General Election 2019 Daily Updated Blog (no.8)

Time to again restart my election blog.

6 December 2019

Boris Johnson, Boris-idiot, continues to duck the Andrew Neil interview, which is obviously not now going to happen. Andrew Neil has now attacked:

As Neil says, Boris-idiot may soon be confronting Putin. Not only David and Goliath, but David who is running scared and without a sling.

The Prime Minister has imposed a blanket ban on discussing his private life and has been forced to swat away questions about his past relationships – even flatly refusing to answer how many children he has.” [Daily Mail]

That is or is partly because there is a persistent rumour that Boris-idiot is the father of Jennifer Arcuri’s 3-y-o child. It will be recalled that Boris gave her £126,000 of taxpayer monies as well as taking her on official trips, when he was briefly and disastrously Foreign Secretary.

There is only one objective now for anyone who is not a “Conservative” supporter (and even for real Conservatives)— stop Boris any way you can.

The election is about marginal constituencies. Most seats will not change hands. It is vital that, in the ~100 most marginal seats, every voter stands against the planned elected dictatorship (ZOG tyranny) by assessing how to stop the Conservative candidate. Tactical voting. Whatever.

If the young get out and vote, if those who do not usually vote get out and vote, this nonsense and evil can be stopped. It is not a matter of voting for a Labour majority government but of stopping Boris Johnson, and his alien “Conservatives” (few of whom are even really British) from getting a majority. You do not have to be a Labour supporter to vote Labour, in this just cause.

Meanwhile, an example of “the unacceptable face of capitalism”:

Eddie Stobart group about to fall. Some idiot, one Andrew Tinkler, somehow wormed his way into the family business, bought himself a private jet, racehorses etc, sold off the original business to a Jew-operated “private equity” vulture operation (making said Jew and his business partner £150 million) etc…Now the whole bloody lot may collapse, and the “private equity” vultures are willing to give the corporate equivalent of a “payday loan”, for only 25% interest!

and 6,500 workers may lose their jobs, pension monies etc. This is Boris Johnson “Conservative” finance-capitalism.

Daily Telegraph and other msm outlets continue to drone on about Labour and “anti-Semitism”. I wish that Corbyn would stop meeting this Zionist propaganda halfway and just say something like:

“we are addressing the real issues: homelessness, buy to let parasitism, stresses on schools, NHS, transport, pay, benefits. We are not going to prioritize Jew-Zionist whining about potential loss of some of their customary tribal privileges.”

If Corbyn and his people did that, Labour would not face any more criticism from the Zionist Jew lobby than is already the case, but it would wake up the millions of sleepyheads in the UK and take the fight to the enemy.

Sadly, I doubt that Corbyn or most of his top people have the guts or the gumption…they want to say “we oppose Israel” while at the same time saying that “we do not oppose Israel-by-any-other-name in the UK”. Cognitive dissonance.

Schadenfreude Corner…

The Daily Mail incites readers to email Brexit Party candidates to get them to withdraw their candidatures. I am surprised that this is lawful (if indeed it is). Direct interference (and intimidation?)…

In other Brexit Party news…

I have to admit that I wonder who would bother to run a Brexit Party candidate off the road? The Brexit Party is on 2% in some polls, and has no chance of anything except abject failure.

The BBC is not only completely biased in favour of the party of the government in office, but is determined to destroy European race and culture:

Meanwhile, in other Jewish news


I have still not worked out whether Nigel Farage thought that he was being a Poundland Macchiavelli in standing down his Brexit Party candidates in (and I think only in) Conservative-held seats, or whether he just reached the outer limits of his (imo) limited real political ability. Either way, as I blogged on the day, Farage has committed political suicide, or rather murder and suicide: he has killed Brexit Party and also killed his own political career.

look at the (now ex-) Brexit Party MEPs who have defected to (or soon to) the Conservatives: among them, the smoked salmon Jew, Forman, and the sister of living Lord Charles dummy, Jacob Rees-Mogg.

“General election news – live: Labour cut Tory poll lead, as Boris Johnson dodges BBC and ITV interviewers amid ‘cold, hard evidence’ he lied about Brexit deal”

The Jews (no, not the 250,000 Jews in the UK, but the few hundred, maybe few thousand most hardened Zionists and their non-Jew doormats) are going to protest by the Palace of Westminster on Sunday. They thus insist on making this General Election all about them, their obsessions, their own selfish, self-centred tribal interests. As I have blogged before, an old saying says “be careful what you wish for”.

Peter Oborne:

If the polls are right, and I guess they are, Johnson is set to move back into Downing Street with the most commanding Conservative victory since Maggie Thatcher secured a majority of 102 in 1987. 

As a lifelong Conservative, I should be delighted. Instead, I feel despair. To secure his victory, Johnson has sunk lower than any prime minister in modern times. Far lower.

[Peter Oborne]

Just saw this!

It would appear Johnson is looking for a mandate to put himself above the law. Fairness and decency have been abandoned by people who ought to know better. 

Johnson and his Tories may well win next week. But they will have won through deceit and bullying. In the long term, they will pay a price. So – sadly – will the rest of us.”

[Peter Oborne]

John Major and Tony Blair both saying that voters should vote tactically against Boris-idiot and the Conservative Party. Neither, however, is saying that what needs to happen is for the UK to bin the outdated FPTP electoral system and bring in a proportional system. It has to come, sooner or later.

I like this tweet:


The Corbyn/Johnson debate seems to have been a draw (I did not see it). Boris-idiot is said to have done better on security, on Brexit and (oddly, to my mind) on looking “prime ministerial”; Corbyn scored on “being more in touch” with the average Joe, on the NHS, on being more trustworthy. On government spending, Boris just beat Corbyn but not by much, a few points only. Boris is still seen as “more likeable”, which I find puzzling, possibly because I would like to stamp on, and jump up and down on, his head, but “that’s just me”…

Update, 7 December 2019

“Conservative” rule for a decade. Trashing of the social fabric:

The next opinion polls may not emerge until tonight (for the Sunday msm). It will be interesting to see whether Labour has gained ground (or slipped, but I think more likely to have improved its position). Not that polls are always right: think 2016 Referendum, the Trump/Hillary election in the USA, the 2017 General Election, the Peterborough by-election. To name only a few polling disasters.

This election is still open, at least in the sense that Boris-idiot and his pack of alien, non-Brit, ZOG conspirators can be prevented from getting a Commons majority and so real power.

Those, above, are the 30 most marginal seats.

Tactical voting is key, as John Major noted in his appeal to voters not to vote Conservative.

4 clear days left.

Labour on renationalization of utilities etc:

Not bad, but for two aspects of the short film:

  • Why a black? (they are, after all, still a minority in the UK: 3% only according to Wikipedia; in fact all non-whites in UK total “only” about 13%, it is claimed; at any rate, well under 20%);
  • Why a black man with a white woman? “Rassenschande“…

Those errors, no doubt the result of all-too-typical Labour multikulti obsession, weaken the ad. They make it less of an appeal to the (still) white English mainstream and vast majority. The ad tends to show or put people with concerns about privatized industries into a minority box. It tends to say that “Labour is the party for the blacks, browns and mixed-race elements of society”, which weakens Labour’s appeal to the majority.

Royal Family

Apropos of nothing much, I just saw a news story from a few days ago, with film (and still) showing Princess Anne aside from the greeting line for President Trump, and then gesturing at the Queen (in apparent but —we are told— not in fact in breach of protocol). The still photo was striking: like a scene from a Marx Brothers film, with Princess Anne as Harpo. Good grief. The Jewish element in that family is strong and very obvious in several of its members. Now there is, of course, “the Royal Mulatta” as well…

Another Anne.

Anne Widdecombe in Plymouth:

Latest opinion poll:

Little Miss Gracious! Great balls of fire! The misnamed “Conservatives” will be ******** themselves about this! If that were the result next Thursday, the Conservatives would have a majority, but only one of about 6. Bearing in mind error margins, this might give the Cons a larger majority than 6 or might leave them where they were a month or two ago, or worse yet.

There is still all to play for in this election (except a Labour majority, which I would not want anyway).

News about Iain Dunce Duncan Smith

Apparently, someone sent Smith (his real surname) a dead rat in the post. If that is all that happens to the bastard, after every evil thing that he has done, frankly I think that he is winning…

Update, 8 December 2019

So there are only 3 clear days left.

It seems that the poll yesterday which gave the Cons only a 6-point lead over Labour may have been an outlier, in that other polls released today show a wider gap, 10+ points (Opinium even has 15 points). That does not mean that the outlier was wrong, the consensus right.

In the very important 2019 Peterborough by-election, Brexit Party looked like romping home. The bookmakers also thought so, as did the betting exchanges, which had Brexit Party heavily odds-on. In the end, Labour, aided by the local Muslim vote, won by a few hundred votes. I blogged about the result:

We all know that the opinion polls got other important elections etc wrong in recent years, not least the 2016 EU Referendum.

I watched the first 10 minutes of the Andrew Marr Show, until barrow-boy barrister and now Security Minister Brandon Lewis came on. There are some things too greasy for a Sunday morning after an evening of blini, caviar and vodka!

One thing that surprised me is that Sarah Vine, Daily Mail columnist, was allowed on Marr during the last phase of the election campaign, bearing in mind that she is married to Michael Gove, the pro-Jew expenses cheat and Cabinet minister. She was neutral, or at least seeming to be, in her comments, however. The “Labour” commentator was anti-Corbyn ex-MP Gloria del Piero.

This election is not yet over.

It may be that the consensus is right, the “smart money” right, the talking heads right, and that Boris-idiot and his ZOG Cabinet of Israeli agents, Jewish-lobby drones and careerists will have the victory they have cheated and lied to get. It may be…but it need not be!

I saw the tweet below. A cri de coeur, but one which, though I sympathize with it, fails to note that Labour is not doing what it can to win, because

  • Corbyn insists on “defending” the indefensible, meaning, inter alia, Gypsy and “traveller” thieves and scavengers, and the migration-invasion of Britain generally;
  • Labour is not hitting out hard enough at the Jew-Zionist element which has been undermining Corbyn and Labour for 4 years now!

Also, many voters look at, most obviously, Diane Abbott, and think… “that, as Home Secretary?…” and either stay at home or vote anywhere but Labour!

The fact is that those of any age who do not normally vote, as well as the under-35s and especially under-25s who notoriously fail to vote, and especially those in the 100 most marginal constituencies, could change everything if they got out and voted any way but Conservative.

Seems that the Marr interview with Boris-idiot (last week) left many tweeters unenamoured with Boris…

“Wolfie” is a good tweeter, after all he used to retweet me occasionally! (before the Jew-Zionists had me expelled from Twitter).

The fact is, that if you vote Conservative, in this election particularly, you are “enabling” the sort of wickedness that has gone on since 2010 (yes, Labour started it all, in the Blair-Brown years, but it has become just evil since then); see below:

I was interested to see the dry-as-dust-mannered (but always worth listening to) Professor Sir John Curtice on Marr. When asked as to whether the (forecast) awful weather might impact the Labour vote, he replied in the negative, but added that the forecast weather was anyway just normal horrible December weather! He might have added that he lives in Glasgow!

Gloria del Piero has spent much of the past 4 years undermining Corbyn (and so Labour)! An Italian by origin, proud possessor of a sociology degree from “the University of Central England”, and someone whom even her own party turned down for SpAd and other positions, she somehow managed to become, in time, “Political Editor” of breakfast TV bore GMTV. GMTV staff seem to be or have been pretty poor: I once (at least 20 years ago) met a fat blonde young woman (twenty-something) in a 1st Class compartment of a train from Southampton to Waterloo. She informed me that she was a producer for GMTV, but was miffed when I said that I had never seen it, never getting up that early! She then spoke on her mobile telephone all the way to Waterloo. Very rude. What can one do? I could hardly smash her face in, after all (I suppose).

Returning to the del Piero woman:

At the 2015 general election, De Piero held Ashfield with an increased majority of 8,820.[16][17] However her majority fell to 441 in the 2017 general election.[18] She is a member of Labour Friends of Israel… De Piero married James Robinson in 2012. Robinson was a media correspondent at The Guardian, media editor at The Observer and an employee at PR firm Powerscourt. He is the director of communications for deputy leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson.[35][36][37][38]


Gloria del Piero on Marr talked about how the “Red Wall” of solid Labour seats was ceasing to be solid, or even Labour. I wonder why? Could it be because, under Blair and Brown, MPs with little knowledge of the world or of real work or a profession were drafted in as lobby-fodder MPs? Could it be because many of those MPs were not even really British in terms of origins? Could it be because many of those MPs turned out to be “beggars on horseback”, who despite (in del Piero’s case) having only survived as a child because of State benefits paid to her family, yet turned against the British people and supported cuts to benefits and the Welfare State when in Parliament (as did del Piero in TV interviews around 2010)? Could it be that the voters are angry at MPs who are “Friends of Israel” members?

Del Piero was hated by many of her former constituents. Her majority in 2017 was only 441 (Ashfield in 2005 had a Labour majority of over 10,000 and, several times previously, of over 20,000). She saw the writing on the wall and is not standing for re-election.

On the wider point, I have blogged many times previously about how politics is changing, becoming more nuanced.

I am generally pro-environment (though not pro those idiots in Extinction Rebellion, or that horrible little creature Greta Thunberg), pro-animal welfare etc. Many who oppose me on other matters also care for animals, birds. environment generally. There are new bonds and fissures in the body politic. Many are waking up to the disproportionate money, power and influence of the Jew-Zionist lobby in the UK, which politically is particularly powerful in the “Conservative” Party. Not all are social nationalists, or even in favour of European race and culture. There is a whole range of British and other European people standing contra this malicious tribe.

UK politics has already changed in some ways from what it was even a quarter of a century ago. Look at Scotland and Wales. The heavy industry that characterized those countries or regions has gone, pretty much. The industrial proletariat has gone with it. Labour was set up to represent the “workers”, mostly in industry. That role expanded to include shop workers and others. The trade unions likewise. Now, while post-Marxists [Owen Jones etc] can try to find a “proletariat” in what is either the “lumpenproletariat” or the new (?) “precariat”, these seething masses of scarcely-politically-aware persons are not loyal to any party or ideology.

Communism or radical socialism never caught on in the UK, least of all in England. Social-democracy did. Labour espoused it, but so did the Conservative Party of the 1950s to 1980s, so did the Liberal Party that became the LibDems. The first two at least were mass organizations, with members in the millions. The Conservative Party, at peak in the 1950s, had maybe 5 million members! Now?

The recent “Conservative” Party leadership election showed that the Cons have about 140,000 members. Most are well over retirement age. The Conservative Party is dying just as it looks about to deliver its final sting by winning the 2019 General Election.

When I say “winning”, I mean by getting the largest bloc in the Commons, with or without an actual majority. Further down the line, in perhaps 2022 or 2025, the Conservative moment will have gone. Most of its present members will be deceased, for one thing, and there is no chance that they can be replaced. This is the last hurrah for the Con Party, a fact emphasised also by other indications: former Conservative Party prime ministers urging a vote for Labour or LibDems! Then look at the Cabinet! A ragbag of Jews, Pakistanis, Indians, Israeli agents, all headed by the least plausible Prime Minister for, arguably, a hundred and fifty years, perhaps ever.


The Jew-Zionists are holding a protest against Labour right now in Parliament Square. Their last one attracted only about 100 (but they now claim thousands even for that pathetic little rabble! cf. “holocaust” etc!).

I expect that, however many turn up, they will be photographed as if a sea of angry squawking birds.

Ah, here we are!

Looks like dozens, not hundreds, not thousands. Lots of placards (professionally printed) and flags, but not so many Israeli ones (their true allegiance). Mostly Union Jacks, Saltires etc, to seem more “British”.

[addendum, inserted on 9 December: turns out that the Jews that turned up had been asked specifically not to wave Israeli flags; a few who did had arguments with Zionist security operatives; so I was right…]

See below: Stephen Silverman of South Essex, one of the worst Zionist extremists in the UK, who makes false allegations to the police (and trolled several women on Twitter sadistically; interviewed by police but never charged); see also

  • The idea that 40% of Jews will leave the UK if Labour is “elected” (as majority government, which is not going to happen anyway) is ludicrous, even if a pleasant idea an sich;
  • Who is supposed to want to attack “Jewish communal buildings”? Not me or anyone I know politically. Stray “Islamists”? Stray debtors? God knows. I suspect that there are few, if any, “attackers” around.

Another notorious Zionist, David Collier, is there, claiming a crowd of “thousands”…but credit where due: at least Collier does not claim that many if any non-Jews are there, “supporting” this nuisance, but just “British Jews”…

Here’s the funny thing: the Zionist Jews claim that Labour MPs, members, supporters and voters are willing to “throw the Jews under a bus” in order to get a Labour government or at least deny the Conservatives a Commons majority.

In reality, it is the other way around: the Jews are willing to throw the British people under a bus, in order to spite Corbyn.They” are putting their tribal interests ahead of those of the British people, who would suffer terribly under a Boris-idiot majority government.

What do most Jews care? Only 5% of them vote Labour anyway, and if a Boris-idiot “Conservative” government is terrible (it would/will be), well… most Jews are fairly affluent; not a few are rich or even uber-rich. Even if Corbyn were to take power (he cannot) and is another Lenin, Trotsky, or Hitler (and two of that troika were Jew/part-Jew anyway), and even if Corbyn does all that they (claim to) fear, well… most Jews could emigrate to Israel or the USA. They have the means. They have “community” systems in place to facilitate that.

Here’s another one. He does not claim “thousands”. His video shows, imo, about 300 or maybe 400:

Still, no doubt the infested BBC and Sky News etc will present it as huge on the evening broadcasts, and the “British” Press likewise, tomorrow. Another stone cast at Labour’s election campaign by those “without sin”…

Final thought on the Jewish (Zionist) protest in Parliament Square: it is obviously hundreds not thousands, but to be extra fair, let us pretend that 1,000 Jews are there. The Jewish population in the UK is supposedly 250,000-300,000. Even if only those over 18 are included, that means that only 1 out of every 200-250 attended. In reality, only 1 out of about every 700 bothered to attend. Seems that most Jews, even in the London area, are not so desperately fearful —or even angry…

Back to bigger or wider issues…


It is worth remembering that not only do the main opinion polls have a poor record in spotting political winners (ditto, bookmakers etc) but that several important elections, referenda etc were called wrongly by the polls even on the very day! The Con Party started off as much as 20 points ahead in this election, but as predicted (by me, by some others, by electoral history, by far the better option) narrowed. The Cons may be and indeed are ahead, but by what margin is in fact uncertain. Maybe 10 points, maybe 5. A couple of percent makes the difference between a Con Party Zionist Occupation Government tyranny [ZOG] and a hung Parliament, a better result.

All that matters is that voters in marginal seats especially vote against the Conservative Party. Tactical voting. This is one election where the marginalized, the usual non-voters, the tactical voters, the under 25s, can decide a general election.

“Conservative” candidate?

Here is the “Conservative” candidate for Broxtowe:

So the “Conservative” Party thinks that it is OK to put up candidates who are black, called “Darren”, and who tell (real) British people that, if they and their children are poor and hungry, that they are “unable to budget”, should not even be able to use a foodbank (because they cannot “budget” apparently; the scheiss state of the UK’s economy is all their fault!) and should rely on payday loans? —AKA payday (((loans)))—

The “Conservative” Party is just doomed after this election, whatever happens.

As for Broxtowe, the former seat of “the Member for Plymouth and Angostura”, Anna Soubry, I fully expect it to go Labour on 12 December. Fortunately, the Con vote is weakened (despite also being helped by Farage’s stupid withdrawal of the Brexit Party candidate) by Anna Soubry fighting as “TIG–Change UK”, she helped by withdrawal of the LibDems. Labour came close to winning last time and should be able to get over the line this time:

Jews are squabbling

The Jews are squabbling about the Parliament Square protest. I still think, looking at the photos on Twitter, that about 500 were there, but liars like Silverman are claiming that 3,000 were there! Nonsense. The photographs show that there were hundreds, not thousands. However, even on their own figures, the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” Jews are only claiming that 1 out of every 100 Jews in the UK attended.

The more established Jewish lobby, such as the Board of Deputies, did not support that pathetic CAA gathering. The different cabals are evidently disunited.

The fundamental immediate issues in this election are mass immigration, Brexit, NHS, transport, pay, benefits, housing, law and order (in no particular order).

I have no confidence in Boris-idiot and his alien ZOG Cabinet. They cannot rule properly or effectively.

Only 10 minutes to the end of the day. Is Britain also coming to the end, as a decent country?

Update, 9 December 2019

Two clear days left

Brexit Party still pretending to be part of the election. I have already blogged at length about how Farage’s poor strategy, and in particular his senseless decision to stand down all 317 Brexit Party candidates in Con-held seats, has killed his party and probably his own political career. Seems that the Guardian agrees with me:

Farage now plans a new party, but who would trust him after his recent actions?

BBC overview of election

This is Conservative Party Britain…


Jo Swinson hinted that the Lib Dems could enter into coalition with Labour if Jeremy Corbyn ceases to be the party’s leader” [Evening Standard]

Turn that around. If Jo Swinson were no longer LibDem leader, the LibDems might be free to enter a pact with Labour. Jo Swinson is unlikely to survive (politically) the election. She will almost certainly be replaced. Corbyn? I think that he is there unless  Labour goes down far worse than I, anyway, think will happen.

A Jew tweets

The tweet below from the Zionist liar Silverman made me laugh.

Well, I can answer that one!


BqhtYX6IcAA_3Lk.jpg large













B1w4qjTCcAAG28d.jpg large







[immediately above, Ursula Haverbeck, when a beautiful girl in the early 1940s; now an old lady of 91, she has been imprisoned for speaking the truth in Merkel’s Germany, a state taken over and ruled by ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government)]

Ah, well, back to the mediocrity (and worse) of today…

LibDems: Jo Swinson says that she will not resign as LibDem leader even if the LibDems lose seats. Well, I am expecting the LibDems to end up with fewer than 10 MPs. I may be out by a few; we shall see. In any event, it does highlight Jo Swinson’s careerism. She will do anything for a ministerial portolio, even a junior one (like the one she accepted from the Conservative 2010-2015 regime, the “Con Coalition”).

This, from Corbyn/Labour activist Louise Raw (who is in fact not so friendly to me), made me laugh:

There you have it: Jo Swinson “puts no limits on her ambitions”. From the horse’s mouth (or the horsey mouth, if you prefer). Jo Swinson will do anything to “get ahead”, including doormatting for the Conservatives. She says that she will not cooperate with Corbyn, though. I suppose that she wants to keep in with the Jewish lobby.

As for “Chukup”, he and Swinson battling for “leadership” of the pathetic LibDem rabble might be called “the clash of the careerists”, but it is farcical: they will probably both lose their seats anyway, Chukup having had to abandon his Streatham seat and now trying to get elected for the Cities of Westminster and London constituency. Unlikely. The Con candidate last time (Mark Field, not standing this time) won with about 46% of the vote, four times and more that of the LibDem.

Labour: a journalist assesses Corbyn’s persona and personal appeal

A reminder that this General Election is not a game, to be played for and points scored before the players return to Eton for tea and cake (or, if Guards officers, to the Mess for port and plum cake); this election affects real people, enduring, suffering, wanting a better life:

This could be big:

Many voters vote according to their perception of the leaders of the main parties. Corbyn‘s rating has, until now, been far below that of Boris Johnson, at one point Johnson 45% and Corbyn about 15%. Now there is little to choose between them, if this poll is accurate. It could be the breakthrough that Labour has been trying to find. A straw in the wind, to be sure, but it could be very significant, though Labour as a party was still (as of yesterday or Saturday) still several/many points behind the Conservatives.

Surely, even in a country as politically-illiterate as the UK, the people do not want to be ruled by this pipsqueak little would-be tyrant?

Now, Arlene Foster of the DUP brands Boris-idiot a liar…

If Boris-idiot and his people cannot get a majority this time, they will whistle without result for DUP help! People have long memories over there…

97 thoughts on “General Election 2019 Daily Updated Blog (no.8)”

  1. So, we have a PM who lies to the Head of State and who can’t even be honest about how many kids he has fathered and yet many morons will vote for this foul and “nasty piece of work” as journalist Eddie Mair described him as. We are meant to trust this scumbag with not flogging-off the NHS to US firms during what will be a wholly one-sided trade deal, trust him with cutting crime and with our defences and foreign policies etc.🙄 Boris is WHOLLY UNTRUSTWORTHY and lies so much I doubt very much whether he has any concept of the truth. Apparently, even his own family calls him ‘Pinocchio’ at home!🙄

    The Daily Tory Moron needs to be prosecuted for doing that as it is a clear case of intimidation of election candidates during the campaign period.

    Say a firm NO to Boris ‘Pinocchio’ Johnson and his Clown Party by voting tactically for whatever candidate is best-placed to beat the CON Party one. The voters of Uxbridge and South Ruislip have a special responsibility here and they should vote for Ali Milani. The whole country will be watching what they do in particular.


    1. Electoral law was something I never encountered in Bar practice, but when I read what the Mail has published I genuinely thought that the Mail might have broken the law. One week before a General Election, the Mail wants millions of readers to email *one* political party’s candidates, not even to criticize them but to tell them to withdraw?! If that is not unlawful, it may be that the law needs amendment.


  2. I have been looking at the website of one of the prime Israeli newspapers during this campaign and virtually everyday there has been an article that is highly critical of Corbyn and Labour! It should be clear by now that the choice of Zionist Jew extremists in Britain, elsewhere in the world and in Israel ie Zionism’s base and homeland is Boris ‘Pinnochio’ Johnson. I think British gentiles should be concerned that Johnson is the candidate Israel wants in No.10 even though this election should not concern a foreign country.🙄😡🤬 Why is Israel so in favour of Johnson? Do they think Britain would join them in a possible war with Iran whereas Corbyn might well refuse to join such a war?🙄


    1. I think that the answer is simple. Israel wants the UK PM to be pro-Israel. There are only two main parties, parties likely to form a majority or minority government.

      One has a pro-Israel (and part-Jew) leader, Johnson (even though Shai Masot, the Israeli intelligence officer —-a pretty inept one, from what was exposed— called Boris “an idiot”; but he also said that “Boris is solid on Israel”). The other party has Corbyn, rumoured also to be vaguely part-Jew, but anti-Israel. No contest…


      1. We have hundreds of political parties registered with the Electoral Commission yet JUST TWO of them are able to have decent numbers of MP’s thanks to the undemocratic First Past The Post voting system which WASTES ie in the sense of those votes totally failing to elect MPs AROUND 50% OF ALL VOTES PUT INTO THE SYSTEM. This ISN’T just an occasional eventuality it happens AT EVERY ELECTION!

        First Past The Post HAS TO GO and is a good enough reason by itself not to vote for the CON PARTY which remains dedicated 100% to this archaic system.

        If we had Proportional Representation the effective lobbying of the two main parties by alien foreign interests would be much less worth their while!


  3. Too right, Michael Rosen! There SHOULD be a statue of Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley somewhere in this country and preferably in central London! How about Westminster or Trafalgar Square? After all, Sir Oswald Mosley was one of the greatest Englishmen in history and one of Winchester College’s best ‘old boys’.Perhaps if more Britons had listened to him in the 1930’s we wouldn’t be having general elections now being overshadowed by the paranoid concerns of a tiny ethnic minority and be in a far better state as a country?🙄


      1. Having said the paranoid concerns of a tiny ethnic minority I should correct myself to saying something more accurate ie the paranoid concerns of Jew Zionist extremist fanatics who use their imagined ‘anti-semitism’ bleatings to deflect from their sinister aim of trying to ensure gentile politicians etc bend to their ambitions and wants and if they defy them they then accuse that gentile politician of being an ‘anti-semite’ so, in reality, this issue is really about the manufactured and self-serving paranoid accusations of Jew Zionist zealots NOT all Jews.


      2. Let it be soon! Having a statue of the best PM Britain never had would wind-up the moron loony-left PC globalist brigade we are unfortunately afflicted with in this country and give Jew Zionist zealots something to REALLY moan about! It is just a shame such a statue could not be unveiled by Sir Oswald’s beautiful and classy ex-wife Lady Diana Mosley who is, sadly, not with us now.😞☹️


  4. So the so-called Conservative and Unionist Party effectively proposes to begin the United Kingdom’s break-up as that 15 page leaked Treasury analysis proves. Really, what true ‘traditional’ Tory could vote for that or for Boris The Buffoon to continue as PM?


      1. If they did do that they would be well within their rights! Boris-Idiot and the CONS accuse Jeremy Corbyn of being an IRA sympathiser yet who wants to give Sinn Fein it’s biggest-ever early Christmas present? Boris-Idiot and the CONS with their botched Brexit deal!🙄🙄🙄

        Mind you, the DUP were mightily stupid to trust Boris to tell the truth and not double cross them as he has! Hopefully enough people on the mainland will realise Boris is not to be trusted and vote accordingly including by tactical tactics next Thursday so we don’t wake-up to the nightmare of Boris-Idiot having a majority.😡🤬😞


      2. I have no idea whether the tide has turned in time. Labour is on the defensive and, anyway, I would not want a majority Labour government. However, I do want a block applied to Boris-idiot and his cronies.

        John Major has now asked anyone willing to listen to vote tactically *against* the Conservatives! That must be a first since the Cons emerged in the 1830s!

        It may be that, in the probably pathetic “debate” this evening, Corbyn will be able to score against Boris-idiot. I hope that he does. How much depends on that, don’t know. What matters are the few extracts shown on TV news.

        I see that Lab are now (in one poll so far) gaining on the Cons and are only about 5 or 6 points behind.

        Boris being too cowardly to be interviewed properly may have wounded him. Courage is the Queen of Virtues, after all. A PM without moral courage (and, in Boris’s case, physical as well, I suspect, looking at his panicked reaction after the London riots when he was Mayor) is no PM for the UK, even today.


  5. So these Zionist Jew extremist fanatics are planning to hold a protest outside the House of Commons on Sunday, are they? Well, I hope no one listens to them because their endless whining about so-called ‘anti-semitism’ is getting just a bit annoying now. If Britain has as much ‘anti-semitism’ going around as these zealots claim why haven’t they upped sticks and moved to Israel yet? At least they have a defined national homeland whereas as a gentile Briton I would be accused of being ‘racist’ by them and Labour/CONservative and the Liberal Democrat parties for wanting one for my people!🙄😡🤬


  6. Labour can’t win an overall majority and rightly so in many respects. That being the case tactical voting by enough people CAN be done without the risk of Corbyn being PM so people should just vote for the candidate in their own constituency who has the best chance of kicking out a Tory MP or preventing one from winning. Boris-Idiot with an overall majority would be a nightmare!🤬😡😞☹️

    A hung parliament is what we want for Christmas! Or, as it should be called: a BALANCED parliament where NO party EFFECTIVELY STEALS a FAKE ‘victory’ gifted to them by the workings of our overly crude electoral system.


  7. Better to have no Brexit than a botched one that puts into peril the unity of the United Kingdom. Better to have no Brexit and then try again sometime WITHOUT the useless CON Party poisoning and wrecking an idea that isn’t unreasonable or wacky.


      1. Exactly and no doubt intended by them to discredit the idea of ever leaving the EU once and for all which is now what will probably happen. Mind you, Enoch Powell apparently once said that of we didn’t leave the Common Market by 1983 we would continue to go ever deeper into its embrace and would find it increasingly difficult to extricate ourselves from it.


  8. The fact that Johnson runs away from numerous interviews tells you all you need to know. Put simply, he is afraid his untrustworthiness and basic unfitness to be PM will be exposed even to the many simpletons who inhabit this land. Far too many people are stupid enough to fall for his undoubtably good posh Benny Hill routine and bluster.


    1. Exactly. The joke being that Boris is only about 10% British however you look at it. Once the Eton and Oxford veneer is chipped at, there is nothing inside, least of all an intelligent or courageous leader.


      1. Indeed. Having Eton College on your CV has a cachet to it but as far as PMs go that school hasn’t had a good record for quite a few decades now and it costs £42,000 a year to send a boy there! To be honest, I really do think for that price it needs to up its game or offer refunds!


  9. Boris-Idiot is seen as ‘likeable’ because he is a buffoon and makes many people laugh like a clown entertaining small children in a circus whereas other politicians are seen as unlikeable because they are normal politicians and therefore serious people. It is that simple with the people who like him.


    1. I wonder whether this popularity Boris-idiot seems to have with at least part of the population is part of the infantilism that has taken hold over recent decades?

      Flowers tied to motorway bridges or trees near to where drunken or drugged teens have crashed their cars, TV talent shows where pathos means votes and applause, the “everyone gets A-grades” syndrome (because “they have worked so hard”…) etc.


  10. I would say that is undoubtedly the case. Educational standards and the quality of what was once, justifiably, called the best tv in the world has been falling for decades now hence Boris-Idiot/Buffoon’s popularity with the more unthinking plebs.

    We are making progress with reducing the size of the predicted CON/Clown Party majority but not quite at the promised land yet:

    Some carefully considered tactical voting should do the trick!😀👌


  11. It isn’t surprising the CONS have closed down so many public libraries as it wouldn’t be good for them to have an electorate with their heads stuck in a book learning about British history or developing the dangerous idea that Britain is a nation and not merely a large business park as is the ‘modern’ Tory viewpoint.

    Far better to have an electorate distracted from thinking about the horrendous fate of this nation in the future by their watching mindless crap on tv such as ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ etc. A dumbed-down electorate is more likely to be easily manipulated into thinking Boris-Idiot/Coco The Clown is a worthy occupant of No.10!🙄🤬😡😞☹️


    1. Yes. Disgrace. Children still use libraries a lot and adults too. Many libraries have other facilities, such as —though often outdated— computer/Internet access; also public information etc. Like other public or semi-public landmarks (post offices, sub-post offices, churches, pubs, citizen’s advice centres, police stations) libraries aid social cohesion.


    1. I agree totally. Libraries are important not just for children who need them but for adults too, particularly older people many of whom are sadly lonely and who may have bad eyesight and can’t see tv well but can get enjoyment and feeling less sad and isolated out of reading a large print book. My grandmother often read those.

      Also, children in the past and this may still be the case need to use libraries and the books in them to complete coursework to a decent standard as well as use the internet access etc.

      I’m a member of my local library.


  12. We in Brentwood are lucky though that we still have some libraries though their hours have been reduced. Our dedicated 1930’s police station has been shut though by the ‘party of law and order’ and ever sneering Priti Patel’s PC Stazi/PC Gestapo officers inside shoved inside a small part of our council offices.🙄


  13. Looks like even the relatively decent parts of London that are left like Knightsbridge are beginning to suffer from the failure of the ‘party of law and order’ to get a grip on lawlessness!: look in the Daily Mirror on its crime section and you will see a man got stabbed to death in the week by muggers wanting to relieve a man of his Rolex watch!☹️🤬😡😞 This happened JUST OUTSIDE of the world famous ‘top people’s store’ ie Harrods!


    1. I once had Rolexes (now long gone…sold by necessity). I went to Kazakhstan with one (for a whole year), travelled by Underground fairly frequently with one on my wrist (including poorer parts of London). Now I suppose that I should be wary of doing so (hypothetical for me though…I don’t wear any watch now).


  14. If the Royal Family have a Jewish element to them it must be quite a long way back in history. I don’t think the Queen Mother was of any Jewish descent at all since she was known to be a bit of a ‘anti-Semite’ (not that that description doesn’t cover virtually all gentiles in Britain because of its very, very elastic definition) as were many ladies of her aristocratic background and age group.

    As for the Royal Mulatto, I don’t spend any time thinking about her. All I will say is that the Yank lacks any real class and Harry is an utter fool to mary her. As a prince of one of the last significant Royal Families left on the planet he could have chosen virtually any lady in the world so he has come up short with the actress.

    Prince Phillip had it correct when he reportedly said,” one goes out with an actress, one doesn’t marry them.” He has always had a good way with words, hasn’t he?😂😀😎👌


    1. “Goes out”, you mean? Ha.

      I believe that Prince Albert was half-Jew, though you will not find that on any official family tree…Some of the present and recent royals look or looked very Jewish. Lord Snowdon used to snarl at Margaret that she looked like an old Jewess. Their son, Linley, also looks (or used to) very Semitic. Once there was a photo of Charles visiting a synagogue, wearing a skullcap, a “yarmulka” I believe is the term. A young rabbi was there. They looked like twins.


  15. Yes, I agree about that ad. Labour would prefer whites didn’t exist in this country. The ‘modern’ Tories are of a similar opinion as well though they still tend to hide that viewpoint unlike Labour who are honest in this respect. Under the globalist CON Party we will never have an ethnic Briton as Home Secretary ever again! Sadly, we are now forever dammed to suffer the misrule of ‘let ‘em all in’ US Republican libertarian sneering drones like Priti Patel and Sajid Javid.

    If you want an Englishman, Welshman, Scotsman etc as Home Secretary you now have to vote Liberal Democrat!🙄


  16. A six point lead! GOOD! We are making progress at long last! That is now within the range of a hung parliament again or thereabouts! Hopefully, with a bit of judicious tactical voting BY THE FEW WHO HAVE A VALUABLE VOTE ie those who live in the ‘marginal’ seats we can prevent the CONS from ‘winning’ under our decrepit and plainly unfit for purpose electoral system.

    The truth is neither the CONS or Labour deserve to have a majority.


  17. It is a sad indictment of the many who suffer from political illiteracy in this country that Boris-Idiot and the CON Party are called ‘racists’. Would a ‘racist’ PM and party fail to take any effective actions OVER NINE YEARS to get a real grip on immigration ie by significantly tightening controls and DEPORTING the ONE MILLION PLUS ILlEGALS we have in this country? Are the CONS having planes full of illegal immigrants taking-off from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Birmingham twenty four hours a day and seven days a week?No, they are not. The CONS have been pandering to globalist Guardian readers not ‘Right-wing people!


      1. I hope people listen to that THEN consider the CON Party’s diabolical RECORD on immigration control over their NINE YEARS IN OFFICE.


  18. Iain Dunce-Smith: a perfect illustration of all that is wrong with the ‘modern’ Conservative Party. Undoubtedly, he is one of the ‘nasty party’’s prime bastards so where did they put him? In a government department where it would be wise and productive to show some degree of empathy, humility, understanding etc to your fellow human beings ie the Department of Work and Pensions! If he did have any competence and I don’t think he did but, for the sake of argument, supposing he had then being a ‘bastard’ and firmly on the nastier end of the ‘nasty party’s spectrum he should have been the Home Secretary in order to deal harshly with the criminal fraternity and the subject of immigration.


    1. Yes, a repeat of Kristallnacht is not necessary just a reduction of the too often malicious and disproportionate influence of organised Jewry ie Jew Zionist extremists.

      Just as we condemn Islamist extremists we should also condemn Jew Zionist extremism as well. Neither group should get a free pass.


  19. It is too late now but Labour should have taken-on the Jew Zionist extremist element we have embedded in the media in this country.There are many unthinking gentile morons in this country who will vote for Boris-Idiot and the CON Party because they think Jeremy Corbyn and Labour would launch a new Kristallnacht as soon as they got into office.🙄🙄🙄

    Your choice, British gentile punters, believe the evil LIES of Jew Zionist extremist, selfish and self-serving ultra-rich wankers like Alan Sugar and company and vote CON Party thus enabling REAL EVIL like in that Stavros tweet above or don’t believe these disgusting lies and vote to stop Boris-Idiot by voting Labour, Lib Dem, SNP where they can beat a CON Party candidate.


    1. Exactly. Corbyn is not going to unleash Kristallnacht on the Jews. It’s nonsense. Come to that, even I myself would not unleash pogroms against the Jews. I *might* well, given power, chop away some of the disproportionate money, power and influence that the Jews exhibit in this country. Their whining and (when they have the whip hand) snarling, is becoming ineffective. People are waking up.


      1. I really hope that their constant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whining and whinging is beginning to piss-off your average British gentile and they will NOT do what these Zionist extremists want which is to vote for the Jew Zionist riddled CON Party and give Boris-Idiot his majority.

        I bet half-way decent TRUE Tory ex PM’s like Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain would be utterly appalled if they were alive today at how riddled with Zionist extremists the CON Party is. NEITHER Baldwin or Chamberlain would have approved of the CON Party shamefully smearing the Labour Party in this way or attempting to use an entire election campaign to ignore real issues of concern such as homelessness, the breakdown of law and order, the education system, the economy etc and overshadowing it with the special pleadings of Zionist extremist zealots. Baldwin and Chamberlain would have kicked these people out of the Conservative Party NOT got down into the gutter with them!


      2. Well, if you disregard 140,000 members, mostly very elderly, the Con Party is really a facade kept standing by City of London Jew and other hedge funds etc.


  20. In other words, Labour supporters in seats such as St. Ives,Cheltenham, Esher and Walton (Dominic Raab’s seat), Cheadle, St. Albans, Devon North must vote Liberal Democrat whilst Liberal Democrat voters should use their vote tactically and vote Labour in Chingford and Woodford Green (evil Iain Dunce-Smith’s seat), Pudsey, Hastings and Rye, Uxbridge and South Ruislip (the chief clown’s seat), SNP in Stirling, Ochil and South Perthshire etc


  21. Lib Dem voters can help Labour’s Simon Letts take out the Tory MP Royston Smith in their most marginal seat of Southampton Itchen which they hold by just 31 votes.


  22. Actual quote from Neville Chamberlain to his sister in a letter to her about Hitler’s regime and its attitudes to the Jews, “No doubt Jews aren’t a lovable people; I don’t care about them myself; but that is not sufficient to explain the Pogrom”


    1. Kristallnacht was a spontaneous anger against Jews who had exploited the German people certainly since 1918. SA units in some areas joined in, Goebbels approved. Hitler himself was taken by surprise, saying “they’ll blame me for this!” (as they did…). Not many know that, in 1938, *5-6 years after National Socialism came to government*, Jews still owned most of the commercial property in Germany! One example…


      1. Most of what is called ‘anti-semitism’ is a reaction by gentiles against Jews who behave badly. Jews have been expelled from a grand total of 109 countries in world history including even England at one point in time so is this all unthinking ‘anti-Semitic hatred on the part of gentiles?


      2. If the Jew Zionist extremists were acting in Germany like they are now in Britain I’m not surprised they antagonised the German people so much they got tired of it eventually and elected Hitler.


      3. When the German economy collapsed after WW1, Jews came with hard currency from USA, UK, France etc and basically *stole Germany*. Art works, factories, real property. Same thing happened in Russia and CIS states after 1991. “They” stole everything, “legally”…


    2. “No doubt Jews aren’t a lovable people; I don’t care about them myself” A true Tory PM and party leader speaks!😃😎👌😁 My, how the once mighty Conservative and Unionist Party has fallen from his days to now where they come across as tenth rate rich man’s Liberal Democrats! The descent into the left-Liberal globalist swamp and gutter sadly continues!😡🤬☹️😞


  23. For all the smears directed by the Jew Zionist extremist element and their gentile doormats towards the Labour Party under Corbyn, here is the Conservative Party’s record on the subject of what is very, very loosely defined as ‘antisemitism’: _in_the_UK_Conservative_Party

    Note, British gentiles, most of that is defensive ‘anti-semitism’ and a reaction against Jew Zionist extremism/Jewish supremacism.


      1. Indeed. A wish on the part of patriotic British gentiles to reduce often bad Jew Zionist influence in society should not be misinterpreted as ‘anti-semitism’ it is simply a desire to put gentiles first just as, naturally enough, Jews in Israel would expect to be able to put their interests first in that country.


  24. Those voters who live in the minority of seats that could change hands ie the ‘marginals’ and those which have, during this election, become so ie Dominic Raab’s seat of Esher and Walton have a responsibility to get out there on Thursday and BLOCK an overall majority for Boris ‘Pinnochio’ Johnson and his wretched, cruel and evil misfits in government as that tweet above on the the atrocious treatment of the vulnerable under the DWP’s reign of terror demonstrates.

    You can do that by voting for the Labour candidate in most seats BUT ALSO for the LIb Dems in seats like St Ives, Cheltenham, Richmond Park, Cheadle, Hazel Grove, Guildford, Lewes, Esher and Walton OR in Scotland voting for the SNP in Banff and Buchan, Stirling, Moray, Ochil and South Perthshire.

    Oh, for those ever wearisome Zionist fanatic Jews in Parliament Square whinging about practically non-existent ‘anti-semitism’ here is a website you might find useful so you can escape from us wicked gentiles and Jeremy Corbyn: and irrelevant issues like the DWP hounding people sonthey commit suicide:

    Bon Voyage as those evil and inherently ‘anti-semitic’ French gentiles across the Channel would say!

    Steve Silverman, what are you waiting for?🙄


  25. Yes, the CON Party is propped-up by Jew money in the City of London. Without that there’s would be little left of it as you say. Sadly, those very elderly CON Party members need to be told the Conservative Party isn’t the same as it was in the 1930’s when it was led by titans like Baldwin and Chamberlain and COULD be described as a patriotic and pro-British party which had relatively little Jew Zionist extremist influence within it.

    Even in the 1980’s when Jew Zionist extremist elements became increasingly powerful under Mrs Thatcher and her LIBERTARIAN philosophy the Tory Party still had over a million members.


  26. Jew Zionist extremists like Steve Silverman accuse Jeremy Corbyn and Labour over ‘anti-semitism’ not because either Jeremy or his party is genuinely ‘anti-semitic’ but because if Jeremy was PM he wouldn’t automatically and unthinkingly do what Jew Zionist extremists want him to do. In short, he would diminish Jew privileges in this country a little bit hence he is an ‘anti-semite’.


  27. When are we going to have the media reports on Jew Zionist extremist ‘anti-Gentilsim’? I am waiting with baited breath!


    1. Quite. Oh, and while the Jews or at least a few hundred of them were preparing to protest in London against any possible removal of some of their “ancient” tribal privileges, a n***** “Conservative” called “Darren Henry” (a *Conservative* candidate called “Darren”, as well as the other?!) was saying this:


  28. Good English sounding name there! A good tactic on the part of the local CON Party to have a candidate with that name so as to lull any unsuspecting voters into believing they are standing an Englishman as a candidate!

    Words fail me watching the descent of the Conservative and Unionist Party from making scurrilous allegations of so-called ‘anti-semitism’ against Labour and Jeremy Corbyn on behalf of paranoid Jew Zionist extremists to having candidates like that lecturing poor Britons that their poverty is their own fault.😡🤬

    Let us hope Labour win that seat!


  29. Just when you thought the open borders supporting globalists of the fake and non socially conservative CON Party couldn’t get any lower they mange to do just that!


  30. It is bad enough to be a poor Briton lectured to by a British Tory but that is just taking the piss by the CON Party!😡🤬


  31. If only you could explicitly vote for a hung parliament because this shambles of a government certainly doesn’t deserve to get an overall majority. They ignore vital issues such as the continual mass immigration under them by trying to palm people off with their deeply patronising points mean prizes bollocks ie contemptuously dismissing the NUMBERS aspect of the problem, the collapse of law and order and not just in that foreign dump called London, the NHS as proved by that shocking picture of the English four year old kid with suspected pneumonia on the floor, the cruel hounding of vulnerable people by the DWP etc, etc

    We can only hope those people lucky enough to be able to cast a valuable vote ie those who live in the one hundred or so marginal seats choose wisely on Thursday. Meanwhile, people like me get a vote which has effectively no value to it since we live in ultra-safe Tory seats.😡🤬


  32. Why would anyone who was not a congenital idiot give a new party started by Farage any credence? After all, wasn’t the Brexit ‘party’ meant to have ‘changed politics for good’? Of course, one way you do that is NOT by unilaterally giving your supposed political opponents in the CON Party a free pass in their seats!🙄🙄🙄

    Nigel should retire and spend his days dribbling over numerous pints in the corner of one of those Weatherspoons pubs he frequents too much!


    1. True. On the other hand, many will vote Boris-idiot, despite it being surely obvious to all that the bastard is not just a normal political liar but a pathological liar and case.


  33. Yes, Boris-Idiot isn’t just a normal liar in politics but a true pathological one so that is one good reason all by uitselfche shouldn’t be given an overall majority.

    Steven Silverman in your above piece providing the perfect evidence for Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley’s view of some Jews ie the Zionist extremist/Jewish supremacist ones acting far too often as a “nation within a nation”. He needs to realise the goyim worry about poor NHS hospital services, the hounding of vulnerable people by the DWP, the breakdown of law and order, mass continual immigration, housing, poor pay at work, etc, etc NOT whether his tiny ethnic minority can retain some of their privileges under Corbyn as PM which isn’t going to happen anyway.

    Ha, ha, all Corbyn has to do is add the national to the socialism and bingo we get a national socialist party!

    Mind you, I think der Fuhrer described his form of socialism very differently to how Corbyn would describe his. Perhaps, you can put the quote of his where he explains it up on here?


    1. Hitler’s formulation of “socialism” was not meant to be a pseudo-scientific “definition” in the manner of Marx and indeed Stalin, who (acc. to Krushchev) ended a Presidium/Politburo discussion of that by saying that “Socialism is wherever the Red Army stops its trucks!”…

      Hitler had an organic view of society.

      “Why,” I asked Hitler, “do you call yourself a National Socialist, since your party programme is the very antithesis of that commonly accredited to socialism?”

      “Socialism,” he retorted, putting down his cup of tea, pugnaciously, “is the science of dealing with the common weal. Communism is not Socialism. Marxism is not Socialism. The Marxians have stolen the term and confused its meaning. I shall take Socialism away from the Socialists.

      “Socialism is an ancient Aryan, Germanic institution. Our German ancestors held certain lands in common. They cultivated the idea of the common weal. Marxism has no right to disguise itself as socialism. Socialism, unlike Marxism, does not repudiate private property. Unlike Marxism, it involves no negation of personality, and unlike Marxism, it is patriotic.

      “We might have called ourselves the Liberal Party. We chose to call ourselves the National Socialists. We are not internationalists. Our socialism is national. We demand the fulfilment of the just claims of the productive classes by the state on the basis of race solidarity. To us state and race are one.”


  34. I think Jo Swinson will retain her seat unless Tory voters there do their own form of tactical voting (after all, due to our utterly primitive electoral system god knows how many people will be doing that on a Thursday so why can’t Tories join in the fun?) and vote SNP to boot her out but that is unlikely seeing as Tory voters in Scotland tend to be strong unionists so they would probably be very reticent at voting SNP.

    As for Chuka Umunna winning the Cities of London and Westminster seat I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility entirely since the Borough of Westminster did have one of the highest Remain votes in the referendum and demographically-speaking pro-Remain Tories in places like Belgravia and Mayfair are surely more likely to vote Lib Dem than for the Labour candidate. That being said, Chuka wasn’t a wise choice for the Lib Dem candidate so that might damage the possible Lib Dem vote since if he were elected as a Lib Dem he might well decide to up sticks (once again) by joining the Tory Party this time! 🙄

    I am sure the Liberal Democrats could have fielded a better candidate. Indeed, that Labour-supporting doctor above could have made for an ideal Lib Dem candidate for the Cities if London and Westminster seat.


  35. The nearby seat of Kensington (the most marginal seat in England or Wales) was won by Labour for the first time ever by the tiny margin of just 20 votes in 2017. I presume pro-Remain Tories in that seat voted Labour because I can’t see how it would have elected a Labour candidate otherwise. After all, that seat contains Harrods and streets like ‘Billionaires Row’ ie Kensington Palace Gardens! Demographically-speaking the Cities of London and Westminster seat also has well-to-do areas like Mayfair and Belgravia so in normal times it should be fairly reliably Tory as you would expect the most central London seat to be but we are not in ‘normal’ politics times! It has been Tory since 1950 but the Tory share of the vote isn’t as good as it used to be and the seat has low turnouts (unusually for a Conservative Party-held constituency) so an upset can’t be ruled-out.


    1. I hear what you say but doubt that “Chukup” Umunna will impress the voters there, especially after his having defected Lab>Change UK>LibDem. Labour usual voters will not vote for him after that, so that’s half the electorate gone anyway.


      1. First Past The Post has many systemic flaws. Indeed, it is a close run thing between this system and the one we had that referendum on in 2011 ie the Alternative Vote as to which is the world’s most flawed electoral system but one pluspoint about it is you can vote against a party’s candidate or an MP if you think that candidate/MP is no good in some way since the system is entirely candidate-centred. Chuka isn’t a good candidate for the Liberal Democrats in that, as you say, he does have a tendency to switch parties with regularity. Even taking just their candidates for London’s constituencies into account, I am sure the Lib Democrats could have found a better candidate to represent them.


      2. Indeed.

        It could all have been so different for the LibDems.
        What they lack now is
        1.A leader who is not a Cameroon-type Con-lite;
        2. A strong independent party identity.

        I thought, in 2012 or 2013 that the LibDems were running out of road. Then, over the past year, they seemed to be coming back, as Remain Central. Now, it could just be the end or near the end for them.


      3. btw, the latest polling for the Kensington seat:

        Only 39% at present intend to vote Con, but the Con candidate is still well ahead of LibDems and Labour taken separately. Together, LibDems and Labour have 56%! What a ridiculous system…

        Really, to exclude the Con, either LibDem or Labour voters have to vote tactically. So far, seems unlikely that either will, if only because both are on just under 30%.


  36. Jo Swinson should have kept-out of this manufactured ‘anti-semitism’ row and kept her party’s dignity. After all, I doubt whether her party gets much in the way of Jew Zionist extremist funding like the CON Party does. Mind you, her party does have Jewish MPs like Luciana Berger and candidates so it could have been difficult to not intervene entirely.

    However, what she has said in regard to working with Labour does have some electoral sense to it since virtually all prospects for Lib Dem gains are in Tory-held constituencies.


    1. Of course, were it not for “main party pride”, Labour could withdraw from all those constituencies where Lab has no realistic chance but the LibDems do, thus killing off about 30 Con MPs.

      They will not do that only because of the thing that “we must fight every seat because national parties fight every seat”… (Cons the same).


  37. Yes, that poll on who people would like to see as PM could be the breakthrough Labour is looking very for. Leaders are often said to drag down their parties and that has probably been the case with Labour.

    Looks like, contrary to the views of Jew Zionist extremists, a disturbingly large number of gentiles don’t see Corbyn as Hitler 2!🙄😂😀🤣


    1. As I blogged, Corbyn “won” (imo) that TV debate with Boris purely by being mediocre/ordinary and by *not* looking or sounding like a combination of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin (or the Goat of Mendes, complete with horns).


  38. So, Arlene Foster and presumably her party as a whole have finally woken-up to how Boris-Idiot and the European Research Group ie the ‘party within a party’ works! That took them far too long to realise!

    Yes, it looks like if the Tories fail to get an overall majority then the DUP will be far more reluctant to work with them than they did before. Loyal Ulstermen and women DO have long memories!

    As a party, the DUP are the most socially conservative elected one left in the United Kingdom but they are also more orientated towards the working class than the Ulster Unionist Party is so co-operating with Labour is not as impossible a scenario as many would say it is.


  39. Ha, ha, I like your reply to Steve Silverman‘s tweet! The Germans look to be a happy and contented people in those pictures. I believe former Liberal PM David Lloyd George visited Germany in the 1930’s and commented to that effect. I bet Der Fuhrer had immigration under control and lawlessness as well. It seems to me we in Britain will have to elect a British Hitler before a British government seriously tackles those two issues as the Tories aren’t all that bothered nd the other two certainly are not!🙄


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