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Diary Blog, 7 May 2022

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Saturday quiz

This week, I once again beat political commentator John Rentoul, scoring 6/10 as against his eccentrically-scored 4.5/10. I did not know the answers to questions 3, 5, 7, and 8.

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I have no idea who is the idiot in the video clip, but you only have to look at him to see that he is a typical msm System drone, making money from compliance and worse.

I would echo the words of Enoch Powell as to this (“we must be mad, literally mad“) but of course this is all part of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, a plan by the New World Order to destroy white Northern Europe by importing huge numbers of blacks and browns, and encouraging mixed-race interbreeding.


Msm reporting that the Jew Zelensky, figurehead of the Kiev regime, is “open to negotiation” with Putin. A sure sign that the Kiev regime is in trouble, militarily.

Despite reports of Ukrainian counter-attacks and even a counter-offensive, it seems clear that Russian forces are slowly winning the battle of attrition in the Ukrainian south and southeast.

As blogged previously, if the Russians can draw a line from the south, along the Dnieper river, through Zaporozhye and Dnipro [former Dnepropetrovsk], then up to Kharkov, then all Ukrainian forces east of that line are doomed, and most, in fairly open country, will be captured or killed.

Having said that, Zelensky’s pre-condition for negotiation, that all Russian forces be withdrawn (from where, though? The Donbass? Crimea?) is simply a stumbling-block which renders meaningful negotiation impossible.

Even the more limited demand, a return to pre-invasion positions, is really impossible.

Meanwhile, hawks in Washington and New York (many of them Jewish, or connected with the Jewish lobby) are calling for the West to send tanks, and even jet fighters, to the Kiev regime.

I am wondering whether, in the end, Russia will have only one card to play…and will play it, whether only tactically, meaning in the Ukrainian space, or strategically, beyond Ukraine.

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There are a number of superficially-opposed organizations which, at higher levels, work secretly together, forming in effect one organization. Freemasons and Jesuits, for example.

I was tweeting and blogging about this years ago, but not very many listen to me, because I do not have billions of dollars. Elon Musk has.

Unfortunately, basic income will probably become inescapable, and for the reasons given, mainly.

The quality-level seems low. Chuka Umunna; Jo Cox; Brendan Cox; even David Lammy?! As for Zac Goldsmith, I suppose the fact of his unmerited and inherited wealth qualified him.

Esther Rantzen, (supposedly) yet another great Jewish philanthropist…

I was listening in the car to part of a broadcast of Turandot, live from the Metropolitan Opera, New York, on BBC Radio 3 this evening. The presenter made the point that the star of the production, or one star, was Ukrainian, and that a huge Ukrainian flag was hanging down in the auditorium. No more “Black Lives Matter”, no more “Covid”. No, “Ukraine” (one-sided narrative of) is now the issue of the hour. The King is dead! Long live the King!

The sheer fakery around the “panicdcemic” is becoming obvious even to those who are usually “sheeple”. Look at newspaper comment columns.

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Diary Blog, 5 November 2021, with more thoughts about free speech in the UK

Remember, remember the 5th of November,

Gunpowder, treason, and plot,

Life is short but memory long

And traitors deserve to be shot.

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Import the people, import their politics, attitudes, and corruption.

Not that I am naive enough to think that white Northern European people can never be corrupt and greedy for money. In fact, I am just old enough to remember, inter alia, the Poulson Affair. “It brought to light allegations of Masonic influences and a UK-wide network of corrupt MPs, politicians and council officials” [The Scotsman]: see https://www.scotsman.com/arts-and-culture/poulson-affair-pelicans-brief-stunned-country-2444139; and http://www.royallatin.bucks.sch.uk/images/PDF/poulsonaffair.pdf.

It is a question of degree. In the UK, corruption of that sort has been generally, though certainly not entirely, absent. In places such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kurdistan etc, the corruption is ubiquitous.

Rishi Khosla…Rishi Sunak...Priti PatelMunira Mirza…”— Get the drift?

Both “Boris” Johnson and Zac Goldsmith are part-Jew. Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

Whatever happened to...Jon Holbrook?

I happened to be looking at some past blog posts, and saw the following one from January this year: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2021/01/31/diary-blog-31-january-2021-including-support-for-a-dissident-barrister/. It made me wonder what happened to the barrister mentioned.

Turns out that he was partly-exonerated, but still fined £500 and told off for one tweet that he tweeted: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9935427/Senior-barrister-called-schoolgirl-stroppy-teenager-colour-cleared-misconduct.html; and https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/news/barrister-cleared-of-misconduct-over-stroppy-teenager-of-colour-tweet-/5109605.article.

“…one tweet posted by Holbrook in 2020 was singled out by the panel because it ‘could promote hostility towards Muslims as a group’.

The tweet stated: ‘Free speech is dying & Islamists & other Muslims are playing a central role. Who will lead the struggle to reinstate free speech as the foundation of all other freedoms?’

The panel said it took into account the context in which the tweet was made, which was in response to a tweet calling for the Charlie Hebdo magazine to be shut down following the beheading of Samuel Paty by an Islamist. ‘The panel considered that the ordinary reasonable reader would understand the tweet to mean that the Muslim community was to blame for curtailing free speech.’” [Bar Disciplinary Tribunal].

In essence, that Holbrook case echoed mine of October 2016, but in a more muted way. In Holbrook’s case, the msm (especially the Daily Mail) came out in his support, and there was no huge kefuffle about him or his supposed political defaults. The penalty visited upon Holbrook was trivial by comparison. The reason is clear to me.

Holbrook’s tweets mentioned Muslims but not Jews; thus the Jew lobby on Twitter and offline did not have a serious go at Holbrook, whereas I was “crucified” in the msm Press, on Sky TV, online on Twitter etc. Google “Ian Millard barrister” and you will see the difference.

Strange that Holbrook thinks that Muslims in the UK are destroying free speech, when their behaviour, in terms of repression of free speech, is as almost nothing compared to that of Jews.

Or maybe Holbrook is just afraid to see the truth about the Jew-Zionist lobby (and then feel compelled to say something about it…). Holbrook, unlike me, was supported by the usual (and pro-Israel) pseudo free speech crowd: the Spectator, Toby Young and his “Free Speech Union” (free speech unless you say anything about the Jewish lobby…) etc, all of that lot, even Melanie Phillips!

Holbrook himself has blogged about the matter: https://jonholb.com/about/. Incidentally, I see that Holbrook (in common with several persons connected to the present Government), has made the political journey from the Revolutionary Communist Party of the 1980s to the realms of UKIP, Brexit Party or similar: https://jonholb.com/political-career/.

Holbrook may have survived, notionally, at the Bar (and is appealing the £500 fine and the connected determination), but has accepted that his 30-year Bar career is at an end, his chambers having “cancelled” him.

Holbrook is (I presume) too law-abiding and well-behaved to take direct action against those who “cancelled” and/.or insulted him, and is relying on the written word to put his case.

In the meantime, his backstabbing former colleagues, and those who kicked him when down, carry on earning, while he (I also presume) does not. That is his real punishment.

My own experience of repression of free speech by the Bar regulators (repression instigated by the Jew-Zionist lobby): https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

[me as London barrister, 1992]

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[dawn over the Moscow river, showing the Kremlin— the Spasskaya Tower and other towers, the Great Kremlin Palace, other palaces, and the Kremlin churches]

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Cruelty“, apparently, was being threatened with being suspended from the House of Commons for 30 days! Paterson would still be there had he just accepted that mild sanction. He doesn’t know how lucky he is! “A revolution without firing squads is not worth much” [Lenin]…

The House of Commons is an Augean Stables, which at some point —not far off— will have to be cleansed…

Britain is running on empty, and has been for some time. Look at its institutions: Monarchy, aristocracy, House of Lords, House of Commons, Army, Navy, Air Force, the Bar, the msm, the Church(es), the NHS etc.

Are any of the above more than empty shells now?

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More tweets seen

Of course “Boris” is happy with the migration-invasion. He, though unimportant in himself, is the chosen puppet (in the UK) of the Coudenhove-Kalergi conspiracy, i.e. the plan to eliminate white Northern Europeans and to create a mixed-race population ruled by Western cabals, the members of which are often at least part-Jew, like “Boris” himself.

Insanity Fair

Heard the BBC Radio 4 News in the car. What led the news agenda? Not the COP26 nonsense, not knife crime in London, not the Swedish autistic and her pathetic children’s crusade, not the UK-France fishing dispute and other problems. No, none of those, and neither was the news about the Ethiopian civil war, nor even about the huge numbers of migrant-invaders now crossing the Channel daily.

No, the main item on BBC News (radio and TV) today is that it is alleged that a cricketer in Yorkshire may have called a Pakistani…wait for it…a “Paki”!” Many years ago, at that. That is today’s big headline!

In fact, it seems that the socio-political operation was successful: the Chairman of Yorkshire County Cricket Club and others have resigned, and the club will now be headed by an Indian businessman called Patel.

That cricket club, until 1992, would not sign players born outside Yorkshire itself! Like bees, any others were considered “exotic”.

Tell me again how the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan is a “conspiracy theory”…

Greta Nut news

It seems that the notorious Swedish autistic has performed her usual petulant shouting act, and has railed about her usual limited repertoire, before “several thousand” [the Guardian] children and others at Glasgow.

Glasgow has a population of 600,000 in the city itself, 900,000+ in the urban/suburban area, and about 1.9M in the region.

Even if all the ~10,000 people on Greta’s march came from Glasgow city (they did not), then that represents, at best, 1 out of 60 people of that city. Or about 1 out of 180 in the wider region.

Not “people power“, as the deluded little puppet seems to imagine, but a tiny minority.

A PR event“? Pot/kettle…

More tweets

Scandal. Someone who probably worked hard, for slight reward and for decades, now cannot be seen by doctors or nurses, cannot find a proper place to rest, sees migrant-invaders pouring into the country and getting prioritized ahead of him, and on top of that sees an alien cabal stealing openly at Westminster and in Downing Street.

“NHS and police…1, 2, 3—CLAP!” (or perform a synchronized dance routine).

Are all the top political drones in the USA drugged and/or demented?

By the way, the MP, one Gary Streeter, who wants unvaccinated people to be subject to house imprisonment, is this idiot: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Streeter.

Gary Streeter was found guilty of an ethical offence when he was a practising solicitor. Better yet, according to Wikipedia, the bastard is a believer in “faith healing“! Just the sort of person to give the public or Government advice on medical matters involving Covid-19 ! Oh, no, wait…

Late tweets

Roberto Fiore…a “blast from the past”. Cannot recall now whether I met him (or not), long ago, mid/late 1970s, about 1978, at the League of St. George in London. Thinking about it, probably not, though I recall the name from either late 1970s or early 1980s.

I like it…

Something I do not like (below):

Migrant-invaders. Many will be criminal, some will be, or will become, terrorists. Almost all the rest will only be (if we are lucky) useless parasites.

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Diary Blog, 6 February 2020

Keir Starmer, and freemasons in Parliament

I was interested to discover (if possible) whether Keir Starmer is a freemason. I assumed that he probably is, he having been Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). In looking at the Internet, I saw this, from 2018:

Secret Freemasons groups for politicians and journalists have been operating in Westminster, it has been reported.”


“According to The Guardian, the secret society has two arms established for people working on the parliamentary estate.

The newspaper revealed that the New Welcome Lodge is for MPs, peers and parliamentary staff, while Gallery Lodge is for political journalists with access to parliament, known as the lobby.

Freemasonry records show that both are still active. It is understood that the New Welcome Lodge has 30 to 40 members, around four of which are MPs, while Gallery Lodge has 45 members.” [Politics Home]


That must be merely the tip of the iceberg. It would be naive indeed to imagine that only 4 MPs out of 650 are freemasons! There must be other lodges in and around Parliament. However, nothing directly about Starmer.

My interest in Starmer stemmed from the fact that he is now backing “all-BAME lists” for candidate MPs. In other words, Labour is “thinking about” introducing a colour bar! Oh, it’s OK, because it will discriminate only against white British people…

In fact, this further nail in Labour’s coffin is, in a sense, logical. As I have been blogging for a few years, Labour is now to a large extent the party of the ethnic minorities (except Jews). This latest nonsense just confirms that. As for white (formerly known as “British”) people, they can just “like it or lump it”. My feeling is that, even more than is presently the case, English people (especially) will turn their collective back on Labour and seek another horse to back.

Musical interlude

Katie Hopkins

I have posted something about Katie Hopkins losing her Twitter account:



The music of Myaskovsky is regrettably little-known in the West. One of his quieter symphonies, performed by the USSR State Symphony Orchestra, Yevgeny Svetlanov conducting:

Another version?

Westminster voting intention

The two latest opinion polls. Both show the same picture: Cons high by default, Lab floundering around its core vote (25% to 30%), nothing else of interest:

A “free country”?

One word or tweet about the Rothschilds and their role in politics or history (not even mentioning the word “Jew”) and a footballer is “charged” by the Football Association [FA]! Incredible…and look (((who))) are publicizing it…Did (((they))) complain about it in the first place? I wonder…

More trouble caused by Zionist Jews


The Westminster City Council was set to reject the plans for a horribly ugly “holocaust” permanent exhibition by the Palace of Westminster, until this evil dystopian and Zionist lobby-ridden “government” [ZOG] took away the Council’s power to bin the scheme. The idea is rubbish, the design is even worse. Bin it. Bulldoze it.

Just before midnight…

Deadhead MPs, An Occasional Series: The Karl McCartney Story

This is the latest in my occasional series about those whom I consider to be “deadhead MPs”. The lucky politico this time is Karl McCartney, MP for Lincoln 2010-2017.

I would not usually bother with someone who is no longer an MP and who is very unlikely to be returned to the House of Commons. In McCartney’s case, I have decided to make an exception. The reason is because McCartney’s combination of brash overconfidence, unpleasantness, personal moneygrabbing and expenses blodging, lack of interest in the poorer part of society and unimpressive academic and work background is now, and has become, over the past decades, almost typical of MPs (and by no means only on the Conservative side of UK System-politics). That such people can become MPs is an indictment of the selection and election procedures in place in the UK.

Lincoln is considered to be an “ultra-marginal” and a “swing seat”. In 2010, McCartney and the Conservatives won with 37.5% of the votes cast, as against 35.2% for Labour and 20.2% for the LibDems (BNP 3%, UKIP 2.2%, English Democrats 1.3% and an Independent on 0.5%).

In 2015, McCartney was re-elected: Con 42.6%, Lab 39.6%, UKIP 12.2%, LibDem 4.3%, TUSC 0.7%, Lincolnshire Independent 0.6%. The key points were the collapse of the LibDem vote by 16 points, the non-appearance of the BNP and English Democrats, and the rise of UKIP —by 10 points, though that was modest bearing in mind that the BNP and EDs did not stand. Both Con and Lab increased their percentages.

In 2017, the result was Lab 47.9%, Con 44.7%, UKIP 2.6%, LibDem 2.6%, Green 1.2%, and two Independents (0.6%, 0.3%). A pattern seen in many constituencies: UKIP slumping back to a 2010 or pre-2010 level and the LibDems failing to recover from the 2015 debacle and indeed slipping further. While the Con vote percentage did slightly increase –2 points– in 2017, Lab did far better–8 points higher. That despite the UKIP slump, despite McCartney favouring Leave/Brexit, despite the appearance of a Green candidate likely to impact the Labour vote. It is hard to escape the view that the Con loss was the result of popular judgment on McCartney himself.

McCartney was exposed from 2010-2017, in various ways, as unsuitable.

A lecturer at the University of Lincoln blamed McCartney’s laziness and complacency for the loss (see Notes, below) and was too polite to mention McCartney’s alleged porn-trawling (though that was, admittedly, in 2014), his employment of his wife at £50,000 a year via Parliamentary expenses, or his expenses generally.

On 28 February 2013 McCartney apologised to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) for the content of notes he had sent to staff. The notes were described by IPSA Chief Executive, Andrew McDonald as ‘abusive’, ‘offensive’ and ‘condescending’. McCartney’s apology stated, “I apologise unreservedly to IPSA for my comments” [Wikipedia]. and

“The following month he claimed that IPSA’s incompetence had forced MPs from all parties to borrow money and that he had had to ask his parents for financial assistance.[30] McCartney also said that he had been told by a “senior IPSA official” that the organisation intended to “damage MPs as much as possible,” a claim that IPSA said was “wild ..simply untrue.” [Wikipedia].

An idea of McCartney’s character can also be gained from the Twitter exchange printed in a local newspaper: https://www.lincolnshirelive.co.uk/news/lincoln-news/bitter-row-breaks-out-twitter-1447360

The readers’ comments section under that newspaper report was harsh:

Poor old Karl. He really needs to wipe away those tears and get on with his life. He is an arrogant, rude and bitter loser. And they are his good points. Lincoln and the Conservatives are better off without him. Ignore him Karen.”


Happiest day last year was when he walked away in a huff and refused to speak to anyone or congratulate at the election result which pretty much summed everything up.”

As to what McCartney is doing now, I think that the answer may be “very little”. I notice that, as I write this piece, around 1800 hrs, he has already tweeted or retweeted 29 times today, so far. His website seems to say that he will be the Conservative candidate at the next general election. It is hard to know why. One can only speculate as to why the local Conservatives have chosen him. He was a lay magistrate at one time; he is a Freeman of the City of London (see Notes, below), having “worked with”, his website claims, more than one Lord Mayor in the late 1990s. Freemason? I do not know.

McCartney obviously did pretty well financially in his 7 years as MP: salary of (then) about £70,000 pa, and wife’s salary (paid out of his expenses claimed) £50,000 pa; also possible other (outside) sources of income (I do not know about this). His overall expenses alone over his time as MP totalled well over a million pounds. He does not appear to have a job at present (there is nothing mentioned on his website); perhaps his wife has found another job, now that her well-paid work as her husband’s assistant has gone.

Readers of The Lincolnite (online newspaper) were as harsh as those commenting on Lincoln Live (above):

“A totally useless MP, more concerned about himself and his expenses than he ever was about Lincoln – amazed that they’ve reselected this waste of space.

John Bercow (Speaker, House of Commons) summed him up nicely with this in a parliamentary debate when McCartney let himself (and us) down yet again:

“Mr McCartney, calm yourself. Be quiet, young man. We do not need to hear from you. You add nothing and you subtract from the proceedings.”

Then there were the abusive notes (for which he had to apologise) he sent to the parliamentary expenses staff when they queried his expenses.”

Unvelievable! [sic] A sure fire way for the Conservatives to lose votes.”
It’s not what you know but who you know ,Roll your trouser leg up, funny handshake and fancy apron crowd.”


What are McCartney’s chances of getting back as Lincoln’s MP? Very slight. I have blogged elsewhere about the impact of Brexit Party (and slightly revived UKIP) on the Conservative vote, assuming that Brexit Party contests a general election. That alone would sink the Conservatives in an ultra-marginal such as Lincoln.

Another point is that present Labour MP, Karen Lee, who worked in shops for years before spending 14 years as an NHS nurse, still puts in some shifts at a local hospital, donating her NHS earnings to charity! What a contrast to greedy, moneygrasping and “entitled” McCartney! His work in the City of London in the 1990s was obviously so unimportant that even his own website says almost nothing about it (neither does he seem to have done much outside Con politics in the decade up to his election in 2010).

In addition to all that, Karen Lee is local in origin, whereas McCartney was born in Birkenhead, “Murkyside” (Merseyside), and was educated there and in Wales.

Well, there you are. My latest “deadhead MP”, who is hoping to resume his place at the trough soon. Over to you, voters of Lincoln…


















Note re. “Freeman of the City of London”:

In England, the most established borough freedom is that conferred by the Freedom of the City of London, first recorded in 1237. This is closely tied to the role and status of the livery companies. From 1835, the freedom “without the intervention of a Livery Company” has been bestowed by a general resolution of Common Council, by “redemption” (purchase), at one time for an onerous sum. Now the Freedom can be obtained by servitude, by patrimony, by nomination, or by presentation via a Livery Company. Freedom through nomination by two sponsors is available for a fee (known as a “fine”) of £100, but is free to those on the electoral roll of the City.” [Wikipedia]

Update, 1 May 2019

I am writing this update just after 1400 hrs. McCartney took to Twitter today at about 0600 and, by my reckoning, has, in the intervening 8 hours, tweeted or retweeted at least 52 times (I think that I have left out a few retweets). Quite a few of his tweets and retweets seem to be about “anti-Semitism” in the Labour Party. McCartney must have been part of the “Friends of Israel” crowd (like 80% of “Conservative” MPs). He obviously wants to remain (((onside))). I have no idea whether Lincoln’s deadhead former MP actually has a job at present. I doubt it. He seems an extremely unpleasant person either way.

Update, 18 July 2019


In the article above, written for The Lincolnite (local online newspaper), McCartney again obsesses about “anti-Semitism” in the Labour Party, saying that Labour peers have raised the issue again. Well, about 50 or 60 have, out of 179…

I wonder whether the voters of Lincoln share McCartney’s obsession with speaking out in favour of the Jewish lobby? I doubt it! As for the rest of his article, the Lincolnite needs a sub-editor to correct spelling errors (“buses” is right, “busses” is not) and grammar.

Some of the few readers’ comments on the above article have been unkind:


Why are you giving this failed Tory a voice he spent 1000s on a letter folder, and employed his wife as an assistant on 45k a year. He doesnt give a toss about us he just wants his expenses back…

“Graham R Peck

I am assuming the Lincolnite has decided to join his very early election campaign hence the article. I assume we will get more of the same until a General Election. As it stands he is a nobody and yet has got 3 times more space than the sitting MP who represents which Party? Well blow me
Seems that McCartney and his wife, a local councillor, are living rather well off the hump, despite having had their joint income reduced since his 2017 election failure:
Update, 3 November 2019
Well, it seems that McCartney’s leech-like tenaciousness in Lincoln might (against the odds and all reason) pay off. Corbyn-Labour is suffering a crisis of public confidence, while (by reason of that) Boris-Idiot and the misnamed “Conservatives” are riding high in the opinion polls.
People vote (mainly) according to party label and national trend rather than for or against the individual candidate. That plays to McCartney’s advantage here, however unfair that may be. At present, the Conservatives are favourites in the betting to retake Lincoln (1/2) whereas Labour is on 11/8:
He remains not universally popular in Lincoln, though:
Update, 24 November 2019
Update, 26 November 2019
If I myself say so, it was rather prescient of me to have included Karl McCartney in my Deadhead MPs series, inasmuch as the tides have turned, at least temporarily, in his favour, which means that he may well be back as MP for Lincoln (well, MP for His Own Benefit, His Wife’s Benefit, and, maybe, Lincoln) by 12 December.
The betting odds have McCartney favourite to retake the seat on Polling Day. That must reflect the general/national public sentiment against Labour, mainly, as well as McCartney’s pro-Brexit stance in a Leave constituency.
Brexit Party is standing, but is probably of no great significance now, Farage having shot his own party in the head (now at 3% or so in the opinion polls). UKIP stood at Lincoln in 2017, but only received 2.6% of the total vote.
Update, 13 December 2019
Well, the voters of Lincoln have evidently eaten too many potatoes. McCartney has been elected again as MP. He must be celebrating his return to paid “work”, generous (whatever he says) expenses, and perhaps to getting his wife back on the gravy-train (£50,000 pa as “assistant” or whatever, yet again via expenses), though the rules were changed for MPs elected in or after 2017, so it may be that he at least will be prevented from blodging in that way.
McCartney was elected this time because the Brexit Party candidate withdrew on his own initiative. What an idiot…his (guessing) several thousand intended votes probably did it for McCartney, who beat the far better Labour candidate, Karen Lee, by about three and a half thousand votes.