Diary Blog, 24 November 2020

Alison Chabloz

The latest word is that Alison Chabloz, persecuted satiriste, singer-songwriter, entertainer and truth-seeker is, after all, expected to face her latest trial on 17 December 2020, at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, 181 Marylebone Road, London NW1: https://courttribunalfinder.service.gov.uk/courts/westminster-magistrates-court

picture of the court or tribunal building

Doors open at 0900 hrs, with the trial expected to commence at 1000 hrs. All supporters will be welcome.

[Alison Chabloz]

Tweets seen today

Exactly the sort of idiot that is driving the whole “panicdemic” SAGE nonsense: the “lockdown” nonsense, the facemask nonsense, the testing (of the asymptomatic) nonsense, and all the other “virus” nonsense of the past 8 months.

Answer to the above— yes, but those who would benefit from European rule in and over Africa would not, primarily, be European people but African, together with the animals, birds and other life of the continent.


Just listening to the Radio 4 PM programme. Ludicrous and convoluted new “rules” around who is “allowed” (by our gracious ZOG tyranny) to meet with whom during the Christmas period. Households, “bubbles” etc. Just junk it all, and those who presume to lay down “rules” and fake laws.

The fact is that, if people want to “flout” the “rules” in their own homes, there is no way for the State to prevent that, short of instituting a real Stasi/Maoist style surveillance regime.

The interesting aspect is that these “rules” are effectively (99.9%) unenforceable in the usual way (police, prosecutions etc). They are only enforceable via making the population afraid. The population, to some extent, is now afraid. As a result, the UK has almost closed down.

Early evening music

[Carlsbad/Karlovy Vary]

The toytown police state slowly turns into a real one

Tory MP Sir Charles Walker has raged at ‘disgraceful and un-British’ police officers as they bundled an elderly woman into a van for protesting outside Parliament.” [Daily Mail]; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8983215/Tory-MP-rages-police-bundle-old-woman-van-protesting-outside-Parliament.html

Police officers drag the 72-year-old woman across the pavement as she is arrested outside Parliament on Tuesday

“Disgraceful and un-British”? He must mean “just like our ZOG/NWO elected dictatorship, aka the government of Boris-idiot”.

This sort of police heavy-handedness (to white people legitimately protesting) will get worse until a few people, or at least until a few thousand people, just put (according to preference) one or two fingers up to the Government of Clowns and say something colloquial, whether it be “on yer bike!” or “**** off!”…

When enough people ignore the so-called “rules”, those “rules” are no longer the rules. Simple as that.

Late tweets

Resist the tyranny and start connecting.

[I crave no indulgence for repeating that] Trump should be pardoning or preparing to pardon the thousands of social-national people currently doing hard time in Federal prisons. No-one can stop him from extending the Presidential prerogative of mercy to anyone in Federal incarceration. Just do it, Trump!

Late music

19 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 24 November 2020”

  1. No, Peter, you regard yourself with far too much personal esteem there! The reasons why you have been subjected to personal abuse is quite simple and they are:

    1.) You have been propagating absurd theories and opinions which have no basis in scientific fact and this could put lives at risk due to simplistic and irresponsible people not following the rules and sadly, Britain has far too many of these types unlike the superbly obedient Jap population.

    2.) By ranting as you have done since March in this way many consider you have effectively been spitting in the faces of the many thousands who have died in this country( a death toll that many think is an absolute national disgrace). Not surprisingly, a lot of people find your unscientific views grotesquely offensive yet even now you show no contrition for them.😡🤬


  2. Basically, Peter, you are a libertarian loony extremist on this issue and if we were as stupid as you want this country to be we would have the same or even worse problem with Covid-19 as the USA now has where the numbers of infected people number 12 MILLION and rising and that figure is larger than the combined total population of some states!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    The USA’s crisis is precisely because this virus has absolutely no form of respect for the loony, anarchic, and mostly degenerate political philosophy of libertarianism which you follow on this issue and which is so loved amongst large sections of US society.🙄🙄


  3. The Orange Tango Man, President Trump, lost a winnable presidential election recently because he downplayed the seriousness of the virus from day one and thus helped to create the crisis now raging there. We in this country don’t want to replicate even more than we have done their crisis. You do and that would certainly be the result if we were as stupid as you want us to be but the majority of people here do not wish that to happen.


  4. China is very busy taking over African infrastructure. They offer loans to Africans in order to facilitate the paying of Chinese to carry out building projects in Africa, then when the Africans inevitably default on the loan, the Chinese take the asset as payment.


  5. Well, there is something to think about when considering the possible virtues of recolonising Africa ie that when we and the French ran our colonies there we could prevent illegal immigration from them at the source of the problem rather than trying to do it later when it is at our gates.

    Yes, Africans themselves would be the primary beneficiaries renewed British/French etc colonial rule. Certainly, those resident in Zimbabwe would be. That country was far better run when it was British-ruled Southern Rhodesia and UDI Rhodesia under that great man Ian Smith.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      You may be interested to know (if you do not already know) that I was in Rhodesia in 1977. Mostly in and around Salisbury (now “Harare”) but also other places, including glimpses of Bulawayo, Que Que, Hartley etc. I left the country eventually by train, to Botswana.

      Despite the war and the international economic sanctions, Rhodesia was a functioning state, not a corrupt mess like Zimbabwe and most other African-misruled states. The capital was beautiful, its streets lined with flowering trees, including several I had never seen. Looking at “Harare” now, it looks more crowded, less clean, less pretty, and (of course) less European…


      1. Yes, I have seen footage on Youtube on Southern Rhodesia/Rhodesia in its heyday and it certainly looks like the British governors and Ian Smith ran it well to the benefit of everybody not least the African population. Indeed, even Boris The Buffoon agrees with us on this point so we are in illustrious company!🤣😂👌🍷😎🤣😂😎😂😂😃

        The whites had a most agreeable lifestyle with maids/servants and many had swimming pools in their gardens. The Africans had a stern police force to protect them from lawbreaking from other Africans and occasionally whites as well. Also, many blacks had jobs, unlike now, with some of them employed on the mostly white-owned vibrant farms producing tobacco as an export crop etc. All in all, the Africans didn’t far too badly as far as the essentials were concerned though their civil rights were not that extensive under British colonial and Ian Smith rule.

        I believe I am stating a fact here when I say that the Queen Mother was said to be a bit of an admirer of Ian Smith. Still, she was ‘REAL’ Royalty unlike the many PC globalists amongst that family now!☹️😞


  6. Peter gets personal abuse because since March he has effectively denied Covid-19 exists, wants there to be no effective action taken by government against it and has been a daily and unrepentant spreader of unscientific nonsense about it on Twitter and elsewhere.

    If this new vaccine becomes available he should be denied the use of it even though he is in one of the most high risk groups on account of his age. After all, why should a vaccine be wasted on someone who effectivelydenies the problem the vaccine is designed to address?


  7. Grow-up, Dan Hodges, you stupid, little Marxist turd. You may have convinced the degenerate, anti-British Tory scum of the Daily Mail you are a respectable person with common sense views but some of us can remember when you were just your typical Marxist scrote at the Unite Against Fascism organisation willing people on towards acting violently against the BNP and Nick Griffin.🙄🙄🙄

    Some of us KNOW your despicable violent history in politics and it isn’t pleasant.

    What you write about his pandemic is utter nonsense.

    Hopefully, you will be another wicked Covid 19 denier to be refused the vaccine when it comes.

    It is my considered opinion that vile Covid 19 deniers like you and others who constantly play it down and don’t want to do anything to effectively contain it should be deported to the USA so that you will catch this nasty illness over there or be put on a gurney and receive another injection though this time of a very different type to the vaccine:

    https://en.wikipedia.org/Lethal_injection 😂😄😃🍷😆


  8. I think you will find there is a worldwide viral pandemic still raging, Harry Coles, hence the restrictions, you brain dead Tory moron! 🙄🙄🙄🙄Believe it or not, the virus doesn’t say to itself ‘you know what it is Christmas so I will take a few days off and then I will reappear in the New Year’!🙄🙄🙄

    Cretinous simpleton! Yet another one who should be denied the vaccine or sent to the USA and receive a lethal injection instead!


  9. Yes, Anthony Hinton and Andrew Lillico let us ignore the FACT that many of those who ARE infected show no visible symptoms whatsoever of having Covid-19 and this means they can spread it to others who may be more vulnerable without knowing they are dong this!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    And to think these Tory libertarian lunatics are the ‘brain boxes’ currently in charge of Brexit so it is no wonder it has become a grotesque mess and soon it won’t be just unrepentant Remainers who will call it ‘Brexshit’.’🙄


  10. It is my considered opinion that Covid-19 deniers and those who don’t wish to abide by the restrictions or who actually break them willingly should be sent to the USA where they can be injected with a nice one drug or three drug protocol:


    Ladies and gentleman, the ‘FINAL SOLUTION’ to the Covid-19 deniers, libertarian ‘Tory’ and other libertarian loony on this question problem!😂👌😃😂🍷😎😝😛😜😂😃😎🍷😂😂😂👌😂😂


    1. DJF:
      it is certainly coercive State behaviour. As I surmised, the plan seems to be “get vaccinated and get a badge, wristband, pass etc which enables you to lead a fairly normal life.”
      No vaccination = locked up, locked down, banned from travelling, working, visiting pubs etc…
      “Nudge” coercion.


  11. What was the lady protesting about? The police should manage protests using their common sense and I would hope that most officers still possess a modicum of this and be able to weigh-up a situation in a level headed and sensible manner. That surely is an essential requirement to be a police officer even now?

    The police often have a difficult job to do regarding protests. Of course, their jobs would be easier if more people had faith in them and both Labour and so-called ‘Tory’ governments alike since Thatcher’s should hang their heads in shame for politicising the police thus crucially undermining the police in this way and greatly complicating policing protests in a decent and even-handed way.


  12. Personally, I think it is now time we ‘bit the bullet’ as far as police reform is concerned. As neither Labour nor the fake Conservative Party can be trusted to reform them and return the service to being strictly political neutral, even handed etc as they once were the operation of the police will have to be taken completely out of the British state’s and entrusted to neutral, policing experts of a independent policing commission such as in Japan:


    The British state will have no further role to play in policing this country apart from handing over taxpayers’money in a similar way to the Royal Grant to a commission like that to pay for officers’ salaries, police cars, equipment etc.

    We have to start from scratch again as far as policing is concerned!😡🤬☹️😞


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