Deadhead MPs, An Occasional Series: The Matt Hancock Story

I saw this piece by journalist and former Cameron-Levita speechwriter Ian Birrell, sometimes seen on the TV newspaper reviews:

Ian Birrell’s view of Matt Hancock

It would be a brave person who picked out the politician that has most debased themselves since the Brexit debacle exploded. But among the favourites in this crowded field would be Matt Hancock, the over-promoted health secretary who switches views so freely whenever he sees any threat to his seat at the cabinet table.

One minute he is a compassionate conservative, bitterly opposed to No Deal, valiant defender of businesses and vowing to fight on the beaches to prevent the proroguing of parliament. Then he pops up a few days later to do his latest leader’s dirty work by arguing passionately against his own previously stated views.

Hancock personifies why so many voters have lost faith in Westminster. He is a plasticine politician, moulded by others into contorted positions while posing as someone of stature. Last week he tweeted that one of his jobs was ‘to stick up for doctors’ after Jacob Rees-Mogg compared a neurologist with whom he clashed to the disgraced medical fraudster behind the measles epidemic – but only after the leader of the house was forced to apologise by a tide of outrage. Then after Amber Rudd found her backbone, he expressed sadness at her resignation but hoped ‘other One Nation Tories will stay and fight for the values we share.’Note how this ludicrous figure still dons the mantle of One Nation Conservatism when he is serving the most divisive prime minister and right-wing government in modern history. In just a few short weeks Boris Johnson has trashed constitutional norms, jeopardised the union, risked peace in Ireland and purged many of his own moderates as he completes the transformation of the Tories into the Brexit Party.”

Well, this is about “Matt” Hancock MP, not Conservatism as such, so I shall leave aside the question of how Ian Birrell can call what has happened in the UK since about 2007, mostly under “Conservative” Prime Ministers, “compassionate” or “decent”: the hounding of the sick, disabled and generally poor by part-Jap sadist Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, the Jew “lord” Freud, Esther McVey, David Gauke and others; the human skeletons and terminal cancer sufferers found “fit for work” by the politicized DWP bullies, the hate campaign by (again, part-Jew) George Osborne, and so on.

I recall seeing Ian Birrell himself on BBC or Sky News newspaper review arguing for a retention of prescription charges despite the fact that only about 1 out of 8 persons actually has to pay them anyway (the under-18s, over-60s and any people on State benefits or below a certain income level do not pay), so the amount saved by all the cross-checking and snooping is small in governmental terms. But we can leave that aside for now and return to “suited thug” Hancock (my soubriquet for him on Twitter, until the Jew-Zionist lobby had me ejected).

Hancock’s biographical details

Hancock’s parents are affluent and own a software company in his native Cheshire, where he studied at an independent school and a further education college, before going up to Oxford. He achieved a First in PPE and then, at Cambridge, an MPhil. All very impressive, or would be, were one ignorant of the fact that, thanks to award inflation in recent decades, no less than 33.9% of Oxford students get Firsts (and 93.8% get either Firsts or 2:1s!). As for a “Master’s” degree, well, hardly anyone fails, unless they drop out or die.

Matt Hancock did not die, sadly. He joined the Conservative Party, worked for his family business for a short while, then took a job “as economist” at the Bank of England. No detail available except that it concerned mortgages. How much of his time was taken up in making tea, one does not know. That lasted for about a year or so, before Hancock became, in 2005, an adviser and then Chief of Staff for George Osborne, which latter role he had until 2010.

Hancock became MP for West Suffolk, a safe Conservative seat, in 2010. In that position, and later as junior minister and then Secretary of State, gaffe-prone Hancock has been notorious for sheer nastiness and general incompetence.

In January 2013, he was accused of dishonesty by Daybreak presenter Matt Barbet after claiming he had been excluded from a discussion about apprentices after turning up “just 30 seconds late”.[12] Barbet said Hancock knew he was “much more than a minute late” and he should have arrived half an hour beforehand to prepare for the interview. His opponent expressed surprise that “a minister whose Government berates ‘shirkers’ couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed to defend his own policy”.” [Wikipedia]

In March 2013, Hancock initiated and assisted the development of the Conservative government’s minimum wage policy. Against internal and external party opposition, Hancock highlighted that most economic analyses demonstrate that raising the minimum wage had “no discernible effect on the employment prospects of low-wage workers”.” [Wikipedia]. Perhaps not, but Minimum Wage does ensure that workers in low-paid work are at least paid something approaching decent if very modest pay…Hancock would not understand that, having only worked for his parents and then as an office bod in the Bank of England.

In the July 2014 cabinet reshuffle, he was promoted again, this time to Minister of State for Business and Enterprise, Minister of State for Energy, and Minister of State for Portsmouth. On 27 July he announced protection from fracking for National Parks[14]—seen as a method of reducing anger in Conservative constituencies ahead of the election.[15] Interviewed on the Radio 4 Today programme, he rejected the suggestion that fracking was highly unpopular but when challenged was unable to name a single village which supported it.” [Wikipedia]

In October 2014, he apologized after retweeting a poem suggesting that the Labour Party was “full of queers”, describing his actions as a “total accident”.” [Wikipedia]

He became Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General on 11 May 2015.[20] He headed David Cameron’s “earn or learn” taskforce which aimed to have every young person earning or learning from April 2017. He announced that jobless 18- to 21-year-olds would be required to do work experience as well as looking for jobs, or face losing their benefits.” [Wikipedia]

Hancock supported Remain in the 2016 EU Referendum.

Hancock was promoted from his position as a junior minister within the Culture department to…Secretary of State during the cabinet reshuffle of January 2018.[25] he was then promoted further to Secretary of State for Health and Social Care on Monday 9 July 2018.” [Wikipedia]

Hancock [was] the first MP to launch his own smartphone app in 2018.[27] The head of privacy rights group Big Brother Watch called the app a “fascinating comedy of errors”,[28] after the app was found to collect its users’ photographs, friend details, check-ins, and contact information.” [Wikipedia]

In April 2019, Hancock, who had previously said the NHS would face “no privatisation on my watch”, was criticised for allowing 21 NHS contracts worth £127m to be tendered.” [Wikipedia]

Incredibly, this useless and unpleasant person, having been promoted to Cabinet only 8 years after having entered Parliament, then put himself forward as candidate for Conservative Party leader and so, by default, Prime Minister! However, he was knocked out during the first ballot, having received only 20 votes out of 314.

Now Hancock, having supported Remain until 2018, is apparently all for Boris Johnson’s “no deal” (WTO) Brexit! Many suggest that he wants to keep his feet under the Cabinet table (well, why not? You get double the pay that way…). Also, he may think that, as someone who is still under 40, he has the chance to strike out for the leadership again if he can keep in the spotlight as “senior” government minister and Conservative MP.

Some may ask why Hancock, with his Oxbridge degrees and economics background, is in the Deadhead MPs series at all. Sadly, these days, a degree is far from a guarantee of intellect, still less wisdom, and anyone who has seen Hancock’s frequently pathetic and floundering performances on television since 2010 will struggle to see the “suited thug” as anything other than a born and bred deadhead.


Update, 26 October 2020

Much water under bridges since I penned the above assessment about Matt Hancock. He is now the main face of the Government in the coronavirus “panicdemic”. I think that I shall wait until a later date, though, before properly updating this article.

Update, 16 June 2021

It seems that events have both overtaken and vindicated me…

Update, 25 June 2021

Matt Hancock has been caught having a secret affair with his top aide
[Little Matt Hancock, with well-connected “ho” Gina…]

Update, 27 June 2021

Hancock goes…

Hancock will find his political career finished now, at least in Government. Boris-idiot will not take him on again, so avoiding msm and public flak, and “Boris” can now blame Hancock for any and all “Covid” lapses since early 2020…

Update, 1 November 2022

Update, 27 November 2022

Matt Hancock was not offered Government preferment by either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak. He then decided to let down his constituents by accepting a reputed £400,000 to spend a month in Australia on the I’m A Celebrity show. That despite the fact that he was (and at time of writing still is) being paid a full MP salary, plus Parliamentary expenses.

The links below tell the story to date:’m_a_Celebrity…_Get_Me_Out_of_Here!

Hancock has lost the Conservative Party whip, which I doubt will be restored, meaning that, as of the next General Election, his political career is at an end.

West Suffolk is a very safe Conservative seat [], which would mean, in the unlikely case that Hancock is able to regain the whip, that he might be one of a relatively small cadre of Conservative Party MPs surviving what is likely to be a political massacre at the next general election.

Likelihood is that Hancock will not stand at the next general election, but will either go into business of some sort, or perhaps get into TV work, if his lack of both integrity and personality is not an insuperable handicap.

Update, 7 March 2023

Many will now be aware that Hancock decided to “grift” more money by having the well-known or notorious journalist Isabel Oakeshott ghost (-write) a book of his “Covid” period memoirs. The results have been explosive, after Ms. Oakeshott revealed thousands of messages among the Westminster supposed “elite”, mocking “ordinary people” and admitting to wanting to “scare the pants off” the public.

Hancock has announced his departure from the House of Commons (as I predicted would happen).

Hancock’s book has bombed, in fact. He may well have been given a large advance, though.

Politically, Hancock is finished, and he is now scabbling to be given immunity from suit or prosecution.

Another System politician who deserves, at the very least, a good kicking.

14 thoughts on “Deadhead MPs, An Occasional Series: The Matt Hancock Story”

  1. You will be writing hundreds of these with respect to the CON Party so perhaps it would be better to assess Tory MPs from the OPPOSITE angle ie the few who could be characterised as non deadheads. 😀😀😀I can only think of one off the top of my head ie the Right Honourable Member for South Holland and The Deepings, Sir John Hayes, who holds the second safest Tory seat in the land and who seems pretty sound and about the only decent ‘traditional’ Tory left!


  2. As commented in
    Hancock is also in the pocket of big pharma judging by his tentative proposals to make vaccination of children compulsory (first they came for the chidren…)

    Meanwhile more pertient to today’s parliamentary (((outcomes))), this from the chatz:
    Summit talks: Irish foreign Minister Simon Coveney, left, shakes hands with the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, during a meeting in Luxembourg today (~15 October)
    Currently awaiting word from a “former 32nd degree Freemason” whether that’s a legit. grip.


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