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Diary Blog, 22 March 2020

I am working on a blog article going beyond the immediate effects of the Coronavirus crisis. In the meantime, my latest impressions and thoughts.

I drove around for half an hour yesterday (Saturday) evening, eventually visiting a small Tesco (supermarket chain) convenience store in a former village now effectively part of a small town. Polite (Polish) staff member (one of only two ppl working there) told me that they had no eggs or milk. I myself bought the very last loaf of bread (crusty brown wholemeal) and the last two longlife (sealed) pitta breads (apparently good until end of May). Admittedly, that was after 2000 hrs, so near their new closing time of 2200 (formerly midnight), but the store would not have been short of goods in normal times.

Driving around, I passed a couple of pubs. Seemed empty, as far as could be glimpsed. On a usually busy evening, almost no traffic. An ambulance was followed by a supermarket delivery van. There is a feeling of “emergency time”. At a location on the edge of a small town, where there is a convenience store, a Chinese takeaway, a Malay/Chinese takeaway, an Indian takeaway and a fish and chip shop (all but the Indian and the convenience store staffed entirely by Chinese), only one car parked instead of the usual dozen.

I see on the TV news the continued madness of the panic-buyers. The Press and msm generally call it “greed”. No, this is a manifestation of an even more powerful emotion: fear.

The Government continues to plead for reason and moderation. This is ineffective because

  • Emotion is more powerful than intellectual reason. The Government is trying to reason with people motivated by fear, one of the most powerful emotions;
  • Even on the intellectual level, it may seem reasonable to many to buy a far greater amount of what they usually consume, in a situation where (whatever the authorities may say) there are shortages of some basic items at ground level.
  • The Government may be correct in saying that, in the big scheme of things, “there is no shortage” of anything, but people see before their own eyes that there are shortages, albeit caused entirely by bulk buying.
  • The Government asks millions of people to “self-isolate” for three months and maybe longer, but cannot guarantee supplies of food and other essential items to those millions. In those circumstances, bulk buying is not really “panic buying” at all. An elderly (or other) couple might well use 50 rolls of loo paper and 50+ packs of pasta (etc) in three months. Some people probably are buying, even on that basis, far more than they really need, but that is because of the prevailing climate of fearful uncertainty.

There will be reached a peak of buying, but exactly when that peak will be reached is hard to say. It has financial factors (what can people afford?) and simple logistical factors (how much storage space do people have?).

In the end, the lemming-like buying wave, mainly triggered by emotion (fear) will only subside when emotion moves the other way. When people see that the stores are replenished daily and more than daily, when it is seen that the shelves are no longer being immediately stripped bare, consumer confidence will return. Those who bought huge amounts of this or that will start to use what they have been buying; they will not buy more. That in turn will stabilize the supermarket shelves. Equilibrium will be restored.

Only emotion can sway an existing emotional state. Appeals to reason have almost no effect.


Diary Blog, 20 March 2020

Constitutional Coup?

The new emergency legislation being put forward has a life of, at present, 2 years, until 2022, despite the assertion by Boris-idiot that the Coronavirus crisis might last only for 3 months more, i.e. until June 2020. Already, local elections have been deferred for a year. It may be that NWO/ZOG dictatorship is planned, not only in the UK, but across Europe. I would not rule out civil or social war by 2022.


Twitter is doing what it does best, namely allowing people to tweet well-meaning and totally ineffective pleas. In this case, under hashtag #StopHoarding, to those who imagine that they need 500 loo rolls and a mountain of pasta and bottled water.

As I have blogged on previous days, there is (possibly reasonable) bulk-buying and there is (wholly unreasonable) panic-buying. Yesterday, at 1900 hrs, I visited the little village shop about 2 miles from me, and which I have noted in previous posts. It shuts at 1930. I bought almost the last loaf of bread, a bunch of bananas, some locally-produced asparagus and a few lottery tickets.

I wanted to see whether Waitrose in the nearest town was offering much, and mistakenly thought that it closed at 2100 on Thursday. Turned out that it closes at 2000 on Thursdays, so I arrived with only 10 minutes to get anything I wanted. That being so, I was unable to see whether shoppers had stripped the shelves bare again. I did notice that there was not a single egg left, not even the more expensive ones from rare breed chickens, with sky-blue shells. I myself bought only (again) almost the last loaf of bread and a reduced-price (99p reduced from £2-75) North African vegetable and cous-cous salad thing (which turned out to be quite tasty).

I think that this panic-buying can be halted by supermarkets only allowing one item or pack of anything per shopper. Inconvenient, yes, and some would then go to half a dozen places to evade the rule, but most would not and it would restore equilibrium.

Free speech

Well done, @HullLive [http://hull-live.co.uk], and well done “Will Wright of Hull”, whoever you are. The truth is rarely seen in the newspapers in the UK.


Socialism, National Socialism, “National Communism” and Social Nationalism

“Socialism” has almost as many meanings as “democracy”. We still see people with pedestrian understanding writing or tweeting about how “socialism” is and can only be something akin to the Marxist-Leninist setup of the period before the great change(s) since 1989. Those people say that German “National Socialism” was not “real” socialism. Yet German National Socialism gave the German people a great deal more in every way, both economic and cultural, than did either Weimar Republic social democracy or post-1945 Soviet-style DDR (East German) socialism.


Of course, socialism in the Soviet Union had various faces at various times, from Civil War times (1918-21) when militarization of the workforce was the norm (“War Communism”) to the New Economic Policy of the 1920s under which a controlled form of capitalism and private enterprise was permitted, to the harsh centralized system of Stalin in the 1930s and 1940s, a less severe version in the 1950s to 1980s, and then the fall of the various forms of socialism, all over the world, from 1989.

Hitler took a broad view of the term “socialism”, regarding it as meaning, broadly, “the common weal”. He was not hidebound by artificial or arbitrary “definitions” of what socialism means. For him, what mattered were results. So long as the German people were well-fed, housed, educated, organized etc, he was content.

For me, policy matters, as do results. Artificial theory matters less. I was, at one time, in the mid-1970s, accused of not being so much a National Socialist as a “National Communist”, in other words accused of over-valuing the role of the State. I demur. However, the State does have its rightful place (as seen in the Threefold Social Order concept: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_threefolding).

We in the UK have seen in the past decade what happens when the role of the State is cast aside or into the background. Now, with the Coronavirus crisis, we see that the State, in its weakened condition, is unable to properly fulfil its role of guardian of the people (“…for the welfare of the people is the highest law“— Cicero).

What is now required is what might be called “social nationalism”, not old-style State socialism but a system whereby the State, in its proper place, protects and serves the people and, as part of that, regulates but does not actually run economic enterprises and markets. “Nationalism”? All that that means is that the political organization is rooted in our basically “Aryan” European culture, history and way of life.

Basic Income


My previous blog articles on the subject:






How long before it becomes necessary to start shooting looters?


Public sentiment

Government “recalls” retired NHS staff

So little Matt Hancock, clearly out of his depth, has been told to “recall” retired doctors and nurses. My thoughts:

  • the Government has no power to order such recall, only to request it;
  • retired NHS staff are almost all over 60, many over 70, and so are far more likely to fall victim to Coronavirus and to be seriously affected if they do contract it;
  • the above is obviously far more likely to happen in the often not very hygienic conditions of a UK NHS hospital.

Guardian view


Worth reading, certainly, but of course the Jew scribbler never once mentions the racial divisions or aspects.

Stuttgart view

A snapshot of Stuttgart life under Coronavirus, from “antifa” cheerleader Mike Stuchbery, who was all but run out of the UK on a rail in 2018.

Stuchbery, “writer”, “journalist”, “historian” (all self-descriptions) and one-time schoolteacher, apparently does not know the difference between “less” and “fewer”.

A midnight ramble through Casablanca and beyond

[above: La Marseillaise trumps Der Wacht am Rhein in Casablanca]

Diary Blog, 18 March 2020

Matt Hancock: is he up to it (the position he now holds)?

I had forgotten that Matt Hancock was already in my Deadhead MPs series, though my piece was penned 6 months ago.


Real or fake news (about Coronavirus)?

An Israeli scientist (not however a specialist in the fields of epidemiology or immunology) has suggested that

  • The virus is past its peak in China; and that
  • 20% of all people have “natural immunity” to the virus.

The latter is a particularly bold claim.


Though I examine particularly closely any claims made by a Jew, the information is interesting. There may be something in it.

It will be recalled that South Africa was said, in the 1980s, to be working on biological weapons which would only affect black Africans. South Africa was also far advanced in an atomic weapons programme, in collaboration with the Israelis working out of their nuclear centre at Dimona, in the Negev Desert of southern Israel.



It would not be beyond the realm of the possible were the Israelis to have collaborated with South Africa on biological warfare as well.

Now we see claims by the Israelis themselves that

  • Israeli scientists were working on a vaccine for Coronavirus even before the Wuhan outbreak; they attribute the co-incidence to “luck”.

On the wider point, it may be that this outbreak is in the nature of an experiment, and that at some later point a virus equally or more infectious but far more deadly will be released, with the aim of reducing the Earth’s population to 10% or 20% of what it presently is.

[note: the above paragraph is speculation only and should not be taken to be my settled view].

Rishi Sunak and the UK economic stimulus package

The bailout of the banks a decade ago was disastrous, inter alia because banks are merely a useful parasite upon the real economy. The bailout impoverished many individuals via the so-called “austerity” programme. It also gave preference to the banks over businesses in the real economy.

This latest “bailout for business” is also misconceived, because it supports businesses as such but not the most important basis for business, individual consumers.

What Sunak should do (but will not, because it —superficially— is in opposition to Conservative Party attitudes) is to establish a Basic Income for all citizens (citizens, not any migrant-invader straight off the boat (rubber boat).

That would boost and secure the retail sector and other sectors, and would enable people to pay rent etc.


Panic and bulk-buying continues

I was at the nearest supermarket (Waitrose) at 1930 yesterday, half an hour before closing time. More shoppers than usual at that time, though not crowded. The main doors wide open to promote fresh air inflow (and virus outflow?). More staff than usual at that hour. The shelves looked as if an invading horde had looted the store. Whole shelves completely picked bare: no loo paper, pasta, pasta sauce, shower gel or bread (instead of the usual hundreds of loaves of about 30 different kinds, only one pack of “ancient grains” muffins left (I bought that) and two specialist Jewish loaves (from Cohen’s Bakery).

So it seems that the bulk-buying and/or panic-buying continues. I can only assume that people are buying bread to freeze it, anticipating…what? Civil war? Disordered chaos? One would normally scoff, but I have a lingering feeling that those panicking, preparing or “prepping” may not be so silly after all…


“Dr” Louise Raw (and another) making true points about poor housing and social conditions, while shoving in a silly point about “capitalism”. Has she never heard of, for example, Soviet housing conditions? Or maybe she calls that “State capitalism”, in the Trotskyist way? I do not know.

Are they revolting (yet)?

I wonder whether the people will come out onto the streets. Not now, though. However, down the line, it has to be a real possibility if large numbers of renters are evicted at the same time; and if people lose their jobs and are cast into the pit created by Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, the Jew “lord” Freud, Esther McVey, David Gauke, all those evil swine. I rule out nothing for later this year, for 2021, for 2022.

Maybe that is why the “emergency legislation” being nodded through Parliament this week will contain enhanced so-called “anti-terror” powers for police, MI5 etc…

Tweets seen today

and, this one not about Coronavirus…

At that same time, in British-administered Palestine, Jew terrorists were killing British officers, soldiers and defenceless civilians.

Untermenschen, and they are no better today.



Twitter, the waste of time so many love

I saw this tweet, from former “socialist”, faux-proletarian scribbler, Dan Hodges (the son of the actress Glenda Jackson):

As I have blogged several times, Twitter is such a waste of time that I have even considered the possibility that it is being promoted precisely so that discontented people can imagine that they are engaging in socio-political activism by spending their days just tweeting. At any rate, that is what actually does happen. There are huge numbers of people on Twitter. Most are not political. Those that are think that they make a difference by being on Twitter. I doubt it.

I had 3,000 followers on Twitter when expelled, but was following only about 50, mostly organizations. You see some Twitter accounts with thousands or even tens of thousands of “followers” but then you notice that those accounts are themselves following a similar number of accounts!

Twitter is an interesting and potentially useful source of news and other information, but politically is largely a waste of time.

There is also the point that Twitter now “suspends” or suspends permanently (i.e. expels) many of the most interesting tweeters. This usually happens because of organized campaigns by either Zionist Jews or “antifa” idiots. In fact, those cabals revel in their pointless “activism”, as they did when I lost my Twitter account (which was not so important to me because I had “red-pilled” re. Twitter) but to those who denounced me would have been tragic, had it happened to them!

In fact, it did happen to some of them. Some, who had trolled me for years, are now gone, having been expelled. I notice that others have actually died; yet others are declining fast from chronic medical conditions…


Basic Income (again)

Some of the System politicians are thinking along the same lines as me:

He’s right:

An article I wrote in 2018:


Midnight music



Diary Blog, 15 March 2020


Well, here we are in a kind of “plague year” of the contemporary era. Things seem to be getting worse, and there is not so much overt panic as a sense of impending threat, a sense of muted dread.

I again made my way to Waitrose yesterday, for the first time in a couple of days. About half an hour before closing time (mid-evening). Few shoppers, including one couple the lady of which, as they passed by, looked right at me, looked boldly into my eyes and smiled as she saw me buy two jars of red caviar. Does she like caviar? Did she like me? Was she a store detective? We shall never know.

I was interested to see that every single roll of loo paper (of every type and brand) had (again) gone from the shelves, as had every single pack of pasta, and I do mean every pack, from the economy spaghetti and penne right through to the premium-quality-made-in-Italy-in-fancy-packaging-at-three-times-the-price stuff, even the giant pasta shells and odd types that are usually far less popular than standard linguine, tagliatelle etc.

People, whether panic-buyers or (not panicking but) bulk-buying shoppers, have woken up to the fact that this situation could be months not weeks, and that you cannot eat or drink loo paper (the large packs of water such as Volvic etc were also depleted).

Is anything of this actually sensible? Frankly, I fear that it may be. We are hearing now that people may be asked to “self-isolate”. That will apply particularly to people over 70 and (who knows?) even those over-60 (like me…63 since September). Not every person in those age groups uses or even has the Internet, with which Internet shopping can be done. That is assuming that the supermarkets have supplies, have the means to deliver supplies, and that their websites do not crash.

I am sure that Boris-idiot and his fiancee will not run out of loo paper or pasta, but many others may. In that sense, a reasonable level (whatever that means) of bulk-buying may be prudent, so long as it does not reach lunatic proportions.

There is also the point that, from the infection point of view, it makes sense to shop once in any given period rather than ten times. It also makes sense to use online supermarket shopping if possible.

There is a limit, not only to how much should be bought (of anything), from the social point of view, but to how much can be bought by most people. Not everyone has the cash to go out and spend £1,000 or £2,000 in one go. Also, not everyone has large houses in which to store items in bulk. I myself now live in a tiny flat which, in its entirety, would fit, maybe twice, into merely the (rarely-used) ballroom of a house in which I lived at one time



Most people are very limited in space, do not have cellars and unused rooms in which to store vast amounts of loo paper or dried and tinned food.

I have not bought greatly more than previously; I had some slack anyway. I suppose that (for 2 people) I have about 45 rolls of loo paper, mostly bought before the present crisis, and maybe enough for 3 months. That is prudence, not panic. Likewise, I dare say that I have on hand enough dried, tinned, frozen and other food for about a month, maybe longer. Living where I now do, I no longer have the large American fridges and freezers in which can be stored really useful amounts of frozen food.

In my present location, there are many people in large houses with equally large amounts of storage space, and who no doubt have enormous freezers etc. I suspect that most of the (unreasonably?) bulk-buying shoppers are such people.

Apart from the above, I personally am not only already rather “self-isolating” (as well as politically-isolating and isolated…) but have turned that up a few notches. I use hand gel after using the automatic petrol pump a few miles from my humble home, same when I leave the supermarket. When I return home, I wash hands and lower arms thoroughly. I socialize little anyway and have now completely stopped visiting anyone.

Having said that, we are all on this Earth for a limited span. I still have things on the wider spectrum (social, political) which I want to do or, more accurately, which must be done. I have a very limited number of years left anyway now that I am 63. For that reason, time presses. Of course, I shall reincarnate and carry on my work anyway, but this is a very important time in the history of the world. What has to happen must and will happen.

Is there an Israeli connection to Coronavirus?

Co-incidences happen without there having been a “conspiracy”. The only thing is, with Israel and the Jews the “incidences” seem so much more frequent…

By the way, it makes me laugh to see Zionist Jews asking “will antisemites use a vaccine produced in Israel? Are they hypocrites?”

Why not use any vaccine if there is one? After all, people who distrust Jews and their manipulations sometimes use Uzi weapons. They do not say, in extremis or otherwise, “no, I shall not use a weapon of Israeli origin”. Not when it works that well.

Classic British film

I had never seen this one:



Great shots of postwar Berlin, 7 years after the end of that war, inc. footage of Tempelhof Airport, mainly constructed during the time of the Reich. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Tempelhof_Airport

Panorama of the old Berlin airport

Hildegard Knef is a knockout in that film. I like the soundtrack, too. In fact, some of the scenes and also the soundtrack reminded me of another film, The Spy Who Came In from the Cold, made 12 years later in 1965. Maybe the one influenced the other.

Coronavirus in Netherlands

Very strange. Different strains? How? Why? I am not a scientist, let alone a virologist or immunologist, but this seems very odd. It seems to be more like a weapon than an accident.

Coronavirus: messaging difficulties

The Government of the UK is pretty useless, but it is difficult to tell the public anything and to change behaviour. It usually takes a long time and much repetition. In my own lifetime, I have seen attitudes change, sometimes but not always for the better: against drink-driving, in favour of wearing seatbelts, against smoking, to name just three. All three required constant propaganda and also legislative change.

It seems (from an opinion poll) that only about 65% in the UK are now taking more care with hygiene (by washing hands etc), and that rather few are changing their plans to socialize, travel on public transport (and don’t forget that taxis are also public transport) or attend events. 25% are, it seems, not changing any aspect of their lives by reason of the virus emergency. That may be because young people in particular think that they are almost immune and so need not do anything (but they may still be infected and give it to others). I have also recently seen stubborn attitudes in older people who should know better.

Tempus fugit

I just saw the profile of a former fellow-member of my last chambers, Sara T., a family law specialist. I had seen nothing of her since 2007. I officially left my last set in 2008 and not 2007 (it being necessary to give them 6 months’ notice —and rent!—) but in fact stayed in France after Christmas and did not return to the UK after the last week of 2007. I believe that Sara T. also left those chambers in 2008 or 2009. She is now back in Exeter, it seems, but in another set that used to be opposite ours, on the bluff overlooking the River Exe.

What interested me was that her profile says “mother of a teenage son”. In the same year that I joined Chambers, there was a social event at the home of another member. Sara T. attended, along with her then boyfriend and their tiny baby.

It is obvious, of course, that a baby, in the course of 18 years, becomes about 18 years old. In a sense it should not surprise, yet somehow it does, just as it surprises me to realize that someone else I knew long ago is now very nearly 43, someone whom I met when she was only 4 years old, and at a time when she once identified me to her little friends (as recounted her mother, my then girlfriend) as “that was my big friend Ian; I drink chocolate milk with him”!



This has worn fairly well…

(scroll down to “Boris-idiot is getting worried” and the paragraphs below there)


The tentative election prediction has not worn so well, true, but the assessment of “Boris” has, I aver.




Oh well, Cummings can always sue me…Oh, no, wait—he can’t. No-one can. I am unsueable. I can say, write and do as I please.

Night….for me there is no law” —Vladimir Vysotsky, 07 (long-distance telephone code)

More Vysotsky

Midnight music


Diary Blog, 11 March 2020


Coronavirus and culling (killing)

The original Daily Telegraph comment piece takes the amorality of present-day “Conservatism”  to a new level, at least in public discourse. Openly supporting the death of millions in order to support the finance-capitalist economy.

This is a logical consequence of what has been happening in society and especially in the Conservative Party over the past decade or so. We saw it in the Dunce Duncan Smith DWP regime (which continues, though without Dunce), in the way in which broadly the poorer part of society has been harried and bullied etc.

This is not even, or not only, political as such. It is a question of morality. It shows to what extent ideas such as those of the “philosopher of selfishness”, the “Russian” Jewess, Ayn Rand, have permeated the West. In the UK, mainly the Conservative Party. Raceless, cultureless, rootless persons such as Sajid Javid, who openly enthuses about Ayn Rand and her pathetic ideas.

I wonder how many of the almost entirely elderly, Conservative-voting persons who read the Telegraph realize that the newspaper and the Conservative Party regard their death as something rather positive?

It also shows to what extent society, UK society, has lost its “moral compass”.

The Jews are always pushing the “Nazis were terrible” line, but here we have mass killing of the mainly British elderly openly praised by the most influential and “serious” newspaper in Britain (though few newspapers are now really serious) and in our supposedly wonderful, supposedly “liberal” society…and only a few dissident pseudo-socialists on Twitter take exception (apart from social-national “extremists” like me, I suppose).

This is the kind of political amorality that has suffused our society over more than a decade. Effectively over two decades. We now have someone posing as “Prime Minister” who has no morality at all (and in fact no real intellectual life, just a dummy education in the classics, injected into him in his youth). A completely amoral Prime Minister, without any ideas worth anything, and without principle. He is also useless in a crisis.

Boris-idiot is advised (as good as controlled) by Dominic Cummings, himself someone of disordered mind, and whose own relatively brief business career, in the 1990s, was marked by complete failure.



The Twitterstorm continues, but few have expressed the points that

  • Twitter is not real life,
  • Twitter is not very influential in reality,
  • Twitter changes nothing.

So here we are, after 500-600 years of post-mediaeval culture:

  • pandemic
  • no medicines work against the epidemic/pandemic
  • antibiotics are not working or are irrelevant to the situation
  • anyone unwell must “self-isolate” in their own home, with or without a red cross painted on the door
  • State (NHS) help is unavailable for most people
  • the only advice is “wash your hands frequently”

Nadine Dorries

Ironically, the junior health minister (PUS), Nadine Dorries [Con, Mid Bedfordshire https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nadine_Dorries] has become the first MP to fall victim to the virus (she is recovering in “self-isolation” at time of writing).

Interesting blog post seen


Britain 2020


To borrow from and paraphrase Nevil Shute, our society is dying, not with a bang but a whimper…The report above is but one of countless examples. To put it another way, death by a million cuts.

Another example:


God Almighty!

Don’t forget— all of those ignorant people, whether you call them by any particular label or not,

  • have a vote equal to yours
  • probably think that they know as much or more than you
  • are willing to hate you if any newspaper they manage to read tells them this or that

They call it “democracy”…what a sick joke!

Opinion poll [Kantar]

Results (selected):

  • Westminster voting intention: Con 50% (!), Lab 29%, LibDems 11%, Greens 2%, UKIP 1%, Brexit Party 1%
  • 2019 General Election Labour voters think that the best new leader would be: Keir Starmer 25%, Lisa Nandy 15%, Rebecca Long-Bailey 8%, Don’t Know who would be best 52%…


Even with Boris-idiot failing to fill the shoes of a prime minister, even with a deadhead Cabinet, the Conservatives are yet on 50% of the popular vote, with Labour on a mere 29%. Labour has lost touch with the people generally and the people generally have thus cut Labour loose. Labour continues to dominate the Twittersphere, the inner city metro-London space, the world of the NHS and other public services, the loyalty of the blacks and browns. Otherwise? Dead and unlikely to have more than a limited revival.

Greece-Turkey Border

News I had not seen:

The revolution devours its own children

(as I have blogged previously…)

Archaeology Corner

Worth watching


The loo paper panic-buying (in the UK and other —mainly Anglo— countries) is based not so much on practicality or prepping as on psychological foundations.

A few basic things maintain our sense of modern, civilized life, of Western civilization in fact. These are not intangibles such as music, philosophy, the confused ideas of “democracy”, however important those may be, but tangibles: electricity, running water, flush loos and, with those, loo paper.

We laugh at those stockpiling loo paper (so long as we ourselves have “enough”), because we may say “having loo paper will not prevent you getting Coronavirus/Covid-19”, and that is true. It is also true that having a stock of loo paper will not help you much if you do get the virus, because you will use little if any more paper than usual, and the sickness will pass (whatever happens) within a couple of weeks. The average person therefore needs only a stock of perhaps 6-18 rolls. The real point is the psychology.

We feel afraid, to a greater or lesser extent; we feel insecure. The State, NHS, police, whatever, do not offer security, least of all during this virus crisis. We therefore, as a society, turn to basic needs and amplify them. Electricity, running water etc cannot be stockpiled, not by the individual citizen. Loo paper can be stockpiled, though. Ergo, bulk buying…

The bulk buying of loo paper and some other items is an attempt to wrest back control of everyday life from the vortex of uncertainty.

I might add that, so far, the bulk buying has not stopped. I was at Waitrose late yesterday (they shut at 2000 hours here). No hand gel on sale, other cleaning items for the home largely sold out. The entire stock of loo paper sold out, not a roll left (and a cashier with whom I chatted told me that when she started her shift hours before, the stock had already gone…). The cheaper own-brand pasta also sold out (except for peculiarly-shaped pasta). Also, tinned tomato and, to a lesser extent, tinned sweetcorn.

There were, however, fewer actual shoppers than usual.

I would not want to add to the semi-panic, but I have discovered that the loo paper used in the UK comes, most of it, from overseas: 1.1 million tonnes out of 1.3 million. That’s the raw material. So it is not beyond reason to think that there might be a shortage if supply lines are disrupted.

However, we know, as far as Coronavirus is concerned, that there is a wave which rises and eventually falls. Weeks, maybe a few months at most, certainly not years. The most loo paper that any normal individual needs to have, based on 90 days, would therefore be somewhere around (arguably) 30 rolls. Maybe even as little as 20 rolls. So even a family of 4 people would need no more than (between) 80-120 rolls at absolute maximum. For 3 months’ supply. That must put the matter into perspective from the purely logical point of view.

Britain 2020


The vicious defendants are merely described in the Daily Mirror as “from Lincoln”. No mention of the fact that they are Roma gypsies from Romania, as is obvious to any thinking person from their appearance and names. If they cannot be simply disposed of, they should at least be deported (and preferably sterilized first).

People often wonder why the public accepts “fake news”. Part of that is because the Zionist-influenced msm so often conceals real news.


The spending plans set out by Rishi Sunak today should have been put in place, speaking in overall terms, in 2010, 2011, 2012. Other countries, including USA and Germany, and France (among many others) did that to counteract the crazed meltdown of the “banking system” (i.e. the last finance-capitalism crisis) in 2007-2008.

Those countries did much better economically than the UK in the past decade, and they have not had to endure the social miseries caused directly by the sort of policies put in place by George Osborne, that pathetic little part-Jew sadist. Spending cuts, “austerity” (for half of the population) etc.


Look at Germany at the end of the Great Depression. Six million unemployed, the economy stagnant etc. The National Socialist government from 1933 got everything moving, and crucially started that happening by acts of political will. New projects were part of it, but the will to move forward energized everything. The will stemmed from one man, Adolf Hitler. He transmitted the will to his immediate followers and to the NSDAP, which then moved the whole country forward. Yes, part of the improvement was the removal of exploitation by Jews (though Jews still owned vast parts of the German economy for years after that, right up to 1939 in some cases), but the real cause of Germany’s uplift was the programme put in place to do things.





[Note. In relation to the second part of the notice immediately above: in the USA, Henry Ford introduced the 40-hour week in 1926, though it had become the norm in the American newspaper printing industry even before WW1. Henry Ford is the only American whose name is mentioned in Mein Kampf. In Europe, there were attempts to legislate for an 8-hour day in various places, though in some cases these were not fully-implemented: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eight-hour_day.]



It seems incredible today, what Germany was able to achieve in its six short years of uneasy peace from 1933 to 1939. No wonder that people flocked from all over the world to see the new Germany arise.









[above: Charlottenburger Chaussee, photographed a few years ago]

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Final word for today

I think that it is absolutely legitimate to be angry at China for repeatedly unleashing dangerous viruses on the rest of the world mainly because of the generally disgusting Chinese attitude to animals, because of the fact that the Chinese in China will use and eat virtually anything, and often keep and use animals in disgusting ways.

There is much to admire in both the ancient Chinese culture and the contemporary Chinese capabilities, but political correctness and moral cowardice must not stop us from inflicting on China justified criticism, though of course no individual Chinese (especially in Europe) should be held accountable.