General Election 2019 Daily Updated Blog (no.6)

I have decided to restart my General Election blog thread, for the usual reasons of convenience.

26 November 2019

Anyone who wants to read my reaction to the interference in the General Election by the Chief Rabbi (I prefer “Chief Pharisee”) can see it on my previous General Election 2019 blog (no.5). I made the point that, with (((typical))) damned cheek, the Chief Pharisee talked about “our country” and “the soul of our nation“!

What country or nation would that be? Ephraim Mirvis was born in South Africa, lived most of his life in Israel, finally moved to Ireland, and only in the 1990s washed up on British shores.

What interests me more is that virtually every newspaper has made this its front-page splash. Every radio and TV show leads with it too. I think that we can see where the influence and power (whether political, or the money-power) resides in the UK when it comes to the mass media…

Just saw this. Made me laugh, but it shows what fakery goes on in System politics (that’s right, fakery is not confined to so-called “holocaust” “survivors”! Neither is it confined to Jews, if truth be told…)

One of the most recent opinion polls, below, would seem to suggest that my assessment(s) in my General Election blogs, to the effect that Hung Parliament is as likely as a Con majority, might be right after all:

By my use of Electoral Calculus, that poll works out as suggesting Cons as largest party, but 14 MPs short of a Commons majority. So in other words, the Conservative Party would be worse off than it was before the prorogation. That would probably result in Boris-idiot being dismissed, stabbed in the back and the front by his own surviving MPs. Happy day!

If only Corbyn and Labour would just tell the Zionist Jews to shut up, instead of which Labour weasels, wrings hands, says how terrible “anti-Semitism” is (even when basically defensive in nature), and whines that Labour wants to stamp it out etc. “Stamp out” the freedom of expression of British people? Goodbye Labour…

The usual lack of self-awareness from Dunce Duncan Smith. I am against graffiti of every kind, mainly for aesthetic reasons, but if this is all that happens to Dunce and his cohorts, after what he has inflicted on so many, and over so many years, I think that he should offer up a prayer of thanks to the heavens.

While we are on the subject of the unintelligent kind of “Conservative”, take a look at Twitter account @TheaDickinson. “The stupid party” to the very marrow! Example:

Twitter account @AlexGPorter explains the reality: Labour’s tax plans mean that persons earning £81,000 p.a. or so will pay maybe £10 per month extra in income tax, but of course there are those who earn, or at least receive, pre-tax, literally millions p.a. They might well end up paying hundreds or even thousands of pounds per month extra tax (but they will still be receiving huge amounts; violins not required):

Not that I agree with all of the above plan. Independent schools do not pay tax on fees and donations because most are not profit-making. They are non-profit and for purposes of education and so are treated as charitable in the legal sense. Why do I oppose taxing their fees and donations?

Firstly because education has always been treated as one of the “heads of charity” under the (16thC) Statute of Elizabeth. That merely secularized the ancient privileges of previously-religious institutions which, before Henry VIII, provided almost all education. Of course, even today many schools are run by religious bodies.

Secondly, I favour schools having tax breaks because the UK must improve its educational level generally. You cannot do that by degrading the resources available to the best schools.

Thirdly, independent schools offer numerous scholarships and bursaries, which would be far less common were schools to lose significant funding by reason of having to pay tax or extra tax.

The polls are tightening” (as I thought that they would):

The battle lines are set, barring late events. 15 clear days before Polling Day.

Update, 27 November 2019

Switching on a radio, I hear that Corbyn has had a “car crash” interview with Andrew Neil. A brief extract was played on BBC radio news. A few thoughts on that:

  • Andrew Neil is the best political interviewer around at present, but
  • Andrew Neil is almost absurdly pro-Jew, and has repeatedly ranted against those who think that the Jews have disproportionate power, influence and money in the UK. Why Neil is so seemingly philo-Semitic in that sense, I do not know. There may be several reasons.
  • The BBC seemed to have a biased presentation (on the radio news), in that
  • In the extract I heard, Neil asked about taxing those earning under £81,000 p.a., and Corbyn tried to answer to the effect that, yes, in strict terms, those earning lower amounts might pay [obviously a small amount] of extra income tax but would get more back in other ways. In relation to that quite reasonable answer,
  • Andrew Neil wanted to focus only on income tax and
  • the BBC radio news cut off Corbyn’s reasoned response after seconds.
  • the BBC is acting like a biased State broadcaster. It has to go.

I am enough of a “democrat”, or at least sufficiently fair, to be at least somewhat shocked (though hardly “surprised”) by the BBC bias, despite my not being “pro-Labour” as such.

My other thought about the supposedly “disastrous” interview is that most people will not have seen or heard it anyway. Of course, the msm will push it on the news.

Labour should have said from the start, “yes, a relative few earning under £81,000 will pay a little more, about £20 a month, by losing one specific tax break, but will receive far more in other ways, so will be better off”. How hard is that?

In other news, low-profile (and thick as two short planks) Labour MP Nia Griffith has said that Labour should “apologize” yet again to the Jews for daring to mildly criticize some of them. My thoughts:

  • Nia Griffith should be sacked at once, both as Shadow Secretary of State and as MP;
  • Nia Griffith is a member of Labour Friends of Israel;
  • Nia Griffith was a proven expenses cheat;
  • Nia Griffith is a lesbian;
  • Nia Griffith (previously a schoolteacher) has “done very well” out of being an MP since she was elected in 2005, owning a London flat, a house in Llanelli, Wales, and also a subsidized 10-acre smallholding in Wales (Carmarthenshire) in addition to the Llanelli house.
  • Why was Nia Griffith ever appointed as Shadow Sec. of State for Defence? She has no military, naval or other defence background, has never shown any knowledge about the issues, in fact has been all but invisible (she was a teacher before latching on to the old MP racket).
  • Another pro-Israel doormat.
  • Her outburst about Jews was obviously planned to cause as much damage to Labour’s General Election chances as possible; it’s treachery.
  • Was she ordered to make this outburst? If so, by whom? Labour Friends of Israel? The Israeli Embassy? Other treacherous “Labour” MPs or persons?
  • cf. the Shai Masot case:

Here’s a strange thing: Ian Austin, ex-Labour MP and one of the worst doormats for the Jewish and Israeli lobby in the UK, as well as one of the most shameless expenses cheats of the 2005-2010 Parliament (he was basically a fraudster) seems to believe that bestiality is not so bad that pornography involving bestiality cannot be decriminalized!

Austin is now a main figurehead for “Mainstream“, a Jewish-funded anti-Corbyn pop-up “organization”, together with another ex-MP, John Woodcock, the sex pest and depressive case (and another doormat for Israel and the Jewish lobby), who has now been appointed by Boris-idiot as a kind of Government snoop and monitor of so called “far right” people (social nationalists). Nice people…(not, obviously). Both of these blots used to block me on Twitter (in Woodcock’s case because faux-“revolutionary” and “licensed Bolshevik” “intellectual” (?) Owen Jones told him to!).

So Ian Austin thinks that bestiality-pornography, and some other types of pornography, should be decriminalized, but that “holocaust” “denial” (historical examination and revision) and anything “anti-Semitic” or critical of Jews should be criminalized?! Strange priorities. Makes one wonder about Austin, who is unmarried.

Breaking news, about a Conservative secret plan to sell off the NHS!

The above news is more confirmation of the basically alien nature of the upper ranks of the Conservative Party: multikulti cosmopolitans, rootless Zionist Jews and pro-Zionists from India, Pakistan, Uganda, New York City etc. Are any of the bastards BRITISH except in terms of their passports?

The NHS has its faults (not all money-related) but overall it is one of Britain’s best aspects, and must not be sold off to alien financial interests.

On the other hand, it may be that the NHS needs radical reform. A reader of my blog asked me today about South Korea’s health service. I knew nothing of it. I do now:

The Labour claim (and documentation) about the NHS “up for sale” to American health finance interests could be a game-changer in this election. The NHS is central to UK society. Its flaws. Its great strengths. Any suggestion that it might be sold off in bits to American finance will be greeted with horror by a huge majority of the voters, even by most Conservative Party voters.

This would produce a result of Conservatives as largest party, but (blessedly) 14 short of a Commons majority. Excellent.

Update, 28 November 2019

I expect that some who read my blog imagine that I am pro-Labour Party because I am 100% anti-Conservative Party. Not so. For me, it is essential that the Boris-idiot Zionist Occupation Cabinet is defeated, but a Labour majority government would also be very bad, though perhaps not quite as bad. The best result in the General Election would be a hung Parliament, leading to a weak minority government, preferably a Corbyn-Labour one. That would be the best seedbed for real social nationalism (rather than the fake Zionist-lobby “nationalism” of UKIP, Brexit Party, the “alt-Right”, Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins etc).

Boris-idiot is still avoiding an interview with Andrew Neil. He is afraid:

Below, a Jewish woman takes what must surely be a commonsense view of the contrived “Corbyn is ‘anti-Semitic‘” noise put out by the Jew-Zionist “claque”:

Isn’t it incredible? This storm in a teacup, meaning whipped up fakery of Labour “anti-Semitism”, has had more msm play in the past days and weeks than, eg, those dying after having peanuts benefits removed, millions trying to survive either on low benefits or low pay or both, the continuing invasion of the UK by blacks, browns and others, the NHS being slowly sold out and sold off to American (((financial))) interests, etc etc.

I wonder why the Zionist Jews and their self-interested whining have all the publicity? Could it be because, as Rupert Murdoch said some years ago, “they” own most of the Press in the UK? You can add to that, that (((they))) also staff most of the newspapers, TV and radio stations and so on. Any journalist not going along with what “they” want is immediately hounded and probably removed from his or her job. “They” have destroyed the independence of the UK msm, and are working on also censoring and “monitoring” social media and the Internet generally.





Freedom of socio-political (and historical) expression is one of the most important battlefields of our time. Perhaps the most important.

From where I am standing, Labour and Corbyn do not seem to be “anti-Semitic” anyway, even in a defensive way. After all, I —of all people— ought to know! (Google “Ian Millard barrister” and you will see what I mean!).

When one thinks of everything the people of England have undergone even in the past 10 years, and that applies especially to the poorer people in this society, and yet the Jews (many of them anyway) do nothing but whine, complain, denounce people (i.e. non-Jews) to police, Twitter, Facebook etc, and make demands regarding their own selfish, self-interested tribal interests.

I should not be surprised if this contrived anti-Labour Party “anti-Semitism” whining and demanding results in an awakening of many formerly asleep people in this country —an awakening for the first time— to the disproportionate power and influence wielded by Jews in the UK, especially by Zionist Jews, and above all by those embedded in the mass media and politics.

Thinking about the General Election in a wider sense, I still think, despite the Conservative lead, that there is all to play for. Yes, the misnamed “Conservatives” are ahead in all the opinion polls, but there are margins of error of as much as 3 points, for a start. I have already blogged about how, a few days ago, two recent polls had almost —but not quite— identical figures, but one had Labour 2 points higher. That alone changed the likely result from Con majority of 48 to Cons being short of a majority by 4 MPs.

If the polls put Cons on 41% and Lab on 30%, it could be that the real figures are as different as Con 38% and Lab 33%. There again, every constituency is different, and national voting intentions do not predict every seat accurately.

The Greens are on 3% nationally and have been around that level for many years, but in 2010 Caroline Lucas was elected at Brighton Pavilion on a vote of about 31%, which became 41% in 2015 and 52% in 2017. Likewise, the LibDems are and have been able to apply a Schwerpunkt (concentration of forces) in particular constituencies, so despite getting under 8% nationally in both 2015 and 2017, were able to get 8, then 12, MPs elected (and the LibDem national vote declined in 2017 vis a vis 2015…).

UKIP scored higher than both the Greens and LibDems in 2015 (12.6% nationally) but nowhere had a constituency vote share big enough to get an MP elected, excepting a previously-elected Conservative defector in one seat.

It is quite possible for Labour to win this election even if it is 5 or maybe even 10 points behind the Conservative Party nationally. The seats that matter are the marginal seats, whether defined as the 50 most marginal, or the 100.

Labour has failed to really hit back at the Jews (meaning the organized pro-Israel msm Jewish/Zionist lobby). Next time, maybe, if Labour loses badly enough this time…

Apart from that, Labour should be hitting harder on NHS, private rent parasites, buy to let parasites, low pay, poor conditions at work, low standards generally. Labour should also try to reach out to the pensioner vote, as well as getting the generally pro-Labour under-35s to actually go out to vote on 12 December.

I like this:

“General election 2019: Labour promises to plant two billion trees by 2040

Maybe volunteer tree-planters will have fun…


This made me laugh:


Saw the tweet by one “Jacqueline Mojito”, below:

Those quotations from the diseased mind of Boris-idiot are at one with the Oxford University student and Bullingdon Club member (the young Boris Johnson) who burned a £50 note while taunting a homeless man living in the street. He is evil.

I noticed a clip showing Boris-idiot’s motorcade leaving the town of Telford the other day. Four large Range Rovers or similar, with about 6 motorbike cops escorting and all normal traffic blocked off. They must be afraid that someone will do something to him.

Meanwhile: “Oh, now you’re getting it, old boy!”

[apologies for intruding this all but irrelevant clip from one of my favourite films]

Lewis Goodall of Sky News visits Hampshire:

Very true (and the old lady sounds nice, though sadly brainwashed in respect of the Jews. Typically English, typically naive…).

Read this.

Those responsible for the kind of wickedness shown in that newspaper report have never been punished. Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, the Jew “lord” Freud, David Gauke, Therese Coffey, Esther McVey, David Cameron-Levita, George Osborne etc. Many others, some at the head of affairs, others not so much, right down to the robots at the bottom.

Another reason not to vote Conservative, despite Labour’s partial guilt and the LibDems’ very considerable “enabling” guilt.

Update, 29 November 2019

A couple of tweets I saw, to start today’s update:


As I blogged previously, the LibDems are rapidly becoming an irrelevance in this election, because

  • though the LibDems have the unique aspect of being the sole Remain party of any importance in England (the SNP in Scotland and Plaid in Wales are also Remain, as are minor parties such as the Green Party), there is enough doubt or wriggle room in Labour for Remain voters to go with Labour;
  • though the Brexit mess overshadows everything, the agenda of the election has moved on: people need health services, decent pay, decent State help such as benefit payments etc; mass immigration continues; there is a housing crisis. People cannot live (and vote) by Brexit alone;
  • in the final analysis, there is going to be a harsh, Jewish-Zionist infiltrated Boris-idiot government (ZOG) in the UK unless Labour win enough seats to prevent a “Conservative” (ZOG) Commons majority. Only Labour has the ability to stop Boris; the LibDems do not have the means to win many seats, and if they did, they would just agree to another Con Coalition, as in 2010. They would “enable” the Boris ZOG Cabinet to trample on the British people;
  • Jo Swinson, it has become clear, has been elevated to a position (LibDem leader) which exceeds the level of her ability. I predicted it. She has been disastrous for the LibDems and has spent much of her time in the election campaign echoing “Conservative” cries about Labour “anti-Semitism”. A doormat for the Jewish lobby and Israel.

Assuming, as I do, that the LibDems will sink below even the 15% national polling they currently enjoy, what then? If the LibDems go down to 10% (which is certainly possible), then 5% of the national vote is going to go elsewhere, probably all or almost all to Labour. In 2017, 32 million votes were cast. That might be exceeded in 2019, but even on the 2017 figures 5% adds up to about 1.5 million votes. Per constituency, maybe 3,000 votes. Enough to upset many an applecart.

Another reason not to vote “Conservative”…

The Jews seem to want the UK 2019 General Election to be all about them. Others might say “be careful what you wish for”…

So spake Israel’s true king, and to the Fiend
Made answer meet, that made void all his wiles.
So fares it, when with truth falsehood contends.” [Milton, Paradise Regained]

Latest General Election news:

I was pleased to see this latest poll, for two reasons:

  • it confirms that I was right to say that the earlier polls predicting a huge Boris-idiot/Conservative Commons majority would narrow approaching 12 December (admittedly trite, as such narrowing is commonly the case; and
  • those percentages suggest that the misnamed “Conservative” Party (aka and more accurately, the Con Party), would be left 11 MPs short of a Commons majority. Excellent. Boris-idiot will then be (politically) assassinated by his own MPs. The Ides of December…

[I should add that the polling company see their poll as suggesting a Con majority of 1].


Having been a serial hospital visitor (not patient) for the past decade, I agree with the tweets below:

NHS maladministration goes right to the top, and right down to the “trivial” (which is not so trivial when people suffer as a result) such as being unable to park a car at a hospital or only being able to park at considerable expense. It’s just wrong. Another example: Imagine hospitals so badly managed that patients and their families cannot easily find wheelchairs! (used to get immobile or semi-mobile patients around inside hospital buildings). You don’t have to imagine it. Just visit many NHS hospitals.

The same applies to basic cleanliness in hospitals.

The maladministration within the NHS dishonours the often excellent (not always but more often than not) work put in by the clinical staff.

LibDems again…

Just saw this:

Behind a paywall, but it is clear from the bit I read that LibDem expectations have collapsed and that there is the prospect, not even of the LibDems ending the election campaign with fewer than the 12 MPs the 2017 General Election brought them, not even the below-10 predicted by me a while ago, but possibly of them being reduced to one or two MPs in total. However:

The election guru John Curtice said national polling might not be the only factor: “We might discover that the Lib Dem vote becomes somewhat more geographically concentrated than it was in 2017, and therefore their ability to convert votes into seats is rather better than you might expect.” [The Guardian]”ampaign

The all-important Schwerpunkt again. I myself still think that the LibDems are going to end this election in the 5-10 MPs range. The LibDems’ wider, more national appeal is looking very weak. The old Liberal Party had a distinctive, if “Marmite”, appeal. The LibDems carried that on, but it started to lose that after 2010. The LibDems’ biggest problem is irrelevance and their biggest presentational problem is the lack of a distinctive image.

The “British” Press…

John Rentoul, one of the best-informed commentators, yet sees no problem with the Press being in such few hands. He denigrates Corbyn for identifying it as an issue:

Update, 30 November 2019

“Boris Johnson’s predicted Commons majority slashed from 80 to 12 in a week, poll of polls reveals” [Daily Telegraph]

Boris-idiot responds to London Bridge attack…

The joke “Prime Minister” states that his answer is to make terrorist prisoners serve their full sentences rather than be released early…which would mean in this case that the individual would have had to wait another 2 years or so before launching his knife attack. Such a policy would just delay, not prevent. Boris is an idiot.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Arcuri, one of Johnson’s discarded “hoes”, and to whom Boris-idiot bunged £126,000 of British public money, has given an unintentionally funny interview:

“Jennifer Arcuri claims Boris Johnson was angry when he became foreign secretary because he could no longer visit her home

In a frank interview, the model-turned-entrepreneur says their relationship continued after he stepped down as mayor of London and became a cabinet minister – and that they were in touch as recently as July.

Ms Arcuri also comes closer than before to confirming a sexual relationship, saying it is always the woman who is criticised “when you have an affair with an older man”.

Referring to Mr Johnson’s promotion, in July 2016, she said: “He was pissed [off] when he became foreign secretary.

During their first encounter alone, in a hotel bar, he asked her: “Were you a model? You are absolutely beautiful. I can see you being a model and actress.”

She said: “He had complimented me but it was not sleazy in any way,” adding: “I knew where he was going with wanting to pursue me. I am not stupid.

“People had mentioned he wants to sleep with you and I said, ‘No, he doesn’t. He is just so enthralled with my mind.’

Comedy gold.

[addendum: Arcuri’s former husband says that, while “Jennifer” —not her real name, apparently— had been a pole dancer, she had never been a working model; the “entrepreneur” or “entrepreneuse” is now being sued for about £70,000 in respect of non-repayment of student loan debt…]

The Conservative Party is losing any semblance of decent behaviour now:

The Ides of December have neither come nor gone. We are (as of tomorrow) in only the Kalends of December, and there remain 11 full days before Polling Day.

Voters in Ashford should remember that Conservative Party candidate Damian Green accesses, or at least accessed until he was caught, horrible porn, including bestiality:

Is he friendly with Ian Austin?

Latest poll shows gap Con/Lab narrowing even more:

“The Conservative lead in the general election campaign has been more than halved in just one week, putting the UK in “hung parliament territory”, an exclusive poll for The Independent shows.

Boris Johnson’s party is now only six points ahead of Labour, it has found – matching other surveys suggesting the race is tightening dramatically, amid growing Tory nervousness.

Jeremy Corbyn is successfully winning back the support of voters threatening to defect to other parties, the poll by BMG Research shows, taking his party’s rating up five points to 33 per cent.

The Conservatives, meanwhile, have dipped two points to 39 per cent, six points ahead instead of the 13 points in BMG’s survey a week ago.” [The Independent]

This is the danger which the msm drones are largely ignoring:

Maybe suited thug Matt Hancock will have to tell Tsar Boris that “the peasants are revolting!” (“and so are you, Hancock!”)

Update, 1 December 2019

Boris-idiot was too afraid to be properly interrogated by Andrew Neil, and the BBC was not going to allow the buffoon onto the softer couch of the Andrew Marr Show until he did agree to be interviewed by Neil.

Now, however, the craven BBC has caved, so Johnson will be on Marr shortly. The BBC has become, like the EU, unworkable. It has become, over the past 10 years, almost a government mouthpiece. There always were elements of that, starting (arguably) in WW2, but the BBC is now, to use the current phrase, “not fit for purpose”.

Marr show: all three newspaper reviewers women. Co-incidence or policy?

Issues covered in newspaper review: mainly General Election. Is Labour in trouble in its traditional Northern heartlands? According to Helen Pidd, Northern Editor of the Guardian, affirmative. For many voters, the question will be whether they break the local or regional taboo against voting Con, or simply abstain. My guess is abstain, but obviously that is a guess, albeit an educated one. If “abstain” is right, then it will affect only the most marginal seats.

The terror attack. Cons trying to use it politically, but after all there have been Con governments, in effect, in government for nearly 10 years now.

Another issue is rail and especially that of rail fares. Shareholders have just received over a billion pounds in dividends! Now fares are to rise again! This must help Labour, which wants to renationalize most rail.

Chuka Umunna on Marr. Ex-Labour (and ex-Change UK) MP Chukup, now a LibDem, saying that the LibDems were first or second in 134 seats in 2017, if I heard aright. He urges voters to vote LibDem tactically in seats where Labour has no real chance but LibDems do, in order to prevent the Cons from winning and getting a majority. That would be a good argument, had the LibDems any real integrity. Sadly, not. People remember the craven LibDem ministers and MPs in the 2010-2015 Con Coalition. The LibDems would prop up the Conservatives anyway.

Now Labour “baroness” Shami Chakrabarti comes onto Marr. Makes a few sensible points on terrorism, cuts to police and probation etc. She sometimes seems so far up her own **** that she might suddenly go into orbit or, perhaps, turn to stone and become a statue of herself. Her actual points are better than her initial presentation of herself.

My feeling is that Labour would do better not to engage too much with the terror issue. The Conservatives would love to link Corbyn with terrorism. After all, the recent attack was the act of one semi-lunatic, albeit politicized. It was not “terrorism” in the political sense, as was, say, the IRA bombing campaign of 1970-1999.

Boris-idiot now on Marr. Trying to say that Labour’s parole law of 2008 somehow caused the London Bridge attack of last week. Cons retained the “release at half-way” law. Boris tries to say “Not me, guv! I dindu nuttin” (tries to blame May and Cameron, too!).

Of course, even had the attacker been released 2 years or 3 years later, he still would have attacked. Boris is an idiot and his “idea” about amending the parole aspect would simply delay, not prevent.

Boris-idiot floundering under Marr’s not difficult questions. It must have stung Andrew Marr that he is thought less heavyweight than Andrew Neil. He is being a little more assertive than usual.

Boris-idiot is now blustering and talking nonsense (as usual). His metier is as a part-Jew public entertainer. I suppose that being a newspaper columnist, scribbling fact-free rubbish, is also his metier. Same thing, really. Or he could travel around the UK by train, meeting odd or unusual people etc, in the manner of a latter-day Michael Portillo.

Boris-idiot calls the Pakistani terrorist “this gentleman”! Ha ha! Corrects himself and next time calls him “that individual”. Come to think of it, Boris-idiot was not asked (and did not raise) the question of why this Pakistani terrorist, his family, his community, are even in the UK!

Marr’s interview with Boris-idiot is becoming a rout, unexpectedly. Boris-dork is gabbling, trying to soundbite every superficially-popular Con policy in the few minutes left, but Marr making the point that a plan for hospitals is not “36 new hospitals”. Marr also noted that the Conservatives have closed 300 magistrates’ and Crown courts over the past years. The County Courts were not mentioned. I myself used to appear as Counsel not only in the High Court and in the larger county courts, but also (2002-2008) at the small County Courts in, inter alia, Barnstaple, Penzance etc, now closed.

Marr also noted that the Conservatives have closed 500 public libraries.

Marr asks Boris-idiot about EU regulations which will affect Northern Ireland after Boris’s “BRINO” (Brexit In Name Only). Boris showing both ignorance and rudeness as his lying is prodded.

Marr asks Boris-idiot about his spending plans and how they might well be pie in the sky. He then prods Boris about Islamophobia and his own statements in the past.

Marr asks Boris why he has been avoiding Andrew Neil. Idiot refuses to say that he will be interviewed by Andrew Neil. Fact is, he’s scared…

Marr finishes by thanking “…you, Prime Minister”…

What a “car crash” for Boris-idiot! No wonder that he is running scared of Andrew Neil!

Now this!

Is Boris-idiot really so stupid that he thinks that he can just lift a thread of 16 tweets from a well-known Twitter account, and somehow no-one will notice?! He may be misplaced as “Prime Minister”, but fact he is in that role. He is also in the midst of a bitter election campaign. People will notice; they have noticed.

Well, after all, Boris-idiot was sacked for dishonesty at least four trainee journalist, as journalist, as junior minister, and the only reason he avoided it when failing to do his job properly as Foreign Secretary was because Mrs May was weak and allowed him to hang on and then resign.

“Secret Barrister”, yesterday:

“Secret Barrister”, today:

I think that, for Boris Johnson, the General Election is coming two or three weeks too late. People are waking up on a larger scale now to Boris-idiot’s muddled stupidity, nastiness, dishonesty, incompetence, but most importantly lack of any real idea of how to get Britain from where it is to where it should be and still could be.

Even a week ago, the opinion polls, for what they are worth, were all showing the Conservative Party riding high and likely to get a stonking majority. Now, they begin to show a possible hung Parliament. The election is still very open, in reality, though I doubt that Labour could get a majority in any event.

It had to happen: at last Nicola Sturgeon has expressed a view akin to my own:

10 clear days until Polling Day. There is all to play for as far as the Conservatives and Labour are concerned. For Brexit Party, it’s already all over.

LibDems? Pretty much all over, though tactical voting may help them up to a point. No-one (very few anyway) will vote for Jo Swinson or LibDem policies generally. Even Remain partisans have mostly defected to Lab or even Con (on the basis that Boris-idiot’s “deal” is BRINO and not a full Brexit).

I have to say that, if Jo Swinson loses her own seat, I shall be laughing. Jo Swinson has proven herself not only a bad joke as LibDem leader (I don’t care at all about that, of course) but also a complete doormat for the Jewish lobby. Out with her! Raus!

Looking at the figures for East Dumbartonshire elections, what strikes me most forcibly is the decline of Labour, from nearly 56% in 1964 to just over 12% in 2015 (14.6% in 2017):

In honour of Dumbartonshire, an area which I have never visited:

(in fact the work by Stravinsky is not connected to the original Dumbarton in Scotland, but to the famous estate, in the Georgetown area of Washington D.C., where the world-historic Dumbarton Oaks conference was held in 1944)

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    Re that poll above if the Labour Party could take a percentage point away from the Greens and another one or two from the Lib Democrats then the nightmare of. CON Party government with a decent majority can be averted. After all, it isn’t as it one would actually put into effect any remotely ‘Right-wing’ policies on crime and immigration, would it? Such a government would just sit there like a shapeless blob of lard wasting time and giving ‘Right-wing’ voters false hope like this administration has already done for the last nine years.😡🤬☹️😞


  2. Ha, ha, I like your style! I could see myself in Errol Flynn’s role!😎👌

    Re that poll above if the Labour Party could take a percentage point away from the Greens and another one or two from the Lib Democrats then the nightmare of. CON Party government with a decent majority can be averted. After all, it isn’t as it one would actually put into effect any remotely ‘Right-wing’ policies on crime and immigration, would it? Such a government would just sit there like a shapeless blob of lard wasting time and giving ‘Right-wing’ voters false hope like this administration has already done for the last nine years.😡🤬☹️😞


  3. Ha, ha, I like your style! I could see myself in Errol Flynn’s role!😎👌

    Re that poll above if the Labour Party could take a percentage point away from the Greens and another one or two from the Lib Democrats then the nightmare of. CON Party government with a decent majority can be averted. After all, it isn’t as it one would actually put into effect any remotely ‘Right-wing’ policies on crime and immigration, would it? Such a government would just sit there like a shapeless blob of lard wasting time and giving ‘Right-wing’ voters false hope like this administration has already done for the last nine years.😡🤬☹️😞


  4. Ha, ha, I like your style! I could see myself in Errol Flynn’s role!😎

    Re that poll above if the Labour Party could take a percentage point away from the Greens and another one or two from the Lib Democrats then the nightmare of. CON Party government with a decent majority can be averted. After all, it isn’t as it one would actually put into effect any remotely ‘Right-wing’ policies on crime and immigration, would it? Such a government would just sit there like a shapeless blob of lard wasting time and giving ‘Right-wing’ voters false hope like this administration has already done for the last nine years.😡🤬☹️😞


  5. So. according to the Daily Boris-Idiot (formerly a serious newspaper called the Daily Telegraph, but which, sadly, has done more than most to get this bumbling fool into office) the predicted Tory majority has come down from a frightening eighty seats to now twelve. That is good progress but not enough as it really needs to go down to one seat or into minus territory.

    Yes, Boris, why don’t we allow your ‘CONServative’ government to preside over yet more Islamist terror attacks by it failing to get any real form of grip over the problem. How about we forget about trying to get those muslim votes in marginal seats that will never come in decent numbers and, instead, ban entirely or very significantly reduce any further immigration from Muslim countries? There are further measures which could be taken as well but that one would be a good start.

    So, he was “pissed-off” when he became Foreign Secretary, was he? Talk about self-entitlement! I thought that was what people on benefits were meant to suffer from in the Tory view?

    If he was “pissed-off”, how do you think we ordinary British voters felt or other foreign ministers felt when this oaf had to meet them?

    Admittedly, the post isn’t as prestigious as it used to be but for anyone else, including especially Tories, it would be considered a great honour to be asked to serve as Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. I bet Jeremy Hunt was deeply honoured to given that role in government but then he has far more class than Boris has!

    Their behaviour must be getting a bit indecent if the Boris Broadcasting Corporation is getting annoyed with them now!


  6. Katie Hopkins has made a comment on Twitter about that incident yesterday at London Bridge. She ends it with an oh so predictable rant against Sadiq Khan!🙄 Yes, Katie, he is the the entire cause of London’s problems with mass stabbings, crime in general and Islamist terrorism! Indeed, he IS a bad mayor BUT if she had a brain she would have worked-out by now that just getting him out and replacing him will not solve these problems not least for the fact that as the mayor he doesn’t have all that many powers ie he can’t change the laws with regard to carrying knives in public and he can’t stop or severely reduce further muslim immigration to Britain. ONLY her beloved CON Party government under Boris the Buffoon can do that but he won’t! 🤬😡😞☹️Her Tory Party should have listened properly to the late and great Mr John Enoch Powell and made him either Home Secretary at the very least or, preferably, the Conservative Party’s leader but they chose the globalist Ted Heath instead and the rest, as they say, is history!🤬😡☹️😞.


  7. I think believe Katie Hopkins is a fan of the leader of the Ponzi scam Brexit ‘party’, Mr Nigel ‘Toryboy’ Farage. One of his dimwit MEPs yesterday had a rant in the European Parliament about the EU being “institutionally racist”. It isn’t, or, at least, it isn’t in respect of Africans and Asians because it is facilitating their movement to EU countries!

    Yes, you moron, people voted for your total joke of a ‘party’ (more like a blatant Tory front) because they thought the EU was too pro the European PEOPLES!🤬😡🙄🙄🙄

    Time the Brexit ‘party’ disappeared for good!


    1. Whilst it is one thing to oppose the political union that is the European Union it is quite another to go against Europe because Europe is European or is meant to be!

      Yes, Brexit Tory moron ‘party’ let us hate our fellow Europeans and ourselves for being European nations!

      I bet those cretins from the Brexit ‘party’ are so, so popular with the other parties from the other European countries in there!🙄🙄🙄 What with them showing their backs in that embarrassing stunt which showed-up our country and now this!🙄😡🤬


      1. 3% still! That is 3% too much! They should be on 1% by now – the realm of OFFICIAL joke parties such as the Monster Raving Loonies – or, preferably, 0.5% or less!

        WAKEY, WAKEY, those still intending to vote for this fully-owned subsidiary of the not so good ship Tory Party!

        Let us, indeed, hope this is the end of Fraudulent Farage! Speaking personally, I would rather slit my own throat and put my faith in the Italian Mafia than trust him or any new Ponzi scam he invents!


      2. I suspect that, when I blogged some time ago (about 2-3 months ago) to the effect that Farage was (despite his populist gifts) not a very good politician, most readers thought me quite wrong. Now?


  8. Someone needs to tell these Brexit ‘party’ idiots that even though we are not part of the CONTINENTAL European landmass like France or Germany are we are STILL a European country by our geographical position in the world, by our culture and by our history and whether we are in the EU or not this remains the case. We are like the people of Iceland. They are Europeans too though even further away from the continental European landmass than we are.


  9. Yes, that tweet from Hugh Grant does look a bit concerning. They are not planning some kind of Enabling Act, are they? I wouldn’t put it past Boris. Apparently, Hugh Grant lives in the Chelsea and Fulham constituency so to get the Tory out he will have to vote either Labour or Lib Dem but I think that whilst that seat isn’t as rock-solid safe as it used to be, especially with regard to how politics has been altered by the Brexit vote being successful, it should still be safe enough for Greg Hands to hold onto.

    Mind you, taking a look at our constitutional arrangements should not be dismissed out of hand. Perhaps, a Royal Commission could review them? Sadly, the Tory Party won’t review the First Past The Post voting system though.

    They don’t like Proportional Representation or, indeed, ANY other electoral system other than FPTP. Even the admittedly odd semi-Proportional Representation Parallel system as Japan uses would not be acceptable to them: _representation


    1. The “House of Lords” is now a bad joke. The old pseudo-aristocratic House (most hereditaries had titles dating back only to around 1900 anyway) is now a mishmash of retired MPs, odds and sods, even a woman who claimed (I think falsely) to have made a huge success selling bras. They’ve even got a few there who have been elevated on a kind of “chuck ’em a bone” basis, eg “baroness” Lawrence and others.


  10. A constituency poll has indicated that Labour will retain Portsmouth South by eight points (Brexit joke ‘party’ on just two percent!) and that Dominic Raab is within 5% of losing the normally ‘true blue’ Esher and Walton seat to the Lib Dem candidate, Monica Harding. The CONS haven’t lost that part of Surrey since the Liberal Party landslide of 1906!😃😀😂


    1. would be good to see Raab removed.

      Farage has committed the longest political suicide in history, if you include UKIP. His ideology, as far as the rank and file are concerned, is something like ‘I want my country back’ combined with ‘I don’t believe it!’ The Victor Meldrew party.


  11. If Labour can put a little bit more of a squeeze on the Lib Dem and Green Party vote and people engage in anti-Tory tactical voting in marginal seats then any possible CON Party majority can be wiped out Will Boris be dumped then? Still, even if this happened, he will have lasted as PM for longer than George Canning. So far, that record has been beaten by ten days. Next stop for Boris is to last longer than The Viscount Goderich who lasted 144 days and then Bonar Law at 211 days. This assumes, of course, that the good people of Uxbridge and South Ruislip don’t remove him first and he becomes the first party leader to lose his own seat since fellow Tory and ‘Old Etonian’, Arthur Balfour, lost Manchester East in 1906 though even he wasn’t PM at the time.


    1. The swing in Uxbridge would have to be big to remove Boris-idiot.

      A strange though untested constitutional fact is that one can, in principle, be Prime Minister of the UK while not a member of *either” Commons or Lords. Rather as Hitler was Chancellor of Germany while not being a member of the Reichstag.

      If the Conservative Party does not end up better off than it was before this election, Boris is toast. His own party will act to remove him almost immediately.


      1. It would have to be a decent swing but NOT huge. He only won last time by about 5,000 votes. The previous Labour candidate had a swing in his favour of 6.5% and had 40% of the vote to Boris’s 50.8% so this year’s Labour Party man has to get about a 5% swing. Boris has the LOWEST majority of ANY British PM in his own seat SINCE 1924!

        An anti-clown tactical vote there would be SO, SO TEMPTING!😃😂 If Boris does lose his own seat, I don’t think I will be able to contain my mirth for weeks, nay months afterwards!😂🤣😀😁😎👌😂😂😂


      2. Perhaps, m’Lord of Essex, we might be able to “get the double up”, as the common folk of Essex say when at their equine diversions! Meaning maybe Boris and Jo-Shmo from kokomo will both fall. A bet on that would have to be 5/1 and 4/1 so 20/1 in all.


  12. I have always thought Matt Hancock was a bit weird even by ‘modern’ Tory standards but that clip is the best proof yet! There is little to no REAL ‘anti-semitism’ in this country and the Labour Party as a whole isn’t guilty of it although you might find little pockets of it where they have more than average levels of Muslim members. Although even with them it is usually anti-Zionism and a concern about how Israel sometimes behaves.

    The way the CONS drone on and on and on and on about this one subject makes me wonder why and what future things do they plan to get up to should they win ie a war with Iran? Do the Tories really think British gentiles and Labour Party members/supporters are just itching to start our own version of Kristallnacht?

    If the Tories were composed of gentlemen like most of them were in the past they should be offering an apology to the Labour Party over their continual smears regarding this matter but, of course, there are few gentlemen amongst ‘modern’ Tories!


    1. How true. The Conservative “gentleman” MP is a rara avis today. Barrow boys with “loadsamoney”, Jews, screeching hard-“Right” harridans from Essex, Cheshire, Yorkshire etc are the norm. There are also many blacks and browns.


  13. Yes, the Tories have been in power either on their own or leading the government for nine years now and how many potential muslim terrorists have they let in during that time? Quite a few I suspect. Their very pro-Israeli foreign policy (though it isn’t as ludicrously so as the USA’s is) and constant harping on and on and on and on and on about the mostly non-existent problem of ‘anti-semitism’ doesn’t help here either since these things make muslims feel not listened to about the Israel/Palestine issue. That can help to provide a swamp into which Islamic terrorists can fester.

    Michael Portillo is an intellectual and political titan compared to Boris-Idiot! Having Boris as party leader and PM shows just how far they have declined even over the last thirty odd years let alone the last eighty! By far the best way for Boris to be gainfully employed would not be as PM or travelling by train around various places like Michael Portillo but entertaining small children as a circus clown in a ‘Big Top’ somewhere. Boris would be undeniably utterly brilliant at that!


    1. I blame, apart from Boris himself, his smug, entitled, part-Jew father. He was once also a “Conservative” MP, but failed to make any impression. He has been pushing Boris for PM for decades. I myself saw a TV piece with him saying that expressly, about 20 years ago.


  14. I am not surprised he plagiarised that blog. It just goes to show how totally untrustworthy he is and yet more evidence of his unfitness to be PM.

    Eddie Mair should interview him. Boris’s bluster didn’t get him far on that occasion:


  15. I can’t understand why Jo Swinson apparently thinks being a doormat for the Jew Zionist Lobby would play well for her party. Those relatively few seats where the Jewish vote can play an influence as to which party wins are not constituencies where the Lib Democrats have much chance or have ever had. Also, the Lib Democrats have virtually no chance of being a majority government and not much chance of being in a coalition so big Jewish Zionist donors wouldn’t be interested in them.

    I think these constant Labour ‘anti-semitism’ allegations are beginning to annoy quite a few gentiles so her tactic should have been to stay a little out of the row and retain her party’s dignity rather than get into the gutter like the CON Party has.

    The Liberal Democrat Party does have a role in British politics as the defenders of civil liberties and as promoters of electoral and constitutional reform. Electoral reform is, by far, their best policy though even with regard to that they mess it up by planting their mast so firmly in favour of the very specific form of Proportional Representation called the Single Transferable Vote (STV) which uses RANKED BALLOTS which many people would be suspicious of.

    Instead of tying themselves to that form they should say that if they were elected to government they would legislate for Proportional Representation to be introduced and allow the British electorate to choose which form of it they want to have since there are important differences between the various PR systems.


    1. I think that Jo Swinson is doing it (Israel/Jew doormatting) for her own personal reasons. I do not know what her husband’s origins are (except that he was born in the Hertfordshire borshch belt) but I have my suspicions. There again, she may want to get onside with the Zionists to guarantee a good reception in the msm.


  16. As all the polls indicate, Labour can’t win a majority so the remaining days are now all about preventing Boris getting either a large or small majority for his party. No one needs to be afraid of Corbyn since he can’t win hence there is now no reason not to engage in mass anti-Tory tactical voting!😂

    Wouldn’t it be nice though if we had an electoral system that doesn’t positively encourage MILLIONS of people to vote tactically?

    Increasingly, people are feeling the need to not just vote tactically for their SECOND favourite party but their THIRD! That simply can’t be right!😞☹️😡



    1. I agree.

      As far as the main contest is concerned, it is a straight fight between Con and Lab, but more specifically between a Con elected tyranny and a weak Con or Lab government, poss. minority. I think that people are now waking up to the danger that Boris and his pack of Israel-lovers pose.


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