Diary Blog, 10 March 2022, with more about the bloody mess in Ukraine

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Had Russia managed to execute a Blitzkrieg lasting 2-3 days, taking Kiev, killing or capturing Zelensky, or at least driving him and his cabal to Lvov, and then almost simultaneously driving into Ukraine east of the Dnieper and along the Black Sea coast, this terrible humanitarian crisis would not have existed, certainly not on the present scale. There would not be the present war of attrition, would not have been the tragic and unpleasant loss and damage.

By supplying advanced weapons to the Kiev regime, the UK, USA, Poland, Germany, France are all just prolonging and making far worse this war, as it has now become.

Russia now has little choice but to wade through this ghastly mess to the bitter end. Now that the Ukrainian side (or Kiev regime side) has more, and more advanced, firepower, and is to be supplied with yet more, the Russian side will probably use wider, less targeted, and more brutal, weapons and tactics. It may even decide to replace much of the Ukrainian population, later, with Russian “colonists”, if any can be recruited.

If Putin’s forces withdraw from Ukraine, Ukraine will become a heavily-armed country, unsurprisingly also very hostile, whose borders will be (as now) only 300 miles from Moscow at the nearest point. The Kiev regime might even launch a missile attack, once it has the means, on Moscow itself.

That is why Russia will keep fighting.

As I have blogged previously, there is no doubt that, faced with the incredible (and to me, unexpected) incompetence of both the Russian General Staff (Stavka) and Army generally, and quite possibly that of the GRU, Stalin would have been shooting generals and heads of military intelligence by now.

As for “winning hearts and minds” etc, even Stalin’s brutal regime was far better at that than Putin and his supporters.

Because Russian commanders did not plan and execute a swift and relatively merciful seizure of power, a gigantic bloody mess has now been created. We read that as many as five million Ukrainians have left the country, something like 12% of the entire pre-invasion population.

As for Russia’s reputation in the wider world— trashed beyond repair, at least in the short-to-medium term.

It is true to say that, in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, Stalin’s brutalities were less on view in the West. There was far less information available, his regime was far more brutal, and rather more efficient, than Putin’s, and there were innumerable Soviet agents, “fellow-travellers”, and (to use Lenin’s phrase) “useful idiots” around in the West.

Most of Stalin’s atrocities (Collectivization, deportations of entire populations, the GULAG system etc) were concealed from view. Russian cultural influence (both Soviet and pre-Soviet) was unaffected in the West, and Sovietism, though far worse in its policies and their implementation than other regimes (notably National Socialist Germany), generally got “a better Press”. The Jew element had much to do with that, of course.

Now, it looks very much as if the Ukrainian cities will be subjected to something not far short of a scorched earth policy.

Fighting in built-up areas requires a greater ratio of attackers vis a vis defenders, as compared to battle in open country. The Russians’ strengths— their armour, their jet fighters, attack helicopters, are all seen at most effective in open country, particularly treeless steppe. In cities, the defenders have the edge.

This is only going to get worse. What might have been an easy, swift, and almost bloodless strategic coup by Russia has become a human and public relations disaster worldwide, and without —so far— a clear military victory upon which a political imposition can be superimposed.

Tweets seen

Never heard of him, but obviously yet another “vaccine” or “booster” victim. A wave of previously healthy, fit, people dying suddenly.

About as “true” as the supposed 1940-41 “mobile gas chambers”, which were allegedly deployed in Poland in order to gas individual Jews found wandering around! “Fake news” of an earlier era.

As previously noted, “in war, truth is the first casualty“…

Not that I “deny” that a maternity hospital was hit by a missile. I simply do not know.

“Hope not Hate”

Had a look at the latest ludicrously-named “State of Hate” report by the basically Jewish org called, or misnamed, “Hope not Hate”.

There is so little real social-nationalist activity now in the UK that “Hope not Hate” are reduced to writing about, mostly, marginal and almost pitiful figures such as Jayda Fransen, Anne-Marie Waters, “the little veteran” etc.

It must be hard for “HnH” to attract funding, even from the more paranoid Jew-Zionists, when there is so little around to “oppose”…

Kiev news

The latest news from Kiev (or, as the BBC and Sky now have it, “Keeev“):

A little less than 2 million people have currently left. However, Kyiv has been transformed into a fortress. Every street, every building, every checkpoint has been fortified.” [the Mayor of Kiev, on Ukrainian TV, reported by AFP].

So about half of the Kiev population has fled.

Reports now seem to indicate that Russian troops are advancing on Kiev proper from the outer suburbs and surrounding areas.

One can only feel sorry for the non-combatants left in Kiev, many of whom may be too elderly, infirm, or poor to leave. Also, for the companion animals they may have.

It may be that Kiev will now be taken by Russian forces. Perhaps within a few days.

I presume that the Jew Zelensky and his close cabal will be extracted by American special forces at some point. One can only hope that Zelensky does not leave Kiev totally in ruins.

If there is as much resistance as the Kiev regime is suggesting, the “Battle for Kiev” may be as historically significant as the battles for Madrid, Moscow, or even Stalingrad.

Now that food has largely run out in Kiev and some other cities, the end-game cannot be far off, surely.

A tragic episode in Europe’s history, but one that cannot now be curtailed before the end is reached.

[map: Daily Mail]
[map: Daily Mail]

More tweets

Every cloud has a silver lining…In fact, it occurs to me that this whole situation may be the chance for Russia to get rid of all the carpetbaggers and exploiters (mostly Jewish) that have been attached to its body for the past 30+ years. Bankers, financiers, loan organizations, lawyers, all sorts.

“Reparations”? That will put the cat among the pigeons.

“Racism” against Russians seems to be OK, just as it is when against any white Europeans. It’s only when it is against Jews or black/brown persons that it becomes “unacceptable”…

What a world…

Late tweets

Well, I know what I would like to do to them, and I daresay many feel the same way, but you cannot write it, or say it, unless you want some boring policeman, playing at being the poundland KGB, at your door.

He can escape back to his native Kenya now. What? Doesn’t want to? Get him OUT!

Their real colours are white and blue (forget the red), with a 6-pointed star in the middle.

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18 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 10 March 2022, with more about the bloody mess in Ukraine”

  1. Re. HnH: I had a look at that “report” yesterday. What a damp squib! No mention of the PA conference last week, perhaps because they had no one there lol! Also, as you say reports about Tommy Robinson, Jayda Franzen etc, not to mention regurgitating articles about “Fascist” fitness clubs and alleged “Covid” extremists! They must be desperate indeed when they are recycling old articles! 😆


    1. Watcher:
      That was my impression. Even the part of the “report” dealing with supposed “far right terrorism” had to admit that there really is none to speak of! Schoolboys downloading “The Anarchist’s Cookbook” and the like, people who were found to have a downloaded copy of the manifestos of Breivik or Brenton Tarrant.

      Of course, when I myself was at school, there was *real* “terrorism” around, the IRA for one.

      As for including almost mainstream “controlled opposition” Spectator whiners such as James Delingpole, that does smack of desperation to fill the space.


    1. Watcher:
      If that complaint were true, all that those complaining need do is buy large freezers. A chest freezer can be bought (new) for as little as £100.

      What the UK should be doing, of course, is training its own British doctors and nurses.


  2. Excellent analysis of the Ukrainian situation, Ian. It seems that the Russian soldiers, thanks to the incompetence/stupidity of their generals will be forced to go through a little Stalingrad assuming the Ukrainians are ready to die for their country. I am sure they don’t give a damn for that POS of Zelensky. The problem is, as a Ukrainian NS told me, most Ukrainians hate the Russians because they are too stupid and ignorant to realize they have been brainwashed.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. You can see how Zelensky is being presented as a “people’s president” despite his owning a USD $40 million house in Florida.

      Having said that, the brutality now evident is not only unnecessary (at least, it would not have been had the invasion been done properly) but tragic and sad beyond measure. It has trashed Russia’s reputation for decades. I see that Putin is now sacking generals. Stalin would have shot them, and rightly so.

      On a lower level of rank, Russian soldiers are, some of them, looting and worse. Even the Jews rarely claim that the Wehrmacht looted and raped while in the Soviet lands during 1941-44. The Feldgendarmerie and SS shot any such defaulters.

      God knows what will happen now, but Putin has no choice, and Russia with him, to wade through this horrible mess to the bitter end.


      1. Can you confirm that Putin has sacked some generals? That is clear proof of the incompetence of the Russian Army’s General Staff. As you said, the planning was obviously poor and its application even worse.


      2. Claudius:
        That news was on major msm outlets (Reuters, I think, and others). Cannot personally confirm it, as I am not a member of the Russian General Staff (contrary to what some people seem to think!).


      3. I really thought you were a member of the Russian General Staff! What a disappointment! (LOL)

        Now seriously. I checked Russian sources (TASS) and the generals demoted WERE NOT commanders of fighting units, but bureaucrats from several ministries. Obviously, the image (((they))) want to portray is that of Putin/Hitler, a crazy dictator sacking generals who failed to fulfil his ridiculous orders!


      4. Claudius:
        Thank you. Still, the fact remains that the Russian Army has performed abysmally, and that cannot have done other than displease Putin, to put it mildly.

        Also, there seem to be leaks, or are said to be leaks, from somewhere high-up in the Russian leadership. CIA gold?

        As far as I can see, as observer, this invasion has been, to a large extent, what the British Army calls, in private, “a shitshow”…Absolutely incredible level of negligence and carelessness in all ways.

        Russia is in trouble now in every way: militarily, politically, economically. I am thinking that there may be an attempt to regain the initiative in Ukraine and elsewhere, by some very bold —and risky— move.


  3. I forgot to mention, the information about the alleged sacking of the generals by Putin comes from the Ukrainian and British press, so I am inclined to not believe it…


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