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Diary Blog, 15 August 2020

So nearly 4,000 people daily thought to be newly infected, yet the death rate (in hospitals) is still falling: the last recorded day, 20. So as a very rough and ready measurement, about 1 person dying out of every 200 (known to be) infected. Not an exact proportion, and with many random or variable factors, but it seems about right.

It is clear, surely, that the governmental over-reaction, and particularly the facemask nonsense, is not only over-reaction but also pointless, in that the main Coronavirus wave has passed, in fact passed months ago. In any case, facemasks have little impact overall.

This virus is real enough, but the governmental reaction (over-reaction) to it (not only in the UK but in many countries) has become a massive scam, building on the initial fear in order to impose rafts of “serf-citizen” fake legislation (in the UK, not properly passed by Parliament; misusing existing laws to impose invalid secondary legislation described as “rules” etc…).

It is clear, looking at the open jubilation of the World Economic Forum that “the virus” is an opportunity to impose a “Reset” of the world, that the New World Order (NWO) cabal(s) are, if not actually behind the release of this virus in China (was it in reality released in Europe at the same time?), then certainly using it to force the people of the advanced countries into compliant citizen-serfs.

Look at this (below)!

New Zealand plod denies that he is “thought police”, yet tells the citizen that if he continues to post about “lockdown”, the government, or MPs, he will be “over the line” and will be arrested!

New Zealand! Formerly one of the most —overall— free countries in the world! All that it has taken has been a very complacent citizenry mostly interested in sports, “celebrity” nonsense etc, then mass immigration of non-whites including Middle Eastern Muslims (leading to the Christchurch/Brenton Tarrant massacre, which in turn gave the NZ government the excuse to crack down on free speech online etc), a very “woke” prime minister, Jacinda Ardern (who used to work for the Tony Blair Labour Party in London), and finally “the virus” and fear thereof (though New Zealand’s remote location —not “lockdown”, please note— has largely protected it).

The are parallels with the UK. Here, as with New Zealand (an offshoot of the UK, originally), we have a very sleepy and complacent population, mostly interested in sports (not doing them, just watching team sports on TV) and “celebrities” (so-called). The level of socio-political (let alone historical) understanding is at a very basic level.

That population has accepted mass immigration, destruction of culture, the lionization (on the BBC and in the msm generally) of inferior and malicious persons who are in many cases outright enemies of this country; the people accepted the “lockdown” (shutdown) of most of the economy and society because they were paid off via furlough payments etc; now also accepting facemask muzzles and endless repression, not only of free speech, but even of everyday life.

I note that the New Zealand policeman is superficially “reasonable”, all the more so because he is being filmed, but underneath that is the expressed threat that, if the dissident citizen continues to post disagreement with the government, he will be arrested!

True, that “iron fist in velvet glove” approach to dissidence is softer than that adopted by, say, the authorities in Belarus, which is more “iron fist and no glove” but in the end is essentially the same: “do as we say or else…”.

The facemask nonsense is being kept up and hardened because the government wants to maintain control. It has nothing at all to do with stopping the very rare transmission of “particles” etc. If the government really thought that person to person transmission by proximity was a serious problem, the pubs would not be open, because pubs are the most likely places where such person to person air transmission might occur (along with offices, which are also open and without facemasks).

Other topics and tweets

Doubtful or not quite understood history. I suppose that the Soviet victory at Khalkin-Gol in 1939 [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battles_of_Khalkhin_Gol] might be said to have occurred on Soviet territory; grey area. Manchuria/Mongolia. Zhukov wrote about the military aspects in his memoirs.

The Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland 1939-40 [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_War] was quite different.

A group of Finnish soldiers in snowsuits manning a heavy machine gun in a foxhole.
[A Finnish machine-gun post, 1939-40]

The Finns won in the field, despite being hugely outnumbered. Hitchens says that “they lost in the end“. In the sense that Finland was forced, as part of the “peace” treaty, to cede Karelia to the Soviet Union, yes, but Finland was able to keep its independence in the rest of its territory, and was able to help the forces of the German Reich in 1941 by assisting in the siege of Leningrad etc.

Thousands of scattered rocks litter the landscape. In the distance, leaves of trees are slowly turning yellow. It is the site of a Winter War monument at Suomussalmi, Finland, containing a rock for every soldier who died at the Battle of Suomussalmi: 750 Finnish and an estimated 24,000 Soviet.
[Remarkably bleak: “A Winter War monument at Suomussalmi, Finland, containing a rock for every soldier who died at the Battle of Suomussalmi: 750 Finnish and an estimated 24,000 Soviet” (Wikipedia)]

After the Second World War ended, Finland was not taken over by the Soviet Union. An armistice was signed in 1944. After 1945, Finland remained independent, though in some measure generally subservient to the Soviet Union in foreign affairs etc, a situation now known as “Finlandization” (eg, escapees from Soviet rule were invariably handed back if found before they could get to Sweden or Norway).

I cannot agree with Hitchens that Finland “lost in the end“. Not everything is black and white. Finland retained its way of life and a political sovereignty which was somewhere between independence and autonomy…It also created favourable trading relations with the Soviet Union. Admittedly, it never regained Karelia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finland#World_War_II_and_after

I myself once had a girlfriend from Karelia (but from a few miles West of the Soviet border). I used to joke with her that the only reason she was not a Soviet citizen was that the Red Army had been short on fuel! In fact, her father had fought, as an 18 year old, in the Winter War. He had once stumbled on a Red Army soldier, similar age, in the forest, by a stream. They both fled in opposite directions!

The sheer rabbit-compliance of most people in this country is a sign that not only do the people not deserve a vote, but that they actually do not even want one.

Look at what the British people have swallowed in the past 30+ years! Mass immigration and migration-invasion on a scale that would have staggered Enoch Powell! NWO wars against Saddam Hussein, the Taliban etc (the latter thoroughly deserving it, but from the UK point of view, why be there?). War (in effect) against Gaddafi of Libya (why?). Disastrous. The attack by both Labour and Conservative Party governments, since about 2000, on the unemployed, disabled and sick of the UK. The crazy “lockdown”; and now the facemask nonsense.

Yes. I recall going into a pub in the Westminster Bridge Road (London) one afternoon in the 1980s, something I did not do usually, and being surprised to find a woman sitting with friends and with her two small children! That must have been about the time that the laws were relaxed by the Thatcher “open all hours” government.

Many pubs in the UK, even before the Coronavirus panic, were not really pubs. Economics dictated that many had to become quasi-restaurants, and/or “family pubs”. The old type of pub, which was basically for quiet drinking, and without people sitting eating pies, fish and chips, trifle etc, was rare even before 2020. Now? On the endangered list.

The “newspaper columnist” has existed for a long time, certainly since the 1930s, and in most cases is a know-nothing idiot (in more recent years usually, though not always, a woman) who creates hysteria. The sooner the misdescribed “free Press” is closed by lack of money, the better.

It’s only a matter of time…

Other tweets seen

Zionist arithmetic: take a number, any number (so long as it is six million), then double it. Or triple it. Who’s counting?

Looks as though Belarus is on the cusp of political revolution. The country avoided the wars and poverty (the latter caused by unrestricted finance capitalism) which afflicted Russia, Ukraine and other parts of the Soviet Union after 1989, but at the cost of, in effect, dictatorship. Seems that that is now not a bargain the people think worthwhile, though it is hard to judge from outside.

Belarus has a population of about nine and a half million; how many support the government v. the protest movement is an unknown. In any case (and in any country) what really matters is not the percentage either way, but the proportion willing to struggle or fight for supremacy.

Online presence v. boots on the ground

I have written before about this.

5-10 years ago, before the Jew-Zionists and others (but mainly “them”) gained traction over the Internet, before the really heavy censorship came into effect, it was possible to believe that a new world of freedom of expression had opened up. I was always somewhat sceptical, but saw that people barred from the Zionist-controlled mass media had been able to start their own online organizations, using the large online platforms: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.

Again, these people were generally not on the same ideological page as myself, though there were some points of agreement. Some of them were able not only to put over points of view, but also to make a passably good living doing what they did.

For me, the sticking point was their support for Israel and the Jewish lobby. Paul Joseph Watson, “Prison Planet” Watson on Twitter and YouTube, Katie Hopkins (at the time also a columnist for the Daily Mail), various Americans, some less prominent ones such as “Sargon of Akkad” (Carl Benjamin); and of course there was also “Tommy Robinson” (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon).

For me, all of the above were wastes of space, though “Robinson” did have followers offline as well as online, if one could ignore the fact that most were simpleminded pub drinkers and beer-bottle-throwers.

All of the above were making a living by their activity; Katie Hopkins was also receiving a salary or fees from the Daily Mail. Then the Jews (mainly) prevailed on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to restrict their posts, eventually having them expelled, though “Prison Planet” still has a Twitter account (with 1.1 million “followers” at that) and one on YouTube (which was briefly suspended). Example (well worth seeing, btw):

I agree with him about the facemask nonsense, by the way. It’s the new WW1 “white feather” hysteria.

The point is that all the above-named “alt-Right” or similar people are hostages to fortune. As the Jews have worked out, take away their online platforms and these people fade away to nothing.

Where now is Katie Hopkins? Not on Twitter. Permanently banned, just as I was in 2018. She is still on YouTube, though:

As I say, I hold no brief for her, or any of what might be called the “alt-Right”. Pro-Israel, pro-Jewish lobby. Also, with no discernible political programme. Always negative (and sometimes rightly so) but putting forward no real alternative. Not just Katie Hopkins; all of them.

Whether unwittingly or not, all the above wastes of space are basically controlled opposition. Katie Hopkins and “Prison Planet” Watson take every opportunity to laud the Jews and Israel, and while that will not necessarily save them from online oblivion eventually, it may stave off their being “excommunicated” for a while, while they are somewhat useful to the System in drawing the sting of social nationalism.

If the above people lose their “platforms”, there is nothing left for them. I doubt that they could raise a dozen people in the streets even now. Even Tommy Robinson could only manage about 200 to protest against his being tried about a year ago. One dimwit follower of his even wrapped himself in an Israeli flag, in the manner of football supporters (which almost all of Robinson’s followers are).

The only thing that matters now is “boots on the ground”, whether a million, a thousand, a hundred, or even ten. Online influence may be fine, but is a mirage which can disappear overnight.

Britain needs a social-national organization. Maybe not, or not exclusively, a political party as such, but an organization which can be relied on, through thick and thin, come what may.

A few late tweets

British people homeless, including young people, ex-servicemen, middle-aged couples fallen on hard times, and others as well, but migrant-invader untermenschen are transported in luxury to take accommodation that could and should be for the exclusive use of British people.

Surely the closest Peter Hitchens has ever come to justifying violent rebellion…

Hitchens is right, and it is precisely the “socialists” on Twitter, the “anti-fascists”, those who have for years been loudly virtue-signalling in favour of “human rights”, “civil liberties” and all the rest of the platitudinous garbage they have spewed out, who now, when it matters, are not only compliant with the slightest “rule” (under dodgy and possibly invalid secondary legislation) or even “advice” given out by Boris-idiot and this government of alien clowns, but who are often to be seen on Twitter etc actually, and literally at times, begging to be put under stricter “lockdown”, under harsher “rules” and “laws” mandating facemasks and muzzles at all times, and so on!

The above virtue-signallers and “useful idiots” are the ones, many of them, who have been most critical of the unpleasant and stupid actions of “Conservative” government for a decade. Now, they roll over for the least-competent Con regime ever, despite all the evidence against “lockdowns”, facemasks etc.

I blogged before, a week or so ago, that my own doctor told me that his practice (12 or so doctors in two locations) had had few (if any?) Coronavirus cases since the panic (my word) began in February or March, and that he had heard of no more than a few cases in the whole area.

I read in the past week, in a local online newspaper, that in my local authority area, a rural/suburban coastal and near-coastal area with a few smallish towns and villages, only 3 people have died of —or at least with— Coronavirus in almost a month! In a quite large and widely-spread area the population of which totals 180,000! Three people! Sad for them and their family and friends, but in effect close to statistical zero.

Anecdotal evidence, as always, is suspect, but then look at the government’s misleading and/or simply untrue statistics!

Late music

Diary Blog, 18 June 2020

Vauxhall City Farm

A good cause, which has suffered a funding crisis by reason of the “lockdown”/shutdown madness.





[above: short film about Vauxhall City Farm]

Another very good cause, a girl who desperately needs sophisticated surgery which the NHS will not or cannot undertake:




Obviously, in a better world, a U.S. President unaware that his major NATO ally (the UK) is a nuclear power, or that Finland is an independent state, could not exist. Sadly, in a world where the least-equipped to be heads of government often are in such positions, this latest raft of Trump revelation is scarcely news.

We often assume, that is to say that many people often assume, that the wealthiest, or most powerful, or famous, individuals are in that position because they somehow merit it, or are more intelligent, skilled, educated than the average Joe. Often not so.

Back in the mid-1980s, I used to have a beer now and then with two brothers at the now-defunct Cafe Munchen (a London pub/cafe at St. Giles’ Circus, with marble tables and floors, and Bavarian beers on tap). One brother worked at Citibank. I asked him what Walter Wriston (then a major world financial figure and with whom that brother had worked) was like. He replied “just an ordinary boring American businessman”. [not a very nice person: “…in 1966, he married lawyer and businesswoman Kathryn Dineen. Together Walter and Kathryn attempted to exploit the financial circumstances of their neighbors in attempts to acquire properties for below market value.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Wriston].

The British Royal Family prove the above contention in trumps (no pun intended). Charles is supposed to be the intellectual of the family, because he can and does read a few books, and takes an interest in a few things that do not involve shooting, fishing, riding, racing (of various kinds) or hunting foxes.

One would have to be kinder than I probably am to describe the royal princes and princelings as anything other than uncultured idiots: Edward, Andrew, Anne, William, Harry. And that’s before I even start on the “Royal Mulatta”!

So now we have Trump, but before we British laugh too loud at him, we should look a little closer home, at the Boris-idiot government. “Boris” may be marginally more glossy than Trump, thanks to Eton and Oxford, but he is just as much of a bad joke as a head of government; and that is before one even looks at the rest of the Cabinet.

The economic tsunami gathering

Seems that Boris-idiot and the Cabinet of fools are starting to understand what a storm is coming, a storm their policies have caused, at least in large measure. They do not, however, have any clue what to do about that storm; they have no idea how to deal with the problem. “Boris” now talks about “tough times ahead” but is trying to make it appear that events, i.e. Coronavirus, have caused the tough times, rather than his own misgovernment, notably the unnecessary shutdown of the economy.

First thick tweet of the day comes from someone calling herself “Gina Antifa”/Saffiya Khan :

Note first the “cultural appropriation”, as a person of unspecified origin (Pakistani? Mixed?) living in the UK talks about “our hard fought for and much prized freedom of speech“, the freedom of speech generations of British people fought for. Secondly, she cannot distinguish between “free speech” and a mob howling in a hostile manner at a lone person in the street. Also, how is it “peaceful” for a mob to follow one person down a street, howling imprecations against him? The aim is intimidation.

Second thick tweet of the day comes via faux-revolutionary scribbler and money-scrabbler (a part-Jew), Owen Jones:

Cecil Rhodes was a “mass murderer”, says Jones. In fact, Rhodes was not a “mass murderer”. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cecil_Rhodes. The hypocrisy is that Jones is himself favourably-disposed to several real mass murderers; not least, Lenin.

I blogged about Owen Jones quite a while ago: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/01/04/a-brief-word-about-owen-jones/

The irony is that the native peoples and animals of Africa would have been so much better off today had Rhodes achieved his goal of bringing that continent, or much of it, under British control “from Cairo to the Cape”. Of course, none of the “Black Lives Matter” idiots even think about any of that; for them, the “whites” simply “exploited” the “blacks” until the “blacks” were “liberated” after WW2. A cartoon view of 19th and 20th Century history.

Of course, the Rhodes statue is symbolic for the “protesters”. Their real target is not Rhodes but you and me as white British people.

Thinking about the above, though, it seems to me that not only the “antifa” idiots and the black mobs but also the “pro-statue” defenders have been sidetracked. The major battle is and will be over the society as a whole, not about the statues that adorn the squares and buildings. The artworks are ofsymbolic importance, though.

Vera Lynn

The death, at 103, of Vera Lynn, brings thoughts of WW2, of course, and of the sentimentality common to all sides in that terrible conflict. Vera Lynn herself was famous for several songs, but none more so than The White Cliffs of Dover, released in 1942:

Also, We’ll Meet Again


The Germans also had such songs, of which the best known, I suppose, is Lili Marlene, which in fact predated the war (1939), but only became popular (with both English and German soldiers) in 1941 and 1942, after it had been translated into English and then initially broadcast by German radio station Soldatensender Belgrad, the former Radio Belgrade.

I was interested to see, reading about it today on Wikipedia, that Lili Marlene was translated into English by renegade British officer Norman Baillie-Stewart (ne Wright), who was put on trial after the war ended, and was lucky to avoid either being hanged by the British or shot by Soviet forces: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lili_Marleen

Baillie-Stewart wrote an interesting memoir just before his death (in 1967, in Dublin), a copy of which I had in my (now-lost) library. Entitled The Officer in the Tower, the title refers to Baillie-Stewart’s pre-war trial on charges of espionage for Germany (he was convicted and served 5 years, being released in 1937). He was the last British subject to be a prisoner in the Tower on serious charges, other than those held there in transit (eg the Kray twins, when National Service abscondees in the 1950s): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norman_Baillie-Stewart

The French had j’attendrai:


Even the Soviet forces and civilians had their favourites. Perhaps the best-known was Katyusha https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katyusha_(song)

Cranes, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhuravli , first performed in 1969 and here sung by the great and quite recently-deceased singer Khvovostovsky, was a latter-day nostalgia piece which is still popular today:

Facebook and Trump

I am scarcely pro-Trump, but things have become quite out of hand when a private-enterprise quasi-monopoly can simply censor the U.S. President! In fact, there must be some ways put into place to prevent such censorship happening to anyone, not just heads of state.

I have been blogging, tweeting (before the Jews had me expelled from there), and speaking (at the London Forum in 2017) about this issue, i.e. the privatization of public space, for several years.

The major spheres of society (1.economic, 2.political and rights, 3.spiritual inc. education, religion etc) have to work in concord, without (as in this case) the economic sphere controlling or attempting to control one or both of the others (in this case, attempting to exercise control over both the political area and that of rights (freedom of expression): see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_threefolding

Tweets seen

Well! Sounds as though some of the Scots are finally waking up to migration-invasion…https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-53086488

Needless to say, the white demonstrators (formerly known as “Scottish”) in Glasgow have been “condemned” by stupid Sturgeon and by one Humza Yousaf (incredibly, he seems to be Justice Secretary of the devolved Scottish administration). In fact, I have just looked up, on Wikipedia, that one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humza_Yousaf

Offspring of immigrants, who was educated privately, in part, and who has never had a non-political job, or any profession. Good luck, Scotland, especially if you ever have (supposed) “Independence”, with government ministers of that sort. Couldn’t the SNP find a real Scotsman to be Justice Secretary? The SNP is little more than a fake; controlled opposition.

Oh, and here we have Sky News instigating more hatred of white English and Scottish people:

That’s right…give the blacks more “reason” to blame white English people for why most blacks don’t have country estates, swimming pools, stables and wealth, not to mention white women and fast cars.

It seems to me very irresponsible for Sky News to fan the flames in that way; there again, this is no accident…it is part of the propaganda around the Great Replacement, aka White Genocide.

By the way, have my readers noticed that there is now a TV advertizing campaign for police recruitment? Guess what kind of people the police want to hire? That’s right…there are more black than white faces in that ad. The Great Replacement in action…

Night music

Diary Blog, 3 March 2020

Polly Toynbee

I usually have little time for Polly Toynbee, but I can agree with much of her Guardian column today: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/03/tories-austerity-budget

Kitten torturer given only 6 weeks’ imprisonment



Aaron James Williamson, of Grimsby. Bit off part of his kitten’s ear in a number of separate attacks; punched the kitten on numerous occasions. Sentence? 12 weeks, which means 6 weeks actually in prison, at most. I usually oppose extra-judicial justice, aka “mob justice” or “lynch law”, but there are exceptions. The law should have sufficient weight to deal properly with such an offence. To my mind, the current law is inadequate (the max is a 6-month sentence, though a new law is currently before Parliament). Even so, why only 12 weeks? I should have thought that this crime (the evil little bastard pleaded to one speciment charge) at least merited 4 or 5 months, bearing in mind that the real term served would be only half anyway).



Amusing, though not very useful. In a sense though, all one can do is laugh, when there is little of a practical nature that the individual can do.

My supposition of a week ago, that the main hope for us in relation to this nuisance (that could become some sort of catastrophe) is that the weather warms and so (we are told) weakens the ability of the virus to live on surfaces etc, is now echoed by scientists and talking heads.

I myself went this morning, early, to my local Waitrose (the only supermarket within miles, except for a smallish Marks & Spencer food store). I intended to buy some real Manuka honey (which stimulates the human immune system). The best type is about £20 a jar, but it works. No luck. The entire stock had already been bought and the shelf was empty.

In a blog post I penned a while ago,


…I speculated about whether our present civilization might be ended by a virus pandemic, or by some other global threat. Coronavirus/Corvid-19 is not that virus, but the next one of the same sort may be. The present virus is 1,000x more infectious than was the SARS virus of several years ago, but less deadly. What if the next virus is 1,000x as infectious as the present one, and is also many times more dangerous to life?

As it is, we are almost thrown back on mediaeval remedies: avoidance of human contact, secure food and water supplies, “magic” honey, hope, prayer etc. There is at present no medicine, no vaccine available. Antibiotics are useless because they do not affect viruses. All that even the best hospitals can do, so far, is to relieve symptoms, and they will not be able to do that for long if the already-struggling NHS is swamped by huge new demand.


Russia’s Putin wants traditional marriage and God in constitution” [BBC News]




Suddenly I feel a lifting of spirits, as I contemplate the short to medium-term future…in fact I feel quite excited!


Joanna Lumley

“‘Your money or your life!’: Joanna Lumley reveals terrifying moment armed bandits held her at gunpoint during filming of TV documentary in Haiti.” [Daily Mail]


Joanna Lumley was threatened by armed bandits while filming a travel series in Haiti. They abushed [sic] the 73-year-old actress while she was driving through a mountain range with her camera crew. The gun-wielding gang told Miss Lumley and her team that they would kill them if they did not hand over their cash. But two of the Absolutely Fabulous star’s bodyguards stepped in and she escaped unscathed.” [Daily Mail]

The incident is not shown in the programme.” Well, no…I mean, we could not have British TV viewers coming away with the impression that black people, without white rulers or administrators, cannot run a reasonably civilized society…

I suppose that the incident might have been omitted because there were no cameras rolling at the time, but I doubt it.

The disease is spreading

I mean the Swedish disease…Finland is now also sick:


DWP dishonesty