Diary Blog, 23 April 2022

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[German tanks fighting near Kiev, 1943]

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Well, this week I soundly trounced political journalist John Rentoul, who scored a miserable 3/10. I scored 8/10. I did not know the answers to questions 1 and 8.

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Exactly what I have been blogging for months now.

Boris-idiot has latched onto Ukraine as a kind of sub-Falklands Factor, to distract from his hopeless handling of pretty much everything in domestic British politics. The cunning Jew, Zelensky, is playing “Boris” for all he is worth. £500M in military aid, missiles, tanks (all gratis), “refugee” hospitality etc etc.

If Britain (either directly or in effect, via Poland) gives tanks to the Kiev regime, the UK is pretty close to being in a war with Russia which, though at present still a cold war, might well result in a hot war before very long.

Russia, if willing to use all its power, cannot “lose” in Ukraine. For example, were it to use tactical and/or battlefield nuclear weapons. Thus it can be seen that for the UK and USA to funnel arms to the Kiev regime is merely to prolong and intensify the agony of the Ukrainian civilians and their companion animals (which latter is not a “small” matter, as some believe; some apparently small matters are, spiritually, of great importance).

He should be flogged.

When you look at the clowns in charge of both the Government and, in places, NHS, it is unsurprising that nothing works properly.

If Macron wins that semi-rigged election in France, it will be a situation of (to paraphrase the famous Sun headline of 1992), “it was the w*gs wot won it!“…

No less than 17% of the officially-noted population of France are non-white: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/France#Ethnic_groups. Few of those will vote for Marine le Pen. The votes of the supposedly socialist Melenchon (22% in the first round, third-placed; knocked out) are mostly those of non-French (i.e. non-white) voters. Melenchon himself is only French by (partial) upbringing— his parents are Spanish and Spanish/Sicilian, and he lived in Morocco until aged 11.

Most of the Melenchon voters will either vote Macron (to stop Marine le Pen), or will abstain, in this second round. Thus the French people will —probably— be cheated.

Births to ethnic non-French are booming; births to French people declining. This election may be the last chance the French people have to save themselves by ordinary, “lawful” methods, and I fear that, like the Brits, Germans, and others, they will fluff it.

Not that I think hugely highly of Marine le Pen, who even has Jews advising her (and undermining her), but she at least seems to value the heritage of France and of Europe, as compared to Zionist puppet Macron.

Europe may have to be destroyed and remade.

Alison Chabloz

Latest news from the camp of satirical singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz, presently imprisoned for, in effect, singing a song about the Charles Dickens character, the Jew Fagin, and also for making a few comments about Zionist Jews on Internet podcasts (the host of one of which podcast has also been imprisoned, though not because of anything Alison said on his show): Alison Chabloz remains at Bronzefield Prison, though it seems that an appeal against both conviction and sentence is in train, as is a renewed application for bail pending appeal.

When or if I receive further news, I shall publish it on the blog. Previous recent blog posts give details of how to send cards, letters, paperback books, and small sums of money to Alison at the prison.

[Alison Chabloz]

Freedom of expression on political, social, religious, scientific, and historical issues, inter alia, should never be criminalized.

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Is there no way of removing Jacinda Ardern from office?

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4 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 April 2022”

  1. The latest news is that Boris Moron Idiot has enabled SAS soldiers to work undercover in Western Ukraine. Russian patience with us could just be about to run out with utterly horrific consequences for we normal folk who would have had to have someone prod a red hot poker into our eyes before we considered voting for the scruffy anti British, foreign born cretin and his thick party in December 2019.

    Can we, please, finally get rid of the fucking useless and continuously lying moron before he gets us nuked!

    That the globalist , anti British CON Party has spent 500 million of our hard earnt money propping up the Ukranian regime when it is destined to fall eventually is an utter disgrace. That huge sum of money could have been spent recruiting the thousands of extra police officers we need, building new detention centres to deport the legions of illegal immigrants Priti Useless keeps on letting in or housing our increasingly numerous homeless.

    As ever with the CONS and Boris Idiot it is Britain LAST and not as it should be ie Britain FIRST.

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  2. Yes, Boris is using this conflict as a distraction technique to try and conjure up a kind of Falkland’s Factor for himself mainly and for his party secondary. However, it is doubtful it will work because he is no Lady Thatcher who was considered to be a real leader even by the millions who hated her and Thatcher’s War did involve some real British national interest in that the Falkland Islands and their near 100% real British population were liberated from foreign occupation.

    If the Tories had any sense they would realize that wars have long been considered to be the ‘ handmaiden of socialism’. If Chamberlain and certainly Churchill had not gone to war or continued it to the bitter end it is matter for some debate whether Attlee would have been elected in 1945.

    Most British voters are concerned with domestic issues not foreign affairs and don’t wish to see this country embroiled in yet another war like Iraq where there is little to no British interests at stake.


  3. I see that the gormess Tory rag, The Daily Telegraph, has been trying to stir up anti German bigotry (AGAIN) by criticizing Chancellor Scholz for being reticent to send heavy tanks to Ukraine. Scholz has warned that sending further armaments to that country and in particular if that includes tanks might well be the final straw as far as Putin is concerned and that will lead to Putin going to war against Germany and NATO with the risk of it escalating to a nuclear conflict.

    Yes, Daily Telegraph, Germany has a leader who has at least a modicum of concern for his own people and country. It is a shame we don’t thanks to you campaigning to put the obviously unsuitable and way out of depth cretin that is Boris Johnson in as Tory leader and PM!


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