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Diary Blog, 5 July 2021

The end to facemask nonsense?

Let us hope so, though now that government has arrogated to itself the power to enforce facemask-wearing, the “requirement” can be re-imposed almost at will in the future.

Tweets seen

If I recall aright, when I had a Twitter account (before a pack of Jews had me expelled in 2018), that idiotic and unpleasant woman blocked me too. after tweeting rudely and wrongly about me.

Exactly. Anna Soubry, once MP for some boring Midlands constituency (should have been “Plymouth and Angostura”!), is a hugely irritating, once hugely overrated nuisance, who is so pickled that she has little chance of being infected.

As to tweeter @SaraThornton1, whoever she is, the clue to her psychology is in that line “he knows I’m upset but couldn’t care less“, meaning “I am a social Stasi operative; I get angry and frustrated when someone does not obey my demand that he complies with what I want him to do…

In any case, it is now known (from a large-scale study in 2020) that someone would have to travel 11,000 times on railway journeys to be likely to contract the dreaded virus. Any risk (of contracting something (something which is harmless anyway to the vast majority) is minimal.

What strikes me is the politeness, not of tweeter @SaraThornton1 (who strikes me as the sort of rude presumptuous bitch who, in the First World War, would approach young men not in uniform and insult them while giving them white feathers), but of the train passenger that she harassed. Pity that she did not get a sharper and more direct rebuttal.

Regular readers will know that I regard the Labour Party as now having no real purpose, function, identity, or belief. A niche party for the blacks and browns (though the Muslims are now following the white English in jumping ship), and for some public service workers, Twitter twits etc. The marginal victory of Labour at the Batley and Spen by-election (procured by shameless dishonesty and —possibly—interference with the ballot papers), changes nothing. Labour is still doomed.

As those regular readers of my blog will also know, I have little time for the misnamed “Conservatives” either, but it occurs to me that if Boris-idiot were inclined to gamble on a general election now or soon, between now and mid-September would be a very good time to hold one. Labour would probably lose half its MPs.

The “optional” there, though, refers (I think) to the notice, not to the mask itself, so the tweeter is or may be mistaken to that extent.

When I saw the government scientist, Chris Whitty, accosted recently by protesters, I was uneasy, but now that I see that the bastard is still pushing the facemask nonsense, alongside the extreme-Communist woman, Michie, any sympathy that I might have felt has been…muted. Very muted. Bin these idiots. Their interference in Britain’s society and economy will probably never be totally remedied.

More tweets

The USA, as presently constituted, is not working for most of its citizens.

More tweets

A rather odd woman, who worked as an NHS doctor for only a few years, and who makes her pre-school-age children wear facemasks even when going for open-air walks. Cruel, in my opinion.

Afternoon music

Late music

Diary Blog, 15-16 May 2021


I lived on and off in the USA, mostly in the early 1990s though I did also spend time there in 1999, 2001 and 2002. Many Americans are fine people, but the mass media there is almost, not quite, 100% owned and operated by Jews. TV, radio, film, newspapers, magazines, book publishing. Americans have little choice but to see the world largely through the Jewish, Zionist, and Israeli lens. Fact. They are also brainwashed from childhood with “holocaust” propaganda and fake history.

The biggest mistake that anyone can make is to say “the Israeli Jews do terrible things to the Palestinians but Jews in Britain are different”. There are, admittedly, some nuances, cultural overlays etc, but the main difference is that the ones in the UK do not (yet) have total power over us.

Matthew Parris and the “tinkers”

I am a long way ideologically etc from Matthew Parris, but he does occasionally enunciate truths which few others in the msm or Westminster political milieu will say. Example, from his Times column:


For once (?) Parris is kinder than me! His basic thesis is, however, correct.

Parris’s column has caused a big kefuffle: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9583091/Liberal-commentator-Matthew-Parris-calls-blanket-ban-Travellers.html

It used to be said in the USA that a conservative-minded person was just a liberal-minded person who had been mugged!

I recall that old hypocrite and humbug, Michael Foot [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Foot], so beloved of the BBC, changing his pro-“Traveller” tune pretty quickly once a pack of them parked their caravans by his opulent detached and Listed house on Hampstead Heath.

I recall an amusing cartoon about that in a newspaper of the time, which showed two hedgehogs at night looking at a Gypsy caravan with smoke coming from its chimney; one says to the other, “since they camped on Hampstead Heath, they bake you in muesli”.

In fact, though, the old Romanies who sometimes ate baked hedgehog were not the same as modern “Travellers”, who are mostly of Irish origin and, as Anna Soubry, below, says, mostly not rural-dwellers:

I should never have imagined that the former MP for Plymouth and Angostura (or somewhere) would agree with me on any subject! God does indeed move in mysterious ways…

Tweets seen


Well, this week, I again beat John Rentoul. He scored 5/10, but I trumped that with 7/10. The answers that I did not get were those to questions 2, 6, and 10.

There were also protests in London, one major one (perhaps 150,000-strong) against the slaughter being once again perpetrated by Jews against defenceless Palestinians, the other (also quite large, maybe 100,000-strong) by people who want an end to the ridiculous and unnecessary “panicdemic” “rules” and “measures”.

As in the mass media of the socialist world before 1989, the mainstream media in the West are now ignoring what they want to muffle or stifle. Dangerous tactics— people are starting to get very angry. Justly so.

Some Israeli Jews show their true colours…

Most of them look incapable of doing anything themselves, for all their callous and cruel big talk. If a squad of SS suddenly came around the corner, they would run quickly enough!

Look at the ancient “Israel”, as seen in the Old Testament: slaughter of whole tribes and nations was mandated and carried out. What we today would call “genocide”. Ideas ingrained over thousands of years…

Anne Boleyn was as black as the ace of spades!

Well, no, she wasn’t, in fact:

…but that does not prevent our (((occupied))) mass media from pretending that she was! Or that it does not matter. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/jodie-turner-smith-playing-anne-boleyn-should-allowed-tell-story/

Jodie Turner-Smith as Anne Boleyn opposite Mark Stanley’s Henry VIII
Jodie Turner-Smith as Anne Boleyn

So not only a black woman but a rather plain one, and one who was brought up from age 9 in the USA. Why a black actress playing Anne Boleyn? Oh, yes, she says that it is just “a story“. She and her supporters say that race should not matter. Really? Oh, well… next up, a white man (with or without “blackface”) playing the role of, say, Nelson Mandela. Oh, no, wait…

More tweets

The above tweet refers to fanatical Jew-Zionist trolls on Twitter, particularly Steven Silverman of South Essex (currently tweeting as @ssilvuk), and Stephen Applebaum of Watford/Edgware (currently tweeting as, inter alia, @grubstreetsteve and @rattus2384). Both exposed in open court as secret trollers and harassers of anti-Zionists, mostly women.

Both of the above are active members of the malicious Jew-Zionist organization known as the “Campaign Against Antisemitism”, or “CAA”. Silverman is also an office-holder in that cabal, and styles himself “Head of Investigations and Enforcement”. Shin Beth-lite?

As seen above, Applebaum also excuses Jewish terrorism, such as the 1946 bombing of the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, in which at least 91 people were killed, and dozens of others suffered serious injury: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_David_Hotel_bombing

He is still excusing, on Twitter, Jewish (sub nom Israeli) state terrorism too.

The UK mass media is so (((occupied))) these days that most British people are left entirely unaware of how Jewish and/or Israeli terrorists have targeted them.

Below, Jewish terrorism before “Israel” as a state even existed—

British soldiers hanged by fanatical yet cowardly Jew Zionist terrorists…see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sergeants_affair.

The organization that hanged the British soldiers was called Irgun, which was headed by the Jew terrorist Menachem Begin [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menachem_Begin#Jewish_underground]. That Jew also ordered the bombing of the King David Hotel [see above].

Begin became Prime Minister of Israel in 1977. The Irgun terror outfit later became part of two political parties that were very similar, Herut and Likud, the latter of which is presently the governing party in Israel.

Israel is a state founded on terror, led by terrorists and murderers, and the only difference between 2021 and 1947 is that the terrorists are now the state, or part of the state.

The MPs do not fear the voters, as voters. As to what the freeloading bastards do fear…well, I think that at this point I shall not say more, in case some typical 2021 malicious creature denounces me to the authorities, which would (again) be very boring.

What does Hitchens want? A medal? I was saying all that before him, but am not making a good (or any) living out of it.

I disagree strongly with Hitchens when he writes, in his column today, that he is “glad that antisemitism is so unpopular today“. He ought to be a little consistent, and see what element is (not entirely but to a large extent) behind the very trends that he writes or rants about! Who does he imagine controls most of the UK mass media, to name just one crucial area?

Of course, Hitchens is part-Jew himself: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/19/peter-hitchens-and-his-views/.

This country would be a great deal better for a little (more) intelligent and defensive “anti-Semitism”…

Two years before my own first visit to Moscow.

Afternoon music

[East Berlin street scene, 1970s]
[East Berlin car park, 1987]

I myself was briefly in the DDR (East Germany) in 1988, travelling by car from the south of Poland to West Germany, but I was only there for 2 days. To this day, I have never seen Berlin, whether East, West, or reunified. Moreover, I have no wish to see it.

Late music

Diary Blog, 22 June 2020

Forbury Gardens attack

I blogged in some detail yesterday about this. It now turns out that the “suspect” is a Libyan and (as I guessed) an “asylum-seeker” (migrant invader), who not only has lived in the UK for some time, but was even imprisoned until recently for what the mass media are pleased to call “a minor offence”.

Listen, you treacherous msm bastards…I was once a practising barrister, and I know that it is —at least usually— not so easy to be imprisoned in the UK for what most people at least would regard as “minor” offences, especially for “first-time offenders” (i.e. those never prosecuted before) .

Obviously, the blame for a terrible incident such as that which played out in Reading on the weekend lies primarily with the culprit, but if such offences are committed by migrant invaders posing as “asylum-seekers”, then I believe that a great part of the blame also lies with those who encourage, assist and promote migration-invasion into this country, by which I mean those such as Yvette Cooper, “lord” Dubs (the Jew fraud/embezzler who cheated on his quite generous House of Lords expenses), paid pro-immigration campaigner Zoe Gardner (“@ZoeJardiniere” on Twitter) etc. The whole “refugees welcome” crowd, in fact.

Yvette Cooper prefers to turn a blind eye to her own culpability in supporting the importation of those who, many of them, hate us because we are white Europeans and they are not:

Yet here she is, demanding entry for more “child” and “teen” “refugees”!

How many more “events” is she willing to accept (from her cocooned, privileged and protected affluence) before she shuts up?

In the old saying, “suspicion ever haunts the guilty mind”

Also, never forget that Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls, her husband, both cheated on their Parliamentary expenses. Finally, there once were very unsavoury rumours going around about Balls and Cooper.

Zoe Gardner also retweeted a tweet approving this event below:

Make no mistake, white Europeans (including white European-descended people in North America etc)! When the mob hang a statue today, they will be hanging you and your family tomorrow, or next year, or in a few years. Look at South Africa today…

Here (below) is an actress (but of course, being “woke”, she prefers to call herself an “actor”, surely even more absurd than priestesses calling themselves “priests”). She refuses to see that there is a “racist” connection to the Forbury Gardens attack. The suspect is non-white, his alleged victims all (as far as I know) white English (and one American).

The attack was not directly connected to the pathetic “Black Lives Matter” demonstration that apparently took place an hour or two earlier (I saw a video: most of the demonstrators seemed to be white, and there were only about 50 of them, if that). Probably students from Reading University. However, there may be an indirect connection between the “BLM” demonstration and the knife attack.

ps. I had never heard of that actress until this morning. Is she well-known?

Some tweets seen so far today

Above, Anna Soubry, ex-MP etc, emerges from a vat of booze to comment (in fact, accurately) on the part-Jew public entertainer still trying to pose as Prime Minister.

My own thoughts on Boris-idiot and in particular his future as PM, apart from the above, would be that only the Conservative Party MPs can get rid of him until 2024. I think that that is in fact not unlikely. Not just yet, but perhaps early next year, if the opinion polls continue to show public distrust and lack of support for him and his party.


Look at the names and organizations. All Jewish.

I can just see the excuses coming now (from the mostly idiotic Twitter mob of “refugees welcome” and “anti-racist” types): “he had mental health problems” etc. So…should we be thanking “lord” Dubs, Yvette Cooper etc for facilitating the entry into the UK of such useless fuck-ups? Most of them are just a heavy millstone around our collective neck.

I myself have every intention of “flouting” these absurd “rules” any way I can.

Below: absurd tweet of the day?

Not all blacks, or all West Indians, are “bad people”. I have never said so. However, they are, as a group, backward compared to us (“us” as a nation or group; sadly, many white people in the UK let themselves and the country down, and that includes not a few in the broadly “nationalist” camp).

We never really needed the non-white immigrants, and should not, as a state, have imported them. The descendants of the Windrush immigrants etc are often hostile to us and few are really of much use to us.

More about Forbury


This is the “refugee” suspected killer.

Khairi Saadallah, 25, who is the suspect in the Reading terror attack

Saadallah had been sentenced to 28 months for breaching a suspended jail term, racially aggravated assault, criminal damage and affray.” [Daily Mail]

His previous included racially aggravated common assault – after he called a police officer a “slave” and spat in her face – carrying a bladed article and assaulting an emergency worker.” [Daily Mail]

A month earlier in September 2019 he was also jailed for 10 weeks after he admitted spitting at District Judge Sophie Toms as she sentenced him at Reading Magistrates’ Court in March for two previous convictions.” [Daily Mail]

Thanks, “refugees welcome” dimwits!

Oh, by the way, those offences and others were the ones the police and msm at first called “minor”!

Stanley Johnson

Does the old fraud already have an Israeli one?

It is quite funny, though, to see quite a few Remain supporters on Twitter attacking Stanley Johnson, and claiming that their own children have somehow been deprived of the right to “live, work and study” in the EU states.

First of all, British people did “live, work, and study” in other EU and non-EU European states before the UK joined the then EEC in 1973. You could only do so by permission, true, but many did apply and almost all were able to do what they wanted despite the UK not being a member.

Secondly, this really is a “middle class problem”, if you like. How many British young people really study (I mean for 3-4 years, not the 6-12 months of a language placement, or a few months on exchange) at the Sorbonne, the Humboldt University of Berlin, Heidelberg, Delft, Utrecht or Louvain? Precious few.

As for working in the EU in serious jobs (not bartending in Marbella or doing self-employed plumbing in Fuengirola), how many do work in Paris, Berlin, Brussels? Thousands? Yes. Tens of thousands? Maybe yes, Hundreds of thousands? No.

31 million people have jobs in the UK (or did, until this futile excuse for a government introduced the “lockdown” nonsense). A few thousand or tens of thousands make little diference.

Most British people cannot (in the real world) live, work, or even study in other EU states anyway (though I myself did live in France for a few years). It is something 99% for the affluent or wealthy. These people tweeting (bleating) about how Sebastian and Camilla cannot take up that EU Commission job, or Milan fashion house internship, make me terribly sad of course, but I hope to get over it…

More tweets

Lenin was not a slaveowner...” tweets “@cmclymer”. Not as such, but he had plenty of slaves all the same!

I can sell or scrap my car, eat or throw away my pizza, switch off the TV or a DVD, if any of them irritate me or interfere with my convenience. How do I get rid of 15 or 20 million invaders?

Diary Blog, 25 December 2019

The New Testament enjoins us to remember those in prison, and that must be true even more so on Christmas Day, so I recall to mind the case of a lady called Amy Dalla Mura:



The magistrate, Emma Arbuthnot, who sentenced the lady who shouted “traitor” at heavy-drinking MP (now ex-MP) Anna Soubry, is married to a former Conservative Party MP who is now a mediocre “peer” in the House of Lords. He is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel. They have both been on “freebie” trips to Israel.

Emma Arbuthnot was also the magistrate who initially sat on the Alison Chabloz free speech case but then was forced to recuse herself when her links to Israel were discovered by Alison Chabloz and her defence team.

The links above discuss the Amy Dalla Mura case in more detail. For me it is one more example of how fallen are the once-proud free speech rights of people in the UK.

There is also the point that the prison sentence imposed, 28 days (half to be served, minus days of trial, so probably about 10 or 11 days in the event) was not the entire sentence.

She will serve half the 28 day prison sentence and then be released under a year-long probation review.” [Daily Mail]

This is the “iron fist in the velvet glove” face of political repression today. Alison Chabloz and Jez Turner were also made subject to it. Long periods of “probation” involving what amounts to political monitoring.

Anyway, there it is. Amy Dalla Mura, who (as far as I know) is sitting in prison today and probably tomorrow as well. So much for living in a “free country”.

At least that disgusting drunken creature, Anna Soubry, lost her Broxtowe seat at the recent General Election. Henceforth, she will be a political nullity and can crawl into a vat of gin (and stay there). Merry Christmas!


Diary Blog, 19 December 2019

First, some music:

The General Election continues to supply interesting facts.

The “experts” are still working on General Election 2019 statistics. One that I saw today was that, because Brexit Party was standing in Labour-held seats, the Conservative Party was deprived of another 20 seats.

I have already blogged about how Labour got (in rough figures) about 37% of the vote in Hartlepool (its lowest-ever share), while Brexit Party got about 25% and the Cons 28%. Had Brexit Party not stood, the Cons would have won Hartlepool! The same is true the other way round too, of course. In fact, I wonder whether Brexit Party might not have won Hartlepool anyway had Farage not stood down his candidates in Conservative-held seats. His action in doing that destroyed Brexit Party’s credibility and totally exposed it as a fake and as basically a shield for the Con Party.

The other piece of election-related news I saw was that, if the proposed boundary changes go ahead, as well as the reduction of MP numbers to 600, the Conservative Party would have a majority of 104 on the GE 2019 voting figures. The Cons would have fewer seats, 352, than the 365 they now have, but Labour would have only 179 compared to the present 208. SNP would have almost the same number as at present (47), maybe minus one or two. The LibDems would have 7 MPs instead of 11.

I do not know how the absence of Brexit Party (which must surely just fold soon) would affect those figures. If it meant that the Cons would get 20 or even 10 seats more, then that would give the Cons an unassailable advantage, about 360 or 370 seats out of 600. With Labour on maybe 169 or even 159 out of 600, the changes would reduce Labour to near irrelevance and the LibDems to near-zero.

It occurred to me that, in the (admittedly very unlikely) contingency that Scotland became “independent” (of the UK, though not from the EU, IMF, NATO etc…that’s another story), its (presently) 59 (or reduced figure) MPs would be removed, leaving the Westminster Parliament with about 540. That would, notionally, entrench Conservative rule in England and Wales even more. Without the SNP, Labour would be a small niche party with no possibility even of minority government.


We have seen (noted in previous blogs) that relatively few young people voted Conservative at GE 2019:

  • 18-24s only 23% (Labour 56%)
  • 25-29s 23% (Labour 54%)
  • 30-39s 30% (Labour 46%).
  • Only the over-40s gave Conservative a plurality of votes (41%, with Labour on 35%)
  • and only the over-60s and over-70s gave the Cons a majority (57% and 67% as against Labour’s 22% and 14%).
  • LibDem support was consistent at all ages at 11%-12% (with a slight increase among 30-y-o people: 14%).


If you were to take out the over-70s and introduce a notional new 18-24 wave, that would change the overall picture entirely. The Conservative majority might well disappear, perhaps to be replaced by a Labour majority.

If only life were that simple!

The bias of Radio 4 Today Programme

I rarely listen to the Today Programme for more than a few minutes these days. It was never much to my taste, but now it is basically a Jewish-lobby-oriented multikulti-favouring, finance-capitalist-favouring propaganda outlet.

When Justin Webb (one of the presenters) finished his time in the USA and joined the Today Programme, he was asked about the difference between the UK and USA. His answer? (and remember this was after eight years in the US)…He told the old old apocryphal story about how, in each country, a poor man sees a rich man driving a Rolls-Royce or Cadillac. In the UK, the poor man says “I have nothing; he has too much” but in the USA, the poor man says “I have nothing, but one day I too shall have such a car“…

Is that the sort of  “insight” we get when drones such as Justin Webb get paid £200,000-£300,000 a year out of the BBC’s “licence fees” (a tax imposed on the viewing public, on pain of imprisonment if unpaid)? Sadly, yes, that is exactly the sort of “insight” that those on the Today Programme provide…

Another aspect of the Today Programme is the religio-philosophical platitude-slot, sub nom “Thought For The Day“. About one day out of five, a Jew (usually some “rabbi”) does it. It seems to be about 1 out of 5 (20%), it may be (but no, I think not) as infrequently as 1 out of 10 (10%). Yet Jews in the UK number 250,000-300,000, so perhaps about 1 out of 280 (perhaps fewer), which is a fraction of one percent; in rough figures about 0.25%. Look at the disproportion. 1 out of about 280 of the whole population, but 1 out of 5 or so on Thought For The Day!

Here’s a “Thought For The Day”

There must be a curb (i.e. a tax) on the huge concentrations of economic power (capital wealth) in the hands of so very few. That applies to the USA, the UK, Russia and elsewhere.


Boris-idiot’s days are already numbered

Stray read

Saw this. Worth a look.


Probably a great deal easier in the Floridian climate than it would be in Northern Europe, though.

A few more thoughts about Labour

I read this:

and this:

As I have been saying for several years in blogs and (before the Jews had me expelled from Twitter) in tweets, Labour declined parallel to the decline of the society and conditions and people that created and sustained it.

Lisa Nandy

Just read her recent tweets. The odd spelling mistake. As to content, not an airhead, neither in the obvious Jess Phillips way, nor in the less obvious Caroline Flint way.

I of course disagree with quite a lot of what Lisa Nandy says, eg re. “refugees” and other migrant-invaders, but she seems politically-effective. Obviously a System politician but of a higher calibre than the average MP (including most of Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet).

Stray thought

Mao said that the guerrilla was like a fish, swimming in the water (the people). Looking at tweets from the most fervent Corbyn supporters, there is plenty of water but (so far) no fish.

Labour’s problem

Labour’s problem is that the more “socialist” leaders of recent decades (Corbyn, Miliband, Kinnock) failed to “win” elections under the existing electoral system and so some Labour people say “return to good old Tony” because Blair won three successive elections. However, what really happened was that Blair-Labour won in 1997 against a tired fag-end of a Conservative government, after 18 years of Con government, but then struggled to win in 2001 and 2005.

The figures:

  • 1997: 43.2%, 419 seats; Blair
  • 2001: 40.7%, 413 seats; Blair
  • 2005: 35.3%, 356 seats; Blair
  • 2010: 29.1%, 258 seats; Brown
  • 2015: 30.5%, 232 seats; Miliband
  • 2017: 40.0%, 262 seats; Corbyn
  • 2019: 32.2%, 202 seats; Corbyn

The anomalies caused by Britain’s crazy FPTP voting system and the carefully-“managed” boundaries account for some inconsistencies; also, the total number of MPs in Parliament has varied from 646 to 659 even in the past 25 years.

You can see from the above timeline that, in the sense of national vote-percentage, Corbyn in 2017 did about as well as Blair did in 2001, nearly as well as Blair did in 1997 (!) and far better than Blair and Labour did in 2005. Corbyn also, both in 2017 and 2019, did as well as or better than both Brown and Miliband did in 2010 and 2015.

In 2019, Corbyn-Labour slumped, but still got 32.2% of the national vote, which was as good in rough figures as Miliband in 2015, and better than Brown in 2010. In fact, it was only 3 points off Blair’s 2005 performance.

The national vote percentage of Labour declined steadily from 1997 right through to Corbyn’s leadership! The 2010 and 2015 results were similar in terms of percentage. Corbyn did better than his two most recent predecessors and almost as well as Blair!

I say the above not to praise Corbyn, but to bury Labour. It can be seen that both the Tony Blair 43.2% in 1997 and the Corbyn 40% in 2015 were anomalous in a picture otherwise of decline, or at best stagnation, that started around 1970.

My main point in practical terms is that returning to some mythical “Centrism” will not help Labour. “Centrism” seems to be somewhere between “Con-lite” and social democracy; pro Israel; anti-socialist; anti-national; globalist. Finance capitalism but with some crumbs thrown to the pigeons. You have seen what has happened to the LibDems who espouse similar ideas. Smashed. 11 MPs, which will, after boundary changes and another election, probably be 3 or 4. Or none.

Of course, Labour’s poor recent performance was to a large extent the result of truly relentless Jew-Zionist propaganda since 2015 and especially since the 2017 result (which showed that Labour might actually be able to win a majority or at least become the largest party in the Commons). Labour, especially Corbyn, has been trashed daily in the msm as well as on social media. That was not the only factor, but it was very significant.

The idea that Labour will suddenly become “electable” if it bows the knee to the Jews and abandons any “socialist” ideas is ridiculous. In fact, Corbyn and McDonnell should have stopped parrotting the Zionist “holocaust” nonsense (and stopped recounting 1930s Communist/Jewish propaganda around “Cable Street” etc as well); they should have fought back. Idiots.

Corbyn supporters write

“Cosmic Landmine” used to follow my Twitter account (before the Jews had me expelled). Good to see that he is still trucking.

Below, a despairing Labour supporter tweets…

Perhaps that tweet should read “Why is Jess Phillips, who always doormats for the Jew-Zionists, is a member of Labour Friends of Israel, parrots “holocaust” propaganda, and who trashed her own party and leader during the recent General Election campaign, getting so much airtime?“…

Look at this Daily Mirror article by a former Labour adviser. Not a word about suffering British people: unemployed, poor, disabled, sick, young people without hope of their own homes or even decently-paid work, just two or three paragraphs about Jews Jews Jews. Typical. System-Labour:


It’s rubbish. That’s machine-“Labour”, Mirror “Labour”, Kevin Maguire tribal “Labour”. Failed Labour.

…and here is Matthew d’Ancona, another System mouthpiece and Conservative Party partisan, pushing bad joke MP Jess Phillips for Labour leader:


Mary Creagh

Seems that Mary Creagh cannot quite bring herself to accept that her well-paid position, with its decent salary, very generous expenses and plenty of opportunity for both “donations” from here and there and also outside income possibilities such as “consultancies”, has been taken away by the voters of Wakefield. She still calls herself “MP” on Twitter. As rather sarcastic people tend to say on Twitter, “bless”.

Mary Creagh is a member of Labour Friends of Israel, and a frequent and fervent critic of “anti-Semitism”. All the same, the Jewish lobby could not save her and she will not be an MP again. I expect that “they” —you know, (((they)))— will find her “a nice little earner”, but her eviction from Westminster must give those “Friends of Israel” still in Parliament pause, nicht wahr?

Note the final sentence at the foot of that Independent profile of Wakefield, Yorkshire, a few weeks before the General Election: “Personally,” he says, “I think a lot of people here just won’t vote. I think they’ve had enough of it all.

Was that not the truth of the GE 2019 result? Conservative vote up just 1.2% nationally, but Labour vote down, and by 8%. Labour may have lost, but this was not a Conservative victory, as such. People were not voting Labour, maybe not voting at all, or were in a few cases voting Con to spite Lab. They were not voting Con for “positive” reasons.

Blink and you would miss it

Ah, nearly missed it: a small news story about the winding-down or winding-up of the “Independent Group for Change”, briefly known as “Change UK”, the party whose meetings tended to attract a crowd of about 5 (literally), once or twice actually getting into double figures, and where the audience was always outnumbered by the Press and sometimes by the few on stage.


Anna Soubry is now off to swim in a vat of gin.

Trump impeachment

Americans like a bit of drama. When I lived in the central/shore area of New Jersey, local TV (based in New York City) would sometimes report on an expected storm, sending a reporter out onto the New Jersey beaches dressed in raincoat and scarf. Often enough, the waves were disappointingly languid, resulting in a non-event.

That is how I see the “Trump impeachment”— lots of noise, but no result that means anything. Trump is sent for trial by the Democrat-controlled lower house, sent for trial to a Senate where the Republican majority will secure his acquittal. Over there, they regard that sort of waste of time and effort as “democracy”. I just call it “farce”.

Meanwhile, in another fake democracy…

Something more to think about

Final words

General Election 2019 Daily Updated Blog (no.8)

Time to again restart my election blog.

6 December 2019

Boris Johnson, Boris-idiot, continues to duck the Andrew Neil interview, which is obviously not now going to happen. Andrew Neil has now attacked:


As Neil says, Boris-idiot may soon be confronting Putin. Not only David and Goliath, but David who is running scared and without a sling.

The Prime Minister has imposed a blanket ban on discussing his private life and has been forced to swat away questions about his past relationships – even flatly refusing to answer how many children he has.” [Daily Mail]

That is or is partly because there is a persistent rumour that Boris-idiot is the father of Jennifer Arcuri’s 3-y-o child. It will be recalled that Boris gave her £126,000 of taxpayer monies as well as taking her on official trips, when he was briefly and disastrously Foreign Secretary.

There is only one objective now for anyone who is not a “Conservative” supporter (and even for real Conservatives)— stop Boris any way you can.

The election is about marginal constituencies. Most seats will not change hands. It is vital that, in the ~100 most marginal seats, every voter stands against the planned elected dictatorship (ZOG tyranny) by assessing how to stop the Conservative candidate. Tactical voting. Whatever.

If the young get out and vote, if those who do not usually vote get out and vote, this nonsense and evil can be stopped. It is not a matter of voting for a Labour majority government but of stopping Boris Johnson, and his alien “Conservatives” (few of whom are even really British) from getting a majority. You do not have to be a Labour supporter to vote Labour, in this just cause.

Meanwhile, an example of “the unacceptable face of capitalism”:

Eddie Stobart group about to fall. Some idiot, one Andrew Tinkler, somehow wormed his way into the family business, bought himself a private jet, racehorses etc, sold off the original business to a Jew-operated “private equity” vulture operation (making said Jew and his business partner £150 million) etc…Now the whole bloody lot may collapse, and the “private equity” vultures are willing to give the corporate equivalent of a “payday loan”, for only 25% interest!


and 6,500 workers may lose their jobs, pension monies etc. This is Boris Johnson “Conservative” finance-capitalism.

Daily Telegraph and other msm outlets continue to drone on about Labour and “anti-Semitism”. I wish that Corbyn would stop meeting this Zionist propaganda halfway and just say something like:

“we are addressing the real issues: homelessness, buy to let parasitism, stresses on schools, NHS, transport, pay, benefits. We are not going to prioritize Jew-Zionist whining about potential loss of some of their customary tribal privileges.”

If Corbyn and his people did that, Labour would not face any more criticism from the Zionist Jew lobby than is already the case, but it would wake up the millions of sleepyheads in the UK and take the fight to the enemy.

Sadly, I doubt that Corbyn or most of his top people have the guts or the gumption…they want to say “we oppose Israel” while at the same time saying that “we do not oppose Israel-by-any-other-name in the UK”. Cognitive dissonance.

Schadenfreude Corner… https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7758987/Russian-billionaire-tycoon-49-living-Britain-mysteriously-killed-crash.html

The Daily Mail incites readers to email Brexit Party candidates to get them to withdraw their candidatures. I am surprised that this is lawful (if indeed it is). Direct interference (and intimidation?)…


In other Brexit Party news…https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7762285/Brexit-Party-candidate-received-death-threats-run-road-campaigning.html

I have to admit that I wonder who would bother to run a Brexit Party candidate off the road? The Brexit Party is on 2% in some polls, and has no chance of anything except abject failure.

The BBC is not only completely biased in favour of the party of the government in office, but is determined to destroy European race and culture: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7761019/BBC-unveils-plan-promote-black-ethnic-minority-staff-senior-leaders.html

Meanwhile, in other Jewish news


I have still not worked out whether Nigel Farage thought that he was being a Poundland Macchiavelli in standing down his Brexit Party candidates in (and I think only in) Conservative-held seats, or whether he just reached the outer limits of his (imo) limited real political ability. Either way, as I blogged on the day, Farage has committed political suicide, or rather murder and suicide: he has killed Brexit Party and also killed his own political career.

look at the (now ex-) Brexit Party MEPs who have defected to (or soon to) the Conservatives: among them, the smoked salmon Jew, Forman, and the sister of living Lord Charles dummy, Jacob Rees-Mogg.


“General election news – live: Labour cut Tory poll lead, as Boris Johnson dodges BBC and ITV interviewers amid ‘cold, hard evidence’ he lied about Brexit deal”



The Jews (no, not the 250,000 Jews in the UK, but the few hundred, maybe few thousand most hardened Zionists and their non-Jew doormats) are going to protest by the Palace of Westminster on Sunday. They thus insist on making this General Election all about them, their obsessions, their own selfish, self-centred tribal interests. As I have blogged before, an old saying says “be careful what you wish for”.

Peter Oborne:

If the polls are right, and I guess they are, Johnson is set to move back into Downing Street with the most commanding Conservative victory since Maggie Thatcher secured a majority of 102 in 1987. 

As a lifelong Conservative, I should be delighted. Instead, I feel despair. To secure his victory, Johnson has sunk lower than any prime minister in modern times. Far lower.

[Peter Oborne]

Just saw this!

It would appear Johnson is looking for a mandate to put himself above the law. Fairness and decency have been abandoned by people who ought to know better. 

Johnson and his Tories may well win next week. But they will have won through deceit and bullying. In the long term, they will pay a price. So – sadly – will the rest of us.”

[Peter Oborne]

John Major and Tony Blair both saying that voters should vote tactically against Boris-idiot and the Conservative Party. Neither, however, is saying that what needs to happen is for the UK to bin the outdated FPTP electoral system and bring in a proportional system. It has to come, sooner or later.

I like this tweet:


The Corbyn/Johnson debate seems to have been a draw (I did not see it). Boris-idiot is said to have done better on security, on Brexit and (oddly, to my mind) on looking “prime ministerial”; Corbyn scored on “being more in touch” with the average Joe, on the NHS, on being more trustworthy. On government spending, Boris just beat Corbyn but not by much, a few points only. Boris is still seen as “more likeable”, which I find puzzling, possibly because I would like to stamp on, and jump up and down on, his head, but “that’s just me”…

Update, 7 December 2019

“Conservative” rule for a decade. Trashing of the social fabric:

The next opinion polls may not emerge until tonight (for the Sunday msm). It will be interesting to see whether Labour has gained ground (or slipped, but I think more likely to have improved its position). Not that polls are always right: think 2016 Referendum, the Trump/Hillary election in the USA, the 2017 General Election, the Peterborough by-election. To name only a few polling disasters.

This election is still open, at least in the sense that Boris-idiot and his pack of alien, non-Brit, ZOG conspirators can be prevented from getting a Commons majority and so real power.


Those, above, are the 30 most marginal seats.


Tactical voting is key, as John Major noted in his appeal to voters not to vote Conservative.

4 clear days left.

Labour on renationalization of utilities etc:

Not bad, but for two aspects of the short film:

  • Why a black? (they are, after all, still a minority in the UK: 3% only according to Wikipedia; in fact all non-whites in UK total “only” about 13%, it is claimed; at any rate, well under 20%);
  • Why a black man with a white woman? “Rassenschande“…

Those errors, no doubt the result of all-too-typical Labour multikulti obsession, weaken the ad. They make it less of an appeal to the (still) white English mainstream and vast majority. The ad tends to show or put people with concerns about privatized industries into a minority box. It tends to say that “Labour is the party for the blacks, browns and mixed-race elements of society”, which weakens Labour’s appeal to the majority.

Royal Family

Apropos of nothing much, I just saw a news story from a few days ago, with film (and still) showing Princess Anne aside from the greeting line for President Trump, and then gesturing at the Queen (in apparent but —we are told— not in fact in breach of protocol). The still photo was striking: like a scene from a Marx Brothers film, with Princess Anne as Harpo. Good grief. The Jewish element in that family is strong and very obvious in several of its members. Now there is, of course, “the Royal Mulatta” as well…


Another Anne.

Anne Widdecombe in Plymouth:


Latest opinion poll:

Little Miss Gracious! Great balls of fire! The misnamed “Conservatives” will be ******** themselves about this! If that were the result next Thursday, the Conservatives would have a majority, but only one of about 6. Bearing in mind error margins, this might give the Cons a larger majority than 6 or might leave them where they were a month or two ago, or worse yet.

There is still all to play for in this election (except a Labour majority, which I would not want anyway).

News about Iain Dunce Duncan Smith

Apparently, someone sent Smith (his real surname) a dead rat in the post. If that is all that happens to the bastard, after every evil thing that he has done, frankly I think that he is winning…

Update, 8 December 2019

So there are only 3 clear days left.

It seems that the poll yesterday which gave the Cons only a 6-point lead over Labour may have been an outlier, in that other polls released today show a wider gap, 10+ points (Opinium even has 15 points). That does not mean that the outlier was wrong, the consensus right.

In the very important 2019 Peterborough by-election, Brexit Party looked like romping home. The bookmakers also thought so, as did the betting exchanges, which had Brexit Party heavily odds-on. In the end, Labour, aided by the local Muslim vote, won by a few hundred votes. I blogged about the result:


We all know that the opinion polls got other important elections etc wrong in recent years, not least the 2016 EU Referendum.

I watched the first 10 minutes of the Andrew Marr Show, until barrow-boy barrister and now Security Minister Brandon Lewis came on. There are some things too greasy for a Sunday morning after an evening of blini, caviar and vodka!

One thing that surprised me is that Sarah Vine, Daily Mail columnist, was allowed on Marr during the last phase of the election campaign, bearing in mind that she is married to Michael Gove, the pro-Jew expenses cheat and Cabinet minister. She was neutral, or at least seeming to be, in her comments, however. The “Labour” commentator was anti-Corbyn ex-MP Gloria del Piero.

This election is not yet over.

It may be that the consensus is right, the “smart money” right, the talking heads right, and that Boris-idiot and his ZOG Cabinet of Israeli agents, Jewish-lobby drones and careerists will have the victory they have cheated and lied to get. It may be…but it need not be!

I saw the tweet below. A cri de coeur, but one which, though I sympathize with it, fails to note that Labour is not doing what it can to win, because

  • Corbyn insists on “defending” the indefensible, meaning, inter alia, Gypsy and “traveller” thieves and scavengers, and the migration-invasion of Britain generally;
  • Labour is not hitting out hard enough at the Jew-Zionist element which has been undermining Corbyn and Labour for 4 years now!

Also, many voters look at, most obviously, Diane Abbott, and think… “that, as Home Secretary?…” and either stay at home or vote anywhere but Labour!

The fact is that those of any age who do not normally vote, as well as the under-35s and especially under-25s who notoriously fail to vote, and especially those in the 100 most marginal constituencies, could change everything if they got out and voted any way but Conservative.

Seems that the Marr interview with Boris-idiot (last week) left many tweeters unenamoured with Boris…

“Wolfie” is a good tweeter, after all he used to retweet me occasionally! (before the Jew-Zionists had me expelled from Twitter).

The fact is, that if you vote Conservative, in this election particularly, you are “enabling” the sort of wickedness that has gone on since 2010 (yes, Labour started it all, in the Blair-Brown years, but it has become just evil since then); see below:

I was interested to see the dry-as-dust-mannered (but always worth listening to) Professor Sir John Curtice on Marr. When asked as to whether the (forecast) awful weather might impact the Labour vote, he replied in the negative, but added that the forecast weather was anyway just normal horrible December weather! He might have added that he lives in Glasgow!

Gloria del Piero has spent much of the past 4 years undermining Corbyn (and so Labour)! An Italian by origin, proud possessor of a sociology degree from “the University of Central England”, and someone whom even her own party turned down for SpAd and other positions, she somehow managed to become, in time, “Political Editor” of breakfast TV bore GMTV. GMTV staff seem to be or have been pretty poor: I once (at least 20 years ago) met a fat blonde young woman (twenty-something) in a 1st Class compartment of a train from Southampton to Waterloo. She informed me that she was a producer for GMTV, but was miffed when I said that I had never seen it, never getting up that early! She then spoke on her mobile telephone all the way to Waterloo. Very rude. What can one do? I could hardly smash her face in, after all (I suppose).

Returning to the del Piero woman:

At the 2015 general election, De Piero held Ashfield with an increased majority of 8,820.[16][17] However her majority fell to 441 in the 2017 general election.[18] She is a member of Labour Friends of Israel… De Piero married James Robinson in 2012. Robinson was a media correspondent at The Guardian, media editor at The Observer and an employee at PR firm Powerscourt. He is the director of communications for deputy leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson.[35][36][37][38]


Gloria del Piero on Marr talked about how the “Red Wall” of solid Labour seats was ceasing to be solid, or even Labour. I wonder why? Could it be because, under Blair and Brown, MPs with little knowledge of the world or of real work or a profession were drafted in as lobby-fodder MPs? Could it be because many of those MPs were not even really British in terms of origins? Could it be because many of those MPs turned out to be “beggars on horseback”, who despite (in del Piero’s case) having only survived as a child because of State benefits paid to her family, yet turned against the British people and supported cuts to benefits and the Welfare State when in Parliament (as did del Piero in TV interviews around 2010)? Could it be that the voters are angry at MPs who are “Friends of Israel” members?

Del Piero was hated by many of her former constituents. Her majority in 2017 was only 441 (Ashfield in 2005 had a Labour majority of over 10,000 and, several times previously, of over 20,000). She saw the writing on the wall and is not standing for re-election.

On the wider point, I have blogged many times previously about how politics is changing, becoming more nuanced.

I am generally pro-environment (though not pro those idiots in Extinction Rebellion, or that horrible little creature Greta Thunberg), pro-animal welfare etc. Many who oppose me on other matters also care for animals, birds. environment generally. There are new bonds and fissures in the body politic. Many are waking up to the disproportionate money, power and influence of the Jew-Zionist lobby in the UK, which politically is particularly powerful in the “Conservative” Party. Not all are social nationalists, or even in favour of European race and culture. There is a whole range of British and other European people standing contra this malicious tribe.

UK politics has already changed in some ways from what it was even a quarter of a century ago. Look at Scotland and Wales. The heavy industry that characterized those countries or regions has gone, pretty much. The industrial proletariat has gone with it. Labour was set up to represent the “workers”, mostly in industry. That role expanded to include shop workers and others. The trade unions likewise. Now, while post-Marxists [Owen Jones etc] can try to find a “proletariat” in what is either the “lumpenproletariat” or the new (?) “precariat”, these seething masses of scarcely-politically-aware persons are not loyal to any party or ideology.

Communism or radical socialism never caught on in the UK, least of all in England. Social-democracy did. Labour espoused it, but so did the Conservative Party of the 1950s to 1980s, so did the Liberal Party that became the LibDems. The first two at least were mass organizations, with members in the millions. The Conservative Party, at peak in the 1950s, had maybe 5 million members! Now?

The recent “Conservative” Party leadership election showed that the Cons have about 140,000 members. Most are well over retirement age. The Conservative Party is dying just as it looks about to deliver its final sting by winning the 2019 General Election.

When I say “winning”, I mean by getting the largest bloc in the Commons, with or without an actual majority. Further down the line, in perhaps 2022 or 2025, the Conservative moment will have gone. Most of its present members will be deceased, for one thing, and there is no chance that they can be replaced. This is the last hurrah for the Con Party, a fact emphasised also by other indications: former Conservative Party prime ministers urging a vote for Labour or LibDems! Then look at the Cabinet! A ragbag of Jews, Pakistanis, Indians, Israeli agents, all headed by the least plausible Prime Minister for, arguably, a hundred and fifty years, perhaps ever.


The Jew-Zionists are holding a protest against Labour right now in Parliament Square. Their last one attracted only about 100 (but they now claim thousands even for that pathetic little rabble! cf. “holocaust” etc!).

I expect that, however many turn up, they will be photographed as if a sea of angry squawking birds.

Ah, here we are!

Looks like dozens, not hundreds, not thousands. Lots of placards (professionally printed) and flags, but not so many Israeli ones (their true allegiance). Mostly Union Jacks, Saltires etc, to seem more “British”.

[addendum, inserted on 9 December: turns out that the Jews that turned up had been asked specifically not to wave Israeli flags; a few who did had arguments with Zionist security operatives; so I was right…]

See below: Stephen Silverman of South Essex, one of the worst Zionist extremists in the UK, who makes false allegations to the police (and trolled several women on Twitter sadistically; interviewed by police but never charged); see also https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/

  • The idea that 40% of Jews will leave the UK if Labour is “elected” (as majority government, which is not going to happen anyway) is ludicrous, even if a pleasant idea an sich;
  • Who is supposed to want to attack “Jewish communal buildings”? Not me or anyone I know politically. Stray “Islamists”? Stray debtors? God knows. I suspect that there are few, if any, “attackers” around.

Another notorious Zionist, David Collier, is there, claiming a crowd of “thousands”…but credit where due: at least Collier does not claim that many if any non-Jews are there, “supporting” this nuisance, but just “British Jews”…

Here’s the funny thing: the Zionist Jews claim that Labour MPs, members, supporters and voters are willing to “throw the Jews under a bus” in order to get a Labour government or at least deny the Conservatives a Commons majority.

In reality, it is the other way around: the Jews are willing to throw the British people under a bus, in order to spite Corbyn.They” are putting their tribal interests ahead of those of the British people, who would suffer terribly under a Boris-idiot majority government.

What do most Jews care? Only 5% of them vote Labour anyway, and if a Boris-idiot “Conservative” government is terrible (it would/will be), well… most Jews are fairly affluent; not a few are rich or even uber-rich. Even if Corbyn were to take power (he cannot) and is another Lenin, Trotsky, or Hitler (and two of that troika were Jew/part-Jew anyway), and even if Corbyn does all that they (claim to) fear, well… most Jews could emigrate to Israel or the USA. They have the means. They have “community” systems in place to facilitate that.

Here’s another one. He does not claim “thousands”. His video shows, imo, about 300 or maybe 400:

Still, no doubt the infested BBC and Sky News etc will present it as huge on the evening broadcasts, and the “British” Press likewise, tomorrow. Another stone cast at Labour’s election campaign by those “without sin”…

Final thought on the Jewish (Zionist) protest in Parliament Square: it is obviously hundreds not thousands, but to be extra fair, let us pretend that 1,000 Jews are there. The Jewish population in the UK is supposedly 250,000-300,000. Even if only those over 18 are included, that means that only 1 out of every 200-250 attended. In reality, only 1 out of about every 700 bothered to attend. Seems that most Jews, even in the London area, are not so desperately fearful —or even angry…

Back to bigger or wider issues…


It is worth remembering that not only do the main opinion polls have a poor record in spotting political winners (ditto, bookmakers etc) but that several important elections, referenda etc were called wrongly by the polls even on the very day! The Con Party started off as much as 20 points ahead in this election, but as predicted (by me, by some others, by electoral history, by far the better option) narrowed. The Cons may be and indeed are ahead, but by what margin is in fact uncertain. Maybe 10 points, maybe 5. A couple of percent makes the difference between a Con Party Zionist Occupation Government tyranny [ZOG] and a hung Parliament, a better result.

All that matters is that voters in marginal seats especially vote against the Conservative Party. Tactical voting. This is one election where the marginalized, the usual non-voters, the tactical voters, the under 25s, can decide a general election.



“Conservative” candidate?

Here is the “Conservative” candidate for Broxtowe:


So the “Conservative” Party thinks that it is OK to put up candidates who are black, called “Darren”, and who tell (real) British people that, if they and their children are poor and hungry, that they are “unable to budget”, should not even be able to use a foodbank (because they cannot “budget” apparently; the scheiss state of the UK’s economy is all their fault!) and should rely on payday loans? —AKA payday (((loans)))—

The “Conservative” Party is just doomed after this election, whatever happens.

As for Broxtowe, the former seat of “the Member for Plymouth and Angostura”, Anna Soubry, I fully expect it to go Labour on 12 December. Fortunately, the Con vote is weakened (despite also being helped by Farage’s stupid withdrawal of the Brexit Party candidate) by Anna Soubry fighting as “TIG–Change UK”, she helped by withdrawal of the LibDems. Labour came close to winning last time and should be able to get over the line this time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broxtowe_(UK_Parliament_constituency)#Elections_in_the_2010s

Jews are squabbling

The Jews are squabbling about the Parliament Square protest. I still think, looking at the photos on Twitter, that about 500 were there, but liars like Silverman are claiming that 3,000 were there! Nonsense. The photographs show that there were hundreds, not thousands. However, even on their own figures, the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” Jews are only claiming that 1 out of every 100 Jews in the UK attended.

The more established Jewish lobby, such as the Board of Deputies, did not support that pathetic CAA gathering. The different cabals are evidently disunited.

The fundamental immediate issues in this election are mass immigration, Brexit, NHS, transport, pay, benefits, housing, law and order (in no particular order).

I have no confidence in Boris-idiot and his alien ZOG Cabinet. They cannot rule properly or effectively.

Only 10 minutes to the end of the day. Is Britain also coming to the end, as a decent country?

Update, 9 December 2019


Two clear days left

Brexit Party still pretending to be part of the election. I have already blogged at length about how Farage’s poor strategy, and in particular his senseless decision to stand down all 317 Brexit Party candidates in Con-held seats, has killed his party and probably his own political career. Seems that the Guardian agrees with me:


Farage now plans a new party, but who would trust him after his recent actions?

BBC overview of election


This is Conservative Party Britain…



Jo Swinson hinted that the Lib Dems could enter into coalition with Labour if Jeremy Corbyn ceases to be the party’s leader” [Evening Standard]


Turn that around. If Jo Swinson were no longer LibDem leader, the LibDems might be free to enter a pact with Labour. Jo Swinson is unlikely to survive (politically) the election. She will almost certainly be replaced. Corbyn? I think that he is there unless  Labour goes down far worse than I, anyway, think will happen.

A Jew tweets

The tweet below from the Zionist liar Silverman made me laugh.

Well, I can answer that one!


BqhtYX6IcAA_3Lk.jpg large













B1w4qjTCcAAG28d.jpg large







[immediately above, Ursula Haverbeck, when a beautiful girl in the early 1940s; now an old lady of 91, she has been imprisoned for speaking the truth in Merkel’s Germany, a state taken over and ruled by ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government)]

Ah, well, back to the mediocrity (and worse) of today…

LibDems: Jo Swinson says that she will not resign as LibDem leader even if the LibDems lose seats. Well, I am expecting the LibDems to end up with fewer than 10 MPs. I may be out by a few; we shall see. In any event, it does highlight Jo Swinson’s careerism. She will do anything for a ministerial portolio, even a junior one (like the one she accepted from the Conservative 2010-2015 regime, the “Con Coalition”).

This, from Corbyn/Labour activist Louise Raw (who is in fact not so friendly to me), made me laugh:

There you have it: Jo Swinson “puts no limits on her ambitions”. From the horse’s mouth (or the horsey mouth, if you prefer). Jo Swinson will do anything to “get ahead”, including doormatting for the Conservatives. She says that she will not cooperate with Corbyn, though. I suppose that she wants to keep in with the Jewish lobby.

As for “Chukup”, he and Swinson battling for “leadership” of the pathetic LibDem rabble might be called “the clash of the careerists”, but it is farcical: they will probably both lose their seats anyway, Chukup having had to abandon his Streatham seat and now trying to get elected for the Cities of Westminster and London constituency. Unlikely. The Con candidate last time (Mark Field, not standing this time) won with about 46% of the vote, four times and more that of the LibDem.

Labour: a journalist assesses Corbyn’s persona and personal appeal

A reminder that this General Election is not a game, to be played for and points scored before the players return to Eton for tea and cake (or, if Guards officers, to the Mess for port and plum cake); this election affects real people, enduring, suffering, wanting a better life:

This could be big:

Many voters vote according to their perception of the leaders of the main parties. Corbyn‘s rating has, until now, been far below that of Boris Johnson, at one point Johnson 45% and Corbyn about 15%. Now there is little to choose between them, if this poll is accurate. It could be the breakthrough that Labour has been trying to find. A straw in the wind, to be sure, but it could be very significant, though Labour as a party was still (as of yesterday or Saturday) still several/many points behind the Conservatives.

Surely, even in a country as politically-illiterate as the UK, the people do not want to be ruled by this pipsqueak little would-be tyrant?

Now, Arlene Foster of the DUP brands Boris-idiot a liar…


If Boris-idiot and his people cannot get a majority this time, they will whistle without result for DUP help! People have long memories over there…

EU Elections 2019 in Review: Change UK

I am going to blog about all of the significant parties which took part in these recent EU elections, even those that carry little political weight. I start with Change UK [CHUKUP].

Change UK is significant despite carrying little weight, in that its MPs (all ex-Con and Lab defectors, of course) and voters seem to be coming from a “socially liberal, fiscally conservative” direction and thus will be taking votes from other parties, notably Conservatives, as well as Labour and LibDems.

I have blogged previously about Change UK. I wrote in April that it seemed to be washed up almost as soon as it emerged into existence:


I see no reason to alter that view! However, the continued existence of CHUKUP does not mean that its relatively few votes will not have any effect. After all, a vote for CHUKUP is the absence of a vote for LibDems, Conservatives, or even Labour.

As to the EU Elections, Change UK ran a campaign that was a joke even by small-party standards. “Rallies” with audiences of 40, 20, 6, and even, in one place, 2 people! Pitiful. At the same time, Nigel Farage of Brexit Party was pulling in crowds of up to 3,000 people, sometimes twice a day! They were even paying for the privilege of hearing him!

Change UK, in terms of MPs, has been a kind of dustbin for a few MPs (I believe 11) most of whom were unwanted by their own local parties. Several were at one time barristers or solicitors. Others have other professional backgrounds. Few if any are poor or from impoverished backgrounds. That seems to be the case with CHUKUP’s supporters and candidates too. There also seems to be a very strong Jewish element. Twitter is the natural habitat for Change UK’s people.

I have previously blogged about the Hampstead/Highgate/Blackheath (etc) milieux in which the Change UK people seem to swim. Some wag tweeted weeks ago about how Change UK candidates all seemed to have come from the cafe at Waitrose.

In fact the above characteristics were all neatly displayed when a fruit-seller by Hampstead Heath overground station was rude to Jessica Simor QC, Change UK candidate for London:

Not everyone on Twitter could resist taking a dig at Change UK’s “Hampstead massive”!

Some tweets commenting on the above incident were more interested in the exotic plenitude of the fruit on offer from that shop! In fact, there’s no mystery about that: apart from being in an affluent neighbourhood and opposite one entrance to Hampstead Heath itself (where people might eat fruit while strolling), the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, is nearby. Do people still take fruit to patients? I assume so.

Well, in the event, Change UK only got 2.8% of the vote nationwide. It was at the bottom of the poll almost everywhere. In fact, it polled only 4.7% even in Broxtowe, the area where Anna Soubry is the MP (boundaries not perfectly aligned). Next Broxtowe election…goodnight Vienna.

Elsewhere, the Change UK candidates were trashed even more. For example, Kate Godfrey, the Zionist tweeter who once tried to blog and blag her way to a comfortable Labour MP career, became a Change UK candidate for the East Midlands, but has crashed and burned. I suppose that we shall see her try the LibDems next.

The day before the elections, the Interim Leader of Change UK, Heidi Allen MP, said that Change UK should “merge” with the LibDems. I doubt that that made a huge difference to the relative vote shares, but it certainly vindicates my view of last month that Change UK is doomed and, in fact, pointless.

Some LibDem/Remain partisans have made the point that the votes that went to Change UK deprived the LibDems of local wins and even MEPs.

In Wales, the LibDems would have gained another MEP had it not been for the votes going to Change UK.

As for the Twitter reaction, I have had much amusement reading the tweets of Remain whiners, all trying to prove that Brexit Party did not really win these elections at all, because if you add up the votes going to LibDems, Change UK and Greens (etc?), that total beats the Brexit Party vote. Some go further to aver that that means that the British people do not want to leave the EU and that the whole Brexit process should be halted…

and this well-known Jewish scribbler (see below) is experiencing severe angst as he pretends that the vote was about Leave v. Remain only (and that –guess what?–Remain won!). Ha ha!

So what now for Change UK? As I blogged previously, Change UK is doomed partly because it is just a dustbin for MPs unwanted elsewhere and for votes by well-meaning but very silly people with no political sense at all. I have seen this before, in the 1980s, when the SDP (which at least was a genuine party) failed very quickly.

Strategically, Change UK will get (has got) nowhere because

  • politics is moving away from vague “centrism”;
  • anyone wanting to stay in the EU and support a “non-extreme” party can vote LibDem.

Change UK may be able to merge with its more successful LibDem rival, but only if it acts quickly, while the CHUKUP MPs still hold their seats. After the next general election, there will be no Change UK MPs. Most of Change UK’s support, such as it is (about 600,000 votes, nationwide), will just go to the LibDems or to Remain-voting Conservatives anyway, and fairly soon.




Ha ha! Jessica Simor QC making herself look very silly (again)…

The delusion of Remain whiners, personified in the person of Anna Soubry:

A few tweets…

and here [below] is a CHUKUP candidate, Emma Jane Manley, “celebrating” (with horrible Zionist careerist Kate Godfrey) the fact that the two of them, with three others, came seventh (!) in the election for the East Midlands area. 41,000 votes? Brexit Party got over 452,000! The LibDems got 204,000. Even UKIP, in sixth place, received 58,000. Brexit Party vote share was over 38%; even UKIP got nearly 5%; CHUKUP? 3.47%. Game over.


I find myself unable to resist adding this tweet by Kate Godfrey, mainly because it really does show up the incredibly poor level of education today in the UK, as well as the kneejerk anti-“racism” of the brainwashed “millennial” airheads featured…As for Kate Godfrey, CHUKUP candidate, and Change UK, the desperation is palpable. Next time, she should try press-gangs to try to recruit voters. Anna Soubry would like that. Actually, though, there never will be a next time: Change UK will not survive the next general election, and I should not be surprised to see Kate Godfrey attach herself to some other vehicle, perhaps the LibDems, before that.

Note the tone: somewhere between patronizing and self-deluding: “awesome” young women who are so bloody ignorant that they do not even know that EU elections are taking place! Let alone who Nigel Farage is! Oh, but “racism”…oh yes, they oppose that (whatever it is), because they have had their empty little heads stuffed —at school and in the msm— with the “anti-racist” drivel, for years. As for the idea that those bimbos are really, actually, going to vote, ha ha!

Here is another idiot:

Meanwhile, in the real world, “Change UK” is running at 1% in the opinion polls for the next general election.

Update, 4 June 2019

Well, Change UK has now split in half, 6 of its MPs have left and will apparently be “Independents” again (having been elected as Labour or Conservative). I expect that they will join the LibDems in the end.



Anna Soubry, now the “leader” of the “party”, appeared on TV to talk about the split etc. She looked drunk (again). Sigh. Maybe she was just “tired and emotional”…

The only aspect that surprises me is that CHUKUP has 100,000 registered supporters, if the Independent report is correct.

Here we see Leave UK laughing at Anna Soubry and Change UK:

and looking at Anna Soubry on Sky News, it looks as if her red nose is presenting a challenge to the Sky make-up girl!

My advice to Anna Soubry is that she should just open another bottle and forget this idea that she is some kind of political leader and influencer, when she is little more than a political bad joke.

Douglas Carswell enjoys rubbernecking the car crash:

Cruel jibe, Angela…

The Labour rank and file join in…

Some typically obtuse Remain whiners and metro-liberal idiots in the msm still have not learned any lessons, though:

Jane Merrick needs it presented A-B-C style: British-politics-has-less-and-less-space-for-vague-“centrism”…

As for the tweet below, I seriously thought it a parody, but it seems not!

Here’s another one. These silly silly people really think that Twitter is incredibly important! This one thinks that a bit of “rebranding” and some intensive tweeting and Change UK will somehow be resurrected! Ha ha!

Below, a more erudite analysis (from February) than the tweets of the Remain whiners, but one which, unlike my own blog posting, did not predict the early end of Change UK with certainty.

Update, 8 August 2019

Usually, the Daily Express “newspaper” can be ignored, but the story linked below is not without interest. Drunken idiot MP Anna Soubry expresses her disillusionment with Fathead Chuka and says that she thinks that he “is the future of our country”! Whatever she is drinking today, I think that I need some too! In what parallel universe is that mixed-race, smug, dim nonentity and publicity hound going to be “the future” for any country? He has a meltdown trying to decide which louche nightclub to visit! Fathead Chuka is a dead loss, but even now it seems that Anna Soubry cannot fully see that.

In any event, Change UK, now a total dead parrot, with a new name which I have forgotten —not that it matters– is yesterday’s news. Not really worth updating, but the report amused me.


Update, 19 August 2019

End of the line?


Time for Anna Soubry to start drowning her sorrows (again)…

Update, 24 October 2019

Update, 21 October 2019


There are now only half a dozen Change UK MPs left, the rest having either decided to leave politics or join the LibDems.

Update, 14 November 2020

Late update. In the General Election of December 2019, CHUKUP, rebranded as Independent Group for Change, put up 3 candidates, each one losing badly (average vote-share 6%).

Five days later, Anna Soubry announced that the party was disbanding. She then went for a swim in another vat of booze.


The New Party, “Change UK”, Is Already As Good As Finished

I have in the recent past posted a few analyses of the Labour and Conservative defectors who called themselves the “Independent Group of MPs”, which has now become the new party Change UK. I concluded that, if it became a party, it would have even less success than had the Social Democratic Party [SDP] in the 1980s: see Notes, below.

Change UK is now putting up candidates for the EU elections. As far as I know, it missed the boat for the UK local elections and in any case would have had few candidates available.

My attention was caught by the tweet below. The tweeter is “Senior Political Correspondent” for the online news outlet BuzzFeedUK.

The tweet makes the point readily enough. Change UK is the unalloyed party of Remain. It is also, as Wickham’s tweet suggests, the party of the Westminster Bubblers, and of the cronies and families of existing MPs and others who, like “Tricky Dicky from Billericay”, have been “doing rather well” out of the existing political and socio-economic system. I notice, as one does, that Change UK also seems to be the party of (some of) the Jews and (both Jewish and non-Jewish) Zionists. Luciana Berger, Mike Gapes, Gavin Esler etc.

Only this morning, Change UK launched its EU election campaign. 3,700 people wanted to be Change UK candidates. 70 were chosen. Some “celebrity” new candidates were announced: Gavin Esler, Rachel Johnson (one-time Editor of The Lady, and sister of that idiot who wants to be Prime Minister and whose comic am-dram reprise of Winston Churchill is apparently admired by a few people who have dined too well at the golf club).

Esler added: “I have never been a member of a political party but I am now.
“I have never been a candidate in an election but I am now. I have never been seriously worried about the future of our country but I am now. Our political system is a joke. It is a worldwide joke. They are laughing at us – not with us, at us.” [The Guardian]

Those who have read my blog posts about The Independent Group/Change UK will not be surprised to be told that I rate the chances of the new party as being somewhere around zero. This is not in fact a party at all, but a dustbin into which has been thrown unwanted rubbish from the Labour and Conservative benches of the House of Commons.

The Interim Leader of this party without policies is Heidi Allen MP. She has made it very clear that Change UK (which has 11 defector-MPs now) will not bring down the present Conservative minority government:

“Asked if Change UK MPs would back the government in a no confidence vote, Ms Allen told the BBC: “I can’t say wholeheartedly that we’ll vote for the government, or indeed would we ever be a confidence and supply partner in any coalition type government. You need to see what the offer on the table is at the moment….Do I believe however that a general election is a smart thing right now for our country? Absolutely not.” [Daily Mirror]


Does Heidi Allen believe that statements like that fool potential voters? If she does, she must be even more stupid than I had imagined (despite her degree in astrophysics: I only ever met one person with such a degree, and that woman was as thick as two short planks…).

It is obvious to everyone, surely, that the “Change UK” MPs are unwilling either to precipitate a general election (which they probably could, given the numbers of the parties in the House of Commons) or to hold by-elections in their own seats, because they must know, in their hearts, that most of them have little or no chance of retaining those seats.

There are several reasons why I think that Change UK has no chance: its MPs, its palpable Hampstead/Highgate/Blackheath and also affluent provincial air, its paucity of policy, its apparently chaotic organization, and its connections with Jewishness and Israel (those latter being, though, the least of its problems).

Then we look at those MPs again….Heidi Allen, does anyone, anyone at all in the UK, see her as Prime Ministerial material? Fathead Chuka? Ha ha! He has a meltdown trying to decide what scent to wear and which nightclub to attend! What then about Anna Soubry, MP for Broxtowe, or should that be “for Plymouth and Angostura”?…

There is another aspect: the British people are not moving toward vague ZOG-approved “Centrism” (ZOG/NWO/EU-ism, if you like), but toward the so-called “extremes”, meaning that they actually want to be helped and not oppressed by their government, and they also want a government which can accomplish concrete results.

There is something doomed and even pointless about Change UK.

Some tweets from this morning (23 April 2019):

and there are thousands and thousands more like that…

This is a doomed party and I doubt that it will even have 1 MP after the next general election.








A few more thoughts

The funding of “Change UK” is opaque. It seems that it is funnelled via offshore trusts in at least two jurusdictions. Panama is one. The second part of the video below shows Joan Ryan, now a Change UK MP, at a time when she was still a Labour MP, conspiring with Shai Masot, an Israeli intelligence operative, and talking about using a million pounds in Israeli funds to suborn or corrupt MPs, presumably Labour ones. Does some of Change UK’s funding come from Israel or from secretive non-governmental Jewish sources?

Update, 26 April 2019

A tweet or two that caught my attention:

Update, 1 May 2019

Meanwhile, away from the pathetic defector MPs and their Israeli links, Brexit Party is storming forward, over the bodies of the already-dying “Change UK”:

This is incredible! I am not a “supporter” of Farage or “Brexit Party”, but this is the sort of reception that few get! Reminiscent of the Fuhrer (though without the depth or substance, of course). Brexit Party is on a roll! Only three weeks to go before the moment of truth (EU elections).

Update, 7 May 2019

While Brexit Party is holding large meetings, rallies almost, all over England (2,000 people in Peterborough, where the by-election is due on 6 June), Change UK is holding tiny gatherings, promoted by typical msm “journalists” (almost all pro-Israel, pro-Remain, anti-Brexit).


Update, 8 May 2019

Ironic! Lying Jew Zionist Mike Gapes MP (MP until the next general election…) well and truly put in his place by LBC’s Iain Dale (who usually bends over backwards for Jews)! If it had been any other presenter, Gapes would be screaming “anti-Semitism!” by now!

An interesting tweet (see below), from a week ago but just noticed: Change UK is less popular than Brexit Party even in metropolitan, cosmopolitan London!

and now Chris Leslie, one of the Change UK MPs, i.e. a political careerist elected under the Labour banner and who, facing deselection from his very safe seat, defected to the “Independent Group” which is now Change UK, decides to comment on the contrived Jess Phillips “rape” storm in a teacup:


Unfortunately for deadhead Leslie (who belonged to Labour Friends of Israel….quelle surprise…), “Sargon of Akkad” (Carl Benjamin) is a UKIP candidate and not a Brexit Party one! Leslie wrong again. Thousands of replies later (see the thread), Leslie has still neither deleted his inaccurate tweet nor apologized. Incompetent little chancer, who has never had a job outside politics. A drone.


Meanwhile, ex-BBC Jew journalist Gavin Esler is learning that it is easier to sit on the sidelines and comment than to join the political fray:


Update, 14 May 2019

So now it turns out that some of the big donors to “Change UK” are a pack of Jews who are also behind finance-capitalist projects designed to snoop on British people. The names are enough…Isaacs, Sugarman, Agioff…

Update, 15 May 2019

You really could not make it up! Change UK (appropriately known as CHUKUP) is an “organization” of donkeys which is also “led” by donkeys! I have nothing against real donkeys (charming little friends of humanity who are more worthy and more beautiful than any of the CHUKUP MPs) but I prefer not to vote for human ones to rule over us!

Meanwhile (see below), faux-revolutionary poseur Owen Jones interviews Anna Soubry MP, who appears to have been on the sauce again, judging from her mannerisms and words. Or maybe she just has mental problems. Or both. She conflates freedom of speech (which she claims, falsely, to support) with freedom of movement inside the EU. Of course, she is a bit thick anyway, and certainly not educated or cultured. She says that the “white working class” are against immigration because they have never seen non-whites! She’s either cuckoo or drunk (again)! She also says that she does not want the votes of any Broxtowe voters who are anti-immigration. Bin her. Evil old bitch.

I hope that she loses her Commons seat and subsides into an alcoholic stupor somewhere.

Update, 18 May 2019

Some of the ex-Labour Change UK idiots now try to worm back into the Labour Party! Ha ha! I bet that fathead Chuka is one of them!

Meanwhile, in revolutionary Birmingham…

Excruciating. Even as a 22 year old, in 1978, leading my own tiny outfit, I still managed an audience of about 30 (above a pub in Chelsea)!

Not sure where fathead Chuka is now. Carnaby Street? He should have picked the Strand (because “you’re never alone with a Strand”)


Imagine this: fathead Chuka was once spoken of (in the corrupt msm) as ministerial or even prime ministerial material! They said the same about airheaded Heidi Allen! Imagine idiots like that at the head of affairs! It might be even worse than the present bunch of idiots…

…while in Liverpool, Jewish couples meet to shoot the breeze while they shop…oh, no, wait, it’s Zionist MP Luciana Berger and her few supporters

Even in pro-Remain Edinburgh [see above and below], Change UK can only attract an audience of about 20 (mainly if not entirely msm scribblers)!

In the opinion polls, Change UK are now at or under 2%. Looks like this blog foretold the future accurately (again). Only 5 days to go before “Change UK” sinks permanently.

I just noticed this “blast from the past”: Zionist Kate Godfrey thought that she had a freeloading “Labour” political career set up, no doubt with the help of Common Purpose drones, but people saw through her careerism and Zionism, with the result that she never did become an MP, and later resigned from the Labour Party in a fit of pique, relocating from West Midland to East Midlands. Now she tries to become an MEP for Change UK! You couldn’t make it up! Ha ha! She made the wrong call yet again! She used to tweet nonsense about me to other Zionists in their Twitter echo-chamber, a few years ago. Looks like “the Curse of Millard” is still working!

Change UK holds a “rally” (5 members of the public and 5 reporters)!

Well, I was there a month ago, but the msm is now finally catching up with me!

“Change UK is dying before it even learned to walk. Its MPs know it. Its candidates know it. The public knows it. Change UK never really wanted to change anything. What it wanted most of all was for things to stay the same. For the UK to remain in the EU and for the extremes of both the Tory and Labour parties to shut up and go away” [ The Guardian]





Update, 23 May 2019

So here we are, EU election day, and “Change UK” is tweeting (see below) that the problems of the UK are all because of “the lies” supposedly told by “the far right”, UKIP and Brexit Party (none of which have ever had any power in the UK)…


Meanwhile, I sincerely hope and believe that Change UK is being slaughtered at the polls.

Update, 26 May 2019

Votes being declared in the EU Elections. The BBC interviews Heidi Allen MP, the ex-Conservative defector now in Change UK. She says that CHUKUP is only “at the start of something”. Asked “where does Change UK go from here?”, she answers with waffle. CHUKUP is not even contesting the important Peterborough by-election. It’s finished.

Update, 27 May 2019

Oh, no! Looks as though Anna Soubry has been hitting the bottle again, following CHUKUP’s terminally poor European Elections results…

Even in the Broxtowe area, in which Anna Soubry’s constituency is located (the boundaries are not exactly the same but almost the same), CHUKUP only managed 4.7%. Anna Soubry should just open another bottle and try to forget what is left of her unimpressive political career.

Update, 24 June 2019

Well,  Change UK (I call it CHUKUP) is still notionally in existence by polling at statistical zero. As I predicted on 18 May, Fathead Chuka [Umunna] has indeed had a meltdown and defected, though to the LibDems rather than back to Labour (they wouldn’t let him rejoin). He lasted a month or so in CHUKUP, so anyway rather longer than the day or two he lasted as Labour leadership candidate! What a total waste of space Fathead Chuka is! I suppose that he hopes that the LibDems will find him a seat to contest. Not Streatham, which has been safe Labour since 1992: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streatham_(UK_Parliament_constituency)#Elections_in_the_2010s

Meanwhile, “Interim Leader” Heidi Allen clashed with drunken creature Anna Soubry. Allen advised a merger with the LibDems. When Soubry attacked the idea, Heidi Allen walked, and now sits as am Independent. That leaves Anna Soubry as “leader” of this waste of space “party” and its 5 MPs, none of whom will be MPs as soon as a general election is called.

As I predicted pretty much from the start, finished.

Update, 4 July 2019

I missed this: Change UK is now called The Independent Group for Change. The third or fourth name this dead-parrot “party” has had in its few months of existence.


I do not think that most newspapers even reported the above. Maybe a small paragraph on some obscure page. A sign that The Party Formerly Known As Change UK is on life-support, which with the next general election will be turned off.

Chuck Anna Soubry into a vat of alcohol and go home.


Three Blind Mice, See How They Run: Conservative Party MPs Defect to the “Independent Group”

Three Blind Mice, See How They Run

Three Conservative Party MPs, Anna Soubry, Heidi Allen and Sarah Wollaston, have defected to the Independent Group. All three have cited “no-deal” Brexit (which they oppose) as the triggering fact.

I have blogged twice already about IG in the past few days and also blogged recently about possible splits in both main System parties:




The three apparently intend to sit as Independents. They could have done that without pledging allegiance to IG, so presumably they look forward to IG becoming a registered political party, so that they can fight under its banner with a greater chance of retaining their seats in the House of Commons.

Heidi Allen

I start with the least experienced but also (the one I take to be) the best of the three. Heidi Allen has shown, in her stance on social security/welfare issues, that she has a social conscience lacking in most Conservative MPs (though her actual voting record has been patchy); in other areas she has shown a certain shallowness (she seems to favour so-called “refugees”). In other areas yet, I also disagree with her views: she is pro-EU and pro-abortion.

Her constituency, South Cambridgeshire, is safe Con territory, which she has made more safe: in her 2 elections, she has garnered 51.1% and 51.8% of the votes cast, whereas Andrew Lansley, her predecesssor, only got between 42% and 48% in his 4 elections (1997-2010).

How many votes will follow Heidi Allen, I have no idea. At one time, the Liberal Democrats showed strongly in South Cambridgeshire: their vote did not collapse in 2015, despite being at half of its 2010 level, and recovered slightly to 18.6% in 2017. Labour got 27.2% in 2017.

If Heidi Allen faces a new Conservative candidate, she will probably go down unless a large number of former LibDem and Labour voters switch to her. An uphill struggle though not impossible.

Anna Soubry

The oldest (62) and best-known of the three: a former local TV face, mainly in the East Midlands region. She was a TV reporter and presenter from age 25 to age 39 (1995), after which, having graduated in Law in the 1970s, she became a barrister, doing criminal cases. As far as I know, she was in the lower ranks even of the criminal Bar, but practised for about 12-13 years until elected to Parliament in 2010.

Anna Soubry seems to be one of the “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” crowd (anathema to me, of course): eg she favours both fracking and “equal marriage” (marriage of gays and lesbians).

Accused by many —and more than once— of having been drunk at Westminster (she denied the allegations), she threatened on Twitter (before I was expelled), to sue me, for referring to her as “the MP for Plymouth and Angostura”! That threat never materialized. Perhaps it was just the drink talking…

Anna Soubry is known for her rudeness of speech and for her opposition to what she is pleased to call “xenophobia”, i.e. she either supports or does not oppose mass immigration into the UK.

Broxtowe, Anna Soubry’s constituency, is a Con-Lab marginal, held by Labour 1997-2010. Anna Soubry scored 48.6% in 2017, perhaps helped by her numerous TV appearances on BBC Question Time etc. The Labour vote was 45.3%. Majority: 863. The other parties are of no importance. Anna Soubry might be able to get enough votes to win through, but the more likely result is that Labour takes the seat next time.

Sarah Wollaston

The most independent, superficially, of the three, Sarah Wollaston was selected as candidate following an “open primary” election held by her local Conservative Party branch. She was helped to election by her former occupation as a doctor (general practitioner), the profession consistently rated as “most trusted” in opinion polls.

Like the other two examined here, Sarah Wollaston is another one who is “fiscally conservative, socially liberal”, favouring “choice” (ie pro-abortion), not opposing mass immigration, supporting “equal marriage” etc (and calling its opponents “bigots”). Indeed, she is rather intolerant of opposing views: she blocked me on Twitter, without my ever having tweeted to her, but I cannot now recall whether her intolerance was triggered by my opposition to mass immigration or whether it had something to do with the “holocaust” mythus.

Sarah Wollaston is not as strongly pro-EU as the other two MPs, but seems to oppose mainly the “no deal” or “WTO” exit/Brexit path.

Sarah Wollaston’s carefully-crafted “liberalism” does not seem to extend to the poor or those in receipt of State benefits. She mostly voted for the punitive measures introduced by Iain Dunce Duncan Smith and his cohorts (eg bedroom tax, eg removal of lifetime tenancies of council housing).

Sarah Wollaston’s constituency, Totnes, is the only one of the three which I know personally. I appeared in 2006 as Counsel in the small magistrates’ court there several times (on behalf of South West Water, the utility company, which stood accused of minor corporate offences), and have many times visited the town. Totnes could be described as a town for affluent, well-educated (many bookshops, a Rudolf Steiner school nearby) and somewhat liberal-minded people.

Politically, Totnes has been Conservative since 1923 (though the present seat was only created in 1997, the previous one having been expunged in 1981), with the Liberals and then Liberal Democrats coming in strongly in second place until 2015. The LibDem vote collapsed then and did not much recover in 2017. In 2015, UKIP took second place with 14% of the vote (LibDems last out of five), while in 2017, Labour was second on 26.8% (LibDems third).

Sarah Wollaston’s vote has been consistently higher than scored by the previous Conservative MP, Anthony Steen (his father changed name from Stein), a rich Jew who had to resign during the pre-2010 expenses scandal.

Sarah Wollaston has the best chance, out of the three defector MPs, of retaining her seat. She is a truly local candidate (has lived there since the early 1990s), reflects the socio-political attitudes of many locals, and will probably be able to rely on many former LibDem and Labour tactical votes when opposed by a new Conservative candidate. However, in what could be a fairly tight 4-way split, anything is possible.

Final thoughts

These three MPs will sit as Independents until or unless the Independent Group becomes a registered party. The only one I would put any money on to retain her seat would be Sarah Wollaston. In any case, all three have a fallback position: Heidi Allen’s family has a successful motorbike paint company, Anna Soubry’s personal “partner” is a director of the Morrison’s supermarket business, while Sarah Wollaston remains a doctor (though non-practising since 2010) and her husband is an NHS psychiatrist.













The fact that the absurd, leaderless, policy-free “Independent Group” is now already running at 14% in the opinion polls tells me that the British people are getting desperate for change, perhaps any change. Social nationalism is now in with a real chance.

Twitter reaction