Diary Blog, 25 December 2019

The New Testament enjoins us to remember those in prison, and that must be true even more so on Christmas Day, so I recall to mind the case of a lady called Amy Dalla Mura:



The magistrate, Emma Arbuthnot, who sentenced the lady who shouted “traitor” at heavy-drinking MP (now ex-MP) Anna Soubry, is married to a former Conservative Party MP who is now a mediocre “peer” in the House of Lords. He is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel. They have both been on “freebie” trips to Israel.

Emma Arbuthnot was also the magistrate who initially sat on the Alison Chabloz free speech case but then was forced to recuse herself when her links to Israel were discovered by Alison Chabloz and her defence team.

The links above discuss the Amy Dalla Mura case in more detail. For me it is one more example of how fallen are the once-proud free speech rights of people in the UK.

There is also the point that the prison sentence imposed, 28 days (half to be served, minus days of trial, so probably about 10 or 11 days in the event) was not the entire sentence.

She will serve half the 28 day prison sentence and then be released under a year-long probation review.” [Daily Mail]

This is the “iron fist in the velvet glove” face of political repression today. Alison Chabloz and Jez Turner were also made subject to it. Long periods of “probation” involving what amounts to political monitoring.

Anyway, there it is. Amy Dalla Mura, who (as far as I know) is sitting in prison today and probably tomorrow as well. So much for living in a “free country”.

At least that disgusting drunken creature, Anna Soubry, lost her Broxtowe seat at the recent General Election. Henceforth, she will be a political nullity and can crawl into a vat of gin (and stay there). Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 25 December 2019”

  1. I hope you are having a happy Christmas Day, Ian, and your relatives are as well.👌😀 Yes, we should remember those in prison even though I am, as you know😂😃🤣😁😎 not too sympathetic a person towards the criminal fraternity. Thinking about those inside should especially apply to those who have been deprived of their liberty unnecessarily by a Tory government seemingly unaware of the fact that prison capacity doesn’t come cheap and therefore should be used judiciously and for those who TRUELY DESERVE to be sentenced to a prison term and this DOES NOT include those who don’t abide by the CON Party’s PC globalist opinions.

    It is a disgrace this lady and far too many others are in prison at this special time of the year for holding opinions that are not approved of by the British state – a state which has become steadily more intolerant of non-PC descent.

    It is high time the police and the courts stopped wasting people’s taxes with this sort of PC nonsense and started to clamp-down hard on real criminals.🙄😡🤬

    Time also for real liberty of speech and thought to be given back to ordinary Britons and for this increasingly repressive stance by the authorities towards these formerly valued aspects of life in Britain to be rolled back and eventually ended.


    1. Merry Christmas to you too. My Christmases tend to be quiet. I prefer that.

      Red caviar, some Wookey Hole Cheddar. A little Tokay.

      I was just looking at some news from my present region, in the local newspaper (online) . A former motorbike racer had his bike (value £5,000+) stolen from his own garage. Police gave him a Crime Reference Number, but sent no-one and did nothing else.

      Again, a jeweller was in his shop when his wife, outside, had her handbag snatched. A passer-by pointed out a charity shop into which the thief/robber had fled. Jeweller went there and, after a scuffle, subdued him. No-one of the crowd that gathered helped, just watched and/or took pics using their telephones. Police took about half an hour to turn up! In Court, turned out that the thief was in breach of a previous suspended sentence. Result? Another suspended sentence!

      Again, vandals roaming a certain town for the third time at night. Residents filmed them but they were not stopped, no police around…

      Again, a nasty bully got his second or third *suspended* sentence for separate campaigns of intimidation against two separate old and vulnerable neighbours, despite having breached at least one.

      In same news, some idiot got 4 months in prison for sending offensive texts to some woman…

      Do we see a pattern here?! Ordinary (real) crime, the police are either not interested or “have no resources” (they say).


    2. Further to conversation, I just read this!


      “Hayley claims she asked Tesco staff if they’d seen what happened only to be told ‘if we call the police nothing gets done’ and ‘there’s not much we can do’.”

      What irritated me even more, reading that, is that the police in that area or nearby tend to put out tweets “supportive” of so-called “travellers” etc….
      (eg https://twitter.com/WatersideCops/status/1207258117962129411?s=20 )


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