Diary Blog, 22-23 September 2020

22 September 2020

Coronavirus and the latest “Boris” posturing

I start with the fact that, yes, a million people have died “of” (with) “Coronavirus” worldwide, but that is out of eight thousand million living on the Earth. In other words, one person out of every eight thousand.

The above fact indicates that what is required first of all is perspective and proportion. Those qualities are precisely those not found in the present “British” government.

The Government shut down most of our society for 5-6 months; but a society is not like something such as a washing machine or a TV set, which can be switched off at the flip of a switch, then switched on again 6 months later none the worse. It is more like a car, which if left unused for months, will probably not start up again without an external stimulus.

Now “Boris” the clown is threatening another national “lockdown”. Contrast with Sweden, which (despite a huge area with small population) is largely urban and suburban (i.e. that is where most people live), like the UK.

Sweden never had a “lockdown”, never insisted on masks, never did any of that rubbish. It did have many elderly people die in care homes. That was its mistake. However, the UK did the same, with similar results.

Now Sweden is close (I read) to “herd immunity”, whereas the countries in Europe that were harsh in having facemasks, “lockdowns” etc (e.g. Spain and the UK, among others) are still in trouble in terms of public health and have ruined their fragile economies.

I should be happy that Boris-idiot and his “Cabinet” (pack of Jews and Indians) are messing things up so royally, because that can pave the way for social nationalism when the economy crashes, unemployment soars and Britain loses whatever is left of its credibility as Brexit crashes and burns.

Two things depress that happiness: first, I hate to see what is being done to the UK, its people, its society and economy. Second, there is at present no credible social-national movement to raise the banners of social-national resurgence.

Scotland is even worse than England, under that ridiculous little tyrant, Nicola Sturgeon.

Actually, I think that many people are uneasy, to say the least, about the latest “Boris” nonsense: the “Rule of Six”, the “rule” that pubs must shut at 10 pm, and especially the idea that neighbours should spy on each other and report, like Stasi inoffizielle Mitarbeiter in the old DDR, or Russian and other Soviet секретные сотрудники of the old KGB.

The very legal validity of the “rules” is in question and may be pronounced upon by the courts soon.

Now “Boris” wants to use what little is left of the British Army to coerce the British people.

The real opposition to all this nonsense will not be brought into being by the nonsense itself though, but by the consequences of that nonsense— the tsunami of socio-economic pain gathering its power on the hosrizon.

Tweets seen

The “controlled opposition” writes…

Wall. Squad. End.

Most British people now know nothing or next to nothing of their own national history, even the cartoon version.

This is where I part company with Peter Hitchens. Yes, many governments are incompetent (though in Europe, the “government” of Boris-idiot stands out as egregiously incompetent), but what has been happening in 2020 goes beyond mere chance and lack of proper administration.

Covid-19 Coronavirus, the facemask muzzling of the population, the “Black Lives Matter” nonsense, the constant racemixing propaganda on TV (eg. in TV ads, which have become relentless in that respect…), the hullabaloo around Greta Nut and Extinction Rebellion etc; all of that feeds into what the World Economic Forum openly calls the “Great Reset” of the world. Inter alia, “the Great Replacement”, or “White Genocide”, as provided for in the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: https://www.westernspring.co.uk/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-the-genocide-of-the-peoples-of-europe/

It is a puzzle to me, and always has been, why so many intelligent and well-informed journalists etc thought Boris Johnson so well-equipped to bid for his present position. The few who did not think so tended to say, “Boris has the ability, but does he have the ethical standards?“, whereas I was tweeting and then blogging for years, increasingly angrily, as the idiot flew higher and higher: “WHERE, WHEN, has Boris-idiot ever shown any real ability?”

Answer came there none. Years of incompetence, inability to plan, to execute plans, to explain clearly his ideas (few and all puerile) made no difference. Of course the Jew lobby, aka Israel lobby, liked him not only because he was totally pro-Israel but because he is part-Jew himself. They pushed him in the mass media which they largely control.

“Boris” was always buoyed up by his incredible arrogant confidence. That has now been tested against reality and found wanting. Look at him now. Most of the time now, he looks either like a deflated balloon or (and my apologies for necessary profanity) like a sack of shit.

Good point. I saw Starmer today on TV, saying what a good little prosecutor he used to be (and so, apparently, what a good Prime Minister he would make). Well, Starmer’s “USP” is basically that he is a better administrator than Boris-idiot. I suppose that he takes me with him on that. Almost anyone would be a better PM than “Boris”. Beyond that, Starmer has nothing to say.

Starmer is a puppet of the Jewish lobby. His wife, a lawyer, is Jewish; their children are being brought up as Jewish. I noticed, if I am not mistaken (I saw only a second or two before Starmer came on), that he was introduced on TV today by the notorious and half-Jewish Ruth Smeeth [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruth_Smeeth] the former MP (2015-2019) for Stoke-on-Trent North, and an alleged “source” for intelligence officers based at the US Embassy in London (see Wikileaks).

I imagine that Ruth Smeeth is hoping that Keir Starmer will find a safe Labour seat (full of unthinking “me always vote Labour” plebs) for her.

Incidentally, Ruth Smeeth, who since 2015 has been on the Board of the (((well-funded))) “Hope not Hate” Jewish “antifascist” group, is now the Chief Executive (paid about £80,000 a year) of “Index on Censorship”. Irony is not dead…

Speaking of Wikileaks:

I never thought “Boris” likeable (or particularly intelligent) anyway. I have never seen much evidence of either, especially the latter.

Late music

23 September, 2020

Tweets seen

but answer came there none…

Wonders will never cease. I find that I am actually in agreement with “Dunce” Duncan Smith!

Even before the “panicdemic”, pubs were closing, we heard, at a rate of 10 per day in the UK. In the —extended— area where I live, say a 5-mile radius, I myself have noticed a number of pubs now closed, probably permanently, while others have, I understand, effectively become daytime cafes concentrating on Kaffee und Kuchen, in a bid to avoid the “rules” imposed on pubs. Apparently, those ones are busy with the elderly who make up much of the population here.

Oh, and on a different topic, look (below) who has crawled out of her sewer again! Priyamvada Gopal, who wants to kill off European people, and who was promoted to full professor status by the traitors at Cambridge University after remarks to that effect. Here you see her intellectual level— pathetically poor:

In Russian, there is a more “gender-neutral” word-stem, i.e. “rod”, as in “rodnoy” (m) or “rodnaya” (f), “rod” indicating “native land or place” or “land/place.city etc of birth”.

My version: “Remember remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder Treason and Plot, Life is short and memory long, and traitors deserve to be shot!

Hitchens’ idea, i.e. that people should write to MPs re. the present nonsense, may have some limited effect, but will not change the overall direction of this crazed government of clowns. I know what I want to have happen to most MPs, but am not able to publish it…

Actually, quite apart from the above, there would be no point in writing to “my” local MP, because he is one of the few MPs awake to the sheer nonsense of the Coronavirus “lockdowns”, facemask imposition etc, though he is otherwise a complete deadhead, as well as being a lazy useless slug…

Since when did belief in reasonable social and economic freedom become “libertarian”? It is simply ordinary common sense.

Boris-idiot’s am-dram reprise of Winston Churchill was never at all plausible, certainly not to me. Now, it becomes so absurd as to leave a sour taste. I do not think that Churchill made the right decisions in 1940-1945 (in continuing the disastrous and tragic European war) but he was a great figure in both contemporary events and in history. “Boris” is all but irrelevant as a political “leader”, and in terms of history will be a footnote, if that. As Marx said, “First time tragedy, second time farce.”

A “conspiracy nut” may be the early stage of a tree of wisdom.

Actually, look at the facts, the way in which powerful transnational institutions have lined up in support of the climate change narrative, the “Black Lives Matter” narrative, the Coronavirus narrative…all at the same time…

Co-incidence? What about the fact that the World Economic Forum now supports the so-called “Great Reset”? This is not “conspiracy theory”; it’s happening in plain sight!

And look below at the way in which the termites are eating away at the freedom and lives of white British people. One word of criticism about the anti-white propaganda campaign being waged, and your bank wants to get rid of you:

“Diversity” = “no white people”, in the end. Racemixing and the genocide of the European peoples.

The person who tweeted from the Nationwide should be punished.

I also suggest that all white people in the UK avoid Nationwide (which does not value them and chooses to insult its customers) and, if already with Nationwide, switch to another bank.

There is only one way this can end.

Lammy, thick as two short planks and also extremely nasty (as well as very interested in money…).

“Socialism” in one Twitterverse

One of the most interesting aspects of the “Coronavirus” situation in the UK has been to observe the pathetic and feeble squirming of those who self-describe as “Left”, “socialist” etc., whether adherent to the shell that is the Labour Party, or otherwise.

What is the reaction of the Jewish and “antifascist” Twitterati to the closing down of civil rights in the UK? Craven obedience to Government diktat. What is the reaction of the “Labour” official Opposition? To support every measure this incompetent yet tyrannical Government of clowns has taken, except to say that themeasures should be harsher and better administered. This is not opposition, but fealty…

Actually, that weakness is good for social-nationalism. When the time comes, we can close down our enemies easily, and permanently.

More tweets seen

Naturally, Piers Morgan does not worry about the economic damage. He gets paid millions for being a TV face. I dare say (speculating, admittedly) that some if not all is paid offshore via tax avoidance measures. He can scarcely recall what life was like before he hit lucky. If the poor and middle earners lose their jobs, well…Piers will still be on TV, raking in his life’s winnings…The same is true of all msm drones, MPs and other parasites.

More about Keir Starmer

Saw part of Starmer’s party political broadcast on TV this evening. Underwhelming…

Late music

15 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22-23 September 2020”

  1. In reality, Boris-Idiot is, ONCE again, NOT doing enough to control the virus! A member of SAGE today says tougher measures are needed or we will have yet more needless deaths and a REAL new lockdown will have to be imposed!

    As for Nigel Farage, what an utterly PATHETIC specimen he is! IF he had any shame at all, that Tory moron would just do the decent thing and SHUT UP since he got this wretched government elected with his blatant Tory front ‘party’ Just go back to MI5/MI6 and get your latest rounds of instructions!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Peter moron libertarian Hitchens is STILL whinging!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. M’Lord of Essex, as often said, we shall not agree on this subject of “the virus”… Spain had severe “lockdown” and is in a terrible situation vis a vis, say, Sweden (no “lockdown”, no facemask nonsense etc). Sweden even has a functioning society and economy.; Britain will soon not have either.


      1. Sweden has far more deaths and cases than their culturally similar neighbours like Denmark, Norway and Finland.

        Sweden has more deaths and cases than Germany has if you take into account the population size difference between those two countries.

        Peter Hitchens and company would have us take the libertarian loony approach of America and just ‘trust’ a British population that is not in sufficient numbers naturally obedient and self-disciplined enough nowadays to follow that idea successfully. Needless to say, the US ‘it is only as bad as a common flu so lets not bother wearing masks etc’ line has now led to 200,000 deaths and MILLIONS of cases!


      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        Sweden made the same mistake as the UK, in that it failed to protect the elderly and others living in care homes. In the general population, Sweden has had relatively few deaths from “the virus”. That is, in most parts of the UK, the case here too. The “lockdown” in the UK delayed but did not stop transmission.

        Whatever one says about all that, the UK economy will be on life support soon, indeed to some extent already is, because of these crazy “rules” and the constant chop and change. The economy and society *has* to be opened up again, the “furlough” and loan rice bowls taken away, and things got moving again before Britain falls into a total pit.


  2. If Peter moron libertarian Hitchens STILL refuses to do the decent thing and refuses to stop encouraging people to defy the too mild restrictions then we will have to immediately restore the use of capital punishment!

    I can then be the judge and to put my black cap on whilst pronouncing the sentence of death upon him:

    “Peter Jonathon Hitchens, you are 68 years of age, it is my duty to pass upon you, the only sentence the law can pass for the crime of wilful Covid-19 denial and for being an all-round libertarian Tory prick, you will be taken from this place to a lawful prison and thence to a place of execution where you will suffer death by hanging and your body buried in the precincts of the prison in which you shall be last confined before execution and May The Lord Have Mercy Upon Your Soul”


  3. So, Nigel Frogface Fraudulent MI5/MI6 Farage, you are concerned Boris is doing as he pleases with little opposition🙄🙄🙄

    Well, perhaps, you should have thought about the dangers of somebody like Boris having such a huge majority when you got your fake Brexit ‘party’ goon squad to interfere in the PRIVATE Conservative Party leadership election last year so that Boris got the job instead of the far more naturally able Jeremy Hunt.

    Perhaps also you should have allowed your candidates to stand in Tory-held constituencies instead of forcing them to stand down then they could have reduced that overly large majority?🙄🙄🙄

    Go away man and, for once, STOP being a FRAUD and blatant ‘controlled opposition’.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  4. Nigel, are you signed-up to these campaigns?:



    Perhaps, Nigel, single-party governments of whatever party with huge unearnt majorities that were effectively gifted to them by the grotesquely inefficient workings of the archaic and overly simplistic electoral system caked First Past The Post are not all they are cracked-up to be?


  5. Tory Foreign Secretary, Francis Pym, blurted out his opinion that ‘landslide’ election victories don’t on the whole tend to produce successful governments during the 1983 general election campaign. Mrs Thatcher then promptly sacked him!

    ‘Landslide’ victories tend to produce a certain arrogance in the PM’s that head them and they overconcentrate power in their hands. FPTP even without huge landslides makes PMs in this country very powerful figures indeed and more so than other electoral systems would do such as Proportional Representational (PR) ones. This is especially the case in Britain since the revising chamber of the House of Lords isn’t powerful and we don’t have an elected President to exercise a real check on the PM or House of Commons.

    Tory Lord Haisham once said FPTP leads to ‘elected dictatorships’ in this country.


  6. ‘Mutti’ Merkel is doing well as are the vast majority of Germans who are following her instructions. So is South Korea with their naturally obedient populace. Mind you, libertarian loony Peter Hitchens would have a field day whinging about ‘restrictions’ there since the South Korean government has made it compulsory to place government apps on their mobile phones to track and trace the virus.🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆

    Peter needs to know a libertarian approach can ONLY work with a population that is very self-disciplined and which a government can implicitly trust to ‘do the right thing’. Sadly, such a country is NOT Britain nowadays though it would have been in the 1940’s to 1970’s.


  7. I would have a new lockdown repeated once yearly. This would be a kind of national training exercise to inculcate some much needed discipline into a ‘society’ sorely lacking in it as this crisis has demonstrated so sadly well.

    Still, when your ‘society’ listens to the plaintive ‘we must have total person freedom at all times’ cries of libertarian loonies like Hitchens, Isabel Oakeshot ext for too many decades, what the hell do you expect?


  8. At least David Icke is honest about his ‘conspiracy nut’ credentials whereas Mr Hitchens is trying to prove he is a respectable Conservative minded commentator whereas, in this crisis, he is, in reality, a libertarian extremist who is inciting people to refuse to abide by Covid 19 restrictions thus potentially making some people ill. That is anything but ‘respectable’.😡🤬


  9. Peter Hitchens and other libertarian Tory extremists have no basis to whinge yet about the restrictions. If they studied history, they would know that worldwide viral pandemics can last for anything up to TWO YEARS or so as the Spanish Flu did in 1918-1920.

    IF the government wants to extend them past a two year period it is THEN appropriate to start to get worried and complain about them.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      In previous epidemic situations, the obviously sick and *infectious* were quarantined or isolated. There has never been a situation where the governments in question have shut down the entire society. This is already near-disastrous, economically. Socially, these measures have warped UK society already.You onlyhave to look at the behaviour of the police, who are now zookeepers, with us as the animals confined. Also, the little security and shop people, who have, some of them, become toytown prison guards.


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