Diary Blog, 4 February 2021, including more thoughts about Labour Party and SNP chances

Labour Party

I have blogged many times about the Labour Party. An important topic, in that the UK has a basically binary system which was Liberal Party v. Conservative and Unionist Party until just after the First World War, then Labour Party v. Conservative Party. A situation which still pertains, and which, from the psychological point of view, emerges from the typical British mindset of “rivalry”, which also results in the British love of sporting rivalry, particularly in team sports.

I saw the tweets below:

Lewis joined the Army and toured in Afghanistan“. Very naive. Clive Lewis, a person of mixed race, joined the Territorial Army as commissioned officer, then did three months in Afghanistan, as far as publicly known not seeing any action, after which he had a breakdown or meltdown on return to the UK. More of a gap year misadventure than Bravo Two Zero


Goodwin’s main point is that Labour must show itself “patriotic”, which apparently means waving a flag or wearing a red poppy once a year. Hard advice to follow when the voters know that Labour under Blair and Brown uined Britain by deliberately importing millions of blacks and browns, who have since been breeding prolifically.

True, the “Conservative” Party record on mass immigration is almost as bad, and now is getting worse, part-Jew Boris-idiot having now decided to allow entry to as may as 6 million Hong Kong Chinese, 300,000 of whom are expected to arrive within a few months! That however, will not help Labour much.

As Goodwin correctly says, though, Labour is now a party of “London progressives” (in terms of members and supporters); its voting base among English and Welsh voters (meaning white people) has all but collapsed, making Labour reliant on “the blacks and browns” and/or those employed by the State and its offshoots such as the NHS.

The 2019 General Election made plain that the Labour vote is only about a third of the total vote. Core vote? Maybe 25%.

There is a ray of hope for Labour, in that persons under 30, maybe more under 24, seem better disposed towards Labour (that may also have an ethnic dimension, because the proportion of blacks and browns is increasing in that part of the age demographic as those populations breed). However, the under-24s are notoriously non-voting.

I recently blogged about Labour in terms of what would happen if Scotland left the UK: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2021/02/02/diary-blog-2-january-2021-2/; and generally: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2021/01/27/diary-blog-27-january-2021-including-a-few-thoughts-about-the-labour-party/

I wonder how many SNP supporters know, accept, or care about that prediction? Few, probably.

The belated rise of the long-struggling SNP has been remarkable. The SNP was founded in 1934, yet took 33 years to get its first MP (Winnie Ewing, in a 1967 by-election). Between 1967 and 2015, the SNP representation at Westminster swung between 1 and 7; on the eve of the 2015 General Election, the SNP still had only 6 MPs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_National_Party#House_of_Commons_2.

In a sense, the most remarkable thing about the SNP is how its post-2014 rise at Westminster shows up the absurdity of FPTP voting. In 2015, the SNP landslide —56 out of 59 Scottish Westminster seats— was achieved on the back of only 50% of the actual popular vote in Scotland.

At Holyrood (the Scottish Parliament), elected under a fairer —proportional representation— system, the SNP has never won more than about half of the MSP seats: 69 out of 129 in 2011, and 63 out of 129 in 2016: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_National_Party#Scottish_Parliament_2. It will be interesting to see what happens later this year. The SNP representation at Holyrood broadly equates to the support for Scottish Independence. Somewhere around 50-50, so far.

I do not hold myself out as any kind of expert on Scottish politics, and in fact have never been North of Hadrian’s Wall, but it seems to me that SNP support comes from two main directions: voters committed to “Independence”, and voters disgusted by the other major parties, and so voting by default. An overlapping Venn diagram.

At any rate, as I have recently and previously blogged, if the SNP manage to wrest Scotland away from the UK, that pretty much sinks Labour in England and Wales, at least in terms of being a party of government.

Tweets seen today

Germany is a dustbin now, ruled and/or strongly influenced by Jews, full of Central European and Eastern European (ethnically non-European) Gypsies. I noticed the decline in standards, from when it was mostly West Germany, when I returned for the first time in 13 years in 2001. Huge numbers of non-Europeans in Munich (which city looked quite scruffy as well).

Another topic on which I have blogged, repeatedly: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/29/greta-thunberg-system-approved-wunderkind/; https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/08/16/the-extinction-rebellion-levellers/; https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/10/09/extinction-rebellion-greta-thunberg-cressida-dick-and-the-madness-of-protesting-crowds/; https://ianrobertmillard.org/2020/09/08/diary-blog-8-september-2020-including-further-assessment-of-extinction-rebellion-as-well-as-of-tim-crosland-and-plan-b-etc/.

That minor msm radio drone, “@adamgarriereal”, has no conception of the evil wrought by the “holocaust” mythus and the connected quasi-heresy laws extant in several countries (not in the UK, but the System politicians, msm etc operate a kind of unwritten “holocaust” “denial” law). Once you start to criminalize or demonize truth by mandating “official truth”, Pandora’s Box is open, and out fly not only “holocaust” “denial” laws or quasi-laws, but the description of other dissenting views as “denial”…

I was once trolled (on Twitter, some years ago) by a whole group of idiots grouped around one very stupid woman who thought herself terribly clever, a nurse (oh, yes, one of those supposedly caring, sharing people…) from the North West of England. I had to block about 15, and they had no choice but to FO. Such people are very tiny minds (as can be seen in the tweets of some of the “antifascist” and allied Jew-Zionist crowds).

It will be fun, if it becomes mandatory to use your own name on social media, to see who exactly trolled me in the past (some still comment about me). Then we’ll see what happens. What fun!

I just read a few of the tweets of “@eldram_artwork”. Two minutes of my life wasted, minutes that I shall never get back.

Not at present, but our “religion” must be that of positive evolution into the future and far future. As Soloviev put it, “Godmanhood”…

The present “white race” of post-Atlantean humanity is not merely an evolutionary summit; it is also the basis for future evolution.

Afternoon music

Artist Vicente Romero

Late music

23 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 4 February 2021, including more thoughts about Labour Party and SNP chances”

  1. Haven’t you expired yet, Peter Hitchens? I was hoping for some good news at long last in these bleak times! I was immensely saddened by Captain Tom’s demise seeing as he was a fundamentally decent man yet ‘God’ killed him whilst still allowing wretched Covid-19 deniers like you and that evil Tory bitch, Julie Hartley-Brewer, to still pollute this blighted ‘country’.

    I am earnestly hoping for Boris Moron Idiot to expire and his equally obnoxious and evil, anti-British cabinet especially Priti Evil that murderous ethnically Indian cunt who has killed Captain Tom and far too many others through keeping our ‘borders’ open during a worldwide viral pandemic!

    The ENTIRE cabinet apart from Matt Hancock and the Defence Secretary needs to die or be executed via a long drop hanging or firing squad in the manner of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu. for their murderous activities since March.

    JUSTICE for those 100,000 victims and their poor, grieving families needs to come eventually.

    Poor Captain Tom could survive Hitler’s Blitz in 1940 but he couldn’t survive Priti Evil and her utterly wicked commitment to globalist open borders during a worldwide viral pandemic.

    These evil, globalist, virulently anti-British Tory CUNTS should do the decent thing and fuck off and die and leave our poor country☹️😞 in peace.🤬😡


    1. M’Lord of Essex, Captain Moore got “the virus” in hospital, but was already in hospital for pneumonia, a life-threatening condition at such an age. I know that you did not say to the contrary, but it seems that neither “Covid-19” nor “Covid-deniers” killed him.


      1. Yes, he had pneumonia and was very elderly but he ALSO had Covid-19 and it might well have been the case that if he hadn’t had the latter he might have survived.

        This virus from the unclean, severely backward in many ways, filthy dump of China with their utterly repellent and disgusting eating habits did NOT magically appear in this country. It was BROUGHT HERE by travellers who entered OPEN BORDERS at airports which should have been closed in MARCH.

        The globalist, ethically Indian CUNT of Priti Evil failed to take ANY remotely serious actions to close them.

        She is a MURDEROUS BITCH and needs to swing on the end of a stout piece of British rope for her crimes.

        It is high time she was GONE. Natural JUSTICE demands nothing less than the ultimate punishment.

        The Tories need to pay for their crimes. Many of them support capital punishment but it should be used on CRIMINALS like them not on ordinary, decent people dying through a virus brought here by OPEN BORDERS supporting filth like Tory scum.


      2. He might have caught Covid-19 from a non abiding lout who was encouraged to not follow the rules by people like the excretable Hitchens and Julie Hartley-Brewer.

        Time those two saw the inside of a jail cell for encouraging manslaughter. In a well run country like Singapore they would be: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime

        There have been far too many instances of people not following the rules and this police officer is rightly fed up with them:


        I would be as well. A Policeman’s Lot is not a happy one under the so-called ‘party of law and order’ when he isn’t properly backed and is under a mountain of PC globalist red tape imposed by the fake CONServative Party.


      3. M’Lord of Essex:
        in the 3 hours since your comment was posted, the Thought Police have caught up with “@ABritishPC”; “Account does not exist”…Sinister.

        I watched a bit of a TV show called “Police Code Zero” this evening. All about police injured while on duty. A couple of incidents: one PC was kicked, punched, deliberately covered in the blood of the suspect/defendant etc. Sentence? Community order and (I think) 40 hours unpaid work!

        The next case, a defendant deliberately drove a car at a policema, who (by chance/Fate) was not killed but was adly concussed and had to be casevaced by helicopter. Months of rehabilitation/physiotherapy. Sentence? 3 months (ie 6 weeks) in prison, and driving disqualification!

        Unlike you, m’Lord of Essex, I am far from being a “hanger and flogger”, but such Mickey Mouse sentences do not sufficiently deter the pleb/chavscum (or n*g/w*g) element (in fact, all the defendants shown on the show were white English and a total disgrace).


      1. Indeed. Reading the comments on Israeli newspapers as I have done occasionally is quite revealing as to Zionist Israeli Jews views on the ‘goyim’ (cattle) Britons, Germans, French, Italians, Americans outside of that state.

        It doesn’t look as if they like us much even though we Britons enabled them to have that state or infact any ‘goyim’ Westerners!


  2. So 88% of Tory voters believe themselves to be patriots so why do they support a party which is distinctly unpatriotic?

    That party is filled to the brim with liberal-left, globalist, open borders supporters as the wicked and evil present cabinet of anti-British FILTH proves conclusively with their open borders agenda agenda remaining even in the midst of a worldwide viral pandemic and effectively MURDERING tens of thousands of people including now even a decorated WW2 veteran.

    Rather stupidly, I I once voted Tory with my first vote in 1992 but John Major managed to make me realise their true globalist nature and the FACT they regard this country as being nothing more than a giant, floating business park as their HK immigration stance and general open borders stance on that issue proves.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      While I agree with much of your comment, can it really be said that people who hold a dissenting view about government policy re. “the virus” have “murdered” a man of 100+ years of age who died of pneumonia?


      1. Globalist open borders killed Captain Tom and thousands of others.

        Yes, Captain Tom was an old man and had pneumonia but he also had Covid-19 and if he hadn’t had caught that he might have survived.

        People like Peter Hitchens and the simply rancid bitch, Julie Hartley-Brewer have been spreading FAKE NEWS about Covid-19 when they should know better and take some responsibility when they hold positions as journalists.

        Thus, they have effectively encouraged the many, non law abiding louts we have in this country to willingly disobey the restrictions thus helping to put people like Captain Tom and many much younger people into hospital with all too many tragic results.


      2. He died of pneumonia AND Covid-19. I know Covid 19 deniers think Covid-19 doesn’t kill people either directly or as a sometimes very important contributory cause but, sadly, it does. Peter Hitchens and Julie Hartley-Brewer think it is the common flu still!🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬


  3. Yes, Stand Alone FPTP is an absurd electoral system which is blatantly undemocratic and leads to a separatist party such as the SNP winning nearly all of Scotland’s Westminster seats on barely 50% of the vote – an utterly grotesque distortion of the REAL feelings of the Scottish electorate.

    It leads to the false impression that nearly all Scots are rabid separatists and just iching to leave the United Kingdom.

    Some historians believe our use of this archaic electoral system was one very potent factor in what is now the Republic of Ireland’s leaving the then United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

    FPTP should only ever be used as a PART of a MIXED electoral system as in a modern and TRUE democracy such as Germany:





  4. Germany only uses First Past The Post as a part of its OVERALL, mixed-member Proportional Representation system (MMP) so as to provide single-member (ONE MP per seat) constituencies and therefore give every German voter a personal MP for their locality within Germany.

    First Past The Post is only really good for this reason and nothing else. It has too many fundamental faults such as distorting the REAL democratic will of the electorate as in Scotland for it to be used entirely on its own.


  5. I’ve only been to Germany once on a school exchange trip. I remember it being very clean (there wasn’t much litter) and efficient. I stayed in a small village in Hesse near to Frankfurt and I can’t forget the clanging of church bells waking me up in the Morning. Yes, the Germans have a distinct fondness for Church bell ringing!😂.


      1. Yes, it was a school exchange trip to the former West Germany in the 1980’s.It may have been around 1986/1987.

        I wish I could remember the village where my penfriend called Stefan lived but I can’t. I know it was very near the border the state of Hesse has with Bavaria and that we visited Frankfurt.


      2. Yes, it was a trip to the former West Germany around 1986/1987. My German penfriend was called Stefan. Sadly, I can’t remember the village’s name but it was very near the border of Hesse with Bavaria. We visited Frankfurt. I remember going into one of their supermarkets (it may have been an Aldi or Lidl and thinking this supermarket is scruffy and doesn’t have as good displays as British supermarkets so there is at least one thing we Brits do better than the Germans!)


  6. We visited the charming town of Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber:


    Peter Hitchens, if you think that is ‘spite’ then I can only imagine what family members of Covid-19 victims might think of the likes of libertarian extremists like you! I expect it would rightly be not too pleasant. It is because of people like you in the upper echelons of the libertarian extremist CONServative Party that we have had such an appalling death rate and one that can only be called a total national disgrace. 🤬😡😞☹️


  7. Peter Hitchens, for God’s Sake man, man-up and stop incessantly whinging about people people attacking you on Twitter and elsewhere over Covid-19. The reason they are doing it and calling you a Covid-19 denier is because your constant tweets since March of last year indicate that is what you ARE so just admit it.

    You say masks are not effective but a very recent German study proves conclusively they ARE so kindly stop lying and spreading your insane propaganda to the contrary.

    No one is saying ALL masks are as effective as each other as they do differ in their efficiency against the virus but the clear fact is that ALL genuine, real masks do offer some protection to a greater or lesser extent against the virus.


  8. Very few SNP supporters will care about that piece of evidence. It is a cult rather than a ‘normal’ political party. Sadly, both Labour and the supposed unionists of the CONServative Party continue to flood this country with legions of immigrants including now the unclean with repellent, unhygienic eating habits prone to creating deadly viruses Triad Gang ethnically and culturally Chinese NOT British from HK and this all helps to destroy what little attachment to British identity there still is in Scotland.

    Mass, uncontrolled immigration politically HELPS separatists like the SNP and if they REALLY cared about the United Kingdom surviving the treasonous filth of the Tory Party would stop it.


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