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Diary Blog, 2 October 2020, including thoughts about Trump and the U.S. Presidential Election 2020

Trump and “the virus”

Just thinking about how this latest news about Trump and Melania will play politically. Already I have seen opinions to the effect that Trump does not really have “the virus” and that Boris-idiot likewise never had it. Maybe so, but my inclination is to believe that both had/have it.

In respect of Trump, what matters is whether he recovers or not. If not, then (obviously) he will not win the upcoming election because he will be dead. In that event, Mike Pence would have every chance of beating Joe Biden and winning the Presidency for the Republican Party.

The more likely event is that Trump will recover. In the world as a whole, only one person has died so far out of every 8,000. In the USA, there have been (as the BBC and Sky keep telling us, usually without giving the per capita context…) about 200,000 or so deaths; that, though, is out of a population of about 330,000,000. 1 death out of every 1,500 or so of the population. In respect of known (tested) cases, nearly 5 million cases and, of those, 96% (4,737,000 approx) recovered; about 4% died: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/

Trump is 74, overweight etc, and so in a generally more vulnerable than average category. However, the odds are that he will recover. So how does that play?

In my view, Trump getting “the virus” and then recovering would boost his standing considerably. It would validate what he has always said, and which is after all backed by the statistics: that in the USA, 96% of those who actually have had “Coronavirus” have recovered. Thus, while this virus is certainly a major public health threat, it is not the plague, not the Black Death, and society must not be shut down because of its existence.

Boris Johnson please note…

The US election is close, and not so easy to predict. The Electoral College electoral system is very odd, a very 18th Century idea of democracy. Each state has a number of Electoral College votes, based on the amount of population. Whichever candidate wins the most votes in each state gets all the Electoral College votes for that state (with two exceptions, Maine and Nebraska): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Electoral_College

Thus (as with the British electoral system based on MPs elected from constituencies), it is quite possible for a Presidential candidate to get a minority of the popular vote yet win the Presidency because that candidate has won a majority of the Electoral College votes. That is in fact what happened in 2016: Trump won a minority of the popular vote, but a majority of the Electoral College vote.

The bookmakers (in the UK) are making Joe Biden a close favourite over Trump, but it is still close enough to be uncertain. The demographics (increasing non-white populations in the US) favour the Democrats, but the majority is still small, though growing.

Superficially, Biden seems to have the election half-won, but I am not sure that Trump can be written off (assuming that he does not succumb to “the virus”). Trump’s handling of the virus situation is a major card for the Democrats. If Trump himself, at his age and in his condition of health and fitness, can pull through, that must strengthen his case on the virus and how to handle it, and would tend to back his preference for fully re-opening the economy.

There again, many white Americans especially will have been looking at the scenes of near-anarchy and even near civil war in some cities, and wondering whether Trump is not a better bet than Biden and the Democrats. After the recent “debate” shouting match, when (from what I have heard) Biden seemed almost ga-ga, this election may be very close indeed.


I see that msm commentators are using the (admittedly obvious) metaphor for “Boris” that I have been using of late in this blog, i.e. “a deflated balloon”. None that I have seen have described him also (as I have done) as a “sack of s***”, though! Not yet, at least. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-8796623/JAN-MOIR-Ive-joined-bitter-flotilla-women-let-Boris-Johnson.html

I see that the public is now well and truly in agreement with my long-held view of “Boris”: “Johnson is all gong and no dinner; all hat and no cattle…” https://www.dailymail.co.uk/reader-comments/p/comment/link/600271359.

Tweets seen

Soon, Europe must confront both Israel and the Zionists based in Europe. The Arabs —and Muslims generally— are likewise antipathetic to European race and culture. We need a pan-European “third way”, linked to the people of Russia and to their future.

Crony capitalists ripping off the US taxpayer. The same or similar happens in the UK.

Yes. Most countries too have not adopted the so-called “International Definition” of “Antisemitism”. It’s a Jew-Zionist scam: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Working_Definition_of_Antisemitism

In fact, only about 20 states have adopted the so-called “Definition”; out of about 200 states in the world.

As for corrupt little pissant Robert Jenrick, member of Conservative Friends of Israel, he is completely (((suborned))). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Jenrick#Controversies. He is married to a Jewish woman, a property lawyer, and their children are being brought up as Jewish. In fact, Jenrick has a lot in common with Keir Starmer.

Musical interlude (time for an early-afternoon nap)


I happened to see this video, made in July 2020:

This one too:

I myself would never waste time “debating” with such [redacted because of the lack of freedom of expression in the UK]. In fact, I would not bother to “debate” with most white British people either. I am here to put forward my own views, ideas and policies, uncompromisingly. “Debates” tend to produce heat but no light, as on the pathetic BBC Question Time. A show for the entertainment of people with little better to do.

I know that I am not alone in noticing that TV ads in the UK are now even more than heretobefore the vehicle for racemixing propaganda. Almost every ad now is replete with blacks and other non-whites, as well as the TV “families” with the white (often blonde) woman, the black man, and the mixed-race children.

Who do you think is behind all this? You know who…(((the you-know-who))).

All part of “the Plan” (the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan)…


Stray thought

Those people who say “I have lost a son/daughter/father/mother/grandparent/significant other to Coronavirus, so please do XYZ, and do not be COVID-19 deniers” are like people who say “I have lost [whoever] because of a traffic accident, so please never drive a car except at below 10 mph, and do not be traffic accident deniers“. Except that no-one sane ever says the latter, because such a suggestion would be seen as wildly disproportionate, as well as importing emotional blackmail into what should be a reasoned argument.

More tweets seen

Pleasant sentiments, but I noticed that that tweet was retweeted by Jew-Zionist fanatic and Twitter troll “@frankiescar” (real name Andrew Roberjot, apparently a failed businessman of some kind and now a “legal people” groupie, though not legally-qualified, I believe), someone so unpleasant that he actually turned up to gloat when I appeared at the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal (I was disbarred thanks to a pack of Jews, most of whom were known to him): https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/

That is, so to speak, “very Twitter”, people who tweet or retweet all sorts of beautiful sentiments, while behaving like shits. Virtue-signallers. Fakes.

More tweets seen

A pseudonymous but obviously Jew-Zionist Twitter account, tied in with the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” criminals, and making dark, if obscure, threats. In fact, I seem to recall “@badscooter” making the very same or very similar threats as long ago as 2012 or thereabouts. This is the kind of tweeter that the Metropolitan Police should investigate. If not, perhaps someone with money can discover his identity via civil litigation (e.g. via methods such as a Norwich Pharmacal order: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwich_Pharmacal_order).

Meanwhile, badscooter’s Twitter friend and fellow criminal, “@nathanjoseph198”, has just gone up the Twitter chimney: https://twitter.com/nathanjoseph198.

More tweets

Censorship and banning (etc) is becoming the norm. The “West” used to stand for freedom, more or less. No longer.

Britain is a country the governmental policies of which are driven largely by lobbies: the Jew-Zionist lobby, the subsidized-farming lobby, the banking lobby, and so on; in this case, the defence procurement and military lobby. One can however oppose, say, the military-industrial lobby, or the subsidized farming lobby, without being hostile to either defence or agriculture.

I vaguely remember “@JimmySecUK”, one of a number of insolent and ignorant bastards who were put in their place by me (and blocked me) on Twitter. Britain is full of these would-be “defence and security” “experts”, often armed with degrees from places that offer obscure “security and intelligence” or “international relations” courses; Exeter, Lancaster, KCL etc. This particular “expert”, or postgraduate student, or whatever he is, is very tied in with the Zionist/Israel/NWO/”interventionism” cabal on Twitter.

An enemy of European race and culture

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/oct/01/white-supremacist-protest-activism-emily-gorcenski; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emily_Gorcenski

Late music

Diary Blog, 20 August 2020

Alison Chabloz

[Alison Chabloz]

Latest news about persecuted satirical singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz is that she is no longer on police bail in respect of a (((complaint))) of harassment made against her by (((someone))) in North London, a complaint made months ago.

It will be recalled that, nearly four months ago, a number (at least half a dozen) police burst into her home (in a shared house) in South-East London. That was apparently quite early in the morning, and Alison Chabloz was not fully dressed.

After the police raiding party had ransacked her home and taken her computers and telephones (and those of completely uninvolved persons also resident in the same building), Alison was taken to Charing Cross Police Station in Central London, interrogated, then released on police bail.

It is a source of concern that the police these days often seem ignorant of the most basic law relevant to their work. Or maybe that is yet another example of the termite-like influence of Common Purpose (following their motto of “Leading beyond Authority”…). In this case, however, they seem to have been belatedly put straight.

The law on police bail was changed a while ago, and is again under review: see https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/insights/why-is-police-bail-being-reviewed-again/.

Police bail, at present, should only be used at all when its use is “necessary and proportionate”, and should (in almost all cases) be used for a maximum of 4 months, and all but the first 28 days to be authorized by a court.

Also: “The police should now release most suspects they need more time to investigate with a new status: released ‘under investigation’ or RUI for short. The police have no powers to require RUI suspects to report to them, no powers to place conditions on them and no time limits within which to complete their investigation against them.” [House of Commons Library]

This is what happened when Alison was police-bailed in her other outstanding matter, in Derby. The police should probably never have placed Alison on police bail anyway, as in this London matter. Certainly, no court authorized its continuance. Now, the Metropolitan Police have changed her status to “released under investigation”, meaning that she is under no restrictive conditions (re. that matter, but see further below).

It can be seen from the citation here above that the police had in any event come to the end of the (nearly) 4 month maximum police bail period.

Alison Chabloz was due to return to Charing Cross Police Station today, presumably to be told whether any charges were going to be laid. She has, however, been informed via her solicitor that her presence is now not required and (as already noted) is simply “Released Under Investigation”, though the police claim that their “investigation” still continues.

I doubt it. If the police had insufficient evidence against Alison Chabloz (nearly) four months ago, and now still have insufficient evidence with which to charge her, the “investigation still continues” assertion seems to be merely a figleaf to save face. I very much doubt that the police investigation will go any further or anywhere. How many does that make?

The only remaining question about the above, for me, is why the police still allow themselves to be used as “useful idiots” for (((malicious persons))) making all sorts of contrived complaints.

If I had to guess, I should say that the odds are that Alison Chabloz will not face any charge.

As for Alison’s other outstanding matter, in Derby (see earlier blog posts), more news at a later date.

Tweets seen

You cannot oppose Jewish-Zionist behaviour in the Middle East but excuse it in the UK, USA, France, Germany etc. Same types, same problems.

Also, whatever people may say about various events in modern history, it is clear that the Israelis are running what amounts to a sort of “ethnostate”, and moreover, one which is both cruel and harsh in its operation, and which attracts sociopathic Jew adventurers from the USA, Australia, UK, and France as immigrant colonizers.

I am not necessarily against colonies or colonizers, in general, but the devil is in the detail.

Talking of “malicious complaints”…

In the end, the best of the white Northern Europeans must separate from the general society. That germinal ethnostate, probably not in only one location but throughout the world, will then survive as the larger or general society collapses into decadence, destruction, war and evil.

Not sure that I accept this. I [b.1956] can recall cartoon ads on TV in the early-to-mid 1960s saying “Keep Britain Tidy“, all about “litter louts” etc chucking stuff out of cars, while the good citizens took their litter home with them. It is probably worse now, because many of the less cultured people now have cars, which most did not (in the 1960s). Also, the “traveller” (Irish tinker “gypsy”) element was under greater control by the police back then.

At last, some people formerly in the mask-wearing and “lockdown”/shutdown-supporting camp are starting to awake…

[Piers Morgan with half-Jew criminal and Zionist agent of Israel, Ghislaine “Maxwell”]

I wonder how long before the majority of the population realize that, for almost all people, there never was any real danger from “Coronavirus”? Maybe a long time, maybe never. The propaganda has embedded itself and people generally are still behaving like scared rabbits, for no reason at all.

Meanwhile, for the 1,999 out of 2,000 people in the UK unaffected or only slightly affected by “the virus” itself, life continues, with the UK economy almost paralyzed thanks to government decisions, with millions now facing unemployment and penury, and homelessness (all the more now that the Boris-idiot “government” is allowing migrant-invaders to flood in).

The NHS is also damaged, and is scarcely dealing with the real threats to the life and health of the population, but its senior staff have been bought off by 4% pay increases while they work far less than ever before.

Tweets seen

What a ghastly and unconvincing (((“simulacrum of the human”)))! Like something from a horror film!

In the msm, on Zionist Twitter accounts etc, the work The Protocols of Zion is invariably described as “a forgery” or “a Tsarist forgery“. In reality, it should be taken to be literary fantasy, but at the same time a literary fantasy based on real events, and groups, and on a real conspiratorial agenda.

In essence it is true, but is presented in a certain literary or “fantastic” way, in the sense of the French genre called “la fantastique” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fantastique], and as, to take another example, with the famous Renaissance work The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz.

More tweets seen

I blogged about that particular blot yesterday: Edward Sutherland, of (or formerly of) Belmont Academy, Ayr, Scotland. Not a Jew, but one of the (often very “dodgy”) non-Jews who act as doormats for Israel. The House of Commons is full of them.

Quite right. David Lange is a Jew-Zionist propagandist who moved from Australia to Israel, and who runs a website where he tries to pillory anti-Zionists (I myself was featured about 7 or 8 years ago, I believe it was). He is typical of the type…

The Zionists only understand one thing…

A sign of the times? Of future times?

As is the “Yuri Bezmenov” Twitter account. [@Yuriwasright] https://twitter.com/Yuriwasright

Ecce the “liberal” multikulti Netherlands, where the old are euthanized and every kind of degeneracy is applauded and “celebrated”. I have been to the Netherlands a number of times, in the 1970s and 1980s especially, and my family had (and has) friends there. However, as I have heard, the country has changed for the worse, like much of Europe. I fear that the country I liked so much has probably largely gone.

In fact, Hitchens is wrong here. Like a lot of fairly clever people, he thinks that he is rather more clever than he is. Abstention is in fact nostep towards reform“, as Hitchens should surely be able to see. Already, no less than a third of the UK electorate fails to vote in Westminster elections, overall (in some constituencies only a fifth or even sixth of the eligible do vote, at least in by-elections!); in local elections, a turnout of a few percent is common in some wards.

In other words, a third of people (or more, as many are not even registered) do not vote at all now. They are already voting with the feet, abstaining, if you like. Has that led to any “reform”? Au contraire.It simply reinforces the System.

The first steps to reform of this broken system would be quite other, but the repressive legislation now in force in the UK means that I cannot spell out what those steps would be…

I do agree with Hitchens about the “false choices“, though. Two words: “Conservative; “Labour”.

Britain’s latest educational fiasco


I have not blogged much about the exams nonsense, mainly because it is clear that a. exams have been getting so easy over decades that one feels “just give them all ‘top’ grades and a big bag of sweets and let the rest of us drink our rum in peace“…; and b. what matters is whether school or university students have family money (both income and capital) behind them. Their own efforts and grades are frankly secondary. Society is extremely unjust and getting worse.

I saw this: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-8643069/JANET-STREET-PORTER-Shouldnt-asking-Mickey-Mouse-degrees-worth-money.html and, disturbingly, found that, not for the first time recently, I was able to largely agree with Janet Street-Porter. Mirabile dictu!

Midnight music

Dangerous liaisons: A French woman poses with a Nazi officer at the Eiffel Tower during the period of German occupation in the Second World War


The Extinction Rebellion Levellers


I have just been listening to a rather disturbing Hard Talk interview on BBC World Service radio, in which BBC man Stephen Sackur interviewed the co-founder and (?) de facto leader of “Extinction Rebellion”, Roger Hallam.

Extinction Rebellion

I have blogged previously about Extinction Rebellion:


Roger Hallam

As to Roger Hallam, this is what Wikipedia has to say about him:


The Wikipedia entry is not very detailed, saying nothing about Hallam’s life before 2017 (he is, at time of writing, 53, having been born in 1966) except that:

Hallam was previously an organic farmer in Wales; he attributes the destruction of his business to a series of extreme weather events.” [Wikipedia]

Strange. When I was about 25, I worked for a couple of weeks (unpaid) on an organic farm in West Wales. That farm, Blaencamel Farm, in 1982 a rather pathetic though beautiful 24 acres (now, I notice, 50 acres) in Ceredigion, has become (as I heard on BBC Radio 4 Farming Today a couple of years ago), a highly-successful business which is also the hub of the organic movement in that part of the world:


Apropos of nothing, I notice that the farmer at Blaencamel Farm, Peter Segger (who had previously, that is before he bought that farm in 1979, been a mainstream food industry executive, buying shiploads of Arctic fish etc), seems to have mellowed considerably and, though still recognizable, has aged considerably (haven’t we all?) in the past 37 years!

I suppose that the point is that there are numerous successful or at least sustainable organic farms in West Wales. I have no idea whether Hallam farmed 500 acres, 50, or lived on a 5-acre smallholding. I suspect nearer 5 than 500, which if so would make his farming inherently unsustainable from a strictly business viewpoint. In fact, when questioned by the Daily Mail in April 2019, Hallam said that ” ‘No-one wants to get arrested. I want to get back to my farm. I’m just a poor farmer, nothing special.” So he still has a farm? I thought that he was supposed to have lost it? Does it mean that he still owns a farm but does not farm it? We do not know.

[Update, 17 September 2020: Hallam’s Wikipedia entry now reads “Hallam was previously an organic farmer on a 10-acre (4-hectare) farm near Llandeilo in South Wales.” So it seems that my guess that Hallam’s farm was “nearer 5 acres than 500” was pretty close to the mark.]

In any event, he first came to public attention in 2017: “Between at least 2017 and early 2019 he was studying for a PhD in civil disobedience at King’s College London,[5] researching how to achieve social change through radical movements. In January 2017, in an action to urge King’s College London to divest from fossil fuels, Hallam and another person, using water-soluble chalk-based spray paint,[4] painted “Divest from oil and gas”, “Now!” and “Out of time” on the university’s Strand campus entrance.[7][5]They were arrested in February when they again spray painted the university’s Great Hall,[7] charged by the state with criminal damage and fined £500.[8] In May 2019, after a three day trial at Southwark Crown Court, they were cleared by a jury of all charges, having argued in their defence that their actions were a proportionate response to the climate crisis.[5] In March 2017, Hallam went on hunger strike to demand the university divest from fossil fuels—the institution had millions of pounds invested in fossil fuels but no investment in renewable energy.[8] Five weeks after the first protest, the university removed £14m worth of investments from fossil fuel companies and pledged to become carbon neutral by 2025.”

Now I have no objection to older people studying, though I am surprised that King’s College London offers a Ph.D. in Civil Disobedience (is this 2019 or 1969?), but for someone in his fifties to spraypaint the interior and exterior of his college with activist graffiti seems not so much youthful as puerile.

In the Hard Talk interview, Hallam sounded fanatical and inflexible. He kept referring to “the Science” (with a capital “S”), repeating it like a religious mantra, yet he himself is not even a scientist. He referred to himself as “a sociologist” at one point. So…here we have someone who got a sociology degree from somewhere (either in recent years or perhaps in the 1980s), and is now an almost perennial student aged 53 who has taken 2 years, it seems, to get a “doctorate” in “Civil Disobedience”, and yet (in the radio interview) lectures the interviewer on the need to believe The Science (which Hallam may or may not understand and —at least judging from his rather unintelligent radio persona— probably does not). He certainly does not think that there can be any doubt about what he says that The Science tells us about “climate change” (formerly “global warming”), despite there being a degree of scientific debate on the subject.

I have to say that I found Hallam’s style disturbing. Did the Levellers of Cromwell’s time sound like that? Or the true believers in Trotsky, Lenin or Stalin, circa 1920 or 1930?

Hallam referred, in the interview, to his belief (he said “fact”) that 6 billion people would die if the UK (and the rest of the world?) did not reduce “carbon emissions” to zero by 2025. When challenged by Stephen Sackur about how that would mean that, within 6 years, the UK would have to have no (or very few) cars, planes, trains, or centrally heated (by gas) houses, Hallam just retreated into his bubble of unreality and said that it was a matter of political will! I suppose that the last country to try that was mid-1970s Cambodia, sub nom “Democratic Kampuchea”, the Year Zero society of The Killing Fields etc.

Hallam claimed that the UK produces 10% of “emissions”. That is plain wrong if he meant 10% of the world’s carbon emissions. The real figure is about 1% (he may, however, if I take the role of Devil’s advocate, have meant 10% of all EU emissions). In other words, even if the UK disappeared into a black hole tomorrow, the other 99% of “emissions” in the world would still be there. That is taking “The Science” at face value, as Hallam obviously does.

What Hallam and his fellow Extinction Rebellion types fail to see is that in fact only the removal of 90% (maybe 80%) of the world population will “save” the planet now. Man-made climate change (taking it as Extinction Rebellion believe it to be) is not caused, at root, by cars, planes etc as such, but by the billions of people in the world, as well as their farmed animals, cars, planes, central heating etc. Numbers.

I agree that there is an environmental crisis, though “global warming”/”climate change” is only part of it. I have blogged about it, as well as the need to create what would be seen as a “super-race”, i.e, evolution of the species combined with evolution of consciousness:


Who are they? What are they?

It is as plain as day that Hallam and many of his fellow leading Extinction Rebellion zealots are basically fanatical drop-outs and misfits, most of whom have and have had no profession or occupation (or much academic background) to speak of (see the Daily Mail report in Notes, below):

  • Hallam himself, ex-farmer and now a superannuated “student” aged 53: “Mr Hallam has also claimed paralysing traffic will eventually cause food shortages and trigger uprisings” [Daily Mail];
  • Simon Bramwell, 46-47, a former builder, now “bushcraft instructor”;
  • Gail Bradbrook, 47-48, a mother of two teenage children, who divorced her husband and became an “activist” after an hallucinogenic-drug trip to Costa Rica;
  • Tasmin Osmond, 34-35, “a veteran of ‘direct actions’ such as Occupy London, the poverty protest which set up a camp outside St Paul’s cathedral in 2011. The granddaughter of Dorset baronet Sir Thomas Lees, Omond [sic] went to Westminster School and Trinity College, Cambridge, where she read English.” [Daily Mail] (no actual profession or occupation ever, apparently; presumably a trustafarian);
  • George Barda, 43-44: “He is a post-graduate student at King’s College in London and the son of classical music and stage photographer Clive Barda…Mr Barda is also a dedicated revolutionary who camped outside St Paul’s cathedral in the Occupy London campaign. Today, he is a director of XR parent company Compassionate Revolution and regularly appears on Russia Today.” [Daily Mail]. So again no profession or occupation, another “eternal student”…;

The XR “strategy”

I see that none of those noted above, or the others reported on by the Daily Mail, are climate scientists or anything similar (Gail Bradbrook apparently has a Ph.D. in molecular biology).

They have no programme either: see https://rebellion.earth/the-truth/about-us/

More accurately, they have a “programme” for protest action, or how to create a kind of anarchic situation, but no programme for what to do if, in some parallel reality, they were to attain to political power. They say that they want 3.5% of the population to create a momentum for change. 3.5%? From where does that come? Popular “philosophy”? Some paperback sci-fi novel? A brainwave by someone such as Hallam? Or a vision seen by the lady noted in the Daily Mail report below, in Notes, Gail Bradbrook, while on ibogaine, ayahuasca, peyote or magic mushrooms? We are not told.

I do not mistake labelling for understanding, but what do we call Extinction Rebellion, ideologically? Perhaps the closest is “anarcho-syndicalism meets treehugging” (and I favour treehugging far more than I do anarcho-syndicalism).

Were Extinction Rebellion actually able to stop government, society and economy from operating in the UK, the result would indeed be the deaths of millions, not from “climate change” but from disruption of supplies of food, water, medicine, not to mention huge lawlessness. That in turn would certainly lead to political dictatorship if not tyranny, as the “huddled masses” start to cry out for, not freedom, and most certainly not for “zero emissions” (!) but for safety, security, food, water, heat etc.

Maybe these Extinction Rebellion cranks think that they and their “3.5%” of (?) “woke” “activists” will become that dictatorship (once they understand that popular mass meetings cannot run a society of more than a couple of hundred people). More likely, they would be among the first to be put up against a wall and shot.

As I said earlier, I am very much an environmentalist and very concerned about the state of the planet in that way and in other ways, but this silly “reduce emissions to zero” idea will get nowhere in itself (even if it were to be put somehow into effect worldwide). In six years? Fantasy politics. As for “Extinction Rebellion” leading some mass movement, that is also complete fantasy:


I cannot see many begging for that. Certainly not Emma Thompson, achingly politically-correct actress and “XR” supporter. She would not want that (at least not for herself and her contrived multikulti “family”). My God, it might mean that she would not be able to fly First Class from LA to London to speak at the, er, Extinction Rebellion protests! She might even have to give up some of her half-dozen luxury homes around the world!

Roger Hallam, in interview, bravely opined that “young people” support XR, but quite a few of the XR activists are over 60 and most seem to be over 40 anyway, though I do not have statistics to support that provisional view. Hallam stood as an Independent for the London constituency, during the EU elections. His vote? 924 votes (out of 2,241,681), a vote-share of 0.04%, so not even a half of a tenth of one per cent… Seems that only 4 in 10,000 voted for Mr. Hallam. Statistical zero. Eloquent testimony.

The Extinction Rebellion protesters were (belatedly) cracked down on by the Metropolitan Police. Not for several days, though. Why? Was the fix in, as with so-called “activist” on climate change, the weird 16 year old Swedish autistic, Greta Thunberg, who has had a remarkably smooth ride, meeting leading politicians, receiving respectful attention, despite her obvious mental problems and what seems to me to be scarcely-concealed malice. [I shall blog separately about her].

Previous claims that “we have x-years to save the planet”

Silly people ranging from Ed Miliband and Al Gore to Prince Charles all said, back in or around 2009, that “we have 3/5/7/etc years in which to save the planet”. Then the planet yawned and the silly people went away again. There is too much of an attempt, a repeated attempt, to panic us (white Northern Europeans) into accepting lives that are not worth living. Yes there are too many people on this Earth at present. My view is that the advanced peoples should live, procreate and evolve higher. The backward peoples and races (who are by far the more numerous) are not required.

Accusations of “terrorism”; analogy with Greenham Common

One senior policeman said, after the London protests, that XR was, or was close to being, “terrorist”. I think that he was right. Look at these people. Listen to the Stephen Sackur interview. These people are willing to do anything to achieve their ends, even though their ends (insofar as they have “ends”) are in fact unachievable, certainly via protests etc.

The Greenham Common women in the early 1980s thought that they were stopping cruise missiles being based in the UK, whereas their protests (which were hell for the local people— much the lesbians and/or feminists cared…) actually achieved nothing. The missiles were removed by reason of NATO-Warsaw Pact negotiations. The “Women’s Peace Camp” was a complete waste of time and effort.

A series of meetings held during August and September 1986 culminated in a summit between United States President Ronald Reaganand the General Secretary of the CPSU Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavík, Iceland, on 11 October 1986. To the surprise of both men’s advisers, the two agreed in principle to removing INF systems from Europe and to equal global limits of 100 INF missile warheads.

The United States and the Soviet Union signed the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in 1987, which led to the removal of all nuclear missiles from the base. The last GLCMs at RAF Greenham Common were removed in March 1991, and the 501st TMW inactivated on 4 June 1991.” [Wikipedia]

Incidentally and incredibly, even though the last missiles left Greenham Common in 1991, even though the Americans left Greenham in 1992 and even though the UK Ministry of Defence closed the base in 1993, putting it up for sale (the area being almost all designated by 1997 as public parkland), the “Greenham Women” stayed, some of them, until 2000! To me that proves that without their having “political activism” to do, some of them had nothing to do with their time or their lives. They were unable to accept that their protests (for 19 years!) had actually achieved nothing and in any case had been superseded by large-scale international events. Like the Japanese soldier in the 1970s, fighting a lone war in the jungle, 30 years after the Pacific War had ended.

Extinction Rebellion protesters are obviously not entirely peaceful. Some are willing to use violence or force to achieve their immediate aims, eg to shut down London. Hallam has, it seems, mooted the shutting down of Heathrow Airport using drones. This is not Gandhi’s “non-violence”. If 10,000 protesters are willing to shut down London by obstruction or inertia, if 1,000 are willing to be even more disruptive, then it may be that 100 are willing to use drones or other means to attack airports, electrical supplies etc. Is it not at least possible that, out of the 10,000, 10 might be willing to use violence of a directly and unambiguously terroristic kind “to save the planet”? I would not bet against it.

We shall soon know. The big “XR” protests are scheduled for October 2019.














Update, 22 August 2019


Update, 7 September 2019

Well, seems that Mr. Hallam will not have to get a job any time soon…


Update, 3 October 2019

…and once again the police tolerate Extinction Rebellion’s “protest” (they did make a few pretend arrests at the end):


Update, 7 October 2019


Extinction Rebellion is playing hardball:

“The Metropolitan Police have described the protests as “unprecedented” in their scale and length and warned that they will arrest those breaking the law.

However, Extinction Rebellion has told its protesters not to co-operate with so that they have to hold them in the cells and cannot arrest another activist.

The group wrote on their website: “There are roughly 1,000 jail cells in London – we filled many of them in April.

“Police could often only arrest 100-200 people a day because the cells were full. If we fill them every day – the streets will remain ours. That it is why we refuse bail, to fill up the cells and to show our open defiance of the system that is killing us.”” [Daily Telegraph]

My solution? If the arrested refuse bail, then stuff them ten to a cell like they do in Egypt. And if that is not enough, stuff them twenty to a cell. This is war.

Update, 8 October 2019


For once, I agree with Boris-Idiot…and while we are on the subject of idiots, what about the one featured in the report below? Pathetic does not even start to cover it. He must have mental problems.


Update, 15 November 2019

Extinction Rebellion’s Queen Bee, Gail Bradbury, has been committed for trial:


She has elected Crown Court trial (jury trial) despite the risk of a heavier sentence on conviction. She obviously hopes for a sympathetic jury. I see that the Daily Mail, itself ever-sympathetic to the middle classes, calls her a “molecular biologist” because she has a degree in the subject (though I doubt whether she has ever worked in that field or any other).

Update, 20 January 2020

Hallam now wants “a World War 2 mobilization of society”, with rationing and “confiscation of private property”. He says that “Nuremberg” trials should be set up for anyone “guilty” re. climate change, and that some people should “get a bullet in the head”.


What about people who just own a car, or central heating? Do they get a bullet too, or just deportation to re-education camps? In short, this Hallam character is not only an idiot, he is a dangerous idiot.

Update, 27 August 2020


Update, 24 September 2020


My Visit to the London Forum


Some time ago, in late 2016, I was invited to address the London Forum. At that time I had only very peripherally heard of it. This is how it describes itself:

The London Forum is a non-party aligned conference group for nationalists, identitarians, thinkers and commentators from across the Right.


and it is connected with the online publisher, The Identity Forum, https://identityforum.org.uk/, which says of itself:

By publishing original work on identity, culture, race, tradition, metapolitics and other topics of interest, our goal is to provide a forum which produces engaging, insightful, high-quality content.”

At the time of my invitation, I had just been disbarred, despite having not actually practised at the Bar for over 8 years, despite having what the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal described as an unblemished record as a barrister (including commendations from the Bench and favourable mention in the main legal directories), despite many other factors in my favour. The complaint against me had been made by a Jewish-Zionist organization, “UK Lawyers for Israel” and related to (in the end) 7 tweets posted (out of some 150,000 at the time). I intend to blog about my case in detail another time. Suffice to say that I accepted the invitation to speak to the London Forum, despite convenience and ease suggesting that I decline.

I had endured “15 minutes of fame” (two days or so, in reality) in late October 2016, as parts of the Press went mad about the (supposedly) “neo-Nazi” barrister and his punishment (presented to an unwitting newspaper readership as getting my “just deserts”, of course). Did I really want more mainstream media attention stoked by Zionist extremists and their hysteria? Not really. Exhibitionism is not a large part of my personality. However, I conceived it to be my duty to speak up, not for myself but for freedom of expression in the UK, under attack from various quarters but especially from the Zionist element.

On the Day

So it was that I went to the London Forum on Saturday 4 February 2017, as one of half a dozen speakers addressing an audience of perhaps 100 people in a large tourist hotel in Kensington. Most of those who spoke can be seen and heard on the London Forum youtube channel, along with speakers from earlier events:


The reception was warm and the meeting, which started at 1200, proceeded peacefully, though occasionally a very faint chanting could, just about, be heard. It transpired that that scarcely audible chanting was from about 30 masked “antifa” idiots who had congregated outside the main entrance of the hotel. The London Forum was happening one floor up and on the other side of the building. I later discovered that, at first, there were only a few police personnel sent to deal with the rentamob, which had been summoned, no doubt by a Zionist, via tweets; the “activists” were probably overflow from the much larger (40,000-strong) anti-Trump march which happened slightly earlier. It seems that the fools were under the impression that the London Forum was “a secret neo-Nazi gathering”, a description which found its way into the bad-joke online rump “newspaper”, The Independent, a day or so later.

The meeting carried on, most of the audience being entirely unaware of the small protest happening one (atrium) floor down and on the other side of the hotel. The meeting ended at its scheduled time of 1700 hrs. By that time, the main public areas of the hotel had been flooded with what seemed to be about 60 police, including a police medic (I saw the back of his jacket), vans outside and a helicopter whirling overhead. A senior-looking officer (no high-vis jacket, a cap) seemed to have taken charge. He (I was told) gave the order to clear away the would-be “revolutionary” snowflakes from the hotel by issuing a “Dispersal Order” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-social_Behaviour_Act_2003#Dispersal_zones], after which the snowflakes presumably went home to mama or to wherever they lodge (several that I saw on the Internet, days later, seemed to be foreign). Certainly, by the time the meeting participants left the hotel, the “antifa” idiots had all (all 30!) melted away like real snowflakes.

Aftermath and thoughts

The Press, TV, radio largely ignored both the meeting and the pathetic though noisy protest. The Independent “newspaper” (now online only after its circulation dropped in early 2016 to about 20,000) carried a piece by one Niamh Mcintyre, a student-journalist. Her piece got almost everything wrong: the maybe 30 “antifa” idiots were “80” in the Independent’s “report” and the (open to all bona fide people) London Forum was “a secret neo-Nazi gathering”


Niamh Mcintyre’s “report” also said that previous London Forum speakers had included Max Weber. This was remarkable, in view of the fact that Max Weber died in 1920!


I think that the poor snowflake meant Mark Weber: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Weber

I saw tweets from Niamh Mcintyre, Independent “newspaper” “journalist” (student) to “London Antifascists” and similar “antifa” idiots, asking “what is happening?” [at the hotel] and requesting comment. At no time (right up to now) were any participants or London Forum officials asked for comment or information, it seems. However, the “antifa” idiots’ comments were printed uncritically by the Independent, even one calling for “direct action” (terrorism and intimidation) to “close down” free speech even in a private forum.

After I tweeted (Wednesday 8 February 2017) about the Independent’s ignorance and lack of journalistic ethics (not checking basic facts, not getting both sides or several sides of a story, bias etc), the egregious error of “Max Weber/Mark Weber” was removed from the Independent online report, but the rest of the nonsense is still up, including a claim that the idiots caused the meeting to close early. Untrue. It carried on to the scheduled end .

The Metro free newspaper carried a slightly more, though not very, accurate report:


though it saw fit to add a laughable extra line about how it had warned the hotel that “ethnic minorities” and staff might be in danger! Journalism died one day and was replaced by something else…The Metro “newspaper” also described how the London Forum had previously “hosted” “infamous holocaust denier..Max Weber” (who died in 1920!). Not very surprising that newspapers are dying, when they employ the ignorant to make up “fake news”…

Did “antifa” achieve anything? No. The London Forum took place, the videos of speeches are online and (equally importantly) free speech was upheld.

What if the police had not been there? Well, the “antifa” idiots were few (possibly, at peak, 35) in number whereas the audience, speakers and LF security (pretty fit and skilled) numbered well over a hundred. The “antifa” may have got off lightly. They are just the “useful idiots” for others (Zionists) and of no importance.

Freedom of expression on social, political and historical topics must be protected,

c4jxgm2ukae7tt_Update, 9 September 2018

Readers of the above blog post may have noticed that the links for London Forum and Identity Forum are not working. This is because YouTube decided, having been pressured by the Jew-Zionist lobby, to remove those channels in their entirety. The leading light of the London Forum, Jez Turner [Jeremy Bedford-Turner] was prosecuted after the CPS was taken to court on a judicial review application by the “Campaign Against AntiSemitism”, yet another pack of Jewish Zionists in the UK. This is what we are up against: a stealth police state and its private equivalent, which have little or no legitimacy and which must be overthrown.

Update, 6 January 2018

I have seen my own speech to the London Forum posted online recently, so it may be that patriots have posted all the London Forum speeches or talks somewhere or other.