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  1. “MS” is an ongoing topic of conversation at Morgoth’s Review, here’s a piece concerning him from 18 months ago


    Apparently *somewhere* on twitter.com Stuchbery retorts
    “You know I’m prime Westfaelischer Schinken!” to @JackBMontgomery’s “People behind deli counters shouldn’t throw ham.”

    I think that may have predated his geographical repositioning so maybe it’s an allusion to atavistic origins; or maybe it’s an “in” LGBT**** joke.

    If he said “‘Defend Europa’ are an extreme white nationalist organisation that think they’re untouchable.” then even more plainly he’s out of his mind since for one they are quite anodyne.

    His problem is biological.


    1. Thank you for that. The article is still under construction. I would not usually publish an incomplete article, but there are technical reasons why I have to do that (to do with adding actual tweets to the text). I am rather a technophobe, or should that be technically not very competent?

      As you suggest, Stuchbery seems to be mentally very unstable. There seems to be a huge malice not far under the surface.


  2. Boris wants a general election on December 12th when normal people even those like us who have an interest in how this country is misruled by the incompetent monkeys at London Zoo (formerly known, incredibly, as ‘The Mother of Parliaments’) are doing their Christmas shopping and those Tories who are young enough are jetting off to Verbier and St Moritz for their annual skiing holidays.

    Boris is rather afraid of proper scrutiny in the House of Commons over his Surrender Bill, isn’t he?

    Isn’t he going to use late November and early December to die in a ditch then? Or is that YET ANOTHER of this clown’s promises he won’t keep?


    1. I think that we can be sure (unfortunately) that Boris-Idiot is not planning to die in any ditch.
      Any Labour MPs who vote for an election this side of Christmas are turkeys voting for their own demise. After, in 2020, well, who knows? Right now, the polls are giving the Cons a solid lead of 10 points or more.


      1. Let us hope the Labour Party don’t vote for an early election. I have no wish at all to live in a country that is moronic enough to elect the stupid, constantly lying and very treasonous Benny Hill impersonator in No.10.

        As for ‘getting Brexit done’, if only the CON Party WOULD do that and stop playing their silly games with a so-called withdrawal bill that only effects a fake, Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) and wrecks the unity of this country.

        The question on the ballot paper on June 23rd 2016 was ‘Should the UNITED Kingdom Remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?’ It was NOT ‘Should England,Scotland and Wales remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union whilst leaving NI behind in a semi-detached EU-controlled ‘no man’s land’?

        If a party is going to ask a referendum question then, please, at least, fully understand your own question!🙄🙄🙄


      2. If Labour MPs vote for an early election, it will be “Goodnight, Vienna” for many of them and for Labour. I do not overestimate the opinion polls, but it is clear that the Conservative Party is well ahead of Labour in every single one. Electoral Calculus is suggesting a 100-seat Con majority at present. That may, on the ground, translate to a smaller majority, especially as Election Day approaches, but if Boris-Idiot has a clear majority of 10, that is almost as good (good for him; bad for Britain) as one of 100.

        Both main System parties have outlived their usefulness, but that is even starker with Lab as it is with Con. Outside the “precious” purlieus of Twitter, I see no enthusiasm for Labour. Labour is only going to be voted for negatively (except by the “blacks and browns”), to prevent a Con or LibDem becoming an MP in this or that constituency.

        Labour has a better chance the longer the wait, because Boris-Idiot will then inevitably mess up more. Also, he cannot do anything without a majority, so will look increasingly weak. His electoral strategy is to say “look at Labour…afraid of an election” and that may stick to to some extent. After all, it’s true!

        The future looks dark. Best thing is a weak System government, pref. Lab, until social nationalism can rise up.


      3. Look at this. I had no time for Mrs. May and she was totally in the Jews’ pocket, but to give her her due, she did care about what happened in the UK (contrast the cheerful carelessness of Boris-Idiot); also, she realized that money has to come from *somewhere* to fund social care for the elderly and so why not from the artificially-inflated property values? The electorate did not want to think about that.

        Many who sit on paper wealth by reason of the inflation of the “value” of their houses want to profit thereby *but* think that the State should pay for their care while they pass their property wealth on to their offspring…



  3. Or are people like Boris and Jacob Rees-Mogg so desperate for a general election and getting ‘Brexit done’ (even one that wrecks the United Kingdom by leaving NI semi-detached from the rest of the country and under EU authority still) that they don’t want to wait until January because of an EU tax avoidance directive that comes into force then?


  4. At least May did seem to want to keep the United Kingdom of Great Britain AND Northern Ireland together as ONE country unlike the dopy New York-born (a disgrace all by itself having a foreign-born PM which we haven’t had apart from Bonar Law who was born in what was then the British colony of New Brunswick (modern day Canada) and was of British descent unlike Boris) CLOWN who has followed her. Perhaps this is why under her Scottish Tories made their first real progress for many years and won thirteen seats. Needless to say, under Boris, virtually all those seats will be lost again not least because of Boris’s CRAP deal weakening the UK. Unionists in Scotland flocked to the Tory colours to defend the UK in 2017 but Boris and his deal should it pass will mean unionists up there will be more reticent to vote Tory in future.

    Jeremy Hunt would have made a better PM not least because being far more intelligent than Boris and not a clown he would have avoided falling so easily into the traps laid by the opposition parties.

    Boris has made a complete mess of Brexit and everything else in JUST THREE MONTHS so, god only knows, what will happen should this Benny Hill impersonator win a general election victory. War with Iran anyone?🤬😡😞


    1. I am just watching Marr. Interview with James Cleverly, arguably a very misnamed deadhead MP:
      “Cleverly was born in Lewisham Hospital, southeast London, to a British father and a mother from Sierra Leone. He was privately educated at Riverston School and Colfe’s School, both in Lee, London. After a short stint in the British Army,[4] he gained a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from Thames Valley University (now the University of West London).” [Wikipedia].

      At best, mediocre.


  5. Indeed. James Thickerly would be more appropriate. Since he has the right colour of skin for the ‘modern’ CONServative and decidedly NON Unionist Party I am surprised he isn’t in the Cabinet of anti-social misfits and incompetent weirdos yet.

    Ha, how low has the once mighty CON Party fallen to have this deadhead as party chairman? At one time, they had people like Lord Tebbit or novelist Jeffrey Archer!

    Seeing as adhering to the rules of PC globalism is all that matters to the party now why has there not been been a British gay, lesbian or bisexual party chairman yet or are LGBT British Tories a lower life form for the party than ethnics? Just say NO to the CON Party’s PC hierarchy!


  6. Typical arrogant Tory! So, he has that character flaw at least in common with so many of them! That clip, I must say, is not a good look for a representative of Britain’s so-called ‘party of law and order’!🙄🙄🙄


    1. You can just see that, were there any chance, Cleverly would take that chance to slope off or get away. “I dindu nuttin!”
      Just think though: that half-caste and fake “ex-Army officer” (Territorial play-soldier; he did not last long in the real Army) is now the Chairman of the Conservative Party, and also not only an MP but a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State!

      On the other hand, I was just looking at Diane Abbott on Marr! Oh, God! This poor country!…


      1. Yes, it is a supremely sad political situation this country finds itself in.🤬😡😞 Is it any wonder why both the CON Party and Labour find the idea of introducing Proportional Representation ie FAIR votes for British general elections so scary? They could, after all, do with a bit of REAL COMPETITION provided by the new parties that would grow if more peoples’s votes actually mattered in our rigged elections under the archaic crap of First Past The Post: https://www.makevotesmatter.org.uk


        Having a ‘choice’ between the CON Party and Labour is rather akin to the ‘choice’ prisoners in some US states can exercise on death row ie do you want to be executed by lethal injection (which is often botched so you will probably suffer an agonising death) or do you wish to die by means of a poorly-maintained electric chair which will also in all likelihood malfunction and you will come to a painful end?

        The end result will be your existence as a live person will be snuffed-out so the method of dying is irrelevant!🙄🙄🙄


      2. Yes, the result of the policies of the UK System parties will be the complete annihilation of the real British people. You see the propaganda for racemixing everywhere now. Ads are a major propaganda output: I saw one for Tesco which hit two or three, maybe four, of the “political correctness” themes at once: single father (apparently white/English) with a small (South Asian-looking) daughter who refuses meat. So father goes to Tesco to get ersatz meat (sausages).

        Themes? Mixed-race relationship resulting in mixed-race daughter. Wife/girlfriend absent via divorce, death or whatever, so man brings up daughter, playing mother, cooking etc. They move to ersatz meat.

        Well, I myself do not eat meat (though I like fish, shellfish and especially oysters!), but would not eat the ersatz meat either and do not require it. As to the rest, obviously I oppose, not the actual people who are in the other situations, but the society that is producing those situations…


  7. As British voters, we can choose between left-liberal PC globalism with the Labour Party or the same fundamental philosophy with the CON Party!

    How I envy the German voters in today’s important election in the state of Thuringia in which the national-conservative/nationalist Alternative Fur Deutschland (Afd) is predicted to do well!


    1. AfD is better than the System parties, of course.

      As you say, the difference between Con and Lab (or LibDem, for that matter) is mainly superficial. Behind are the (((usual suspects))), though not in complete control in the Labour Party now.

      On the other hand, with Labour you now have MPs like Diane Abbott, Kate Osamor, until recently Fiona Onasanya (I wonder whether she is stacking shelves in the local ASDA now? Not likely, that would be too intellectually demanding) etc.


      1. This party is better, imo. However, it is unsuccessful (no elected representatives at present despite having been founded in 1964).

        Only 7,000 members after 55 years…A political party can attain to power by elections, armed insurrection or popular uprising, or a combination of two or three of those. The NPD has been unable to succeed electorally (much), is spied upon and legally harassed, and has, it seems, no military wing. So nbg.

        I always think that politics is surprising. The Soviet collapse came partly via actions taken by its top leadership (Gorbachev and his party within a party); The DDR collapsed via, mainly via, peaceful popular pressure that just became unstoppable (and the socialist/communist leadership was unwilling to again use armed force as in the past, eg in 1953).

        The “experts”, talking heads, SIS, CIA, Chatham House etc were taken entirely by surprise. I myself was in Poland (twice) in 1988 (and again in 1989) and also (but only briefly) in the DDR and Czechoslovakia. I could see that in Poland (certainly) and in the other two states (perhaps, by impression) the grip was slackening, and few seemed to really support the government(s), but I did not expect such a sudden collapse. I thought a slow thaw over several years.

        We do not know what will happen in the present German state; we do not know what might happen in the UK. A new movement? A lost war? Something else?

        ps. This is what happens in “free” ZOG/NWO Germany:


  8. Apparently, Arlene Foster is ready to make the DUP into being a party of Remain if that is the only way to prevent the evil CON and NON Unionist Party and that scumbag Boris selling Northern Ireland out by shoving it into an economic ‘United Ireland’ as his stupid Brexit deal does.

    Looks like Boris has lied once too often and double-crossed the wrong people and could be about to pay a very heavy price for it.


    1. The only way Boris-Idiot can wriggle free of the ties binding him is to hold a general election and win it with a majority. The DUP would then be irrelevant in terms of their Commons votes.


      1. I agree. The DUP intend to vote against holding an early election which would be strategically right for them to do. I suspect most Labour MPs will as well so the CONS won’t be getting it. Sajid Javid says if Labour vote against they will keep asking for one! Doing that will just show how childish the Tory Party is nowdays. They got themselves into this mess by passing the Fixed-Term Parliament Act 2011 without fully appraising all the possible scenarios it would work in. This situation is what happens when you form coalition governments in peacetime with an unnatural partner and try to prop it up in a cheap way using a Fixed-Term Parliament Act instead of changing the voting system to a system of PR which much more naturally underpins coalition governments than FPTP does. The Tory vote under May increased substantially from the 37% of the national vote Cameron got in 2015 to 42% (one of the largest increases a sitting government has ever had) yet due to the vagaries of the decrepit First Past The Post voting system the Tories LOST their small majority by LOSING seats!

        The CONS have been hoisted by their own petard ie their unwillingness to back dumping FPTP to a system of PR.


      2. My sense is that Labour is and looks scared to fight an election; however, Cons asking for one daily may start to look contrived after a while. The tactic may backfire. Meanwhile, Brexit aside, this government continues down the road incapable of doing anything major because it has no majority and indeed is about 45 seats short of one, on paper. In theory, it could limp on like this for another 2.5 years, though I suppose that it will not.

        If the government can get the Fixed Term Parliaments Act repealed, then it could at once get its election without a vote. How soon it could do that, I have no idea. A month? A week? To do that in the few days before 31 October would be *almost* impossible, but that is anyway an artificial deadline.


  9. https://archive.org/details/OurSedititiousCartoonBook/page/n11
    Leese / IFL political cartoons, both on that page timeless.

    I have received some electoral effusions from the so-called Liberal Democrats in contrast to silence from the other “Old Parties”. One states “Outside of politics, Jo [Swinson] enjoys running – and has run several marathons, including in London, Stirling and Loch Ness.” [sic]

    It appears Mark Field, the MP for Westminster and the City, *the* preeminent constituency one might have thought, has announced he will not be standing for re-election, and it further appears from said Lib-Dems’ outpourings that “White Trophy Wife” Chuka Umunna is in the running. Silence from the Conservatives and Labour still … ?

    Presumably you both remain of the opinion that the Lib-Dems present no threat except to themselves, although a successful outcome for Chuka would mean no native British representation in London as Mayor or in its foremost constituency.


    PPS: John Redwood’s vulpine looks, service to usurers and dismissal of a commenter’s aspirations for a “Bradbury Pound” monetary reform indicate he may be a “person of interest” in the discontinuous series on MPs, although his being no deadhead may indicate a greater threat.


    1. Thank you for the cartoons. Yes, still true…

      I was unaware that Jo Swinson runs marathons. Surprising that she does not topple over.

      Mark Field: “Cities of London and Westminster”, I think: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Field

      Field’s seat has been Con since its creation in 1950. LibDems have been third every time since 1992; old Libs managed a poor second in 1987. Cons have never scored below 46%. LibDems peaked in 2010 at just over 20%.


      If Fathead Chuka can pull it off, it would be a major upset. Chance of him pulling it off must be about 500-1.

      John Redwood is not exactly a deadhead, but is narrow in his mentality and in his electoral appeal.

      I recently discovered that Rory Stewart is part-Jew (quarter, I believe), that his American wife is half-Jew and that he celebrates (with wife and children) Jewish holidays. Now I know why the Twitter Jew cabal supported him as Con leader. I have had to add an update to my blog article about him. Political future: doubtful.


      1. When the opinion polls a few weeks back were not showing big Tory leads as they are now and the gap between the other three was more narrow, the Electoral Calculus site forecast a very small Lib Dem majority in that seat. The Liberal Democrat Party could normally be written-off entirely as potential winners there eg one reason being they don’t have any (I think?) councillors in the seat but the area has a lot of very wealthy people living in it in places like Mayfair and Belgravia who might well prefer to see Brexit cancelled and vote Lib Dem to that end. I believe rich Remainers turned the normally fairly safe Tory seat of Kensington into being the smallest majority Labour-held seat in the country in 2017.

        In normal times though provided the Tories have a decent candidate it should return a CON Party MP. The only fly in the ointment for the Tories is the fact that the seat has low turnout levels which could affect their vote but if the rich residents think a non-Tory will be elected they will probably come out in higher numbers to prevent that. I’ve walked around the Belgravia area and a lot of the super-expensive properties there look as though they have been bought purely as investment properties and are not lived-in.


      2. Yes. Well, in the end, it does not matter much whether a Con MP is elected or a LibDem, because most of the newer LibDem MPs are all but indistinguishable on most issues from Con MPs. As I have blogged, *if* the LibDems get a bloc of 40 or 50 MPs again, they will look to some kind of coalition again with the Con Party; or at least an arrangement.


  10. Not that Her Majesty needs the services of an MP to represent her but it is quite appaling to think that seat which covers Buckingham Palace nearly elected a Turkish Labour candidate in 2017!


  11. It just goes to show how bad the foreign infiltration of London is that the Tories may not be able to rely upon that seat and even Chelsea and Fulham to return Tory MPs for much longer. Iain Dumbo-Smith’s seat is trending towards Labour now as well along with the chief Clown’s one in Uxbridge and South Ruislip.


    1. Talking about “foreign infiltration”, look at this!

      Somali wastes of space living on a London street *after having been evicted from a council flat for non-payment of rent* in another council’s area.

      “Wandsworth Council sends…a statement about the mother and son.”

      “Over the last few years Wandsworth Council has offered them four different properties to move into, all very pleasant and fully refurbished, including the original property where they used to live, but they turned all of them down without viewing them. Currently, a property is being held vacant for them and our social work team continues to liaise regularly with the family to try and persuade them to accept it.”

      The UK is just mad now. I bet that if *I* were living rough in London, not a hand from any council would be raised to defend me. Councils would *not* offer me flats and keep one permanently on standby in case I were to deign to accept it. Yet these Africans (Somalia as such was never a part of the Empire, and Somaliland as part of Kenya only briefly— why are they even here?—), millstones round our necks, are given or offered everything.

      Not just the council:
      “The Somali community feel hurt by the case. They have repeatedly offered the mother and son lodging in people’s homes, but, like the council, each time they have been rebuffed.”

      Even the local businesses:
      “They survive by having a huge pile of blankets and an array of food and drinks beside their feet donated by local restaurants and fast-food outlets. They use the toilets and washing facilities in the library or local cafes. I learn that minicabs give them free lifts.”

      I suppose that some people think that such generosity is wonderful, but others might well see the generosity as largely virtue-signalling (THE COUNCIL IS KEEPING A FLAT VACANT FOR THESE ALIEN PARASITES!).

      The whole country needs a clean-out.
      Have we just fallen down a rabbithole?


      1. Not to worry we have that nice refugee from Idi Amen’s Uganda, Priti Patel, to finally get to grips with mass immigration from even worse crapholes than she got here from. All the CON Party needs is a big ‘victory’ at the polls – something this wretched, LYING party of anti-British globalists hasn’t EARNT (in terms of REAL VOTES in REAL BALLOT BOXES) under our disgracefully undemocratic voting system since 1931!🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬

        Thanks to that unthinking dud Jeremy Corbyn we will probably get Priti’s smirks for the next five years along with Boris the Buffoon and the break-up of the United Kingdom thrown in for good measure🙄🤬☹️


      2. I am in two minds as to what, ideally, would be the right or best result: one party, ie Labour, wiped out (thus clearing the ground for social nationalism) but with the ghastly prospect that you note, 5 years of Boris and his ZOG/NWO Cabinet of Israeli agents and aliens and with carte blanche to impose a finance-capital dystopia, OR a continued hung Parliament, with Boris Clown as PM (I suppose the Cons would dump him) but unable to do anything (thank God).

        Anyway, what I might want is hardly relevant, sadly (for this country). At present the Cons are well ahead. That might change, though, despite the fact that Labour is now a totally crippled party. If EU citizens living here and also 16-17-y-o ppl are allowed to vote and actually do so, then Labour might well not be badly defeated.

        Also, without Brexit, Brexit Party might come back a little more.


      3. Exactly. Why, indeed, are we importing Somalians who are amongst the worst ‘useless eaters’ in the world (their average IQ is one of the world’s lowest)?

        How many of these people from a country that was not even a part of the former Empire have the treasonous Tory scum imported in the last five years alone let alone under Major, Thatcher, Heath etc?

        Still, Boris-Idiot-Clown (‘lets give ILLEGAL migrants YET ANOTHER AMNESTY’ is on the case so all will be right soon!🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬🤬😞😞😞😞


      4. God knows. Hardly any of the (as I believe I read) 200,000 (!) Somalis here actually work (a few of them drive taxis etc, a few women clean floors); most are just useless in any but the most basic society. Their educational and IQ levels, as you say, are very low; few have any practical skills either. Putting it bluntly, most can only beg, steal, eat, f**k, breed and fight (oh, and chew khat).


  12. I wonder if Chuka will join the CONS soon if he doesn’t win in the Cities of London and Westminster seat as a Lib Dem? He is certainly a bit footloose when it comes to staying within just one political party!🙄😂😂😂


      1. He is out of luck then because I think the Liberal Democratic Party has already selected their candidates for any seat they are likely to win.


  13. 16 and 17 year olds should NEVER be allowed to vote least of all at the present time. It is just too young even when you take into consideration those relatively few who are interested in politics (yes, I was one of those strange teenagers!😃)

    18 is young enough which is the standard age in the vast majority of countries. You had to be 20 to vote in Japan until, I think, last year.

    EU citizens should definitely not be allowed to vote. National citizenship in this country is already treated by the Tories let alone the others as a cheap commodity akin to confetti at a wedding without devaluing it further.

    Let us hope the Brexit Party do come back a bit as the Tories’ deal is not just crap and a fake Brexit in many respects but also a POSITIVELY DANGEROUS one that imperils the future existence of this country and all just five years after Tories and many other people as well managed to just about beat the separatists in the referendum in 2014 in Scotland.


    1. Mid-teens are odd, for sure. I would go into a butcher’s shop when I was about 17 and buy a steak and then eat it raw! I am a pescatarian/veggie now, as I may have mentioned. I used to buy and eat raw fish too! I mean things like cod, not just shellfish.

      Switzerland has deteriorated since it lowered the voting age to whatever it now is (18?) from 28 (about 30 years ago). At that time, women were also not allowed to vote. I certainly think that both laws had some reason behind them.

      *IF* the proposed UK election permits both 16-17 y o to vote, then Labour might do better than previously expected (if the teens actually get out from behind their £500 telephones and vote…). Over half the Con vote now is composed of those over 65 y o.


      1. Yes, allowing what seems at times to be a preponderance of women in politics doesn’t seem to have done either this country, Switzerland, Germany or other countries much good. I believe Liechtenstein didn’t allow women the vote until 1984!

        £500 mobiles! That is cheap! Some of the top smartphone models from Apple and Samsung cost in excess of £1000! Yes, it is mostly old people who are to blame for giving us the circus clown that is Boris and the bunch of incompetent weirdos who comprise the sick joke of the present ‘British’ ‘government’. If we do have the election we can only hope it snows so much these old dears won’t be able to inflict Zippo’s Tory circus upon us for an excruciating five years!🤬😡😞


  14. Vote for the Brexit Party if you want a real Brexit and one that doesn’t gift NI to the Republic/EU and will doubt cause a resumption of loyalist terrorism or vote Lib Dem if a botched Brexit is not for you and you just want to see it formally cancelled properly.


    1. I thought that you opposed Brexit Party? Trouble is, Brexit Party is a closed box. Open it by electing BP MPs and who knows what they will support (apart from WTO Brexit)? They seem desperate to ally with Boris-Idiot…


      1. I doubt whether they will win a seat but if they prevent Boris-Idiot the United (at least until his crap deal goes through) Kingdom’s chief CLOWN from ‘winning’ then they have served a purpose.


        As you can probably tell, I am most certainly NOT a fan of the gormless, unkempt monkey!



      2. If a week is a long time in British politics, then 7 weeks is, well, longer. I really cannot see Labour doing well, but much depends on how much people want to vote *against* Johnson and his crazy (and not even British) Cabinet.


  15. I do oppose them though their SINGLE policy is perfectly ok. Just imagine if Nigel Farage and company hadn’t been so eager to destroy UKIP and the BNP before that we might not have been in this ridiculous situation where the Tories can CON the country into believing they are about to deliver a real Brexit and ‘win’ on an even lower vote share than even BLIAR did with his disgusting ‘victory’ in 2005 on a pathetic 35% of the national vote.🤬😡🤬

    ONE DAY, Britain will have to become a genuine democracy where people’s votes matter whether they are cast in an ultra-marginal like Thurrock or an extremely Tory seat like mine in Brentwood and Ongar (2017 result made us the TENTH safest CON Party seat!)

    It is either that or we dump ‘democracy’ entirely and go back to the ‘divine rule of Kings and Queens’ like the United Arab Emirates who seem to be doing just fine without elections.


  16. If you ask me having an election in December even at the best of times and even if we had a genuinely democratic voting system which thanks mainly to the CON Party we don’t is BLOODY STUPID.

    Of course, the last one we had in that month went so well, didn’t it, Tory wankers! So well, infact, we are still living with the consequences 101 years later:

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1918_United_Kingdom_general_election 🙄🤬😡😞🙄

    If I can be arsed to and it isn’t snowing I will vote either for the Brexit Party or the Liberal Democratic Party.

    Yes, in Brentwood and Ongar, we can vote for anyone we like as a ‘free hit’ since we already know now the CON Party will hold it and no doubt by a thumping majority because under FPTP our votes in this seat are essentially worthless.

    I don’t like the Liberal Democratic Party but at least they want to change the voting system and it would be better to have no Brexit than the Tory Party’s very botched and United Kingdom wrecking one.


    1. I have just heard that the proposed amendments re EU voters and mid-teen voters will not be voted upon. Labour looks doomed because it could not bear the mockery of Boris-Idiot, and so will go into a general election while 10 or even 15 points below the Cons in the opinion polls. Still, there will probably be a narrowing as Election Day approaches. Also, only about 70% of voters vote, usually. If the apathetic *do* vote, anything is possible.


      1. In 1918’s December election it was an all-time low of 57.2%. We haven’t come close to that since 2001’s 59%


  17. Let us hope differential turnout does for the Tories and becomes sufficiently lowered in their ‘safe’ seats they lose them. In mine, we used to have turnouts well into the 70% plus territory but at the last one it dipped to 70%. That was after Eric Pickles had won in 2015 by a margin of 21,000 votes so perhaps more voters here now know how pointless general elections in Brentwood and Ongar are! They are beginning to realise general elections here are just for show and their votes are utterly worthless and have NO EFFECT at all on the composition of the House of Commons!


      1. Indeed. Brentwood and Ongar’s Tory MP then, Mr Eric Pickles, still won by 9,000 odd votes and the Tory share of the vote was 45% down from 1992’s 57%. The voters here could have made it a Tory/Lib Dem marginal in that year but many electors wasted their votes on the Labour Party’s candidate instead of voting tactically for the Lib Dem who had a vote share of 30% in 1992.

        Apparently, I have read recently that there was more vote switching by the electorate between the parties in the elections of 2015 and 2017 than there has been at any election since the last REAL Tory victory of 1931 yet even so there were not many seats that actually changed hands which just goes to show how unresponsive to votes the archaic crap of First Past The Post is.🤬😡😞.


  18. The CON Party needs to realise you can be in favour of Brexit and yet intensely dislike him and not care much for his party either.


  19. The Tory Party has taken a potentially good idea ie Brexit which SHOULD MEAN the United Kingdom recovering its sovereignty and national independence whilst PRESERVING its economic and constitutional integrity and by either their utter incompetence or by design totally fucking it up. Thanks for nothing!🤬😡😞 Why doesn’t this selfish, self-serving and fundamentally anti-democratic party just go and die in a ditch for want of a better phrase!


      1. Especially, the chief organ grinder called Boris! Do we really have to rely-upon the Ulster Freedom Fighters, Ulster Volunteer Force, Red Hand Commandos to do what needs to be done? Come on Britain, let us rid ourself of this self-serving, so often lying it is positively a matter for mental health professionals to investigate, double-dealing, Yankee
        -born, anti-British POS before he wrecks our United Kingdom at the behest of his EU masters and lies us into a war with Iran for the benefit of that shadowy and very sinister Zionist Jew Lobby group called the Conservative Friends of Israel.


      2. If I may use analogy, when the Catalonia situation exploded a few years ago, I tweeted that I was not unsympathetic to the Catalan push for independence or greater autonomy, but that, after the reaction of the Madrid government, the Catalan “rebels” would have to fight if they wanted independence. A woman from there, typical Twitter type, replied to tell me that the Catalans *were* fighting! I could not be bothered to say that tweeting things, or going on to the streets to wave a few flags and banners, *is not fighting*! Budapest 1956: fighting; Munich 1923: fighting; Dublin 1916: fighting…


  20. I have been watching a bit of the debate on holding the election. God, I pity the people of the St Albans seat! WHAT AN UTTERLY STUPID Tory cow they have there! 🙄🙄🙄


      1. Don’t like the Liberal Democrat Party but I hope they win that seat off the CON Party (it is one of their top targets). Seriously, watching the tv coverage of the debate and seeing that incredibly thick Tory bitch makes me think women should NEVER have been allowed to vote let alone be allowed to enter the House of Commons. She really is pitiful not that she doesn’t have a lot of competition!


      2. So, according to that article, not only is she a repellent expenses cheat she can’t even be bothered to live in her own constituency! Beaconsfield isn’t all that near St. Albans!


      3. No. It is not. On a different rail line and also in a different county. In 2001-2002, I lived for a short while just round the corner (5 mins walk) from the tiny Denham Golf Club halt; the next station is Gerrard’s Cross, then Beaconsfield. Marylebone 17 mins, stopping only at Denham main station en route.

        Looking at it, it seems to have nearly 30,000 passengers a year (from 20,000 in 2012)! When I used it, in early 2002, mostly, the same 6 or 7 were there every morning!


  21. If only we didn’t have such a loony-left, globalist Monarchy (even something like that institution is completely fucked nowdays let alone the so-called ‘Mother of Parliaments’ and its thick, ‘deadhead’ chimpanzee inhabitants) we could have the Royal Family (dare I even say the phrase) ‘take back control’.🙄🙄🙄


  22. Seriously, WHO really wants to vote for the inhabitants of London Zoo? The chief organ grinder, Boris, even looks like a primate from there!🙄🤬😞😞😞😞 That anti-British POS and UNITED-Kingdom wrecker (in effect a REAL IRA appeaser )can’t even get himself a decent hairdresser!🙄🙄🙄


  23. With any luck, the Tories will learn that they should have chosen Jeremy Hunt to be their leader. Yes, he is a liberal-left globalist as well but at least he does have some personal integrity, decency, intelligence, even comes across as fairly ‘normal’ considering his high-class personal background and doesn’t lie so psychotically for personal gain as Boris the self-seeking charlatan does.


    1. Jeremy Hunt didn’t stand a chance, did he? The scum nearly always rises to to the top of the putrid pole called British politics ! Hence, we have Boris!


      1. Well, Boris’s ‘Brexit’ is such a mutilated and botched one it is not worth worth having and indeed is a positively dangerous one for the UK’s survival such is its inherent absurdity with regard to how NI is treated.

        Boris must NOT win.

        The non-CONServative and Non-Unionist Party should hang their collective heads in shame for imposing this thick prick upon this country.

        Seriously, what is the unkempt pratt actually good at? Clowning around embarrassing us every time he takes a trip abroad and blustering his way through interviews like a man-child.


  24. Seriously, I hope the polls narrow and we get something like the poll ratings of the Spring/Summer with Labour, the CON Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Brexit Party being a few points away from each other as then our decrepit , rigged and fundamentally archaic and overly primitive electoral system will creak under the strain and should prove to even Tories that we need to reform it urgently at long last.


      1. Ha, ha, how true! Seeing as there are so many unthinking morons that will vote for that anti-British United Kingdom-wrecking clown Johnson we will probably have to rely-upon there being a God and the Good Lord striking him down during the campaign with a fatal stroke or a heart attack.

        In one form or another, he really does have to go seeing as he has created total mayhem in just THREE MONTHS!

        I would be loathe to trust him to run a parish council in the wilds of rural Devon properly let alone a country he is set-upon breaking-apart.


      2. Johnson is incapable of creating anything but chaos and is at home in conditions of chaos. So he does have one or two things in common with Corbyn after all…


  25. If only the DUP stood on the mainland then I could vote for them seeing as they are one of the few genuinely Conservative-minded parties left in the UK. A few years ago, there was talk of them doing this but nothing came of it.

    The DUP are silly to trust the word of the clinically obsessive liar that is Boris Johnson and as a unionist party it should go without saying that as a matter of principle they should stand in ALL parts of the United Kingdom.


    1. Too late for that. I am just writing a preliminary examination of the election possibilities. I do not much value the polls, but it does look black for Labour.

      The problem Labour faces is “what does it stand for?” Not the industrial proletariat, which is all but non-existent. Not trade unionism, which scarcely exists except as a politically-correct citizen-advice-for-employees movement. Not white people (we used to be called British…) as such. Not for “socialism” which died in 1989 anyway, and Labour under Blair buried it in the UK. So?

      At present, all that Labour stands for is some limited nationalization, some retaking of public services in-house, some better treatment of the unemployed, disabled, sick. Sadly, it also stands for even more non-European immigration, for the “rights” of riff-raff such as Irish tinker “travellers”, Roma Gypsy thieves and scavengers etc. In short, Labour’s “offer” to the public is not very attractive even on its face.

      Having said that, the polls must surely narrow from here on in. The FPTP system is unexpected, so who knows?

      ps. Did you notice that Amber Dud is giving up politics? One doormat less for the Jew-Zionist lobby.


      1. If anything possibly good can come from what should be yet another unnecessary election my hope is that the FPTP electoral system is finally shown to be the farcical rubbish it has been since the election of as long ago as February 1974 onwards and why it needs to be changed for a more sane system.

        FPTP will, if the Liberal Democrats and the Brexit Party can improve their shares, groan under the strain of having four parties poll reasonable shares of the vote and hopefully implode.

        Under these conditions, having FPTP is on a par with rolling a dice and having a lottery!


      2. Yes, some of the better positions Labour has such as more humane treatment of the disabled etc are obscured by their globalist infatuation with foreigners and policy of bringing as many of the more exotic variety they can to these shores.

        If Labour dumped their extreme levels of globalist belief more people would be willing to listen to them.

        The CON Party though can’t fight them on this because that party also has far too many open-borders supporting US Republican Party type Libertarian globalists in high positions starting with the chief clown himself.

        If only they had listened a lot more to British patriot Enoch Powell.


      3. Choosing between the globalist Labour Party and the globalist CON Party is like having to make a choice between jumping off Beachy Head and your doctor saying that you have a terminal cancer.


      4. The Labour Party might be able to save a few seats by tiny numbers of votes such as the margin they gained Kensington, London, by last time ie 20 votes which was the smallest Labour majority anywhere. We could be having an increase in the numbers of ‘ultra-marginals’. After all, under our crazy electoral system, a seat won by a handful of vote supporters is worth as much to the winning party as one won by the majority of 24,002 won by the Tory moron for Brentwood and Ongar, Mr Alex Burghart.


      5. As I blogged, “it is a truth universally acknowledged that it is better to win two seats by a few votes each than to win one seat by a huge number of votes”…


  26. No, I hadn’t noticed that. Good riddance to the treasonous anti-British bitch. She will be replaced soon enough by another dopy globalist Tory mare and pro Jew Zionist Lobby doormat.

    It is surely an utterly disgraceful state of affairs when the CON Party – the party of Wellington, Salisbury, Stanley Baldwin, Neville Chamberlain etc – is more pro a fundamentally alien lobby in this country than the Labour Party is. Those previous Tory Prime Ministers must be turning in their graves! My, how the Conservative Party has changed and not for the better!


    1. It is pretty obvious that Rudd/Dud has given up because she had little chance of being re-elected, facing 1.LibDem Remain voters, 2.Labour, 3. a Brexit Party candidate. Also, her private life may have been a factor. She was until recent months involved with Kwasi Kwarteng, the Old Etonian African MP. He married a younger Dud lookalike. So she gave up.


  27. What sort of fucking Name is that? CON Party MPs don’t even have English names now such are the the exotic origins of quite a few of them! Still, at least with such a name he does fit in very well with the other imates in the monkey house on the Thames!


  28. That parody site on Twitter about Boris-Idiot-Coco-The-Clown is having a field day at the moment: Twitter.com/BorisJohnson_MP


  29. With the Tory majority in Brentwood and Ongar of 24,002 divided you could have four Tory-held seats with more than reasonable winning margins of 5,000 votes plus instead. It just goes to show how First Past The Post wastes votes on a truely industrial scale!

    I wonder if any seat will be won by the minuscule majority of the SNP Member for North East Fife in 2017 ie TWO VOTES?

    Not surprisingly, that seat is the most marginal in the whole United Kingdom.


      1. Yes, that is the all time record lowest winning share for a seat at a general election. I believe the SDLP candidate had a vote share of 24.5% which just goes to show how crazy results can get when there are several parties able to obtain a decent score in a single seat under First Past The Post.

        The next lowest winning share is, I think, a vote of about 26% by an MP of the Liberal Democratic Party in Inverness in the 1992 general election.

        The current record is held by the Plaid Cymru MP for Ceredigion who won his seat from the previous Lib Dem with a share of just over 29% and a numerical majority of about 130 votes!

        There is a page on Wikipedia that has general election and by-election records.


  30. There are supposed to be about eleven seats won by their MPs by numerical majorities of less than one hundred votes each which is a new record in itself. If a tiny number of voters had cast their votes differently in 2017 Mrs May would have had an overall majority.


    1. I saw the share of the national electorate that basically made all the difference between a hung parliament and Mrs May having an overall majority quoted in the press a few days/weeks after as being in the range of about 0.0000001% or something silly like that Isn’t First Past The Post such a brilliant electoral system with hardly any systemic flaws?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬


    2. As you say, a tiny number of voters in a small number of seats decide elections in the UK. Marginal seats are, depending on definition, 50-100 out of 650! In the most marginal, a handful of voters, 20, 50, 100 decide the result.


  31. Reading between the lines it was porky stuck-pig who featured at the 40m mark per the below:

    [audio src="https://redice.tv/a/a/3/19/R314-191029-LauraTowler.mp3" /]

    @20:14 when Laura Towler lived in Bradford the best case scenario for encounters with Pakistani males was she/her friend would be whistled at, otherwise spat at and told to leave the area …

    (omit the whistled at bit and I can corroborate the experience so I find her account perfecty credible).

    @40:34 “historian” tweeted out her location to Danish Antifa to “show her a warm Danish welcome” – interpret according to taste…

    Meantime other operatives continue on with advancing the pedo agenda (a late report I see)



    1. Britain desperately needs a cultural revolution and/or cleansing. The number of ads showing mixed race as the norm or even ideal has proliferated (eg Tesco, HSBC) recently. Evil posing as the good.


    1. Mr. Goggins:
      Thank you.

      I have never been to Stuttgart. I always liked the idea of a few days at Baden Baden. Not yet, anyway.

      Re sleeping rough in Germany, I did it a couple of times, once on a bench at Lubeck Station, while awaiting an early rail connection to Travemunde Skandinavienkai halt; also once on the border of East and West Germany, in a hut for birdwatchers in a lake (on a very small island reached by a narrow squelchy causeway). Bracing, when the holes in the wooden roof let in rain (if rain was heavy, as it was almost constantly).

      Those experiences were in the early 1980s.

      Liked by 1 person

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