Diary Blog, 20 March 2020

Constitutional Coup?

The new emergency legislation being put forward has a life of, at present, 2 years, until 2022, despite the assertion by Boris-idiot that the Coronavirus crisis might last only for 3 months more, i.e. until June 2020. Already, local elections have been deferred for a year. It may be that NWO/ZOG dictatorship is planned, not only in the UK, but across Europe. I would not rule out civil or social war by 2022.


Twitter is doing what it does best, namely allowing people to tweet well-meaning and totally ineffective pleas. In this case, under hashtag #StopHoarding, to those who imagine that they need 500 loo rolls and a mountain of pasta and bottled water.

As I have blogged on previous days, there is (possibly reasonable) bulk-buying and there is (wholly unreasonable) panic-buying. Yesterday, at 1900 hrs, I visited the little village shop about 2 miles from me, and which I have noted in previous posts. It shuts at 1930. I bought almost the last loaf of bread, a bunch of bananas, some locally-produced asparagus and a few lottery tickets.

I wanted to see whether Waitrose in the nearest town was offering much, and mistakenly thought that it closed at 2100 on Thursday. Turned out that it closes at 2000 on Thursdays, so I arrived with only 10 minutes to get anything I wanted. That being so, I was unable to see whether shoppers had stripped the shelves bare again. I did notice that there was not a single egg left, not even the more expensive ones from rare breed chickens, with sky-blue shells. I myself bought only (again) almost the last loaf of bread and a reduced-price (99p reduced from £2-75) North African vegetable and cous-cous salad thing (which turned out to be quite tasty).

I think that this panic-buying can be halted by supermarkets only allowing one item or pack of anything per shopper. Inconvenient, yes, and some would then go to half a dozen places to evade the rule, but most would not and it would restore equilibrium.

Free speech

Well done, @HullLive [http://hull-live.co.uk], and well done “Will Wright of Hull”, whoever you are. The truth is rarely seen in the newspapers in the UK.


Socialism, National Socialism, “National Communism” and Social Nationalism

“Socialism” has almost as many meanings as “democracy”. We still see people with pedestrian understanding writing or tweeting about how “socialism” is and can only be something akin to the Marxist-Leninist setup of the period before the great change(s) since 1989. Those people say that German “National Socialism” was not “real” socialism. Yet German National Socialism gave the German people a great deal more in every way, both economic and cultural, than did either Weimar Republic social democracy or post-1945 Soviet-style DDR (East German) socialism.


Of course, socialism in the Soviet Union had various faces at various times, from Civil War times (1918-21) when militarization of the workforce was the norm (“War Communism”) to the New Economic Policy of the 1920s under which a controlled form of capitalism and private enterprise was permitted, to the harsh centralized system of Stalin in the 1930s and 1940s, a less severe version in the 1950s to 1980s, and then the fall of the various forms of socialism, all over the world, from 1989.

Hitler took a broad view of the term “socialism”, regarding it as meaning, broadly, “the common weal”. He was not hidebound by artificial or arbitrary “definitions” of what socialism means. For him, what mattered were results. So long as the German people were well-fed, housed, educated, organized etc, he was content.

For me, policy matters, as do results. Artificial theory matters less. I was, at one time, in the mid-1970s, accused of not being so much a National Socialist as a “National Communist”, in other words accused of over-valuing the role of the State. I demur. However, the State does have its rightful place (as seen in the Threefold Social Order concept: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_threefolding).

We in the UK have seen in the past decade what happens when the role of the State is cast aside or into the background. Now, with the Coronavirus crisis, we see that the State, in its weakened condition, is unable to properly fulfil its role of guardian of the people (“…for the welfare of the people is the highest law“— Cicero).

What is now required is what might be called “social nationalism”, not old-style State socialism but a system whereby the State, in its proper place, protects and serves the people and, as part of that, regulates but does not actually run economic enterprises and markets. “Nationalism”? All that that means is that the political organization is rooted in our basically “Aryan” European culture, history and way of life.

Basic Income


My previous blog articles on the subject:






How long before it becomes necessary to start shooting looters?


Public sentiment

Government “recalls” retired NHS staff

So little Matt Hancock, clearly out of his depth, has been told to “recall” retired doctors and nurses. My thoughts:

  • the Government has no power to order such recall, only to request it;
  • retired NHS staff are almost all over 60, many over 70, and so are far more likely to fall victim to Coronavirus and to be seriously affected if they do contract it;
  • the above is obviously far more likely to happen in the often not very hygienic conditions of a UK NHS hospital.

Guardian view


Worth reading, certainly, but of course the Jew scribbler never once mentions the racial divisions or aspects.

Stuttgart view

A snapshot of Stuttgart life under Coronavirus, from “antifa” cheerleader Mike Stuchbery, who was all but run out of the UK on a rail in 2018.

Stuchbery, “writer”, “journalist”, “historian” (all self-descriptions) and one-time schoolteacher, apparently does not know the difference between “less” and “fewer”.

A midnight ramble through Casablanca and beyond

[above: La Marseillaise trumps Der Wacht am Rhein in Casablanca]

3 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 20 March 2020”

  1. That article was a very eloquent description of this country and its ‘society’ and why many don’t feel much sense of real community any longer. Well done to the writer and the newspaper for publishing it.God knows how such a politically incorrect and true account of the situation managed to get past the usual PC globalist censorship.

    In fact it is so good it would be in a great idea to send it to CON Party and Labour headquarters not that they would digest it and take note, sadly!

    Tories in particular but also some others often think ‘socialism’ can only be of a Marxian or semi-Marxist kind but it can also be a very mild form like social democracy or even just thinking there IS such a thing as society and that we are more than just a large collection of essentially selfish individuals. Hitler was a ‘socialist’ in that sense.

    I wonder who that 27% in London are composed of? They can’t all be soppy, white, middle-class liberals, can they? No, I don’t think all of them are. Many will be feral blacks, Asians and other people of foreign extraction who fear that if they loot the Tory government might get a brainwave and put armed crack troops from the Parachute regiment or the Grenadier Guards on the street and shoot them!

    Not much chance of that happening since we don’t have that many troops and, under the globalist CON Party, they will be ordered to shoot on Britons instead.


  2. Hello Ian: I hope you are well. Here in Argentina, the government decreed a nationwide quarantine. Until the end of the month, everybody must remain at home. Only supermarkets, butchers and grocers will be open. You are only allowed to go out to buy food or medicines. The police have orders to stop and question anyone who seems to be strolling.

    The government said that this quarantine can be extended and I am quite sure it will be.

    Here is a very interesting article written by a countryman of yours



    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. I shall use that article.

      The Government here has embarked on a huge spending policy to prop up businesses. It may work in the short term, but could probably not be sustained for more than a year, if that, without the currency collapsing. Not much analysis in the msm yet.

      I am going to blog about all of that.

      As to the virus itself, it continues to spread here. I drove around for half an hour yesterday, eventually visiting a small Tesco (supermarket chain) convenience store in a former village now effectively part of a small town. Polite (Polish) staff member (one of only two ppl working there) told me that they had no eggs or milk. I myself bought the very last loaf of bread (crusty brown wholemeal) and the last two longlife (sealed) pitta breads (apparently good until end of May).

      In larger supermarkets, the panic buying or other bulk buying continues. Thousands have besieged supermarkets looking for loo paper, dried pasta, sauces too, bread, anything medical or cleaning, milk too. It is pretty crazy. There will be an end to it, a saturation point, but not yet. In the meantime, producers are increasing output, in some cases by 50% or more.

      Something big is happening behind the msm noise. We cannot see even the outlines yet.

      I did see an interesting report about one family. The grandparents, living elsewhere, went to Italy and came back infected. This was weeks ago. They are recovering, it seems. The mother of the family was infected by her parents and then transmitted it to her husband. She was tested (as ppl were then; not now) and found to be infected, her husband getting the virus shortly afterward. He had health problems already, was hospitalized (they did that then…) and is recovering.

      What interested me most is that the two very small children of that couple, and also a baby, were *not* infected and are still not infected. The age factor is obviously key. We always knew that, but the report brings it home. Few under 30 and hardly any under 20 are going to be affected much, if at all. Or so it seems.


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