Diary Blog, 19-20 January 2020

It is late on 19 January, so my diary blog will cover the couple of hours left of today, and also the day to come.

Jewish groups are very much involved in every aspect of the migration-invasion of Europe.

George Feifer

The journalist and author George Feifer has died. Obit:


I recall reading his 1976 book Moscow Farewell circa 1982. Rather decadent. It did, though, have the immediacy of fresh reportage: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2253407.Moscow_Farewell

Disappearing UK


In 2020, the UK mainland has over 44M buildings; the figure was 40M in 2010. Frightening. Mainly a result of migration-invasion, aka The Great Replacement.

Speaking of “the Great Replacement”, I saw an episode of the detective show Vera, set in the North-East. Several of the characters were of mixed race, though that must be uncommon in a region with over 90% white population. Just more propaganda, I suppose…

Labour “should abolish itself”


Rather slight, analytically, and I have little time for Andrew Roberts, but worth reading…just.

Latest on Harry and the Royal Mulatta

“The only person having a good time is Meghan”


Of course. After all, the mulatta is not far off 40, and as a rather minor TV star would have been over the hill in the USA by now, whereas she is now a “duchess” and a “British” “royal” (and, by the way, the removal of the “HRH” means nothing to most Americans, blind to such niceties; one congressman even tweeted that the mulatta and Harry are both “monarchs”!).

The mulatta has beaten the biological clock and her son will no doubt be quite wealthy thanks to (mainly) the Windsor connection. In Cockney-ese, MM has “played a blinder”.

There is no need to assume, as many have done, that the mulatta stalked and bagged Harry like a modern Diana (the Roman deity, not Harry’s mother); the relationship was no doubt on some level or levels a genuine one. However, there was no doubt also an element of calculation. In any case, MM was born, brought up and lived in a milieu of Southern Californian instant gratification. She has tried out the “British royal” thing for a couple of years now and says that “it is not working for me”.

I blogged quite a while ago that Harry was in danger of becoming that stock character of American sitcom-land, the henpecked husband. I should say that he has now gone beyond even that and has, in the American vernacular, become a “cuck”…

It occurs to me that Harry is also like another fictional character: Vronsky, in Anna Karenina. In that book, Anna and Vronsky are cold-shouldered by Petersburg society, and so decide to go to live in Italy. Anna settles to the life of an exile, but Vronsky finds himself homesick (and homesick as perhaps only a Russian can be). His Russian officer friends are all doing well in their careers etc, while he feels almost like an appendix to Anna: useless, pointless, resentful.

Harry of course is not Vronsky, not Russian, not completely exiled either. However, I think that the comparison stacks up. What about MM? Well, of course she is not exiled by living in North America anyway. She was born in the USA and has lived in (and indeed had her only real acting success in) Canada. Only Harry is being exiled, or exiling himself.

As to Harry’s view of the world, he seriously seems to believe that he has faced huge challenges in his life, when in reality he has never had to face a tenth or even a hundredth of those faced by most people. He’s a spoiled brat, basically. People have said that of MM, but it applies even more to Harry. MM is what she is. Harry knows better, or should. This will not end well.

BBC and Channel 4

I doubt that I am alone in thinking that the very well paid women in the msm should just shut up about how unfair their lives are and how underpaid they are. If I never saw or heard from Samira Ahmed, Carrie Gracie, Sarah Montague and the rest of that overpaid group, I should be more than content. While most people in the UK struggle, these women already make hundreds of thousands in most cases. Yes, it may be that the (male) idiot on the sofa or in the studio with them gets even more. Want equality? Then let’s reduce their pay and that of the men to a less-obscene level. Not £600,000 a year, not £300,000 a year. Something nearer to £100,000 or £150,000. Unwilling to accept that level of remuneration? Fine. Bye…

In reality, the BBC bought off Carrie Gracey, someone scarcely known to the public, for £700,000! Sarah Montague has just had £400,000 in cash thrown at her to shut her up. Yet they still whine about the “unfairness” of their lives! Just SHUT UP!

As for the BBC casually throwing away millions on such rubbish and other rubbish, that outdated waste of space really has come to the end of the patience of the people. I favour, greatly favour, public service broadcasting, but the BBC is not really that any more anyway. It has to be ruthlessly cut down and purged.

Radio 3

In the car, my default choice is Radio 3. Sadly, a kind of Radio 2 influence has crept in. It seems worse on Saturday mornings. Stop it.

Example of social insanity



Once again, now that the sea state is again calm, many small boats full of migrant-invaders are arriving from France. To say that the State should “deal with” the occupants on the beaches or at sea might seem harsh, but after a few days, the word would get out and spread abroad (literally), and that would be the end of the problem. As it stands, the invaders are being met halfway across the Channel, picked up and escorted to he UK and permitted to claim “asylum”. Good word. The UK and Europe generally has indeed become a asylum, in the lunatic sense.

Alison Chabloz in UK, others elsewhere

Alison Chabloz is still being repressed by an unholy alliance of provincial political police and (manipulating them) the Jew-Zionist cabal.

Meanwhile, in Germany and Austria:

The System, under the (((usual))) influence, seems intent on closing down all avenues of peaceful or non-violent protest.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi propaganda continues

I have blogged before about this:


The latest UK TV ad to display these traits is, arguably appropriately, the holiday company “Hoseasons”. Black man, blonde wife, mixed children…the usual…

Time to say goodnight to my readers:

10 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19-20 January 2020”

  1. Infinity Africans just aren’t enough for our noble and selfless political masters (or for the Beeb where Sables outnumber the indigenous if one were to believe their “programming”).

    More than 1,700 migrants have crossed the Channel in small boats during 2019 [but hardly any have been returned].
    Natalie Elphicke MP cited.

    Channel migrants mostly given asylum.

    Free bikes for refugees and asylum seekers…


    Never forget (not those living on the streets…?)


      1. Yes indeed, “once a pickle, never a cucumber”.

        Seen this? Who benefits from how news coverage of the Middle East is managed? They subsidised Reuters (with taxpayer funds naturally) to publish the news stories They wanted to see.


        …So an “unorthodox” plan was hatched which involved the BBC paying “enhanced subscriptions” to Reuters for access to its news copy, on the basis that the Treasury would then compensate the BBC’s government-funded international services for the extra cost.

        In this way, Reuters would be provided with “concealed support”. A Foreign Office memo stated it was important to avoid “any suggestion of a secret arrangement between HMG and Reuters”…..


        Makes you wonder what other man-in-the-middle info laundering tricks the Beeb was up to, especially in WW2. And also reminds of the joke in the 1930s about the Foreign Office being really the “All-too Foreign Office”.

        So now it takes a (presumably non-procreating) homsexual to argue with George Galloway that the ethnic Briitish have a right to survive notwithstanding media incessantly pushing Coudenhove-Kalergi race-mixing indoctrination. Martin Webster in 2018:


      2. Good grief! Would not have recognized him. I met him once or twice at NF HQ circa 1974-75. The other leading people too: Tyndall, Reed Herbert, Kingsley Read etc. 45 years ago now.

        George Galloway is a political idiot (though I concede that he is a grade-A speaker). He blocked me when I had a Twitter account. He suffers from the usual cartoon-Marxist cognitive dissonance: anti-Zionism in Israel, but in effect a doormat for the Zionist agenda in the UK and the rest of Europe (race-mixing, mass immigration, and of course the whole “holocaust” farrago). He seems very triggered and motivated by money, too.


  2. Harry is a class-A idiot to marry that scheming Mulatta,lower-class tart. Those of us with brains could have told him she is trouble with a capital
    T and was more interested in his position as a member of one of the world’s most famous and important Royal Families and not him as a person. She is clearly a manipulative and scheming social climber par excellence.

    If he had any sense he would divorce her now before she does it to him and then attempts to take either him, his family or both to the cleaners for money in the courts. After that, she plans to tell lies about our Monarchy on Oprah etc and make a packet that way. He is incredibly naive. Even as an ‘ordinary’ very wealthy man he should know that people with his financial resources often find it difficult to find a person who loves them for who they are and not for the size of their bank accounts and that especially applies to Princes of Royal Families!

    It could have been all so different. All he had to do was to marry someone befitting his status as a Prince from his own upper-class social background from Britain, Germany etc There are match making services for the very rich and I’m sure any of them would have been delighted to have a Royal Prince on their books!

    You are right to assert that this is not going to end well and that, no doubt, especially applies to him.


  3. Meanwhile, our esteemed PM Boris-Idiot’s latest idiocy is to try and ‘get down with the plebs’ by moving the House of Lords to York rather than having it stay in London.🙄

    Can someone please tell this cretin that virtually nobody is concerned as to where the House of Lords conducts its business! People want it to be either abolished outright, the half-baked ‘reforms’ of Tony Bliar reversed in full, or for it be to seriously reformed by having it either elected 100% or partially elected by the type of electoral system the Tories are allergic to (other than in Scotland or Wales!🙄) ie by Proportional Representation.


  4. Yes, with his nonsensical House of Lords proposal, we are fully into clown world with one of the most pathetic morons who has ever inhabited No.10 Downing Street. Can someone, somewhere rid us of this pestilence?🤬😡☹️😞


  5. It is utterly disgraceful to see the level of persecution Martin Sellner suffers from. All he wants to do is protect his beautiful homeland of Austria (which I have been fortunate enough to visit) and Europe as a whole from becoming inundated with the Third World and becoming in the process alien.

    I doubt whether Jews have much to do with his persecution to a huge extent though no doubt that would be the case to a more mild degree because Austria has very few Jews living in it and most of them are the ultra-Orthodox ones that normally don’t get too involved in politics. As ever it is the secular, barely religious and Zionist fanatic ones that cause trouble.


    1. Jews influence countries like Austria not by numbers but by manipulations at a high level: EU infestation, banking, legal and legislative moves, corruption of msm and politicians.


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