General Election 2019 Daily Updated Blog (no.7)

Time for a new blog thread covering the upcoming General Election set down for 12 December 2019. As with the previous six, it will be updated many times daily.

Only 9 clear days left before Polling Day.

Boris-idiot must be stopped. It is not a matter of being “pro-Corbyn” or “pro-Labour” (which I am not, as such) but of stopping a superficially constitutional coup d’etat.

Johnson’s Cabinet is a pack of pro-Israel, pro-Zionist, pro-Jew traitors. Few are even British except in terms of their passports. In fact, Boris-idiot himself actually had a U.S. passport until 2017! He is part-Jew, part-Turk, part-God-knows-what, born in New York City, brought up in the USA and Belgium. His fake “English upper class” persona is a theatrical act on which he has worked all his miserable life.

Cartoons often explain political and social realities very clearly. Here is Boris-idiot misusing the recent terror attack for immediate political purposes:


Below, David Davis making a fool of himself:

Pity. In some respects David Davis would have made a far better PM than Boris (well, almost anyone would, of course) but, at the same time, Davis is as thick as two short planks.

This morning, I heard some thick-sounding Welshman on Radio 4. Turned out that the weaselling idiot was the Secretary of State for Justice, Robert Buckland, no less!…

One of the most notorious Jewish Zionist fanatics takes yet again to Twitter to rail at a Corbyn supporter, in this case the singer Ed Sheeran.


So “50%” of Jews are “planning” to leave the UK if Labour “win” the election? Ha ha! I doubt it. Most of them, adopting the famous phrase of Macmillan, have never had it so good! We recall only too well Maureen Lipman‘s whining along the same or similar lines, starting in 2014. She’s still here, unfortunately.

Another example: former supposed “top defamation lawyer” Mark Lewis, the “top lawyer” whose only assets, according to the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal [SDT] under the auspices of the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority [SRA] at his 2018 “trial” —at which he was found guilty and fined—, were his own clothes, a mobility scooter and a pension worth £70 a week! “They” can certainly talk a good game! Lewis and his girlfriend/carer, Mandy Blumenthal, did go to Israel, i.e. emigrated, after Lewis was found guilty, but both have since returned on several occasions, and their emigration had nothing to do with Labour or Corbyn.

Mark Lewis was thoroughly exposed at his “trial” (disciplinary tribunal) as an offensively-ranting, medically slowly degenerating troll and fake, whose prescription drugs meant that (as he himself testified) he “did not know what he was doing” at times. He was also being jettisoned by his employers (in fact already had been, at time of trial) and had debts. He jumped ship, in effect.

[anyone wishing to read about Mark Lewis and his behaviour can do so here

Below, Lewis once again giving flawed legal advice, this time about Israeli law!

Israel, despite being a liberal democratic country, is not an immigration country. Therefore, Israel does not have laws and regulations enabling foreigners who wish to come and settle Israel the opportunity to do so.”

“Both Zimmermann and Amar-Dahl describe a country that has historically welcomed, indeed, continued to actively seek Jewish immigrants from other countries. Yet, Israel shuns other refugees and immigrants. “They set a clear limit: admission for Jews only,”

As I have blogged in the past, I am very glad that “Mark Lewis Lawyer” is not my lawyer!

I had never heard of Ed Sheeran until about a year ago, and I would certainly not recognise any of his music, but I understand that he is quite popular. As to Silverman, whose sinister title at the Israel-lobby “Campaign Against Antisemitism” or CAA is “Head of Investigations and Enforcement”, you can read about him readily enough on the Internet. I myself  wrote this in 2017:

The Jews (at least the Zionist, pro-Israel ones) seem to want to make this election, and British politics generally, all about them. An old saw says “be careful what you wish for”.

Leaving aside these nuisances, what about the real election news?

The news that struck me this morning is that the rail union, RMT, is planning to hold strikes, starting very soon. Well, recalling idiotic thickhead Bob Crow, the one-time (now deceased) leader of the RMT, I do not expect great intelligence from them, but it is hard to imagine anything more damaging to Corbyn and Labour than a strike on the railways just before a General Election!

It conjures up images of “the winter of discontent” in 1978-79. That actually affected relatively few people and did not last all winter either, but people who were not around then —and incredibly a few who were!— often tend to think of it as much more than it was; some think that the whole of the 1970s were either like that or “3 day weeks” because of power cuts (that was just a few weeks, and affected people only peripherally, as I recall, in 1974!). The RMT leadership are idiots. They want a Labour government, or at least for Labour not to be trashed, but then they do this!

And now for something completely different…

Politics should be an outcome of our adherence to our European race and culture, with roots going back into prehistory, but reaching out to a higher future evolution of society:

Just an antidote to the пошлость (“poshlost”) [Russian: tawdriness etc] of the present time…

I also wanted to honour that great conductor, Mariss Jansons (a half-Jew, in fact, as well as half-Latvian), who has died. His interpretations of Shostakovitch and some of the Scandinavian composers were very good.

This is not the place in which I should blog at length about the connection between race, culture and society, but let us at least keep that in mind during the hullabaloo of the election noise.


It is a matter of mild amusement but no great surprise to me that UKIP is still around, though only as a shell. It failed to go social-national in 2014, and so failed to break through the FPTP voting scam-barrier in 2015. It slid lower and lower, until Farage found an excuse to desert. He then founded another waste-of-space party, which he has again stabbed in the back and deserted.

Meanwhile, the shell of UKIP is, incredibly, trying to pretend that it can win a seat or seats at this election! Here below is the “interim leader”, some silly old bag called Pat Mountain. I have searched online for information about Ms. Mountain but without much result.

I have blogged before about people who indulge in “hobby politics”, and this lady seems to be a prime example. While I do not disagree with her opposition to migration-invasion, she really should be knitting shawls, volunteering at the local cat rescue or just enjoying coffee with friends (all worthy pursuits, btw; I do not denigrate them) rather than pretending to lead a political party. Also, who are the other UKIP people, who are not ashamed to be led by someone like this?! Words fail…Take a look at the Sky News All Out Politics interview! (below)



She really thought that her time was too precious to waste finding out basic statistics like how many asylum applications were granted in the last year on record.

The problem is always “where do political parties go to die?”. When a party collapses, there is always a rump of it left for a while, like a piece of ocean flotsam. BNP, NF, UKIP, Communists (of various kinds) are still around. In this election, UKIP is actually fielding either 43 or 44 candidates (another fact of which its “interim leader” seems unsure). I do not know why UKIP is fielding candidates or why the individual candidates are bothering to stand. I am not a psychiatrist or religious counsellor.

As to the UKIP manifesto, released today, there is little wrong with the actual policies, in fact I agree with most of them, but UKIP people should stop hobby politicking and join a real social-national party— when one exists!

Latest poll:




As I was was blogging weeks ago, the polls are now narrowing. People who oppose Boris-idiot and his ZOG Cabinet are realizing that, to stop Boris-idiot, they need to vote Labour where Labour has a real chance and, where Labour has no chance, vote tactically for, in most cases, the LibDems (despite the flaws of the LibDems and Jo Swinson).

The ICM poll above indicates Conservatives as largest party but 16 MPs short of a Commons majority. That would be OK.

Update, 3 December 2019

So much for “the Conservative Party is the party of law and order”! I was just reading about a small, wealthy town in the South of England, which has one of the highest concentrations of millionaires etc outside parts of London and only small pockets of social housing and/or deprivation. Many houses are in the million-pound-plus bracket and few are worth less than half a million.

Apparently, 4 “yoots” in “hoodies” went around that wealthy quiet town for four hours on one recent night, attacking cars (18 cars in 13 quiet roads). They used crowbars, hammers and a rock so large that it had to be carried by two of the vandals together.

Residents of the town saw some of the vandalism but the vandals ran off when challenged, then carried on nearby. Some residents confronted the criminals but were threatened with a knife. The criminals were obviously unafraid. A number of residents not only saw or heard the crimes taking place but also called 999, only to be told to call 101, at which they were given a crime number and told that the crimes had been “registered”. Others were told that the police were “too busy” to attend.

The crimes noted above affected at least 18 people directly, possibly a hundred indirectly. According to the local newspaper, no-one has been arrested for the tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage: cars with windshields and windows put out, dents, holes etc.

The crime spree apparently went on for over 4 hours, until after 0200.

That town had its police station all but closed a few years ago (it is open for enquiries 9-5 but has few if any police, not even PCSO play police, stationed there). The town has a Conservative MP whom even local Conservatives agree is completely lazy and useless. The constituency is the 5th safest Con seat in the UK. The local council is all or almost all Conservative.

One has to ask: if the Conservatives cannot even keep safe an area like that, what chance London, Birmingham, Manchester? The citizens, unlike those of the USA, are forbidden from keeping, let alone using, firearms. Lawlessness triumphs. Would it have been so bad if the “youths” had been just shot? I don’t think so…

Voting Labour, at least where Labour have a reasonable chance of winning, will not bring about a Corbyn-Labour “Marxist” dictatorship, as his detractors (and even some of his supporters!) believe or pretend to believe. Labour, in this election, has little chance of getting even a small Commons majority. A minority Labour government (propped up by SNP etc) would never have the votes to push through some latter-day policy of, so to speak, “all power to the soviets!” or the like.

No. What you are doing, if you vote Labour (or, where Labour has no real chance, at least LibDem, SNP, or even Brexit Party), is preventing Boris-idiot from imposing a Jewish-lobby ZOG tyranny on the UK, a situation which could lead, eventually, to actual civil war.

On the other hand…


Tactical voting is not ideal, but in a situation where FPTP voting makes the election a rigged joke, may be the only option for many.







Meanwhile, Philip Schofield, who has been “doing very well” financially out of “Conservative” tax policies etc, nakedly partisan on TV (despite the General Election). He must have earned some brownie points with the Jewish lobby for this! Piers Morgan also bats for the Jew lobby… The msm is just infested…



I rarely agree with A.C. Grayling but I do now:


Latest opinion poll:



According to my calculations (using Electoral Calculus, including its Scotland prediction and tactical voting prediction), that would give the Con Party a Commons majority of 8. It is an open question whether the polls will continue to narrow. Maybe so, but the election is still very open either way.

8 clear days left until Polling Day.

This is the sort of evil which the Conservative Party has facilitated:

“The Brexit Party has betrayed us”. Yes.

Update, 4 December 2019

7 clear days left until Polling Day.

The tweet below makes a good point:


Not sure about exactly what “monthly tickets” are referred to, but the underlying meaning is sound: it costs far more in the UK to travel by train vis a vis most countries.

Here’s a tweet about the NHS, which the Boris-idiot Jewish-lobby ZOG Cabinet is planning to “sell off”, i.e. make into a market where (((American))) interests can make more money:




Johnny Mercer, former Army officer and Con candidate for Plymouth Moor View (MP 2015-2019) is getting into more trouble.

I had thought (initially, when Mercer became an MP) that he was better than the Conservative MP average. Wrong. Turned out to be a moneygrubber as well as being an incompetent. Credit where due, though: he did, with reason, call Theresa May’s government “a shitshow”. Rough tough soldier language.




I cannot comment on his military record, but I have to admit that in other ways Johnny Mercer is starting to annoy me. His outside “earnings”, for one thing; also, the fact that he “employs” his wife part-time (on MP expenses). Such family members can make anything up to £50,000, all paid out of Parliamentary expenses. The family income must have flourished since Mercer (who left the Army in 2013 with the modest rank of Captain) became an MP. I wonder what, if anything, his wife does for that money. A “nice little (extra) earner”, anyway.

Mercer is also pro-Jew, pro-Israel. Well, if he were not, I suppose making those extra pennies might be more difficult. He would probably be blacklisted.

In the tweet below, Mercer bats once again for the Jewish lobby, this time against a Jewish woman who opposes the established Jewish-Zionist lobby. Seems that, for Mercer, she is “the wrong kind of Jew”…



I missed this (below) yesterday, probably because Newsnight became so bloody boring as to be almost unwatchable years ago (I never see it now):


As for the NHS under a Boris-idiot government…




I do not agree with the writer of that Independent piece that the election is cut and dried. True, the Conservatives are still ahead. True, Boris-idiot is still, incredibly, preferred as PM by 40% of voters (Corbyn is on 22%). True, bad weather is forecast for 12 December, which helps the Cons (because many of their habitual voters are elderly and vote by post).

As against that, the level of the “youth vote” (meaning the under-35s) is hard to quantify but, in marginal constituencies, could change everything….if they vote…

Likewise, it may be that, as the LibDems slide to near-irrelevance in most constituencies, Labour will benefit from the LibDem failure (or will those LibDem voters just stay home?).

At any rate, for me the election is not cut and dried. The writer in the Independent thinks that it is, that Boris-idiot will get a majority and will then impose an elected dictatorship. I do not rule that out and, if it happens, there may only be one way to remove Boris and his MPs (and I think that my readers will be able to guess my meaning), but he has to get a majority first, and that may not happen.

As for Jo Swinson, I agree there with the Independent. There was no need to agree to this election. Jo Swinson did that, and so “shamed” Labour into joining in (but where was their steel?). Boris-idiot and his “advisers” (controllers?) got what they wanted.

Jo Swinson has spent much of the election campaign doormatting for the Jewish lobby. What a total waste of space she is! Most of her main policies are identical to “Conservative” ones anyway.

There is a rumour that she might resign even before the election! I doubt that, but it would be a boost for Labour, mainly, if she did. It seems that there is a 50-50 chance that she will lose her own Scottish seat. She’s washed up now, whatever. Stupid woman.

Update, 5 December 2019

6 clear days until Polling Day.

Latest opinion poll:


Hard to say what that poll means. According to Electoral Calculus, depending on Scottish and tactical factors, it could mean a Commons majority for the Cons of between 16 and 32.

The polls have narrowed, but still not enough, so far, to deny the Cons a majority. A couple of points more or less, and the Cons might be left 16 short of a majority. This election cannot be easily forecast.

BBC bias

I used to defend Laura Kuenssberg against accusations of bias and accusations of being part-Jew. I was wrong. She is part-Jew and she is biased. Re. the latter, have a look at Peter Oborne in The Guardian:

This (see below) is so true!



I was talking with a lady a while ago about the Conservative Party MP in her area. The MP, an unmeritorious beneficiary of one of the safest Conservative seats in the country, this slug, a former schoolmaster, is so lazy that when said lady wrote to him on a matter of great personal importance to her, the letter actually went unanswered. Not even fobbed-off, but unanswered. The slug has been photographed sleeping in the Chamber of the House of Commons and is despised both in his own constituency and the Commons itself. The said lady now lives in a neighbouring constituency.

I asked “Will you vote?” “Oh, yes!” (people of that age, about 90, feel that it is a civic duty). “Which party?” “Oh, Conservative! I would not want Corbyn getting in!” (there followed a few minutes of the result of Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph brainwashing…).

The absurd fact underpinning the above exchange is that, in both constituencies mentioned, a vote is a waste of time, because in both seats, the Conservative candidate has been elected easily since both seats were formed. In one seat with 40%-65% of the vote; in the other with 50%-60%. So whichever way someone votes it is a waste of time. If Conservative, 1 vote added to 40,000+ others, the majorities in recent elections being over 20,000. On the other hand, a vote even for the LibDem second-placed is also wasted, because so far behind, and one for Labour even more so (in 2015, Labour came 4th in one seat!).

Thus many, in a very rigged and unfair voting system, are now thinking of voting tactically in order to at least exclude the candidate least wanted.


Brave young doctor makes her points on a London Underground train. Striking. Equally striking, though, is the blase attitude of the other passengers, engrossed in their bloody telephones, apparently.


I was thinking about what a disappointment Johnny Mercer has been as an MP, overall. In fact, that is true of most officers who become MPs. Usually nbg (no bloody good), often moneygrubbers too. Dan Somebody or Other, paratroop officer, who was a Labour MP in recent years, and even talked of as leadership material. Turned out to be just another pro-Jew, pro-Israel nonentity. Then there’s Colonel Bob Stewart. And others.



I certainly agree with the tweet below!

By my calculation, that could still give a Con majority of 14 MPs. This election is getting close-run. It’s going to the wire.


The Jews, at least the supposed leading ones, have come out against Labour, and for ZOG elected tyranny. They have chosen their side. No mistakes. They have put tribal interests before the welfare of the British people. Fact.

62 thoughts on “General Election 2019 Daily Updated Blog (no.7)”

  1. An excellent cartoon there describing Boris Johnson to a tee and his trying to make unpleasant political capital out of a bad terror incident in which two innocent people had their lives cut short which would be horrific at anytime of the year but particularly now.☹️😞.My thoughts go out to their families and friends. As if the Tory Party cares much about Islamist or, indeed, any other form of terrorism since they have utterly failed to control immigration from muslim countries or many others for the last NINE YEARS (indeed, Priti Patel is, AT THIS VERY MOMENT, in a row with Dominic Raab over her wanting to let 300,000 odd Hong Kong Chinese come and live here!) or done other things which could have been done and Boris himself has encouraged terrorism by his botched Brexit deal which has set NI on a path to a political ‘united’ Ireland by effectively placing it within a economic united Ireland. The IRA have been vindicated in their use of terror by a supposedly British Conservative government!

    Yes, how appropriate it is for Boris to be depicted with a Pinocchio like nose since he lies so disturbingly consistently.Having him on political billboards by Labour and the Liberal Democrat Party with a nose as long as Pinocchio and with the strapline ‘Do YOU REALLY TRUST him?’ would be a good idea I think.

    Steve Silverman is a fanatical Jew Zionist extremist. Ed Sheeran only made an innocuous tweet in support of Jeremy Corbyn! He is perfectly entitled to do that and it doesn’t mean he is in support of Corbyn’s so-called ‘anti-semitism’ which, contrary to Tory fantasies and those of Jew Zionist fanatics like the appallingly misnamed ‘Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’ doesn’t actually exist.


    1. Ah. M’Lord of Essex. I had wondered what happened to you.

      I notice that Silverman and various other stupid Jew-Zionists are now calling anyone who even questions their assertions, “antisemitic”. They really do want to make it all about the Jews. That may find that that backfires on them.


      1. Let us hope it does. This is supposed to be a general election campaign which deals with issues of widespread importance to the many ie Boris’s Botched Brexit which threatens the future existence of the United Kingdom, the economy, homelessness, child poverty, immigration, law and order, education etc, etc not one devoted to the paranoid and not necessary fears of a tiny ethnic minority that comprises less than ONE PERCENT of Britain’s population!


  2. 50% or so of Jews in this country won’t leave even in the very unlikely eventuality of Jeremy Corbyn winning the election. They will be safe enough under him. A British Kristallnacht won’t be happening anytime soon either under Boris OR Corbyn.

    Maureen Lipman hasn’t gone to the USA or Israel yet and she has been threatening to do it since as long ago 2014!🙄

    Re that disgraceful crime spree in that Southern English town. Yes, if the alleged ‘party of law and order’ can’t contain lawlessness in such a place as that then big cities like London, Manchester or even those with relatively few ethnics like Liverpool have got no chance.

    Where is it? If the seat is the fifth safest Tory seat then the MP must be Sir Desmond Swayne and the constituency of .New Forest West where you have said you live.

    My seat of Brentwood and Ongar is the CON Party’s TENTH safest. It isn’t Maldon, is it? That town is extremely Tory (even more than mine is) as is the council. The seat is slightly safer at number six.


  3. It should come as no surprise that the rat Piers Morgan is supporting Phillip Schofield there. Some people have forgiven Piers Morgan for being the Daily Mirror’s editor and endangering British trroops’ lives in Iraq with that front page article he allowed to be published but I haven’t. Once a Daily Mirror rat always a Daily Mirror rat. I’m not a fan of his!


  4. Sadly, tactical voting won’t oust my Tory MP, Alex Burghart, without the Tory vote dropping substantially as he has one of the highest Tory shares in the country of a whopping 65.8%!

    The CON Party would have to be on the brink of becoming extinct before Brentwood and Ongar elected a non-Tory MP and I doubt it would even fall in a by-election.


    1. what always amazes me is that people turn out to vote in circumstances where their candidate is bound to get 50%+ of the vote; conversely, where all history and commonsense suggests that their candidate is going to get 5% or 10% and always comes in 4th or 3rd. Maybe I am just lazy.


      1. Indeed. Some people, luckily for the Tories this particularly applies to older people, view voting as a civic duty so they feel they must vote even though many of them live in seats where the prospect of removing the local Tory or Labour MP is a remote one. I believe the Electoral Reform Society correctly predicted the outcome in AS MANY AS 400 SEATS before a single vote was cast in them before the 2010 general election.

        A few people also like to go with the ‘psychology of the crowd’.


      2. I think some people in my seat are starting to believe just how safe a seat for the CONS this is because our turnout fell to about 70% last time and I think that is the lowest turnout we have had apart from 2001 when the turnout in the country was the lowest since 1918.


  5. There would have to be very substantial tactical voting for Michael Gove to lose his seat but even if there were he would still hold it if his own vote doesn’t slide too much since he got well over 50% of the vote there in 2017. His constituency of Surrey Heath is, I believe, the second safest Tory seat in Surrey!

    Labour came second there in 2017 though I really can’t see how Labour could win there considering the seat’s likely social make-up so that recommendation on the tactical voting list above may be correct. I presume it makes use of local council results since 2017 in the area in order to formulate that advice? That may be a good guide but some people do vote differently at local elections compared to general ones. Here in Brentwood, the local Liberal Democrats controlled our council from 1992 to 2004 but the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate only benefitted by a small amount in 1992 when their vote increased by 5% from the figure in 1987 to 30.5% of the vote which was still way behind Sir Eric Pickles.


  6. All I Want For Christmas is for Iain Dunce-Smith and parody of a parody and Chief Clown Boris Johnson being kicked-out of their seats by tactical voting though Johnson will survive IF his own vote holds rock steady as he got 50.8% in Uxbridge and South Ruislip in 2017.

    Take it away, Mariah Carey:


  7. My town of Brentwood had a fine 1930’s purpose built police station with a decent number of officers inside of it until 2016 when the ‘party of law and order’ decided to shut it so they could fund increased foreign aid and now we have it in the local town hall!

    So much of a reward for this town loyally voting Tory since the seat of Brentwood and Ongar was created in 1974!

    Having proper police stations and more importantly a decent number of police officers compared with the population’s size is VITAL as regardless of the penalties for law breaking the FIRST thing the criminal fears is ‘will I be caught and arrested by the police and, possibly, sent to court?’

    From looking at web statistics it seems as if those countries which have low crime rates are also those which have better ratios of policemen and policemen to their population sizes.


    1. Of course. For the criminal as much as the spy, there is a calculation risk/benefit/cost. In my little anecdote, it was clear from the newspaper report that the vandals had little or no fear either of arrest or of punishment.

      If this trend continues across the UK, we shall see vigilante activity.


  8. In your anecdote you said it wouldn’t have been bad if these yobbish youths had been shot. I can understand the sentiment but I wouldn’t want this country to become attached to a gun culture like the USA has. There it seems to contribute to their having murders which could have been prevented.

    So, instead, we have to have decent levels of police officers and a judicial system to deter yobs from committing these kind of offences in the first place. America also loves its guns because people think of gun ownership as a way of a preventing a government becoming a tyranny.


    1. In the USA, the 2nd Amendment does not prevent government becoming a tyranny because we are in the 21stC, not the 15th. A rabble of ill-disciplined resistants armed with rifles and pistols cannot stand against the well-organized State with its armies, police, official snoopers, jet fighters, tanks, armoured cars, submachinegun troops etc.


  9. An excellent article in that Spiked Online piece. Yes, Nigel Farage betrayed the lot of you but you should have seen it coming (politically informed people did) because Nigel has ALWAYS been more of a TORY at heart than he is a Brexiteer. The CON Parry is his first love always has been and always will be. After all, why stand a candidate in Denis Skinner’s seat when Skinner has been a LIFE LONG eurosceptic and was opposed to the common market when Farage was still adoring Lady Thatcher? Aaron Banks is a passionate Tory as well. He who pays the piper plays the tune!

    In short, a party that had only one real aim and not a fully comprehensive political philosophy was always likely to betray its supporters.

    Hopefully, regardless of whether ‘Brexit’ gets done or not and it would be better for the fake ‘Brexit In Name Only’ of the Tories to be cancelled, this sorry episode will make the end of Nigel Fraudulent Farage.


  10. It may or not have been able to do that and yes it would be good but perhaps the powers-that-be in this country saw that possible eventuality coming and decided to ‘lean upon’ Nigel?🙄 I am not, in general, a huge conspiracy theorist but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, in the years ahead, it isn’t revealed that Nigel has connections to the security services considering his rather strange political behaviour at times.🙄


  11. I think that tweet of Jonny Mercer says it all about the ‘modern’ CON Party (with ‘modern’ meaning they have systematically dumped any notion of social conservatism but remain very UNMODERNISED when it comes to electoral and constitutional reform!🙄🙄🙄). In the past, that sort of decent Jew who appears to want to fully integrate herself into British society and NOT act as ‘nation within a nation’ as Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley would have put it would have been praised by the Tory Party whilst the Jew Zionist extremist ones would have been condemned and treated separately as they should be.

    The ‘modern’ CON Party get SO MUCH WRONG nowdays!🙄😡


    1. Johnny Mercer must have not heard of the evil terrorism of the various Jew gangs in occupied Palestine under British rule in the 1930s and 1940s…as you know, British soldiers were stabbed, shot, blown up and even hanged by the Jews.


    1. btw, look at this! I’m sorry for the child. In days of yore, they would have raised cats or dogs…

      I think that, in the (extremely unlikely) event that the Russians ever invade, landing in vast numbers, their parachutes billowing white against the winter sky, we just trip up the remaining few “soldiers” left in the shell of what was the British Army, or send an “offensive” tweet out into the ether about what our country has become (thus causing the LGBTQZYZ “soldiers” to stomp off in anger), then hope that the present society is squashed flat.


      1. I’m quite liberal about most LGB rights if not the T part of the acronym but I don’t think that is right.Just because something is medically possible with modern technology doesn’t mean it is right in a moral sense. Ha, ha, look at the Daily Mail readers’ comments about this story! Well, many of them do insist upon voting for the ‘modern’ CON Party!

        They didn’t think the Conservative Party is ACTUALLY Conservative in 2019, did they?

        This is the Tory ginger group Jacob Rees-Mogg got into trouble over because he attended one of their dinners:


      2. The whole LGBTASDGH thing has just gone too far. There have been women dragged from the homes and indeed from their beds in early raids by the politicized police purely because they have tweeted that trans “women” are not, in *reality*, women.

        GK Chesterton predicted or speculated that the day might come when people would be arrested and tried purely for speaking the truth. I myself was disbarred for just that.



    Looks like tactical voting in my constituency of Brentwood and Ongar makes no difference as the Tory MP will still be re-elected by a landslide as always! So, once again, we will have Alex Burghart as our MP and not Councillor David Kendall!

    Still, this seat is one of the relatively few in which this site and others recommends a tactical vote for the Lib Democrats rather than Labour!

    That does sound correct because this seat is too wealthy to have a Labour MP and the Liberal Democrats do have many more councillors than Labour does (just three in total)


  13. Not to worry, Priti Patel, our illustrious Home Secretary, has Britain’s borders controlled excellently! IF only that WERE the case!🙄🤬😡

    P.S Priti often has a sneer on her face for some reason. Does anyone know why?


  14. That article in the Independent is too pessimistic. Yes, on the surface and looking at the headline figure of the polls it looks to be grim, but we DON’T have general elections in this country thanks to the absurd and increasingly irrational First Past The Post electoral system. Instead, we have 650 by-elections held in unique constituencies on the same day so all that needs to happen is for as many anti-Tory voters as possible to vote tactically for either a Labour candidate or a Lib Dem one where one of those parties or the other has the best chance of defeating a CON Party candidate.

    In the vast majority of seats that will be a Labour candidate but in a few of the more rural or well-heeled Tory seats it will be a Lib Dem like in St Ives in Cornwall, Richmond Park in London or even Dominic Raab’s seat in Surrey.

    If the Labour Party can put a bit more of a squeeze on the Greens and the Liberal Democrats and this is combined with tactical voting the Tories can be prevented from ‘winning’.


    1. Of course, a LibDem is likely to be an invertebrate, but still better than an actual Con MP.

      btw, I saw Andrew Neil interview Jo Swinson earlier this evening. She is far thicker than her Economics degree from the LSE would have suggested. I can only think of three points in her favour. One is that she at least had the guts to be interviewed by Andrew Neil, unlike Boris-idiot; the other two are personal assets which need not be spelled out here!


      1. Better to have an MP who is HONEST in their liberalism than one who poses as a conservative any day of the week. Let us face a fact here: the numbers of Tory MPs who are genuinely SOCIALLY conservative , which should be the real dividing line between that party and the Liberal Democrat Party, can be counted using your hands.


      2. Yes, she is brave enough to be interviewed by Andrew Neil and enough respect for the electorate to face that grilling whereas Boris has not and he, unfortunately, is the PM. The electorate should be asking themselves what the PM is afraid of?🙄😡🤬 Can a PM who wants to dodge what would probably be a tough interview REALLY be trusted?


      3. Boris “does not do” detail, or policy, or logic, or anything beyond soundbites etc. My first impression of him, over 20 years ago, has been proven correct— a part-Jew public entertainer.


      4. Boris-Idiot is basically a coward. The reason why he refuses to be interviewed by Andrew Neil is because he knows blustering with that interviewer will show him up to be the big bag of flatulence he undoubtedly is. The electorate should ask itself WHY he prefers to only have ‘interviews’ with blatant Tory supporters like Phillip Schoefield?🙄🙄🙄


  15. It is how that combined Labour and Lib Dem vote, which is still collectively higher than the Tory share, is deployed against the CONS which is important ie it must be distributed effectively against the CONS.

    Also, in Scotland, people can vote SNP to kick-out a Tory.


    1. Even staunch unionists can justify to themselves voting SNP to remove many of those Tory MPs in Scotland since that Brexit deal Boris is so determined to pass is so bad for the United Kingdom’s prospects for continued unity ie how it deals with Northern Ireland.

      To prevent this shower from ‘winning’ the electorate MUST THINK TACTICALLY and VOTE TACTICALLY. Yes, that will require voting for a party you wouldn’t normally touch with the proverbial barge pole but you can always go home afterwards and wash your hands with soap and water after doing the deed!😃 A tactical anti-CON Party Vote need not be a lifetime commitment!


      1. Indeed. Also, the SNP has slipped from its 50%+ peak in 2015. It may get back to that or close to that, but not because of its wish to secede from the UK; more because the SNP policies are a social-democrat mishmash that attract or do not repel most people. Free prescriptions, free hospital parking etc. Actual Independence is not on the agenda in reality: polls show support is less than 50%, maybe only 40% or so.


    1. The problem is that, for some people, the accepted thing is to vote for “your own” preferred party even though that party always comes third with a vote of 5% or 10%. The problem is one of habit and, overall, psychology.


  16. Indeed but I think that applies mainly to older people. Younger ones who, as all the poling evidence indicates, are more likely to vote Labour or Lib Dem are not as reticent to vote tactically. I think more people are becoming aware of the fact that we have an electoral system which means we don’t actually have general elections but more a mass LOCAL election to a supposed NATIONAL parliament. How could it be described otherwise when there is no account made for the national share of the vote and the UK WIDE electorate is divided-up into ONLY 650 LOCAL electorates?

    People shouldn’t be ashamed of voting tactically and ‘betraying’ their party because under the crazy FPTP system no one in this country votes EXPLICITLY for a party (as in Germany under their excellent Mixed-Member Proportional Representation system) only a LOCAL candidate.

    Indeed, it is the fact we don’t vote directly for parties as a whole that we have had difficulties with Brexit being passed.


    1. I hope that you are right. My favoured result, of course, would be a hung Parliament, leading perhaps to a weak Corbyn minority govt. That would:
      Remove Boris as Con leader, almost certainly;
      Hit out at the Jew-Zionists;
      Prevent Boris-idiot and his evil ZOG Cabinet from passing laws;
      Create favourable conditions in which a social-national movement might emerge.


      1. Certainly, we as a country can do without Boris-Idiot and his fellow incompetent liars and goons having any real power. I can’t think of any good a Tory majority government would do! Get around to FINALlY control immigration PROPERLY? The Tories have been promising to do that for god knows how long but it never actually happens with ‘modern’ Tories, does it?🤬😡☹️😞 ALL they do is just sit there like a shapeless, wobbling jelly and waste time!

        Germany is very lucky to have the AfD Party:


      2. I of course agree…

        I think that most people are underestimating what the ZOG conspirators have in mind. There are even bits of the Con manifesto hinting at a taking away of power from both judiciary and legislature and putting it into the hands of the executive, meaning Boris the tinpot tyrant and his pack of Israel agents. It is getting to the point where *any* methods are acceptable to remove the evil.


  17. Let us hope the Scots don’t save the Tories’ bacon like they did in 2017. CON Party MPs up there have SNP candidates in second places in their seats so anti-Tory Scots should vote SNP to boot them out in those seats.


    1. The SNP got (from memory) about 57 seats out of 59 in 2015, dropped to 35 in 2017 but is expected to bounce back next week. I should imagine that the SNP might get 50% of the vote and so almost all Scottish seats. 50 or so anyway. A Labour/SNP connection (at Westminster) might suit both Corbyn and Sturgeon.


  18. Re that clip from Spitting Image yes how very true! Boris-Idiot and some other politicians as well should count themselves so lucky that programme isn’t still on tv as the sketch writers would be having a field day ripping the pee out of them!😂 I notice the road they are going down is called Essex Road which is probably located in that former notorious Tory/ Labour marginal of Basildon with David Amess’s victory in 1992 as the Tory MP being re-elected heralding a fourth Tory term in office! Taking a sly dig at my county! I do have to admit to there being many stupid Tory voters in Essex!😞☹️


    1. My wife says that Joey Essex is a real person. I tend to think that, while he may be an actual person with that name, his total ignorance and lack of intelligence is an act, a kind of persona for TV. She says that he is as he seems. I tend to think that all but impossible.

      When I returned from a misadventurous foray in Rhodesia in 1977, I got a job for 2 or 3 days delivering booze. There was a van driver, and me. In Essex, we went to the Conservative Club in Southend, a place with a pleasant sea view and a Union Flag on a flagpole (where I let a case of booze slide down a wooden slide from the outside into the cellar, impacting the gammy leg of the steward!); also to a couple of other places, one being a gigantic bingo hall in either Dagenham or Basildon (I forget which). I had no idea that that many (or any) people played bingo in the afternoon! I was young then, 21 and in some ways naive (though I knew how to strip an R-1 semi-auto/automatic rifle, reassemble it and fire it with reasonable accuracy!).

      btw, in the early 1990s, the Russians had a Spitting Image show, called “Kukli” (Dolls). Satire was briefly OK at that time, like mass starvation of pensioners, and the ripping off of billions of State property by Jew oligarchs.


  19. If Coco The Clown gets a majority he will turn this country into a virtual dictatorship overnight as page 48 of their manifesto plainly threatens. Being of, ahem, ‘exotic’ origins from Turkey and god knows where else Boris simply doesn’t ‘get’ the finer points of the British constitution like an Englishman would ie Jeremy Hunt. Therefore it is imperative that as many people as possible bite their tongues and vote tactically for the best placed candidate in their own individual constituency whether that is a Labour person, Lib Dem or an SNP one to deny the CONS an overall majority. Giving your hands a good scrub with some soap and water after doing the tactical voting deed can come later!

    Hopefully the good people of Uxbridge and South Ruislip will (metaphorically- speaking, of course!😂) ‘decapitate’ Boris by electing Ali Milani instead!


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