General Election 2019 Daily Updated Blog (no.3)

Once again I restart my General Election blog because the previous two are now both long and inconvenient to read. Starting in the evening of 11 November 2019.

Previous blogs:

This translates (using Electoral Calculus) to a Conservative Party majority somewhere around 14. Is this just an outlier, or the first poll showing a break in the wave of opinion poll predictions of massive Conservative majorities (some of 150 or more)? We shall see.

The latest round fired in the Brexit Party war was this, in The Independent, from Labour MP Phil Wilson:

A hard-hitting polemic. Gritty Northern lad turned MP, Phil, against effete Southern carpetbagger Nigel. Except, as so often in UK politics, the details get in the way.

True, Phil Wilson was born the son of a miner in Co. Durham. He has lived in the constituency he represents for much of his life. However, “Wilson later worked as a gambling lobbyist for the Gala Coral Group in the lead up to the passing of the 2005 Gambling Act, and as a director at London based public affairs consultancy Fellows’ Associates.” [Wikipedia].

A lobbyist for a giant bookmaker? A director of a public relations firm based in London? That’s not very gritty and Northern…Almost like working for “the man, the very fat man, that waters the workers’ beer”…

Wilson is known for being one of the “Famous Five”, a group of local Labour

Party members who helped a young Tony Blair get selected as the Labour candidate for Sedgefield for the 1983 election.[3] He subsequently worked for Tony Blair in his constituency office, the Labour Party and a PR company.” [Wikipedia]

It gets worse:

In his 2017 general election voter leaflet, Wilson stated he was not a supporter of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and suggested Labour would not win the election.[11] He had supported Owen Smith in the failed attempt to replace Jeremy Corbyn in the 2016 Labour Party (UK) leadership election


Phil Wilson supports remaining in the EU, wants to ignore the 2016 Referendum by holding another one, and is (quelle surprise) a member of Labour Friends of Israel

I have heard nothing from Phil Wilson against either the Jewish lobby or the migration-invasion of Britain by blacks, browns and others.

Of course, he is right about Farage, but Wilson and his MP cronies (and those in his public relations/Blairite circles) should muse on why it is that people in places like Sedgefield turn to snake-oil salesmen like Farage? Might it be that they are sick of “Labour” MPs who are all tied up with Jewish and/or London public relations and gambling interests yet pretend to be hardy Northern proletarians at election time? “Labour” MPs who turned a blind eye to the invasion of the UK by racially and culturally inferior peoples? Who turned a deaf ear to the many girl victims of Pakistani Muslim “grooming” etc?

Voters in places like Sedgefield (and the rest of the country) have no social-national party to support, so some of them turn to obvious fakes like Farage and Brexit Party, because those voters are sick of fakes like Blair, his (((enablers))) and fake “Labour”.

From the Sky News politics juju man, Lewis Goodall:

A good example of reasoning which may or may not be correct, but which is not logically inevitably so. There may be other motivators. All the same, it is remarkable that Farage is willing to take the word of the biggest fraud seen in UK politics for decades, Boris-Idiot. A con-man conned?

Interesting shot across the bows by Remain partisan and ex-Con and ex-Cabinet minister, Nick Boles

and Katie Hopkins, who was at first ecstatic at the Brexit Party “pact” (unilateral surrender), now rows back a bit, while still loving it. I don’t rate her political nous very highly but she is cunning.

Other tweets:

Tactical voting, the pathetic, inadequate but only alternative for voters when the electoral system and political milieu is as broken as it is…

“Wolfie”, who used to retweet me before the Jews had me expelled from Twitter:

and it seems that Farage is operating a political Ponzi scheme:

As I blogged earlier today, when I heard about Farage’s extraordinary U-turn, this finishes Brexit Party. Right here and now. Finished. Killed stone dead.

In other news, “the times they are a’changin’…”

and continuing with the real Britain outside the Brexit bubble(s):

Will this, below, be in the Sun “newspaper”? I doubt it.

Update, 12 November 2019

For me, there are two main stories today, both of which can be seen via the latest opinion polls. The most recent (but still taken before the latest Farage/Brexit Party shambles):

  • Labour starting to catch up with the Conservative Party;
  • Brexit Party sinking

In fact, those figures would still give the “Conservatives” (they really should get a more honest label) a Commons majority of about 56, because 39% is high anyway, and because the LibDems and Brexit Party look like taking fewer Con votes. However, the direction of travel of Labour is clearly upward.

I really think that Farage’s latest slippery tactic, standing down 317 candidates to help the “Conservatives”, has mortally wounded Brexit Party. In fact, I think that it has killed it stone dead. The same may be true of the reputation of Nigel Farage.

Brexit Party was at 8% in the latest poll, taken before the latest Farage action. I doubt whether, across the board, Brexit Party will get a vote share of more than 5% on 12 December, polling day, and very much doubt that it can get even 1 MP, though Tice might have a chance as a protest candidate in Hartlepool.

I think that most Brexit Party candidates are going to lose their deposits. It now appears that all potential Brexit Party candidates, 3,000 of them, had to stump up £100 each to apply. After Farage’s unilateral surrender to the “Conservatives”, this money will not be refunded! As far as I know, the electoral deposits payable to the electoral authorities by Brexit Party candidates have not been paid yet, so Farage (who is the major shareholder in the private company that owns Brexit Party) has just decided to keep those monies, amounting to £300,000 (minus the £150,000 in deposits —£500 each— which will be paid to allow the remaining 300+ candidates to stand). Unless I have missed something, that means that Farage and Brexit Party have in effect just “stolen” £150,000 from their own most fervent supporters!

As to Labour, its policies may now be working through to public consciousness. Some are popular in principle, such as those to do with rail, water, other utilities. The “Conservatives” may say that they are “unaffordable”, but many of their own policies, such as the “welfare” “reforms” of Dunce Duncan Smith have cost unbelievable amounts of money (instead of saving money), all so that the poor can be terrorized.

Corbyn is never going to be flavour of the month with the public, but the screams of the msm (the Jewish press, really) are becoming so shrill and absurd that few take them seriously. Corbyn as Stalin (per Boris-Idiot)? No-one believes that. Corbyn as Trotsky or Lenin? Just ridiculous. I think that that card has now been played and has little more traction in it.

We may be looking at a narrowing of the gap between Conservative and Labour, with Brexit Party all but dropping out and the LibDems either losing support or concentrating it in a relatively small number of seats in the South where they have a good chance against the Conservatives.

I may be wrong, but at present feel that the “Conservatives” are about to be squeezed on two fronts. As we know, a two-front war is hard to win! Who said that?…

YouGov has now come out with a poll taken since Farage threw his party under a bus:

It rather proves my blog point of, originally, some months ago, to the effect that Farage is not a very good politician despite his gifts of oratory etc. That does not preclude the possibility that Farage is doing what I call a Mikhail Tal.

[ “Tal vs. Vasily Smyslov, Yugoslavia Candidates’ Tournament 1959, Caro–Kann Defence (B10), 1–0.[29] A daring piece sacrifice to win a brilliancy prize.”

Tal was a Soviet chess grandmaster and World Champion. One of his famous games showed him sacrifice almost all his pieces in order to place the few remaining ones in a winning position, having of course plotted it all out in advance. The question then would be: what, for Farage, *is* a winning position? Not for “Brexit Party”, which, like all pawns, “exists to be sacrificed” (in the words of Wilhelm Steinitz), but for Farage?

Those figures would give the “Conservatives” a Commons majority of perhaps 156…which would be an “elected” dictatorship. We might be in “V for Vengeance” territory. If the General Election itself mirrored that opinion poll, Labour would be left with only 155 MPs, a loss of 107.

“[Farage] told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “I made a big, generous offer to the Conservative Party yesterday [Monday]. I gifted them a couple of dozen seats.”

Mr Farage later criticised the Tories for not reciprocating his move by standing aside in some Labour areas where the Brexit Party could challenge the incumbent.

He told the BBC: “I would have expected, having put country before party, to perhaps have got something back from the Conservatives.

“But no, nothing is good enough for them.”

He added: “It is clear to me it is not a Leave majority they want in Parliament, it is just a Tory one.”

[BBC News]

Is Farage really that naive? Why should the Cons stand down anywhere, now that Brexit Party has unilaterally stood down 317 candidates?!

Has Boris just driven his steamroller through Farage’s croquet game?

In fact, under electoral law, Farage/Brexit Party still have about 50 hours (until 1600 hrs, 14 November 2019) in which to officially declare or withdraw candidates. Why does Farage not belay his last order and allow the 317 stood-down candidates to stand anyway, to spite Boris-Idiot? Farage now knows that Boris has no intention of playing the game. Boris is carrying a machine-gun onto the grouse moor.

Commentary on the election betting market:

Update, 13 November 2019

Perhaps not directly an election story, but not irrelevant either: Jew business leech presently polluting the air of the UK tells struggling nurse that she should get a second job or start an online business!

Nurses and all NHS staff must be paid reasonably well. While we are on the subject of the NHS, we must change this absurd system that has been allowed to grow up, whereby parking has to be paid for. When you visit a hospital in most countries, you do not pay to park! Hospitals should be funded out of taxation (if public, as most are in the UK). That should be even more the case when the hospital staff park! Plan hospitals properly, with adequate and free parking!

Another opinion poll:

Out of sync with most other recent polls. An outlier, if you like. However, this is the second poll (from 2 polling companies) which goes against the orthodoxy of the past weeks (that the Conservatives are about to win hugely). On this Survation polling, the Conservative Party would actually be 1 MP short of a majority, so better off than a month or two ago, but far from trampling over all other parties.

My sense is that this General Election is not yet cut and dried.

The George Monbiot article, below, is a good example of how out of touch so many Guardian-reading chattering-class twitterati are. Everyone with any sense knows that there is a serious problem in the UK, especially in England, with both Roma-type Gypsies and the faux-Gypsies also referred to as Irish “tinkers” or, in today’s politically-correct nonsense-term, “travellers”. To ignore that fact, or, worse, to actually support these anti-social elements, plays into the hands of would-be dictators like Priti Patel.

When politicians such as Corbyn (living in Islington) “support” thieves, scavengers and despoilers of the green and pleasant land (what little is left of it), they place themselves against the British people. The British people notice, and vote accordingly.

George Monbiot himself lives rather comfortably, mostly in Oxford…


Boris-Idiot went to the flood-affected areas with a mop, in a typically ham-fisted attempt to entertain the people. Now he orders 100 soldiers to go (to be filmed for TV news). Someone who merely poses as PM.

Talking of floods, the Mayor of Venice seems to be another political idiot, saying that the bad flooding there is “obviously a result of climate change”. Poor sap obviously cannot think. The flooding is the worst for 50+ years, i.e. there was flooding as bad or worse back in 1966…In fact, St, Mark’s Basilica has been flooded, as it now is again, 6 times in 1,200 years, so there was such flooding as bad in Venice hundreds of years ago, even 1,000 years ago!

There is a danger that we as a society retreat to a “belief”-society which ignores facts, eschews logic as well as intellectual freedom, and prefers “belief”, officially-approved “belief”, officially-enforced “belief”:

“Climate change” caused by human “emissions”, “holocaust” a-history involving “gas chambers” gassing millions of Jews from 1942-1944, and so on. The Aral Sea, in a film by Al Gore, gone by reason of “global warming” (in reality, because Soviet authorities diverted its feeder streams and rivers to cotton production) etc. There are innumerable other examples. Fake history, fake news, fake science. Our times…

Farage now says that he might vote “Conservative”!

Boris Johnson offers Farage a pact that the Cons will put up paper candidates only in 40 Labour-held seats, if Brexit Party stand down their remaining candidates (about 250). So far refused, with (as I write) only 17 hours to go before the deadline (1600 hrs, 14 November 2019).

Farage has pretty much killed Brexit Party by standing down 317 candidates for no reciprocation by the Conservative Party. It’s pathetic.

Update, 14 November 2019

Farage seems (on the face of it) to have only now woken up to what I have been blogging about for months: that Boris Johnson and his cronies are not really interested in Brexit but want a Commons majority for other and very sinister ends. They weaponized Brexit in the attempt to maximize a Commons majority, but Brexit is not the end for them, merely the means to get a higher number of votes in the General Election, and so a greater number of MPs.

Nigel Farage has ruled out standing down more Brexit Party candidates as the deadline day for nominations arrives.

It comes after Mr Farage was warned that votes for his party would hand the keys of Number 10 to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, with Boris Johnson claiming that a Conservative government is the only way to “get Brexit done”.

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today Programme, the Brexit Party [leader] said: “What I’ve realised is that the Conservatives want a Conservative majority in Parliament, not a Brexit majority in Parliament.”” [Evening Standard]

Farage still has time, in theory, to re-stand the 317 candidates he stood down recently. As I write, there remain just under 4 hours before the deadline. However, many of his betrayed candidates now despise him and his pop-up “party” and would probably not agree anyway.

It may be that Brexit Party standing in Labour-held seats will now redound to Labour’s benefit, in that even if Brexit Party only gets a few percent, the votes will be from voters who would otherwise vote Conservative. It might save Labour’s bacon in many Northern seats.

Labour’s election messages so far are mixed, ineffective and not grabbing the voters (is my sense, anyway), and the wall-to-wall anti-Corbyn bias of the Jewish-influenced UK msm just intensifies that.

Labour’s immigration policy is turning voters off, but it may be that most people already were turned off by it, and so cannot be turned off “double”, so to speak. In any case, people know that the Conservatives themselves have been pathetic on the migration-invasion question.

Having said the above, I sense that Brexit is perhaps just beginning to take a back seat as domestic policy issues come to the fore: the floods in Northern England, the emergency services, the NHS etc. Labour’s strong suits.

Meanwhile, Jo Swinson, doormatting (as usual) for the Jewish-Zionist lobby:

Jo Swinson is pathetic:

  • The “IHRA” is basically a Jewish-Zionist front; Blair was one of its early supporters;
  • The “International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance” only has 31 states (out of about 200) as members;
  • only 6 out of those 31 states have formally endorsed or adopted the “definition” referred to by Jo Swinson;
  • On 1 January 2015, Professor David Feldman stated in a Sub-Report for the Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism that the definition had “largely has fallen out of favour” due to criticisms received.[45][46]” [Wikipedia]
  • In the UK, only extremist Zionist organizations, and doormats such as Jo Swinson, Eric Pickles and that little pissant Robert Jenrick, have promoted the so-called “definition”;
  • In October 2019, University College London required speakers at a book launch to agree to additional guidelines relating to discussing antisemitism, even though that was not the subject of the book“…in other words, the “definition” is merely a tool via which Jewish-Zionist extremists attempt to close down the freedom of expression of host peoples.
  • Jo Swinson is no more than semi-literate. A “definition” is “of” something, not “on” something; and “which all candidates are being asked to sign this Election“? Ha ha!


Another reason never to vote LibDem!

Here’s another: Jo Swinson is longing to get into another Con-LibDem coalition. She loved the 2010-2015 Con Coalition, in which she was a PUS (junior Government appointee) and voted for all of the terrible measures against the poorer people of the UK.

Jo Swinson, the Liberal Democrat leader, has said she would sooner push the UK into another general election than put Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street in the event of a hung parliament. Ms Swinson, who could hold the balance of power if no party wins a House of Commons majority in the December 12 election, rejected the possibility of the anti-Brexit Lib Dems entering a parliamentary pact with Mr Corbyn.” [Financial Times]

There it is: vote LibDem, get Con

And, quelle surprise…Robert Largan, the “Conservative” candidate at High Peak, Derbyshire (who lives, it seems, in Fulham, London, and works as an accountant for Marks & Spencer), has signed that same fake “definition”! Wouldn’t you know it?!

Largan seems to specialize in negative attacks on the present Labour MP for High Peak, Ruth George, as well as on anyone who tweets support for her. See below.

—and notice Largan’s supporter there, “Happy”/”@lcfcsingh”, presumably an Indian and Conservative Party member, from Leicester (Largan seems to have to bus-in supporters, he seems to have very few locally), who plays the (more usually) Jew-Zionist card, trying to intimidate the anti-Conservative tweeter, “David”, by threatening him with the UK police acting as a Poundland KGB : “just reported your tweet. Expect a knock at the door.” Ha ha! Yeah, right…A sign of the times, though.

(though “David” is misinformed if he imagines that “denying” a so-called “holocaust” “is a crime”. It is not, not in the UK).

Some locals appear to despise Largan, who would no doubt be more at home in some chi-chi Fulham (or Soho?…) bar.

A reader of this blog just sent me this:

Back to the General Election mainstream

Taking a step back, and looking at the big picture, where is Labour, meaning in general, beyond this General Election? Where is the Conservative Party? Where are the LibDems? I leave out “Brexit Party”, which has just been sacrificed by its progenitor.

I have often blogged about how Labour is now the party, almost exclusively, of the ethnic minorities (except Jews and now perhaps the wealthier Indians) and/or those who directly benefit from public funds (public service workers, NHS employees, State benefit recipients). There are of course other groups and individuals, but those are the core voters, added to which may be the minority of younger voters (under 35s) who actually bother to vote.

The Labour core vote is no more than 30% of the whole, nationally. That, with Labour’s connected propensity to stack up votes in a relatively small number of safe seats, makes it hard for Labour to get a Commons majority. Ever.

The “Centrists” (non-socialist, pro-Israel) in Labour look back wistfully at the 1997-2010 Blair “appeal to all demographics” years of huge Labour majorities in the Commons (crazed Gordon Brown being a tacked-on afterthought). That was then. Times have changed. The Labour Party’s deliberate encouragement of mass immigration (migration-invasion), blind eye turned to the mass rape of young English, Welsh and Scottish girls by (mainly) Pakistani Muslims, not to mention Labour’s sycophancy towards the ultra-wealthy and its toleration of zero-hours contracts, PFI scams etc, have over years alienated the voters.

It is worth remembering that the voters rejected “Centrist” Brown and then Ed Miliband, after which the (Jewish-controlled/influenced) newspapers and TV kept saying, in effect “Labour elected the wrong Jew brother” (i.e. not David Miliband). The UK msm is pathetic.

I just noticed that there have been a few hits today on this, that I wrote about 2.5 years ago:

Corbyn is not Labour’s only problem, though his image is one problem. Labour’s main problem (with apologies to those who have read my words time and again) is one of identity. The industrial proletariat no longer exists, replaced (alongside much of the “middle class”) by the “precariat“, volatile and angry but also disorganized and unfocussed.

Those scribblers like Owen Jones who try to label that “precariat” as “working class” are just wilfully missing the point. The “working class” of Owen Jones is a conflation of (a relatively small) “new proletariat”, a “lumpenproletariat wearing sports gear” and the “precariat”. That is why most people just laugh when post-Marxists like Jones try to call these surging, uncontrolled, msm-brainwashed masses, with their adulation of 15-minutes-of-fame “celebrity” (and that covers the waterfront from The Only Way Is Essex, Premier League footballers, pop music, even Harry and the Royal Mulatta) , “working class”.

…and Labour (whose MPs are very different from their voters) not only has little to say to those masses but in many instances has proven to have been their enemy, certainly since 1997, arguably since the 1980s and the days of that old humbug Michael Foot.

Below: I thought that Labour activists were all young now? Not in Edinburgh, it seems. It looks like a convention for Age UK!

One has to ask where Labour support is going to come from. The “blacks and browns”?Labour is not “national”(ist), and until Corbyn took over had also thrown away its “socialist” credentials. Its time may be running out. Which brings us to the Conservative Party.

The problem that the now-misnamed Conservative Party has is one of demographics. The average Conservative Party voter is a person of about 60-80 years of age, with many well beyond that. There are few young or even 35/50 y-o voters. The core Conservative vote consists of fairly affluent or wealthy persons of middle age or old age. Racial questions are not key, though most Conservative voters are white. The wealthy of non-white populations are believed to favour the Conservative Party, and 90%+ of Jews vote Conservative now, but the numbers are small in absolute terms.

The core Conservative vote is no more, as with Labour, than 25%-30% nationally. The battleground is for the remaining voters and particularly the extra 10%-15% and in swing or marginal seats, which are the only ones that usually matter.

The best argument that the Conservative Party now has is the exact reverse of Labour’s best argument: Con is not Lab; Lab is not Con. We are talking negatives. Voters are really voting negatively, against the party they hate the most.

Other Conservative Party policies are not likely to inspire: the Cons have been in charge for nearly 10 years, have talked a semi-good game on immigration but have failed miserably. As for Brexit, the pathetic lack of real progress has not changed. We are still in the throes of trying to leave (but not really leave).

When it comes to the economy, too, while the Cons sold their pathetic “austerity” nonsense to the masses via the msm from 2010, somehow persuading them that the unemployed, disabled and others on State benefits were responsible for the UK’s poor performance, the reality is —slowly— dawning: “austerity” (suffered only by the poor and fairly poor) actually held back the UK economy. Other countries (except semi-banana states like Greece) have done better by boosting their economies, not paring back everywhere. Well, if you will trust a stupid part-Jew trustafarian cokehead like George Osborne with the economy, what do you expect?


The Conservatives are doomed, but not quite yet. It is hard to see them forming the government in, say, 2025 or 2030. As far as this general election is concerned, though, they are riding high because of the near-collapse of Labour. All the same, as we enter the last 4 weeks of this short election campaign, there is still all to play for. I do not yet regard the predicted massive Conservative victory (predicted by most, still) as inevitable, though it is clear that Labour is in serious trouble.

The LibDems have what the marketers call a “unique selling point” in that they are the sole hard-Remain party. Will that be enough? The withdrawal of Brexit Party from contesting Con-held seats will deprive the LibDems of a number of potential wins. The LibDems are languishing on around 15% nationally.

I begin to wonder whether the LibDems are going to slump. They may take a certain number, a small number, of seats, but I see no large breakthrough. At present, thanks to defections, they have (or had until the campaign started) 21 MPs; 12 from 2017, 9 defectors. I cannot see them having more than 20 after 12 December. They may even drop back to below a dozen. I may be wrong, but that is my feeling.

So with Con, Lab and LibDem all losing traction, what next? No country can be without a future, unless it is destroyed totally. It may have an unpleasant future, though, if the right choices are not made. Importation of inferior peoples— wrong choice. Maladministration to save money or kow-tow to special interest groups— wrong choice. Prioritization of quantity over quality in education— wrong choice. And so on.

Britain needs a social-national party and movement.

Update, 15 November 2019

The System parties now vie with each other in offering the voters “goodies”. For my money, the eyecatching offer today was that from Labour: free broadband for everyone. The other parties may say that it is “unaffordable” but that is just negative white noise. This is a potential gamechanger. In fact, I myself suggested this years ago. My idea was Basic Income, free local transport, free internet and utilities (all to a predetermined set maximum amount). Labour is catching up with me now; 5-10 years late, but better late than never.

The Conservatives are offering to reinstitute a few of the rail lines closed in the 1960s. Not a bad idea, but some mentioned (eg the Varsity Line are already in train (so to speak).

[Flanders and Swann, The Slow Train]

Brexit Party: well and truly washed-up. You heard it here first. The Guardian (like Labour) has taken its time in catching up with me, but here it is:


Returning to the parties that are really playing in this election, my sense, this cold morning, is that a new phase of the election campaign has started, a new front has opened up. Perhaps several new fronts.

The election campaign has so far been almost entirely about Brexit. I speculated, weeks ago, that there were other issues important to people. Now the narrative has (again) caught up with me. Whether it was the flooding in the North, the news about stresses on the NHS, or just that all three System parties are now talking about those other issues in society, there is a palpable change of atmosphere. Brexit is taking a back seat. That has to play more to Labour’s advantage.

The Conservatives and the Jewish-influenced msm are talking much about Labour’s supposed “anti-Semitism”, but I feel that that is “caviar to the general” and will not resonate much with most voters.

I shall be interested to see whether Labour makes up any ground in the next few opinion polls. My guess is that it will. If it does not, Labour really is facing a crisis bigger than any in recent history.

LibDems. Brexit.

The assumption has been made by many msm commentators and also by me to some extent, that the LibDems will get a boost by being the only unalloyed Remain party of any significance in this election. I still think that that is so, but the effect may well be limited.

As we know, less than 50% of UK voters voted Remain in 2016. If you leave out Northern Ireland and Scotland, the proportion was smaller in England and Wales. The figure now seems not much changed. Recent polls said that about 40% of the voters say that Brexit is the most important issue in this election. So, it is arguable that those

  • favouring Remain,
  • who also think that Brexit is the most important issue

might add up to around a fifth to a quarter of the electorate. Probably no more than a fifth. That might give the LibDems 20% of votes, as a maximum. Not enough for a breakthrough, but respectable, especially looking at the 4.9% the LibDems scored in 2015 and the 3.9% they received in 2017.

However, that 40%, the”most important issue” figure, comes from a poll taken some weeks ago. If that is now 30%, the LibDems may have a ceiling of 15%. For the LibDems everything now depends on getting in a large hard-core Remain vote. Failing that, the LibDems will slip below 10%, possibly below 5%, and the 2015-2017 decline will continue to LibDem oblivion.

Blind spot?

System scribbler Dan Hodges waxes indignant about supposed Russian interference in UK elections. Should he not cast his eyes toward the proven interference in UK elections and politics by Israel and its agents?

Newspaper comment:


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  1. One thing is for sure you would now have to be a complete chump to donate to Farage’s snake oil ‘party’ (or is it a limited company?🙄) or to consider voting for it!🙄😂😂😂

    I am not one to blow my own trumpet and consider it being done by others to be slightly distasteful but I can say I was never taken-in by the Brexit ‘party’. Those who were I would suggest should be a bit embarrassed today.

    Yes, Farage and Boris Johnson are made for one another being total low life gits, liars, self-serving charlatans and pedlars of snake oil.

    Hopefully, this news will backfire by prompting more Remain supporting Tories to vote Lib Dem and that party will make more gains that way.


  2. The Brexit ‘party’ should now collapse totally and stop pretending it is anything other than snake oil salesman Farage’s personal tribute band.

    Time for it to poll 0%! I suspect a few supporting it were the kind of people who used to vote Lib Dem because they were not CON or Lab. Perhaps, they will now lose this protest vote element to the Lib Democrats.


      1. Indeed, but unless there is some extraordinary change we will get five years of Boris-Idiot in power with crime increasing inexorably with its huge rise, the break-up of the United Kingdom thanks to Boris-Moron’s botched Brexit and more towns and cities resembling Stab City On The Thames thanks to Boris legalising illegal migrants and god knows how many more examples of flotsam and jetsam from the world’s cesspits in being allowed in by that sneering and arrogant Ugandan Asian bitch Priti Patel.🤬😡😞

        And this will be largely due to Nigel Farage the CON Party enabler.🤬😡🙄

        Can’t Boris just do the decent thing at long last and die? As you may have guessed I really can’t stand the gormless clown.


  3. What a rotter in that newspaper report above! I do love her double-barrelled name! Having Money-Coutts as a surname must be such a laugh and be one of the best double-barrelled surnames ever! What a hoot!😂😂😂 I like a bit of posh!😎😃

    She should stand as a Tory candidate in this election! With that name and being the daughter of a baron who is presumably connected to that famous private bank called Coutts whose customers allegedly include Her Majesty and the Royal Family she would be ideal.


  4. Yes, MILLIONS of people will be voting tactically in this election for parties they don’t really support thanks to our crazy and profoundly undemocratic electoral system. This should NEVER be necessary and CAN be dangerous even ie if we had a sensible PR system people would vote for parties reflecting their real beliefs on controversial subjects like immigration and thus be able to send warning signals to the government about it but under FPTP and its positive encouragement of mass tactical voting these warning signals to government from the electorate don’t get sent thus successive governments think their constant policies of mass immigration have been endorsed by the electorate when they really haven’t been.🤬😡😞


  5. He is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. A totally obnoxious bell end, self-serving conman, a lower than a snake spiv so it should come as no surprise snake-oil salesman extraordinaire and toad of Toad Hall Nigel ‘Frogface’ Farage gets along so well with him.

    He is so bad I am getting a bit misty-eyed about Teresa Mayhem’s Premiership. Those were halcyon days compared to what has come so far and what is yet to come with this blundering village idiot and worldwide laughing stock from Eton. He makes President Trump look intelligent and virtuous.

    How the rest of the world must feel about the descent of the United Kingdom from being a once serious country with that clown and ignoramus being in No.10.


    1. I thought that it must be embarrassing being American, with Trump there (and Obama was pretty stupid too, but presented himself better), but we can say nothing now that this clown has blagged his way (with 20 years of msm help) to the highest office.


      1. Indeed. We used to laugh about the USA and their tendency to elect people like Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush etc with his notorious inability to get the names of entire countries correct, Obama and now Trump but with Boris-Idiot being in No.10 we can’t really hold our collective heads high anymore compared to America.


    2. Yes, I am a proud and fully paid-up member of the ‘I Hate Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson club’ and it isn’t necessary to be a Labour Party, Green Party, Lib Dem supporter to be a part of it.


  6. It will be interesting to see the next opinion poll. How many morons will vote for the Brexit Party limited company (and no you can’t have your candidate deposit back you thick mugs now because Frogface has banked those to pay for his innumerable visits to Weatherspoons!) now🙄🙄🙄)?


      1. That will pay for an awful lot of drinks in Weatherspoons!🙄 Perhaps, Priti Patel’s normally useless at fighting real crime PC Gestapo/PC Stazi should be called-in to investigate the fraud that is Farage? They must do some REAL work occasionally surely?


      2. I just saw 5 mins of Tice, the Brexit Party Chairman (boyfriend of scuttlebutt journo Isabel Oakeshott now) on Sky News All Out Politics. Trying to defend the standing down of 317 candidates, *including* ones who would have faced extreme Remainer Conservatives! Brexit Party has just been killed stone dead by Farage. He’s killed it, I’m sure.


  7. Where is the Brexit Limited Company’s address? Not anywhere in Nigeria, is it? Frankly, I don’t see why ‘honest Nigel’😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄 doesn’t just black-up his face and go and live in downtown Lagos to send some begging letters back home! Arthur Daley would feel right at home in Nigeria! Or is that giving him more ideas he doesn’t need?🙄


  8. Are you sure Utter Fraud Tory Boy Farage has killed the Brexit Scam Company Limited or is it, as I increasingly suspect him to be, Utter Fraud MI5/MI6 Agent Farage has killed the Brexit Nigerian Scam Company Limited?

    Seriously, this entire business STINKS to high heaven! I don’t have a great deal of sympathy for those Brexit Company Limited candidates who were naive and stupid enough to be taken in by the perpetually drunk conman Farage but I do have some.

    Farage and his scam company has blatantly taken advantage of them and to my mind taken money from them under false pretences which I have always thought was a pretty serious criminal offence. As such, I think the police should be called-in to investigate the scumbag Farage.


  9. Hopefully, this utterly sordid business will have the oppose effect to that which is intended and the CON Party will lose more Remain supporting Tories to the Liberal Democrats as Nick Boles above implies. I have read that the normally very safe seat of the Foreign Secretary in Surrey is getting near to being lost to the Lib Dem candidate.


    1. One (half) Jew less, if true!

      I have just updated my blog to reflect the latest situational changes, especially the fact as I see it that Farage has just killed his own party stone dead, but also the fact that, while the LibDems are *losing* across-the-board support, they may be concentrating a Schwerpunkt in some Remainer seats presently held by Con MPs.


      1. You would have to be a complete and utter moron with a capital M to even consider voting for his scam Ponzi scheme company now or, even worse, be a candidate for it in the now utterly hopeless for them Labour-held seats. The Brexit scam company should get NO votes at all now.

        The Liberal Democrat candidate in Dominic Raab’s seat, Monica Harding, seems to be one of their best. In other seats, they haven’t chosen wisely and that will cost them. Perhaps the worst is selecting Chukka in the Cities of London and Westminster who, frankly, is too footloose to be trusted. Would he up sticks once elected and join the CONS? With pretty much any decent candidate I would be able to see that seat fall to a Lib Dem, if only just, but now I can’t.


  10. Ha, ha, perhaps that posh woman in the newspaper article above, Sophie Money-Coutts, should stand for Nigel’s Nigerian Scam Company Limited? With a fantastic double-barrelled and very appropriate name like that she would fit right-in but she might be too much of a well brought-up lady to CON people as much as Fraudulent Farage!


  11. Those people stupid and naive enough to stand for Fraudulent Farage’s Ponzi scam company in the Labour-held seats need to be branded with a hot iron on their foreheads with the immortal words I AM A %%%%ING STUPID MUG!


  12. The Brexit Ponzi Scam Company isn’t even worth an aimless protest vote now! I hope former Tory Richard Tice (ha, ha, am I being a bit cynical in suggesting he STILL IS a Tory just like Frogface is) gets absolutely slaughtered in Hartlepool. If there is one kind of person ordinary working-class people can’t stand especially in gritty Northern towns that person would be a wealthy Tory con artist!

    If you are going to protest vote then give the traditional home of such votes in the Liberal Democrat Party a vote. At least that party is a proper party and doesn’t effectively steal money off its members and supporters.🙄


      1. Indeed. Turnouts in some of these Labour seats are appalling but I don’t blame the voters in them. They don’t have much in the way of a real choice and this election in Hartlepool is no different what with the official Tory being one of their now numerous pet foreigners and the unofficial one being a wealthy Tory scam artist from deepest ‘true blue’ Surrey.


  13. The fact the Ponzi Scheme Company has stood down its candidates in the seats of KNOWN Tory remainer MPs or candidates (of which I am convinced there are many) surely speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

    Whatever little credibility this outfit had before must now evaporate.


    1. Of course. What is even more remarkable is that Farage did that without asking for even a facesaver stand-down of, say, 30 CON candidates. Brexit Party has committed hara-kiri.


      1. With any luck this disgraceful episode will be the last we see of Fraudulent Farage. He has been a pain in this country’s politics ever since Zionist hate groups like Searchlight and the Blatant Bias Corporation hit upon the bright idea of using him and UKIP to divert people away from voting for the true anti globalist Establishment party the BNP from 2004 onwards.


      2. Yes, he has voluntarily euthanised his own ‘party’. YouGov ( some rather cynical people call them not unreasonably YouTory) has released its latest poll putting Fraudulent Farage’s Nigerian Scam ‘party’ on 4% support.


      3. Is that so? 4%, you say? It rather proves my blog point of, originally, some months ago, to the effect that Farage is not a very good politician despite his gifts of oratory etc. That does not preclude the possibility that Farage is doing what I call a Mikhail Tal. Tal was a chess grandmaster and World Champion. One of his famous games showed him sacrifice almost all his pieces in order to place the few remaining ones in a winning position, having plotted it all out in advance.

        The question then would be, what, for Farage, *is* a winning position? Not for “Brexit Party”, but for Farage?


  14. Those candidates still standing in the Labour-held seats should stand down now. If they don’t, they must be gluttons for punishment because, I suspect, they will be humiliated when the results are announced.


      1. I thought they had little chance before of gaining any MPs but now I think it is absolutely zilch. Electoral Calculus did predict that they had a chance of winning Thurrock even at fairly low levels of national support ie about 10% but that is, at present, a very marginal Tory-held seat so the Brexit Tory Scam Ponzi ‘Party’ won’t be standing a candidate there.


      2. This ‘party’ should collapse entirely. Seriously, what is the point of them? They say they will stand in the seats of Lib Dem and Labour remainers but there is no point in doing that if the seats of Tory remainers are left alone. Apparently, the new Tory candidate in the Cities of London and Westminster seat is a Remainer so why not stand there?


  15. Fraudulent Farage is a Tory to his bones and not the best sort of Tory ie one of the old-school ‘hang ‘em, flog’em, send ‘em home’ brigade but one of these liberal globalist Thatcherite spiv city boy types. As such, sensible people should give him a very wide berth.


  16. If the CONS want to beat Labour instead of replicating the extreme open borders globalism under a Labour leader like Corbyn then their message to blatantly fake ‘asylum seekers’ and illegal migrants should be a simple, albeit a bit brutal one, of ‘don’t unpack, you’re going back’.😂👌😀 I really LOVE that phrase!😎😀🤣😂

    Problem is though that even if that were the Tory policy it is a bit difficult to get that message across to the electorate when you have a brown person as Home Secretary.

    Where is someone like the former Home Secretary, Lord Waddington, who was quite good in that role:

    He was my kind of Tory.


      1. I like to be helpful if possible!😂😎 Perhaps, If I were unlucky enough to catch a meeting with the buffoon who poses as PM I could say this phrase to him regarding his policy towards illegal migrants. He has the very wrong not just in a lawful sense but MORALLY also ambition of wanting an amnesty for illegals. Personally, I think it is morally wrong of a government to send signals to the public they want to effectively reward criminal behaviour. It is wrong for a government to say abiding by the law is only for some people and you can pick and choose which ones you obey and which ones you don’t. Perhaps, I am just a bit ‘old fashioned’ in that sense for ‘modern’ Tories!🙄🙄🙄


  17. Thurrock’s Tory MP at the moment, Jackie Doyle-Price, is not only a freeloading ex secretary but also a Remainer and, I hear, a bit of a globalist liberal in other ways so if she lost her seat to the Labour candidate it wouldn’t make much difference.

    This is in stark contrast to the only other time Thurrock has had a Tory MP from 1987 to 1992. Timothy Janman was pro-hanging and very much against immigration being a member of the Tory Monday Club. It was a real shame he lost the seat so narrowly in 1992 when we in the very safe and nearby Brentwood and Ongar constituency were getting liberal globalist Eric Pickles as our new Tory MP.


  18. According to their Twitter feed, the Labour Leave group are not too pleased with Tory Conman Farage and have accused him of reverting to Tory type as the relatively small number of Labour MPs who favour leave will still (at least at present) have Brexit ‘party’ candidates stand against them.

    Fraudulent Farage is either playing an incredibly sophisticated game that is no doubt too clever by far as you say or he is politically-speaking as thick as excrement and is just intent on pleasing his Tory masters FOR NOTHING IN RETURN!🙄🙄🙄


    1. Yes, but I can see how far out of touch the generally pro-Remain and also pro-Labour twitterati are, reading their tweets today. Obsessed by Westminster Bubble storms in teacups such as whether Leave UK etc broke spending rules. Meanwhile, the Con juggernaut rolls on because the mass of voters are not really interested in legal and bureaucratic minutiae.


      1. Breaking spending rules is relatively small beer compared to the fact the police are sitting upon a report about dodgy Russian funders of the CON Party and Boris Johnson in particular.

        Vote Tory or Brexit ‘party’ and get Putin/Trump!


  19. The Brexit ‘party’ lets Remainer Teresa Maybe have a free pass in Maidenhead whist standing against veteran Labour Eurosceptic Dennis Skinner who was opposing Common Market membership whilst Farage was in the Tory Party when his idol Thatcher signed us up to the Single Market!🙄

    Brexit ‘party’ = slightly different coloured Tories AND EVEN MORE CORRUPT!🙄


  20. My seat is so safe for the CON Party (the TENTH safest as of the 2017 result) Fraudulent Farage’s ‘party’ had not even selected a candidate according to Wikipedia so his standing down the candidates in only Tory seats was of no effect anyway.

    The Lib Dem candidate here, Councillor David Kendall, admitted recently he voted leave on June 23rd 2016 but he now believes he made a mistake in doing that mainly because he says the Irish border situation was not adequately debated during the campaign.


  21. As there will be no Brexit ‘party’ candidate here (not that I would want
    particularly to vote for them anyway) I will have to either abstain or vote Liberal Democrat.

    The CONS nowdays are an absolute disgrace and don’t give a damm about REAL immigration control (Priti Patel’s points means prizes plan is patronising and childish crap and utterly worthless since there is no proposal of a real cap on numbers ). I also see no real effort being made to deport failed ‘asylum seekers’ and illegal immigrants.

    The CON Party has also ceased being the Conservative AND Unionist Party in their desperation to get ANY old kind of ‘Brexit’ over the line. To put it frankly, the CON Party was entrusted by the nation with leaving the EU as per that now infamous referendum question which I distinctly remember contained the words UNITED KINGDOM NOT England, Scotland, Wales.

    It is surely a funny old world when the Liberal Democrats can be more trusted with the unity of our country than the party that used to proudly call itself the Conservative and Unionist Party.

    Also, Boris is a problem. I think he should be entertaining children in a circus tent rather than being in No. 10. Time we had real political reform in this country as well but, sadly, the so-called ‘modern’ Conservative Party is still passionately opposed to it.


  22. I really doubt whether Emily Thornberry will lose her seat as she has a plus 40% majority though she will have it cut substantially. Who needs a more than 20,000 majority anyway? The only thing that will achieve is to to get you high up on the table of Labour’s safe seats.

    The Labour Party needs to spread its national vote share more efficiently like the SNP does. At the moment, the narrowest majority in the entire country is held by the SNP MP for North East Fife, Stephen Gethins, who held-off the Liberal Democrats by JUST TWO VOTES last time.

    Under this crazy system of FPTP MILLIONS of votes are wasted at every general election and don’t help to elect anyone. A seat like North East Fife won by two votes is just as valuable to the party that wins it than one won by 20,000 or more.

    Let us hope that Survation poll is nearer to the truth than some others. Boris-Idiot with even a modest majority let alone a large one would be a positive danger to this country. If it happens, we had better hope the world situation is calm because if it isn’t Coco The Clown will probably get us involved in a war with Iran or something stupid like that . Of course, that is assuming the UK survives under his misrule which must be doubtful!🙄🙄🙄


      1. Indeed. The present system is well past its sell by date and amongst many failings it positively encourages mass tactical voting which is a huge indictment against it. Tactical voting even on a small scale should never be needed let alone a mass one.

        It is also forces the two big parties to be unnatural coalitions. In Germany with its sane Mixed-Member Proportional Representation system someone like Jeremy Corbyn would be leading the socialist Die Linke (The Left) Party and not leading their equivalent of our Labour Party the socially democratic SPD.

        Similarly, more nationalist minded Tories would be in the Afd and not Merkel’s CDU.


  23. Are the concerns of the Twitterati the concerns of ordinary Brits? I would say not. Boris Johnson and other leading Tories are often accused on that platform of being raving ‘racists’, ‘nationalists’, ‘islamophobes’, blah, ball, blah!

    I see little to no evidence the CONS are any of those things! ‘Modern’ Tories are basically posh Liberal Democrats but in contrast to the official Lib Dem party they espouse a hatred for proportional representation and other constitutional reforms.

    The Tories of today can’t be remotely compared to how they were in Neville Chamberlain’s or Stanley Baldwin’s day when you could call Tories ‘racists’, ‘xenophobes’ etc. Indeed, this IS the bloody problem with ‘modern’ Tories!

    Today’s Tories= Globalist Liberals

    The level of political education in this country is truely abysmal!

    The Tories are NOT in anyway comparable to Germany’s excellent national-Conservative Afd Party or Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (National Rally)!


  24. REAL ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’ Tories as in Chamberlain’s days as PM wouldn’t have spent a single moment let alone god knows how many tweets, Facebook posts (if those technologies had been available then) castigating the then Labour Party over its alleged attitudes to a very small ethnic minority ie Jews.

    Nowdays, that very, very elastic term ‘anti-semitism’ is flung by Tories towards Labour like their lives depended upon it rather than debating REAL issues of concern to MILLIONS of people.🙄

    ‘Modern’ Tories are OBSESSED with ‘anti-semitism’ whereas Chamberlain would have just ignored it like the good Tory he was. Chamberlain would have thought the Tories of today re this subject of ‘anti-semitism’ etc were DOWNRIGHT WEIRD.


  25. For the benefit of the Twitterati people who say these silly things about Tories today ie these are REAL Conservatives back in the good days of Toryism:,_9th_Earl_of_Portsmouth

    Scottish Unionist MP (effectively the Scottish Conservative party):

    Is there ANY Tory MP like these people on the Tory benches in parliament? If they do exist they must not have made a speech for many years then!


    1. None of the main/System parties have much in common with their own quite recent predecessors. Leaders too. Compare the depth, erudition and background of, say, Jo Grimond with Jo Swinson! Churchill or even Heath (not that I exactly favour them) with Boris-Idiot; Attlee or Wilson with Corbyn!


  26. Exactly. Jo Swinson compared to Jo Grimond -a screeching schoolgirl to a colossus of liberalism.

    Churchill, Neville Chamberlain or Enoch Powell compared to the grinning clown from Zippo’s Tory Circus.

    Attlee compared to Jeremy Corbyn aka ‘Wolfie Smith’ from late 1970’s BBC comedy Citizen Smith.

    All told, I think we as a nation are a bit %%%%ed whoever ‘wins’ next month!😞


  27. Well, we surely can’t descend any further, can we? CAN WE?🙄🤬😡😞

    As that 1988 hit from Yazz and the Plastic Population was called ‘The Only Way is Up’ It bloody well better be!🙄


      1. How can anyone not remember so-called ‘New Labour’s (more like evil SATANIC anti-British Labour) use of that cheesy song?

        The CONS were spot-on with those ‘New Labour New Danger’ posters but dopy globalist liberal John Major had them pulled!🙄🙄🙄🙄


      2. Yes, that “Devil Eyes” poster was the truest comment ever made about Blair. Ironically, it was Boris-Idiot’s “adviser” (eminence grise and ruler behind the throne), Dominic Cummings, then at CCHQ, who commissioned the Devil Eyes poster. Takes one to know one?


  28. Yes, Lord Farage of Fraudulence has killed his own ‘party’ in one fell swoop with NO REAL form of reciprocation by the CONS. They must be delighted with his utter political idiocy.

    Very few Leave supporting and normally Labour voters will consider a vote for the Brexit ‘party’ now because they don’t see Tory Leave voters in Tory-held seats being given the opportunity to vote for the BP.

    That ‘party’ is finished.


  29. Please don’t remind me of our previous CON Party MP, Sir Eric Pickles, here in Brentwood and Ongar. Pickles was a thick Yorkshireman who bagged his way to this very safe seat because most Yorkshire folk are too sensible to vote for the CONS.

    Whilst he was here, he done virtually nothing for this constituency. I met him once in a constituency surgery and he didn’t really help my situation with a government department.

    Indeed, as our MP, he was more interested in being a doormat for Israel and Zionist extremist Jews than us. Frankly, he may as well been the member for Jerusalem Central than Brentwood and Ongar.

    I wonder if any local Tory associations really check where, ideologically-speaking, their candidates for MPs are coming from? Well, in fatty Pickle’s case, in his youth he was a member of the British COMMUNIST Party and used to head a loony-left Tory committee against racialism! I wonder how many staunch Tory voters in my seat knew this about useless Pickles?

    Here in Brentwood and Ongar we always get the leftie Tory candidates imposed upon us instead of having the relatively sane ones like Timothy Janman the former Tory MP for ultra-marginal Thurrock.


    1. I was unaware that “Sir” Eric Pickles was a Communist once! It fits, though. Many more or less “Conservative” supporters (now) were either (official) Communists or Trotskyist Communists (at one time).


      1. In my experience ‘former’ Communists don’t generally actually BECOME ‘former’ Communists. The CONS really should tighten-up their selection procedures and outright ban these so-called ‘former’ Communists from joining!

        It follows that fatty Pickles is such an ardent witch hunter of ‘anti-semites’ and his being a ‘former’ Communist because I believe I am correct in stating the Soviet Union was the first country in the world to ban ‘anti-semitism’ and impose strict punishments for ‘anti-semites’ up to and including even capital punishment!

        Sir Eric Jack Pickles is against hanging but being a ‘former’ Communist and rabid opponent of ‘anti-semitism’ he would probably make an exception for people like you!


      2. Just saw this! The “self-identity” madness continues, as this tweet exposes:


  30. Jo Swinson is a silly little girl, isn’t she? I thought her main overriding aim in this election was to ‘stop Brexit’? She hates Jeremy Corbyn and that has got nothing to do with his domestic agenda more that he is an alleged ‘anti-semite’ which to anyone with a brain is utter nonsense and a disgraceful slur.

    Remainers who really do want to to ‘stop Brexit’ must be getting a trifle fed-up with this precious little madame as she is more concentrated upon ‘stopping Corbyn’ on behalf of Israel and Zionist extremist Jews.🙄

    As for Robert Largan, what a nasty, slimy, little Toryboy he is! With pathetic little snitches like him as candidates I am not surprised the CONS are called ‘Britain’s nasty party’

    As ever with these Zionist doormat liberal globalist ‘modern’ Tories they have little to no knowledge of their own party’s history:

    Under half-way decent Tory leaders such as Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain pathetic snitches and rats like Rober Largan would have been either not selected in the first place or booted-out for wanting to inform on members of the electorate like in Stalinist Russia like that.

    I am not a Labour supporter but I hope Ruth George gets re-elected.


      1. Indeed. He isn’t any kind of ‘anti-semite’. ALL I have ever heard from him is some fairly mild comments about the Zionist state of Israel and about how that state sometimes behaves with regard to suppressing Palestinians in the West Bank etc and how it acts towards other countries in the dangerous and volatile part of the world it is in.

        I have yet to hear from him any truely critical remarks about Zionist hate groups in Britain like Searchlight with their double standards regarding the virulent nationalism of the Israeli government and Zionist Israeli Jews and nationalist pro-British gentile organisations and parties in Britain.

        If Corbyn can be accused of anything then the ‘crime’ is one of confusion ie he seems to dislike Israel because he thinks it is some kind of colonial relic from the age of European Empires ie a white settler colony rather than what it actually is ie a modern Jewish ie NOT white state founded only in 1948.

        Israel reminds him of what in his classical socialist/British Labour Party view was the disgraceful British Empire.

        I am glad I don’t live in the High Peak constituency because if that joke of a Tory candidate came to my mother’s home he might overhear her when she sometimes comments critically about Israel when that state occasionally goes over the top defending itself.

        Robert Largan would have my mum locked-up by the local overly politicised Tory-run Gestapo/PC Stazi.🙄🤬😡


      2. Yes, you of all people should know! 😀Zionist extremist Jews have certainly been on your case!

        The ones who have complained about you would only accept as evidence you are a reformed character if you told them you are from now on professing your 100% total admiration of them and you won’t make even the slightest critical remark. They are living gods, after all, and good goys MUST bow down to them!

        ‘God’s chosen people’ DEMANDS obedience from good goys everywhere and you simply have to give it to them!


  31. That Labour Party supporter called David in the High Peak constituency really is a very, very naughty Goy, isn’t he?😂😀 Off to the local CON Party misruled PC Gestapo/PC Stazi ‘police’ station for you, sunnyboy!

    Yes, Robert Largan the Likud Party candidate (formerly the British Conservative and Unionist Party) for High Peak WOULD indeed be better off in some chi chi bar in Fulham or Soho. I could well imagine him snorting a line of coke up his nostrils like Zionist doormat Michael Gove does or our esteemed😂 former Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer George Gideon Oliver Osbourne did!


  32. The CONS want to waste our taxes by increasing the size of our police forces! IF the Tories put police officers back to doing their REAL jobs ie the formerly quaint British tradition of fighting criminals rather than harassing people on behalf of the CON Party globalist government then I, for one, wouldn’t mind paying for that increase or even a bigger one that I think is needed to really fight crime effectively but under this wretched ‘government’ returning the police to their proper role in society won’t happen!🤬😡😞


  33. Is Jo Swinson even worse at maths than Diane Abbott? You have got 20 MPs not 200! Beggars can’t be choosers, love! How did that last coalition with Britain’s nasty party go, woman? I seem to remember the CONS only really ‘offered’ the Liberal Democrat Party a joke of a referendum on the Alternative Vote (AV) which is NOT now nor will it ever be a form of Proportional Representation (even a mild form) (PR) knowing (how conveniently for the CONS) that such a, “pathetic little compromise” (in the right words of Nick Clegg) would not be endorsed by the voters in that referendum in 2011.


  34. I am looking forward to your post on the non-Conservative and now decidedly Non Unionist Party of Coco The Clown and its increasingly steep descent from the ‘good old days’ of Salisbury, Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain.

    At the last election, Labour’s national vote increasingly concentrated in their existing safe seats like Tottenham, Hackney South and Shoreditch, Islington North (Jeremy Corbyn’s seat) etc but they also picked-up by tiny margins seats like Kensington (Labour majority just 20 votes) and Chester .

    I wonder if something similar is happening to the CON Party as well. My own seat of Brentwood and Ongar has a huge Tory majority of 24,002 which is far higher than it was even under Mrs Thatcher (Tory majority in 1987 a relatively paltry 18,921)


      1. It sure would be 😂🤡😎👌🤣😂and no doubt it would become THE iconic result of the night if it happened just as Michael Portillo losing Enfield Southgate was in 1997. I think even a book was written about that shock result afterwards called ‘Were You Up For Portillo?’😃

        Though it isn’t a complete fantasy like it would be with most party leaders and PM’s I would still tend to bet against it since party leaders and PMs do normally get a small boost in their own vote and Johnson did have a vote share of just over 50% in the seat so if his own vote doesn’t decline then no amount of anti-Clown tactical voting will oust him.

        Also, NO PM to my knowledge has ever lost their own seat. Arthur Balfour lost his seat in the 1906 Liberal Party landslide but he was just the Tory Party leader then after standing down from being PM a month or so earlier.

        History will be made if he does lose. It is an enticing prospect for sure!


  35. Sir Eric Jack Pickles and nasty Tory lowlife snitch Robert Largan should go to Germany if they really want to bear down upon ‘anti-semites’. Apparently, a recent survey there said that up to ONE IN FOUR gentile Germans had at least one ‘anti-semitic’ viewpoint.

    If Britain was such a hotbed of ‘anti-semitism’ as Zionist fanatic Jews in our media and elsewhere imply then why do most Jews continue to live here? Surely, it can’t be that bad because if it was they would take advantage of El Al’s frequent flights to Israel each week and go and emigrate there!


    1. In Poland and elsewhere, where people are less sentimental, I think that it must be 90%!

      As you say, Jews whine about how afraid they are in the UK, but that changes when they think that they hold the whip hand. Yes, they will “flee to Israel” or USA if Corbyn is elected, they claim.

      That ugly old Jewess who appeared in ads for BT or some similar privatization in the 1980s said that she would leave, years ago. Still here, still making money. You will have read my blogs about that self-publicizing Jew lawyer, Mark Lewis, and his ghastly gargoyle of a girlfriend/”carer”. They claimed a year ago that they were emigrating to Israel by reason of “anti-Semitism”. Since then, they have been back several times, I think. You cannot believe the nonsense (((they))) say.


  36. Labour has been making a very modest ascent in the polls but Corbyn has just opened his mouth about the CON Party’s alleged ‘hostile environment’ for immigrants!

    WHERE is the evidence for this policy? It doesn’t exist!😡🤬😞

    IF ONLY it did! The CONS SHOULD HAVE but DON’T HAVE a policy of rounding-up illegal immigrants and putting them on planes to deport them from whence they came.

    Tory policy SHOULD involve planes taking-off from Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh etc 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year in order to clear the massive ONE MILLION PLUS backlog of illegal immigrants that has built-up under Tory and Labour misrule.

    Sadly, under the CONS, we have globalist libertarian nutter Priti Patel as Home Secretary NOT social conservative Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe (though I wouldn’t have agreed with his decision to proceed with Derek Bentley’s hanging despite being a proponent of capital punishment) as in the 1950’s or the beautiful Marine Le Pen!

    Corbyn, there is NO Tory ‘hostile environment’ for immigrants! There SHOULD BE but unfortunately there isn’t.

    We DON’T have ‘hang ‘em, flog’em, send ‘em back’ Tories in office!


  37. Re Boris Johnson’s seat and his prospects for being re-elected: the Labour Party are, by far, the clear challengers to him being just 10% of the vote behind as of the 2017 election but, of course, their national vote share has gone down since then so it will probably be reflected in the seat.

    Mrs May, interestingly, didn’t get, if I recall correctly, an increase in her vote in Maidenhead in 2017 which was unusual for a PM and party leader. Mind you, this may have been connected to the fact Maidenhead was an extremely safe Tory seat in 2015 so the Tory vote was probably ‘maxed-out’ there already.


    1. As you say. In Uxbridge, as in most seats, the LibDem vote actually *decreased* in % terms from 2015 to 2017. 4.9% to 3.9%. The LibDems are basically still a dustbin for votes not going Lab or Con, though the firm Remain stance may elevate that percentage this time.
      There are 12 candidates, inc. ones called Count Binface and Lord Buckethead.


  38. All the CON Party seems to care about is their shameful lies about the Labour Party and their ‘anti-semitism’ .Apparently, the Tories believe Labour is the literal embodiment of the National Socialist German Workers Party 1933-1945.

    Personally, I am totally fed-up with hearing about these nonsensical claims and I hope it is beginning to grate with the voters and turn them off.

    That the CONS continue to plant these smears in their bought and paid for media is a disgrace but then as the CON Party has abandoned the pretence, let alone, the reality of being a genuine Conservative Party and consequently have nothing to sell to ordinary people they have little option but to continue with this campaign. It is a sure sign of the CON Party’s intellectual bankruptcy.

    To be honest, if I lived in a marginal Tory-held seat I would be tempted to vote Labour as a pure protest vote against the CONS and their incessant whinging about ‘anti-semitism’.

    Previous real Tory leaders such as Baldwin and Chamberlain wouldn’t devote their lives to smearing Labour in this way not least because Chamberlain certainly was a normal British gentile who as the historical record of him shows wasn’t too keen on the Jews. He apparently said to his sister once, “I must admit I am not too fond of the Jews”.

    So, there we have it, Neville Chamberlain was a true Tory colossus and a normal Englishman.

    To listen to today’s Tories you would think they are the British branch of Israel’s rabidly nationalist Likud Party.🙄

    Time, Tories, then to stop this boring and untruful campaign or, if you can’t, emigrate en masse to Israel. not that Israel would let you because that country has a ‘racist’ immigration policy!

    British Gentiles: Don’t vote CON Party DONT Vote For Britain’s Likud Branch Office.


    1. Britain’s then rulers made a big mistake allowing the Jews in in quite large numbers in the 1930s, though of course many were already here, having arrived in or from the 1880s to 1914 (mostly). Those who arrived thanks to William and Mary were Sephardic Jews, mostly wealthy but relatively few in number. The economist Ricardo was one descended from them.

      The influxes post 1880 and in 1930s are those who (descendants of, mostly) have been exploiting the British people mercilessly.

      ps. Worth revisiting today, UK politicos please note!
      “Ricardo believed that the process of economic development, which increased land utilization and eventually led to the cultivation of poorer land, principally benefited landowners. According to Ricardo, such premium over “real social value” that is reaped due to ownership constitutes value to an individual but is at best[14] a paper monetary return to “society”. The portion of such purely individual benefit that accrues to scarce resources Ricardo labels “rent”.”


  39. I agree and what form of gratefulness do we get from too many of them? NONE. Chamberlain kept a few out but his immigration policy towards them wasn’t as tough as it should have been.

    Today’s Tories who are, for the most part, really posh and wealthy Lib Democrats for slow learners would, no doubt, let the entire Jewish population of Israel come and live here seeing as they love that country more than their own!

    You should do a blog post about this tendency amongst Tory morons to castigate British gentiles for their ‘anti-semitism’ and try and explain to observers of this blog why some forms of what is very loosely defined as ‘anti-semitism’ on the part of native Britons isn’t wholly illogical and irrational.

    Could it be that some Brits don’t like Jews because too many Jews think the nationalism of the Israeli government, Jewish Israelis, and the ethnic self-assertiveness, ethnic self-awareness of Jews in Britain is fine and is to be applauded whist if British gentiles show the same feelings we are terrible ‘racists’ if not outright ‘Nazis’?


    1. Exactly. “Anti-semitism”, particularly when defensive in nature, is a sign of national and social health. The present near-worship of Jewish things, seen particularly in the msm, showbusiness, politics and what is left of the Church(es) is an indication of socio-political and socio-cultural disease.


      1. Far too many Jews in Britain, the USA, Germany and other European countries say nationalism/ethnic self-awareness/ethnic self-assertiveness is fine for us but NOT for native goys hence the development of ‘anti-semitism’ in some goys as a reaction to Jewish double standards.


  40. Our local Labour candidate was trying to drum-up some support on the High Street the other day. Although they came second here in Brentwood and Ongar last time it I was a pretty poor second and they were miles behind the Tory MP. Basically, this constituency would elect a monkey from London Zoo if said candidate wore a blue rosette. Speaking of monkeys this could be an ideal constituency for Boris-Idiot to relocate too but perhaps I should not say that as the local CON Party association may take me up on that suggestion should the good people of Uxbridge and South Ruislip do what needs to be done next month.😎😂😀😁

    Nice of the local Labour Party to give us a thought but I think their canvassers would be better employed in trying to win Thurrock off Jackie Doyle-Price the liberal-left globalist Tory MP.


      1. As an Essex person, I can say that many parts of Thurrock, particularly Grays and Purfleet ,don’t really look much like Essex or really feel like those areas should belong in this county.

        When I first went to Grays I genuinely thought I had taken a wrong turning and had actually gone to the old EastEnd on account of the terrace housing there which most towns in Essex don’t really have.

        For the life of me, I find it hard to understand why that seat has a Tory MP because it must be the poorest seat in this county by quite a distance. Only North Grays has some expensive homes and the new development of Chafford Hundred.

        I COULD understand why it elected Timothy Janman in 1987. He was a Thatcherite but he also had some more traditional Tory views too ie he was very pro hanging and was anti-immigration. He campaigned against any possibility of allowing large scale Chinese immigration from Hong Kong before we handed it back to China. After all, Thurrock is geographically close to the Asian areas of the old East End so it isn’t hard to understand how Janman’s socially conservative views played well with the working-class electorate.

        It is a real shame he lost his seat in 1992 by only a slightly larger margin than he won it by in 1987. We in Brentwood and Ongar should have had him as our Tory MP rather than the liberal Eric Pickles.

        Jackie Doyle-Price doesn’t compare to Timothy Janman!


  41. Re the Liberal Democrat Party if I were them I would be careful to not come across as too obsessed with the EU issue whilst seeming to ignore others. They shouldn’t appear to be the Remain version of the Brexit joke scam ‘party’. They should mention electoral reform as one big reason that I believe we are in the mess that we are now in regarding the EU is because we have such an archaic and profoundly unfair electoral system where votes cast in different seats have an unequal value put on them by the system.

    This also needs to be done because cause too many people think we had a referendum on a Proportional Representation system in 2011 when we actually had one on the distinctly NON PR system called the Alternative Vote (AV)


    1. I suspect that Jo Swinson’s husband may be Jew or part-Jew. No evidence beyond the circumstantial, just an educated guess. The shark can smell blood in the water a mile off…

      Re. LibDems in this election: in principle, all Remain supporters *could* vote LibDem, giving the LibDems maybe half of all votes and a massive Commons majority. In reality, only about a quarter to a half *of* the half of the voters who support Remain will vote LibDem, so giving them somewhere between 10% and 25% of all votes. I am guessing that they will end up with nearer 10% than 25%. Everything depends, though, as always, on *where* those votes are concentrated (or not).


      1. Yes, it is better to have votes of 35% plus in a small number of seats which can put you in the position of winning them than have votes of 25% or less across a larger number of seats and come nowhere near getting someone elected.

        Simple solution for the Liberal Democrat Party is to encourage as many of their voters as possible to move to the West Country. Mind you, that part of the country doesn’t have all that many seats so it would be better to have more Lib Dem voters in the Home Counties around London which is the real regional stronghold of the Tories which they haven’t lost the majority of seats in since the Liberal Party landslide of 1906.


      2. Once the Brexit stuff is not an issue, the LibDems will disappear. That is what I thought in 2014 and then in 15, 16, 17, 18. Only this year have I thought that their hard Remain stance might give them a boost, but I now doubt that.


  42. I wish my constituency was on this list:

    If it was my vote could be crucial to the election’s outcome!

    The CONS have a big average lead at the moment but who knows WHERE that lead is located? It is seats and not votes which count under our crazy system and the Tory vote may be piling-up to an even greater extent than normal in already existing safe constituencies like mine.


    1. As you say. At first glance, the Cons look to be on a runaway winner, but I have my doubts. I see the public mood as apathy mixed with anger at all three System parties. Brexit Party is dead as a dodo now, after Farage and his very recent stupidity. Were I a “conspiracy theorist”, I would wonder whether Farage has had his brain interfered with, to be frank, so absurd has his behaviour been.


      1. Maybe propping up the bar and drinking all those pints in Weatherspoons are finally having some bad effects?😃No doubt that quite mad Australian who owns the chain appreciates Nigel’s custom over the last twenty years or more but visiting Tim’s establishments on that kind of regular basis isn’t going to do much for your health!


      2. I confess that I find Farage’s behaviour in the last week or two baffling. Either I have not understood what game he is playing, or he has gone mad, at least politically.


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