Diary Blog, 22 June 2020

Forbury Gardens attack

I blogged in some detail yesterday about this. It now turns out that the “suspect” is a Libyan and (as I guessed) an “asylum-seeker” (migrant invader), who not only has lived in the UK for some time, but was even imprisoned until recently for what the mass media are pleased to call “a minor offence”.

Listen, you treacherous msm bastards…I was once a practising barrister, and I know that it is —at least usually— not so easy to be imprisoned in the UK for what most people at least would regard as “minor” offences, especially for “first-time offenders” (i.e. those never prosecuted before) .

Obviously, the blame for a terrible incident such as that which played out in Reading on the weekend lies primarily with the culprit, but if such offences are committed by migrant invaders posing as “asylum-seekers”, then I believe that a great part of the blame also lies with those who encourage, assist and promote migration-invasion into this country, by which I mean those such as Yvette Cooper, “lord” Dubs (the Jew fraud/embezzler who cheated on his quite generous House of Lords expenses), paid pro-immigration campaigner Zoe Gardner (“@ZoeJardiniere” on Twitter) etc. The whole “refugees welcome” crowd, in fact.

Yvette Cooper prefers to turn a blind eye to her own culpability in supporting the importation of those who, many of them, hate us because we are white Europeans and they are not:

Yet here she is, demanding entry for more “child” and “teen” “refugees”!

How many more “events” is she willing to accept (from her cocooned, privileged and protected affluence) before she shuts up?

In the old saying, “suspicion ever haunts the guilty mind”

Also, never forget that Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls, her husband, both cheated on their Parliamentary expenses. Finally, there once were very unsavoury rumours going around about Balls and Cooper.

Zoe Gardner also retweeted a tweet approving this event below:

Make no mistake, white Europeans (including white European-descended people in North America etc)! When the mob hang a statue today, they will be hanging you and your family tomorrow, or next year, or in a few years. Look at South Africa today…

Here (below) is an actress (but of course, being “woke”, she prefers to call herself an “actor”, surely even more absurd than priestesses calling themselves “priests”). She refuses to see that there is a “racist” connection to the Forbury Gardens attack. The suspect is non-white, his alleged victims all (as far as I know) white English (and one American).

The attack was not directly connected to the pathetic “Black Lives Matter” demonstration that apparently took place an hour or two earlier (I saw a video: most of the demonstrators seemed to be white, and there were only about 50 of them, if that). Probably students from Reading University. However, there may be an indirect connection between the “BLM” demonstration and the knife attack.

ps. I had never heard of that actress until this morning. Is she well-known?

Some tweets seen so far today

Above, Anna Soubry, ex-MP etc, emerges from a vat of booze to comment (in fact, accurately) on the part-Jew public entertainer still trying to pose as Prime Minister.

My own thoughts on Boris-idiot and in particular his future as PM, apart from the above, would be that only the Conservative Party MPs can get rid of him until 2024. I think that that is in fact not unlikely. Not just yet, but perhaps early next year, if the opinion polls continue to show public distrust and lack of support for him and his party.


Look at the names and organizations. All Jewish.

I can just see the excuses coming now (from the mostly idiotic Twitter mob of “refugees welcome” and “anti-racist” types): “he had mental health problems” etc. So…should we be thanking “lord” Dubs, Yvette Cooper etc for facilitating the entry into the UK of such useless fuck-ups? Most of them are just a heavy millstone around our collective neck.

I myself have every intention of “flouting” these absurd “rules” any way I can.

Below: absurd tweet of the day?

Not all blacks, or all West Indians, are “bad people”. I have never said so. However, they are, as a group, backward compared to us (“us” as a nation or group; sadly, many white people in the UK let themselves and the country down, and that includes not a few in the broadly “nationalist” camp).

We never really needed the non-white immigrants, and should not, as a state, have imported them. The descendants of the Windrush immigrants etc are often hostile to us and few are really of much use to us.

More about Forbury


This is the “refugee” suspected killer.

Khairi Saadallah, 25, who is the suspect in the Reading terror attack

Saadallah had been sentenced to 28 months for breaching a suspended jail term, racially aggravated assault, criminal damage and affray.” [Daily Mail]

His previous included racially aggravated common assault – after he called a police officer a “slave” and spat in her face – carrying a bladed article and assaulting an emergency worker.” [Daily Mail]

A month earlier in September 2019 he was also jailed for 10 weeks after he admitted spitting at District Judge Sophie Toms as she sentenced him at Reading Magistrates’ Court in March for two previous convictions.” [Daily Mail]

Thanks, “refugees welcome” dimwits!

Oh, by the way, those offences and others were the ones the police and msm at first called “minor”!

Stanley Johnson

Does the old fraud already have an Israeli one?

It is quite funny, though, to see quite a few Remain supporters on Twitter attacking Stanley Johnson, and claiming that their own children have somehow been deprived of the right to “live, work and study” in the EU states.

First of all, British people did “live, work, and study” in other EU and non-EU European states before the UK joined the then EEC in 1973. You could only do so by permission, true, but many did apply and almost all were able to do what they wanted despite the UK not being a member.

Secondly, this really is a “middle class problem”, if you like. How many British young people really study (I mean for 3-4 years, not the 6-12 months of a language placement, or a few months on exchange) at the Sorbonne, the Humboldt University of Berlin, Heidelberg, Delft, Utrecht or Louvain? Precious few.

As for working in the EU in serious jobs (not bartending in Marbella or doing self-employed plumbing in Fuengirola), how many do work in Paris, Berlin, Brussels? Thousands? Yes. Tens of thousands? Maybe yes, Hundreds of thousands? No.

31 million people have jobs in the UK (or did, until this futile excuse for a government introduced the “lockdown” nonsense). A few thousand or tens of thousands make little diference.

Most British people cannot (in the real world) live, work, or even study in other EU states anyway (though I myself did live in France for a few years). It is something 99% for the affluent or wealthy. These people tweeting (bleating) about how Sebastian and Camilla cannot take up that EU Commission job, or Milan fashion house internship, make me terribly sad of course, but I hope to get over it…

More tweets

Lenin was not a slaveowner...” tweets “@cmclymer”. Not as such, but he had plenty of slaves all the same!

I can sell or scrap my car, eat or throw away my pizza, switch off the TV or a DVD, if any of them irritate me or interfere with my convenience. How do I get rid of 15 or 20 million invaders?

39 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 June 2020”

  1. Look at the flag that woman is using! Our PC globalist moron politicians from Boris-idiot and Priti Useless downwards keep on saying these people have successfully ‘integrated’ into our society well if that is so why do some of them persist in partaking in terrorist attacks against us and identifying themselves by the use of flags of a foreign state?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬😡😡

    Answers on a postcard to Priti Damm Nuisance at the Ministry for Lawlessless, Disorder and the Foreignisation of Britain, please!🙄🙄🙄


  2. Well, Peter Hitchens looks to be right on one issue at least. Yes, this terrorist incident shows that drug use including cannabis should not be viewed lightly and should continue to be deemed by the authorities as criminal behaviour. The only exception should be cannabis use for strictly medical purposes and then only under the strict supervision of a qualified doctor.


  3. Widespread drug use in society is not a good thing and can contribute to a high crime rate. We should be tougher on it like Singapore is. They don’t have mindless, zombified druggies roaming the streets and there should be none of them here either.


  4. Charlie Bond is a perfect example of why it might not have been a good idea to give woman the right to vote. All too many females are totally thoughtless and hopelessly naive airheads when it comes to politics. Stick behind the sink, love, and don’t worry yourself over serious matters of governance!🙄🙄🙄 Leave these important issues to we chaps!


  5. Yvette Cooper is a hypocrite.She wants the government to welcome child refugees many of whom are blatantly fraudulent yet has no wish to follow her globalist principles by welcoming them into her own large properties.

    Many are sick of virtue signalling ‘Champagne Globalist’ hypocrites like her not least traditional Labour voters up North which may explain why some of them turned away in disgust from Labour and abstained from voting in December causing the loss of quite a few seats which have been in Labour’s hands for generations.


  6. With any luck, the next time a terrorist atrocity like this committed by a foreigner occurs then a foreign, ungrateful, Jew troublemaker like Lord Dubs or a virtue signalling ‘Champagne Globalist’ hypocrites like Yvette Cooper will get killed instead of a normal British person.

    I see no earthy reason why Lord Dubs is still here. This ungrateful Jew should be sent back to the Czech or Slovak Republic where he comes from. Even our last real Tory PM, Neville Chamberlain, was too soft on fake refugees from Eastern Europe and this is how some of them show their gratitude towards us!😡🤬☹️😞


  7. People like Nick Tolhurst too often have a very selfish view of migration. EU freedom of movement has not only meant that for a few, well-skilled middle class people their job prospects have been improved but has also meant that working-class people who don’t have many skills have had to face much higher competition in the jobs market from cheap labour sources like Poland. EU migration rules have had different effects for different parts of the population but these effects have also been made worse by our own stupid, anti-British governments who haven’t imposed the restrictions the EU DID allow us to impose. Germany under Merkel did whilst Bliar and Cameron didn’t hence the referendum result.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Yes. I once shared a flat in the former Soviet Union (fortunately, it was a kind of fairly large penthouse) for about 6 weeks with a student “intern” who was in fact doing it as part of his 1 year foreign placement (as a language student back in the UK).

      He was not too bad (though my girlfriend asked whether I disliked him because I always referred to him as “the student”!). He was just so well-padded via his family that it became a joke. His father was an actuary and the family lived in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire.

      The family also owned a large flat in Marylebone Road, London, bought so that the sister could go to the Royal College of Music without having to commute (it was almost next door). For his Russian 6 months, his family’s friend, a senior woman lawyer, who was on first name terms with UK government ministers, got him the Russian-language placements in 2 cities, 3 months in each. For his French-language 6 months, his family had friends who lived in one of the best parts of Paris, near Les Invalides!

      You get the picture. A royal road of privilege. Those are the kind of Remain bleaters I talk about.


  8. Bliar didn’t impose the restrictions the EU allowed us to because he was and still remains a fanatical ‘Champagne Globalist’ and because he thought all those traditional Labour voters who were going to be severely affected by the influx of cheap labour from Poland would moan about it but ‘had nowhere to go politically-speaking by voting elsewhere’.

    This is the type of political arrogance First Past The Post breeds. You really can’t blame Blair and Cameron for being so dismissive of ordinary people’s concerns about immigration when we have such a grotesquely undemocratic electoral system which, AT EVERY GENERAL ELECTION, routinely dumps about 50% OF ALL VOTES into the nearest dustbin thus ensuring those votes are totally wasted and don’t get any MPs elected.




  9. Parliament is made into an effective ‘closed shop’ by the decrepit, unfit for purpose First Past The Post electoral system. The place needs some much needed political competition as that should help to drive up standards. Competition can do wonders for sluggish, badly-run businesses and that concept can do the same for the sterile world of British politics.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I tend to agree, but that is like the sermon of the new priest in a village. A workman returned to his cottage after hearing the priest speak. The workman’s wife asked what the priest was speaking about.
      The wife then asked what the priest had said about sin.
      “He was against it”…

      I think that you take the point.


  10. First Past The Post only performs well at one thing namely the geographical representation of voters but fails abysmally at every other factor a good electoral system should have.

    To put it frankly, it is so appallingly undemocratic that this country may as well shut parliament down permanently and return to being an absolute Monarchy as in centuries past or have a military dictatorship.


    1. At least those two forms of governance would be honest dictatorships instead of the dishonest ‘ elected dictatorship’ as Tory Lord Hailsham once called First Past The Post.


  11. I think it is noteworthy that NOT A SINGLE COUNTRY in Eastern Europe chose First Past The Post when they became new democracies after the fall of Communism in 1989/1990.


      1. South Africa immediately dumped First Past The Post after white rule and apartheid ended and changed to Proportional Representation as well.

        If PR is good enough for that strange lot of ‘Johnny Foreigners’ with our Queen still as their Head of State down in New Zealand it is good enough for the ‘mother country’ as well, Tories and Labour.


  12. FIrst Past The Post is also helping to break apart the United Kingdom by promoting separatism in Scotland. Some historians say our use of this archaic system was one factor in what is now the Republic of Ireland seceding from the UK in 1922.

    If Scotland dies break away will the supposed unionist Tories be happy then and apologise to unionists in the rest of the UK for their dogmatic opposition to any move to more proportional elections?


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Scotland, I think, may break away despite the economic consequences North of the Border. Until recent times, Scotland had to some extent its own history, laws, customs etc, but no real push for political independence. Even in 2010, the SNP, which for most of its history had either no MPs or a small number (usually under 5), suddenly jumped to 56, went down to 35 and then rebounded in 2019 to 48. It’s here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

      Then there is the fact that there has been a Scottish Parliament since 1999. I think that that has been very significant, making Scotland think that its policy in in its own hands to a large extent.

      The collapse of Scottish Labour really severed the link between the Scottish voters and Westminster.

      There has been an overall distancing between the UK as a whole and Scotland, really between England and Scotland.

      As I said before, though, Scottish “Independence” may be the only thing that can save the Conservative Party south of the border. It would also consign Labour to even greater irrelevance.


  13. Even the not very bright and brilliant ‘warm-up act’ for so-called ‘New Labour’ (though I don’t know what was particularly ‘new’ about the already existing anti-British nature of Labour being taken to even more extreme heights) John Major managed to work out that that giving a devolved parliament would be a ‘slippery slope’ towards separation so he opposed it.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      There are two ways to look on it. Either the devolved Parliament accelerated secessionism in Scotland, or it delayed it. Which? I am not sure that I can myself decide.


      1. Well, it certainly hasn’t killed secessionist feelings stone dead as a former leading Scottish Labour figure once declared.


  14. What was highly stupid of ‘New Labour’ was not just introducing a new devolved parliament but refusing to introduce it AS A PART of OVERALL constitutional changes such as a. new, fairer voting system ie PR where it was needed most AT WESTMINSTER.

    Devolution has rebounded big time on Labour as it was always going to do without those other changes at Westminster.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      What Blair *could* have done (apart from introducing PR) was to create a Federal UK. Now *that* would have really sat up and worked. England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland all sending MPs to a Federal Parliament, and at the same time *each* having its own national paliament or assembly and with powers far more wide than even the Scottish or Welsh assemblies now have. The big move would have been an English Parliament sitting in London or maybe elsewhere.


      1. A federal system could only work if we had regional government. England as a whole coherent unit is too large for a United Kingdom to be sustainable. Even Prussia in pre war Germany only comprised 60% of the overall German population whereas England would be 83% of the whole.

        New Labour obviously didn’t think through the real, possible long term consequences of their proposals and just saw a chance to permanently govern one part of the UK whilst the hated Tories were in government at Westminster.

        Their ‘thought’ process was to establish a permanent Labour fiefdom at Holyrood. Needless to say, it hasn’t gone to plan!


  15. The Scots see that Holyrood has a reasonably proportional Additional Member System (AMS) version of Proportional Representation and then look at Westminster with its archaic and absurdly unfair FPTP system and the contrast is not a good one. All that does is fuel the push for more and more powers for Holyrood and eventual separation.


  16. I am not opposed to devolution per se but this form of it positively encourages separatism especially when it is combined with an unreformed Westminster using an archaic and profoundly undemocratic voting system.

    To those who say regional governance would involve ‘unnatural’ units I say so are some of the regional states in Germany. The South West German state of Baden-Wuttenbourg was created post WW2 by merging two existing ones.


  17. Cornwall is a natural unit and so is Yorkshire. They could be fitted into a sustainable system of regional devolution for the entire UK.


    1. If they had regional assemblies I don’t think too many would then say ‘We want independence from the United Kingdom’. If you move away from a coherent unitary state as we were before 1997 you do need to think very carefully about how you do it and how this can fit into the overall system of governance for the whole UK.


      1. Without Scotland, there is little point in a UK federation. England has 56M+ population. N. Ireland 1.8M; Wales 3.2M. but its problem would be irrelevance, really. Wales has identical laws to the UK, with local Welsh Assembly tweaks, and there is no call from Wales for independence from the UK. Also, half the pop. of Wales is English now anyway. Northern Ireland is almost irrelevant politically and has only punched above its weight for decades because it is a irritant.


  18. Charlie Bond seems to mostly appear in low-budget British horror films like Strippers vs. Werewolves, Curse of the Witching Tree, Dead Air, Slumber, Hellriser and Pandamonium (sic). And a few non-horror flicks such as The Fall of the Essex Boys and The Rise and Fall of the White-collar Hooligan. The details can be found on https://www.imdb.com


      1. A pity; she could have played one of the many girlfriends in the exciting biopic The Rise and Fall of he Barracuda Barrister, with extensive location filming in Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Egypt and New Jersey.


      2. Watcher:
        Well, years ago, some stray girl on Twitter, commenting on some of my tweets, did remark of me, “I think that this person must live in a place with underfloor sharks”! I suppose that the reference was to Thunderball and Blofeld…


  19. Federalism ca be dangerous to the continued unity of the United Kingdom especially if the only central powers in London are issues like immigration and defence/foreign affairs because it is precisely those kind of policy areas that arouse the most passionate arguments. The SNP even more than Plaid Cymru does often makes a great noise about how Scottish attitudes are allegedly very different from English ones and therefore the short step to complete separation as it would be is more necessary.


  20. I live in Essex. I would keep the local district councils which are a very necessary tier of government but can County Councils really be viewed in that light? Some issues like transport could do with being organised on a wider basis than a mere county. Transport in particular would be better suited to a regional tier of governance shared with the other Eastern Region counties of Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.


  21. Counties should be preserved as just ceremonial counties ie for things like the Essex cricket team. Government at that level can be cut out and replaced with regional/provincial governance.

    It is a little known fact that plans for regional/provincial governance are not a dastardly EU plot or invention of New Labour but have been an idea of various British governments going back to the early 1940’s.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Yes, but people have sentimental attachment to counties, and hate (for example) towns being redesignated for reasons of administrative convenience (as when Slough was imposed upon Berkshire, or the county of Rutland abolished —now revived—, both in the 1970s).


  22. I agree which is why I am not proposing that ceremonial counties are abolished. My ideal would still see them existing with their full panoply of identity markers: geographical boundaries marked on maps, local sports teams ie county cricket sides etc but the administration level namely county councils would go.


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