Diary Blog, 26 July 2020

Nantes Cathedral

“French police investigating the fire that engulfed the 15th-century Nantes Cathedral last week have rearrested a Rwandan refugee who had been questioned and released earlier in the criminal probe, local prosecutor Pierre Sennes said.” [Reuters] https://www.reuters.com/article/us-france-nantes-fire-cathedral/nantes-cathedral-fire-investigators-rearrest-volunteer-idUSKCN24Q0TR

Europe, wake up! Europ erwache! Reveillez-vous, Europe!

Coronavirus idiocy

Some local coronavirus outbreaks may just be mass hysteria, the new Government body in charge of Britain’s response has warned, saying that many people could wrongly believe they are infected.” [Daily Telegraph] https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/07/25/local-coronavirus-outbreaks-could-mass-hysteriajoint-biosecurity/?li_source=LI&li_medium=liftigniter-rhr

Those who read my blog every day will be aware that I had “interaction” yesterday with people who actually think that wearing facemasks will prevent transmission of “the virus”. They think so because they have been told so; told by this incompetent government; told by the msm liars and me-too-ers; told by Twitter…

The imposition of facemasks now is just mad. “The virus” seems to have peaked, in the UK, in March or early April of this year. There is little evidence that masks actually prevent transmission of “the virus” anyway (and plenty of evidence that they have negative health consequences generally), but if facemasks were going to be imposed, then March or April would have been the logical time.

To impose facemasks or “muzzles” now, when there are virtually no deaths occurring and few new infections, is quixotic, almost mad. We have to bear in mind that most “new infections” are of people who, almost all, will show few if any symptoms, and certainly require no medical intervention.

Also, as I noted yesterday (when I had an altercation with some busybodying Chinese yoot who thought that he was the Hampshire branch of the Red Guard), the area where I live had only a few deaths even at peak. The odds of even being infected in this area are tiny, yet Boris-idiot and his incompetent crew have decided, in their non-existent wisdom, that anyone shopping in the local small towns and villages, even in a large outlet such as a supermarket, must wear a mask or muzzle!

On the other hand, if you want to patronize a pub, bar or restaurant, fine! No muzzle or mask required…

One has to wonder what sort of cretin becomes an MP or minister (or shadow minister) these days. Look at the above “requirements”, look at the totality. Is any of it reasonable, logical, sensible?

[“China is that way. Just keep walking and you will get there…”]

Tweets seen

What interests me, in part, about so many people today, is how very risk-averse they are, to an almost pathological degree. Whatever I may think of the British of the WW2 era, those people had resilience. In London and elsewhere, when bombs were falling (the peak being mid/late-1940 to mid-1941), people still went out to pubs and to fish and chip shops, the wealthier citizens to the Savoy, the Ritz, the Dorchester, and to (other) places of entertainment. They took “the War” in their stride.

Now? Much of the population is running scared of a virus which most people do not get (those who do often show no effect whatever), and which in any case has largely run its course in the UK. Pathetic.

Looked at from one point of view, this could easily be seen as an experiment in mind-control on the mass level.

There are always those who say, “we must do x, because even if only one life is saved, it is worth it”. They sometimes ramp up the emotional coercion by inserting “one child’s life…”.

So, on that basis, should the speed-limit for cars and trucks be reduced to 20 mph, or 10 mph, motorways included? That would save hundreds, probably thousands of lives each year in the UK. Or how about banning all motor transport? Now that would certainly save thousands of lives in terms of motor accidents. Sadly, however, it would also destroy the UK economy, cripple UK society, and would cost a large number of lives in various ways.

Apply the above to “lockdown” (shutdown) and to the mask nonsense.

I have not only often visited but, in a couple of cases, actually lived and worked in countries which are or were “police states”, if you like (authoritarian, with few “civil rights” or real rights under law), but this facemask nonsense feels more intrusive than did living in those places. By far. Perhaps because it is an intrusion by the State (and by emboldened busybodies) into one’s own personal space.

Well, you will not often find me applauding a Jew, but if one such were to say, “the time is half-past five”, then I should probably believe that, especially if I verify the fact by looking at my own watch.

In fact, Hitchens is wrong on the strict legal point, insofar as a shop can exclude any customer (except where that is on the basis of any of various types of unlawful “discrimination”). Some types of people are indeed exempt from the latest Boris-idiot law (or should that be “law”?), but that merely (in theory) gives a defence against prosecution and/or fine; it does not give unfettered right of entry to any particular shop.

Hitchens is right in general, though. There is a groupthink in place at present. Common Purpose chief of police, Cressida Dick, illustrated her “leading beyond authority” brainwashing on LBC radio a day or two ago, in saying that non-facemask-wearers should be “shamed” by members of the public. That is not only wrong morally but can be taken to be unlawful incitement (eg against the disabled who cannot wear facemasks and are exempt from doing so). Incitement, and by the Commissioner of Metropolitan Police!

I believe that I heard (misheard, I hope) that the choir at Worcester Cathedral, known to Elgar and others, is being closed down too, also for not being “diverse” enough. This is a war against British people, against white Northern European people, in fact. What was the old saying, “all’s fair in love and war”? Fight back, England!

Afternoon poem

To a Cat

Stately, kindly, lordly friend,
Here to sit by me, and turn
Glorious eyes that smile and burn,
Golden eyes, love’s lustrous meed,
On the golden page I read.

All your wondrous wealth of hair,
      Dark and fair,
Silken-shaggy, soft and bright
As the clouds and beams of night,
Pays my reverent hand’s caress
Back with friendlier gentleness.

Dogs may fawn on all and some
      As they come;
You, a friend of loftier mind,
Answer friends alone in kind.
Just your foot upon my hand
Softly bids it understand.

Morning round this silent sweet
Sheds its wealth of gathering light,
Thrills the gradual clouds with might,
Changes woodland, orchard, heath,
Lawn, and garden there beneath.

Fair and dim they gleamed below:
      Now they glow
Deep as even your sunbright eyes,
Fair as even the wakening skies.
Can it not or can it be
Now that you give thanks to see?

May not you rejoice as I,
      Seeing the sky
Change to heaven revealed, and bid
Earth reveal the heaven it hid
All night long from stars and moon,
Now the sun sets all in tune?

What within you wakes with day
      Who can say?
All too little may we tell,
Friends who like each other well,
What might haply, if we might,
Bid us read our lives aright.

Wild on woodland ways your sires
      Flashed like fires:
Fair as flame and fierce and fleet
As with wings on wingless feet
Shone and sprang your mother, free,
Bright and brave as wind or sea.

Free and proud and glad as they,
      Here to-day
Rests or roams their radiant child,
Vanquished not, but reconciled,
Free from curb of aught above
Save the lovely curb of love.

Love through dreams of souls divine
      Fain would shine
Round a dawn whose light and song
Then should right our mutual wrong —
Speak, and seal the love-lit law
Sweet Assisi’s seer foresaw.

Dreams were theirs; yet haply may
      Dawn a day
When such friends and fellows born,
Seeing our earth as fair at morn,
May for wiser love’s sake see
More of heaven’s deep heart than we.

[Swinburne, To a Cat]

More tweets etc seen

Read this:


More tweets seen

Hitchens is right about much. Russia is not the old Soviet Union, which had (at least in principle) a strategy of world domination. As for Hitchens’ Any Questions interlocutor, the amusingly misnamed James Cleverly, he is quite the typical government minister of the day: a half-caste with a “degree” in “Hospitality Management” from some degree mill. These people struggle to rise to medocrity…

That is ingrained in the Jews. Some are conscious of pushing that line and conscious of their anti-European or anti-“white” “racism”, while others do so almost automatically. It is in all or virtually all of them, however.

Rise as one!


Maybe my occasional “idle thought of an idle fellow” is right, and someone is “putting something in the water”…

Excellent. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahnenerbe


I have often blogged about this before. The Labour Party emerged from socio-economic conditions that no longer apply. The original proletariat scarcely exists. The new “precariat” is either non-political or volatile. There is little left of ingrained “I live in x, I do y job and my grandparents voted z, so I am voting z too.”

Labour made sense to the industrial proletariat of 1926, 1945, even the early 1980s. Free medical, better free education, more help for the sick, disabled, elderly etc. That all made sense to Labour voters; indeed, the “One Nation” Conservatives, from 1950-1979, or even 1950-1997, themselves followed such policies in large measure. After 1945, they had to.

Now? Well, it will be recalled that Jack London said, “I am a socialist, but a white man first“…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_London. That probably sums up the viewpoint of many UK Labour or former Labour voters. Have they left Labour or has Labour left them?

Labour is now just one of the “ZOG/NWO” parties: controlled or influenced by the Jewish-Zionist lobby; pro-finance capitalism; pro-Israel; pro USA/NATO; pro-mass immigration etc.

The only demographic now voting Labour in really large numbers is that of the non-whites. The under-24s too, but it has to be remembered that, as our English, Scottish, Welsh populations decline through paucity of births, the non-white populations are hugely increasing. They may not be, in the old phrase, “breeding like rabbits”, but the non-white birthrate is very significantly higher than that of the English (etc).

In other words, a very high proportion of under-24s in the UK, especially in England, are non-whites.

The English —and Welsh— people have nowhere to go. Fake “Conservatism” under Boris-idiot and all the other clowns, or fake “Labour”, under Jewish lobby doormat Keir Starmer.

Scotland has fake “nationalism, of course, via the SNP.

The best thing would be for the Labour Party to slide and eventually disappear. At least then the British people might find an alternative party or movement to support, rather than swinging from Con to Lab to Con, with little real change.

30 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 26 July 2020”

  1. Even if someone has Covid-19 they may show no symptoms at all and may not be even be aware they have it YET they are still able to pass it on to someone else who MAY die but who cares! Peter and other SELFISH Tory Libertarian CUNTS don’t care about the personal health of others. ALL they care about is that a TINY bit of their personal freedom is infringed.


    1. Hitchens is not a libertarian. He wants to nationalize the railways and bring British Railways back! He even gets teary-eyed nostalgia over cellophane-wrapped BR sandwiches and cups of brown tea served in BR-livery china.


  2. Peter, in one of his other deluded rants says he wants to emigrate. GOOD. 😎👌😂😂😂🍷🍷🍷🍷Where do we chip-in for his airfare then? WHEN, Peter, do we get your leaving party started? 😎😎😎👌👌🍷🍷🍷😂😂😂😂😂😂


  3. But, Peter, WHERE will you go to? I don’t suppose Japan or South Korea are high on your list because both populations are showing truely admirable concern for the health of others and high degrees of social and national solidarity – a concept which is entirely alien to libertarians.


  4. You will need to avoid South Korea in particular. You really wouldn’t want to be in a country with a highly competent government that took the decision to track and trace the virus EARLY by getting Koreans to place tracing apps on their mobiles that 90% of them own, What a limitation on your personal liberty that would be!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  5. What about the land your inherently SELFISH ‘muh personal liberty’ libertarian philosophy emanated from and then proceeded to infect this previously unselfish and sane country comes from ie the USA?

    Again, even there would now pose you problems since even Mr TangoMan, President Trump, is now urging people to wear masks!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. Hitchens has lived in the USA, as Express foreign correspondent in the middle-nineteen nineties, and has visited it many times before and since, yet I garner the impression that he doesn’t like the lifestyle there.

      Once again, Hitchens is not a libertarian, and has said so many times. He opposes pornography and legal marijuana, and, in the UK, proposes nationalizing the railways again. He has called himself a Burkean conserrvative after Edmund Burke, the late eighteenth century former Whig, who wrote Reflections on the Revolution in France against the French revolutionaries and their supporters in London.


  6. So, all in all, it looks like you will have to go pretty much far away from civilisation and go to one of our remaining dependent territories like Tristan Da Cunha in the South Atlantic or the Pitcairn Islands in the South Pacific as they are still free of Covid 19. Mind you, if you go to these islands then please don’t get Covid and then infect them as they don’t want your kind of selfishness to introduce it to them just because you don’t want to wear a mask or approve of governments taking any kind of containment measures.


  7. I would try and avoid using Mike Graham to back-up your arguments if I were you. Even by the usual low standards of the globalist media this ‘journalist’ is a rancid PIG. He has often violently cut off callers to his radio show just for making the perfectly valid point that we are being overwhelmed by continual mass immigration. I’m afraid that like Hitchens he is another globalist media ‘gatekeeper’ employed by a radio company to ensure public opinion doesn’t stray too far away from the globalist approved line!


      1. Can’t you choose someone with more credibility than that pig and truely vile anti-British globalist? There must be someone other than him and Peter ‘fuck everybody else’s health because I don’t want to wear a mask because I am a weak libertarian crybaby’ Hitchens.


  8. Peter needs to understand that Covid-19 is a highly infectious viral disease which is spread pretty easily by mainly oral transmission but which has no known cure or vaccine yet. Perhaps he can care to enlighten us as to how HE would try and contain it without using facial masks or other social distancing measures? We are all ears, Peter!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  9. Peter refuses to acknowledge many important points about this virus with one of the worst being that he is seemingly wholly unaware of the most salient fact of all ie that there IS NO CURE OR VACCINE for Covid-19 yet.


    1. Well, m’Lord of Essex, the very lack of an effective cure or preventative for “Coronavirus” is another reason *not* to wear (in any case ineffective) muzzles or masks, because in the absence of said cure/vaccine the idiots ruling this country will want to make muzzles compulsory forever. The same is true of lockdown/shutdown.

      Even evil Blair, on TV today, admits that another “lockdown” in the UK is impossible, because even the present/recent one has put the UK economy on the floor.


      1. Those weak and not anywhere near strongly enough enforced containment measures we have had here have to be extended into the future longer than they should be PRECISELY BECAUSE they were not done EARLIER as they should have been yet Peter has been giving constant encouragement for those measures to be relaxed earlier those meaning the crisis will go on and cause more economic damage – the ONLY kind of damage he is concerned about rather than irreplaceable LIVES.


      2. No, it makes them ESSENTIAL and this should have been done FAR EARLIER like Austria did but then Austria is a sensible country that doesn’t have libertarian halfwits in its major parties. Of course, those few Libertarian idiots that do exist there have to set-up their own party instead of infiltrating their way into their equivalent to the Conservative Party as they have done here. Under Proportional Representation as in Austria libertarian loonies don’t get many votes when they stand under their true colours!😂👌😎

        Economies can be repaired people but people can’t be brought back from the dead though Bliar should know about that since he effectively murdered many British troops using lies not to mention god knows how many Muslim Iraqis!

        He is, always was and remains a vile and evil monster so I have absolutely no respect for him or his views.


  10. You have managed to locate another libertarian loony apart from Peter Hitchens ie Toby Young of what was once a serous newspaper called The Daily Telgraph. I must say these libertarian loonies (I must say I really LOVE my newly invented phrase for these people😂😂😂) are really emerging from the swamp of libertarianism in this country during this crisis, are they not?


  11. Really, what is the big deal with wearing a mask for Christ’s sake?🙄🙄🙄It is lucky we will probably never have anything like the Blitz to undergo again. Libertarian crybabies like Peter would cry themselves to sleep because a warden outside their house ordered them to put their lights out at 9. O’ Clock sharp!🙄🙄🙄

    Where, warden, is ‘muh freedom’ to guide Luftwaffe bombers to the street I live in by continuing to have my lights on? The sheer indignity of my freedom being restricted!🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      to be frank, you seem very angry about people not accepting this semi-hoax that the government and msm are trying to pull. How can you compare the Blitz of 1940-41, when hundreds, even thousands, were being killed weekly, and even daily, to this “Coronavirus” situation in which only one out of a thousand or two thousand is even slightly affected?

      Also, putting lights out in 1941 London *might* have saved lives directly (though I doubt it…the Germans had this thing called “navigation”) but there *is* no evidence that facemasks worn in shops save any lives at all, particularly now that the virus has largely run its course in the UK.


      1. I AM angry because I see people like Peter putting their pathetic ‘respectable’ pseudo intellectual gloss on what amounts to pure bloody selfishness otherwise known as Tory libertarianism.

        Selfishness in society should be CONDEMNED not given a veneer of respectability by another name and that is precisely what he is doing.

        Wearing a mask CAN prevent the transmission of the virus and reduce its spread and possible deaths as numerous other countries have already proven like Japan to take one example.

        People were far less selfish in the Britain of 1940/1941 but then Thatcher and her alien US creed were not a part of British life then it is fortunate they were not.


      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        It is ridiculous to assume that the British people are going to have to wear “facemasks” (muzzles) almost indefinitely. There is as yet no vaccine. When there is (if there will be), there may be a different virus next year which the vaccine does not prevent.

        BTW, Tony Blair was on TV *supporting* the muzzling of the population, because (he said) another “lockdown” would be simply impossible to sustain, economically.

        In the end, the UK needs to wake up, grow up, and regain both its liberties and its prosperity.

        As it is, the UK is facing a socio-economic storm in 2021 and 2022 which may blow this society off its plinth.


  12. Well, Blair earns himself some credit from me then for saying some containment measures like masks have to be in place as otherwise we will need a new lockdown.

    Peter, on the other hand, doesn’t as he still stubbornly refuses to accept there is a need for ANY measures to be taken by the only people who can do it ie the government. He doesn’t want ‘freedom’ to be curtailed in any form or for any time period even if lives can be saved by doing that. Well, that just goes to show how unrealistic and utterly irresponsible his libertarianism is. 🤬😡


    1. I do not think that that *is* Hitchens’ view, m’Lord of Essex, but in any event, leaving him aside, Blair himself said on TV tonight that it would be as good as impossible to have another nationwide “lockdown”.The economy is crumbling away —as we speak— after the *first* one. Look at the business pages: household debt now starting to spiral, business shutting down and/or sacking large numbers of employees. Now this absurd last-minute mask nonsense, which will as good as kill the “High Street”.


  13. If that isn’t the view of libertarian mental case Peter Hitchens then he has a very strange way of showing it because I have found no evidence so far to see that ISN’T his opinion.

    If our economy is crumbling away it just goes to show how unwise Mrs Thatcher’s and Bliar’s libertarian economic policies were ie they destroyed our manufacturing base with call centres and shops! Whereas Germany being a REAL democracy with Proportional Representation had and still does have collaborative coalition governments that had economic policies that preserved their manufacturing.

    God, don’t libertarians cause SO much trouble! Can’t we reintroduce hanging for them and institute a ‘Final Solution’ to this problem?


  14. In other news, apparently our esteemed and essentially foreign Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak or whatever his ruddy Indian name is, is trying to brainwash Britons even further into accepting their ultimate fate as a despised minority in this country, by putting faces of ethnics onto our banknotes!

    Yes, CONServatives, aping the tactics of those loons over at Black Lives Matter is really a priority at the present time – NOT!😡🤬

    Needless to say, if these banknotes are introduced I will try my hardest to avoid using them at all and pay via debit card, charge card or Google Pay etc.


  15. That the Tories evidently prefer to place random ethnics on our banknotes rather than native Scotsmen and Scotswomen is a gift to the separatist SNP and insulting to Scots. It should come as no surprise that many Scots despise the Tories.

    By the way, fake Conservatives, you STILL won’t win Tottenham, Camberwell and Peckham or legions of other ethnic dominated seats at the next election despite this patronisingly PC lunatic stunt,


  16. If the Tories wish to use banknotes and the banking system as a way of pushing political points then I suggest a better way is to rename the misnamed Central Bank of the United Kingdom ie the Bank of England to Bank of the United Kingdom and, instead of plastering random ethnics on them, instead place native Scotsmen, Scotswomen and native Welshmen and Welshwomen on the notes. Doing both things might help to counter separatism and voting for the SNP and Plaid Cymru.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, though I disparage the placing of “woke” idols on banknotes, what mostly strikes me is how worked-up people get about what is on banknotes. Remember Caroline Criado-Perez, that one trick pony “activist” (I think that she is a trustafarian…her father headed Safeway supermarkets in Europe), who got an OBE for insisting on more women on notes?

      If you ever watch TV quiz shows, you see that most contestants have no idea what is on the banknotes that they handle and see daily.


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