Diary Blog, 23 April 2021

Well, so today is St. George’s Day. I rarely see the TV news now, so do not know whether the fact was reported on at all. It’s connected with England and the English by historical convention, so it will probably only be reported en passant, and/or probably used as an excuse to say that any alien flotsam and jetsam living here are “really” just as “English” as you and me…

Alison Chabloz

As I relayed via this blog a couple of days ago, the word from usually-reliable sources is that Alison will be released early, on electronic tag, next Wednesday. Not 100% certain, but pretty certain. If so, she will have served exactly 4 weeks out of the 18 weeks headline sentence. About 22% of the full sentence.

It could be worse, though only repressive societies lock up satirists and commentators, of course. The BBC/msm-subsidized Jew and other comedians, who mock the English and other British people constantly, never face such censure. Well, not yet, anyway. Perhaps their time will come.

There seems to be nothing new to report about Alison’s situation. I have already (see previous days’ blogs) relayed the news that she has received hundreds of letters, cards and books from all over the world, and has managed to keep in contact with people via telephone, her prison money account having apparently been topped-up by generous donors.

The most amusing news, arguably (apart from the fact that the “CAA” put out 5 years of conspiratorial plotting in order that Alison should spend only a few weeks in a not-entirely uncomfortable confinement) is that Alison has been able to sing her songs to an enthusiastic audience of prisoners (and staff?), some of whom apparently “sang along” at times!

A victory for Alison Chabloz “on points”, as the boxing people say…

Tweets seen

In other words, in the British context, a British and especially English form of social nationalism.

In the past, meaning before the 1990s, the UK Labour Party was “social” though not very “national”; the Conservative Party was at least semi-“national” but not very “social”. Blair destroyed most of the socialism and even social-democracy in Labour, while the Conservative Party was (like Labour, in fact) taken over by Jews and Jewish money, and threw away its “national” credentials. Both “main parties” became basically non-national and non-social. That remains the case today. Both parties are mere facades, behind which lurk Jewish-Zionism, globalist finance-capitalism, and the agenda of the international conspiracy (or “consensus”, if you prefer): the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, the New World Order, Zionist Occupation Government(s). In a word, “White Genocide”.

Corbyn and those around him tried to resurrect the dead corpse of “social” Labour, which had been killed off in the 1990s by the superficially-talented puppet of the NWO/ZOG conspiracy, Blair (cf. Macron in France).

Corbyn, those around him, many rank and file Labourites as well, thought that you can be “anti-Israel”, yet pay lip-service to the “holocaust” faked history and so on. In other words, they thought that you can be anti-Jewish lobby (to put it that way; “anti-Zionist lobby”, perhaps more accurately) if said Jews are in Israel/Palestine, yet pro-Jew if the Jews in question are in the USA, UK, or France!

The Jewish lobby in the UK, and internationally, killed off Corbyn-Labour after several years:

Now the headless chickens of the Labour rank and file either try to depose Keir Starmer, the puppet leader put in by the Jewish lobby, or retreat to comfort zones such as Twitter.

The Zionists don’t care whether or not Labour ever wins a General Election again. Most of them vote low-tax (supposedly) “Conservative” anyway. They are in the position of a punter who backs both the first and second favourites in a race with only two likely outcomes, and where the other runners have effectively no chance. The fix is in. One of those two horses will win, but whichever one wins, the Jewish-Zionist punter has won. The colour of the winning jockey’s silks is of no real matter.

All the same, there could be an upswell of popular support for a new social-national party, if one existed, if it were credible, and if it had a leader destined to arise to supreme power. Also, if circumstances or Fate were favourable…

More from Britain’s bad-joke justice system…


A suspended sentence! This was, and should have been charged as, attempted murder.

Say something that (allegedly…) “offends” a Jew (or, eg, sing a song about “holocaust” fakery) and you may end up in prison in the Britain of 2021, but admit to trying to poison your own 2-y-o child, and to causing 80 injuries to him, and it’s a suspended sentence…Sick.

More from the world of legalized justice...


Those idiots probably think that they have accomplished something. I bet that the one who pleaded guilty felt sick as the rest were acquitted. As for the jury, I do not know whether they are stupid, feeble-minded, or directly subversive. They should be ashamed of themselves.

I have blogged about Extinction Rebellion previously: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/08/16/the-extinction-rebellion-levellers/; https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/10/09/extinction-rebellion-greta-thunberg-cressida-dick-and-the-madness-of-protesting-crowds/; https://ianrobertmillard.org/2020/09/08/diary-blog-8-september-2020-including-further-assessment-of-extinction-rebellion-as-well-as-of-tim-crosland-and-plan-b-etc/.

Late music

[Adlershorst, Obersalzberg]

19 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 April 2021”

  1. Yes, it is St Georges’s Day today and whilst I haven’t looked at the ‘news’ today (I very rarely look at the trash that passes for ‘British’ tv nowadays) I have little doubt that if I did there would be some obnoxious globalist turd from either a leftist or fake ‘Right’ (normally repulsive libertarian idiots like Laurence Fox) background saying every man and his dog can be genuinely English.

    There is, infact, an article proclaiming such an absurd belief on the Labour List website at this very moment and saying the Labour Party should attempt to not be afraid of standing-up for a ‘progressive’ (yes that word that covers a multitude of political sins again!) English identity ie going after the votes of delusional idiots who believe like Labour does that ethnicities and nationhood belong to everyone on the planet and must be inclusive of everyone!

    I wonder if Labour would tell a Jap on the streets of Tokyo or an Israeli in Tel Aviv they are not Japanese or Israeli and I was as Japanese or as Israeli as they are?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  2. Yes, a SICK sentence for an obviously callous, cruel and evil bitch. That is the level of increasingly degenerate ‘Britain’ nowdays under the globalist, open borders supporting, ‘party of law and order’ whose claim to be such a party did have some credence in the 1950’s but surely to anyone with half a functioning braincell has none today.

    Stiffer sentences more consistently applied is what is needed along with the police being allowed to police properly once again with no bias towards anyone on account of their politics and then we can consider a much needed massive expansion of the numbers of officers.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I am glad that you included that caveat about political bias in the UK police. As you know, I have very little time for the police now that I have seen their bias firsthand. They remain a necessary evil (to keep the untermenschen down) but they don’t seem too interested in doing that now.

      That case about the evil mother “triggered” me, as people now say, because the judge let the defendant off lightly so that *she* could get help. Meanwhile, her abused baby son has been taken into care. I suppose that there was no choice as to that, but I think that the *mother* should have been charged with attempted murder and the matter left to a jury as to that, and the sentence *then* left to the judge. At least justice would have been served…


  3. There were at least two serious stabbings in ‘Stab City Upon The Thames’ (formerly known as London) yesterday one in the expected district of heavily ethnic Stratford and the other, less likely, area of leafy Richmond Upon Thames!

    This increasing worsening problem is spreading to the more ‘respectable’ parts of the Capital.

    Still, help is at hand! According to ‘Right-wing’ Tory and libertarian morons ie the dimwits who think Laurence Fox is the bee’s knees on Twitter all that London has to do is to get rid of Sadiq Khan, elect Shaun Bailey and Sadiq’s knife crime ‘Khanage’ will be a distant memory.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Of course, someone like Sadiq could never have been London’s Mayor in the first place if previous Tory governments hadn’t been so recklessly irresponsible in opening Britain’s borders from the 1950’s onwards!🙄🙄🙄 Also, if that had not happened the social cohesion of London wouldn’t have been so comprehensively smashed to pieces by ‘diversity’ and ‘multi-culuralism’ and there would be fewer people in London who think stabbing people is an acceptable way to behave!

    It really isn’t rocket science to expect that importing masses of people from backward holes and cultures will result eventually with crime levels to match!

    Import the Third World get Third World crime levels!


    1. I noticed that Richmond stabbing, m’Lord of Essex. Good grief! Back in the early 1980s, I sometimes had a quiet drink at the old Petersham Hotel there, and have rowed a small wooden boat (property of a Bar Finals –as it used to be called— student) upstream of Richmond Bridge (1988). Have not been to the area for about 30 years though.


      1. It just goes to show how bad the problem is getting, doesn’t it? Richmond Upon Thames is a leafy, middle-class and quite well to do area that has one of the eleven Liberal Democrat MPs currently and also not a million miles away from the constituency of the Lib Dem leader. As far as I am aware the place has mostly elected Tories or Liberal Democrats and formerly people from the Liberal/SDP Alliance. Labour has never had much of a presence there. My town of Brentwood in Essex has a similar political profile.


  4. A few months ago I saw a report on a London news site on the web that a person had been stabbed in the head and/or neck in Romford (my birth town)! I do hope that person is somehow all right and recovered from that horrific incident.


  5. Sadiq Khan is a bad mayor of London in many ways not least with regard to crime but you would have to be a cretinous Tory fool or a libertarian fake ‘Right’ idiot to believe that London’s worsening crime situation can be blamed solely upon him.

    The fact is the crime situation in London has many deep-rooted causes, has been in the making for DECADES now, is just as much the result of UK national government policies and mistakes etc. Sadiq doesn’t even have much influence or powers over policing anyway!


      1. Indeed. Yes, London has always had rough areas with numerous criminals within them but the fact is if you continually import vast numbers of people from, ahem, (yes, unfortunately it isn’t PC to say it) ‘backward’ cultures where there is little to no respect for the forces of law and order eg Jamaica (only under British rule with plentiful hangings etc did we have some form of control over the island’s crime rate) then you WILL get a much higher crime rate and one that DOES NOT just involve the immigrants either but one that helps to cause native people to turn into criminals since mass uncontrolled immigration fractures society and smashes social cohesion and that is a big breeding ground for criminality to occur.


      2. Well, it would not be strange to compare a lot of the residents to the animals in London Zoo. Comparing them to the monkeys and chimpanzees there wouldn’t be too far off the mark. There is a likeness in looks and the animalistic behavioural patterns are familiar to both!

        Sadly, after decades of globalist and virulently anti-British misrule by Tory and Labour alike London has become a crime ridden Third World open sewer.🤬😡☹️😞

        Leading politicians from both parties fully deserve the ultimate punishment of a good, old fashioned, British long drop hanging for what they have done to London!

        Under them, the capital has had more damage done to it than either Hitler or the Kaiser could have dreamt about!🤬😡😞☹️


  6. I believe that Jamaica still has capital punishment on the legislative books but they don’t use it. The last hanging occurred in 1988 I think.

    Jamaica has one of the highest per capita murder rates in the world beaten only by the likes of Honduras, El Salvador etc.

    When we ruled the island we made use of hangings quite frequently and it was only due to that practice, floggings and the British governor ordering the colonial police to take no nonsense that the native blacks were made aware that their criminality would not be tolerated.

    Singapore was ruled similarly by us. The colonial authorities viewed the local Chinese as being quite ‘bolshy’ and susceptible to having a high crime rate and took the appropriate measures ie numerous hangings and floggings – a tradition that independent Singaporean governments proudly maintain to the present day. Yes, the Singaporeans have much to thank we British for!😂😎👌🍷😆😂





    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I heard from someone who lived in Tanganyika territory (now, of course, Tanzania) in the 1940s that some of the blacks actually preferred the Germans (who administered Tanganyika until the Versailles Conference of 1919) to the British *despite* the fact that the Germans were often more brutal…(corporal punishment etc).


  7. A Russian friend told me that Russians have a very low level of tolerance and they are prone to violence. This video is a wonderful proof of that (LOL) Mind you, I am not condoning his behaviour, the guy is a maniac.


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