To What Extent Can The UK Still Be Called “A Free Country”?

I noticed this tweet:


which relates to this [below]

Here we see the News Editor for The Guardian, no less, favouring censorship of views and even thoughts (so long as those censored are white…)

The Indian woman noted above, Priyamvada Gopal, is apparently an academic at Cambridge University. An out and out enemy of freedom (for white Northern Europeans). She does not want compromise, dialogue, let alone academic or civil freedom of thought and speech. She is an enemy.

In fact her Twitter timeline is a useful resource, where enemies of the British people expose themselves, in effect confessionally. As I have written in other contexts, Twitter is a good reservoir of open source intelligence about many of the enemies of Europe’s future.

Since I wrote the above (some weeks ago), Douglas Murray has written this:

An interesting and valuable piece, though I have to say that I never saw Douglas Murray (very pro-Jew, pro-Zionist) standing up for my rights of belief or expression when a pack of Zionist Jews pressured the Bar Standards Board to have me disbarred a few years ago. See:

or when the same pack of Jews, more or less, also tried to have me charged by the police in 2017:

In fact, I have been writing on the same theme as Douglas Murray’s article for some time:

There is more than one group trying to repress opinion (or even personal belief) in the UK at the moment. I have already mentioned the Jew-Zionists, and they are probably the most dangerous, because they have infiltrated over decades into the msm, as well as law, politics and, of course, business, as well as its offshoot, advertising. There are others travelling the same way, but the Zionists are driving most of this. The “antifa” idiots, the “multikulti” partisans, the Tooting Popular Front-style self-described “leftists”, post-Marxists etc are also involved, but on the lower levels, usually; they are far less effective because far less “connected”. “Useful idiots” for the Zionists.

I described in one of the links above how I was disbarred because the Jews wanted to punish me for my expressed views, views mainly expressed then on Twitter. In fact, I had ceased practice some 7-8 years previously, so “they” did not damage my professional and other life as they intended (which is no doubt why they then tried to manipulate tame Essex Police into doing their dirty work), but that is scarcely the point. The point is that (((they))) used (misused) the Bar’s Code of Conduct (now very much more restrictive than it was in the past, when professional standards were in fact far higher….) as a political bullying tactic.

The same thing has happened to a UK-based Palestinian activist, Nazim Ali:

In short, the police and Crown Prosecution Service [CPS] declined to charge or prosecute Nazim Ali. The malicious Jew-Zionist “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [CAA] then launched a private prosecution, only for the CPS to take over that private prosecution and (as is their prerogative in law) discontinue it:

When I was disbarred, Gideon Falter, the obsessed head of the CAA, crowed that people like Ian Millard, who had the temerity to criticize Jews, would “face devastating professional consequences”, which rather proved my point that that Bar Disciplinary Tribunal case was not really about me at all, but about trying to create a precedent which could be weaponized against others, not only at the Bar but elsewhere.

The CAA tried to do somewhat the same against Alison Chabloz, the satirical singer-songwriter, inasmuch as the CAA Jews, in her case, were trying to create a precedent in respect of “holocaust” “denial” (historical revision and revisionism). The CAA director, Falter, once studied law at Warwick University, but I have no idea whether he got a degree or not (and I have not seen it said anywhere that he has any professional legal qualifications).

Now we see that Nazim Ali is going to be “tried” by the professional regulators of the pharmacists’ profession. I wonder whether Zionists drafted the no doubt quite-recently-changed equivalent of their “code of conduct”? I wonder whether Zionists are employed in key posts?

The CAA pressured the relevant professional body. That is not some “conspiracy theory”; the CAA Zionists admit it [see link above] and in fact are proud of having done so!

The Zionists are far more dangerous enemies of freedom of expression than are odd UK-based Indian “academics”, however venomous they may be.

My view can be put simply, and is that there should be complete freedom to express, to adult citizens, one’s views on politics, society and history, as a minimum. However, such civilized freedoms have their enemies, and we must deal with them, before it is too late.


A few relevant cartoons…








Update, 11 September 2019

Here is a case which illustrates how far the UK has gone down the path of repression: someone imprisoned for 2.5 years for putting a few stickers on lamp-posts! That, in a country where violent thugs, abusers of the elderly, and other social evildoers are routinely given non-custodial sentences!

26 September 2019

Further thoughts

Germany is already treading such a path, and has been for many years. Laws against freedom of expression politically, socially, even historically (“holocaust” “denial” laws, laws against mentioning the many positive aspects of the [Third] Reich etc. Now such repression is intensifying.

Update, 28 September 2019

Here we see the approaching reality of “White Genocide”. It does not happen overnight. First, a few non-European immigrants, then more and more, all breeding fast. At the same time, freedom for British (or other European) people is eroded by “race relations”, “community relations”, “hate speech”, or “malicious communications” laws aimed in reality only at white people. The Jews are behind much of it, and they of course have their own agenda: to close down criticism or even plain disbelief in the “holocaust” fable and its fakery; also, to prevent opposition to Israel.

We see now (I saw 40+ years ago) where this leads: to a Britain where white people have no real political expression (just a shadow political life, ruled by Jewish influence); no freedom of expression even on legitimate political, social or historical questions; eventually, no right to exist at all.

Whites are not breeding; non-whites are. White Genocide. It’s real, it’s happening (gradually, but becoming ever-more apparent), and anyone sticking up for freedom (even in art or music) is repressed, even imprisoned. Look at the famous “banksters” mural,


now painted over because said to be “anti-Semitic”. Look at Alison Chabloz, prosecuted and persecuted for singing satirical songs. Look at me (and others), disbarred for a few tweets critical of Zionist Jewry and the way the UK is fast-declining.

Action has to be taken if any decent future in Europe is to be saved.

Update, 29 September 2019

Good…but he should never have been harassed by the police in the first place.

Update, 14 October 2019

Below, radio loudmouth and ignoramus Julia Hartley-Brewer defends free speech. Strangely enough, she spoke not a word when I was disbarred at the instigation of a malicious pack of Jews, when Alison Chabloz was persecuted, prosecuted and convicted by connected pack of Jews, when Jez Turner was actually imprisoned by the same pack of Jews. I must be missing something. Or maybe not…

Julia Hartley-Brewer


When does it all stop? People trying to get other people sacked by pretending to take offence at them expressing their perfectly reasonable and honestly held opinions. We all know where this ends… β€¦



Thousands call for Piers Morgan to be fired by Good Morning Britain for β€˜dehumanising’ trans people β€¦

Update, 15 October 2019

Below, what this politically-correct “offence” culture leads to: police (on the ground, the usual po-faced, politically-correct WPC…) threatening to investigate and arrest those who copy a definition out of the Oxford English Dictionary!

Update, 19 October 2019

A comment about me, only seen by me on 24 October 2019

Strangely enough, “free speech” devotee James Delingpole seems unwilling to respond to someone’s tweet mentioning me. The Spectator and other places where he scribbles are all under Jew-Zionist influence or control, though, so it really is not so strange that his support for “free speech” has its limits…

(btw, Twitter account @ChequeShanghai seems well worth reading)

While browsing around the above, I happened to see the tweet below, in which the Jew scribbler Finkelstein (now, absurdly, elevated to the House of Lords!) makes a nuisance of himself to a young woman who retweeted me when I was still on Twitter (the Jews had me expelled in 2018). Another example of how (((they))) try to control free speech. The sad thing is that so many people fail to stand up to (((them))). I think that that will change, though…

Just seen…

Looks like the Shomrim (Jew private police operating out of a couple of real police stations in North London and even operating cars got up to look like real police cars and with their personnel dressed exactly like police —which is an offence, but a blind eye is turned—) may have had to find alternative accommodation…

Update, 21 November 2019

Update, 23 November 2019

The police, CPS etc, but especially police, seem incapable of distinguishing, or unwilling to distinguish, between “grossly offensive” (unlawful) and merely “offensive” (lawful) and tend to treat all “offensive” communications as “grossly offensive”, which runs counter to Court of Appeal and Supreme Court case authority.

This is what happens when plainly bad law, such as Communications Act 2003, s.127, is drafted and passed into statute.

Update, 5 January 2021:

Re. the Nazim Ali case, the CAA conspirators had Nazim Ali brought before the disciplinary tribunal of the professional regulator of pharmacists. The result was that his comments were adjudged as “offensive” but not “antisemitic” (why not “antisemitic” but not offensive?!). He was then issued with a warning:;

The full determination can be found here:

That was, of course, insufficient for the Jew-Zionists, who raged about being denied their pound of flesh. They wanted to have Nazim Ali deprived of his profession, trade, business, and home.;

I expect that their preference would be for Ali’s business and home to be demolished, as often happens in their beloved Israel (to which, however, few of “them” seem to want to relocate!).

The Jews’ next move was to get their (many) lawyers working on persuading the Professional Standards Authority to take the disciplinary part of the General Pharmaceutical Council itself to the High Court! See this jubilatory blog post by David Collier, a prominent Jew-Zionist activist for Israel who was one of only two “witnesses” against Nazim Ali:

The aim is for the Nazim Ali case to be reheard and/or the “sentence” replaced by a far more severe one.

From the Jews’ point of view, the ideal outcome would be for Nazim Ali to be struck off the roll of pharmacists and also fined heavily. He would thus be deprived of profession, business and home. Almost as good as what would happen in “Israel” itself…

12 thoughts on “To What Extent Can The UK Still Be Called “A Free Country”?”

  1. Wellsaid. Isn’t it funny that the increasingly loony levels of US Republican-style libertarianism in the British CON Party never extend to trying to emulate America with respect to the sanctity of freedom of speech and other basic human freedoms like freedom to peacefully assemble in a public place etc!

    I have no idea which British judge said it but I recall one saying the freedom to be uncontentious and uncontroversial is no real freedom at all and I agree wholeheartedly with that statement.


  2. On the subject of that flag and freedom of speech, look on Twitter with respect to their comments about this from those who are virulently ant-Brexit and have the initials FBPE after their names.πŸ™„ It should come as no surprise that the people who support the new-Marxist EU construct (NOT neo-Nazi as libertarian Tory nut jobs like Farage say it is) are very supportive of this person being prosecuted and even imprisioned!

    Personally, I think whoever lives there should have erected the flag of a British organisation such as Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists (BUF) instead of the Swastika but then that wouldn’t have been such a massive trigger for these globalist FBPE types!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    1. Few would recognize the old BUF flag!

      Many people are so ignorant that they cannot even be called hypocrites: they quite literally “know not what they do”. Example: about 15 years ago, I saw one of those TV shows where people swap lives for a week. One “family” consisted of a radical feminist woman, a boyfriend who was bisexual (the quasi-marriage was, of course, “open”), and their young adopted children (about 4, I think), all but one of which were mixed-race or black. However, what struck me most was that this couple liked to dress up in public, either as pirates or (in the case of the young man) wearing an NKVD cap (or fur shapka, complete with red star)! They described themselves as “anti-fascists”. When one thinks of the cruelties of Bolshevism/Stalinism/Sovietism, carried out on a huge scale by persons wearing such headgear, one wonders about what their little minds think.


  3. Indeed. Such a shame that a great Englishman like Sir Oswald Mosley who could have been Britain’s best ever PM is now virtually forgotten about apart from when the BBC feel the need to smear him.🀬😞🀬.

    This person should have put-up both a BUF flag which, yes, would probably not been commented upon because most wouldn’t recognise it and the Nazi flag because triggering globalists lefties and ant-Brexit types like those with FBPE hashtags on Twitter is so entertaining and damm good fun!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜


  4. I ask myself if there is on the interwebz somewhere an “In the Courts” bulletin board for random posting of instances of ostensible judicial maladministration, travesties of justice and ‘does not compute’ AI criminalisation of the citizen. Absent ready knowledge of such a site, permit me to post three here:

    i) FT journalista finds herself a tech-unfriendly ‘outcome’:

    The same syndrome applies to any dealing with the Government today. Very risky, time consuming and best avoided to the maximum extent possible.

    ii) youth of 19 convicted of “sexual” assault (at most – report somewhat inconclusive of the facts which is no surprise given his professed inability to put himself across!); now awaiting sentencing, meantime media reptiles plaster his mugshot over the world-wide web.
    Unless there is more to this than meets the eye I think it a case where the complainants should be ostracised in the local community.
    Also contrast with the cases where the complainant and/or parent reported allegations of rape on minors by South Asian(s) and the police arrested complainant and said parent!

    Some interesting remarks here about the politics – and “qualifications” – of the judiciary:

    iii) the GcMAF: David Noakes / Lynda Thyer persecution:

    – “believe but verify” may be the order of the day as ever, but DN makes some interesting observations. What he doesn’t mention is the fact that Efranat, an Israeli company, has for some years been testing “a new, more stable, and patent-protected formula [of GcMAF]” (no connection of Noakes with said company known to me).


    This indicates that those wishing to avoid conventional cancer therapies will have to continue doing without GcMAF for the foreseeable, leaving among the better-known options, consuming 12 or more apricot pits a day (laetrile) or a litre/day of tee-kvass, as administered to Solzhenitsyn and Reagan.

    Also in the courts, back for a moment to the hang ’em and flog ’em theme:

    “. . . Florant laughed and shouted up to friends in the public gallery as he was sent down. . . . ”
    That runt-brain would be laughing on the other side of his face after a long drop and a short stop – the only sane and socially hygienic solution.


    1. The whole saga of these poor girls could have been avoided by the early and effective instilling of a reasonable amount of decent “racism” in the girls, the police, the social work monkeys, and the politicians at both local and national level.


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