Diary Blog, 6 February 2020

Keir Starmer, and freemasons in Parliament

I was interested to discover (if possible) whether Keir Starmer is a freemason. I assumed that he probably is, he having been Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). In looking at the Internet, I saw this, from 2018:

Secret Freemasons groups for politicians and journalists have been operating in Westminster, it has been reported.”


“According to The Guardian, the secret society has two arms established for people working on the parliamentary estate.

The newspaper revealed that the New Welcome Lodge is for MPs, peers and parliamentary staff, while Gallery Lodge is for political journalists with access to parliament, known as the lobby.

Freemasonry records show that both are still active. It is understood that the New Welcome Lodge has 30 to 40 members, around four of which are MPs, while Gallery Lodge has 45 members.” [Politics Home]


That must be merely the tip of the iceberg. It would be naive indeed to imagine that only 4 MPs out of 650 are freemasons! There must be other lodges in and around Parliament. However, nothing directly about Starmer.

My interest in Starmer stemmed from the fact that he is now backing “all-BAME lists” for candidate MPs. In other words, Labour is “thinking about” introducing a colour bar! Oh, it’s OK, because it will discriminate only against white British people…

In fact, this further nail in Labour’s coffin is, in a sense, logical. As I have been blogging for a few years, Labour is now to a large extent the party of the ethnic minorities (except Jews). This latest nonsense just confirms that. As for white (formerly known as “British”) people, they can just “like it or lump it”. My feeling is that, even more than is presently the case, English people (especially) will turn their collective back on Labour and seek another horse to back.

Musical interlude

Katie Hopkins

I have posted something about Katie Hopkins losing her Twitter account:



The music of Myaskovsky is regrettably little-known in the West. One of his quieter symphonies, performed by the USSR State Symphony Orchestra, Yevgeny Svetlanov conducting:

Another version?

Westminster voting intention

The two latest opinion polls. Both show the same picture: Cons high by default, Lab floundering around its core vote (25% to 30%), nothing else of interest:

A “free country”?

One word or tweet about the Rothschilds and their role in politics or history (not even mentioning the word “Jew”) and a footballer is “charged” by the Football Association [FA]! Incredible…and look (((who))) are publicizing it…Did (((they))) complain about it in the first place? I wonder…

More trouble caused by Zionist Jews


The Westminster City Council was set to reject the plans for a horribly ugly “holocaust” permanent exhibition by the Palace of Westminster, until this evil dystopian and Zionist lobby-ridden “government” [ZOG] took away the Council’s power to bin the scheme. The idea is rubbish, the design is even worse. Bin it. Bulldoze it.

Just before midnight…

24 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 6 February 2020”

  1. So, not only is Labour seemingly wholly unaware that one main reason for their having gone down to one of their largest ever defeats (in terms of seats at any rate) is because of their perception by many Britons as being anti-British one leadership candidate is seriously proposing to make this perception TOTALLY OBVIOUS!🙄

    Yet, he is supposed to be the ‘moderate’ contender for their leadership!🙄

    Labour really is a totally busted flush with no new and original thoughts as to how to improve Britain for the British people. Instead of getting rid of this anti-British feeling they want to double-down on it instead!

    If they can’t be bothered to provide a decent opposition to the CON Party then get out of the way. This country needs a credible opposition to hold the CONS to account. I would advise any ‘leftie’ to vote Green or Lib Dem as Labour has gone ‘missing in action’ and is not about to re-appear anytime soon!🙄


    1. Labour is so utterly hopeless and irrelevant they can’t even get true ‘leftism’ right ie in the sense that this decrepit and not fit for purpose Party won’t back Proportional Representation. Lefties are supposed to view democracy as an inalienable good IN ITSELF as a fundamental value of a ‘good’ society yet the Labour Party won’t back an inherently fairer and thus more democratic system of translating votes into seats.

      What sort of power does an ordinary worker/person have in a society compared to the owners of capital ie businessmen and women?

      Their only real power lies in the fact they have ONE vote just like the owner of a private company does but if that vote DOESN’T have the same value in many constituencies ie if isn’t cast for the ‘bosses’s party’ ie the Tories then the ‘workers’ party’ will be less powerful than it should be and hence those without capital ie the ordinary plebs in society will come off worse than the rich!

      LABOUR REALLY ARE DUMB to back an electoral system ie First Past The Post that is inherently more rigged in the Tory Party’s favour!🙄🙄🙄




      1. Labour will ‘hit the jackpot’ in terms of its number of MPs in the House of Commons ie like it did in 1997 occasionally BUT over the LONGER TERM the ‘boss’s party’ ie the CON Party WILL DO and HAS DONE far better.


      2. 1997 was a one-off. Labour label but nothing underneath except transnational finance capitalism and international Jewry. Labour’s crumbs thrown to the masses (new schools, hospitals, libraries) were mostly paid for or not paid for by PFI and debt schemes.


  2. The Labour Party has already lost the Scottish white working-class vote and now they will lose what is left of the English and Welsh one as well if they carry-on down this demented ‘woke’ path.


      1. Labour are very lucky that the Welsh still tend to view their nationalism in terms of their culture and language rather than a political nationalism like the Scots do with the SNP and thus don’t vote for Plaid Cymru on the whole because if they do start to do that then Labour is really ****ed as a party!


      2. There is also the point that it becomes clear that (as I always said) if Scotland wants to break free from UK control (and UK subsidy!) it will be a poorer country in money terms. Its people will have to accept that. The North Sea Oil is not now going to be quite the bonanza the SNP imagined (even were they to be able to grab it). Wales, out of the UK, would be even poorer. Very poor.


  3. What was that Enoch Powell said in his famous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech? Was it something about,”the black man having the whip hand over the white man”?🙄🤬😡☹️😞


      1. I don’t think Powell wanted to risk being incarcerated! What did Voltaire say? Wasn’t it something along the lines of to find out who rules over you find out who you can’t criticise?


  4. Yes, so-called ‘New Labour’ was a globalist Zionist Jew extremist-riddled fraud. I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but I am proud to say I was never conned like so many British people unfortunately were by that vile Bliar creature and his shadowy backers.

    If we had had PR in 2001 then Bliar may not have been so prepared to commit our troops in a war that only Israel really benefited from ie the Iraq War 2 since they would have had not so grotesque seat numbers that were out of line with their real popular support.

    Studies show that countries with PR go to war, on average, less often and that when they do the decision to go to conflict is a one taken with more broad support in parliament.


  5. The electoral system used for the Scottish Parliament would be a good replacement for the archaic crap of First Past The Post as used for Westminster. That being said, I can think of a few improvements that could be made to it ie the regional party list element of the system should be linked together and a small 3-5% national threshold introduced so that parties that get enough support overall across Scotland or the UK get seats instead of having to get enough (from about 6% of the vote upwards) votes WITHIN regions and also the lists should be made ‘open’ so that voters can back one individual candidate from within their favoured party’s list and they can thus override the party’s pre-election set order.

    This latter idea was recommended by a report into the Scottish Parliament’s electoral system but, sadly, has not been implemented.


  6. So, Labour is floundering at its core level of support and seemingly stuck there. They could do with getting themselves a decent leader with fresh ideas for the future! Oh dear, wait! And WAIT and, er, WAIT, and WAIT! You get the picture soon enough!

    Apart from some fairly serious personal faults, Clive Lewis had the most to offer in terms of fresh thinking ( or, at least, some of his ideas) but he isn’t on the ballot paper!


      1. I would have said Keir Starmer was their best bet but if he is not only going to maintain but ADD to the perception of the Labour Party being a party just for non-Jewish ethnic minorities and for white, self-hating, ‘Champagne Socialist, ‘woke’ idiots then he is another one to cross off the list. That leaves a very poor field left indeed with those who are left with big credibility problems of their own.

        Get Keir Starmer in but persuade him to tack to the ‘Left’ a bit economically-speaking, dump the PC ‘wokeness’ and rabid globalism and, finally, embrace serious constitutional reform WHERE IT IS ACTUALLY NEEDED ie WESTMINSTER.


  7. We are surely getting into the depths of a truely surreal ‘Twilight Zone’ as far as so-called ‘anti-semitism’ is concerned when even a footballer is accused of it! I really doubt Mr Tom Pope puts much thinking into his random thoughts on Twitter and is sufficiently political to be ‘anti-Semitic’ In the first place! Indeed, I KNOW this man isn’t since I have read on his Twitter account that he thinks all the mainstream parties in Britain are a pile of excrement and didn’t vote on December 12th and nor would he be about to start 🙄😂🤣😂 Michael Owen has admitted to rarely voting as well.

    Professional footballers, in the main, live-up to their stereotypes ie they aren’t too brainy on the whole and aren’t interested in politics or current affairs.😂🙄😂🤣 Pretty much ALL they are interested in are fast sports cars such as Porsches or Ferraris , material possessions such as diamond encrusted Rolexes, and having as much sexual intercourse with as many beautiful young, nubile women that fling themselves at them in nightclubs as is humanly possible.🙄🙄

    Really, when is this extremist Jew Zionist/Israel First fake ‘charity’ going to get a life and stop finding ‘anti-semitism’ where it doesn’t exist?


    1. Ha ha! My late father (a professional footballer for a few years in the late 1940s up to early 1950s) could not believe the pay they get now! Not that he was at top level anyway (several teams, main one Reading, though he also played for Sunderland and did one season with Crystal Palace and one with Walsall).

      I think that the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” may soon be fighting its Waterloo.


  8. On the whole, the Welsh don’t go in for political separatism and see no need to do so. They just wish to see their distinctive culture and language respected and taken into account within the United Kingdom. Welsh nationalism is a cultural and linguistic nationalism. If Wales were to separate from the UK they would be very poor indeed as you say. I can’t see how they would make a decent amount of money to finance expensive public services away from the UK.

    Indeed, ‘Scotland’s oil’ as that famous SNP slogan put it is not entirely Scotland’s oil. Scotland would do better than Wales if were to go its own way but it would still struggle.


  9. I agree with you entirely about that horrifically ugly Holocaust memorial near to Parliament. Our Parliamentarians (with rare exceptions) especially those who are that elected by the absurdly undemocratic First Past The Post electoral system, are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard but they do work in one of the most iconic and attractive parliamentary buildings in the world (only the Hungarian Parliament is as nice to look at in my opinion) so this memorial will spoil the view and setting of this official WORLD HERITAGE SITE and should not be allowed on that basis.

    I have been near those gardens next to Parliament where this ghastly memorial is due to be sited and they are one of the few decent open space sites in central London. If I was a well-heeled Tory living in one of those expensive properties nearby (Tory headquarters used to be in Smith Square not far from there) I would have seriously considered voting for the Lib Dem candidate (yes, even though that person was Chukka!) in the recent general election to protest against this proposed eyesore.

    If it really must be built, and I don’t see any particular reason why it should be seeing as the Imperial War Museum has an exhibition devoted to the subject, then put it in a Jewish area of London like Golders Green instead of ripping the heart out of an nice public park and spoiling the setting of a world famous and world appreciated Parliament building.


    1. I would not go to the Imperial War Museum now that it devotes considerable space to the “holocaust” farrago. I have been a couple of times in the past (1980s) when I was often in the area anyway.


      1. It is an excellent museum and undoubtedly one of London’s best. I last went there about 2005. I tend to lose track of time when I am in them and get engrossed in the displays. I just saw the World War One and World War Two displays. I didn’t bother with the Holocaust one. There was no need. After all, we have all heard and read about the story countless times over the years on tv, radio, films, books etc.

        P.S. One of the very few decent things the last Labour government done was to remove admission charges from museums. The CON Party wouldn’t do that as having a cultured nation isn’t really compatible with their beloved attachment to the worship of money and ‘free market’ Libertarian US-Republican style lunacy.


      2. Entrance to *most” London museums, certainly all the main ones, has always been free in my own lifetime: British Museum, National Gallery, V&A, Geological Museum etc. I recall paying for one special exhibition at the V&A, sketches and drawings by the architect of King Ludwig of Bavaria. The smaller ones have always charged though: Sir John Soane’s Museum etc.


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