Diary Blog, 17 July 2020

We in the UK are now living under a repressive “elected” dictatorship. That would be bad enough were that all it is; however, it is also incompetent, and to a degree hard to believe even after the experience of the past 10 years.

The shutting-down of freedom of expression

“Tartan Pakistani” shutting down freedom of expression in Scotland:


In fact, the repression of free speech has intensified across the Western world:

Miss Swimsuit UK, 23, is stripped of title over ‘All Lives Matter’ Facebook post” [Daily Mail]


Literary note

Saw this piece about Anton Chekhov:


[above: Chekhov with Tolstoy, Yalta, 1900]

Tweets seen

It can easily be seen that this whole “Coronavirus” thing (more precisely, the government’s “lockdown” shutdown) has destroyed ordinary radical or social-national political life. Political meetings, even small ones, are effectively banned, as are the traditional means of spreading a message, such as rallies and demonstrations (though the System has accommodated the nonsense of the “Black Lives Matter” swine).

In fact, the latest “measures” from the government of Boris-idiot give even local authorities the power to shut down whole tracts of the country and whole cities on “health” grounds. Don’t tell me that such powers cannot be and will not be abused.


To quote the Bard, “Aye, there’s the rub”…even I was surprised at the zeal and relish with which Britain’s mostly rather ineffective toytown police took to their new role as bulliers of lone sunbathers, solitary swimmers and retired couples walking their dogs on beaches or in national parks.

The barking of “orders” through megaphones from inside police jeeps and helicopters, the deliberate polluting of a Derbyshire “blue lagoon” (to deter visitors), the drones following elderly fell-walkers so that the real “Covidiots”, the police, might then “shame” (as the police thought in their little brains) those walkers by having the footage posted on Twitter or Facebook.

The present government may be one composed of idiots but, thanks to an 80-seat majority in the Commons (and the absence of any effective Opposition there), the Government rules supreme. Indeed, there is more dissent from disenchanted Conservative Party people than there is from Keir Starmer’s joke “Labour” official Opposition (Jewish lobby Potemkin village), which merely supports the Government and tries to put a gloss on whatever that government orders.

[above: a “chimp-out”, in the American vernacular]


Analysis, propaganda, and reasoned argument are all very well (and I engage that way myself, mainly now via this blog) but in the end, I think that we know that Europe is not going to be saved by such methods, however necessary and inescapable they are.


What is “democracy”? Is it —whatever it is— a good thing? I discussed these questions in a blog article about 18 months ago.


Commercial property crash ahead

Commercial property prices look set to plunge as white-collar workers shun the office, the Treasury watchdog has warned…If the OBR’s dire prediction comes to pass, it could wipe £230 billion off the value of commercial property such as offices and shops across Britain” [The Independent]

When the wealthy Jews start jumping from the windows, as (supposedly) in 1929, after the Wall Street Crash, wake me up again…

Late tweets seen

Midnight music

God bless all creatures.

21 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 17 July 2020”

  1. Peter Hitchens is now just being facetious by labelling Mathew Hancock Mat Hang Kok. Do not get me wrong! I’m no admirer of him but he is far from being the worst member of this government of incompetents. That title goes to the Chief Organ Grinder, Boris-Idiot or Priti Vacant/Priti Useless, little pissant and blatant Jew Zionist Lobby puppet Robert Jenrick. Sadly, there are quite a few individuals to choose from!

    Matt Hancock’s job is not an easy one either. It is hard to manage a virtual Soviet Union style organisation like the vast NHS at the best of times.

    Infact, this crisis has shown how we should take a fundamental look at how we provide universal health coverage in this country and whether adopting another model would be more suitable.


  2. If those powers were in the hands of competent people truely committed to democratic means I would not be worried. Sadly, worldwide viral pandemics as China has so helpfully given the globe necessitate a suspension of a few civil liberties for a fairly limited period of time and for governments to not be afraid of using the authority of the state. Authoritarianism is sometimes necessary.

    Anyway, we should look on the bright side! China has the BUBONIC PLAGUE lined up for us! In the last few weeks, an outbreak has occurred in Inner Mongolia so no doubt that will be with us shortly!

    As Ronald Reagan once famously remarked, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”😞☹️


      1. They may be nearer than some people think! The end is nigh!☹️😞

        No, Francis Hoar, it is YOU who isn’t Conservative. Believe it or not the far more authentically Tory governments of the 1950’s were not averse to hanging murderers and Neville Chamberlain’s Tory government did that AND made a half-decent stab at controlling our borders!

        Authoritarianism IS a part of ‘Right-wing’ politics and has a long tradition on the ‘Right-wing’ and in Tory ideology. This line of thought is an historical trend in Europe and around the world as well.

        It is only since the 1970’s that a traditional authoritarianism and a willingness to use state power has been watered down by the increasing influence of libertarianism in Tory thought.

        It is actually libertarianism which is the alien import from the US into the Tory Party.

        Now, let us use this new belief in the virtues of the state and its authority to come down hard on criminals, massively increase police numbers, set them free from PC leftist idiocy, hand out stiffer sentences and finally get truely tough on immigration control.😎👌😁😎😃

        Libertarianism is a form of classical liberalism and really belongs in the Liberal Democrats.


    1. That was in 2017 and I believe they have developed since then. Frauke Petry resigned from the party because of its increasingly radical nature and set-up her own splinter party which has sunk without trace. At any rate, they are still a better party than anything we have. We are blighted with the globalist, anti-British, libertarian loonies of the fake British Conservative Party which only conserves the wealth of the ultra-rich rather than our nation or law and order!🤬😡😞☹️


      1. Oops, for some reason, that hasn’t worked. Still, you can get to the English translation by typing into google’s search box the words Afd Deutschland grundsatzprogramm 2017 englisch pdf


      2. Look for Afd on Wikipedia and you will find in the ideology box on the Afd’s page they describe the party as ‘national-conservative’ so that means they espouse a nationalist version of conservatism.

        They are in the political space between Angela Merkel’s party of the CDU and the ultra-nationalist NPD. They have done well because many previously staunch supporters of the CDU are disgusted with Merkel’s move of her party to the political ‘centre’.

        If only we Brits could vote for a party to the ‘Right’ of OUR increasingly globalist and liberal CONServative Party but then in contrast to Britain Germany IS a democracy with a genuinely FAIR and democratic voting system!



      3. Perhaps, rather embarrassingly, we could politely ask the German government if they would like to invade the United Kingdom so that they can use their occupation of us to impose a FAIR electoral system of Proportional Representation on us!


        We, apparently, designed this system for them during our occupation so they should return the compliment!



        Please, Germany, come and liberate the United Kingdom from the undemocratic thugs of Labour and Tory!


    2. This Afd party doesn’t, I believe, call for the restoration of capital punishment in Germany. The death penalty was abolished in West Germany by their ‘Basic Law’ written constitution and the last legal judicial execution occurred there in 1949 and in East Germany in 1981.

      The truely ‘Far Right’ NPD party though has called for that sentence to be brought back and was one piece of evidence the German Constitutional Court cited as to why the German state thought the NPD to be ‘anti-constitutional’ and why it should be banned.


      1. Their ‘Basic Law written constitution contains entrenched clauses guaranteeing what is called the inviolability of ‘human dignity’ and the use of capital punishment on people, even when convicted in a court of law of serious offences after a fair trial, is thought to be not compatible with this notion so the NPD’s call for the death penalty to be brought back was an important plank in the German government’s court case calling them ‘anti-constitutional’ and recommending they should be banned.


  3. We need to reinforce state power by reversing the deep cuts in police forces imposed by Gideon Osbourne in full and even adding another ten to twenty thousand new police officers on top of that so a total of 30,000 to 40,000 new policemen and women.

    So that they actually DO the job of combating crime the public want them to do we need to restore public confidence in them as many now view the police as being very biased and overtly politicised and this severely hampers their crime fighting ability.

    So, I propose we take the police completely out of the British state’s structures by establishing a new Public Safety Commission or Royal Policing Commission staffed by independent policing experts. This wholly independent commission would employ police officers directly and the back room staff and receive an annual grant from government to do this in the manner of the Sovereign Grant given to the Queen to fulfil her position as Head of State.

    The police don’t just HAVE to BE politically neutral they HAVE to BE SEEN as such as well.


  4. There is a truely desperate need now for the police to be released from the handcuffs of ever more extreme PC leftist lunacy, enforced anti-white bias etc so that the public once again have confidence in them and they will then be able to tackle crime properly.

    The prime requirement for a country to have low and decreasing crime rates is not so much harsh penalties like very long prison sentences and hanging and flogging etc but for it to have an efficient, motivated, well supported by the law-abiding, LARGE relative to population size police FORCE.


  5. However, even my idea of recruiting another ten to twenty thousand new police officers on top of the Tory proposal to reverse their deep cuts of 2010-2019 and make the police more effective by having them employed directly by a new National Public Safety Commission/Royal Policing Commission so that they are freed from ever increasing amounts of PC lunacy and overt politicisation won’t do any good if this stupid government of grotesquely irresponsible fools brings in ANOTHER FOUR MILLION NEW IMMIGRANTS from Hong Kong.

    If that happens we will need about 60,000 new officers or more!



  6. The FOUR MILLION new people ON TOP OF the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS this extremely irresponsible ‘government’ is letting in annually will add yet more pressure onto the ‘thin blue line’ of the police and the other public services.

    That wholly undeserved 80 seat majority has gone straight to their heads and boy is the sheer arrogance showing! Please, Tories, STOP blatantly abusing the immense power your crooked, beloved First Past The Post electoral system gives you!


      1. Ha, ha, I thought you, Ian, didn’t approve of the ‘ultimate penalty’! 😂😂😂😄😄😄😝😝😝Still, even staunch liberals would have put their normally very principled anti-capital punishment convictions to one side and applauded if Adolf Hitler had been assassinated by British snipers as the planned operation by us in 1944? called Operation Foxley? aimed to do!


      2. M’Lord of Essex, Did I say specifically *what* “way” I meant? I think not. Like Thomas More, I leave that for the reader to surmise…

        I distinguish between “judicial killing” aka death penalty, and emergency measures taken for public or social health etc.

        In other words, for example: a mob advances down Whitehall. It can be —and is—only stopped by a volley of machinegun fire. A number of rioters are killed. That is not “death penalty”, but death as a result of an immediate necessity.


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