Diary Blog, 2 March 2021, including thoughts of a societal “quantum leap”

How can society achieve a quantum leap?

The most important thing for our society to do, once it has “cleared the decks” of major problems, backward elements and impediments, is to —metaphorically and, perhaps, eventually, actually— “aim for the stars”.

For practical purposes, the human brain is infinite.

[for “is more”, read “are more”…]

Human beings are still at or near the start of their development. IQ tests are only a guide to the present intelligence of an individual or a people. The “average” is usually taken to be 100. A simplification, of course [see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intelligence_quotient].

I believe that the high-IQ club, MENSA, takes members above a score something like 140 or 142. It is not particularly uncommon for persons to score well above that level, though such persons are within the top 2%, and in some cases 1%, of the population. I myself was tested (in the 1980s, before marriages and an ocean of red wine) at 156. I know at least one person who was once tested at 169, which (I think) is somewhere towards the top of the useful scale, though I am no expert in these matters.

The figures can only be taken as a rough guide to reality. According to the Wikipedia article cited above, persons in “professional and technical” occupations average, supposedly, around 112, while persons who are medical doctors, lawyers etc score an average of 125.

It is often mistakenly thought that a score above some set figure indicates “genius”, whereas in reality “genius” imports what Wagner, in response to a question about his own genius, called “universal currents of Divine thought“.

One sometimes sees young persons whom the popular Press describes as having “genius” IQ. Their strong suit is usually mathematics. A number of years ago, a young Jewish girl was one such. She entered Oxford University at age 12, having passed the entrance requirements at age 10. She is now a professor in Israel. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruth_Lawrence

Such people rarely take a leading role in society, either because they have no interest in doing so, or because their mentality is narrowly-focussed, or both.

As Valentin Tomberg impliedly noted in one of his books, such people have often achieved capabilities beyond the norm precisely because they have abandoned general growth in favour of a narrow and specialized advance. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meditations_on_the_Tarot

When we talk about society in general, we talk of a broad advance (or decline) across the board. It is well known that Oriental ethnic groups, especially Chinese and Japanese, have a high average IQ. Northern Europeans too. Some ethnic groups, particularly many sub-Saharan African ones, have a markedly low average IQ.

This is not a (no pun intended) black and white issue. Even the Wikipedia overview [see above] outlines some of the uncertainties and complexities.

There is also the point that mere intelligence is not everything. “Emotional intelligence”, often called “EQ”, is also of importance. A common mistake is to imagine that morality, compassion etc are “add-ons” to intelligence. Not so. In our present age, the two are distinct, but to imagine that evil-doers are generally more intelligent than the well-intentioned is an error.

Rudolf Steiner spoke about this issue, and about how the karmic consequences play out. See https://www.amazon.co.uk/Karmic-Relationships-1-Esoteric-Studies/dp/185584267X.

Valentin Tomberg [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentin_Tomberg] examined the good/evil and high intelligence/low intelligence binaries in some of his work. He also noted, as did Steiner, the eventual appearance on Earth of two opposed groups, which would become opposed cultures, civilizations, and then races, one evil, one good.

Let us ask, as an exercise in ideas, what could we do, in a circumstance where we have the power to choose, to create a higher societal form.

For the purposes of this exercise, I am assuming that the most unpleasant and backward groups in present UK society are no longer present.

The starting point must be the educational system, which is obviously not working. A simplistic view would be to say “replace present State and other education with Steiner (or other) education”. My problem with that would be that, from what I have heard, even Steiner education is by no means perfect.

However, there obviously needs to be considerable reform of both school and university education. The whole “degree” and “master’s degree” and “doctorate” system should really be junked, as no longer fit for purpose.

“Education” should not be merely a matter of stuffing heads with facts (important though that can be); still less, a matter of stuffing heads with propaganda (often false). It should be a matter of general, including moral-ethical, upbringing, with the aim of allowing to blossom each child’s capabilities and talents for the ultimate good of society.

Institutes should be established, which would have the specific aim of increasing the cultural and intelligence level of the people. A great deal has been learned in the past century about how to increase intelligence in the short-term: diet, music etc.

During the 12-year currency of the German Reich, there were institutes established to study esoteric matters, as well as history. The best known was SS-Ahnenerbe [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahnenerbe].

There was a generally spiritual as well as practical side to German National Socialism.

Even today, there is considerable interest in SS-Ahnenerbe, and later developments.

While it would be excellent to establish an institute such as SS-Ahnenerbe in the new UK state, the Ahnenerbe’s focus was mainly on the past, whereas for me the orientation has to be towards the future.

We already have institutes of, inter alia, psychology, sociology, philosophy. However, some studies are considered the realm of cranks, and any academic taking an interest in what might be called “X-files” matters will be cold-shouldered at best, as happened to Rupert Sheldrake: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rupert_Sheldrake; https://www.sheldrake.org/.

We need to study, on a more rigorous basis, astrology, parapsychology, hypnotism, magic, telekinesis etc.

The X Files is fiction, but, like The Protocols of Zion, at least loosely based on fact. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_viewing; https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/document/cia-rdp96-00792r000400100001-2; https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/document/nsa-rdp96x00790r000100030041-0; https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/document/cia-rdp96-00787r000500420001-2.

A new society can be more than just an administrative and economic unit; it can be an entity that takes its evolution into its own hands and quickens it. The aim: higher evolution. A super-race, with capabilities that would seem to us, today, to be superhuman.

Tweets seen

Well, I blogged about that yesterday. No wonder Fleet Street newspapers (and the msm in general) were so uncritical when Blair and his regime (eg the egregious and fairly ghastly “Mo” Mowlam) concluded “peace” with the IRA (which despite still being able to set off bombs and rockets, had essentially been defeated militarily by 1997).

Quelle surprise: “EU…mirroring Israeli model“…

Well, there might have been real resistance, but in fact there was almost none. Meanwhile the “Great Reset” plan of the international cabals continues to be implemented. (nb. I think that tweeter “@PaulWaddington3” means “defiance“, not “defence“).

Just one more symptom of the madness of the present day.

Late tweets

I wonder whether someone would like to do a similar graphic, though more complex, of the UK, taken over slowly since the late 19th Century. The graphic would show infiltration into business, the legal professions, politics, the mass media and other areas, including rental property (both commercial and residential).

Keir Starmer is not himself a Jew, but he is married to one (a property lawyer), and their children are being brought up as if full-Jewish, including the Jewish supremacist religious holidays. In a word, Starmer is just a puppet.

As I have said many times before, the international cabals know that the next significant year in the 33-year cycle is 2022. It will be the most significant since 1989, which was itself the most determinative since 1956.

That cycle, and 2022 as the next really important year, is why everything seems to be moving so quickly now— the worldwide virus “crisis”, the “black lives matter” nonsense (in the still-majority-white countries), the endless blacks and browns on every TV show, every TV ad etc in the UK, USA and elsewhere. The Great Reset and also the Great Replacement, in accordance with the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

Late music

14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 2 March 2021, including thoughts of a societal “quantum leap””

  1. Peter and the idiot below you who replied to your tweet, the reason why people like you haven’t been listened to much is very simple: it is because you are grotesquely irresponsible, stupid, selfish, unscientific, lunatic fringe, libertarian extremist (is there any other kind of libertarianism that IS NOT extreme?) nutters who should be locked-up in a mental asylum (sadly, the libertarian NOT particularly Conservative ‘blessed Margaret’ shut a lot of them down!😂😡🤬🙄) for the safety of others.🙄🙄🙄.


  2. There are many valid criticisms that can be made towards Boris and his goon squad of thick morons but being too hard on restrictions IS NOT one of them. Infact, Peter, they have listened rather too much to idiots like yourself and as a result they have effectively murdered tens of thousands of people. This entire episode has been an unmitigated national disaster and the death rate is utterly SHAMEFUL for this country. We should all be disgusted by it and feel a sense of profound national shame over it.

    Boris Idiot/ClownBoy and company have acted too little and too late!

    In the past, people were executed in this country by the state for merely being an accessory or being engaged under the rule of ‘common purpose’ to murder eg Derek Bentley was hanged in 1953 even though the jury recommended mercy and he didn’t actually pull the trigger with regard to the police officer that was murdered and his alleged incitement of the crime “let him have it, Chris” was ambiguous. That was a SINGLE murder so what should the penalty be for TENS OF THOUSANDS?

    I think the answer is rather obvious myself!

    A hanging of the entire cabinet with the sole exceptions of Matt Hancock and the Defence Secretary is in order!😀👌😀


  3. In reality, far from being too tough some of the rules have been too lax, badly-designed, not explained to the public well enough, only applied on the British people and NOT on foreigners😡🤬 or have been ended too early or not ENFORCED enough!🙄🤬😡

    This is in stark contrast to a well-run country like Singapore!

    This British yob/common criminal has been the latest to embarrass us in that former colony with its many formerly British colonial period imposed draconian punishments they have continued to the present day.

    This man should be ashamed of himself for wantonly violating Singapore’s Covid-19 restrictions not least because he is a guest in that country and is old enough to know better (crime is, after all, normally something young people engage in)



  4. I think the Singaporean authorities and courts are getting a bit fed-up with loutish Britons openly flouting their Covid-19 regulations and thinking that they should get away with it as in Britain.

    This case has been one of many where Britons are the offenders. There are more on that page one of them involves Britons going on a yacht off one of Singapore’s islands and not following the regulations.

    I find looking at this page: to see what sort of sentences are dished-out by the judiciary in Singapore : https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime to be quite entertaining!👌😎😂🍷



  5. When in doubt as to how crime should be tackled I find it worthwhile to look towards a few European countries like Monaco with its huge police force and therefore very impressive police officers to population ratio and to Asian countries like Singapore and Japan with their austere jails and draconian sentences:










    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Monaco is a Lilliputian police state. Its model is unique. A hugely wealthy population of foreigners, more foreigners who are affluent visitors. A good local tax base (I think mainly purchase taxes). No financial problems. No poor areas. No dissident “communities”.

      Singapore is closer to world average reality, but still an unusual case.

      Obviously you *can* reduce crime by Draconian or tyrannical methods, but at what cost? Civil rights. Freedoms. Liberties. Etc. It is a balancing act, on the spectrum Order/Disorder.


      1. Japan doesn’t have particularly draconian punishments unlike Singapore eg as that above article indicates whilst the Japs still have hanging they use it pretty sparingly and haven’t had flogging for over a hundred years.

        The difference between Japan and ‘Britain’ is that they have a non diverse population which is 98% Japanese but also they have a government that takes law and order seriously, people who are moral and view crime as a moral failing, lawyers and barristers who have some sense of moral values as well so don’t view criminal behaviour as a ridiculous ‘right’ to ‘demonstrate ‘freedom’ from the state etc.

        Basically, the ideology of degenerate, ‘Tory’ libertarianism with its selfishness as its core value as we have seen during this pandemic causing too many lives to be lost and therefore crime breeding nature wouldn’t get a look-in in Japan!

        Japs are a sensible people so they utterly reject the anti-social, crime-breeding philosophy of libertarianism so beloved of ‘Tory’ cretins like Julie-Hartley-Brewer. If she lived there and attempted to put forward her selfish, grotesquely irresponsible views on the pandemic the vast majority of Japs would socially ostracise her/shun her that is if she got the chance to spout her nonsense in the first place. Vile journalists like her are viewed as scumbags in Japan! A great country with great people!👌🍷😎


      2. I’m using Monaco as an example of how countries can suppress crime without using draconian punishments as Singapore does. Monaco IS strict on crime as a recent interesting BBC documentary on the place illustrated but they do it simply by enforcing the laws vigorously and consistently and by having a truely excellent police force that has many officers for the 38,000 odd people who live there.

        Yes, Monaco is at the extreme end of the police officer to population ratio but there are other examples of countries in this regard such as Germany with its nearly 400 police officers to every 100,000 people (nearly TWICE the rate of England and Wales) or Portugal with a rate not far off 500 officers per 100,000 people.

        Once the police have been reformed properly in this country we must ensure we recruit many more police officers so as to get our ratio much nearer to Germany’s figure because without doing this and in the absence of draconian punishments and judges who back the police consistently we have no hope of reducing Britain’s crime rate to a significant extent.


      3. Surely, m’Lord of Essex, the point is that Monaco has no poor and/or criminal communities (except the Jew fraudsters who mainly do their crimes elsewhere…the Green family, for example). That means that the only criminals likely to do ordinary acquisitive or other crime are visitors. They are monitored and many are actually refused entry to start with.


      4. Yes, Monaco does have certain natural advantages when it comes to combating a crime situation ie a rich population which means there is little incentive for committing crimes like theft. However, rich people can, and often do, commit violent crimes eg many of our Premiership footballers are thugs and inclined to commit offences like rape and assaults and might well do so if they lived there even though the detection rate/likelihood of getting caught for crime because of the very high police officer to population ratio in the Principality is a good deterrent.


  6. Many people in Britain have concerns about how overtly political the police have become since Thatcher’s time in office which hasn’t been conducive to getting the public to follow the rules sufficiently well during this pandemic.

    It is high time the police were reformed and serious steps taken to ensure they return to being proper police forces, be strictly politically neutral and to concentrate upon REAL police work instead of being the enforcers of the prevailing politically correct opinions of the Lib/Lab/CON Party

    I suggest we look towards Japan for a possible model as to how to do this. After all, Japan’s police were once the state enforcement arm of that country’s military dictatorship/royal regime under alleged war criminal Emperor Hirohito in the 1930’s so the postwar US occupation authorities took action to reform them so a politically biased .police force could no longer exist there.




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