Diary Blog, 3 November 2020, including thoughts about the party-political consequences of Government-Opposition convergence

Party-political aspects of the “lockdown”/shutdown nonsense

I commented a while ago, and also not long after the unmerited Conservative Party “victory” in 2019, that in the absence of a viable official Opposition, any real opposition to the Boris-idiot government would come from within the Conservative Party itself. That has turned out to be the case. In the vote (scheduled for tomorrow) to approve the latest crazy “lockdown”, 80+ Conservative Party MPs are set to vote against, with others abstaining. The Labour Party, though, has stepped into the breach to support the Government!

In fact, Labour’s only “opposition” is to say, “Boris should have done it earlier, harsher, and better-run“… That’s not much of an Opposition…

In the absence of a decent Government and a decent Opposition, we see not only the rebellion of many Conservative Party MPs, but a vacuum opening up. That applies not only to policy and action around “the virus”, but also in other areas: immigration, migration-invasion, illegal immigrants motoring over from France with little to stop them; other areas too: work and pay, pensions.

The Government and Opposition are just too cosy now, both headed by members of Friends of Israel organizations.

The egregious Nigel Farage has, like the businessman he is, “spotted a gap in the [political] market” and, despite having stabbed his own followers in the back twice before (with UKIP and then Brexit Party), now has applied (yes, in our “free” country, you now have to “apply”…) to form a new party, Reform Party.

I wonder how many angry and/or discontented people will grasp at the latest Farage straw? Controlled opposition.

There is an opportunity for a real social-national movement and party (both movement and, within that, party) in the UK, but a suitable vehicle does not as yet exist, despite valiant attempts now, notably by Patriotic Alternative under Mark Collett and Laura Towler.

The fact that major banks have told both Collett and Laura Towler that their accounts are to be closed, I take as a hopeful sign for them. It indicates that “PA” is starting to resonate.

The withdrawal of banking services —for socio-political reasons— may not be quite the “no man might buy or sell” unless having the mark and number of the Beast (in the Revelation of St. John), but it does seem to be a step or two down that road.

The storm clouds are gathering.

“Lockdown”, the Coronavirus situation generally, mishandled Brexit, migration-invasion, “black lives matter” vandalism and disorder, people pushing back against the Jewish lobby, the economy sliding fast.

The ravens of Odin sense a coming battle and a coming victory.

Odins Raven Basking in Moonlight" Mounted Print by NozzandtheBeast |  Redbubble

Midday music

Tweets seen

The conspiratorial agenda becomes ever more obvious…


Some “refugees welcome” dimwits are just that, pure and simple; naive and brainwashed. Others are, in the lay sense, traitors.

Nick Griffin must mean “Wien“, though, not “Vienna“.

Trump may be unfit for high office, but Biden is all but senile and a complete idiot to boot. Cui bono?

Tell you what I think? OK. First of all (as I tweeted years ago, one of 5 tweets that got me disbarred in 2016 at the instigation of a pack of Jews): “Michael Gove is a pro-Jew, pro-Israel expenses cheat“. Now, of course, we know that he is also a cocaine abuser and a staggering drunk.

I agree with much of the letter, though.

I am glad to see that almost everyone has now come round to my view, expressed for years, that far from being a strong leader, “Boris” is as weak as weak could be in almost all ways.

One of the few journalists not completely in the pocket of the Jew lobby. (or, if you prefer, Israel lobby, Zionist lobby, etc).

What has changed? Google The Great Reset, The Great Replacement, the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, NWO, ZOG, 2022…

Robert Jenrick, Jewish lobby puppet, and a corrupt little pissant.

I don’t mind a dictator, but I do object to a cut-rate one“, to adapt Rick’s line in Casablanca

Commons vote

Now it seems that the “Conservative” Party revolt might be as pathetic as only 25 MPs, including abstentions…

Afternoon music

A reminder of an England, a Britain, which has been all but destroyed:

Historical glimpse

[Ceremony honouring the fallen of the 1923 “Beer Hall Putsch”]

“Wir werden weiter marschieren,
Wenn alles in Scherben fällt,
Denn heute da hört uns Deutschland
Und morgen die ganze Welt.”

More tweets seen

In (((occupied))) Germany, one citizen arrested “insulted a female politician online“…That’s enough in Merkel’s Germany to get you arrested by armed police goons.

The raids are part of an annual drive initiated by German prosecutors, joined this year for the first time by Italy, France, Greece, Norway, Britain and the Czech Republic under the coordination of Europol.” [Reuters]

An annual drive“?! And Britain was part of it this year? I thought that Brexit was meant to end shite like that?…

If a police force, or an army, acts against the interests of the people, that police force, that army, are both enemies of the people.

There must be a cultural purge across Europe.

Late music

10 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 3 November 2020, including thoughts about the party-political consequences of Government-Opposition convergence”

      1. Good morning Ian: What a coincidence. I remember that in the early 1980s the national-socialist Spanish group CEDADE published an anthology titled: “150 Geniuses on the Jews” I wonder if that was the booklet you read. Yes, all of them had something bad to say about (((them)))


  1. More chaos in the Labour Party – I am not sure if this person is one of the MPs named as further targets in the “Antisemitism” witch hunt:


    “The Sun, which revealed the charges, reported last November that Begum was facing an investigation over the flat she moved into months after leaving her estranged husband’s home.”
    So possibly not. But there again that might just be another case of strange prescience and forward planning.

    More on the COVID-subversion:

    My letter to Michael Gove

    This might be interesting to lawyers – I’ve not listened to it but probably will, intrigued as I am by the reference to “the Norman French word “legal” as well as the Anglo-Saxon word “lawful” ” which distinction (if any) seems to crop up frequently among the “common law / sovereign citizen / freeman on the land” etc crowd.

    Another potential Manchurian Candidate?:
    – the apparat’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel presenting dross like this as a threat – presumably to justify their raising the terrorism threat level which of course has rather more to do with unprovoked attacks on the unwitting indigenous by scum of various hues allowed into the country by the traitor politicians than online fantasising youths such as this who are not even stated to have been “mentored”.

    Just bots and blue-ticks on twitter now?


    1. Wigger:
      Tower Hamlets is a rotten borough and has been for decades. I once knew am Englishman who was a senior housing officer there (I am talking about the 1980s). He magaged to get himself not only on the housing list in the area he himself dealt with (!) but wangled himself a much better than usual council flat overlooking the Thames, I think in a building taken over from developers. When the council property sell-off happened, not long afterwards, he got a mortgage and bought the flat. I never saw it but was told it was quite decent. He eventually married a Jewish girl from Paris and moved there (I heard a couple of years ago that he still lives in the Paris area). I have no idea whether he still owns and rents out the London flat. Probably. It must be worth well over half a million today.

      Then add the Bangladeshi aspect to that corrupt institutional-Labour mess…

      “Lawful”/”legal”. You see lawyers explaining the difference at times [https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/lawful] but obviously, in ordinary speech, the two are interchangeable.

      What these legal obsessives miss is that the law is an outcome of people and society, not holy writ. “The welfare of the people is the highest law” [Cicero].

      Re. the “terrorism” conviction. It is another of several examples of faked “neo-Nazi” “terrorism”. In all or almost all cases, these are teenagers of young 20-somethings arrested for what is little more than political fantasizing. I dare say that, had the present near-police-state existed in 1975, I myself might have fallen foul of it. In fact, as far as I can see, there is no “neo-Nazi” “terrorism” in the UK. It suits the Jew-Zionist lobby, the politicized police and CPS to pretend otherwise.

      Twitter: all the interesting people (including, to be immodest, me) are expelled. The “Twitterati” are wrong on all topics, and get all predictions wrong as well. It *is* largely an “echo-chamber”.


  2. Hello Ian: A late comment. I have been fascinated by the military profession and military history since I was a boy (alas, I was too shortsighted to enter the military!) therefore the Trooping of the Colour was always something that I enjoyed. However, since I started to think politically and I realized the true meaning of WW2 and its devastating consequences for the White race I understood that all that martial splendour was a sham.

    Those young men were/are serving a corrupted, despicable dynasty that has been in the pocket of the Jews for a long, long time. I remember Hillaire Belloc saying (in the early XXth century) that one of the most characteristic traits of the English establishment was its friendly relationship with the Jews.

    Regarding the Guards (and the British Army in general), the disastrous national decadence is also reflected in them. I remember watching a YouTube video of the early 1980s about the Guards passing-out parade at Pirbright. The soldiers then were ALL white, tall and had a martial bearing. If you look at them today the difference is abysmal. BTW, I remember that bastard of Prince Charles complaining about the small number of coloured soldiers in the British Army in the late 1980s. I bet he must be very happy nowadays…


    1. Claudius:
      Sadly, you are correct.

      As far as the Jews are concerned, and their Establishment connections in the UK, that goes back to, in the modern era, Oliver Cromwell, and after Cromwell to William and Mary (late 17th/early 18thC). Then of course on to the Edwardians and the WW1 era, Balfour Declaration etc. Terrible.

      Liked by 1 person

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