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Diary Blog, 24 November 2021

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Norfolk Churches
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When you consider that cannabis-smoking is more prevalent among the lower-IQ groups in society, such as West Indians, the functioning of persons in those groups is likely to be lowered further yet (than it already is). How can an advanced society be created, or even the present one maintained, with such a population as a basis?

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[Thames, border of Berkshire and Oxfordshire]

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Interesting to read the Wikipedia piece about that song. I always had the feeling that there was something esoteric there.

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Incredible. Why not warehouse them? The State might have uses for them at some point.

There is nothing so cherished or sacred that the transnational conspiracy and its “useful idiots” will not trash it, if the people let them.

That is misnamed “Labour” now— “everyone is equal, but some Jews are more equal than others“…

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Interesting obituary


After El Alamein, Vic transferred to the Parachute Regiment and was dropped into Arnhem. He fought for 10 days until he was captured. He could never understand how he survived. He was a machine gunner and every other man assigned to the weapon was killed. “Twelve of them, Rick, I’ve got more lives than a cat.” As a prisoner of war, Vic sabotaged a soap factory and for this “crime against the Reich” was condemned to death. He was taken to Dresden and held in a huge makeshift prison with 500 other doomed men. That night the allies bombed the city. A 1,000lb bomb blew in one of the walls and a stunned Vic stumbled into the hell of the firestorm.

He was in the city for over a week. During the raid, he saw women, men and children trying to escape the flames in huge water tanks set up by the fire brigade and boiling to death; he saw others burning in molten tarmac and yet others sucked into the air with their heads on fire, their bodies exploding in the heat. Vic told me that he was used to killing, had held men in his arms as he pushed his bayonet into their stomachs, smelling their breath and staring into their dying eyes. “Nothing Rick, nothing, had prepared me for what I saw in that raid. It was a war crime,” he said.

[Dresden, 1945, after Allied bombing]

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Over-educated“? Not a description I would use of those in question.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/12/10/tv-ads-and-soaps-are-the-propaganda-preferred-by-the-system-in-the-uk/.

As blogged previously, the Jew-Zionist lobby is now saying that non-Jews should have their identities revealed when tweeting, but Jewish trolls can continue to troll…

The most important thing, apart from stopping the migration-invasion entirely, is to prevent breeding.

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Diary Blog, 22 November 2021, including thoughts about Welsh independence

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[Moscow river, with Great Kremlin Palace and Kremlin churches]

“Covid” biosecurity police state


The Germans have a Health Minister who’s only qualification is a Certificate in Business Studies and a so called Covid expert working at the Robert Koch Institute who’s only qualification is having one in Veterinary science.” [the published comment of a Daily Mail reader]. (reader’s spelling, not mine).

People across Europe are starting to fight for freedom. A small minority, yes, but backed by many millions of others. There is always a vanguard ahead of the mob.

In the Netherlands, the Dutch police fired at random into the crowd, killing two protesters. So much for the superficially “caring sharing” Dutch state…oh, and incidentally…the Daily Mail chose not to report that fact.

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[VDNKh, Moscow; photograph by Gennady Grachev]

Destruction of freedom of expression in the UK


Is the above any different or any better than what happens in Belarus, or even China?

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That is where we are in the UK: suppression of real news, endless (and endlessly dull) recounting of the official versions of “fake news” (mainly “Covid” nonsense, with some “climate change” stuff tacked on, and there is little or no real difference among the main System news outlets: BBC, Sky, ITN etc. Britain is now largely (((occupied))) territory. ZOG.

I was going to add something about Brenton Tarrant, but the repression of free speech in the UK is now such that a degree of self-censorship afflicts even me…

Anyone who has visited an NHS hospital in the past 18 months (as I have, several times, as a specially-permitted visitor) must have noticed that hospitals have been largely empty, the few staff almost unoccupied. There are, probably, exceptions to my impression(s), perhaps in a few large cities, but I have seen what I have seen.

The pseudo-socialists on Twitter are just me-too idiots, whose only aim is to “deplatform” those with whose views and ideas they disapprove. No ideas about society, except that everything would, they imagine, be much better if advanced white societies were flooded even more by the backward and unpleasant from the black/brown areas of the Earth. They are basically “useful idiots” for those pushing the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.


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In fact, there is a need to depopulate, but the devil is in the detail. What is needed now is for the European populations to stay pretty much at their present levels, but for there to be a large-scale diminution of the non-European populations.

Since 1945, the populations of Asia (particularly China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) have rocketed, as have some others. Ideally, the European and European-origined part of the world should comprise the vast majority of the whole world population. See https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/.

Wales and Welsh independence

Ecce, the complete unreality of the pseudo-socialist Twitterati. Wales as an independent country? It never has been, unless you count its prehistoric origins: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wales#History.

Wales is small (the same size as New Jersey, at about 8,000 square miles), and has three million people. Its resources traditionally lay in sub-surface minerals and rocks: coal, slate etc, now not hugely valuable or competitive internationally.

The agricultural sector relies on subsidy, much of Welsh agriculture consisting of uneconomic hill farms.

Tourism exists, mainly in some coastal towns but also elsewhere.

An independent Wales would be a very poor little state.

As for the advantages of independence for Wales, they are hard to see. The devolved Welsh Government already decides upon 20 devolved areas of administration: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wales#Areas_of_responsibility.

Aaron Bastani’s tweet, above, seems to envisage an independent socialist Wales. It seems to me that Wales is better off as part of the UK. After all, without UK (English) subsidy, Wales would have little money to subsidize its farming sector, the coal mines are merely historical now (and part of the “heritage tourism” trade), the slate mines still exist here and there but are hardly the basis for statehood’s necessary income, and tourism could not bear the financial load of true “statehood”. What else is there? Not much, I think.

Labour has a plurality, and near-majority, of seats in the Welsh Parliament— 30 out of 60: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senedd.

In my view, a truly independent and socialist Wales would be as poor as North Korea after a while. An extreme view? Not really. How would the Welsh Government fund hospitals, schools, and so on?

Not that it could not be done. Will is all. If the 3,000,000 people resident in Wales (many of them now English) were to vote for real independence, they could make it work, up to a point. Why not? However, they would have to accept living standards far below even the modest ones now existent.

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A good example of the political, or social, or ideological cover the “Covid” “panicdemic”/”scamdemic” gives to political apparatchiki. Had those “Abos” been detained for any other reason, or under any other excuse, the pseudo-socialists, “human rights” bods etc, even the msm talking heads, would have been outraged and up in arms against it. Not this time, because…”Covid”…the magic word that quells all opposition.

The UK Cabinet of clowns (sinister clowns) has condemned itself out of its own collective mouth, by its very silence in the face of Evil.

#Osterreich #Freiheit #Kristalltag!

“Adolf Hitler, please return to us!

Austria needs to reawaken from its consumerist sleep.

System mouthpiece James O’Brien expressing support for “more meaningful measures“, meaning forced “vaccination”, camps for dissidents etc.

O’Brien says that only a “tiny minority” oppose such measures. Not true, but, how strange, the vast majority in England want NO MORE MASS IMMIGRATION, yet when it comes to migration-invasion, msm/System mouthpiece O’Brien seems to prefer the views of the “tiny minority” (the “refugees welcome” dimwits, the Jewish lobby —mostly pro-immigration— etc)…

Note the ignorance of another LBC and System mouthpiece, Shelagh Fogarty, who pretends to knowledge, based on not very much.

If the System forces me to be “vaccinated” against the panicdemic, that will be a declaration of war against me, and against the entire population.

and look below:

Useless (at his job), irritating, ignorant (but paid a few hundred grand a year anyway…) Jeremy Vine, showing incredible (?) bias, with guests the hugely ignorant scribbler (poses as “journalist”) Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, and Daily Mail scribbler, something (?) Pierce. That is what the msm serve up to the watching populace as a “discussion”, with the presenter, Vine, advocating that the government use “snitches“, fines, prison, “spot checks” of documents etc to repress those who defy “vaccination” with useless fake vaccines.

At least the DDR [East Germany] did not seriously pretend to have “civil rights”…

When the Hungarian Uprising occurred in 1956, those most closely involved with the repression of the population (secret policemen etc) were caught, and some of them suffered the supreme penalty at the hands of the rebels.

Britain was once proud of its civil rights. Even during WW2, when rights were partly suspended, few openly called for the introduction of a complete police state…yet here now in the UK, we see mediocre System msm mouthpieces openly calling for a system of secret informers, denunciation of neighbours and family members, authoritarian police presence on the streets and checking “papers”, and “volunteer co-workers” helping the State to keep the population repressed.

[Soviet “neighbourhood watch” civilian militia badge]

All that, notionally, for suppression of a virus which has (supposedly) killed about ONE in every FOUR THOUSAND people in the world (1 in 1,000 in the UK)…

A little Ostalgie?

Afternoon music

[Mill Colonnade, Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), Czech Republic, Europe]

Late tweets

I caught a few minutes of Diane Abbott on Newsnight, still defending the migration-invasion. That stupid bitch must have been worth a million votes to the Conservative Party in 2019!

Laurence Fox evidently does not know his political **** from his geopolitical elbow. Controlled opposition, and pretty pathetic it is.

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Diary Blog, 2 July 2020

This blog post may be shorter than other daily posts, at least in terms of original content, because I am working on a long post about the Alison Chabloz situation and connected free speech issues. That will probably be posted this evening or overnight; if not, then soon, anyway.

In the meantime, some tweets and news reports I have seen:

Incidentally, I would not usually repost anything from “Never Again UK”, a Twitter account run by a fanatical Jew Zionist, but in this case I make an exception. It made me laugh, too.

That woman exhibits the same characteristics as Shane Jones of Nailsea and others of that ilk (see preceding BBC tweet), an inability to see themselves and their own inconsistent stance clearly.

The extraordinary thing is that many in government, commerce and the msm seem to assume that the public will rush eagerly to pubs, wine bars, other places, even if forced to wear muzzles orsome sort, and perhaps even be enclosed in separate areas by plastic shower curtains. Screw that! Barbers too.

If my barber insists on me wearing a facemask in his shop (presumably the ladies he employs will also be wearing masks), then I shall just get my hair cut again at home. I am not a pop singer or male model, and no-one cares if I am not perfectly coiffed. I shall also be saving nearly £20 a pop. Ten more Lotto tickets. Yay!

Israeli Intelligence agencies must have their lights burning all night at present…I have blogged often about this case: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/08/11/the-jew-epstein-and-prince-andrew-the-british-royal-family-has-another-scandal-maybe-its-time-to-just-get-rid-of-them/

Will MOSSAD or Aman (Israeli “services”) kill her, too?

The tweet below amused me. “Antifa” cheerleader (always from well behind the lines), Mike Stuchbery of (now) Stuttgart, claims, not for the first time, that he has several jobs. In reality, he spends most of his time playing the “historian” (deriving his comments from guide books etc), travelling around Baden-Württemberg to see the sights, drinking coffee or beer in cafes, while tweeting and trying to get those of whom he disapproves removed from Twitter, Facebook etc.

I have blogged previously about this Stuchbery character: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/23/a-few-words-about-mike-stuchbery/ and https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/11/27/mike-stuchbery-and-tommy-robinson-legal-dispute/

Actually, I quite like some of his Germany-based tweets about mediaeval and Renaissance history, but he will keep supporting the destruction of white Northern Europe… unacceptable.

Oh, here is the self-styled “historian” unable to spell the name “Mosley”…

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oswald_Mosley https://www.oswaldmosley.com/

On previous occasions, “historian” Stuchbery (he also claims to be “journalist” and teacher, among other things) has made other howlers, such as misidentifying a photo of Enoch Powell https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enoch_Powell as one of Oswald Mosley, and claiming that the Gestapo held the great thinker Rudolf Steiner prisoner for several days in the 1930s, while they interrogated him.

This would have been impossible, because the Gestapo was not even established until 1933 (and in Prussia only, until 1936). Apart from that, Steiner died in Switzerland, and of natural causes, in 1925 (8 years before the Gestapo was established), and was not even in Germany after 1923.

Copying bits out of books or tourist guidebooks does not make anyone “historian”; neither does inventing cartoon-level “anti-fascist” “history”…

Note that Stuchbery tells someone that she should be “seeking gainful employment”, when he himself grifts constantly on all the online donation sites, as well as now getting subsidized by the German “welfare” system. What a hypocrite!

The tweets below made me laugh!

Diary Blog, 1 July 2020

Looted art

No, this time not “art looted by Nazis” but by American forces in Germany and Austria:


Wigan Athletic

The fortunes of a football club would usually not interest me much. This does, partly because it is one of a wave of company and other collapses supposedly as a result of “Coronavirus”, though actually more the result of this incompetent government’s “lockdown” (shutdown) of the society and economy.

The other reason the above news report caught my attention is because I once represented a Wigan Athletic footballer at Manchester County Court sometime around 2006. I remember the case well even though I have forgotten the name of the footballer (his first name was something Biblical, I recall; I presume from that and other facts that he was a West Indian, but he was not present in Court).

Part of the reason I remember the case is because I had to get up at about 0430 to avoid traffic. I started driving at about 0500 hrs, and made the 250 miles from Dunsford, about 10 miles west of Exeter, to the outskirts of Manchester, in little more than 2 hours, though it then took me half an hour or more to get to the Court itself, which was then at a place called Crown Square in the centre of the city (a city which I have only visited a few times in my life).

Other reasons that I recall the case are that the solicitor had been at school at Repton, an institution known for its unusual championing of football instead of the usual rugby, and the fact that the young footballer in the case (which revolved around identity, and title to goods) was on a contract salary of no less than £16,000 per week. At 18 or 19 years old. Maybe not the Wayne Rooney level, but still rather striking for the solicitor and me! If anyone is interested, which I doubt, I won the case. In fact, and in all honesty, it was an easy win in the end.

Mass immigration

Good grief.

Below, a drone of the (((controlled))) msm “Lugenpresse” (Judenpresse) tweets that letting up to 3 MILLION Hong Kong Chinese into the UK is “the right thing to do“! Why? Because the UK is the world’s dustbin now? Or because the UK had a 100-year lease on Hong Kong, which lease expired 23 years ago?!

Note also that that tweeter is Political Editor of the Daily Mirror, notionally “Labour”…The people of Britain cannot rely on any of the System parties to save them. LibLabCon…it’s all a con-trick, and the British people are the “marks”, the mugs.

What this means is that if the Hong Kong Chinese (actually about half of them, because the whole population is about 7.5 million) want to come to live in the UK, they can…

True, perhaps “only” a million may do so, but…I would call this crazed government simply mad, but of course behind it stands (((you know what))), meaning ZOG/NWO. The Great Replacement…

What does it take for the people of Britain, the peoples of Europe, to wake up to what is happening all around them?

Some tweets seen

If Nicola Sturgeon tries to play the Coronavirus situation for SNP/”Independence” political advantage (by instituting a de facto firm border between England and Scotland, e.g. by police on the Scottish side putting up road blocks at that line), that would cause a constitutional crisis.

The great Persian poet, Hafiz, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hafez, is said to have criticized the use of marijuana and its effects on society.

Thinking back, I recall the people I knew who, starting in the 1970s, were regular users of cannabis (which was, as I understand, less strong back then). All dropped out of society to some extent, but were mostly from at least not impoverished backgrounds, so did not slide (the ones I still track) into complete degradation. I must blog about them in detail sometime.

I am told that two of my great-uncles on the maternal side were killed in the First World War. One was killed in the Battle of the Somme, the other in, I think, 1915. Both are said to have been captains in the “Ox and Bucks”, the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxfordshire_and_Buckinghamshire_Light_Infantry and (according to my now long-deceased grandmother) they “rode white horses”. My grandmother was —just— a Victorian, born in 1900.

I always find it funny and rather instructive that, if European people (inc. British) speak or write of deceased relatives, even those that they knew personally, let alone ancestors or family members from long before they themselves were born, they do not get overly emotional about it. Then look at the Jews. Completely different.

The Jews pretend to be very emotional about people whom they did not know, and who died long before they were born. You see tweets, eg “I lost family in the holocaust!” (so how dare you criticize Jews or Israel, ever?!!!). “Family” meaning Jewish relatives who died years or decades before the Jews now howling were ever even born!

The Jewish-Zionist (and also “politically-correct”) influence seems to be very strong in Police Scotland. I have noticed that over the years. A poundland KGB. If Scotland ever achieves (fake) “Independence”, it will be a truly repressive little place in which to live, I think.

Musical interlude

Don’t be misled by the above: I am as “anti-Soviet” as most people, if not more so, insofar as one can be pro or anti something now not existent. The Soviet Union ceased to exist decades ago; its history is part of world history (as is that of the German Reich or the Western “democracies”).

Claudia Webbe

I have found a new candidate for my “Deadhead MPs” blog series!

The House of Commons, indeed Parliament as a whole, has long been called “the Westminster monkeyhouse” but this really takes the biscuit. Not only the ever-ringing telephone, which is a feature of our pedestrian age, but the stumbling (and meaningless) “speech” being read by this black woman.

Subject to correction, I believe that it was once against the standing orders or other rules of the House of Commons to read a speech, rather than delivering one extempore.

Well, what do you expect? The great orators of the past, such as Oswald Mosley, Churchill, Lloyd George, Enoch Powell, F.E. Smith (later, Lord Birkenhead) have all long gone. In their place, at first, came lesser speakers, such as William Hague, Michael Heseltine, Michael Foot and Tony Blair. Now, however, we scrape what (surely?) must be the bottom of the barrel, including ignorant black women who would be more at home in the local market or social workers’ bureau.

I should add that Rory Stewart is said to have given effective speeches when he was an MP, but what was his subject when giving his first speech in the Commons? Hedgehogs. Now, I like hedgehogs, they are lovely little creatures, and native to these islands (and are sadly endangered now), but there are other matters of importance to occupy MPs.

Evening music

Tweets seen this evening

Nick Griffin is, of course, correct. The “Conservatives” have been “talking a good war” on mass immigration for decades, but have never delivered. Cameron-Levita lied, Theresa May either lied or was simply incompetent. Now this stupid monkey Boris-idiot! Three million!

As for equally-misnamed “Labour”, I was watching a couple of minutes of thick Lisa Nandy being interviewed on TV. today. Any problem with the UK being swamped by three million Hong Kong Chinese? No, none at all…

The politicians of all three “main parties” (System parties) are really, at root, one party, and that is a pack of evil traitors.

Most replies to that tweet were disgusted both at the African and at the fact that he and millions similar are in Europe, but look now at what a typical “centrist” “Conservative” vomits, by way of excusing the Untermensch!

No doubt well-meaning, but this is war. War has been declared on white European culture and civilization.

Sometimes, such people look for any excuse to be weak, so as not to have to defend our culture and civilization from savage invaders…

Her Twitter profile? “Tory & eternal petrolhead (sadly!) Carer to adult autistic son. Royalist. Unionist. Brexiteer“. Such people think that they are being “Christian”, “kind” etc, but their thoughts and votes are leading all Europe to destruction.

More music

Late entry…

More multikulti “enrichment”. of our society..

Police are searching for a suspect who attempted to kidnap a teenage girl in central London on Wednesday afternoon

British Transport Police released CCTV images of a man they would like to speak to in connection with the incident which took place at 2.30pm on Wednesday.”

Below, the suspect:

British Transport Police would like to speak to this man in connection with the attempted kidnapping of a woman at Waterloo Station at 2.30pm on Wednesday

Diary Blog, 26 June 2020

The double standard…

So the police openly “facilitate” the anti-white, anti-British, multikulti mob hanging around a statue or memorial, but any counter-demonstration is banned. You could hardly see a more blatant example of Common Purpose bias in police executive action.

If anyone is still unable to see that the hand of the (((controlled))) state is pulling the strings of the black/brown/multikulti useful idiots, one can only suggest that they “go to Specsavers”…


Sweden’s top virus expert has said the ‘world went mad’ with coronavirus lockdowns which ‘fly in the face of what is known about handling virus pandemics’.

Anders Tegnell, who advised Sweden to avoid full lockdown in favour of a ‘herd immunity’ strategy, said world leaders caved to political pressure amid panic – and that the crippling economic downsides of lockdown will far outweigh the benefits.” [Daily Mail]


Look at the graph below. The bottom left/right axis indicates deaths per million “from” (i.e. “with”) Coronavirus in each country. The absolute numbers on the up/down axis are not useful, because, obviously, the USA and Brazil have hugely greater populations than Belgium, Sweden etc. The graph shows clearly that countries that have had fierce or fairly fierce “lockdown” regimes (Britain, Spain, Italy, Belgium etc), have had far worse death outcomes than not only Sweden but also Brazil and, indeed, the USA.

The “increase in cases” now seen here and there can be attributed mainly to increase in testing. Yes, there are in many places “upsurges” in Coronavirus, but that is not very relevant, because most people “with Coronavirus” have few and mild symptoms, or no symptoms. The death rate is still falling everywhere, even on the sort of flawed statistics we have seen in the UK, such as people “assumed” to have died “from” (“with”) the virus, etc.

Analysis by Oxford University shows that 6 per cent of people admitted to hospitals in England with the virus died at the beginning of April. But the figures show that by June 15, just 1.5 per cent of Covid-19 patients were falling victim to the disease - a quarter of the level at the peak
[Coronavirus hospital cases and death from/with (England and Wales only)]

It is clear from the above graph that the virus peaked in England and Wales in early to mid April, since when it has been steadily decreasing.

The conclusion is inescapable: the UK “lockdown” (shutdown) which was instituted by a panicked and incompetent Government on the advice of incompetent scientific advisers (particularly the egregious Professor Ferguson), was not only unnecessary but also has come close to collapsing the UK economy, as well as destroying whatever confidence the public had in government, police, “experts”, the law and the NHS.

As far as Professor Ferguson is concerned, he is very fortunate that he does not live in Stalin’s Russia. He would have been shot. No question.

Peter Hitchens, one of the few scribblers to stand up to the panic and propaganda, thinks that the governmental reaction is a result of incompetence, not deliberate imposition of the skeleton of a police state. I am not so sure. At least, there may be a guiding hand behind all this, not only in the UK but worldwide.

We still do not know for sure whether this virus started in a Chinese laboratory, accidentally in a market or whether it was even planted in China by American services. We are also not sure about the connection (if there is one) between Coronavirus deaths and 5G communications masts etc.

In relation to the 5G aspect, I recall that for decades the electricity producers said that there was no connection between high-voltage power lines and leukemia. Though causality is still debated, there is undoubtedly a connection: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn7460-large-study-links-power-lines-to-childhood-cancer/ https://www.webmd.com/cancer/lymphoma/news/20050602/child-leukemia-again-linked-to-power-lines#1

Tweets seen

I have to say that I agree with Nick Griffin up to a point. Here’s an idea: the police, rather than (literally) bending the knee to the mob and then running away from packs of feral blacks, fire on them at close range with baton rounds (“rubber bullets”) or, even better, submachineguns. Then we would see who controls the streets. It would not be the mob. That would require something better than the UK police force, though. Something more disciplined, akin to the old SS…

[above: SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, at the Berghof]

“Lockdown” (shutdown) fallout continues

“The owner of Britain’s biggest shopping centres Intu Properties has collapsed into administration but will keep all its malls open…On Tuesday the company, which owns 17 shopping centres, warned malls may be forced to shut if it was unable to secure the standstill agreement.” [Daily Mail]

Translation: a large domino is about to fall. Other dominos will follow. Within a year, the towns and cities of the UK will be (even more) full of boarded-up shops, and even whole shopping centres and malls.


Dim tweet of the day?

Not the one directly below, but the reply below that, from “Teri #BlackLives Matter”/”@MettlesomeTeri”

So a “street party” of mostly elderly and middle-aged persons, in the afternoon, peaceful, happy etc (and seated), is the same as an alcohol and drug-fuelled rampage in the middle of the night by a feral black mob of criminals and gangsters?

Alison Chabloz

Good news in relation to the Alison Chabloz case; details in a separate blog post soon.

[above: satirical singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz at the piano]

Some late tweets seen

Of course, the horrible teenage lunatic or semi-lunatic who threw a 6-y-o boy off the balcony of the Tate Modern would not have been free to do so in the German Reich; he might even have been euthanized at an earlier stage (though probably not). He certainly would have been executed after having committed such a crime. I am generally opposed to the death penalty, but on the other hand, this kind of egregious fuck-up is of no use to society or even himself. Au contraire.

Kamm is a liar and hypocrite. A half-Jew, very pro-Israel. He applauded my disbarment in 2016 (I was disbarred for posting 5 tweets, out of over 150,000 posted since I joined Twitter in 2010). Kamm was only too pleased at the time to join in the Jewish mass media noise (google “Ian Millard barrister” for more).


As far as Alison Chabloz is concerned, Kamm did oppose her prosecution, at least post-factum, but at the same time made it clear that all online and offline platforms for opinion should be closed to her and anyone else thought “anti-Semitic”. That is not defending free speech“!

Midnight music

Diary Blog, 23 June 2020

So it is OK (nay, compulsory) for Burnley Football Club players to bend their knees in sign of fealty to the blacks, or rather to the partly black and entirely anti-British mob (because “Black Lives Matter”…), but it is some kind of disgrace that a small aerial banner is flown saying that “White Lives Matter”?

The manager or captain of the football club was on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme. What a dim fellow, expressing his “me too” pseudo-liberalism (anti-white illiberalism). Also, what kind of deluded traitor (to himself, too, assuming that he is white) would say that he “feels ashamed” that people have the temerity to say that “white lives matter”?

My congratulations to whoever flew that banner!


Watched a Panorama documentary about the (supposed) “threat” from (again, supposed) “neo-nazis” in the UK.

What can one say? Young and very young people (one only 14, it was said); some (no doubt atypical) of whom said or wrote mentally-disturbed comments that sounded more like extreme interpretations of Nietzsche rather than what I understand as “National Socialism”, let alone social nationalism.

As usual with such “British” TV shows (basically Jewish in terms of those behind them, or involved with them), and which purport to “expose” “neo nazi-ism” and the like, it was really dull, with no great revelations.

The high point was the unmasking of the (or one) leader of a small group of which I had not previously heard, called The Base. The journalistic snoops staked out the 25-y-o leader’s, or maybe his parents’, house in California, but were told that he was unwilling to talk to them or (as the snoops put it) “to leave his bedroom”.

Every now and then, the BBC or some other msm outlet broadcasts or prints a “revelation” of this sort. I have been seeing similar ever since the mid-1970s. There is always a Jewish element behind it, and there is usually about 5% truth and 95% untruth.

The public in the UK are told quite often what a big “threat” there is supposed to be from “far-right” or “neo-nazi” “terrorism”. So where is it, this “terrorism”?

What I see (in the unreliable newspapers etc) is a rather small number of very young people, some only in their mid-teens, criminalized and even imprisoned for little more than playing around on the internet, downloading instructions re. how to make bombs (which none of such teenagers, as far as I have ever heard, actually have ever made, and certainly never made and used) and for having silly online conversations about bumping off MPs or others.

Other young people, some in their teens, some twenty-somethings, have been prosecuted, charged and —incredibly— imprisoned for long periods for supposedly belonging to “banned” organizations. Most of the reported evidence has been such as cookie-cutters designed to make Swastika-shaped biscuits, cushions with Swastika motifs, even a baby named “Adolf”!

I can only think that even the Star Chamber, or the Spanish Inquisition, would want more evidence than that to find heretics guilty of unlawful dissent!

A few of those young people tried were saved by the good commonsense of the British jury, as were Nick Griffin and Mark Collett when the police state tried them (for incitement) about 15-20 years ago. Sadly, that jury commonsense is becoming ever more rare, not least because the “British” jury now may well consist of jurors some of which will be black or brown and unlikely to acquit a British nationalist (or a supposed “neo-nazi”) of anything at all and whatever the evidence.

I ask again: where is this “neo-nazi” “terrorism”? It seems to be a mirage designed to frighten people.

Meanwhile, black and multikulti mobs have been tearing down historic statues, vandalizing others, and spraying graffiti on national memorials…and the “British” police bend the knee to the mob, in sign of fealty or surrender.

Burnley protest

There seems to be, as with the Coronavirus “lockdown” (shutdown of the society and its economy), a kind of madness abroad. “Black Lives Matter” = Good; but “White Lives Matter” = Bad…

The Twitter mob (almost always to be found on the wrong side) and the “BLM” mob would claim that “White Lives Matter” is not the same as “Black Lives Matter” because “WLM” is merely a satirical criticism of “BLM”. Not necessarily, but so what if it is?! Are people not allowed to say “the emperor has no clothes!” in this country now? Are they not allowed to question a dogma being instituted by various kinds of anti-British persons for a certain (((agenda)))?

In fact, what I loved about the aerial protest by the Burnley football fans was its sheer joie de vivre, the “Up yours!” of it. There’s something of 1930s or 1920s biplanes and Biggles about it. Brilliant.

Theatre Royal, Plymouth

I am not really a theatre-goer (I tend to fidget unless the show is brilliant, as some however have been, that I recall). Still, cultural institutions are important, and I know this one from the outside at least. I used to see it en route to the County Court at Plymouth (I always used the multistorey car park nearby both).

[above: Theatre Royal, Plymouth. Attribution: “By painma – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=40629939”%5D


Now it seems that 100 out of 300 employees are to be made redundant. That includes (assuming the above tweet to be accurate) the entire artistic team. Sad. Is this a forerunner of the huge redundancies likely to start happening as a result of the Coronavirus panic and the Government’s “lockdown” (panicked response)?

Thinking about Plymouth (to which I travelled at one time about half a dozen times a month), it could be a great city, but is not. Why? I think that there are several reasons. The main one would be the incompetence and corruption of the local council, noted for the past half century. I believe that it is or was Labour-controlled. Freemasonry riddles the council, I have read and been told. To add to that, the “Common Purpose” virus is also rife there. [cf. Birmingham].

A petty but telling example: in the nearly 6 years in which I appeared fairly often in Plymouth County Court, I almost invariably used the multistorey car park near the court. I always park at the top (on the roof, in this case the 10th floor) of such car parks. In all those years, the lift in the car park (owned and operated by the local council) never once worked, as far as I can recall. Maybe once only, on my first visit, in 2002..

Some tweets seen today

This made me laugh:

How does one break it to these facemask people that they are the [etc]?

Facemasks are of only minimal use except to people like dentists and nurses working in very close proximity to the infected or vulnerable. I saw a couple of idiots of that sort (scared rabbits) in Waitrose yesterday. There were also a few people obviously trying to maintain the Government’s arbitrary “2 metre” (6+ feet) “social distancing”. Which has just been changed, this very day, to “1 metre” (3 feet). No doubt the compliant rabbits —or should that be “robots”?— will henceforth programme themselves accordingly.

Instinctively, I prefer to see recreational drugs generally banned rather than legalized. On the other hand, the police (in the UK) are incapable of controlling the situation because at street level the minor users are usually let off with or without a warning, because the courts are unwilling to be harsh in most cases even to suppliers, and because there is a vast amount of taxfree profit to be had by the larger suppliers.

While I agree with the underlying sentiment and viewpoint, Nick Griffin has erred here. The hotel shown is not in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe but in Mozambique. It is the Grande Hotel, Beira: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grande_Hotel_Beira

Nick Griffin of all people should know (after his disastrous Question Time appearance in 2009) how important it is to check and be confident as to facts.

Night music