Diary Blog, 23 June 2020

So it is OK (nay, compulsory) for Burnley Football Club players to bend their knees in sign of fealty to the blacks, or rather to the partly black and entirely anti-British mob (because “Black Lives Matter”…), but it is some kind of disgrace that a small aerial banner is flown saying that “White Lives Matter”?

The manager or captain of the football club was on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme. What a dim fellow, expressing his “me too” pseudo-liberalism (anti-white illiberalism). Also, what kind of deluded traitor (to himself, too, assuming that he is white) would say that he “feels ashamed” that people have the temerity to say that “white lives matter”?

My congratulations to whoever flew that banner!


Watched a Panorama documentary about the (supposed) “threat” from (again, supposed) “neo-nazis” in the UK.

What can one say? Young and very young people (one only 14, it was said); some (no doubt atypical) of whom said or wrote mentally-disturbed comments that sounded more like extreme interpretations of Nietzsche rather than what I understand as “National Socialism”, let alone social nationalism.

As usual with such “British” TV shows (basically Jewish in terms of those behind them, or involved with them), and which purport to “expose” “neo nazi-ism” and the like, it was really dull, with no great revelations.

The high point was the unmasking of the (or one) leader of a small group of which I had not previously heard, called The Base. The journalistic snoops staked out the 25-y-o leader’s, or maybe his parents’, house in California, but were told that he was unwilling to talk to them or (as the snoops put it) “to leave his bedroom”.

Every now and then, the BBC or some other msm outlet broadcasts or prints a “revelation” of this sort. I have been seeing similar ever since the mid-1970s. There is always a Jewish element behind it, and there is usually about 5% truth and 95% untruth.

The public in the UK are told quite often what a big “threat” there is supposed to be from “far-right” or “neo-nazi” “terrorism”. So where is it, this “terrorism”?

What I see (in the unreliable newspapers etc) is a rather small number of very young people, some only in their mid-teens, criminalized and even imprisoned for little more than playing around on the internet, downloading instructions re. how to make bombs (which none of such teenagers, as far as I have ever heard, actually have ever made, and certainly never made and used) and for having silly online conversations about bumping off MPs or others.

Other young people, some in their teens, some twenty-somethings, have been prosecuted, charged and —incredibly— imprisoned for long periods for supposedly belonging to “banned” organizations. Most of the reported evidence has been such as cookie-cutters designed to make Swastika-shaped biscuits, cushions with Swastika motifs, even a baby named “Adolf”!

I can only think that even the Star Chamber, or the Spanish Inquisition, would want more evidence than that to find heretics guilty of unlawful dissent!

A few of those young people tried were saved by the good commonsense of the British jury, as were Nick Griffin and Mark Collett when the police state tried them (for incitement) about 15-20 years ago. Sadly, that jury commonsense is becoming ever more rare, not least because the “British” jury now may well consist of jurors some of which will be black or brown and unlikely to acquit a British nationalist (or a supposed “neo-nazi”) of anything at all and whatever the evidence.

I ask again: where is this “neo-nazi” “terrorism”? It seems to be a mirage designed to frighten people.

Meanwhile, black and multikulti mobs have been tearing down historic statues, vandalizing others, and spraying graffiti on national memorials…and the “British” police bend the knee to the mob, in sign of fealty or surrender.

Burnley protest

There seems to be, as with the Coronavirus “lockdown” (shutdown of the society and its economy), a kind of madness abroad. “Black Lives Matter” = Good; but “White Lives Matter” = Bad…

The Twitter mob (almost always to be found on the wrong side) and the “BLM” mob would claim that “White Lives Matter” is not the same as “Black Lives Matter” because “WLM” is merely a satirical criticism of “BLM”. Not necessarily, but so what if it is?! Are people not allowed to say “the emperor has no clothes!” in this country now? Are they not allowed to question a dogma being instituted by various kinds of anti-British persons for a certain (((agenda)))?

In fact, what I loved about the aerial protest by the Burnley football fans was its sheer joie de vivre, the “Up yours!” of it. There’s something of 1930s or 1920s biplanes and Biggles about it. Brilliant.

Theatre Royal, Plymouth

I am not really a theatre-goer (I tend to fidget unless the show is brilliant, as some however have been, that I recall). Still, cultural institutions are important, and I know this one from the outside at least. I used to see it en route to the County Court at Plymouth (I always used the multistorey car park nearby both).

[above: Theatre Royal, Plymouth. Attribution: “By painma – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=40629939”%5D


Now it seems that 100 out of 300 employees are to be made redundant. That includes (assuming the above tweet to be accurate) the entire artistic team. Sad. Is this a forerunner of the huge redundancies likely to start happening as a result of the Coronavirus panic and the Government’s “lockdown” (panicked response)?

Thinking about Plymouth (to which I travelled at one time about half a dozen times a month), it could be a great city, but is not. Why? I think that there are several reasons. The main one would be the incompetence and corruption of the local council, noted for the past half century. I believe that it is or was Labour-controlled. Freemasonry riddles the council, I have read and been told. To add to that, the “Common Purpose” virus is also rife there. [cf. Birmingham].

A petty but telling example: in the nearly 6 years in which I appeared fairly often in Plymouth County Court, I almost invariably used the multistorey car park near the court. I always park at the top (on the roof, in this case the 10th floor) of such car parks. In all those years, the lift in the car park (owned and operated by the local council) never once worked, as far as I can recall. Maybe once only, on my first visit, in 2002..

Some tweets seen today

This made me laugh:

How does one break it to these facemask people that they are the [etc]?

Facemasks are of only minimal use except to people like dentists and nurses working in very close proximity to the infected or vulnerable. I saw a couple of idiots of that sort (scared rabbits) in Waitrose yesterday. There were also a few people obviously trying to maintain the Government’s arbitrary “2 metre” (6+ feet) “social distancing”. Which has just been changed, this very day, to “1 metre” (3 feet). No doubt the compliant rabbits —or should that be “robots”?— will henceforth programme themselves accordingly.

Instinctively, I prefer to see recreational drugs generally banned rather than legalized. On the other hand, the police (in the UK) are incapable of controlling the situation because at street level the minor users are usually let off with or without a warning, because the courts are unwilling to be harsh in most cases even to suppliers, and because there is a vast amount of taxfree profit to be had by the larger suppliers.

While I agree with the underlying sentiment and viewpoint, Nick Griffin has erred here. The hotel shown is not in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe but in Mozambique. It is the Grande Hotel, Beira: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grande_Hotel_Beira

Nick Griffin of all people should know (after his disastrous Question Time appearance in 2009) how important it is to check and be confident as to facts.

Night music

10 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 June 2020”

  1. If blacks are allowed, nay encouraged, to say ‘Black Lives Matter’ then we whites should be allowed to say ‘White Lives Matter’ as well. What about Chinese people in this country? Are they not allowed to say ‘East Asian Lives Matter’?🙄🙄🙄


      1. Indeed. 🙄I am surprised Britain’s resident coterie of Zionist fanatic Jews haven’t piped-up yet and declared Jewish Lives Matter!🙄


  2. Yeah, a great protest. 😂😃😆👌😎Typical it came in a Northern town! Many Northerners are renowned for their blunt opinions and ways of expressing themselves! 😂🤣😀😃😆😁😎😂😂


  3. I find it hard to muster much sympathy for the luvvies at Plymouth facing indefinite ‘resting’ since thespians to a gender-fluid person hold anti-white, queerness advancing views, and most of the stage productions put on since the sixties are vehicles for these.


    1. Yes, theatre productions often have a left wing, PC flavour to them but it still a shame to see that some theatres will never reopen. The aim of government should be to make Britain a more cultured as well as more well-educated nation ie produce graduates in real subjects to the extent of the likes of South Korea.

      I must say that I haven’t attended theatre much during my lifetime but on those few occasions I have been to see a WestEnd show I have enjoyed it.


      1. An interesting piece published on the National Alliance website ( https://nationalvanguard.org/2020/06/fade-to-black/ ) by a writer who has worked as an actor for much of his life:

        But, shouting “commercial considerations be damned”, the Cultural Marxists have doubled down in Britain and are putting propaganda ahead of profit. The British Film Institute (BFI), which bestows crucial funding to film projects, fell into the tentacles of one Josh Berger, an American Jew with a long Hollywood history. Under Berger’s malevolent influence the BFI has mandated higher levels of BAME. Any production that does not meet the set levels will be denied funding and thus any chance of distribution or awards. It will be dead. So, producers genuflect to globohomo and grind out the anti-White, anti-heterosexual, anti-Christian propaganda that pollutes our screens. Adding insult to injury, we are paying for this filth because the majority of the BFI’s money comes from the UK taxpayer!

        The levels of “race and gender-blind” [LOL — Ed.] casting mandated include:

        • At least one lead character must be non-White
        • 50-50 male-female ratio in entire cast
        • At least 20% of cast must be non-White
        • At least 10% must be LGBTQ
        • At least 7% disabled
        • A large proportion of plot lines and filming locations must be set among underrepresented groups.

        With those parameters in mind, try writing a film that should by natural law, reason, and historical fact be set in a White, male world. How can you fit that many women, homos, lesbians, trannies, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Blacks, and crippled, cis-phobic, bi-curious Eskimos into a Lancaster bomber, a monastery, or the Alamo? And, I wonder if these same race and gender targets will apply if an all-Black film company sought funding for a movie set in a lesbian bathhouse in Somalia? Would the screenwriter have to find a way to squeeze White, Christian, hetero males into the steam room?

        We aren’t being betrayed by the BFI alone. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts which bestows the prestigious BAFTA awards is equally on-board the globohomo express though it is (small comfort) privately funded. Still, if you want to win a BAFTA you must bow down to the Cultural Marxists who run that outfit.

        And British Equity (the actors’ union) promotes and protects every race but White. It cares nothing for the race that only created theatre, film, television, radio, the Internet, and trade unions! It promotes and protects every sexual persuasion but heterosexuality. My union dues are currently paying for a campaign to ensure that “trans” actors get to audition for roles of any gender including those of the gender they claim to have left. Meanwhile, I can’t get an audition to play an old White guy because it’s being played by a Black female-to-male trannie!


  4. It isn’t surprising that football manager was expressing his PC globalist liberalism. All sports but particularly the most popular ones with working-class men like football have been targeted for the PC treatment since the 1980’s.

    The government could not allow such a well-followed sport as football is by ordinary young men escape from this treatment. Having had no England football team since the early 1980’s filled with only native Englishmen has been utterly invaluable to push acceptance of constant mass immigration and the multi-racial ‘society’. Having many Premiership teams filled with blacks has also helped.


  5. Of course, I accept the fact that young black men are often athletic and inclined to be good footballers but are we really expected to believe there is no FA and government conspiracy to ensure the England football team always has had at least one black player since the early 1980’s?🙄🙄🙄

    I am sure that in this length of time we could have had at least one occasion when the entire England football team was composed exclusively of native Englishmen.


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