Diary Blog, 15-16 July 2020

Well, at last some reality is coming down the tracks…and it could be brutal.

unemployment could peak at 13 per cent in the first quarter of 2021 – which would mean more than four million people on the dole queue.” [Daily Mail] https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8525539/Boris-Johnson-admits-jobs-lost-watchdog-warned-4m-unemployed.html

[above: UK GDP, by OBR]

If 4 million unemployed by 2021 is the figure these clowns are suggesting, then 8 million may not be inconceivable. This is or should be the great moment for a social-national breakthrough in 2022 or so. Yet there is no real social national party or movement in the UK.

I leave aside (as blogged about previously) the few clowns and “movements” that do exist at present in the UK.

Rudolf Steiner, I believe it was (it may have been Valentin Tomberg), who talked about the dilemma of people in these times in such terms as “I feel that I cannot do that which I must do…“. That is how I feel. The necessity is there and recognized, but the ways and means of doing what is necessary are not there…

I feel and recognize and know what is required, but have not the means (in terms of the old British song “…we’ve got the ships…we’ve got the men…we’ve got the money too!”).


Perhaps the way will be made clear. At the age of 63, I do not have the luxury of waiting for years for the right moment to arrive. A new movement must come, one credible enough and powerful enough to do what it takes…

Cometh the hour, cometh the man…

Some tweets seen

Never give money to System “charities” such as this one, “Red Nose Day”, or Save the Children (where the chief people running it get up to £300,000 a year). One was Brendan Cox, the sex pest/rapist whose wife was Jo Cox, assassinated MP. They are, to a large extent, scams. Give money to animal charities such as the Brooke Hospital for Animals, or Cats Protection. Or give directly to needy people and animals via GoFundMe etc.https://uk.gofundme.com/f/life-changing-chronic-pain-surgery or similar.

Yes, we are incompetently ruled by clowns at present. Clowns without genuine legitimacy.


Roger that…(re. gout).

Below, re. the facemask decree:


Interesting news


Stop the fear propaganda! Scrap facemask repression measures now!

Almost a third of firms are preparing to lay off staff, according to a devastating report.” [Daily Mail]


Once again, they say “firms” when they mean “companies”. A country run by incompetents and “informed” by ignorant illiterates.

This comment by a Daily Mail reader is what I too think: “Noddy the clown PM and his psychological disturbed aide have already in seven months bankrupted the country.https://www.dailymail.co.uk/reader-comments/p/comment/link/570272919

This too: “Yet they insist with this face mask nonsense. The sheep will be too scared to go shopping and the rest of us will avoid anywhere that expects us to muzzle up. End result is an empty high street.” https://www.dailymail.co.uk/reader-comments/p/comment/link/570271025

and this…”oh this is priceless – the tory voters getting exactly what they vored for in the person of Fat Bloris, the obese drunk, an idiot’s idea of clever person. I hope you continue to get what you voted for for the next 4 1/2 years!!!https://www.dailymail.co.uk/reader-comments/p/comment/link/570260501

and “Boris the Bilderberger has done his job of destroying the UK economy well, he’ll be well rewarded when he leaves office.” https://www.dailymail.co.uk/reader-comments/p/comment/link/570257235

Chinese infiltration into UK

China has infiltrated Britain more successfully than it has other European countries, an expert warned last night.

Author Mareike Ohlberg, who has written about the underhand tactics of the country’s Communist Party, said attempts to groom leading figures in business and politics were at an advanced stage in the UK.”


So what does Boris-idiot do? Gives 3-4 million Hong Kong Chinese (some of whom may be intelligence agents) the right to live in the UK! Even if many are anti-Peking dissidents, the fact is that (combined with the nearly half million already here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Chinese_immigration_to_the_United_Kingdom) the Chinese population of the UK might well be as many as 5 million by 2040. About 7% of the population. From the point of view of Peking, job done, strategically…

What “they” say

A Government report on extremism during the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted far-right activists’ calls to “infect Jews” as well as five different ways antisemites have blamed Jews for spreading the virus.” [Jewish News]

 “...individuals such as David Icke played “a significant role in spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories linked to Covid-19” [Jewish News]

Although Icke was successfully de-platformed from YouTube and Facebook, the scale and reach of his antisemitic conspiracy theories remains extremely concerning,” the report’s authors said.” [Jewish News]


Get that. A “government report” (not really) from the so-called “Commission for Countering Extremism” [“CCE”], says outright, in its bias, that David Icke was “successfully deplatformed” from YouTube and Facebook.




This “Commission” is rather uninfluential, and was set up under Theresa May as Prime Minister. She of course was totally under the thumb of the Jewish lobby. Still, it is striking how biased it is, talking about how Icke was “successfully deplatformed” etc. No pretence of objectivity. In fact, its existence is merely one example of how governments waste money. I expect that the present government would like to bin this fake “Commission” and its useless “Lead Commissioner” (one Sara Khan), but cannot think of a plausible way to bin it and her.

Well, lookee here…

Not only have all (I think) the pop-up “Nightingale Hospitals” closed, mostly without ever having been used, but even the Coronavirus/Covid-19 testing centres are now closing for lack of use; yet this Government of idiots ploughs on with its fear propaganda, and enforcement of muzzles for people (facemasks) etc. Result? Destruction of what is left of the economy, particularly the retail sector.

Tweets seen

One of the reasons why charities are such a “rotten borough” in the UK is because their funding (in some cases) comes only partly from members of the public, but also comes from government funds, or from the National Lottery (the “Good Causes Fund”).

In other words, the charity sector is pervaded by the sort of Common Purpose drones you see on Twitter. This is why you get quite mediocre people (eg at Save the Children) heading charities and being paid £300,000 a year. This is also why you get the sex scandals, as with sex pest/rapist Brendan Cox etc. Because the charities have guaranteed income provided via people embedded in government, quangos etc, which people belong to the same cabals.

Strange. I must have missed that time when Piers Morgan spoke up for me, when I was disbarred at the instigation of a pack of Jews: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/, or the time when effectively the same pack of Jews made a malicious complaint against me to Essex Police: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/

Oh…in fact there never was such a time when Piers Morgan defended my freedom to express myself on political, social, religious, historical and cultural matters. Piers Morgan never did defend my rights.

I also never saw Morgan defend the rights of others known to me, people such as Alison Chabloz, prosecuted for posting online some of her satirical songs, such as (((Survivors))): https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2020/07/07/free-speech-alison-chabloz-wins-a-victory-but-still-faces-attack/

[above: Alison Chabloz]

Still, I suppose that half a pint is better than no pint…

[above: the British bulldog, muzzled (they emasculated him first…)]

The muzzling of the population is, of course, made for the Twitterati, most of them. All the “antifascists”, “socialists” (pseudo-socialists), all the “anti-racists” and communitarians and “slacktivists”. They love the fact that they can mask-up and virtue-signal all the way to the office (that most are not attending).

Good grief…Pity, one or two rounds would have done it.

The usual Twitter “antifascist”/multikulti mob are getting it wrong, yet again. They say that the Begum creature is “British”. Technically perhaps, in terms of birthplace, passport etc, but racially and culturally she is not in any real sense “British”; neither are many millions of others.

The solution to “Islamist” terror is not to have incubating populations here in the UK. See https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2020/02/12/terrorism-and-reason/

Look (below) at this idiot!”If you were born in China, you would be Chinese” says the idiot…One James Shaw, aka “Planet Zombie”. All too typical, at least on Twitter.

Might be interesting.

Musical interlude

Tweets seen

Ah, so the USA and Israel did not? Hardy ha ha.



Daily Telegraph police state propaganda

Good to see people fighting back. We need a mass “no facemask day” protest. I’m in…

I agree with this one too! (@plutoslovechild, below)

Below, a shop standing up against facemask tyranny:

The “Covid-19″/Coronavirus scare: much of this is actually a ZOG/NWO scam. Not all. Much.

It does highlight the poverty of thought in and around government that the idiots actually seem to believe that forcing everyone to be muzzled or masked will increase footfall in shops! The reasoning seems to be that shoppers will feel more confident and safe. No. It’s like when you are at, say, Heathrow, and smug, stupid-looking police are stalking around with their Heckler & Koch MP5 and other weapons. Does that make you feel “safer”? No. It makes you think “what might happen in the event of a terrorist incident?

In other words, the armed police at airports, in reality, do the opposite of reassuring most members of the public. Is that ignorance on the part of the public? Maybe not; I mean, if terrorists suddenly launched an attack, what would the heavily-armed police do? Open fire in some place as crowded as were (before “the virus” almost wiped out civil aviation) the Heathrow or Gatwick passenger terminals? I sincerely hope not!

Reverting to the facemask curse, my guess is that most people will be shopping online for things. The shops and department stores are going to be empty or almost empty because of the facemask nonsense, because of the residual thought that they just might pick up “the virus” (unlikely though that is) and finally because, soon at least, most people are going to have a great deal less money to spend in shops.

Midnight music

42 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 15-16 July 2020”

  1. Has Peter Hitchens EVER whinged about Priti Useless and her utterly callous and total disregard of border controls during this crisis?

    No, he hasn’t said or written a SINGLE WORD! I wonder why?🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Japanese Patriot Shinzo Abe and his competent government imposed ultra-tough travel restrictions at Japan’s borders IN MARCH.

    How about that, Peter?

    If you are not prepared to mention real factors like that then please, kindly, stop your libertarian lunatic fringe nonsense and shut the fuck up as you are getting very, very tiresome!🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. Peter Hitchens is not a libertarian; he styles himself as a Burkean conservative who upholds the traditional English conception of personal and political freedom (the Magna Carta, 1688 and the Glorious Revolution). He has often had rumbles with weed-advocating libertarians since he utterly opposes the freedom to get high. He likes to refer to the Adam Spliff Institute. He would also ban pornography which he considers a compatible position with his avowed belief in absolute free speech. Nearly all libertarians see freely-available pornography as a consequence of free speech. Unlike many libertarians he rejects the concept of human rights.


  2. Shinzo Abe and his government spent god knows how much money distributing free facial masks to the Japanese population which they are diligently wearing without going on a massive whinge about it encouraged by libertarian maniacs in newspapers but then Japan being the ultra-sensible country that it is doesn’t have many of those libertarian loonies about.👌😎😀


  3. The mostly very crazy US political theory of libertarianism is DEAD as of 2020, Peter, so enjoy the ride with the rest of us and please keep up to date with the latest world political developments!

    Here rests Libertarianism Killed by Covid-19 in 2020. RIP.


  4. Der Fuhrer, of course was a great believer in tough border controls and would have has no hesitation whatever at imposing them at Germany’s frontiers and airports if this Covid-19 situation happened in his era. Also, he was not averse to using a bit of the old authoritarianism so if had ordered Germans to wear masks they had better use them OR PAY THE CONSEQUENCES!😃


  5. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/uknews/11818575/former-hitler-beauty-pageant-alice-cutter-jailed/

    The hose-soiling apparat in typical form – a few unmentored teens and twenties play with an air rifle and a maybe, possibly real gun on maybe, possibly a real range, and strike a few impotent poses of defiance and make baaad mouth sounds, and they’re jailed for years. While in the real world aliens do actual violence and assault and kill indigenous people in the streets in furtherance of a programme of cold genocide whose existence is explicable only because it is endorsed and promoted by the treasonous political cabal that masquerade as our “elected” representatives.

    What’s that I heard about “your speech is violence, our violence is speech!?


    1. Wigger:
      I agree completely. In the real world, historical figures (albeit no saints, so be it) have their statues toppled, and are replaced by “BLM” “activists” who are untermenschen crawling over the remains of our white European civilization…

      As you say, at same time there are unfortunate and well-meaning young people placed under judicial/penal slow torture, in effect, and for doing nothing very much. Juries are becoming little more than System rubber stamps now, swayed by silly “evidence” that should be inadmissible, such as biscuits shaped like Swastikas, or the “wrong” sort of cushions.


  6. Piers Morgan has undoubtedly told guests on his many shows to shut up. He likely imagines that he was a victim of the censorious when he was sent packing from the States after insulting the beloved Second Amendment on national t.v.

    Begum only has to set foot on this island to gain her right to stay here. A court cannot return her whence she came since it hasn’t the NHS-equivalent health-care facilities for herself and her children. (Although at the moment I’m not sure that Britain has either.) It is a foregone conclusion. She aided and abetted and slept with (one of) a gang of vicious murderers and will suffer not at all in this country for it. She has countless progressive supporters fighting on her behalf. Whereas a twelve-year-old lad who foolishly told a rich black footballer that he’d stand outside his home in a pointy hood will have his life cancelled for life, and will receive worse treatment by the authorities than the James Bulger boy murderers.


    1. Watcher Enigma (and I am flattered that you have changed your work-name in accord with my suggestion):
      Yes. The pseudo-liberals are all bleeding heart about this Begum creature. She is a plainly enemy type. She hates England/UK despite having been born here. She personifies a whole mass of non-Brits who are born here, have British passports but are *in any real sense* NOT British. A warning to us, which will be ignored by most.


      1. Begum should be allowed back here but only for one purpose ie to be hung by the neck until she is dead. After all, isn’t she a traitor to this country as proven by her actions? Her passport is British and therefore she owes allegiance to us as a country.

        William Joyce was executed by the authorities here in 1946 despite the fact he couldn’t have been a genuine traitor because he was an Irish-American born in New York and wasn’t a British citizen to my knowledge yet he was hung by virtue of a debatable technicality and despite the fact he was unusual in being a Catholic loyalist in Ireland when the whole island formed a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

        Begum though has no such alibi for her actions.


  7. I will take Peter Hitchens seriously when the writes about the flood of fake ‘asylum seekers’, four million new immigrants from Hong Kong, people landing on our beaches in their thousands whilst Priti Damm Nuisance does sweet FA about it until then I won’t.

    I have had enough of ‘conservative’ political commentators putting their livelihoods with Tory globalist rags like the Mail on Sunday and retaking their National Union of Journalists cards first instead of talking about THAT issue.


  8. Will he speak up about the latest loony-left indignity our judges have seen fit to impose upon the ever suffering and oppressed British ie the case of this wretched Begum creature!

    No, he won’t as retaining his NUJ card is more important to him! There is that big, fat pay check from the Sunday Mail think about too!🙄🙄🙄


  9. The loony-left PC globalist ‘Tory’ government made-up of low grade spivs has made a complete mess of Covid-19 from the very beginning mainly because they put their sick globalist ideology of open borders first unlike the intelligent and patriotic likes of Shinzo Abe and the Japanese government and as a result of that they allowed the virus to spread and to take a real grip on this country.


  10. Other containment measures were either not done at all, were implemented too late or not enforced with sufficient vigour but then when you have police ‘forces’ run by PC utterly cretinous morons like the appropriately named Cressida Dick of the Met then, frankly, what the hell do you expect? 🤬😡☹️😞

    The police were destroyed by the last Labour government around the time of the MacPherson Report and, as usual, the pathetic idiots of the wholly misnamed Conservative Party have done absolutely nothing to reverse it


  11. What a COMPLETE MORON with a capital M that James Shaw is! I am not sure whether Chris Patten had children when he was the last British governor of Hong Kong (I don’t believe he did though I know he does have children) but if he had done so they would have been ethnically British since both Mr Patten and his wife are British.

    Those children would have been born on what was then British soil but then so were many residents of the colony but that didn’t make them British as they were ethnically Chinese.

    The ethnically Chinese residents of Hong Kong probably enjoyed eating bat soup and Dim Sum but that didn’t make them British nor did it make the few British expatriates who liked to eat those foods whilst it was a British colony ethnically Chinese!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  12. What a COMPLETE CRETIN with a capital M that James Shaw is! I am not sure whether Chris Patten had children when he was the last British governor of Hong Kong (I don’t believe he did though I know he does have children) but if he had done so they would have been ethnically British since both Mr Patten and his wife are British.

    Those children would have been born on what was then British soil but then so were many residents of the colony but that didn’t make them British as they were ethnically Chinese.

    The ethnically Chinese residents of Hong Kong probably enjoyed eating bat soup and Dim Sum but that didn’t make them British nor did it make the few British expatriates who liked to eat those foods whilst it was a British colony ethnically Chinese!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  13. I could be born on a flight of the national ‘flag carrier’ of Japan within Japanese airspace and within touching distance of landing at Tokyo Haneda airport but that would not make me Japanese and I am sure that the average Japanese man or woman would not regard me as a Japanese person either.


  14. The person ‘Britain’s Stupid Party’ ie the essentially fake CONServative Party SHOULD have chosen to be their party leader and PM last year ,Jeremy Hunt, used to work in Japan teaching Japs English but Jeremy Hunt is not a Jap. As far as I can see, Mr Hunt doesn’t have ‘slitty eyes’ as Prince Phillip would so delicately put it!😂😆🤣😃😀😂😎😎😎😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂


  15. I believe I am correct in stating that William Joyce being a Catholic loyalist even helped the British authorities in trying to combat the murderous thugs of the IRA before the secession of what is now the Republic of Ireland took place yet his reward was to be hung by Albert Pierrepoint in January 1946!🙄😡🤬☹️😞


    1. I think Albert Pierrepoint would be surprised to be accused of having hung anyone though he would not reject the contention of having hanged quite a few.

      A reprise of ‘you may also like’:

      Corporal punishment in MALAYSIA

      “A stroke or two of the cane is also a very common part of the sentence on the thousands of illegal immigrants who arrive every year, mostly from neighbouring Indonesia. They are briefly imprisoned, caned and then deported.”

      What an admirable idea for all those freeloading bastards crossing the Channel. And that’s just the French and English Government boat crews who facilitate the mass importation of potential insurrectionists.


  16. Yeah, the Russians don’t need to interfere with our election results when the USA and Israel have been there long before and have the T shirts to prove it.

    Let us, for once, have the Follow Back Pro Europe (FBPE) mob on Twitter complain about Yankee and Israeli influence in our elections. Let us see them complain about the Zionist Pro Israel Lobby in Britain, their connections with the Israeli authorities and how this Lobby has deep tentacles inside Labour and the Conservatives alike through the Labour and Tory ‘Friends of Israel’ groups.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      One of the best aspects of the 2019 General Election was that several of the most noxious “Labour Friends of Israel” swine were binned, among them Anna Turley, Mary Creagh (and she even cried and stalked off…brilliant!) and the repulsive Ruth Smeeth, who is basicaly an agent of Israel, and from a family of 1930s East London Jew gangsters to boot, apparently.


  17. Yes, those were excellent results especially the defeat of the simply immensely repellent Ruth Smeeth however they were no doubt replaced by ‘Tory’ puppets for the Jew Zionist/Israel First Lobby.

    It is amazing to think that in 2020 some Tories in the 1930’s were complaining about the Conservative Party of that era being too much under the influence of Jews!

    There may have been some evidence for the accusations of MPs like Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay of ‘Right Club’ fame but if he were alive today then the likes of Neville Chamberlain would be praised by Ramsay such is the state of the ‘modern’ (urgh!) Tory Party!


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      Both main System parties deserve to be killed off, but most important now is to kill off Labour, because it has been retaken by the Jew lobby, and because it actually has nothing at all to offer the British people.Fake, through and through.

      Kill off Labour, and a radical alternative, perhaps a social-national one, might be able to emerge.


      1. Yes, Labour is pathetic and has been for a longtime now. All they ‘offer’ is more absurd ‘Black Lives Matter’ bull crap. PC taken to even more absurd levels and the fanatical ‘Champagne Globalism’ of Keir Starner with added kowtowing to the zealots of the Jew Zionist/Israel First Lobby.

        They aren’t even democrats as proper lefties are SUPPOSED to be ie their non support of a fairer voting system unlike the Liberal Democrats who, at least, have that saving grace though I think they should just say they support the principle of PR rather than tie their colours to the mast of the Single Transferable Vote method of PR as that system is a very radical departure from what we know now and might lose a future referendum on it because of its use of ranked ballots.


  18. Scottish Unionist Party MP but effectively a Scottish Tory in all but name:



    They don’t make Scottish or indeed English or Welsh Tories like that anymore and Eton College turns out too many like Boris-Idiot as well, sadly!☹️😞

    David Cameron once remarked his party could be called ‘The Torah Party’! Needless to say Captain Ramsay would be disgusted as would Neville Chamberlain as well to only a slighter smaller extent!


      1. Is Teresa May a part-Jew? I must admit I’ve always had my suspicions about her in that regard ever since she first became fairy prominent in our political scene back in the late 1990’s.

        Her facial features are not really typical of old English ladies.


      2. I have, m’Lord of Essex, been unable to prove that contention, but I note that her mother has or had a North African first name. There used to be many Jews in North Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and a few in the coastal cities of Libya and Egypt (esp. Alexandria).

        Also, Theresa May has Type 1 diabetes, far more common among Jews and Arabs than among Europeans.

        Her father was a Church of England vicar, though even that is no guaranttee. Look at Justin Welby…
        Thisseems to come from the maternal side.

        Then look at her obsession with punishing the more social-national groups and people: a certain group of young people banned outright, time limits and penalties increased for breaches of the bad law of the Communications Act 2003, s.127. And so on…


  19. Indeed, Graeme Goodall, Norwegians are not wearing masks now because the Norwegian government dealt with the crisis properly by instituting very tough and carefully targeted measures at the appropriate early stage instead of waiting too long and having their PM appear on daytime chat shows with people like Phillip Schofield as I recall the unkempt monkey from London Zoo with the permanent bad hair day did!🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡😞😞😞☹️☹️☹️


    1. There is another point to mention here to that probably Tory Graeme Goodal and it is this: Norway, unlike us, has a very modern political system (apart from a Monarch as Head of State that they share with us) and this means they have FAIR VOTES in elections ie Proportional Representation.

      This means that their PMs and cabinets have little choice other than be competent especially in crisis situations like worldwide viral pandemics because if they are not they will lose votes and power very quickly.


  20. The REAL COMPETITION for votes FAIR voting systems like Proportional Representation cause means politicians and PMs have to be at the top of their game.

    Most of our MPs have ‘safe seats for life’ like my Tory MP in Brentwood and Ongar whose majority is now an utterly ludicrous 29,000 votes.

    There are NO ‘safe seats’ in Norway. In our last general election in December MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of votes HAD NO EFFECT WHATEVER on the national result!

    It was estimated that the total number of these ‘wasted’ votes ie those which DID NOT ELECT ANY MPS amounted to 45% of the entire total!


    1. Having economic policies that intensify competition in the world of private business is a Tory principle and helps to drive up standards between different companies so why it is NOT a Tory aim to do that for British politics by introducing a PR electoral system?

      Are Tory MPs selfish, self-serving, self-seeking scumbags by any chance? 🙄

      Here is Norway’s system:




    2. The Tories rightly don’t have a problem with having economic policies which help to intensify competition for private businesses as this helps to drive-up standards for the consumer so why are they so dogmatically opposed to introducing Proportional Representation which would help to do the same for British politics?

      Don’t tell me EVERY Tory MP is a selfish, self-serving, in politics for themselves and not the people scumbag?🙄

      Here is Norway’s electoral system:



      As well as having a very good and effective response to this Covid_19 crisis, Norway, unlike us, didn’t waste their oil money and now has the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund from the proceeds of their oil reserves. Was that due to the collaborative and intelligent governments enabled by a fair voting system?


      1. M’Lord of Essex,
        It is truly sickening that both “Labour”and “Conservative” governments squandered the North Sea Oil bonanza. Another example of the short-term-ism which is the hallmark of the System in the UK.


  21. Those shopkeepers in that shop in Oxford above are a disgrace and should be arrested. Still, looking at the name of it, it isn’t owned by Britons and lets face it ethnics in this country all too often think the law is only for Britons, don’t they?🙄🙄🙄

    Of course the local Poundshop KGB will do nothing against them but if a white shopkeeper did it then they would come down on them like a town of bricks such are the abhorrent double standards of Priti Damm Nuisance’s incredibly biased against native Britons police ‘forces’.😡🤬


    1. Asa matter of fact, m’Lord of Essex, my understanding is that members of the cowed British public are compelled (by what I but not you regard as tyrannical measures) to wear muzzles/facemasks in shops, but enforcement is going to be left to the shops, not the police, unless there is a confrontation.


  22. Those shopkeepers above in Oxford are a bloody disgrace and should be arrested. Still, looking at the ahem , exotic, name of the shop they are not Britons so not abiding by the law or even wishing to follow its spirit is considered by them to be only for white people – an all too common belief amongst ethnics.

    However, they have no fear of the law punishing them as Priti’s Poundland KGB is not zealous going after ethnic criminals and is only up to speed when it comes to pursuing Britons for writing non-PC tweets on Twitter.😡🤬🙄


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