Labour very much (the Scottish equivalent having already decamped), but the “blacks and browns” etc, along with, speaking generally, those who live one way or another off State funds (public service workers, the unemployed, the disabled): see

It may be that, when a real social national party emerges, a good part of the present rank and file Labour Party will be ready to support it, if not brainwashed by the whole “holocaust” mythus propaganda. To that extent, these contrived storms in a Westminster teacup could be useful in awakening people to the menace of alien control and the need for true social nationalism.


Update, 15 October 2019

Below, “@Rattus2384”, a long-term Jew Zionist online stalker and troll, does what he does best: sadistically smirking over the difficulties caused by Jews to those who are not (((their))) doormats. “Rattus” is Stephen Applebaum (presumably the name started off as “Apfelbaum” —apple tree— a century or so ago). Applebaum (who also tweets as “@grubstreetsteve”), is a one-time scribbler and soi-disant film critic who has more recently been described as a “house husband”. He is an active member of Zionist groups such as the malicious fake “charity” called the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” or “CAA”.

Update, 10 July 2020

Well, here we are, a year on. The Jews did manage to retake control of what is left of the Labour Party. Corbyn stepped down after the 2019 General Election debacle, which saw the Conservative Party achieve a Commons majority of 80.

That Commons majority was achieved by default. The Conservative Party share of the vote scarcely increased vis a vis 2017 (an increase of one point), and relatively few 2017 Labour voters switched to the Conservative Party (though some did, in formerly solid Labour constituencies) but far more simply walked, i.e. abstained. The graphic below explains where the voters went in 2019:

In short, the Conservatives did not win, not on their own merits, but Labour did lose. The result speaks for itself: a Conservative majority of 80 in the Commons.

The Labour Party is now led by Keir Starmer, former Director of Public Prosecutions, probably a freemason, certainly a member of Labour Friends of Israel. His wife is a Jewish lawyer, his children are being brought up as Jewish.

Starmer has appointed other Labour Friends of Israel members as members of the Shadow Cabinet. Rachel Reeves and others.

As for the Jewish lobby MPs mentioned in my original blog post, many are now no longer MPs: Tom Watson, Ruth Smeeth, Anna Turley, Joan Ryan (now 65-y-o), Mary Creagh, John Woodcock— all gone.

Sadly, almost all, as far as I can discover, have been (((found))) new and lucrative positions:

Tom Watson is now head of “UK Music“, a trade body formerly headed by Michael Dugher, another Zionist-lobby pro-Israel doormat ex-MP.

Anna Turley became head of the Co-operative Party (in effect, a Labour offshoot) in 2019. A sinecure. She also “won” £75,000 libel damages from the trade union, Unite, in December 2019.

Mary Creagh likewise has found a well-paid niche as head of “Living Streets“, a charity funded largely by government monies (her salary is £100,000+).

John Woodcock, exposed as a pathetic sex pest and nut, has become a government-paid snoop, focussing on the so-called “far-Right”.

66 thoughts on “Panorama and Labour: The Jewish-Zionist “Claque” Is Out In Force (Again)”

    1. When it comes to doormatting for the Jews and Israel, there is nothing to choose among the main System politicians, whether Con-label or Lab-label. Only Corbyn is even slightly better but seems unwilling to take on the Jews here (rather than in Israel/Palestine).

      As to Ash Sarkar, Owen Jones and the like, they are all faux-“revolutionaries” whose highest real aim is a luxury apartment in Central London or around, and a regular TV and radio invitation to be part of a talking head panel. Not serious, politically. Stephen Kinnock is just a deadhead who would be something like a traffic warden or at best a low-level office bod were his father not who he is. Even so, most of his jobs (via nepotism alone) have been pretty low-level (eg running pathetic British Council offices in a couple of places).

      Did you ever see my piece about the Ash Sarkar milieu?


      1. If I were Jeremy Corbyn I would be highly tempted to sack Tom Watson. What a total snake! Does he EVER get fully behind Jeremy?

        Good to see John Woodcock’s days as a Labour MP are numbered. Mind you, he was and is quite mild in his pro-Zionism compared to John Mann MP. Now, there is a guy who truely is Mr Loony Tunes. If he isn’t Jewish or has at least some Jewish ancestry he may as well have such is his Shabbos Goy mania. Who could ever forget that infamous unhinged rant of his on the stairs of the House of Commons with Ken Livingstone after Ken had merely stated a few facts about how the Nazi regime initially co-operated with Zionist groups!

        As for these allegations that Labour is an anti-Semitic party, what a load of tosh they are! Historically, Labour has always been the major party with more Jews in it than the others and the most pro-Jewish. I don’t like Labour so I not used to defending them but if they had any sense fanatical Zionists would quit these constant attacks against the party.

        You can accuse the Labour Party of being anti-white and specifically anti-English but ‘anti-semitic’ no!

        The Conservative Party was THE major party with the ‘anti-semitism’ problem:


      2. To have Tom Watson as Deputy Leader of Labour is a bit like Hitler having treachery in the Wehrmacht High Command. Oh, no, wait…! Let’s leave these historical analogies behind!

        I agree that most Labour MPs and even most ordinary members are not “anti-Semitic”. I wish that they were!

        The point about Tom Watson is that Corbyn *does not have the power* to sack him. The Labour leader does not appoint and cannot sack his Deputy Leader, incredibly:
        “Unlike other political party leaders, the Labour leader does not have the power to appoint or dismiss his or her deputy. The post is instead elected using the party’s electoral college system; it was elected by Labour MPs before 1981”

        I wrote about Woodcock years ago:


      3. Yes, i think so, i believe you mentioned Corbyn’s love affair with Maduro and the economic incompetence of his regime – if i remember correctly?


  1. Looks like the radical market liberal Liberal Party infiltrator (her father was a Liberal as well) Mrs Margaret Thatcher was a pretty bad influence on the Conservative Party:

    Old Tory grandee and ‘Old Etonian’ seems to have been much more of a Tory than Thatcher was!

    I do LOVE Macmillian saying, “The thing about Margaret’s Cabinet is that it contains more Old Estonians than Old Etonians.”

    Ha,ha, very snide! I wonder how he would view Labour’s ‘anti-semitic’ problems today if he were still alive?


    1. Macmillan, though half-American (his mother was from Indiana), and born as long ago as 1894, had that English habit of the post-1945 era (cultivated assiduously by the Jews themselves as they infiltrated the BBC, Oxbridge etc) of being reticent in using the word “JEW”, so referred to those Jews as “Estonians” (which of course fitted better with “Etonians” in his joke). “Latvian Leon” Brittan (Private Eye’s name) was one, of course.

      Macmillan was of one of the generations that experienced the savagery of the Jew-Zionists in pre-Israel British Mandate Palestine in the 1930s and 1940s. Most Brits who had any experience then saw the Jews there as nasty savage troublemakers. Only a few oddities and nuts, like Orde Wingate, took the Jew side.


  2. Not on topic but talking about amoral and unprincipled chancers in British politics ( I’m not talking about Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson for once here) I see that the Europhile Amber Dudd is trying to get a cabinet position under Johnson by now saying she backs no deal when, under Mayhem, she was adamantly opposed!


    1. Quite. Amber Dud is desperately trying to save her seat, but it must be odds-on that she will lose it if there is an election any time soon. Brexit Party will contest her seat and might even win it. Certainly her tiny majority, the smallest of the 2017 General Election, makes her very vulnerable even without Brexit party intervention. She is on the way out for sure.


      1. Yes, she has a tiny majority which was one of the most marginal obtained by a Tory MP in 2017 (Southampton Itchen – the most unsafe Conservative seat in the land – is held by the even more minuscule 31 votes!).

        At the moment and taking into account June’s national opinion polls the Electoral Calculus website is predicting she will lose her seat to Labour in a tight three-way split between the Tories, Labour and the Brexit Party.

        Even though I am not a Labour supporter and would have to wash my hands after doing the deed, if I were a constituent of this Europhile globalist and basically Lib Dem ‘Tory’ woman I would find it highly tempting to vote tactically for Labour just to get her out!


      2. Sajid Javid is ideal NWO/ZOG material: he has left behind his ancestral culture, cast off (as far as he can) his racial and ethnic origins, has no religion, has no philosophy of life beyond the evil nonsense of the Jewess and “philosopher of selfishness”, Ayn Rand, is basically a floating cosmopolitan finance-capitalist hanger-on and parvenu.

        Javid is almost crazily pro-Israel, is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, and even took his honeymoon in Israel! (his wife is apparently some variety of Christian English, though).

        Javid is willing, in the contemporary phrase, to “throw under a bus” his own inherited ethnic groups (Pakistanis, Muslims), as well as the real English/British people, if expedient. He has supported, even while Home Secretary (!) the basically Jewish-controlled “Hope not Hate” snoop and harassment and the mindless (and sub-terroristic) “antifa” groups. A dangerous and yet rather stupid man (for all his “international banker” background)


  3. Thank god then that even perennially stupid Tory MPs got rid of him during their rounds of voting for the leadership of their party though that may have been more a case of accident (ie their engaging in tactical voting) than design. As a country, we surely dodged a massive bullet! It would have been an absolute disgrace if he had been made PM by such a tiny and unrepresentative number of people as Tory MPs and their membership. Being Britain’s PM is a huge honour and privilege seeing as only 54 people have been in that position in the last 300 odd years of history and it is even more of an honour and privilege than being asked to play international sport for your country and few people get the chance to do that either.

    Fancy being a adherent of that Ann Rand philosophy! Such degenerate, selfish and evil nonsense belongs nowhere near the Conservative Party. The Tories wonder why they aren’t all that popular nowdays well I will tell them if you want to improve your opinion poll ratings then you must dump a lot of this libertarian nonsense (it can be kept in the very few areas it does make some sense ie LGBT rights) and tell those in your party who are fixated by it to sling their hook and go and either join Britain’s tiny and politically totally insignificant Libertarian Party, Farage’s single-issue obsessives or the Lib Dem’s because libertarianism is NOT a genuine Tory belief. Basically, the Tory Party would do well to go back into their past history as a party and revive traditional ‘RIght-wing’ Toryism. As someone said once the Conservative Party is the national party or it is nothing!


    1. I agree. “Libertarianism” (ie liberty for the wealthy, serfdom for the rest) is a silly ideology. It has no place in European politics, inc. UK. To some extent, it is the influence of faux-“libertarians” that has brought the “Conservative” Party to its knees. It also prevented UKIP from really taking off. Silly know-nothings like Paul Nuttall speculating on how to privatize the NHS etc. The NHS certainly needs to have a massive improvement, but “privatizing” it is not the right way to go.

      The Church of England was once called “the Conservative Party at prayer”. That was a cultural as much as a religious description. Now, we see that the “Conservatives” are, in Westminster, a pack of cultureless, non-British, anti-British, certainly anti-European in the wide sense, careerists, freeloaders, office-hunters, of, often, Jewish, or ex-Muslim, or (openly or other) atheist background.


      1. One of the most prominent libertarian nutcases in the Conservative Party is that weirdo Daniel Hannan who said he believed Enoch Powell was right on the subject of the Common Market but very wrong on immigration ie he vehemently disagreed with Enoch’s famous Rivers of Blood speech. No, the truth is Enoch was right about both subjects but if we do have to say what subject he was more right on or which one is more important then the blessed Enoch was more correct about immigration since without effective border controls you don’t have a country you can call your own anyway so what point is there in such a country having national sovereignty?

        After all, is France more French today than it was when it was under Nazi occupation from 1940 to 1945? No, it isn’t! France is less French now than it was in 1940 when they had Nazi German soldiers occupying them and no genuine national sovereignty.


  4. If only Javid held a marginal seat as then the voters could get rid of this dangerous loony! How comes Tory LGBT candidates only get to stand in either Tory-held marginals they will probably lose quickly or safe Labour seats whilst ethnics get pushed into safe Tory seats? It seems as if in Tory world some minorities are more equal than others!


    1. This is all being controlled by moles deep within the “Conservative” central organization. The “A”-list etc. Labour is similar. Fiona Onasanya was selected by a couple of Labour HQ people who had never even met her! #black #woman #feminist #lawyer (only a trainee at that!) in a #white area…Rubberstamp, and she’s in. Or was.


      1. Yet one of the very few advantages of our archaic electoral system of First Past The Post is that all MPs are individual candidates in single-member constituencies with local party organisations supposedly having autonomy over their candidate selection processes. Now this has been systematically undermined by PC people in national party headquarters there are fewer reasons than ever for Britain not to elect at least some MPs by a list PR system as Germany has half of its MPs does in their hybrid Mixed-Member Proportional Representation system.


      2. I agree. The archaic FPTP system is running out of road, leading to ever-more unbalanced results. The same is true of constituencies. The population is far more mobile in terms of residency than it used to be. There was a time, a century or more ago, when MPs not uncommonly came from (were born or brought up in) their constituencies. That was long ago and today is the reverse. Most MPs have virtually no real connection with “their” constituencies.


  5. As for Sajid Javid being Home Secretary that is akin to having Dracula in charge of a blood bank or Herman Goering as head of the RAF in 1940!


      1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Javid becomes “Chancellor of the exchequer” when Boris wins, because of his economic background and because it would be “another” first for Westminster – i. e the first “coloured” Chancellor, they do like to push the boundaries!


  6. Yes Scunthorpe is 40 odd miles from me and that particular story was featured in the local papers website today. I was pretty disgusted when i read it!


  7. Bob Matthews, perhaps you are correct with respect to Javid. He is their little ethic pet they pat on the head and say to him, “Good Boy, you do well at whatever job we give you as although many in our party don’t like Paki Muslims and that, of course includes you, you just do as you are told and keep your head down son as you are only in a cabinet position so the press don’t accuse us of being racist quite so often! Now then boy, COME TO HEEL!”😂😂😂

    Actually, I think he will be kept in place. The real record to be broken for the PC morons amongst us (ie the vast majority of Tory, Labour and Lib Dem MPs) isn’t to have an ethnic as Chancellor (or, at least, not yet,) but to have a woman in that post as we have never had a female chancellor. So, it looks likely Coco The Clown will appoint Liz Truss to that post. God help us! All we need is another scatty-brained Tory woman at the helm because, of course, Conservative woman are famous for their abilities in government ie Teresa Mayhem! God almighty! The Clown’s administration will be a real government of all the talents – NOT!

    Teresa put a woman in charge of the Defence ministry so the Tories could say they appointed the first female in that post!


    1. Bob Matthews, if Priti Patel hadn’t messed-up her previous job in cabinet and been found to be, in effect, an agent of the foreign state of Israel, I would say she would have been a virtual shoe-in for the post of Chancellor. After all, she studied economics at university, is a woman and is an ethnic so she ticks three boxes in total and two PC ones whereas Javid only ticks one PC box! PC points mean cabinet positions nowdays you know even in the fake CONServative Party!


      1. Sorry to butt in, but my fear is that, under a shambolic (and hopefully brief) Boris-Idiot premiership, Israeli agent and escapee from a Kampala grocery store, Priti Patel, might be promoted to Foreign Secretary.

        I know that that seems unbelievable, but she was after all appointed to Cabinet before, despite being as thick as two short planks. An evil little bitch.

        As a social nationalist, I find it incredible and depressing that the British people allow this alien creature to (be one of those who) rule over them. The plebs are more interested in whether “England” wins some rugby, soccer or cricket game than they are who rules, what ideology is applied in government etc.

        I have no evidence to back my speculation, but I wonder whether Priti Patel was a *paid” agent rather than an ideological one? After all, she is not Jewish (Indian, I presume Parsee) by origin. Why exactly *is* she so extremely pro-Jew and pro-Israel? Careerist motives? Wants favourable Press and other msm coverage? I need more evidence.


  8. She might be! After all, she did campaign with Boris as part of Vote Leave and I presume she is politically close to him so he may feel inclined to reward her in some way either as an individual favour or because she comes from the ‘correct part of the party.

    Mind you, why remove Jeremy Hunt? He is doing far better as Foreign Secretary than Boris did (not that is hard!) and Jeremy’s wing of the party will need to be placated if Boris wins in the interests of party unity, especially as Boris could well accidentally stumble into causing a general election soon. Indeed, party unity could well be a big problem for Boris as there is a story at the moment in the Daily Express that says two Tory MPs may defect to the Lib Dem’s as soon as he is elected and (I don’t know what problem they have with Ed Davey) if Jo Swinson becomes the Lib Dem leader.

    What with a probable loss of the Brecon and Radnor constituency in that by-election and a couple of defections, it looks as if Coco The Clown might last a few weeks at best and even have a shorter tenure as PM than Tory PM The Viscount Goderich who lasted just 144 days!,_1st_Viscount_Goderich

    Yes, it is infuriating and depressing that Britons don’t take more interest in politics. As the saying goes, ‘people get the politicians they deserve’

    As for the plebs being infatuated with the performances of the ‘England’ football team, well, words fail me as that team is mostly non ethnically English anyway so what precise nation is it meant to represent? The Rugby Union side is, sadly, going the same way even though the team is composed of many ex public schoolboys so it should, in theory, be more English!

    She is probably doing it for careerist motives and to get favourable press articles written about her. I can’t think why an Asian Indian and probably Hindu woman would be so pro-Israeli or pro-Jew otherwise.


    1. I think that “Patels” are all Parsees, but I may be wrong. As for Priti Patel’s pro-Israel stance, there must be a quid pro quo somewhere. She went way beyond being politically pro-Israel. Her actions were closer to those of an agent under control.

      As for Hunt, Boris Idiot may think that Hunt is better in the tent pissing out than outside pissing in, in the vulgar but apt words of Lyndon Johnson. Whether Hunt would accept is an open question. After all, if Boris is fairly quickly binned, Hunt would be the obvious successor *if not too closely tied to Boris*…


      1. I know Philip Hammond is going he admitted it on Peston last week and therefore it will be interesting to see who replaces him! Truss perhaps or even Hunt, although i still think Javid could get it as part of PR exercise for Boris and the system!


  9. Re an earlier point of yours, Ian, about constituencies and MPs, according to many surveys many voters have no idea who their MP is or even sometimes the party they represent least of all have actually met them in a constituency surgery as I have with regard to Brentwood and Ongar’s former MP Sir Eric Pickles so, all in all, how valuable is this fabled constituency link to the voters?

    I think it is a strength of our present system but it CAN BE combined with injecting far greater levels of proportionalality into the electoral system as Germany demonstrates thus putting paid to the lies of the Tor press that you can’t have local MPs and PR at the same time!


  10. A pervading sense of ennui has anaesthetised any remaining receptiveness in me to the Labour anti-Semitism kabuki theatre. It just goes on and on, but afaik still without having published any demonstrable substantive instances.
    So I assume it’s no more nor less than this:

    “Anti-semitic, Its a Trick, We Always Use it” – former Israeli Minister, the late Shulamit Aloni.


      1. Indeed, they would. You don’t hear of Jews in Britain making aliyah to Israel! To hear them moaning about Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party you would think Labour was a neo-Nazi party and Jeremy was just itching to unleash a new Kristallnacht as soon as he entered No. 10! We Brits are not that ‘anti-semitic’ surely!


      2. I doubt that Jews have anything at all to fear from a Corbyn-Labour government, except the likelihood of a higher tax bill! In fact, in terms of “fear”, I doubt that Jews would even have anything to “fear” from an Ian Robert Millard government, though their now-excessive influence, money and power (and links with the worldwide Israel/Zionist web) would have to be curbed.


  11. I agree, Ian, about Tory MPs and their desperation to join Boris-Clown’s cabinet. I expect Boris will be keen to fill it with the wonderful array of sheer political talent there is in the ‘modern’ (sic!) CONServative Party so he doesn’t get shown up too much ie that brilliant example of scatty-brained Tory woman Liz Truss as Chancellor, Matt Hancock etc but he may demote Jeremy Hunt because Hunt is one of the very few Tory MPs who have any real ability and is worthy of being a cabinet minister.

    His administration is going to be a government of all the talents. I bet the EU and the world can’t wait to see it! Meanwhile, we Brits are as nervous as hell to see what deadheads have been shuffled from the copious pack and don’t know whether to laugh or cry!


    1. Come on British Jews, what are you waiting for?:

      Why would you wish to stay in ‘Nazi’ Britain which could be just months away from electing the Nazi Jeremy Corbyn to power and his National Socialist British Workers Party (NSBWP) formerly known as the Labour Party?


      1. I may not like most of “them” very much, but I have to admit that the immigrants that they get look a lot more useful than most of the ones *we* get!


    2. Once or twice recently, I have seen Boris-Idiot lost for words, once at an interview and once when heckled very loudly by a *Conservative* Party member. In those seconds he lost not only his voice but his usually-excessive show of confidence.

      I wonder if, for those moments, he understood that he is completely out of his depth? We have seen him flounder several times already recently, eg over the Ambassador matter. He just does not have the intellectual or ethical background or nous to be a prime minister. He was never suited to be a minister (or even MP) let alone a head of government.

      This is making me uneasy now, that the UK really is going to be in the hands of that clown. Were I at the head of a social-national party, I would be rubbing my hands at the prospect of the chaos that idiot will cause, but I am not head of or even member of any party. As it is, I feel that the best that can be expected is that Boris-Idiot will do very little as PM. Like David Cameron-Levita and Theresa May, but more so.


      1. Seeing as relying upon any good sense of Tory Party members not to impose this goon upon our country is a forlorn hope, we can only wish the Conservative Party loses a few more MPs somehow so that Boris as PM is rendered totally impotent and can’t move an inch. I read a story in the Independent over the weekend that said many Tory MPs are getting bored and fed-up with the Brexit situation (ha, aren’t we ALL!) and the fact that due to it they are not attending to the issues that most concern them and which brought them into politics so this article suggested that one or two of them might voluntarily resign their seats so that they could go back to working in the City. As so many Conservative MPs have connections to the City of London, I wonder what seats could face by-elections soon?


      2. That would apply only to a few (I mean that only a few have much marketability as City bods); some of those are already operating in a big way in the financial markets without being much impeded by their MP duties. Rees-Mogg for one.

        Having said that, if the Government majority *with DUP support* is only 3 (and after the Brecon by-election may be only 2), then of course it only requires 3-4 Con MPs to abstain (bearing in mind the casting vote of the Speaker) or 2-3 to vote contra the Government, to defeat a motion facing strong Opposition hostility.

        In a confidence vote, the Boris-Idiot government will hang by a thread. I could imagine someone like Ken Clarke, who is ready to retire, voting to bring down Boris and/or stop Brexit (at all). As for by-elections, some may occur by reason of unexpected events (deaths, convictions etc); others by reason of (in effect) resignations (which are sometimes unrelated to politics or careers: eg medical emergencies or infirmities).


  12. Europhile Dominic Grieve might well vote to bring down his own government in a confidence vote as well to stop a no-deal Brexit even if to do so would virtually guarantee that he was deselected as Tory candidate in his constituency. Mind you, even if he did do this and consequently lost the Conservative Party nomination in Beaconsfield he might well be able to retain the seat standing as an independent Conservative. His seat is extremely Tory and is nearly always ranked amongst their top twenty or so seats. Also, the referendum produced a high number of Remain voters there ie the local government district of South Buckinghamshire upon which his seat is based voted 49% Remain to 51% Leave.


    1. The idea that Leave voters are relatively poorly-educated, poor, poorly-paid etc as compared to Remain voters is a Remain whiner conceit. Many very affluent areas in the South of England voted Leave (the area in which I live was just under 58% Leave).

      The flawed idea that Leave voters are less likely to be “university-educated” forgets certain facts, such as that, until about 30 years ago, only a small minority went to any form of higher education. That does not mean that they were stupid or indeed ignorant. Had I gone onto the Inns of Court School vocational course (Bar Finals course) at age 18 or 19 (in 1974 or 1975) instead of starting a degree course when I was 28 (by which time it was mandatory), it would not at that time have been necessary to have a degree (in any subject) at all! That was also true of most occupations then: solicitors, armed services officers, stockbrokers, executives etc.

      In other words, many older Leave voters (possibly educated, cultured etc) have no degree purely because they are older voters. Also, one has to look at the kind of “degrees” many Remain whiners have! “Degrees” in “Women’s Studies”, “Travel and Tourism” etc from Nowheresville University (formerly the Mid-Nowheresville Technical College)…Everyone and his dog now has a “degree” from (allegedly) a “uni”…”never mind the quality, feel the width”, if you like.

      Reverting to the substance of your comment, yes, it only takes a few MPs on the Conservative side to despairingly turn to the “nuclear option” (or “Samson option” if you like) to collapse the Government. Alternatively, they might simply show displeasure by abstaining on non-Brexit-related business.The Government would call it vandalism or sabotage but would be powerless.

      I see that both Con leader candidates say that they would not call a snap election “before Brexit” (whatever that means). They might not get the option. I notice that both accept that an election now would all but destroy the Conservative Party. They know that in real terms they have no mandate to do anything.


    2. Further to earlier reply, I just saw this in the Independent:

      “Dominic Grieve also told journalists that Mr Johnson’s previous suggestion he could suspend Parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit would be a “disgraceful” move that would spell the end of democracy as we know it.
      Mr Grieve said: “I would like to think it is an incredible suggestion, that it is astonishing that Boris Johnson hasn’t just ruled it out.

      “It is unconstitutional, it is anti-democratic, it would in fact be the end of our parliamentary democracy and it’s something which hasn’t been done in this fashion for such a purpose since the 17th century.

      “It’s a disgraceful suggestion and I hope very quickly that we will get an assurance that it’s not going to happen if he becomes prime minister.

      “But if he doesn’t, as far as I’m concerned, that’s one of the defining issues for me of my ability to give him any support at all.””

      Note that: “to give him any support at all”, which looks as if Grieve is coming to the point where he will not vote for Government business in the Commons, or for the Government in any no-confidence vote.


      1. Oh well, “that’s Boris!” as your typical Boris-supporting Tory moron would say! It just goes to show how incredibly dim these people are if they trust a SINGLE WORD that comes out of the oaf’s mouth!

        I agree they will be slaughtered if they go for an early election for many reasons not least the fact this shambolic ‘government’ has failed on so many levels not least in terms of promises to control immigration as well as the Brexit mess etc.

        Another paper said they would go to the country within a year at most since it is proving to be virtually impossible to govern with the numbers in parliament being what they are even if you include the ten from the DUP.

        IF the Tories had any brains they would elect Jeremy Hunt who is clever enough to seek to avoid an election as long as possible. Delaying an election also carries some risks but if it is delayed there may be one or more by-elections that the Brexit Party fail to win and that will help to deflate their ratings to Tory advantage.

        Yes, it comes from The Guardian so is to be expected but it still adds to the copious evidence that Eton College’s latest village idiot is simply not suitable to be PM:


      2. You have to talk to some of these elderly Conservative local association members to understand how incredibly stupid (and usually ignorant, poorly-educated etc) most are.

        Most *are* elderly of course (making me, aged 62 now, feel —almost— young!). It is pointless really talking to them. For example, they all think that “austerity” (for the poorer part of society) was necessary and that Dunce Duncan Smith was trying to do a very clever things to stop abuse of the social security system.

        The fact that they are therefore (what Jews call) “enablers” of what amounts to repression and disguised mass murder would be scoffed at. They would respond (I have heard this) with “we all give food to the local food bank”…but never wonder why an area (2 constituencies in size) with the most millionaires in the UK outside small parts of London *needs* a “food bank”!

        Looking down the line 5-10 years, you can see that the Conservative Party will not exist on any but small scale. Most of the present membership will have died (in many cases, in extreme old age), leaving that party with about 20,000 members. Only about a fifth of voters under 45 intend to vote Conservative next time, many of whom will, as you said on previous occasions, vote in deep-blue Conservative strongholds anyway.

        The election of Boris-Idiot may reduce the time of demise of Con Party from 10 years to 5. Compare the huge Conservative Party conferences of the 1970s, 1980s, even 1990s to those of recent years. If you take out lobbyists and journalists, hardly anyone actually attends. A few hundred very elderly people and a few youths aged 17 and three-quarters.


  13. 😂😂😂😂😂

    When I was a kid, it was one of my favourite films but NEVER could I imagine then that the Conservative Party would seriously consider putting someone like the scarecrow into NO. 10!


  14. I think the fact that the dunce (so stupid apparently that even the less than Mastermind of Britain George Gideon Oliver Osbourne was said to have remarked, “Iain is too thick to be a member of the cabinet” Duncan Smith is one of The Oaf’s leading supporters says all that needs to be said!

    As for your average Tory Party member being of an advanced age it should come as no surprise that seats with lots of old people in them tend to vote Tory in large numbers such as famous ‘God’s waiting room’ Christchurch which is the safest Conservative seat in the country:


    1. Christchurch is only about 10 miles, maybe 15, from here. Everywhere in this part of the world is heavily Conservative, as where you live. Of course, some elderly people (let’s say 65+ y o) are alert, aware, knowledgeable….but not the majority. Yes, Dunce Duncan Smith covers up his thickness with an ex-Guards officer faked authority voice. When you think about all the misery the bastard and his helpers have caused since 2010, and it has all COST the State money, not saved anything (as with that other thick bastard, Chris Grayling).


  15. It is truely disturbing and frightening that this country is soon to get a real-life clown and manifestly incompetent buffoon as its next PM chosen on the whims of just 100,000 or so mostly elderly people suffering from senile dementia? God almighty! I’m just an ordinary Brit, please GET ME OUT OF HERE!


      1. France, has many problems like Britain has but one thing they have which we haven’t is an electorate whereby at least some of them have an IQ level as that country has the Rassemblement National (RN) ( National Rally) party of Marine Le Pen and quite a few French people with an IQ vote for them.

        Even the most cursory glance at Wikipedia will show you what a silly little party the Brexit Party is compared to parties like the French RN or Germany’s Alternative Fur Deutschland ie if you look at the pages on there it will describe the Brexit Party’s ‘ideology’ as Euroscepticism and ‘populism’ well the latter could mean just about anything in politics ie it could describe a hard-left Marxist party as well as a hard-right nationalist party. On the other hand, the boxes for the French RN and German Afd describe real, substantive parties with coherent ideologies.

        To be honest, even UKIP was more of a real party so I am a bit bewildered as to why the Tories are so damm scared of Farage’s jokers. They are so petrified of him they are prepared to impose upon the country the sick political joke that is Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson! Our political scene is so profoundly depressing when compared to the likes of France or Germany.


      2. A quite likely result of a general election is a hung Parliament, possibly with Labour as largest party (my guess) but possibly with Cons still as largest party. If the latter, then the Cons will attempt a coalition or arrangement again. DUP and/or LibDems may be junior partner, but so might Brexit Party, if it had a bloc of MPs, even if that bloc were only 20-strong. As you say, Brexit Party is UKIP without the policies, so in some ways just Con-lite.


  16. It is increasingly hard to tell where the supposedly multi-issue Conservative (or should that be Koshervative Party as even David Cameron-Levita described it once as?) Party begins and ends and where the Brexit Party does! Have they merged yet? They may as well since both parties are single-issue obsessives on the EU! May I gently remind the Conservative Party that WON’T be a good look going into an early general election and could well lose you more seats than you think!


    1. Didn’t David Cameron once warn his party to, “stop banging-on about Europe”? His warning hasn’t been heeded and that may cost them a lot in a general election.


      1. Most people wanted out of the EU and still do. Most people, though, also want to trade with the EU, travel easily in the EU, but don’t want huge numbers of people coming here and staying as cheap labour or (as with the Roma Gypsies) thieves and scavengers. The Brexit negotiations have been, not even ineptly, but criminally negligently handled by the Conservatives involved.


    2. That “glorious uncertainty” (of the racecourse and the British electoral system) makes it hard to call. On the one hand, a good showing for Brexit Party undoubtedly weakens the Conservatives in terms of seats, but at the same time a Brexit Party bloc of seats gives the Conservatives, *if* they end up as largest party, an easy-to-handle coalition partner…


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